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  • Current Version: 3.21.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: WageWorks
  • Compatibility: Android
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EZ Receipts App

Take Care users, please download our MyFlex mobile app by searching for "MyFlex". An update to the latest version may be required (depending on features offered by your employer). This app is for you if you are enrolled in a WageWorks benefit that pays claims and/or if you have a WageWorks debit card. WageWorks users, this app makes it easy to submit claims for all benefits administered by WageWorks: • Health care and dependent care – for quick reimbursement or direct payments to your provider • Health care card receipts – to verify your card transactions, as required by the IRS • Commuter and wellness claims – for quick reimbursement Use this app to submit claims any time: • Health care and wellness claims – simply take a photo of your receipt with your phone • Dependent care claims – capture your provider’s signature in the app or submit a photo of your receipt • Commuter claims – simply take a photo of your receipt (if you have one) Use this app to submit health care card receipts any time: • Immediately after you use your health care card • Later, after WageWorks asks you to submit a receipt to verify an eligible expense Also: • View your current account balance and other important plan info • View all claims submitted via the app, online or fax • View Claims & Activity, all transactions for all programs, just like on our website • View the Account Statement for available programs, just like on our website • Update your Profile & Preferences, sign up for detailed emails and texts, just like on our website • Help on how to submit claims and receipts, and next steps

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EZ Receipts app reviews

  • EZ receipts app 5/5

    By Davepianoman
    Very easy to use! Nicely laid out.
  • Frances Renda 5/5

    By F8256
    Very easy and professional..great app
  • Claim submission 5/5

    By twill1969
    Oh My God! How easy was it to submit a claim without all the hassle of faxing or scanning the receipt. Thanks Great job!
  • Easy to use. Would like more 4/5

    By Nbr1Sniper
    Please add pick and process. I see no reason why I need to submit so much data when the website actually has all the information that I need to type into the mobile app. Very easy however despite this. Saves me from having to turn on my PC that I rarely use just to submit a bill.
  • I need my money 4/5

    By not happy with groupon
    The camera feature to take pictures of receipts is kind of sketchy and keeps resizing, but then I realized it doesn’t matter how it looks prior to taking the picture cuz you can edit it to correct size and get ful receipt after you take the picture
  • Frustrating 3/5

    By NunOnRetreat
    It’s a royal PAIN to do this! I don’t understand WHY I can’t just use my card at my provider and be done with it! Also I wish the “camera” would allow me to determine my own margined rather than expecting it to fit into their goofy auto-box!
  • Worse than awful! 1/5

    By Jodi9580
    I thought this would be really helpful to provide my receipt via my cell phone. Apparently, my expectations were monumental! This app does not allow one to download receipts, and it times out excessively when trying to view previously submitted items that were downloaded via PC!
  • Hard to submit receipts 1/5

    By Snorkelsurfswimski
    After photographing receipts and selecting submit often get a fail message. To try resubmitting have to start over instead of trying to submit again. This is a waste of time having to keep taking the same pictures over and over
  • Claim Receipt submission 5/5

    By johnkto
    Filed 1st receipt claim, very easy process with excellent instructions.
  • Operator Friendly 5/5

    By Your fair critic
    This app is extremely easy to use and operator friendly. I found it very easy to navigate and figure out without much trouble.
  • Great app but recent update makes screenshots receipts difficult 3/5

    By Ezb103
    Great app. Recent change in how screenshot receipts are submitted is terrible. You have to manually adjust the picture with no borders which must screenshots do not have. Do not upgrade if you have the old version.
  • So lousy 1/5

    By nicknames are a dumb idea
    This is a TERRIBLE company. No customer service phone number OR email. Don’t communicate. Failed to easily provide a card for purchases, thus requiring a laborious and counter-intuitive process of submitting receipts that are reimbursed at a glacial pace. They won the contract to work in our district and then sent NOT ONE PERSON to the open enrollment fair. Horrible. I hope they file chapter 11 and a replacement is found. What a mess.
  • Easy & Convenient 5/5

    By Daddie4x
    This apps is very convenient and easy to use. Only thing is if it could access my dropbox account, that would be even more convenient.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Joeskee
    Love this app. I procrastinated using it because I didn’t have the time to set up, learn and utilize it. I regret that I ever did!!! I could’ve kept up to date with my receipts as they were received on the spot. Very easy to use!!!
  • Review 4/5

    By muu-mine
    This app was easy to use with helpful pop ups. It eliminated me printing a form and faxing it.
  • Ez claim submission 5/5

    By J Badd
    Thank for submitting claims so Easy and also fun.👍🏻
  • Easy peacy app 5/5

    By suresh.r
    As the name says it is really easy to submit claims, see account activities and so on. Hats off to the team.
  • Always denied 1/5

    By Lacrosse72
    Your system really stinks. Almost every time I submit a claim receipt it gets denied and I need to jump through hoops to prove its legitimate. Hey. It’s my money not yours and I am just paying my darn medical bills.
  • Great HSA app 5/5

    By RKACG6+3
    Fantastic app for submitting reimbursement requests. Put in a HSA Pay Me request and it was literally 2 steps to submit my claim. The money was in my account within 1 day. Very cool app!
  • Wage works is the worst 1/5

    By waiting4closing
    Wage words is horrible. The customer service and both the app and online interface is absolutely terrible. They often make mistakes processing claims and put direct deposit funds into the incorrect account or don’t deposit it at all. I have contacted my HR dept about their shenanigans and have implored them to use a different provider. Avoid. Avoid avoid.
  • Krt 5/5

    By fggjjff
    Really easy uploads of claim and receipts. Works very well
  • Decent 4/5

    By Ty_B
    Wish it post-processed images to take out shadows and such. Edge detection works reasonably well - not as good (as tight to edges) as many scanning apps.
  • Submitted 5/5

    By Relaxed nancy
    First time using this app and it seems pretty simple
  • Trash service 1/5

    By OKCoinlpc201314156
    Idiot app and idiot service. Will never use FSA any more.
  • Much better than the fax and email method 5/5

    I have used FSA for many years. It was nothing but trouble submitting claims. With this ap, it’s seamless and almost instant. Claims are submitted before I leave the desk or counter of the provider.
  • Very well put together app. 5/5

    By 83smash
    Couldn’t have been easier to use. Submitted receipts for out-of-pocket expenses. Built-in scanner automatically cropped the camera pictures of my receipts making them look like they had actually been through a scanner. Information was easy to access and the whole thing took a couple of minutes. Wish other companies’ apps worked this well!
  • Not convenient at all 1/5

    By Nkm2000
    Have to constantly repeat sending info. More work. Not convenient at all.
  • Simple math 1/5

    By Borninsane
    Wageworks doesn’t understand simple math. If you want your claim you literally have to dummy proof it or you don’t get paid.
  • Efficiency 5/5

    By Ana Maria Oliva
    Thank you all for this efficient means of processing my reimbursement. Really appreciate the convenience!
  • Changing experience every time 1/5

    By Glb1111
    Not easy to use
  • Easy app 5/5

    By Biajacks
    Quick and easy to use. Haven’t had a problem yet. Used the app more than 4 times.
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By az_reviewer9999
    Reclaiming a user ID is a laborious process. Medical claims are rejected sometimes because the receipt isn’t the kind the want. . The app wants receipt types that our urgent care says they can not generate if you forgot to ask for that specific type on the day of the visit. We’re not using this next year in 2019. We’ll lose the tax savings by not using it as our standard tax deduction is too large to deduct medical expenses. Even with that consideration the EZ (haha) receipts process is too painful to be worth the effort. I’m curious who pockets the unused funds when users realize it is too painful to claim the money they’d set aside. Disappointing.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Snytkine
    Since this app was changed from CHSA I cannot login and no way to get username. Have been contributing to wageworks spending account but unfortunately their app and website are designed by part time clowns
  • Quick & easy! 5/5

    By Jomomma719
    It took me less than a minute to complete the process!!!
  • Wonderful! 5/5

    By Happy App User!!!!
    Very fast process of receipts! Easy to use app!
  • Internal Server error 1/5

    By Skimonkey11
    After this last update, there is an internal server error. Cannot get into the app with log in.
  • It forgot my login info 3/5

    By Hestongffj
    It forgot my login info
  • Glenn 5/5

    By KY529
    Easy and convenient to use!
  • 🤨 1/5

    By trishfish
    I tried to log on with my existing password and it doesn’t recognize me. I tried logging on to the website and using that same combo and it does let me in. Congrats on making a useless app.
  • Okay app, but with some major PITA issues 2/5

    By Willowdale Fairy
    In general this app is okay to use, but it has several major issues/flaws. First, in using the app on my iPad, I have to have a keyboard connected in order to enter the receipt dollar amount, specifically to move past that screen. Without the keyboard and its enter key, I have no way to finish submitting the receipt. The second issue is more sneaky and has to do with the image that the app captures of your receipts. The app make you feel like you are choosing the area of the receipt to submit by moving the sides of a rectangle/trapezoid around on the image, but the chosen area is not what is submitted. What is submitted appears to a cropped version of your original image, and the cropping seems to ALWAYS chop off an important part of the receipt. Why make me feel like I have directing the cropping, but then just upload whatever the app thinks is correct? PRO TIP; if you are having claims denied, look at what image was uploaded. Chances are its a horrible crop of your receipt. I have submitted the same receipt three or four times trying to get the app to upload the whole image. Try taking the photo with lots of room on all sides of the receipt so the auto-cropping chops off the extra room instead of the important parts.
  • Awesome App! 5/5

    By Missing My NFL
    This app is so user-friendly and very easy to do and I have not had one issue with it freezing up!
  • Budget a lot of time 2/5

    By Ninjacct
    The initial input is fine, but taking a photo of a receipt is painful. One receipt was shot 9 times and still came out poor. Switching to photos on the iPad did not help as you have to resize the photo. The resize cuts out a lot of details, no matter how you resize.
  • Always denies your receipts 1/5

    By AppreciationfromMD
    Terrible to work with. I’ll go to pharmacy, use my hsa card and then take a photo of the receipt and submit it and it usually gets denied saying the service date and amount don’t match?! Insane. It does it all the time to me and then takes the money back. Bunch of thieves!
  • Wage work 5/5

    By Brooklynqueen1
    So easy to submit claims! 5 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
  • Great 5/5

    By DonJPagel
    Great app
  • Wow! 5/5

    By Jollytara
    Submitting a claim has never been so easy. I love this app.
  • Great Way to Get Reimbursed 5/5

    By Texas Longhorn Mike
    Fast, super simple, and efficient way to get reimbursed for medical expenses.
  • Broken Login 1/5

    By Mr. Smithsonian
    Remembers nothing. Requires username and PW every single time. Touch ID certainly not working. Please fix this bug.
  • The app is great the card not so much 3/5

    By Roxy Es
    Whenever I use the card it seems to deny most of the time. Hardly had an experience where it actually goes through the first time.

EZ Receipts app comments

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