Fable - Stories for everyone

Fable - Stories for everyone

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Fable - Stories for everyone App

Fable is an app for book clubs and interactive reading. We make it easy to discover, buy, and discuss new books with like-minded readers. Find your community in one of our hundreds of unique clubs, or start your own and invite friends, family, and colleagues to read with you. On top of our interactive clubs, Fable helps you keep your reading life organized (and spoiler-free) with intuitive milestones, lists, ratings, and reviews. Terms of use: https://fable.co/terms

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Fable - Stories for everyone app reviews

  • Love it! 4/5

    By sara.lou11
    This app is perfect for all the virtual members of my mostly in-person book club! They can add their insights and be just as involved as other members. One recommendation (or maybe I just can’t see this option); can we add polls for what to read next? And, more importantly, can we create events that showcase the next time and location of bookclub meetings? This would mean that we don’t have to use two apps to manage meetings and discussions! Thank you for all of your hard work👏🏼
  • As good as a movie 5/5

    By marshmariamasha
    Even though I have watched the movie based on that book, I decided to read a book afterwards. I was a little bit scared of heartbreaking stories that could be even more terrifying than in the movie but it was tolerable. Easy read.
  • There is room for improvement / some bugs 3/5

    By AnonSwan
    Feedback: - When I get the notifications, the app isn’t immediately synced after I open it. I often find myself having to close an app and re-open it to be able to see new notifications - Make a separate section for moderators to make post threads and polls. Participants should not be able to comment - Make followers visible on a profile so it’s more upfront to find them - I toggled off the notification specifically for chapter discussions but I still got them when someone makes a new comment afterwards. I don’t want a spoiler 😩 - Include a feature that allows a moderator to schedule posts and polls - For the book club filter, include member count and maybe some kind of info that shows whether the club is active I may come back again to add more feedback. I really like the app and I want it to be successful. The major issue I have with it is the sync. Please prioritize it 🙌🏽
  • Is there a way to add a book manually? 3/5

    By Paintednovas
    Specifically, if I could scan the barcode of a book in app to add to my lists that’d be awesome. (You have books 1,3-4 of a series I’m reading- BUT NOT BOOK 2, in your database.) I’m sure it’s not the only book users would want to add, but a feature like that would be super helpful.
  • No poll option? 3/5

    By Vashti J
    For some reason my messages don’t allow me to give poll options and I’m a moderator. After doing research I should be allowed to bit the icon just does not show up. Other than that I think its really great since I dont live close to anyone that I know.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Crystal351
    I love this easy use app. Very user friendly!
  • getting better! 5/5

    By Wattpadic
    i went to write a review about some things i was having problems with but noticed that people had already written about them AND the developer was responding letting us know that they will be worked on and that made me feel so good and make me want to keep using the app. knowing that the developer wants to hear what we have to say and fix it! love that! but yes definitely need all the sjm books!
  • Great, but not quite there 4/5

    By gcase762
    I love using this app with my book club! Having the opportunity to discuss every chapter individually without spoiling, the next one, is a great idea! As of right now, the only downside that I can see, is that a lot of the books I have previously read are not available.
  • One complaint 3/5

    By Toooorrrriiiiiiii
    Awesome idea, but I just wish we could modify the notifications. I can have all notifications on for messages in a club, or none. There’s no way, at least that I can find, to modify what kind you get. I want to know when people are chatting in my club, but I don’t want to automatically see messages from chapters I haven’t gotten to yet. It has caused me to see spoilers unintentionally. Also, when I do click on a message from my notifications, it just pulls up that one specific message instead of the whole thread, so you don’t even know what thread they were talking in & you have to go seek it out. The app is a great concept but could definitely use improvements.
  • Not all book are available 4/5

    By hgadgjklOiyrvnj
    So I love this app, I really do. BUT it really doesn’t matter how good it is because I can’t use it. My book club members vote for this month’s book and everything was fine until I search for the book in the Fable app and I couldn’t find it. It’s just not there! So we can’t discuss the book there obviously. I mean, we’re not changing the book we want to read just because it’s not available in the app, so it’s really annoying and frustrating and sad, because we really liked the app. 😣
  • Best book club/ reading experience online 5/5

    By Tori Ross
    Highly recommend this app, once you learn to navigate the features it’s so much fun. I prefer this apps rating system to goodreads as well (hello half stars!)
  • Love the idea but…. 3/5

    By Melking1600
    I love the idea of this! And I was excited for this app! But when I was searching up books like, a court of thorn and roses series by Sarah j. Maas, blood and ash series from Sarah j. Maas and along with Jennifer l. Armentrout., crescent city series from Sarah j. Maas. Thorn of glass series from Sarah j. Maas. Flesh and fire series from Jennifer l. Armentrout. If we could some how add this to the app that would be great. Or have a way of adding on book that have not been added or new books coming out! I again can’t tell you how much I love the idea of this app. FINALLY I’m not alone reading. There’s people out there that I can connect with who reads the same books as me. But the only thing is that the books I love and cherish is not on the app. Therefore I can’t discuss it with others and share my excitement and opinions on these amazing books! I want to be able to read these books with someone who is just as interested as I am and shares the same love for them as I do. But for that to begin the book needs to be on the app. Thank you for your time and patience.
  • Pretty cool 4/5

    By ApolloOrion
    Cool to join others and discuss books.
  • Only good for book clubs 2/5

    By kelsey0040
    This app is great if your just wanting to join book clubs. However do not buy books from within the app if you use a kindle. You can not read the books you purchased an a kindle.
  • Almost love the app! 4/5

    By Assley317
    I’m super excited to use Fable - I’ve already joined several book clubs and started my own. With that said, I couldn’t find one of the books my club is reading and the link for submitting new book requests is broken/been deleted. I sent an email to the support team for it and while I got an automatic response back, I haven’t heard anything else. Hopefully adding new books can be addressed relatively quick because I’m really excited to use this!
  • Missing a lot of titles 3/5

    By emma_101245
    I love the app! I love the idea, I love the design, I love everything about it— except for the fact that it’s missing a bunch of books I wanted to add/discuss 😔 is there a way to link the app/profile to goodreads so that doesn’t happen? this is literally the only thing preventing me from giving it five stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Great for online book clubs 4/5

    By Tori985685
    I downloaded fable to be a part of an online lgbtq+ bookclub since there are none in my area. I absolutely love the bookclub aspect of this app and being able to connect with people. The only thing I have an issue with is that I am unable to upload books I have already downloaded onto the app. The book we are reading for my bookclub I was able to download for free through my city’s public library but I had to download apples ebook reader to continue reading it since it won’t download in fable. It’s a little irritating having to switch back and forth between two apps.
  • Customer service interaction 1/5

    By Anonymous 209479
    I have been trying for two weeks for customer service fix an error on my account, and still have not gotten it resolved. They do not answer messages or reply to emails you have sent them. It is the worst costumer service I have ever seen.
  • Fable 4/5

    By f FYI huh
    I like fable. The only thing stopping me from loving it is definitely some of my features do not work anymore. I’ve had the app for 3 months and the chapter list use to come down but now it does not. I have closed the app, reinstalled, & even turned my phone off. It still will not let me see my chapter list of my book.
  • Great, but where are the self-pub titles? 2/5

    By L057468373647
    Love this app, but wish I was able to choose books for my book club that are self-published or lesser known. There are a lot of great books (by JLA, Elise Kova, etc) that are missing that I would have loved to choose for a book club read.
  • Features missing 4/5

    By Blahblah0625
    I would love to start using this kind of app, but some features are preventing me from doing so full-time. Mainly, not being able to sync eBook purchases to/from the Apple iBooks store and/or Kindle book store. Additionally, I would like to read the books (on iPad) in landscape orientation.
  • Great app, need landscape mode though 1/5

    By 丁晟
    Please fix this.
  • Sadly, I have concluded it is boring 2/5

    By supereric
    Was so stoked for this app, but all the suggestions seem designed to follow the most virtuous reader’s good intentions by leaning heavily into multiculturalism. That’s great in theory, and I do want to read some of those books, but I also want books that are attuned to my actual and specific interests. With no data tied to my existing e-book-reading habits, this just ends up offering me well-intentioned reading lists created by NPR celebrities. Which I already get from NPR! Super boring.
  • Pricey for nothing useful 1/5

    By boredinvester
    Makes no sense why I’d pay over $60 a year for “recommended” book lists that I get for free on the internet. Rethink your business model.
  • Well designed app and illustrations but 4/5

    By mountainbikeraj
    not exactly clear what I’m paying for
  • Very cool idea 5/5

    By daveybayarea
    What a great new idea, especially now!
  • Love Fable! 5/5

    By NatureBox fan
    I love this app - it not only helps me read more than I normally would but connect with my friends and colleagues to discuss our recent reads. The app helps you discover books based on their curation from celebrities, authors, and influencers and then once you choose a book you can start or join a book club. Our whole company uses Fable for our reading club and have been loving it.
  • Such a great way to read with friends 5/5

    By DanJZ
    Loving Fable so far. The design is great, and I love that I can read with friends on my phone. We’re always talking about different books but sharing highlights and notes is next level.