Facebook Business Suite

Facebook Business Suite

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  • Current Version: 268.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Facebook, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Facebook Business Suite App

With Facebook Business Suite (formerly Pages Manager App), you can access and manage the tools your business needs to thrive across Facebook and Instagram together, simplified and in one place. Use this app to: • Create, schedule, and manage posts from a single app, so you can share with more people at once • View all messages, comments, and activity that need your attention, so you can easily respond to customers • See what's working with insights about your audience, so you know how you're doing on both Facebook and Instagram • Stay focused on what matters with notifications about important activity

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Facebook Business Suite app reviews

  • 🌸💝 5/5

    By PonPonchiki Cafe
  • Essentially Useless 1/5

    By JM1990___03
    This is the most terribly construct an excuse for a utility app I have ever had a misfortune to download. It is constantly giving me notifications that have already been checked on the apps themselves and not allowing me to check the notifications in the Business Suite app when I actually want to. This app needs to be completely reworked and quality checks before being released.
  • Dope application 5/5

    By Harlem aka Da Gentleman
    Love the app! It’s helps me organize all my accounts and schedule post so that I don’t have to be on my phone worrying about what to post and when to post. I use my analytics for my peak times and schedule my post accordingly. It didn’t add all the products from my store but I found a way around that with just adding them myself from the app. But other than that I don’t see any other issues from the app.
  • Stop fixing things that aren’t broken 1/5

    By *MelS1982*
    I LOVED the business app when it first came out. I keep hoping with each update it’ll actually work and go back to how it was… but no. Current problem (among other things not working) stories won’t post. I honestly don’t even care about stories, but if you’re going to offer it please let it work. App freezes when I click on shares. App froze when trying to post a story and story posted on IG but not FB.
  • Photo feature through the messages 3/5

    By kimponce
    Before you used to be able to go to folders where I have my product saved now it only let you scroll through recent photos. And where the option is to choose albums it goes to the camera very inconvenient I have to take screenshots and keep it the photos at the front of my camera roll very time consuming
  • Why can’t I see orders? 1/5

    By Rowboat captain
    This app is useless to me if I can’t see orders. Maybe I’m doing it wrong but I’ve looked all over
  • Impossible to use 1/5

    By Kengaylord
    Sure posting is really easy for both Facebook and Instagram, but that’s the only thing easy about this app. I run a seasonal business that changes it’s hours based on available daylight, and it’s impossible to change hours of operation. Once you think you have it, Facebook decides it likes your old hours better. Also, getting rid of notification badged requires some sort of algorithm of taps and swipes that only Facebook engineers understand. It’s easy to say just turn off the badges, but as someone that uses those badges as a reminder of an action that needs to be taken it’s very frustrating. I could go on but these are just two of the things that bother me most. Thankfully, we are at the end of our season and I won’t have to deal with it anymore.
  • Bad! 1/5

    By ladyspitfire
    This used to work on all apple products it doesn’t anymore shame on you it works on android only! Glitch glitch glitch
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Romeovesario
    Wow as business owner I love this
  • Great App 5/5

    By Airframe1975
  • BIZ ADVICE: Don’t Trust Your Business With Someone Who Doesn’t Even Have A Customer Service Number 1/5

    By theREALJayFitz
    What happens when your whole business is on here but Facebook decides to ban your personal account incorrectly? 1) You follow rules and submit forms they request 2) You never hear back 3) You purchase a $299.99 Facebook Oculus just bcs it’s the only Facebook product that even offers a customer service option. 4) They can’t understand what the problem is when you call 5) Facebook suddenly fixes the problem in a blink one day when your issue is published in a New York Post article and now apparently it was just a “rare miscommunication” … but my money is on this being your EXACT SAME STORY that happens to you if you use Facebook for your business purposes— unless you know a New York Post reporter or something 😂💁‍♂️ (Ask around if you think this couldn’t possibly be everyone’s story … 👀💯)
  • Not user friendly 1/5

    By poshppkennels
    Unable to navigate app properly not users friendly
  • Awful just awful 1/5

    By 1208177
    App is full of bugs. Constant lags and false notifications. Pages was bad but nowhere near this bad. Wish there was an alternative to this. Come on Zuck you can do better. You NEED to do better.
  • Not working 1/5

    By uindjxu
    I keep getting a error everytime I try to log in , idk what’s going on
  • Poorly tested functionality 1/5

    By ewong1
    Events duplicate themselves with different times… iPhone app doesn’t allow for creating events all the time…
  • What a piece of junk every time it updates. 2/5

    By SeanREggers
    Now the notifications won’t work, plus all day long it’s been on network error for me. When my wifi has been on. I’ve downloaded the app after deleting it every time.
  • Network error 1/5

    By AVC1234567
    Please fix for iPad....too much work to do....works on my phone.....
  • For All Who Have Ever Surved This SacredLandMark. 5/5

    By Cskbaby
    Amen. Asè.
  • Could be great, however.... 1/5

    By Danno14228
    App would be wonderful if I could use it like I used to before the update. Now it's extra annoying.. Update 10/12/21 now the app is not working altogether.. I checked for updates and restarted my phone.. re downloaded it.. and nada.. and every message I try to check it says error now.. lovely
  • Fantasy 5/5

    By Ericka Lopez
    Try it !
  • Notifications never come off 2/5

    By Gavin6880456
    I have read all messages and the same red (1) is always on the app, so annoying!
  • Page Manger is missiable 4/5

    By lvy Idiot
    Business Suite is Not Bad., Update Version is more comfortable 🤓
  • Horrible. 1/5

    By WhosChrisHughes.com
    Are you purposefully working to destroy everything Facebook used to be? App is buggy, doesn’t allow me to log in at times and has errors all the time now. Not to mention all of your censorship of posts that don’t fit whichever narrative you choose to push for the week.
  • Business Suite Bug 1/5

    By Romanj93
    It showed a Network Error screen when I open the Business Suite app. When I pressed the retry button, it goes blank for a second and the Network error screen comes back no matter how many times I pressed it. Please get this bug fixed.
  • Convenient but 4/5

    By jistiredofads
    I love the convenience but I can’t invite people to like my Facebook page any longer. I have to go back into Facebook to click on invites. Glitch? I used to be able to click from business suite.
  • Lacks Functionality 1/5

    By qorifldnssjdns
    When there is engagement on a post, it suggests you invite the user. But, this feature no longer works. It *shows* the invite button, but it is not clickable. Once upon a time this feature worked great.
  • Bad 1/5

    By TienF4
    i have sent support for almost half a year have not received any response about the problem, i have tried sending many times still no response for months, 1 top company working in bad faith
  • Not working 2/5

    By KristyLeeLane
    Since the “great Facebook crash of 2021” business suit app shows just a white screen and nothing else. I’ve deleted it, reinstalled it ect for it to not work.
  • Bug fixes 1/5

    By hhhhheatehr
    Ever since the shutdown last week I have had to try and upload videos 5 and 6 times before they will load on both Facebook app and the Business Suite App. It’s VERY annoying and needs to be fixed!!!
  • I am ready to go back to pages. 1/5

    By jeuels
    I have a small business and the original business suite was easy to use. You have updated and added and changed so many things that I honestly hate this and want to go back to pages. Every time you update something I end up have multiple notifications for old comments or messages and no matter how often I open and read them the red notification doesn’t go away.
  • Can’t use the “invite” button anymore 1/5

    By jjsiwnkoa
    I just updated this app and now I can’t use the “invite” button. Previously I was able to invite anyone who has reacted to a post or ad. It shows a person has either “liked”, been “invited” or is eligible to “invite”. The “invite” box is much more obvious now which is great, but I when I click it nothing happens. It’s very frustrating. I wish I never did the update.
  • Impressive improvement 5/5

    By CatalystXI
    Better than the old one!
  • Manager 5/5

    By Rajesh Gulab
    Awesome. Great
  • Very easy to use. 5/5

    By vghuiko
    I wish my appointment schedule and calendar worked though. My see all appointment button doesn’t work.
  • Please fix it 3/5

    By tigerlilly12345
    It used to be great and intuitive, now it won’t even let me login and get stuff done. What happened? Do you have an update coming?
  • So many bugs 1/5

    By JerseyTechGuy
    This app is so buggy. Can’t save drafts. Scheduled posts often don’t work. Can’t tag most businesses or people.
  • INVITE BUTTON- please stop breaking it 1/5

    By A Dad with an IPOD
    One of the most important things you can do as a page is invite people to like your page. I pay to run ads to have the ability to invite those who reacted to the ad to “LIKE” our page. This app keeps breaking the invite button. It’s there in blue but every time i try to click it nothing happens. Some updates it works and then some it doesn’t. Very frustrating. Please stop breaking it. Thank You
  • Gone down hill…. 2/5

    This is the worst it’s been and the layout is horrible. Hard to navigate and even find anything. Mine won’t even let me invite people to like my page. Go back to the old layout or redo this one soon
  • Invite button not working 1/5

    By APDM94
    Invite button doesn’t work when someone likes a photo.
  • Issues issues issues 2/5

    By Walexxxis
    The app is great but it has so many issues! Stating with the notifications, it’s starting to not give me every single one of them. When it does it’s confusing. I liked it when it was cleaner. Second, when I’m live on the app the comments get eaten at the top, meaning when there’s lots of comments happening the ones at the top get deleted and I can’t see them anymore! This is an issue as I get claims when I’m live. And last when I’m live (again) if I want to flip my screen, instead of only flipping it, it zooms in, gets blurry and drops the image. Please fix these I use this app everyday. Thank you!
  • Glitchy 1/5

    By Ram10101
    Glitchy at best
  • Business Suites is the Bomb! 5/5

    By sivad50
    I use this program daily and discover new uses daily as well. Every time I see something new that makes my life easier I get so excited. I can access at anytime on my phone, tablet, or my desk top.
  • Worst app ever!Please change it back. 1/5

    By sayeed sheikh xaid
    Please change it back! No notification until I reopen the app!
  • Label problem 4/5

    By Farhana Moni
    I don’t know what happened to my business suits. I can’t even give any kind of label. Nd it shows page contacts terms of service. I am upset. Please do something.
  • Can’t share posts from my business suite 2/5

    By DNA Rods
    Can’t share posts from my business suite page to any group that I am a part of.
  • The best! 5/5

    By Mrs. Herrold
    The best way to get your business information sent. Beats Angi and Home Advisor without the annoying calls!
  • Like.. why? 2/5

    By MCM615
    There is absolutely no way that this app truly has a rating of 4.5/5 😂. Phantom notifications, notifications that don’t go away for days after they’ve been checked, doesn’t properly sync with the Facebook App, I could go on and on. It is the opposite of user friendly and it’s so hard to consider this a business tool when it just doesn’t work the way it says it’s supposed to. Don’t waste your time if you don’t have to.
  • Can't find page manager. 1/5

    By TMaxx1775
    With recent update. I'm have difficulty with my pages. Disappointed and can't find my answer in FB help.
  • Difficult to Navigate for the page owner. 1/5

    By LisaHHER
    It’s Craptastic! Facebook, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!! FB has been promoting this app as a benefit to the business owner. It’s not. It’s more difficult and more time consuming trying to navigate around and monitor and answer post comments. What was once one-click is now several. Used to receive page comment notifications in my regular comment feed. Now I don’t and I miss dialogue with potential clients. I have to go looking for them. The whole gist of Business Suite appears to be a big push for FB to monetize your page for themselves, by constantly pushing the “boosting” of your posts and promoting paid advertising. Consequently I’ve seen our organic reach decrease quite substantially on both my small business page And my Non-profit’s page. I give Business Suite 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 rather than any stars.