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EveryPlate App

EveryPlate's new and first, easy-to-use app makes managing your account as simple as tap-tap-tap! You can browse our upcoming menus, full recipes and select the delicious meals you want all with the push of a button. You can also skip any week that doesn't fit into your schedule - easy peasy! EveryPlate is America's Best Value Meal Kit! We deliver all you need so you can cook simple, delicious meals in about 30 minutes. With us, you can save time, save money, and - drum roll please - savor meals that'll make you say Ohhh Yeah! Our App's Features:  - You need to be a registered customer to use this app  - See our menu and select your meals  - View the full recipe and cooking instructions  - Skip, or unskip, weeks  - See when your deliveries are scheduled and delivered

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EveryPlate app reviews

  • Decent recipes, Subpar ingredients 1/5

    By Naptowncopper
    I’ve been using this service for about three weeks. The recipes are easy to follow and are filling. My biggest complaint is the low quality of the produce. In a recent order I was missing the vegetables for my meal. Within a couple of days the carrots for another were in sad shape. They could be bent in half without breaking. One of the zucchinis was tiny (about the size a thumb) and rotten. The only other complaint I have is every meal is carb heavy. I would very much like to see low carb/low glycemic impacts recipes. Fewer potatoes and rice in exchange for double veggies or other alternatives. I’m fine with paying a premium for this option. I’ve asked for someone with the company to contact me without a response so far. I’m hoping this review gets their attention. I’ll give it another week or so and if things don’t turn around I’ll cancel the service. I had high hopes and feel very let down.
  • Scammers 1/5

    By Apr.2479
    Facebook ad said $1.99 per serving and then they charged me $33 for 3 meals with 2 servings each.

    By daviejones000
    let’s start off with the fact that I have ordered and paid for 2 boxes 2 weeks in a row and have not received either of them. I contact customer service and they literally can not help you with anything. Iv talked to 5 different people and they all just repeating the same thing. They said that they would send me store credit for the money I had already paid, and then told me that I could t use the credit until next year. Horrible company! Do not use. I just lost $60
  • App is fine; service itself is terrible. 2/5

    By JerseyViolet
    I have no complaints about the app itself, aside from the fact you get redirected to their website to manage your subscription or get support. I’ve had few issues with customer support; with few exceptions they’ve been prompt to respond to my requests. The issue is with the EveryPlate service. For several weeks in a row my delivery was off by as much as two days. I had one delivery not even arrive; fortunately I was able to quickly have my money refunded but that didn’t help the fact I then had to shop for food at the grocery store (this defeating the purpose of this service). One time they didn’t include the right recipe cards for my order, but that’s when then app came in handy. I was able to pull them up and cook everything without issue. The final straw was when my delivery arrived this week. I was missing all of the spices and seasonings required for my recipes. Now I like to cook and cook a lot. I subscribed to this service so I didn’t have to do all the planning and shopping. I have plenty of spices to make up for what they didn’t provide, but it was just one inconvenience too far. TL;DR They’re less expensive than pretty much all the other food subscription boxes and now I know why. You won’t get all the ingredients and you may not get them in time.
  • Perfect! 5/5

    By yggfttttt
    I have had no issues with shipping or delivery. There’s a generous amount of meals to choose from. The produce and the proteins are of good quality some of the best pork chops I’ve ever bought. I enjoy the weekly delivery it helps me to avoid the grocery store. I’ll order with portions for two people but we almost always have leftovers. Additionally if you don’t know how to cook this is a really simple way to learn. I couldn’t be happier with the service.
  • Ingredients 1/5

    By hiphopopotomos
    This is the fifth time I’ve had ingredients missing. Do the guys who sort these know how to read?
  • Not Worth It 1/5

    By amberxmullins
    The all is great, but useless because EveryPlate is not. I desperately want to give EveryPlate a good review, but I can't. Although the meals are delicious and the recipes make it easy to prep/cook (especially as someone who never cooks) and the prices are great, every week since I've started, maybe 8 weeks, I've had a problem with the products. Every single week. The first week one of the packets of chicken I got was bad and therefore, unusable. The second week I got ground beef and all of my meals were chicken. The 3rd week a zucchini that came with it was already going bad before I could use it. And every week thereafter I've been missing stuff in my box. The entire purpose of this is to save me the time of going to the grocery store and every week I have to go to the grocery store to buy the stuff they neglect to put in the box. It's ridiculous. They won't even offer you a refund or send you the products you're missing. They just give you a credit towards your next box which is useless because the next box is missing what you need. I strongly urge anyone who reads this not to use EveryPlate. A great concept that they can't follow through with.
  • Just okay :/ 3/5

    By emt123245
    I have enjoyed the ability to come home and I have the food already available to me. I’ve kept the recipe cards and plan to make them again in the future. I’m giving it a 3 because I feel the product is just okay. A couple recipes have been amazing! However, multiple times produce has been broken, bruised or unusable. We called about it and they said it doesn’t usually happen, but it has happened 2/3 deliveries so far. One box, one of the liquid packets burst all over everything as well. I also wish there were more vegetarian options. I have had to skip a couple weeks because there was only one or two choices for it. If I didn’t like one of them, it didn’t really make sense for me to get 3 of the same meal. The meals that were really good though, were perfect!
  • Deserves five big stars 5/5

    By Dachickrazee
    Has a current customer of every plate I can truly say that the food turns out amazing. The recipes open my eyes to trying to things and proving to my boyfriend I know how to cook lol Also 24/7 the customer service is great from the phone call to the live chat . So helpful and your goal is completely in the matter of a few minutes. The people are so nice and I’m so thankful to be apart of such a good food service
  • Covers Can Be Deceiving 1/5

    By bcdhjjsfh
    I had a good experience for my first box, everything was perfect. Second box I was missing some of the vegetables, no biggie. It also had the meat packages leak in my fridge. Third and fourth box had leaking packages as well, good thing I put them in ziplocks first. Then my fourth box I received a hidden charge. After canceling all my future boxes and subscription, still received an additional almost forty dollar charge.
  • Cheaper than the competitors! 5/5

    By Fuz12345
    This is my first subscription based meal box and I absolutely love it! It’s a lot more affordable compared to BlueApron and Hello Fresh and the meals are delicious. Can’t wait to order more meals from EasyPlate
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Too sedentary
    This app does not work and it won’t delete so I can reinstall. I have to go through the internet to handle my account and I am sick of all the picture verification steps just to login!!
  • App is junk 2/5

    By bako8567
    This app is crap. Words are overlapping one another. I cannot recommend the app it’s just not good it doesn’t work you make changes through the app and it doesn’t save them the words overlapping one another is extremely annoying this app needs work. Not only am I thinking of deleting the app but I’m also thinking about canceling the service as well what good is an app that supposed to help me save time if it doesn’t work.
  • Great for me! 5/5

    By hard to pick
    I have thought about this for a long time and finally signed up after a friend did. It is only me so I eat one and freeze the other. If I have 2 chicken meals sometimes make both the same night and put in the fridge for the next night. On nights when I am super tired I can just grab dinner from the freezer. They have all been good out of the freezer. So much better than going to a drive thru. I love that I can skip as much as I need too. I sometimes travel several weeks in a row. If there wasn’t the skip option I don’t think I would have signed up. I do buy an extra zucchini if my meal has it. Because zucchini shrinks and there is not enough for 2 meals in my opinion. I usually add a carrot too because I love cooked carrots. Always plenty of potatoes. It is actually cooking and takes 30-45 min. So worth it.
  • Very good BUT missing food 3/5

    By Nickito4c
    I love every plate, finally cooking on my own and making some pretty decent meals. The biggest problem though is that in every box I get at least one item is missing, sometimes it’s a whole zucchini sometimes it’s just a sauce. It’s pretty frustrating.
  • Great Service, Limited Options 4/5

    By Betteroffelsewhere
    I started with every plate to get into the routine of making my own food instead of wasting by eating out/straining my budget. I love that Every Plate has meals that don’t have a million ingredients and would be pretty cheap to purchase and make on my own. They have also been pretty great! If I could give their customer service 10 stars, I would. I use the chat whenever ingredients are delivered with defects (has only happened once in 3 deliveries) and they are super responsive and solution oriented. My only negative review is that this service has very few vegetarian options available each week (1-3 meals). I realize it’s because the list wants to have a little bit of everything, but I would love to see more meatless options in the future.
  • Perfect for budgeted picky eaters 5/5

    By Emyliine
    It is very difficult to feed my mother anything healthy as she has the palate of a picky eight-year-old. We also don't have the money to pay $20+ for one meal like many of these meal kits cost. EveryPlate has been absolutely perfect for us. My mother has loved every dish, including even the one /I/ didn't like, and it costs exactly the same (maybe even less) as buying ingredients for three hearty meals at the store would be, and eliminates the waste. I haven't had any issue with the app or the food, if I do I will certainly edit this review to account for it. The only one issue I have is that we are supposed to receive our package on Fridays but we consistently get them on Thursday. Not a big deal for us. I like more variety and quantity of vegetables than this kit offers but I can always throw in my own and I'm of course willing to sacrifice if it means for once my mother is eating a semi-appropriate amount of veggies. Super easy, convenient, and familiar meals for the same price as a grocery store run. It's really a great service.
  • App stinks 1/5

    By dude2u
    This app is so frustrating! It will not allow me to login. The food is pretty good, not as good as HelloFresh, but for the price ok. I was hoping to add EveryPlate in my rotation with HelloFresh, but without a usable app this will not work.
  • Easy Peezy 5/5

    By Starrygi
    I hate cooking, also I have no idea how to cook. I just order food usually and I’ve done it for 2weeks now. It is honestly freaking easy the food is yummy the instructions are simple it has literally changed my routine! Also I’ve never had a problem with the app.
  • Best price 3/5

    By 4841004
    Delivery always on time this is a great meal plan. Never was really into them until I moved to a quieter town with Not as many options for restaurants and groceries so decided this would be a perfect way to eliminate having to go grocery shopping which I’m not a big fan of., I’m really good at making up my own and cooking. However the way the recipes are written out I feel are a little bit too wordy. It could use some bullet points to separate each step. it’s almost a paragraph underneath each picture. If you could just put some bullet points and one liner of what to do I think that would eliminate the wordiness and lengthiness of the recipes steps. Also more variety I’m getting the same exact meats and recipes every week. I’ve mentioned it before and I’m still getting pork chops.
  • Missed my first package 1/5

    By LA90210
    Although I set my delivery instruction to “leave at the front door” on my account at Every Plate website, UPS still didn’t leave the package, not did they even cared to knock on my door. Today is Fri and UPS next delivery attempt will be made on Monday (3 days later). It will be bad by the time I’ll get it. Very disappointed with their coordination and logistics. Canceled the service today before I even got my 1st package.
  • Refused to honor “trial” prices 1/5

    By Stephanie_W
    I signed up for an account a while back so I could check out the meals offered. NEVER placed an order or received an order. I contacted customer service to ask if the trial offer price would be available and I was flatly told NO. So be sure you are ready to order at the moment you sign up or you miss out on special pricing. Service reps aren’t accommodating.
  • Great plan, terrible app 1/5

    By Alita134
    The app will not open, indicating a network problem. Use the website, the meals are easy, tasty, to make and very affordable.
  • My favorite meal service! 5/5

    By Asdkfalexis
    I’ve had nothing but great experiences with Every Plate. Wide variety in recipes, some that have become my new favorites. My food arrived late one time, and there was one missing ingredient. They gave me a $15 credit for something that was probably $2. I thought that was enough! And I got to use it towards my next box. I highly recommend every plate to all my friends!
  • No customer service? 2/5

    By hyshukai
    If people aren’t receiving their boxes on time and with fresh ingredients I will not become a new customer!
  • Do they even have a customer service dept? 1/5

    By MamaGotMadAndWroteAReview
    If the customer service wasn’t so incredibly horrible (non existent actually) I might have given this company like 4 stars but after wasting like $65 and 5 hours of my life I’m way past that. I received like 4 boxes of food in total before I cancelled my subscription. All the last box that I received was ok. The food ranges from average to great but every single box I received was missing at least one small ingredient (like a packet of sour cream, a sauce packet, a potatoe, etc.). And I have a family of 4 (that are old enough to eat big people food) but one serving is barely enough to feed my 6 year old that barely wears size 6 clothes around the waste cause they fall off her skinny body. The girl doesn’t eat much. But all of that was kinda ok. We made it worked and we enjoyed the meals for the most part. Then, 4 days after my final box was scheduled for delivery gets delivered to my house and everything inside of it was literally rotten and stinking. I understand that this may have been an issue with UPS or whatever so I don’t necessarily blame this on the company. I called that night and eventually had to hang up because I just can’t sit on hold for ever. I tried again the next day and stayed on hold for about an hour that day and each day for the next 5 consecutive days. I also attempted to speak to someone through the live chat feature but you have to stay on the screen and can’t let the phone screen turn off or you have to start all over. I tried that a few times for an hour or so but again, who has that kind of tile to spend trying to fix a problem you didn’t create? I never received a refund obviously which during a worldwide pandemic just isn’t really cool. My mom also cancelled her subscription due to lousy customer service. But I guess you get what you pay for. Stick with HELLO FRESH!! 🤪

    By Giinibee
    I downloaded the app to my phone, but cannot pull it up! APP WILL NOT OPEN.
  • Mixed ingredients on first box! 2/5

    By Fer.Oropeza
    So I decided to give them a chance and on my very first box I get the wrong meat for one of my dishes! Got ground beef for a creamy mushroom steak and I got no mushrooms... I reach out for customer service and they give me some credit $ for my next regular priced box?! Like if I'm interested on even ordering again. No, thank you.
  • Bad App Experience 1/5

    By DJF213
    This app is horrible. First, when you open the app it always shows a network connection error and you have to reload it. Secondly, the app doesn’t show any tracking numbers for your shipments. Why does HelloFresh not care about the EveryPlate app? I have brought issues to customer service attention and still no fixes. Terrible!
  • Delicious food! Need to fix lack of tracking. 4/5

    By Bookish81
    EveryPlate has changed our lives! As an avid cook, I had meager expectations about the quality of the meals. Nonetheless, I wanted to give a meal delivery service a try. Eating the same meal 3 or 4 times a week for years now had our dinners lacking variety. We are on our third week now. Each meal has been BEYOND delicious. The deliveries have been on time (or early!), and the selection of meals has been fantastic. My only complaint is I don’t ever get my tracking information. Luckily, my husband is retired, so it’s not an issue for us, but it could be a problem for those who aren’t home. Having no idea when the food has been delivered could present a myriad of problems. It would be nice if the tracking info would auto-populate within our account (and the app). Other than that, I have no complaints and will continue to order six meals a week. I look forward to years and years of delicious meals!
  • Horrible customer service. This is a rip off 1/5

    By Nono1512
    If I could, I would give them zero stars!!! I signed hopping to save me a little time to cook when I come from work. I was existed when I received my box. The nightmare began when I opened it and half of the ingredients we’re missing. I immediately went into the app to cancel the next order and the account for good. They easily took the money from my account, almost $60.00, but they didn’t send what I payed for. DON’T SIGN IN ON THIS!!!! YOUR’RE GOING TO GET ROBED!!!!
  • Might be the worst meal delivery service. 1/5

    By Definitely Not Simon Cowell
    My wife and I signed up for everyplate two weeks ago, eager to not only enjoy different foods, but also to learn how to cook. The first box we received was missing the main ingredient (the steak) for which we paid extra. We assumed it was a fluke and waited for our next box. Our next box arrived and the food was spoiled. The tomatoes were rotten, the meat was warm and the cheese at melted entirely. Thank God there are competitors out there like Blue Apron, our experience has been absolutely horrible with EveryPlate.

    By Tmazar
    I was charged for a shipment that I never received, tried to contact them for weeks with no success. They don’t answer the phone or ever respond to the LIVE CHAT.
  • You can’t go wrong... 5/5

    By Ibnxtc
    when u have EveryPlate for dinner! I’ve had Three boxes of four dinners. The dinners are very, very delicious. They are easy to cook especially with the step by step instructions. I have tried the food you just microwave. I couldn’t choke it down. At EveryPlate, you can pick the food you want with exciting add ons or exchanges with veggies and such. The price is fantastic for the food selections they have. Even the leftovers we fight over! 😆 I’m glad I don’t need to go anywhere else for dinner.
  • No support 1/5

    By asdfghjklmmznbvxi
    I got food that was room temperature. Sat on hold for hours and waiting for char support for the same amount of time. I knew one of these food service’s would be a scam. Zero support suggests it’s this one. Zero remedy for my issue.
  • Failed service, Unsafe food 1/5

    By Draclifduplicate
    The company was unable to deliver our first order, they rightfully refunded our money. The company was able to send our second order which arrived with zero refrigeration and we deemed it unsafe. They were unable to refund our money. They set us up for an automatic third order the next week after shipping the second order. They were unable to refund our money and cancel the order with 5 days notice when we called. Buyer beware.
  • Dude, where’s my box? 1/5

    By Mkhubb
    I never received my box and no response from live chat. Very frustrating and disappointing!
  • Terrible service 1/5

    By xxCrashLovexx
    This is a great concept but this company has horrible service. I just started my subscription 3 weeks ago now and 2 out of the 3 weeks they’ve given the wrong ingredients. I could maybe follow their recipes if they sent me a lime instead of a lemon but not when they get the main ingredient wrong. I can’t make steak out of ground pork. To top it off when I try to contact customer service no one EVER answers the line and no one answers to the live chats either and yes I tried 5 days in a row to contact them and nothing. DONT USE EVERYPLATE.
  • Zero Customer Service 1/5

    By Thrive LGBTQ+
    The food is delicious, the recipes simple, but there has been zero way to contact this company, and that makes me uneasy. They don’t answer the phone number, even after nearly an hour on hold multiple times, emails bounce back as undeliverable, and chat continually disconnects before someone someone shows up (I started writing this after 8 disconnects.) There was a problem with my last box, but I haven’t been able to get support, and my boxes have come on a different day than scheduled for the last three weeks. I really wanted to keep going, but I am so uncomfortable with a company that there is zero way to connect to.
  • Fine app, horrible service 1/5

    By Kaylaad
    The app is fine. Service is awful.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Yaya20130913
    I am not someone who usually writes reviews but this one is so bad. Not sure if the app is bad but the service provided surely is. I started with this as my first time purchasing a meal delivery service because they offered a really good price per serving, the recipes seemed like they would be good also so I chose 4 to start with and waited. My first delivery should have been July 24, 2020. It didn’t arrive on that Friday and I started looking for some tracking information. Despite being told I would get an email when it shipped I didn’t and so I tried the contact us option. I was forever waiting with no response from anyone. Then I realized there was an app so I downloaded that and it did provide a way to track my shipment. Tracking said would deliver on Saturday until about 8pm and then it changed to pending with no reason or explanation why. So around 11am on Monday my box of food was finally delivered and guess what. Nothing is cold or even remotely cool. So now I’m back trying to contact customer service and when I call the phone number says their having issues and to chat on the website. Try that and no response there either. At this point I just want my money back for all this hot food you sent me.
  • No food, no refund, no customer service 1/5

    By Daisy82806
    My food never arrived last week, no correspondence is available. I’ve sat on hold for hours, I’ve tried the “live chat” Which should be named “dead chat” because they’ve never once responded. I’m about to report my charge as fraud to my bank.
  • Terrible! 1/5

    By mer1555
    Food was supposed to get here on a Thursday, yet it didn’t get here till Monday. So I had to not buy groceries so my groceries wouldn’t go bad once I received the box. I waited, and once the box got here..all the meats and produce were warm and inedible. So I waited to buy groceries to have fresh ones, just to receive spoiled groceries. I will not be reactivating or referring this company to anyone.
  • Take your business elsewhere 1/5

    By A26GN
    I am very unhappy with this service. I think the 2 servings option is misleading. For one of the recipes, it says in the app that the 2 servings option comes with two chicken breasts but in reality, only comes with one. On top of that, when I received my first box, some of my ingredients were missing. I was really excited to try this service and am very disappointed and angry.
  • Food never delivered, now a new charge!! 1/5

    By Jumblesasaugh
    My first order was never delivered. It says “left in lobby” on the 15th but there is no lobby here. Now I have a charge on my card for a new order that I DO NOT WANT! The thought of trying it before having to pay was nice, but why lie and say it was delivered and then just start charging me?!?! The agreement was I would pay after receiving the trial. Total scam.
  • Never came! 1/5

    By sjfjfjejrtigsjrj
    Can’t get ahold of ANYONE in customer service! Terrible service!
  • Over it. 1/5

    By KayleeRae27
    I’m only on week two, and already they are missing and mixing up ingredients. Trying to contact them is almost impossible! They don’t answer the phone and I have never gotten an answer on their “live” chat. I logged in to look up their number to call again, and noticed the meals I had picked out for next week are no longer coming. Stating I skipped the delivery when I most certainly did not.
  • DO NOT USE 1/5

    By Misticmo
    They pull you in the first week or two, then your meals don’t show up/ missing ingredients. I’ve been on the phone two days trying to contact someone, no one has answered. They will not give you a refund. They don’t even answer chat messages. This company is disgusting and a disgrace.
  • Customizable, Cheap, and Delicious Meal Delivery Plan! 5/5

    By Simply_Jane
    I loved HelloFresh, but it was too expensive for me and my family. When HelloFresh told me about their other company call EveryPlate that was half the price of HelloFresh, I decided to try them. I have loved every recipe I have gotten thus far. I LOVE that you can switch out a protein for a different protein option! Very helpful when I don’t eat pork products! The only problem we have had is that we don’t always get all of the ingredients for the recipe. Thankfully I have had those ingredients on hand, but I would be super mad if I didn’t. For example, in this last box, I didn’t get the Penne pasta for one recipe, the Parmesan for another (which i had chosen to double up on that recipe, so I didn’t have any Parmesan for the 4 serving meal), then I got a jalapeño in my box that didn’t go to any of my meals. I ended up using it in a meal anyway though. So overall I love them, but I wish the people that they had packing the boxes were more thorough.