Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook Ads Manager

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  • Current Version: 225.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Facebook, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Facebook Ads Manager App

Stay connected with your campaigns, no matter where you are. Create, edit and get insights from ads across the entire Facebook family of apps, including Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp and more. ● View detailed real-time insights from all your campaigns ● Turn campaigns on and off ● Get quick alerts to know what’s happening with all your ads ● Compare campaigns and ad sets using a side-by-side view ● Switch between Pages and ad accounts

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Facebook Ads Manager app reviews

  • Not worth it 1/5

    By CLAourt
    Ads don’t run well. There’s always an error and they never resolve your issues. I wouldn’t recommend this app because you’d be wasting unnecessary money on ads that don’t work properly. You also don’t receive messages and notifications
  • Facebook keeps disabling my account 1/5

    By bestyoutubeclipz
    No customer service no reason for doing it
  • TERRIBLE 1/5

    By Shoa Shoa
    Stop changing the app!!!!! It shouldn't be rocket science to access videos from your phone. This whole app is garbage and needs a do over
  • ME ROBARON 1/5

    En esta aplicación apareció unas campañas que no fueron echas por mi y me clonaron la tarjeta Visa metiéndose a mi cuenta del banco y dejándola completamente vacía no caigan esta aplicación no es confiable por favor,
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Sage Greene
    Disabled my account for no reason. It always disabled people. Like do you want my money or not
  • What ads? Scam 1/5

    By RealNewsForOnce
    Keep taking our money and scamming us!
  • Privacy issue 1/5

    By Ma ma blah
    Will show media sent via DM as options for ads when choosing to promote previous posts on IG. Your messages are not private with this app if they can see the media you send in private messages.
  • Crashes Everytime... 1/5

    By Sheenee C.
    Things were going fine until last week when the app started crashing every time I go to "compare" my ad set results. Whenever I select "compare" the app automatically shuts down and closes. Please fix this issue!!
  • Update causing issues 2/5

    By diegobeaches
    It looks like the update released a few days ago has broken some key functionality in the app, namely the ability to compare your adsets. This comes after a release a couple months ago that broke the summary data for everything inside a campaign, which still hasn’t been fixed. Seems like the app is going backwards consistently
  • It just keeps getting worse 1/5

    By DejaDrewit
    Now it crashes every time I click on the COMPARE button When a campaign only has 1 adset - i cannot see any reporting stats at all. Officially useless
  • ادارة فيس بوك سقطه على تهيل البلدان 1/5

    By محمد الهشلمون
    مرحبا ادارة فيس بوك لاوقتيش بدكو تهالو فلسطين بعدين مع دينكو كل يوم وتاني اترجاكو ادارة صقطه مجتمع صاقط لو انتو ازلم بس اتصلو في الان و ادي بدكم رجعولي مصري لي صرفتهم على الإعلانات عشان ما كمل معكم روحو شوفو اليوتوب شو عمال اتعلمو منه لزم كل يوم بوس اديكم على شان اتهلوني شو الحل معكوم قولولي شو ???😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
  • “An unexpected error has occurred” 1/5

    By Krissy_FL2
    For the past week I just get an error message “An Unexpected error has occurred.” I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling but that didn’t work. I’m able to see some campaign data on the table view but I’m unable to see my campaigns or make and edits or changes.
  • Really? 1/5

    By ilaryuihgfrds18
    Playing with the new market place and testing the ad feature. I got disabled!! I can no longer generate ads! I need someone to look at my account ASAP I have a legit business to run!
  • Facebook ad manager app bans account for no reason 1/5

    By chingywang
    After downloading this app my account got banned!!!! Now I can’t do anything or any ads. Even though I had my account for a year. Please get back to me ASAP!!!
  • Useless 1/5

    By Mimi.M.M
    Very cumbersome when it should be something so easy to do.
  • A company this big, shouldn’t have an app this bad. 1/5

    By randomnicknamej
    We’ve tried using Facebook Ads since starting our business, and we’ve had nothing but technical issues, and poor customer service to resolve the issues. I’m always perplexed when having this poor of a product experience with a company like Facebook, and this App shows nothing but that.

    By ughblahblah
    No way to reset spending limit anymore! Reset button is completely gone! I knew I shouldn’t have updated this app UGH
  • Bad Downgrade 1/5

    By flentd
    This app used to be great for efficiency. Now it’s a stripped down version of the solid and practical app it used to be. Make Facebook Ads App GREAT Again
  • No updates 1/5

    By Tomaso1818
    Anytime an ad is running, it doesn’t show how many clicks, orders etc on the app at all opposed to what the desktop shows. Sometimes it even says not delivering on the app when it really is on desktop
  • Dumbest app for business 1/5

    By Olоlо
    No really, it’s the dumbest awkwardness app I ever use for business. It’s so glitchy and bad that I even don’t know from what to start... Also, you should develop another app for iPad 12.9 screens - which supports natively landscape orientation! Currently it’s portrait for iPad pro 12.9, omg
  • Horrible 1/5

    By pp1991182
    Lo peor que ha hecho facebook sin duda y es donde Monetizan. Increíble, inusable
  • Not very helpful 1/5

    By The Creative Curtis
    If you’re running multiple ads with split testing, etc., then this app fails at that. No reporting on website purchases or ROAS.
  • Ad Manager must be glitchy 1/5

    By Barnabus :)
    My account got banned for no reason. I tried to click “report a problem” and got the message “[!] Something isn’t working”. Even trying to fix a problem is bugged. I’m really disappointed in Facebook for having such bad service and technology for their revenue generators.
  • Updates have ruined functionality 2/5

    By Tristaun LeClaire
    With every progressive update data has gotten more difficult to analyze and certain functionality has just been lost. My conversion ads are no longer even displaying the number of purchases they generated nor calculating the cost of conversion. Very difficult to use it at all without these data points.
  • Leads don’t show up when clicking on “ View Leads” 1/5

    By Mirarchi
    Why don’t the Leads show up?
  • Buggy 2/5

    By JaviAlejandro
    Has a lot of bugs for example the iPhone keyboard gets stuck in the screen.
  • Missing data 3/5

    By Batsirai123
    I just updated to the latest version of the app and I am no longer able to see the Cost Per Purchase for any of my ads. It defaults to zero no matter how many purchases you have. Please look into this.
  • Can’t view leads 1/5

    By Beeeee23
    The one reason and only reason I downloaded this app is to view my new leads from a mobile device. When you click “view leads” it takes you nowhere. Useless.
  • Was good 3/5

    By Jmuhammad23
    Everytime i hit pay now or billing, the app closes. I need to be able to do that to use the app. Please fix. Other than that love it
  • Horrible company 1/5

    By subshanti.com
    They have automatically blocked accounts stating there is a review team you can talk to. But no one ever reaches out!
  • Worst existing customer service in the world 1/5

    By Tedmcruz
    By “existing” I mean that there is a customer service that actually responds back, but all the answers are automatized without hearing my side of the story. The short story is that I was hacked by some Bulgarian and/or Russian people that made to ads in two occasions that charge my account for some advertisement that violated the terms of use of facebook. Facebook didn’t even bother to check in with me about what happened, but they were definitely interested in the money that they charged me, before blocking my account. If anyone from facebook sees this, please respond and help me with my problem, since our company needs to use ads (which have always followed your policies) to promote our products for sell. I will be waiting for your answer since I got tired of send help tickets through the facebook support page.
  • Honestly A Good App 4/5

    By thatjames1130
    Not sure why there’s so many negative reviews, but I’ve had the app for a couple weeks now and I gotta say it’s even easier to use than the desktop version 😅 Minus one star only for some minor bugs that cause things not to save occasionally
  • Not shows active ads 1/5

    By JerryBP
    Please fix this.
  • Crops my pictures. Unacceptable. 1/5

    By ladymiss_53
    Crops my pictures at the bottom. Useless to me now.

    By anjsreview
    After the recent update over a month ago, not only am I not able to view ANY notifications whatsoever in this app (yes notification settings are all turned on, but the notification page shows “no notifications” even after the badge at the bottom is displayed as having new notifications within the app) but EVEN WORSE - now I can’t view, edit, do ANYTHING with any of my ad sets, only my campaigns! I select ad sets from any campaign and it just says “failed to load” on the would-be ad set display page!!! And the campaigns are visible, but they stopped showing data on the campaign level altogether! I relied on this app for my business since I was frequently on the go. Now it’s become completely useless to me for two months now. (And I NEVER get a response, message, feedback, ANYTHING from anyone about this problem!) Ive even uninstalled and reinstalled the app, made sure my phone and apps were all up to date - NOTHING WORKS. I have an iPhone 8 Plus, current software. SOMEONE HELP!!!!!!
  • Trash app 1/5

    By melscoop
  • Don’t waste your time. 1/5

    By HarryTwatter69
    They took away page manager app and replaced it with this piece of crap. Facebook is a scam.
  • Horrible! 1/5

    By etsy is awesome
    Nothing but error messages, broken links, cannot see any information, no text anywhere. Absolutely unacceptable
  • Doesn’t show you basic data from ads 1/5

    By Taylor257254
    I don’t usually leave reviews but I had to because this app is awful. It constantly gives me notifications that are not true when I open the app. It also sends me double notifications for everything. The app doesn’t even show you ROAS or the amount of money you made from the purchases. Completely worthless app in my opinion. You would think Facebook would have the money to build a better app.
  • Super buggy 2/5

    By Garrett Dunham
    Half-implemented “night mode” changes the wrong text and background colors so instead of white on black it’s white on white and black on black🤦‍♂️ I've had to delete and reinstall the app a few times when it fails to load ads (clicking through the adset level into a list of ads). Overall it's somewhat useful and really helpful to be able to use on the fly for increasing budget and such... but wow is it hard to use with all the bugs.
  • Nothing is working 1/5

    By Oldbaguette
    With these latest update nothing is working from my phone you can even turn off an adset
  • No draft mode or incremental saving. 1/5

    By Klavmanian
    When building an ad, if the app crashes.. your back to square one. Best to avoid this and just use the online version. This is an awful waste of time and has 0 support.
  • Afghan ii 3/5

    By Afghanll
    My ads account got disabled for not following what policies?
  • It won’t let me publish! 1/5

    By Ad Specialist
    I have 4 ads in my drafts because every time I go to publish them it loads and says “error” it’s super frustrating because I put a lot of time into these ads and they won’t post because of some app error! Please fix this publishing glitch!!!!
  • Newest version 2/5

    By Michael2987
    The newest version of this app feels like it knocked it back to alpha. It’s difficult to navigate now and just seems half complete.
  • Killer of small business 1/5

    By small business ruined
    Thanks for taking away my ad account after one photo that was deemed copyright. My whole life and business have been destroyed as a result. I hope this company gets broken up or new big players emerge to make digital advertising a fair market
  • Trash 1/5

    By Inkkbully
    The app has you make a lot of choices and doesn’t even advertise in my immediate area.....
  • Unusable 1/5

    By Dufhgbdffhgffx
    I don’t know why us people continue to put up with facebooks terribly designed apps. It is the most unorganized app I’ve ever used and makes no sense
  • Why Didn’t work in iOS 1/5

    By harmouchi
    The app didn’t start