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  • Current Version: 1.2.11
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Kunpo
  • Compatibility: Android
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Exception; App

Exception is a game about AI programming. During the game, the player assists the units to defeat their enemies in the virtual world. However, the player needs to control the units by programming instead of controlling them directly. This is a challenging single-player game. In each level, the player needs to think about the strategy and program the units accordingly. The player needs to program different types of units to beat the level. ************************** In a virtual world where everything operates steadily under an omnipotent system, you will play the role of an operator named 159, who oversees and maintains the system. Nevertheless, there is no perfect system. You find an exception in the program one day. What is stranger is that the program made a request… You will discover the secret underneath this cyber world. ************************** [LEVEL SOLUTION] [WHEN] Success Rate = 100% [DO] Next level :D [WHEN] Success Rate ≠ 100% [DO] Optimize it :3 [/LEVEL SOLUTION] ************************** Contact us:[email protected] [Code monkeys change the world]

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  • My review 5/5

    By HYPER Z
    If your looking to program AI for fun on your phone this should be your choice.
  • Good 5/5

    By boomer6996
  • Puzzle game more than a programming game 3/5

    By Pterrrrrr
    Neat graphics and intuitive UI. I was disappointed that the programming style was such a departure from traditional procedural languages. More a puzzle game than a programming game.
  • It’s a big strategic thinker-type game. 🧠 4/5

    By Jftech01
    It’s a fun app, and ALL the levels are solvable. Really gets the gears ⚙️ in your brain turning. Note that this app requires extreme patience, as the levels get longer and longer as you go, and the difficulty gets harder. This app runs very smoothly on my iPad.
  • Good game 5/5

    By zedkiller112yt
    It’s a really good game but the levels are pretty hard as you go on but it’s probably my favorite coding game and it just a really good game
  • Good concept, flawed execution 3/5

    By SurpriseFluffyKitty
    On level 12, you’re supposed to use distance detectors to move your bot to point C. It should be as simple as two “When [distance] do [move to the other point]”...but the robot keeps moving toward the same point you’re checking your distance (which shouldn’t happen since you’re moving away from the point when you’ve detected the particular distance). Soooo...I needed to send out a signal so that this dumb robot would actually move away and keep moving. But it’s not just this needless complication that’s the problem (a few other times it wasn’t clear exactly what the limits of your commands are); the game feels kind of barebones and doesn’t have anything else beside the existing levels. It’s neat, but needs more.
  • Good game, deceptive release 1/5

    By geoelectric
    On one hand, this is a good game. On the other hand, I just realized the developer charged me for this game twice. The first time was when it was under [Exception] in February 2018. as a full $2 game with Family Share, etc. I bought and backlogged that, then forgot. That one was taken off the store and gets no updates. The second was this one under Exception; as a free game with the new hotness of using a $2 IAP in order to work around Family Share, in December 2018. It’s been cleaned up and updated a little, but it’s really just a later version of the above, same levels, etc. It looks like it was the same App Store seller, so not a case where the old publisher shut down and the new one came up. So I guess my advice would be that it’s a fun programming game, but be prepared to see it taken off the store and re-released as Exception?! so they can charge you again for the same game with another main menu reskin. Either the devs are scammers or have no respect for their paying customers.
  • nice 5/5

    By L20I
  • Great game but what happened to level nine 5/5

    By LiampUSA
    I had the game before and got up to level ten and decided I wanted to try again. But level nine is different now and seems impossible to beat. What happened?
  • Great programming game 5/5

    By JCzmh
    If you have at least a basic knowledge of "Logic" give this a try
  • Great but not always the best 4/5

    By OmegaOf203
    The game is great, don’t get me wrong. My only problem is that on level 15 I physically cannot get past it. Even if I use the solution given. What I think is the problem is that the enemy drone of the same type has a slightly bigger range than your drone. That might be the whole problem but I don’t know. It would be great if that got fixed
  • Fun way to learn some programming basics 4/5

    By Snoogins187
    Once you become acquainted with the interface for the game, it’s pretty fun to solve the challenges
  • I like it! 5/5

    By mbritb
    I'm enjoying it. I'm only on level 7 and it is currently very easy but steadily getting harder so I'll update the review once I've gotten a little further. The only negative thing I have to say about it is that the game won't allow me to listen to Pandora while playing the game. Please fix this!!!!
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By as0208
    This game is so fun!!! I downloaded it today and can’t stop playing! I love how mind-boggling the levels are.
  • Basically an ad for the game 1/5

    By That gameguy
    Apple put this on its front page to advertise it. You get into the game and it has a good UI and feed back, good mechanics, nice game. Once you get to level 10, however, you will then need to either watch an advertisement (a video about something else) in order to continue and play the level, or buy the whole game. So effectively they(apple) will advertise this cash cow on their front page, try to get you hooked, and then spring the trap. If they wanted you to actually play the game they would’ve shown the “full game” version, but no. What we now have is a demo that you get suckered into downloading and after learning the mechanics you can give them money to have fun or waste time watching ads. No thanks, that’s a 1 Star from me for wasting my time, storage, and being deceptive.
  • Pretty good! 4/5

    By 𝙂𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙩 𝙖𝙥𝙥.
    It’s pretty good, when you start off in the game the instructions aren’t quite clear, but when you get it its fun to play! Great game.
  • play it! 5/5

    By altonhoriz
    phenomenal! a great way to learn and feel accomplished!
  • Tries too hard 2/5

    By catchercs
    This game could be so much more simple- the concepts about programming its teaching are very basic, yet the game gives you confusing levels to try and teach and explain them to you, further confusing you. Also, the game itself is basic... there are 10 levels and all you really do is move to a tile and shoot. Even if you want to get a basic understanding of programming, you shouldn’t play this. It will just confuse you.
  • Great game, but needs sandbox 5/5

    By <>\~€]>||<<|€\<^{<
    This game is really fun since I wanted to learn some basic coding skills and I LOVE robots, but I thought that there should be a level creator mode or sandbox mode so you can make your own levels for other people to play and a mode to play other people’s levels and also a co-op mode for you to play with friends. Thank you.
  • Easy at first then gets hard 2/5

    By One of God's Followers
  • Only thing missing.... 4/5

    By ProfessorMike
    Love the game. Stuck on level 21 for the moment. If I could sync progress between my iPhone and iPad, it would be 5 stars.
  • Make the whole game free 4/5

    By demtric
    Why did you have to make the game cost money like your game could’ve done good if you made it free I was having fun then you ruined it . I’m very sorry for being rude before I was in a bad mood .also I don’t hate adds people that complain about them don’t understand that it’s your only way of making money also you don’t have to make a free version sorry
  • Pretend free app 1/5

    By ahhhhhhsssuuew
    Terrible Edit: no content. Sample levels do not get deep enough
  • Totally Impressed 5/5

    By Knives83
    By lvl 7 (10 min in) I already understand how it’s also teaching me coding and it’s a blast to play
  • This is great! 5/5

    By Demonslicer123
    The second I saw this app, I wanted to download it, so i got it and waited till it came out. I had some trouble and level ten but i beat it. This is a really fun game that can test you IQ. Too bad I couldn’t buy the rest of the game. Maybe let us get at least a couple more free stages so we don’t only get a single hard stage for those who can’t buy the rest of the game. This game is awesome and keep up the good work. Also another thing, i finished levels 1-10, the free ones, in a day, so another reason for us to get more free levels. Thanks for reading!! Edit(with some grammar fixes): oh boy, now u can watch ads to play more levels!! Now i’m really loving the game! And to those who think that the game is too easy, well... you’re wrong about that i’ll tell you. The level starting on level 12 are really challenging and boots up your mind. Love the game as said, and keep up the work! PS: when you watch and ad i think the level should stay unlocked after you watch the ad, but if the game isn’t making too much or not enough money then i understand :)
  • Very instructive 5/5

    By Scott876
    A good way to learn programming concepts. If you know how to code you might find it a bigger challenge than you expect.
  • Great job 5/5

    By tk tobi
    I am not a programmer and I have never programmed anything, but if programming/coding is as fun, interesting and challenging as this game is, please sign me up
  • A game for future programmers 5/5

    By Normal guy2
    Actually a dang good game. This game is simple to learn but also challenging. Not another senseless game without meaning. You learn to plan out your moves and improves your logic skills.
  • Can u guys help meh 3/5

    By elite warrrior
    Hey there I have a big problem I can’t restore the thing that lets u unlock full game and after trying to beat 11 I want to restore it cause it’s to hard and I’m only 8 so I do not know that much about programming and stuff like that and if any of u guys know how to return the thing please tell meh
  • Quite fun - good intro to young budding coders 5/5

    By ilsaltimbanque
    Teaches kids instruction sequences and decision tree.
  • The new learn to code 5/5

    By Unik104
    Wow been playing this game for two days and somehow since I have a degree in electronic technician it’s clear to me how coding is a simplified way to binary
  • Incredible game 5/5

    By WrathfulZach
    Best programming game since Robocom!
  • Needs more levels 5/5

    By jdhdirhdiejddhdjdhdjdh
    More a question than a review, but are you going to add more levels? This game is super fun and I would to play more of it
  • Quite impressive 5/5

    By UPDWN
    I may be new to programming, but I believe even highly advanced people would like this. IMO it’s very thorough.
  • Inconsistent Execution 2/5

    By Pogoli
    Your support page linking from the app store errors, so I am contacting you this way. I have observed inconsistent execution of the bots. The same program might be successful once and fail the next time. The bots don’t execute their behaviors deterministically (ie the exact same way every time). Perhaps there is some randomness involved? This is common in AI but in a teaching game I wouldn’t expect it to come into play until later and then be explicitly explained. If I am using a function that adds two numbers, and that’s what it says it does. I expect the result to always be the sum of those two numbers, and not occasionally return something off by one or the occasional zero. Actually on second thought this kind of behavior could be detrimental in learning about coding and how computers work.
  • Programming Gameplay 5/5

    By Auzman
    Free version - Interesting take on gameplay—plan and execute. Don’t worry about runtime boredom, as there’s a "speed up" button to help quicken the suspense of, "Did I get it right?’ A+ for the developers
  • Great 5/5

    By Rseadjahhsggdhhs
    First review written for an app. I have got to say that this app is beautiful. I just got it today and I’m on level 8. One of the best learn-to-code apps I have seen.
  • Not just a game but an education in coding 5/5

    By BudO1976
    Helps with logic although it can be frustrating.
  • It’s fun 3/5

    By Mattydelsol
    Its not really programming, but it does teach you how to think logically like a programmer with simple if/then commands My big issue is I was under the impression the game is free, it’s only kind of free, with most levels locked behind a paywall, or optionally watching a video every time you want to play. Pass
  • A great game for most out there who are clueless but interested in programming, especially kids! 5/5

    By Art Wiafe
    This game is a fun take on intro programming theory. It in no way teaches you how to program AI, BUT that wasn’t the point, nor do the developers make that assertion. What this game does do is get’s you in a brain-space to help you think about how programming is done. If-Then loops, prioritisation, and theory crafting. A great game for most out there who are clueless but interested in programming, especially kids!
  • Was fun 1/5

    By 99SKEETER202
    I had a lot of fun until my robots became unresponsive to commands...
  • Limited 2/5

    By Narwhaleducky
    Like the simplicity of this title, so is the game. Functions are too basic to fully understand, theres no values to set like timing and range in the early stages of the game and I don't even think I have the patience to go to the end levels and buy the rest. This game is not for coding or programming, it’s just a fancy and tedious puzzle game. Until this game actually gets full in depth support, I do not recommend. If your going into coding, please don’t use these games. Use Scratch or Minecraft Java for basic fun and a side hobby.
  • I have a suggestion 5/5

    By haydensawesome1
    I’m not sure how else to contact the devs. This game is really good, but I think it would be cool if there was a sandbox mode where you could put in enemies and your own units on different maps and there could be pre-coded enemies or you can code them so you can make your own levels kinda or just mess around and see what you can do.
  • Great app!!! 5/5

    By davereviewer2003
    This is a very good app. Before I got this app i played the LEGO fix the factory app. It was ok, I blew right through it. It seemed a little boring, right, forward, up, left, down..... then I found the Exception app. Still somewhat basic and easy enough for those starting out with programming apps but with a added level of challenge. Great app, guys!!!
  • I love it but...... 3/5

    By eyicnieucnwjbciwdjcnebciwdjcn
    I would give this game a five star review, if more than ten levels where free. I understand why they would want to do that I mean they need to make money, but they could just add perks or an add once in a while to do that. It’s an amazing game and I love it but I’ll give it five stars when you can play more than ten levels.
  • Yay, finally 5/5

    By mrweil
    I remember that there used to be a game where younwould build a robaot and program it to fight in an arena. I cant remember the name, but it became unpopular, so its gone. I am so happy to play this. A thinking game. 😃
  • Exception is a good concept 3/5

    By DKA-Albino
    But the problem that keeps coming up is scripting errors when retreating it doesn’t seem to work with level 5 they run away for about two seconds then get stuck on the middle of the board like there is a wall in the way
  • Fails to execute scripts as described 1/5

    By YusufPDX
    After a first execution of a script, the game will jump to the final statement and continue executing it repeatedly, rather than loop through the script as described. As a result the game in unplayable after the first few scenarios.
  • Nice 5/5

    By EpicGameReviewsEpic

Exception; app comments

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