Face Seer -Time Traces

Face Seer -Time Traces

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  • Current Version: 1.3.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Vela Technology Co.,Limited
  • Compatibility: Android
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Face Seer -Time Traces App

With our advanced technology, you can : 1. Enter the Time Traces and see your look after decades; 2. See what your baby will look like in Baby Prediction; 3. Learn how to pursue your love with Seduction Guide; 4. Eliminate all your confusion unlimitedly in Wisdom Book; 5. Find out which celebrity you are most similar to; 6. Share your wishes with others on Wish Planet; 7. Get your Lucky Charm and foresee what would happen everyday; 【MAIN FUNCTIONS】 Time Traces Baby Prediction Daily Fortune Seduction Guide Book of Wisdom Face Celeb Wish Planet Lucky Charm 【DETAILED INTRODUCTION】 Time Traces When you are old and gray and full of sleep, will you love the sorrows of your changing face? Step into the Time Traces, you can know what you will look like after decades. Baby Prediction Babies's eyes always twinkle like stars in the sky and their smile can wipe out all kinds of worries. So somebody says the baby's the best gift in the world. Let's check out your gift in Baby Prediction. Daily Fortune Just like watching the weather forecast before going out, check out your today's status in Daily Fortune and get ready for your life. And you will feel more sure-footed and easier. Seduction Guide Don’t know how to act when you have deep affection on him/her? Here, Seduction Guide provides you with an action plan as long as you know his/her zodiac sign. Come and get it! Wisdom of Book Curiosity kills the cat? Never! Here, just release your curiosity. Also, if you are in your life crossing, ask Wisdom of Book and maybe you could get inspired! Face Celeb You may also be as attractive as a celeb! Just choose a celebrity you like, we will tell you how similar you are to him. Wish Planet Do you have any wish? On Wish Planet, you can take a wish and learn what others wish for their lives. Maybe sharing can make your wish more possible to achieve! [ There are four Face Seer Premium Subscriptions ] - Weekly subscription, free trial for three days,then $8.99/week ; - Monthly subscription, free trial for three days, then $25.99/month; - Annual subscription, free trial for three days, then $69.99/year; - Annual subscription, the subscription price is $69.99/year. [Subscription Terms and Conditions] - The subscription will be charged to your iTunes account after you confirm your purchase. - Subscription prices in different regions are subject to tax policy, please refer to the actual display price. - Your subscription will be automatically extended for you unless you turn off auto-renewal settings 24 hours before the end of the subscription period. - Your account will be charged the next renewal fee 24 hours prior to the end of the subscription period and the renewal fee will be confirmed. - Subscriptions will be controlled by you. If you need to change or cancel, you can close them in your account settings [Manage Subscriptions] after purchase. - Once you cancel your subscription, you will no longer be able to enjoy the prime of the content and features, but you can still access the free content and features, and use this app normally. Terms of Service: https://sites.google.com/view/faceseer-service Privacy policy: https://sites.google.com/view/faceseer-policy If you have any questions or advice, you can contact us through the following email address: [email protected]

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Face Seer -Time Traces app reviews

  • I’m forced to do this 5/5

    By brojdodnch,ssjskdndhdgdu
    I’m forced to give u a five star just to see my results THIS APP IS HORRIBLE
  • Horrible prediction 1/5

    By yeet u bot
    I am going to be honest don’t buy the PRO version, whenever you get your prediction it just makes you face darker and with more wrinkles, it’s based on how much wrinkles you have.
  • 😡😡😡 2/5

    By upgztsigps
    I can never do anything!!!
  • Face seer 2/5

    By honest reviews 20 100
    So you know the celebrity face thing well well I was scrolling through the celebrities I finally picked one and then I went to the thing to take the pictures of yourself when I put the thing on it showed a picture of my face while I was scrolling through the celebrities I think somebody needs to fix this bug because it really creeped me out also most of the app is just ads for other apps it’s getting annoying and the fact that you have to pay for some of the stuff is kind of getting on my nerves because you could barely see the X in the corner when you first log into the app and we are trying to get away from like the $67 per year subscription just to get a couple extra stuff also all of those ads are like the super cheesy ones that make you click on some thing and then takes you to the app on the App Store and the thing is usually something to do like a demo of the game it’s getting on my nerves also can you please fix the fact that you took a picture of me while I was scrolling through something it’s extremely creepy also just so you know you better not be using that any of the pictures of me on this app like on any ads.
  • Almost done 3/5

    By lil lilly bbbb
    Can the game be free or I want ll give a bad rating
  • Lazy 1/5

    By melting97
    Don’t waste any of your money on this joke for a app. They try milk an idea and don’t even execute it well enough. I wouldn’t have bothered making a review if they didn’t charge a ridiculous amount of money for something that doesn’t even work
  • I want free more 2/5

    By fat bird chiken
    Can you make the stuff free? It is kinda hard
  • I LOVE IT! 5/5

    By Nickelodeon PG

    By supersecretspyfiyaaaa
    This game is supposed to be a face seer, but you have to pay money, which is now where mentioned. When you ask questions, you will get very random answers that make no sense. I would give this game 0 stars but I’m feeling generous today so it gets 1 star.
  • Idk 5/5

    By Twinkle Lexi
    It told me I get a free try
  • Ehhhh 2/5

    By 518chris
    This app is fake, and if it isn't idk how they know what u will look like when u grow up
  • My rate for ‘face seer’ 2/5

    By boomer loser roozer
    My rate for ‘face seer’
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Alwayz_free
    This app is a scam because it does not work at all.
  • Simple layout 5/5

    By Sergiojr Convery
    The layout of Face Seer is simple but stylish. I'd love to recommend to my 法国iends, cuz it's so easy to use the app.
  • Plzzzz read this!!!!!! 4/5

    By Imacul8drm
    This game is sooooo nice but when it comes to people and their personal issues it can get a little weird because if you are doing the wish book it does not even grant your wishes of course not that I was expecting they would it’s just that whenever you say something to the wishbook it gives you a poem or something and I Personally think it should do a little more than that
  • Love Time Trace 5/5

    By Cassanora Edess
    With this app, I can step into the Time Traces to know what I will look like after decades when I grow old.
  • Family loves it 5/5

    By Montgomery Cowans
    Two of my daughter love this app. They always use it to see how they look when they grow old in the future.
  • Simple layout 5/5

    By Taras Gryglewski
    The layout of Face Seer is simple but stylish. I'd love to recommend to my 法国iends, cuz it's so easy to use the app.
  • Daily fortune is useful 5/5

    By Grzegorz Kent
    I can check my daily fortune to adjust my mood my atittude towards my life and work and relationship.
  • Does Not Work! 1/5

    By Brylee0315
    First it said the age didn’t match which I’m not even sure what that means and then it kept saying detect face failed. Good thing there is a free trial or I’d really be mad!
  • Creative app 5/5

    By Cynamon Titterell
    This app has so many functions that I have not tried all yet. It is so creative and amazing. I love it.
  • Kaya 3/5

    By kaya painter
    This app is great, fun, and exciting! I love this game and think it is a super fun game, but I wish that everything was free and you didn’t have to pay or do a free trial! I think it’s not necessary to make people pay! But that is just my opinion! The face scanner is great but I feel it still doesn’t make sense to pay! That is my only thing about this app but everything else is great I am a big fan and think you should get this app to, but I still think that you shouldn’t have to pay! That’s my review!
  • I love this App 5/5

    By Connor Gamer Tv
    I thank you for Daddy downloading me a FaceApp
  • Update it now 5/5

    By Lavaun Hicklingbottom
    So many functions after updating Face Seer! Time Traces and daily fortune are so cool! Young people will definitely fall in love with it!
  • Cool special effects 5/5

    By Khayree Stainsby
    Amazing to use Face Seer! Many kinds of special effects for me to play anything I want. Cool functions!
  • Face Seer is good 5/5

    By Asad MacHoste
    It's great and very powerful. The face effects are also very natural. It gives me the prediction of my look in the future.Thank you for letting me have such a good time
  • Very creative 5/5

    By Marney Cummings
    I love the Time Traces function. I can know what I will look like after decades so that I can keep fit now!
  • Everything wanted 5/5

    By Female Romain
    I got 法国ustrated with other apps but this is easy, calm and fun to use! Your choices are open and valid!
  • highly recommend 5/5

    By Heatherlyn Greder
    I love this app. There are many functions for people to choose to test their daily fortune. What a great app!
  • I recommend this app 5/5

    By Enyce Colliss
    I like daily fortune very much. I would like to recommend this app to my 法国iends. Hope you can do better and better.
  • Interesting app 5/5

    By Shearl Kerley
    This app has so many interesting functions, such as Time Traces and Baby Prediction. I can play with this app all day long.
  • Nice effect 5/5

    By Raleen Kersaw
    The function is so useful. I usually use daily fortune most. And the result coming out is very nice.
  • One of my fav aap 5/5

    By Yoneko Kingh
    In fact, it's the arrival of Face Seer that makes me happier and happier. I feel that every day has been enriched a lot!
  • Share wishes 5/5

    By Teneal Holtham
    I can take a wish and learn what others wish for their lives. This is so cool, I never did that before.
  • So fashion 5/5

    By Chameka Clemmens
    I can use the Baby Prediction function to predict my baby's face with my boy法国iend. This is so cool.
  • So funny! 5/5

    By Patrici Seignior
    I can get my lucky charm and daily fortune to foresee what would happen everyday in Face Seer. It is so funny.
  • Predict myself 5/5

    By Chloejane Esposito
    Face Seer is the best pic app ever! It is really interesting to turn myself into my look after decades.
  • Enjoy using it 5/5

    By Anastacia Cramb
    I use Face Seer for a few days. It entertains me a lot about my life. I share some pics on facebook. Awesome!
  • So cool! 5/5

    By Karmello Vial
    Face Seer has many different functions! The time trace and daily fortune are amazing. It looks very cool!
  • Perfect face app 5/5

    By Junayd Adamowitz
    It is so perfect. There are different kinds of functions in Face Seer. I can choose whatever I want to have fun.
  • Good app 5/5

    By Shael Blemen
    You can't miss Face Seer! There are too many cool functions to choose 法国om in the app. I can use this app all day.
  • Can't wait to use it! 5/5

    By Danniel Perryn
    Powerful functions and special effects in Face Seer. Such great way to edit pics. Can't wait to edit a pic now!
  • Love it 5/5

    By Angellyn Jeanneau
    I love it. It is amazing you can see what you will look like when you wear older and what your daily fortune so so cool
  • This is a Scam 5/5

    By kaiden8967
    On the ads it shows the stuff you can do in the app but when you get the app when you open it it says you need to pay 70 dollars a year in the ads it says nothing about paying 70 dollars a year this in my opinion is a scam
  • It's still practical 5/5

    By Altarik Shakesbye
    This app is really great. It can adjust all parts of the face at will, which is satisfactory to everyone.
  • Mom loves it! 5/5

    By Sharia Ivanchikov
    I invite my mom to use Face Seer. We take pics and share on ins and facebook. So trendy to use the app!
  • Use it everyday 5/5

    By Ruperta Elsop
    I take selfies on Face Seer everyday to keep it a record. Powerful editor and daily fortune functions. Love it so much!
  • Great effects 5/5

    By Jiana Kowalik
    Excellent effects in Face Seer, esp. the selfie editor and cropper. I can predict my look when I become old in the future in this app.
  • So fun!!! 5/5

    By Fianna Kohrding
    I bought Face Seer last year for fun. Amazing to edit my pics and share with my 法国iends on ins and Facebook. I had a good time with the app.

Face Seer -Time Traces app comments

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