ExpressVPN - #1 Trusted VPN

ExpressVPN - #1 Trusted VPN

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ExpressVPN - #1 Trusted VPN App

ExpressVPN is a lightning fast virtual private network engineered to protect your privacy and security. With just a few taps, you can browse the Internet securely and anonymously. Sample the best in personal encryption—download ExpressVPN today and try it free for 7 days! ExpressVPN provides 140+ connection locations in 94 countries. There are no limits on server changes, so you can switch locations as many times as you want to suit your needs. When it comes to internet safety and security, ExpressVPN is an essential tool. It encrypts your connection so that third parties can’t monitor or record your online activity. Why choose ExpressVPN? • Easy to download and use across your iOS devices • Choose from 100s of VPN locations across the Americas, UK, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa • 24/7 customer support by live chat and email • Strict privacy policy, no activity or connection logs • Works with Wi-Fi, LTE/4G, 3G, and all mobile data carriers • Offers encryption with UDP, TCP, IKEv2, and IPsec protocols • 30-day Money Back Guarantee Download ExpressVPN, the #1 trusted VPN, now and enjoy a free trial!


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ExpressVPN - #1 Trusted VPN app reviews

  • Not steady all the time 3/5

    By kholdi
    Some times stop working
  • Mexico option 5/5

    By el hijoeputa
    I’m in Vancouver and with vpn express I get to open las estrellas without interruptions now I don’t have a wife nagging me anymore and she watches her novelas from Mexico. Thanks vpn. Keep up the great work
  • World traveler 5/5

    By RichieLietch
    Works great easy to use wherever I go. Don’t leave home without Express VPN!
  • Was fine until trial ended 3/5

    By **o#shoe
    When the trial ended, it wouldn’t connect to my home wifi. So I restarted my app(ytmusic), then my phone, but to no avail. Suddenly it dawned on me that this app was on. And after uninstalling this app, my wifi works fine.
  • Muy buena pero le falta algo 2/5

    Le funciona me gusta pude jugar asphalt 9 legends por mucho quise jugar más juegos que eran como asphalt que no podía por la region puse YouTube para encontrar juegos buenos encontré muchos los pude jugar gracias al vpn pero 30 minutos después de jugar asphalt me desconecto de la red wifi y hice casi de todo y cuando ponía el vpn en encendido me desconectaba y lo borré y lo descargué muchas veces y ese es lo único que me quejó y lo de mas no estoy molesto por qué está bien dejaría 5 estrellas pero dejo 2 por eso y puede que le suba revisaré cuando suban una actualización y lo descargare para verlo adiós y espero que lo resuelvan pronto
  • Great customer support 5/5

    By Josshe85
    All the times I called for service support I received great attention and enough time to resolve all issues. Great service!!!
  • Worst VPN ever 1/5

    By Is brilliant
    It’s seems I’m had chosen the wrong vpn provider. That the App nor the Manula setting aren’t working. Not to mention the poor customer service who can’t solved my issues. Honestly worst VPN Ever for me
  • The best vpn so far 5/5

    By Vit_tt
    Not cheap but fast
  • MWE18 1/5

    By MWE18
    This used to work great for watching TV while overseas. It now seems like all of the providers that I use have blocked Express VPN and mediastreamer. Neither work anymore and that is why I have the service.

    Please provide a space where we can enter activation code instead of email and password for your mobile app. Thanks
  • Problems connecting 3/5

    By MiskatonicKnight
    I have issues where ExpressVPN fails to connect a lot of the time, even for the so-called Smart Location. It may take several tries.
  • Couldn’t even create account 1/5

    By drwiggle9
    With 25 mbps down and 70 up, it still repeatedly told me my connection wasn’t good enough. 0/10 wouldn’t recommend
  • Dependable, very professional 5/5

    By asiavpnuser
    I have been using express VPN for a couple of years. I have found them to be very committed to overcoming obstacles thrown in the way by governments that censor the Internet. Customer service is past and effective.
  • Excellent VPN - Especially in China 5/5

    By wtbates
    I went on a trip to China for 11days. I was in Beijing, Xi’an, Zhangjiajie, and Shanghai. ExpressVPN worked very well over both WiFi and mobile networks. Sometimes I had to stop and restart it and my Smart Location changed between Los Angeles-3, Dallas, San Francisco, and Seattle but did work.
  • 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 1/5

    By Don't use it's hacker
  • Easy to use, and generally reliable 5/5

    By friscodog
    No VPN can be 100% successful in getting around the GFW, but Express has been one of the most reliable ones I've tried.
  • Some what good 3/5

    By Voltpvp
    I don’t really like it on iOS but thank you for improving your pc verison I will defentily refund nord vpn 😀 servers are more faster I only got 5 MB’s before even though my WiFi is 200+ MB’s now it’s 189 MB’s but it’s a vpn
  • sjsjsjsjjsjsnsjs 5/5

    By 吉尼斯单人花式装逼世界纪录保持者
  • Too Many Disconnections 1/5

    By evftyuh
    While the app “works when it works”, it often loses its connection. The result is that all internet connections are lost until it reconnects. This disrupts work flow. Frustrating!
  • Worth the money 5/5

    By oxnard man
    They haven’t found me yet. Works efficiently and effectively.
  • More sites blocked. 2/5

    By House of Toby
    When I started with Express, the speed was good and few streaming services were blocked. That has changed over time. Service has slowed down through the vpn and if I have to turn it off to stream from sites then it isn’t doing what I bought it for.
  • Very excellent customer service 5/5

    By Telanganadc
    Great immediate feedback and help when in China Flawless Thanks
  • Interference with Mac mail 2/5

    By ACFMD
    I’ve noticed problems when VPN is on. The latest is my mail wouldn’t send. When I turned VPN off, the outbox held mails sent immediately.
  • Issues since using 1/5

    By corabora
    When I decided to change VPNs, I read reviews and decided on this one. I have had nothing but problems since switching over. My phone runs slower, and has problems connecting to the internet. If I try to turn off the VPN, it doesn’t shut off, just continually tries to reconnect.
  • Not great 3/5

    By Radioactive Material
    I chose ExpressVPN for a number of reasons, one being their large number of servers all over the world. Imagine my surprise, then, when I was in Panama or Costa Rica, both places where ExpressVPN has servers, the “smart location” feature chose a server in Houston. It wasn’t just one time. It was every time. And a speed check of ExpressVPN servers showed that the servers closest to me were not the fastest. Why am I paying more for more servers if I’m not going to use them? Next complaint: The “smart location” feature is not that smart. I don’t know how many times I’ve been in one corner of the country and it stayed stuck on a server in the other corner of the country where I just came from. Sometimes it would catch up. Often, it would not. This seems to be an OS-specific problem. The MacOS version is better than the iOS version on this point. Finally, connection problems. Frequent connection problems, in every location I’ve used. One moment, it’s connected. Later, it won’t connect to that location. Or the connection would drop and not reconnect, necessitating a manual selection of another location. For what this service costs, I expect it to work much better than it does.
  • Confused 1/5

    By drvhnogfvj
    Not sure why is alway says Chicago
  • The best VPN 5/5

    By Sisid Sis
    So far expressvpn is the most best app for me. I can eaisily change any ip location that i want. I remember when i was in United Arab Emirates im trying to check my online banking access however there is a restrictions on that country.Glad i was discover this app!!!so fresh so helpfull!!!
  • So far so good in parts of China 5/5

    By Crazysabre
    So far this has worked in Shanghai well, not so much in parts unknown in china, but that’s ok. Really helps me maintain my business and keep up with my friends and family.
  • Easy 5/5

    By MaliableTick
    Very easy to use and secure. Will stop your internet connection for the safety of your privacy until the VPN is reconnected again should it disconnect in the first place
  • The best 5/5

    By Parrish224
    Express VPN has worked fantastically for my iPhone and work laptop. Keep up the great development.
  • Not worth the money 2/5

    By bigglrs
    Pretty useless. You are blocked from BBC in the UK. Queried this and was told they were working on it. Nice words no action
  • Absurdity in the name of protecting customers 1/5

    By Joiku
    I paid for this app via a verified PayPal account and within three days my account was suspended when I contacted customer service I was told to provide the credit card I used for the purchase I said I used my paypal balance I never paid with a credit they wouldn’t do the honorable thing why on earth would you require my credit card when I never used one in paying you? What is more they said they are doing this to protect customers but what is security than using a verified PayPal account in making an order ? They act as if someone complained of unauthorized use of their account and this to me nothing more than paranoia.They even have the option to pay by bitcoin and that too when you try it saws error service down again I contacted customer service and they said to change browser it was just back and forth for no tangible reason I have since subscribed for a year’s service with IPVanishVPN and it was hustle free why bring this here if you can’t fix your BS ?
  • Overall Good Service 4/5

    By 22Hokie
    When I first started using VPN I used HMA, which had a catchy name but horrible service. A colleague turned me on to ExpressVPN and I have been very happy since. I would have given it a 5* but recently has been causing problems logging into the internet. Aside from having turn off Express while getting into the Internet, it’s been very good.
  • Trouble shooting 1/5

    1. It keeps disconnecting even though i change the location, restart my system, and use it on only 1-2 devices at the same time. 2. Customer service is good but their service aren’t able to solve my problems on this app.
  • Wonderful!! 5/5

    By TravPerk
    I love ExpressVPN, it works exactly as I need and want it to do so, and I never have any bugs. No complaints from me!!!
  • Locations need to be adjusted 2/5

    By Juaco63
    Locations need to be adjusted a few times in a day to continue connection.
  • Works great for China life 5/5

    By kchinateacher2
    I’ve been living in China for the last year and decided to download and subscribe to ExpressVPN before moving. I have loved the customer service and app function. I have been able to use it on my laptop, iPhone, and iPad all easily. I can stream Netflix, use Facebook, Instagram, and gmail. I have access to everything I need, and even as things have been “shut down” more here, Express has kept up and I have had very few issues connecting and staying connected.
  • Cumbersome 1/5

    By jay782869
    I have renewed my Express VPN service three times and I regret doing so again a month ago. Sign is not seamless. From my iPhone, my iPad and from my Mac the normal occurrence when I sign in is Express VPN does not automatically connect and I waste 5/10 minutes waiting or hunting a new service location. Also, evidently they have changed their approach to customer service. Online help makes you wait. If you send an email nobody responds. My sense is it’s a company either in crisis or with a crisis looming.
  • It was excellent 2/5

    By 晋炫
    But recently it seems it doesn't want to work. I cannot get any access.
  • Seamless Effortless 5/5

    By borborygamus
    Works quietly behind the scenes. Really could not ask for more.
  • I m really happy about it 5/5

    By Nash Rahl
    I used to use those free or cheap ones until I got tired with all the bugs... Now I am just happy. They filled all my needs, they have great technical support. Can get slow sometimes but nevertheless works perfectly. Satisfied customer I am and I definitely recommend.
  • Latest update doesn't work 1/5

    Latest update doesn't work.
  • Like it but... 3/5

    By webnerd42
    It works most of the time. Tech support has been great. My biggest complaint and maybe complaint it is not the appropriate word to use but many times I find I have trouble accessing a particular website because Express VPN is turned on. If I turn it off the website immediately loads and if I then turn on the VPN the website continues to function normally. It seems some websites detect a VPN and refuse to load. Turn off VPN and they load. I have encountered this problem with the MLB app more times than you would think. It’s almost like some websites are catching on to the fact that you are trying to disguise your identity/whereabouts and will not permit it. VPN’s are supposed to be great for providing another layer of security but right now I am on the fence as to whether I will re subscribe.
  • Estoy en china y de verdad sufro para conectarme 4/5

    By Mr Samir Issa
    Por favor solicito ayuda
  • Fine on the ground but 1/5

    By tobbielmt
    I can never get this to work on a plane
  • Not the most reliable in China 3/5

    By theycallmemitch
    Express recommends 3-4 location for use in China but usually only one of these suggestions are valid, often Hong Kong 1 (not a suggested location)is faster than the suggested locations. The smart location is rarely the quickest. And Japan 1 has a major “connect and then immediately disconnect” glitch (also a suggested location). But at least one of the random locations is working 80% of the time.
  • May be better VPN’s out there 3/5

    By Chepean
    I downloaded ExpressVPN with high hopes. I’m impressed by the number of servers it has and its ability to work with Netflix. However what I’m troubled by is the number of times it buffers and crashes. I know it’s the software because I’ve turned it off and had no problems getting to sites. (Yeah, goodbye anonymity on that one 😄). Also, when the buffering happens the VPN sometimes crashes. It’s frustrating. I’m going to keep on using ExpressVPN until my paid subscription ends, as it is far better than my previous VPN, HotSpot Shield. I hope the issues are resolved soon, but it looks like I should keep shopping around, just in case.
  • Not working in China after latest updates 1/5

    By CristianoBY
    Not working at China after latest update in June 1st GMT+8 Tried different location, all cannot connect Plz fix ASAP Btw Mac version has slowed down a lot
  • Can’t connect in china 4/5

    By qcgjbg
    Only Taiwan can be used and that has stopped too
  • Freedom from the Great China Firewall 4/5

    By HookedOnNC
    Been in China for 3 weeks now and have not had any sites blocked on my iPad Pro. Very reliable and fast connections. Few minor problems with access on my iPhone but not an issue. Highly recommend this app to anyone going to China.

ExpressVPN - #1 Trusted VPN app comments


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