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Exxon Mobil Rewards+

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Exxon Mobil Rewards+ App

The most secure and easy way to pay for fuel and earn rewards. It's simple: create an app account, link your preferred payment method, and start earning rewards on your next fill up at participating Exxon and Mobil stations! Exxon Mobil Rewards+ is a loyalty app that allows you to stay in the comfort of your vehicle while you pay for Synergy™ fuel with your phone. Say goodbye to taking your wallet out and swiping your credit card at the pump. It's a fast and secure way to earn rewards on every fuel purchase, every day. You can even redeem these points for dollar savings at the pump and in the store. Download the app today and start earning rewards immediately on every purchase! Pay at the pump It’s simple and safe! Just open the app, select your pump number and authorize the pump. All you have to do is get out of your car to select a fuel grade and begin fueling. When you finish fueling, the app automatically displays a receipt with your transaction total, earned rewards and, if selected, a car wash code! If your location services are turned off, simply scan the QR code at the pump to select your pump number. Accepted Payment Methods The app accepts all credit and debit card payment methods, as well as the ExxonMobil Smart Card and wallets like Apple Pay and Masterpass. Apply for the ExxonMobil Smart Card through the Exxon Mobil Rewards+ app and get 6 cents off every gallon, every day with the ExxonMobil Smart Card.* For more information and frequently asked questions go to https://www.exxon.com/en/rewards-program. Your feedback is greatly appreciated; look for new updates coming soon! *Subject to credit approval. Account must be open and in good standing to qualify. Statement credit will be applied monthly with qualifying purchases. Terms and conditions of the ExxonMobil Smart Card Rebate Program apply.

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Exxon Mobil Rewards+ app reviews

  • Non-functional 5/5

    By Deacon Les
    At home the app will set up at the stations owned by Brothers, in New Orleans, the app will not work
  • Hit or miss 3/5

    By TheUltimateparadox
    When the app works, it works well and provides a nice convenience. Unfortunately, the app identifies many fuel stations where you cannot actually use this app to pay for fuel. Like I said, when it works it’s great, but just because a station is listed in the app as being app enabled doesn’t mean you can actually use the app there. In fact, you really shouldn’t use the in-app location display for anything as it has lead me astray more times than it has lead me somewhere useful. If you know where the stations are where you can use this app then it’s good but otherwise it’s just trouble.
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By 84nunn84
    I love how I don't have to go in the store or if it's closed I can still get gas
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Smokey 195577555777
    Very convenient app! Works great, especially with the pandemic, to be Hands free
  • Stick with the original app 2/5

    By :(sosad
    When your app first came out it worked great — then you go and improve it — (went from good to bad) I can’t get the station i usually go to - It does not open keeps saying there’s a problem. Go to 2 other Exxon’s no problem — go to 3rd Exxon another problem. Please bring back the diets original app version.
  • Station locator 2/5

    By zdrtv
    We always used the app to find stations so we could plan our trips. So much for that.
  • No issues here 5/5

    By DJ CodeBlue
    Works just fine for me. A dark mode and Apple Watch app would've been convenient though.
  • Apple Pay does not work anymore 1/5

    By rich2360
    Used to work every time. No longer works. Ehat good is an app that does not work. Getting my gas at other brands now.
  • App takes forever to load or doesn’t load at all 2/5

    By C/rod
    So frustrating if you want to use it to pay.
  • Piece of crap 1/5

    By hvfgnjbb
    Application is worthless. Always needs to be deleted and reinstalled. Get better developers
  • Does not work well. 2/5

    By Donna, Promo Mktg Specialist
    So much for contactless purchasing with this app. Half the time it does not recognize the gas station, the other half it confirms everything EXCEPT THE PUMP. I end up using a different card and also no rewards, but the annoyance and lost time are frustrating.
  • Still having trouble 3/5

    By ChrisJeanes
    I need steps on how to use the app. It has locked me out. I obviously am not doing something wrong. Supposedly “they” are working on my account. Once they unlock it I still needStep 1, 2, 3 etc. I step out and put in my rewards # on the screen. Then tell the app I am at pump #? And just goes wrong from there. Had a station employee try to assist but she didn’t what to do either. Last 8 of card # 9736 2349. Help please. Mrs. Chris Jeanes UPDATED REVIEW: never heard back from Exxon. BUT I did figure it out and I use the app. Still think there should be clear instructions.
  • Improving, but still... 5/5

    By Tntoofore
    Had given up in frustration with the major change, but tried again after several months, but still had problems, then some weeks ago noted pumps at my regular station had near field icons on them and have been using regular Apple Pay retail method for some weeks with no problems except having to put zip code in each time and not getting a paper receipt unless I go into station, tho usual receipt in wallet as with other retail use. Today had to fill up at different station that didn’t have the near field icon, so tried the app and was pleasantly surprised to get almost instant recognition of location with pump selection at opening of app, and pump was activated quicker after selection and filling went quickly. HOWEVER, got only a station identification without amount in wallet, tho I did get paper receipt from pump. Now, several hours later I still have no amount of charge listed in wallet and only the $1 holding charge listed on my credit card. At some point a selection choice to cancel appeared, which might be useful in some cases, but I don’t really look at the phone once the pump selection and payment have been accepted. I was really pleased with the initial speed, but would like the charges to appear in wallet and on credit card as with other transactions. Almost all my other transactions except restaurants are AP and can quickly be reviewed in wallet. I’ll continue to use the near field process when available, and try app when not. Still hoping for the slick and quick operation with minimal time and activity within the app.
  • Not good 1/5

    By zootezbih
    I use the same gas station every day, the app works 50% of the time. Every other time “error”
  • Smooth but no option to add gift card as payment 3/5

    By rhobert m
    Adding gift card to the app for users would be tremendous.
  • Great when it works. Glitches for specific stores. 5/5

    By dwayne p
    I love this app when it works. I specifically seek out Exxon Mobil stations because the process is so easy. Unfortunately, at certain stations, the app quits every time I click to pay. At others, it works perfectly. Not sure if this is a problem with the app or the station.
  • Not working 1/5

    By Txtech1997
    I use the app all the time but now it’s not working. 2 days ago it would say failure at the pump. Today, said the same thing and then when I went to 2 additional, 3rd station of the morning, when I select a pump, the app crashed. Why?
  • The app is great 3/5

    By gsidnbdid
    But they will charge you an additional dollar every time you use it
  • App is not detecting location 1/5

    By DC2056
    App worked great until the last two weeks. It will not detect location or scan. I have uninstalled and reinstalled. Still does not work at multiple locations where it worked before. I am sad it is proving to be frustrating.
  • Great app 5/5

    By sc key
    I no longer use this app.
  • Not working again 1/5

    By Chikwe Chukwu
    Every once in a while an update comes through that ruins the app. Worked for a while then all of a sudden....”an error has occurred” every time you try to log in. Can’t wait till gas stations start accepting ApplePay or another company comes out with an app you can pay from
  • Apple Pay back ? 4/5

    By Satyricon jr
    I was happy to see today’s update say that Guest Checkout with Apple Pay was back. Welcome back to the 21st century. Apple Pay works again, so now I’ll use Mobil Gas again. If they delete it from the app AGAIN, I will stop. Where is Station Finder, so you can, you know find a station to use this ??? thanks for responding to my review. I have played around with it some more, and it is not really that you’ve taken “Guest” (Apple Pay) out really, it just doesn’t display the option consistently. I open the app, no Guest option. I close and reopen there it is. Does this often. I just updated the app (5/2020), tried it, and the first time I opened it - no Guest option. Thanks
  • App does not work 1/5

    By Curly023
    Every few months the app is disengaged from the iPhone. I have to delete and reinstall. Reinstallation doesn’t work because the app doesn’t recognize email and password. Very frustrated with this useless app.
  • App does not work 1/5

    By Guitar Autodidact
    Tried to purchase gas with the app, and the app does not work! Not only that the app did not work at the pump after multiple tries, but it also locked me out of my account saying: SOMETHING HAPPENED! When I try to reset my password the app says the same thing: SOMETHING HAPPENED! What a joke of an app!
  • New member 5/5

    By Big Mo62
    I just got this app, and I love it.
  • Wishy washy 2/5

    By Quote rhe Raven
    Sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t. Even when it refers you to use the QR code it doesn’t work. My Exxon card is connected but still I have experienced about 50% failure and have used it always at the same Exxon station. Miss the speed pass. That ALWAYS worked. Disappointed and unfortunate that I can’t rely on the app and always need to be prepared to pay some other way.
  • It doesn’t work!! 1/5

    By Spykj
    This app is a dud!
  • Paying with the app isn’t possible 1/5

    By Mo12ni34
    The most important function is for me to pay my gas with the app but since a while I only get a message „Oh something isn’t working correctly“
  • App keeps crashing. 1/5

    By PhazeDelta1
    It was working fine until this most recent update. Now when I’m asked to select a pump number, the app crashes when I make my choice. This is unacceptable. Please fix it.
  • App stopped working 1/5

    By Chrisamonster
    It used to work great, then about a month ago just stopped working altogether. Click on it on the home screen and won’t even open, immediately kicks me off. Hope they fix the bugs soon!
  • App Needs Work and Employees need training 2/5

    By Infantry11b!!
    App is okay but every time i try to redeem the $50 of points I earned the app always says there’s a problem when I at the pump.. then after walking inside to ask for help, the Indian behind the counter says he’s not familiar with is and can’t help.. this has happened multiple times so I’m switching gas stations 🖕🏼
  • Crashing 1/5

    By cavscout104
    Loved this app until a few days ago when it started crashing every time I tried to use it.
  • Used to work, update killed it 1/5

    By "M" Professor
    Recent update destroyed a good app. As with all apps, this used to have a glitch or two, but none too problematic. However, since this recent update (May-12-2020), it crashes EVERY TIME you use it to pay for gas. Deleted, reloaded, crashed... useless. Fix the app and I’ll update review.
  • App now junk 1/5

    By Jarreck the Madd
    Apparently this rich company can’t hire any developers that can check their programs to make sure they work. Can’t add an EXXON card to their own app, finds stations 50% of the time, and of course can’t simply update a card already on file when it expires. What once was good now is disgraceful. Exxon should be ashamed putting their name on garbage.
  • Exxon/Mobil App 5/5

    By Cruise ready
    Using the app has been outstanding. It’s easy to use and during these difficult times makes it easier to fill up. Don’t have to take out my card and press anything at the pump or inside the store.
  • Could be 5 1/5

    By Mrk1203
    Love this app. Only down side for me is I keep getting signed out and have to continually enter password. Why can’t I use Face ID or my password get remembered in my phone for me?
  • Useless Application 1/5

    By VPLexusVP
    Crap...this new app is totally crap I am using Mobil gas station to fill up the gas since long time because it’s very near from my house This new app Doesn’t work at the gas station also when you try to add debit card or Exxonmobile credit card it gives you an error (UH NO you have an issue with your account contact customer service from this app.) The customer service people do nothing for you Called 15 times and talked to them regarding this issue but they can’t resolve. Customer service people saying your account is on hold and will be unhold within 72 hours then you can add debit or credit card. I am listening this crap since six months I am done...they lost a genuine customer UNINSTALL the App DONE WITH EXXONMOBIL. Now I am using shell Gas station and their app is great.
  • Was great until it stopped working. 2/5

    By Atulbocks
    The app has no longer been working for the past several weeks. Authorizes pump and then transaction is automatically cancelled and a receipt prints out at the pump for $0.00. Same issue for another family member. Please fix.
  • Too expensive! 1/5

    By maxfrustration
    Just used this app for the second time on May 7, 2020. The first time I used it, I could not choose which pump I was at. It had the correct gas station, but that was about it. The second time I used it, I was able to choose the correct pump, but was charged the credit price, not the cash price. My Mobil card is linked to the app for payments, so I don’t understand why I was able to pay the cash price. If I use the card in the pump’s card reader, I get the cash price, so why not I. The app? I’m not paying an extra 10-12 cents more per gallo. For the “convenience” of using this app!
  • Exxon 5/5

    By Boise Bobby
    Helps you keep track of your points.
  • Great program 5/5

    By DesertLover28
    I love the app, use my Apple Pay to buy gas and get great discounts!
  • Can’t redeem points 1/5

    By SSNicholson
    The app is pretty useless if I can’t redeem the points I accumulated.
  • Finished! 1/5

    By tlctn
    I am through with ExxonMobil. The app worked fine til a couple months ago when it was updated. Now when I am at a station the app will not recognize my location (but it is able to suggest station locations). I have deleted and re-installed the app several times, and it still won't work. I just installed it again, and it won't recognize my password. I got a temporary password, and that wouldn't work either. Shell's new app works fine, so I am deleting the Exxon app.
  • Takes some time to load up 4/5

    By bigboyk17
    Sometimes the app itself will take time to load up.
  • The App! 5/5

    By ddddoott
    Love this thing! So easy. Scan the pump, using along with Apple Pay makes this so easy. Rewards and reward offers show up all the time and I basically save money every week. Very good compared to other gas rewards programs and I now only go to Mobil to fill up.
  • Unreliable AF 1/5

    By Shaunequa from Soufeast DC
    The app is great when it works, which is maybe 1 out of 5 times. It seems to have an issue with payment. I have tried different credit cards and they all work...sometimes. Very frustrating, especially when I don’t want to use my actually credit and rewards cards and touch all buttons (Covid). Shell’s app always works and they are right across the street 🤔
  • No touch gas fill ! Awesome!! How Timely!! 5/5

    By Scooby068
    Awesome smooth app ! Never even open my window inNJ!! I just wave hello and goodbye to the attendant! :) keep a plastic bag under your seat for a glove for the pump if you live in NY. And pump your own gas.
  • App Used to Be Great 1/5

    By AJNS2002
    They should’ve left the app alone while it was working. Every since this “new and improved” app came along, it barely works properly. I consistently receive an error message each time I use the app.
  • Paying with Apple Pay 5/5

    By disappointed Rhody Person
    I love using this app

Exxon Mobil Rewards+ app comments

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