ExpressVPN - #1 Trusted VPN

ExpressVPN - #1 Trusted VPN

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ExpressVPN - #1 Trusted VPN App

ExpressVPN is a virtual private network engineered to protect your privacy and security. Go online safely and anonymously in just a few taps. 7-DAY FREE TRIAL Download it for free to try on all your devices. FAST VPN SERVER NETWORK Connect to 3,000+ VPN servers in 160 locations in 94 countries. Unlimited speed and bandwidth. ACCESS ANY CONTENT Stream or download anything, from any of our servers, anywhere on Earth. SAFE AND ANONYMOUS TrustedServer technology and powerful encryption protect you from hackers and trackers. Secure your connection on public Wi-Fi hotspots. PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY Hide your IP address and location. Strict privacy policy: No activity logs, no connection logs. 24/7 CUSTOMER SERVICE Get help in seconds, not days. Ask us anything through live chat support or email. iOS APP FEATURES • Auto-reconnects if your VPN connection is interrupted • Widget: Check VPN status and connect/disconnect from the VPN • Encryption with UDP, TCP, IPsec, and IKEv2 protocols • Works with Wi-Fi, LTE/4G, 3G, and all mobile data carriers SUBSCRIPTION PLANS ExpressVPN offers 1-, 6-, and 12-month subscriptions. Subscriptions include access to ExpressVPN apps on every platform, which you can download and install on as many devices as you wish. Connect to our global network of VPN servers on up to five devices simultaneously. ITUNES TRIAL AND SUBSCRIPTION DETAILS If you subscribe via iTunes, your Apple ID account will be charged on the last day of your free trial. Your subscription will automatically renew at the end of each billing period unless you cancel it at least 24 hours before the expiry date. Manage or cancel your subscription in your App Store account settings. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription. TERMS OF SERVICE PRIVACY POLICY

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ExpressVPN - #1 Trusted VPN app reviews

  • Kurt my man 5/5

    By bunBunHoney_xx
    Kurtis got me to sign up.
  • Works great! Blocks my ex wife all the time!! 5/5

    By Captain Doorag
    I’d give it five stars.
  • Shame on you ‼️‼️‼️ 1/5

    By farhad0111
    Don't buy it They didn't help me because I don't access to my email for verification code, and I want to change it. But they didn't help me. I bought a 1 year plan ‼️‼️‼️‼️ Shame on you ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️
  • Bad experience in China 1/5

    By Davie1217
    In recent months just after the first month free trials all of the sever in this app is unusable to be connected.And I can’t get refund
  • Please make an update that works 1/5

    By Pigfights
    I’ve been using express (from China)for a while now, for the most part it’s been working. However, these past 3-4 months have been AWFUL! It won’t connect. I update with every new version and still nothing. I’ve tried everything...please PLEASE make an update that will work. Thanks
  • False Advertising 2/5

    By Fahad K
    False Advertising. Your website mentions 24/7 chat support. You just want people to email the issues. My cellular data doesn’t work when vpn is connected
  • Steer clear! Simply does not work! 1/5

    By GioToro
    Purchased a one year subscription hoping to use the ‘features’ they advertise. Tried to log into Japan, didn’t work. Tech support says their servers don’t work in Japan right now. Tried to log into Mexico, tech support said it’s servers currently not working in Mexico. Tried South Korea, we all know where this is going... The service simply does not work, period. Fortunately the customer service is great and getting a refund (I was in the 30 day trial period) was hassle free.
  • 非常有趣 1/5

    By zbsen
  • Why won’t you take my money? 1/5

    By Shawn c
    I’ve tried to subscribe with two different credit cards—cards I have been using every day for years with no issues anywhere else, yet you suspend my account every time I try to pay with “unable to verify card.” I’ve never run into another merchant on this planet having this issue. No I will not send you a photo of my card—that is an insane request. I feel like I keep throwing money at you and you toss it right back in my face repeatedly. I’ll find another vpn, thanks.
  • Don‘t buy it if you are in China! 1/5

    By maybeoriah
    Please don't waste your money to buy this VPN. Most of the time it doesn't work, although I installed the last version and tried all of the recommended locations. I've sent them e-mail but that doesn't solve any problems.
  • Doesn’t work in China 2/5

    By snugglypuss
    Anyone who lives in China needs a good, consistent VPN with excellent tech personnel to work around connections constantly getting blocked by the Chinese government. Express VPN doesn’t do the trick. Some days it works on the first try, but then for days on end nothing works. I gave the service 2 stars simply because their tech support is very responsive which I appreciate, but I hate paying for a service that doesn’t work and takes so long to get fixed. I’ve tried all the recommended actions to improve connectivity to no avail—VPN protocol set to automatic, update to latest version of the app, connect only to the recommended locations, wait for system to notify you the connection failed before exiting/trying again. Nothing works. Although, to Express VPN’s credit, probably no VPN always works in China.
  • It is what it is 4/5

    By jazzyyahdigg_
    Have hada expressVPN for over two years, it has it’s ups and downs. I would really appreciate if the price could be lowered, taking into consideration how many times it crashes during the year. Thankfully I am able to use other free vpns in the meantime while ExpressVPN is down.
  • useless, worse: time consuming. 1/5

    By 634$?;6)
    This app is useless in the places it needs to work the most effectively. Of course! one little VPN concealment company vs. the largest government in the world, China. Of course it is useless. It understandably prefers to spend more on marketing than on the futile effort of hiring people to undermine the single most far-reaching government in the history of humans on Earth. ONLY PROBLEM with that::: Drawing so much attention to themselves is WHY their service is useless. Whoever their marketing exec is Really REALLY needs to be out on his or her ass before the markets close today. What an absurd travesty of strategic planning! 😂 Did this person never read? Is he or she illiterate , untraveled? somebody’s son-in-law or daughter-in-law? Baffling. Thanks for Ruining the service I paid for & taking my money without remorse. Keep advertising on duolingo. Keep it up 👍 😂 your VPN service is a joke to the tens of millions of expatriates living in China, who will not be renewing membership. your Marvelous marketing campaign of the past ~year & a half is to blame. NOT the unchangeable political environment of China. Good luck! ... No, I don’t mean that, do I? Fire that moron, Today. Rebrand. New design. Do NOT market. Offer current users a free 6 months. Like every other VPN service which works: Word Of Mouth. Effectiveness is both Required & Wildly Popular. - Imagine that. That’s your only hope & I give it to you for free Because I Can. Crumbs.
  • VPN 4/5

    By Chucker!!!!
    It blocks the internet often on my iPhone. I have to turn it off and connect then turn it back on.
  • Overall good. 4/5

    By 420allday💨💨
    This is a pretty good vpn. The only negative thing is when your trying to use twitter. Once my vpn is connected to the “smartest” server it seems to cause issues with loading twitter content. It doesn’t load the images or videos so I have to turn off vpn so the twitter loads up and then reconnect vpn back on. It gets annoying to have to do it consistently but this is the only negative thing. Other than that this company is great! Please fix with an update
  • Not Working 1/5

    By AaDi Sarwar
    TCP Protocol Isn’t Working
  • Always swaying in disconnected and connected.. 3/5

    By 66172636
    How busy you are in dealing with government’a restriction
  • L 1/5

    By gonfreaks11111
    Worked so well for 1 month, then stopped connecting <3Worst VPN literally had to get a random free VPN app. It connects better than this piece of crap.
  • Very Tricky to Cancel 1/5

    By Rob1237051
    I would caution against this particular VPN. They are likely to continue charging you after you cancel. If you do go with this company, make sure you confirm with tech support at the time of your cancellation. They continued charging me for two months after I cancelled. The company said I didn’t cancel and refused to refund those months.
  • it’s alright 3/5

    By HH309
    it’s alright but i tried to go on omaze which isn’t allowed in my region with vpn on and it wouldn’t let me in for the same reason (not allowed in my region) but other than that it’s normal A L R I G H / N O R M A L O K A Y ? H U H ?
  • Meh 1/5

    By intll
    Been paying for years in China, never really works as advertised. I’d be better off risking Chinese VPN options.
  • Not a good VPN 1/5

    ExpressVPN used to be a great one, but not anymore recently , it works 2-3 days a week and it crushes. 👎🏻
  • Tested against other VPN's-- Censors! 1/5

    By Jemtree
    This VPN censors twitter pix and concervative youtube channels! Don't get if!!!
  • highly sticks in my opinion. 1/5

    By imadoptedlol
    Whenever it comes to this website/app and how great it, but no one talks about the down side. even after it gives you the option for 3 months free, it still makes you pick a membership plan that took money that i wasn’t completely aware of. Not to mention basically dropping 100 bucks when you’re better off with the router, cause nobody mentions how much safer you are with it. (the same router NO ONE MENTIONS until you already spent all this money on a membership) Because your membership alone doesn’t do much but slow your devices down. (Another thing i don’t recall anything on the website mentioning) I’m not mad at the actually purpose behind this app, i feel like they go about it terribly. They don’t tell you ALL your options at the start which is really stupid to me. Now i have to wait days and days just to get money back that i didn’t know left, no email receipt. I lost 100 bucks, cause i expected the 3 months trial that everything was pushing towards, only cause i expected my card being something that secured my 3 months, but nope. It literally isn’t even about reading carefully, they simply leave a lot of info out. whoever runs the brand, do what you have to do, but i’m gonna keep complaining till i get my money back.
  • BiLLiNg vErIfIcAtIoN bs 2/5

    By xCastielzz
    The application itself is good, their services can bypass any country vpn-blocks. But after 4 days of buying this vpn using paypal as a payment method, they refunded me my money and cancelled my subscription, even tho I didn’t ask them to cancel my subscription & I didn’t ask for a refund, i logged in to see that my account is suspended & they want a pic of my credit card with the last 4 digits, which is stupid and doesn’t make any sense bec i paid using PAYPAL why would u want a pic of my credit card lol. sadly I’ll have switch back to nordvpn again bec of their stupidity.
  • Don’t work. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. 1/5

    By tawawall
    If you live in China, don’t waste your money to buy this one. Most of time, it doesn’t work, although I installed the last version and tried all of the recommended locations. Moreover, its performance on different platforms is also different. Windows one might be the best one. IOS one is close but worse. Linux one is garbage.
  • Trevor James Food Ranger! 5/5

    By Jle_92708
    Subscribe to his channel 🤾🏼‍♂️
  • 中国地区体验非常差 1/5

    By christalenz
  • Continuous blocks in China 2/5

    By Looking for a reliable VPN
    If you are trying to use a VPN in China. Express is somewhat unreliable. At least once or twice a month it is blocked and takes 2-3 days before an update is released.
  • The Best VPN To Get 5/5

    By Vv Mot
    ExpressVPN is the best VPN to get. Whenever China enforces its firewalls, ExpressVPN's engineers start updating the app right away. They refreshes their website every hour or so so you can get updates on how they are doing. Sometimes the connection drops but to be honest, every VPN will drop.
  • Can you really unblock China? 3/5

    By holywholly112
    I am having doubt in your ability to catch up with China. I can hardly use the vpn for more than 10 minutes a day. Try to fix this. What’s the point of buying your subscription when the app hardly works 50% of the time?
  • It’s not working again 2/5

    By Jv3110
    It’s not working today! It started working last week but it only worked until today. I’m really upset, I thought that all I needed to do is that I needed to update it. But it still didn’t work
  • The connection in China is extremely unstable 2/5

    By rain3044
    It doesn't work in China at all.Sometimes it takes me several hours to connect, but it may not succeed yet,It's really annoying.The only praise is customer service!And there aren't so many servers at all,There are only four available in China. So I can only give two stars!
  • Works Absolutely Amazingly! 4/5

    By Uniwolfgamer
    This VPN makes me feel completely safe from being tracked by hackers. It’s also very simplistic and easy to work with, particularly the fact that all you have to do is pick a location and just connect to it. However, it does disconnect and mess with the WIFI a lot, and I find myself having to manually reconnect often. Other than that, this is a great VPN and works amazingly.
  • Time to switch to a new VPN provider! 1/5

    By 7979321
    So here is my story, I went back to China but I needed a VPN for me to keep connect the “outside world”, things like youtube, google mail and other apps,goodys. So I went to ExpressVPN and paid for a year, I thought a expensive VPN will be much worth to invest. but I was wrong!!! Internet connection works well for the first few month, and then get slower and lost connection here and there. Things getting worst start with mid 2019 to now July 2020. it seems China is constantly getting blocked with VPN services. but we cannot blame Express VPN for that, I understand. however, The thing make me crazy is 1. The speed of they fix the internet blacking issue in China. It will not take half day or a day,even two days. Wrong my friend! Nowadays, they usually took 3 full days to fix the issue! And sometimes even after they fixed. Only few locations will work and those locations are extremely slow! Almost unusable. After a week when thing finally back on track, guess what. Another block in VPN in China will happen! I do not know what make a tech company to response that slow. I mean the only job their engineers has to do is to fix the internet when they got blocked, but seems they decide to still work at normal speed. 2 the customer service people cannot solve any issue, they can only tell you what you already know. and stop ask them, cause you only want internet, they cannot do that, only engineer can do. Simply wasting your time by, oh let me check you account.....wait......could you try use recommended location......wait.......did you updated to the newest version......wait.......oh I guess we can just waiting...... Really? Three days to get the vpn work! I expect half day or a day at most! Guess what? i usually use vpn with my iOS device. However, i do keep an free vpn on my android phone. That vpn is not very fast. But Amazingly, it works everytime! Shame on you Express VPN!
  • Not able to update 2/5

    By obsidiansamurai
    After the download finish the installment can't run successfully. Then it shows me an error says express vpn cannot be downloaded at this time. I'm using iPad 2013 and not able to update to the new system version. Maybe because the new update is not capable with old version iOS? Can your development team make updates more friendly with old iOS system?
  • Sometimes it doesn’t work 4/5

    By kutfhresikuh
    Like, can you send a e-mail for updates? I was worrying for a week because of my vpn. Other than that it’s good.
  • VPN 5/5

    By LeslieMick
    Never let me down yet! It’s my gateway to all things UK TV programming! Being an English expat in the US it means everything! Thank you Express VPN!!!
  • ExpressVPN is a Winner! Get the router too! 5/5

    By Living Aloha
    ExpressVPN is a Winner! Get the router too!
  • When it works... 3/5

    By Kshea111
    When it works it is solid: sometimes great, sometimes meh. However, in China it often went down for days at a time, and occasionally for a week. As it was our only vpn, at those times we were out of luck. As a result of so many missing days, my wife had to drop out of graduate school. I hear it works well in other countries, and is working well for me in Hong Kong right now, but I cannot recommend it for Mainland China.
  • Hasn’t done anything yet 1/5

    By MWD 2020
    I’m trying to watch one of my favorite shows that is overseas and I can’t watch in the US. So I got the VPN and it hasn’t done anything yet. I’m still not able to watch my show and I might’ve just wasted some money on this. Please get back to me ASAP and let me know how to fix this.
  • Sssllllooooooowwww 1/5

    By Templedentist
    I bought this service because of all the good reviews, but mostly because I wasn’t happy with how much Private Internet Access slowed down my connection. ExpressVPN is so much worse. Here are my results from no vpn (397Mbps); with Private Internet Access (130 Mbps); with ExpressVPN (37 Mbps). Why pay for fast internet to only be able to connect at the equivalent of the slowest internet?
  • Pay a VPN for privacy while they provide data to google 1/5

    By Scott and Alexandra
    I ran search in my iphone setting to get to expressvpn quickly. I found it but it also gave a summarized list of third party entities they share information with. Its a mile long and includes every company you are paying to avoid starting with google. I was led to believe i pay a premium so they get their money from private citizens and not ad dollars. Low and behold they look to sell us privacy but seem to get money from the ad industry as well. I want my money back
  • You cant pass unless you make a subscription plan 1/5

    By LPS Blue Diamonds
    I tried using it to avoid people from hacking and all of that stuff. I tried to press the x in the corner cuz i didn't want a subscription i just wanted to use the app so ill be good. But it wont let me pass unless i make a subscription. So this app is basically forcing me to do a subscription ( if u didn't have to do a subscription plz tell me how u got around it because i couldn't, thank u)
  • I don’t get it 1/5

    By Americana en Europa
    I login with a us location and websites still see me in my actual physical location. Kind of defeats the purpose.
  • Works but major issue 1/5

    By cdatlas
    Since the last update connections are so bad that streaming video is next to impossible, this is the sole reason I use the VPN. Update: iPadOS version NEVER connects now!
  • Good for travel but sometimes slow and unreliable 3/5

    By BubDude
    I really appreciated having a VPN service available everywhere I’ve traveled in recent years, and I thank ExpressVPN for that. Having said that, I have two gripes that have not noticeably improved. First, ExpressVPN often drops the connection. I usually don’t know when it happens unless the app I’m using suddenly freezes up. Auto-reconnections don’t always work either, meaning I have to close ExpressVPN and sometimes reset my Internet connection before restarting ExpressVPN. Second, there’s a noticeable drop off in Internet speed while using VPN. I just ran a speed test from my laptop, and without VPN I got 360.90 Mbps for downloads. After connecting to ExpressVPN, the speed dropped immediately to 108.94 Mbps. That’s with an Ethernet connection. Speeds are slower on my phone over Wifi. ExpressVPN is certainly usable, but I expect more for the money I pay.
  • It’s ok 4/5

    By Bill 187dude
    Works good but sometimes I have to disconnect it to let other apps work
  • Can’t use it for what I got it for 1/5

    By glorab69
    iPhone OS Upgrades and e-mailing large files is why I tried this app. You will need to upgrade to the latest OS on your iPhone using home WiFi for this App to work without any issues. Even then, it still might not work!! Using a public WiFi protected by this App for OS upgrade will not work. The same for e-mailing files over 100mb. Or if you don’t want to your phone calls to drop every other call . Or if you want the Do Not Disturb feature on your iPhone to work. Or if you want to be able to make online purchases without having to disable this app. The app didn’t even work at all from the get go, had to contact customer support.

ExpressVPN - #1 Trusted VPN app comments

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