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Facebook Ads Manager

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  • Current Version: 176.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Facebook, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Facebook Ads Manager App

The Facebook Ads Manager app allows businesses to stay connected with their ad performance no matter where they are. Easily create and track Facebook ads from your mobile device with powerful and efficient mobile tools. With Ads Manager App, you can: *See in-depth analytics that let you fully understand how your ads are performing at all times. *Use real-time results to optimize, edit or deactivate your ads, even after they've gone live. *Learn how to improve your ads using split testing, notifications and weekly summaries. *Create and publish ad images with text, shapes, logos, stickers, filters, templates and more. *Help your ads reach potential customers using our detailed targeting options.

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Facebook Ads Manager app reviews

  • Scammers Facebook 1/5

    By Paranoidplayer
    They disabled my ad page for my pups inluencer account , no human interaction I already paid , and then they blocked me, without any person to talk to! Scammers !
  • Not comprehensive 2/5

    By lvngdeadgirl14
    Fine for tracking, but literally nothing else. It’s clunky, wont turn to landscape mode for typing, and won’t even give you your leads from lead gen campaigns. I get it, I can use the desktop, but this is supposed to be helpful, and it’s not for a lot of things. It seems like it should just be an analytics tools, not anything else.
  • Literally the worst 1/5

    By MGtoRB
    They automatically mark all ads as “not approved”. Then when I tried to follow up, I spent 3 hours trying to chat with them, got no resolution, and they got angry at me. Go to google, don’t waste your time on this.
  • Absolutely terrible, a HUGE mistake 1/5

    By Lana DelRay
    I can’t even begin to explain the holes in the app and site. The customer service in nonexistent. Someone might send you the same automated message 2 weeks after you try to report a problem. For me, I built up an instagram profile, and then a payment went through RANDOMLY and was denied because it WAS NOT SCHEDULED and i do not keep money in that specific checking account. I tried many times to pay the .20¢, YES, TWENTY CENTS that I owed, but everything about the app glitches out. It banned me from trying to pay, and it disabled my account. I’ve reached out and gotten the same response at least 15 times. “We’re sorry... we see the issue... we’re reactivated your account.” Except my account is never actually reactivated. I’m no longer the admin of my own Facebook page, and I cannot disconnect my instagram account from the page. I’m 100% helpless to have this issue fixed. BE WARNED THIS APP IS ABSLOUTE SH**.
  • The custom crop tool not working. 3/5

    By HermesSingh
    The custom crop tool will not let me adjust it long wise. It makes a square & wont let me drag it down. This is causing a problem to edit the photo. But other than that it’s fine, I can make ads for my business in 10 mins.
  • Way too many flaws 1/5

    By clitgobbler
    I know multiple people who could code a better version of this app. Whatever team worked on this needs to be fired. I’d list off the problems but it looks like other reviews covered everything. Trash.
  • Easy, Intuitive and Worth It 5/5

    By Endless Tyke
    This app is great! I’ve been using it to promote certain posts and drive traffic to websites and the way you can choose your audience and really hone in on the demographics you want to reach is amazing. This is a VERY valuable and useful tool if you know how to use it. I highly recommend for self-starters and entrepreneurs.
  • Worst business idea is to 2/5

    By jack4kj
    use Facebook it’s all lags and crushes problems your account get inactive suddenly for nothing than they fix than it happen again then more problems,,,,,ohh
  • As bad as that could be 1/5

    By Mr-AT83
    Amazed how billion dollar company can have such screwed product. That is worse than a student diploma project.
  • No Landscape view for IPad Pro?? 2/5

    By sanfordknight
    Just got the app and realized there was no landscape view even though I’m using the iPad Smart Keyboard. If I’m going to be managing campaigns and I’m going to be typing then why would I not be able to use the keyboard? I expected better from facebook.
  • App is virtually useless 1/5

    By myhalloweenhorror
    Either totally recreate this app or get rid of it permanently. Everything from the billing options clear to the ad designing is terrible.
  • Dumb 2/5

    By Restinsuredllcaz
    They don't allow you to edit verbiage from the app on certain ads and they do on others?
  • Awful 1/5

    By Tine923
    Don’t download you can get into this on the Facebook app.
  • Does not support landscape mode on iPad 2/5

    By dmdx86
    Those of us who have iPads with a keyboard case use them in landscape mode, like a laptop computer. This app only supports portrait mode, which makes it useless to me. I just log into the website.
  • Don’t mess with gen z 1/5

    By clacky312
    Nasty communists
  • Glitchy 1/5

    By wes2121212121
    It keeps logging me out after I log in and trying to make me log in under a different username. Very strange. Going to try deleting and reinstalling.
  • Doesn’t work well at all! 1/5

    By Aaaaabbbbbccccczzz???
    The app has caused a lot of issue with my ads overall. It changes things. Causing charging even when my desktop says something isn’t working. Don’t use the app! Keep a close eye on your ads.
  • Login problem 1/5

    By Inferno__Beast
    Everytime I login it logs me back out after about 2 seconds
  • Crashes Every 5 Seconds 1/5

    By JmeKnight
    Very frustrating for it to keep closing!
  • Works Sometimes 2/5

    By Won't let you cancel
    Great usually. But it’s been very laggy lately. Logging me out after only being logged in for 20 seconds. 😬
  • Shockingly Bad App! 1/5

    By Fb_Ad_Spec
    Is it that difficult for a multibillion company like Facebook to create a decent app for the service which is the main source of cash flow? This app is so bad it is laughable.
  • Facebook rips us off 1/5

    By pizza revenue
    Facebook is not honest because they do not give you what you pay for. Facebook blocked me from sending invites to people after they react to my ad. Even though every time someone does react to my ad, i receive a notification saying i should invite them to like my page.
  • facebook is more white racist trash. 1/5

    By Alex xagnut
    This bogus platform does not allow Black artist to advertise ANY music that reflects on the experiences of oppressed people. They flag music videos that address 500 years of white supremacy as a “political ad.” Meanwhile any form of fratricide/drugs/homosexuality has a free pass to be blasted all over the platform. Facebook’s agenda is an example of typical white people, doing typical white things.
  • The type of app you would except from Facebook 2/5

    By Smoking a Pound
    This app is useless for checking your campaigns because you can’t even refresh the page when you’re viewing your adsets
  • Facebook don’t want revenue 1/5

    By Linda_dowsk
    Existing ads stopped. App failed when adding payment method. Facebook will have revenue problem with this app
  • Simply.. WOW! 5/5

    By Drei023
    Not sure why all the negative and like-warm reviews on here are hating on this app. It is simply AWESOME. Hands down one of THE most useful apps currently in my arsenal.. not only allowing me to work on the go and totally laptop-free, but I actually PREFER it to Facebook’s own web interface. Seriously! Get everything done SO much faster now. Now, if only Google’s ad manager was this cool..
  • Updated 5/5

    By Twonton
    Before there was little to no options, I came back to open the app and saw significant improvement.
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By Stefwithan_f
    This app rarely loads. Terrible.
  • Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By jgrnwld
    Why put an app out that doesn’t at all work? So annoying... I create the ad then go to select a payment method and the screen is blank. As usual, Facebook completely wasting my time continuing to put junk out.
  • Necessary evil 1/5

    By Kmbyo
    Can you at least get rid of the 2 pop ups that come up EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I. OPEN. THE. APP. Jesus H
  • Needs fixing 1/5

    By jena105
    With the last update my notifications aren’t being removed as seen. It keeps “advising” as new notifications when they aren’t.
  • Confusing, unnecessarily complicated, glitchy 2/5

    By bigbillybobjr.
    The idea is great, but it has some usability issues. Why is it set to only Pacific time? Surely you could save the general public some trouble (and potentially costly timing mistakes) by synchronizing the app with the users time-zone. Also, your FAQs or “help center” is trash. I have an ad that i would like to duplicate but for some reason it is the only ad that cannot be duplicated. I’m sure its a good reason too, but instead of giving me a message explaining why the action cannot be made after clicking duplicate, the button simple will not work. I have tried researching why that specific ad cannot he duplicated (so i can make adjustments) but all i can find is information on how to duplicate an ad... i know how to do this, i can do it to any other ad but one specifically.
  • Works well enough 5/5

    By hewhowritesforfun
    Nothing to write home about but in general ads manager even on desktop is buggy. The app def serves a purpose to check up on things on the fly! I am going to keep using it!
  • Love but false notifications. 5/5

    By idewatchinaforthere
    I love this app and everything Mark zuckerberg puts out because he has shown ma, he is a true guru n business man that has influenced more life’s with all his social media works. He is my goat 🐐 but this app ones in a while like right now 12/11/2019 the app has refused to let my ready (already seen, read) notifications to go away and it’s putting many numbers on my phone because I run ads daily. 🤦‍♂️ apart from that. I love the app because you can ban an unwanted visitor in 0.5 seconds speed.
  • Useless White Screen of Death 1/5

    By Creative Guy
    Useless White Screen of Death Useless White Screen of Death Useless White Screen of Death Useless White Screen of Death Useless White Screen of Death Useless White Screen of Death Useless White Screen of Death Useless White Screen of Death Useless White Screen of Death Useless White Screen of Death Useless White Screen of Death Useless White Screen of Death Useless White Screen of Death Useless White Screen of Death Useless White Screen of Death Useless White Screen of Death Useless White Screen of Death Useless White Screen of Death Useless White Screen of Death Useless White Screen of Death Useless White Screen of Death Useless White Screen of Death Useless White Screen of Death Useless White Screen of Death Useless White Screen of Death Useless White Screen of Death Useless White Screen of Death Useless White Screen of Death Useless White Screen of Death Useless White Screen of Death Useless White Screen of Death Useless White Screen of Death Useless White Screen of Death Useless White Screen of Death Useless White Screen of Death Useless White Screen of Death Useless White Screen of Death Useless White Screen of Death Useless White Screen of Death Useless White Screen of Death Useless White Screen of Death Useless White Screen of Death Useless White Screen of Death Useless White Screen of Death Useless White Screen of Death Useless White Screen of Death Useless White Screen of Death Useless White Screen of Death
  • Doesn’t support its own content 1/5

    By dcthepiouswolf
    The content I’m trying to edit is not supported by this ad... log into Facebook? Worthless
  • Updated app version shows just white screen 1/5

    By Nay Win Myint
    App open -> show just a flash of main screen -> then turn to white screen.
  • It logs me out 10 seconds after I log in, every time. 1/5

    By Jnesty01
    I’ve logged in about 5 times in less than 2 minutes and every single time the app logs me out automatically. I can’t get any work done with the app. Thinking of uninstalling.
  • Crashes before it even opens 1/5

    By Ronrythm
    I can’t even get it to run. My iPad is less than six months old and has the latest operating system. This is the best Facebook can do? Can I do zero stars?
  • Glitchy 2/5

    By LOVELAW1018
    It recommended that I not adjust settings to let it run its algorithm however it only targeted India on every ad. I tried to edit the location and all the ads have been "in review" for almost a whole day. It seems Facebook doesn't get that these ads are time sensitive The sale will be over by the time the edit to their erroneous location is approved For this I spent $50. Frustrating waste of money.
  • The struggle is real 1/5

    By sunabun85
    Not sure how you can be the biggest social media company in all of history and your app is awful. Glitches, bugs, blank screens... my grandmas bakery shop app runs smoother. Get your ship together.
  • No way to create an ad 1/5

    By 789kyle
    I’ve created ads from the facebook app several times, but the ads manager app says I need a Facebook page to create an ad....I already have a facebook page but there’s no way to merge it with the ads manger app??
  • Promote my page ads 3/5

    By Aboud.Rifai
    I couldn’t set such type of ad in this app !!??
  • App is just a blank white screen 1/5

    By dmortensen
    Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this, but when I open the app it’s just a blank white screen. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it a few times but the issue still persists. App used to work fine, but it’s completely useless now.
  • What is the point of having an add manager app? If you can’t edit ads 1/5

    By Legacy1983
    Again there is no Point of having an ads manager app if you can edit the ads because the app doesn’t support editing smh...
  • App Crashes when you preview ad 1/5

    By motivitypictures.com
    The app is unusable after you preview a video ad. It crashes every time.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Rica De Papi
    I can’t even access my messages even tho says I have 3 I install the app to no avail. Who makes these apps is so lame
  • very unpleasant experience 1/5

    By alishrf
    when you see instagram and facebook, your expectation rises and you expect when they introduce an app for their most profitable part of business, it would be a good one, but unfortunately it is one the worst apps i have ever seen. You guys should definitely do something about the help center section cause its awful, its slow, it hangs, its baaad,....
  • Common guys! 1/5

    By StarStudent17
    Someone needs to work at your company that actually manages a real company with many active FB ads. This app is horrible. Today I cannot even see my ads! It says that I have none! I have a dozen running on 3 different companies that I am the admin for! Seriously get your act together! Why has this app been down for 6 days! Geez!

Facebook Ads Manager app comments

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