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  • Current Version: 170.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Facebook, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Facebook Creator App

Facebook Creator is your one-stop shop to grow as a creator. Capture and share videos, talk with your fans, and get easy access to insights. Features: • Use the Live Creative Kit to make your videos more personal and interactive • See and respond to comments from Facebook and Instagram, and messages from Messenger, in one place • Check insights about your Page, audience, and videos • Upload videos and share to your Facebook story • Share your content to Instagram and Twitter The Facebook Creator app is available to all Facebook profiles, and Pages that represent individuals (not organizations).


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Facebook Creator app reviews

  • A lot of lag 1/5

    By bminnis
    The notifications tab doesn’t update for days. App takes forever to load feeds. Facebook live videos crash the app. Needs a lot of work.
  • Sometimes works 3/5

    By SBoetjer
    When it works, it’s awesome. When it doesn’t it’s the most frustrating thing ever. I love the app but it doesn’t seem to like my phone. I have only been able to use it a few times due to it not loading.
  • Bring back Mentions 1/5

    By Paul’s MacBook Pro
    Bring back the Mentions app, it was much cleaner and less sluggish. This app never loads quick and is super chunky feeling. It’s nearly impossible to use on any IOS device!
  • Keeps saying “sorry something went wrong” 1/5

    By FriiStyle Gahspol
    This app regularly shows a pop up message that says “sorry something went wrong. Please try again at a later time.” Something always seems to be going “wrong”. What’s up with this??? Please fix guys.
  • Booting 3/5

    By markpainofficial
    I have an iPhone 8 and even after the updates it loads slow. I honestly miss the mentions look and feel this one has too much going on and hard to get use to. Instagram has totally consume me more which should never be the case. The app should have a look and feel to draw more Instagram users into the app. That’s just my opinion though. I really want to utilize creator more so that I can build that fan base that I need on the platform.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By Michael Daniel (Mudcat)
    Couldn’t get on please refund my credit account
  • A lot of bugs 2/5

    By Jay Abiona
    I fully understand that every app has a learning curve. However, sometimes the Creator works fine and there are other times it does not. It freezes and gets stuck in a loading mode and I have to sign out and sign back in. The live stickers that I’ve uploaded are not always available. However, the intro and outro videos work great and look really good at the beginning and end of every Facebook Live. There also seems to be a lot of times that when the Creator live app works, it freezes and says it is reconnecting. I have to literally sign out, sign back in and go live again in order for to work. Facebook has been communicating with me on these issues for more than a month but have still not got the issues corrected. Once the issues are corrected I will go ahead and update my review.
  • Freezes up constantly 1/5

    By Marisamcdee
    I can never get my creative kit to load before I go Live. It’s constantly freezing up on me and I have deleted and reinstalled wayyyy too many times. While I love what this app can potentially do, I can’t ever put it to use.
  • Moni751847 5/5

    By អេង ស្មាតបូយ
  • A little glitchy 3/5

    By Ushsbs
    It shuts down when I look at insights, it constantly tells me I have videos uploading when the are already clearly visible. My intro video works intermittently.
  • Tsk 2/5

    By FeliceMonet
    GREAT app but it doesn’t refresh on its own..... not to mention i receive the notifications hours later.
  • Glitchy and borderline unusable 1/5

    By Tonyrox
    Pathetic execution from Facebook here. Outro videos get stuck looping, stickers are nowhere to be found for viewers, app freezes constantly while trying to load the creative kit when trying to go live. This is a joke.
  • Need iPad app 2/5

    By tanvir.thinks
    Installed the app on iPad, and experiencing dimension issues. Please release an iPad app, alongside the iPhone one. Looking forward to have developers response on this issue. Thanks for such a creative initiative!
  • Unusable 1/5

    By DustinTi
    Literally crashes every 30 seconds on my public figure page. Excellent concept and idea that I’d love to use if it functioned
  • Add video editing 1/5

    By 45()
    Please allow video editing to make things more better
  • It’s good but... 3/5

    By Cclarouge
    Seriously...what happened to comment mode? That was the best thing against the trolls who come on our lives and say horrible and mean things. This feature needs to come back. Please! Other than that, it’s a great feature and there needs to be an iPad version of this app!
  • Not As Onerous As Most FB Apps 4/5

    By Squonkamatic
    Artist and Curator from CNY. I have been enjoying learning what Creator can do for me, my gallery & my art. It presumes use of video and actually does a decent job of presenting it + tracking responses, I like it more than Pages or the FB app itself and tend to use a browser from desktop for casual use. But this is actually kind of cool for on the go visually oriented content.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By YES SIR!
    This is not nearly as good as the Facebook Mentions App.
  • Good enough 3/5

    By DemonWaffle
    The application itself runs fine. There is a bug with iPhone Xs where when you click on video insights you get stuck because the exit button is under the clock at the top of the X. That’s now why I’m giving 3 stars though. Although it’s great and keeps track of many things. It’s missing quite a bit of information from the insights that the website provides. Information that is easily accessible by some API I’m sure to allow this information to be displayed. I would like more insights on the video, things like location, age, gender, time watched, unique viewers, and all the other information provided on the main site. But the app runs well and is clean looking so it at least gets the 3 stars
  • Messages don’t show up for profiles 1/5

    By IsaiahJTurner
    This app only works for individuals so why do only pages get messages? It makes no sense. Add messages for profiles too or make it a feature for verified users
  • Crashes 2/5

    By tobemeisfun
    The app really doesn’t offer you much more and it crashes a lot.
  • Reboot this app 1/5

    By StewTV
    Facebook mentions was great! Worked when opened and quickly responded to posts or searches. Creator is not reliable. Would much rather the older mentions or Facebook pages app
  • Crashing 4/5

    By Wessneal
    Currently my Creator app is crashing when I go to the insights tab!!!! Just waiting for a fix!!!!
  • Crashes! 3/5

    By ScooterTime22
    I see the potential but it keeps crashing every time I look at analytics. This is also after a fresh iOS install, so it’s an app bug for sure.
  • Love this 5/5

    By Martin Moore MKE
    So much easier to create/keep on top of my Facebook content vs the Facebook app. So much nicer experience engaging with my fans. Thank you for this!
  • Excellent and easy to use 5/5

    By BriFlowers
    I usually post from the browser, but this app makes it easier to share. It’s so easy to upload my content and share it with my fans on multiple sites. I’d love to see even more features added in future updates. But for now, it fits all of my needs so I highly recommend it!
  • User 4/5

    By Ntabala
    Great app but If you want to change the name of the app from “Mentions” to “Creator” at least notify the users.
  • Crashes 2/5

    By kostyc
    Installed this app a few days ago and I enjoy it however, it keeps crashing when I click on the statistics tab at the bottom. I also noticed it takes a good 30 seconds for it to show my profile.
  • No more mentions 1/5

    By ValerieAC
    Mentions is nowhere to be found. That’s the only reason I used this app instead of Pages Manager - and they’ve either done away with mentions or hidden it so well it’s nowhere to be found. Useless app.
  • The concept is fantastic but it crashes on iPhone X 😒 3/5

    By Chood99
    I really enjoy the concept. The app has a lot to offer. The only problem is it crashes at times. I push out a lot of content and I need this app to be reliable. Please fix this!!!
  • Notifications issues 3/5

    By williambacky84
    Notifications need to be fixed in this app. I’m getting stuff to review but it’s not there. Go to facebooks website and the notifications to mark as read are there. Also when I load the app it fails to bring up info. I have to pull down to refresh to get it to work right. Outside these two items the app is great.
  • I love it 5/5

    By Dominican Doobies by Adwoa
    I am a Salon Owner as Well as a Director and Film Maker. I love this app because it does way more than your Traditional FB Page. It allows me to share my content and updates on my brand activities with a Broader Audience. If you are a Public Figure or Brand You Definitely Want This App
  • تقيم مميز شكراً برنامج ممتاز يستحق خمس نجوم 5/5

    By ابداااااااع مميز
  • Liking? 1/5

    By Lungboy
    What happened to being able to like people’s comments?? Can only reply or message?? This latest switch to ‘Creator’ is very disappointing.

    By Calipvp
    Only amateurs hold their mobile device in portrait mode.
  • Only works with personal profile 1/5

    By artspacedesign
    This won’t work on your business pages.
  • No benefit over website or FB app 1/5

    By Very Random Fan
    Unusual interface with little use. No like buttons? I figured that was one of the main features of using Facebook in general.

    By Auto Frank
    The best part of this app is gone now. What happened to being able to see a feed of your page being mentioned???
  • Confusing 1/5

    By Olivia_Jean
    This app is confusing. I am being told that I am not an administrator on my own page. Creator does not open with my official Facebook page. It doesn’t have my followers listed. I tried to log into my page via the regular Facebook app and was told that my username can only be used through Creator. I won’t trust this app until all of these bugs are fixed.
  • Need the like button back! 1/5

    By EmmyDC
    Mentions was great. I used it all the time and easy way to interact on my fan page. This new version doesn’t have a like button so I can’t interact with commenters on my posts unless I write a reply to each one which is impossible. Being back the like button !!
  • This not for facebook 1/5

    By ww199613**^^WW
    It’s really weird i lost my profile verification after when I logged in And I changed my info after ☹️ it’s really bad thing happened to me i am syrian actor and i need my profile to be verified again I don’t know how to contact facebook they verified it automatically without contacting them but my Ig still verified
  • Now useless 1/5

    By Sarah9coco74
    You don’t get your “mentions” and you can’t even “like” a comment anymore. So much for engaging with fans, which was the point of this app before they changed it to this.
  • Pretty cool 5/5

    By D_Dawg16
    This app is so awesome. For all of you wondering, this app once was called MENTIONS but if you READ the DESCRIPTION for the NEW update to where it became Facebook Creator(s) you will see that they changed the name because they are giving more than just mentions.
  • My business page is not an option 1/5

    By NYCAuntchristine
    Excited to get the app but cannot understand why the page I created and own through Business Manager is not available to me (I own and am admin). I cannot even navigate to my pages with this app.
  • Great for Creators! 5/5

    By TremendousD
    I love this update! The app is really well designed and the tools to make your Live videos more creative are super awesome. Excited to see where they take this.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By brendamariepr
    Cannot program posts, cannot like comments. If something works, please don’t change it. I feel it’s unreliable. Would love the mentions to come back again. I don’t like this one.
  • Posting does not work 2/5

    By Gerrit Louw
    Does not post to my public page only to my personal page so it is useless at this stage and I cannot see anywhere to change it
  • Pointless 1/5

    By Me, Just Me
    It connects to my personal page but not my two fan pages. I want my followers to not find my personal page! This app is useless. Don’t waste your gigs on this.
  • This new update is bad... 1/5

    By J-MERK
    Facebook creator????? I can't get jiggy with this. Bring back mentions!
  • So far so good 4/5

    By Korban Dallas
    I wish it will allow to “promote” option. Still have to do it on desktop

Facebook Creator app comments


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