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Facebook Gaming

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  • Current Version: 37.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Facebook, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Facebook Gaming App

Facebook Gaming welcomes you to a new world of gaming. Share in the joy and fun of rooting for top streamers as they play the world’s biggest games. Be among the first to try the Facebook Gaming app, the place for all your gaming interests, where you can: *Watch* This is where streamers call home. Plus, discover new videos from the biggest esports and gaming’s top publishers. On Facebook Gaming, there’s a whole world of gaming waiting for you to tune in. *Connect* We have gaming groups for everyone, and new ones are starting up every day. *This app is compatible with Facebook data plans.

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Facebook Gaming app reviews

  • Needs Video Pop Out Video & Play in Background Support 3/5

    By andrew_berry49
    App has really good potential but feels outdated that I can’t continue to watch the stream when I open other apps or continue the audio in the background.
  • Has GREAT potential 4/5

    By LucKamycek
    It’s a really great idea, especially since I’d like to stop using twitch because of some of their choices. I won’t get into that, but this could be an amazing competitor for streaming platforms. I do have a few suggestions for improvement, if you would consider them. The browsing UI needs a lot of work. I feel like instead of scrolling down to view different content, instead it maybe should be a grid pattern (similar to YouTubes UI). I also feel that the comment and donation system UI’s could use some work. I’d also love to see an improvement on the Search system. Overall I’m really enjoying this app. I feel like, if you were to advertise it better you would receive better recognition. As I said before it can use improvements, but it’s definitely on its way to being perfect!
  • This app is poor in many important things 1/5

    By King Reda
    Please improve the video quality and also add face cam option... also i have a so good internet but always i get error and stop streaming when i start game in PUBG... this app need for more improvements
  • Twitch opponent 5/5

    By tonyg2121
    This is like twitch but for Facebook users
  • Hope This Improves! 2/5

    By Hindi M.
    - Ok, LOVE that as soon as you open the app the first thing are the choices to view gamers I like to watch! - Next up is “Suggested Games”...HUGE swing and a miss! This SHOULD be the place where the FB games we regularly play are listed! PLEASE! These generate $ for you, right? I was truly hoping this one app would resolve the tedious issue of having to go through the FB app, and go straight to my FB games! 😕 - On my Android phone I was able to download the individual games (each with their own on screen icon), so I was hoping the FB Gaming app was the solution for both Apple and Android devices. - If there is a way to set-up/link/realign within the app, PLEASE advise. Otherwise, this app’s target audience seems to be for those wanting to watch others play...and a better title would be FB Game Viewer or something of that nature. - Graphics are phenomenal! Lots of ways to list the gamers & groups a person follows and views! So great job on the variety of that! - Thanks for your hard work of the app so far! Sincerely!
  • Streaming live delay with other platforms 1/5

    By ai9m
    Streaming live delay with other platforms and please bring back the old chat version
  • Couple things that will give this app 5 stars. 3/5

    By Louie P Christopher
    1. Instant VOD’s. I personally am not able to catch streams from start to finish so I’d enjoy being able to start from the beginning even when the streamer is still live. 2. The chat. Chat is slow, replying to people takes forever, and I’m pretty sure I’m not seeing everyone’s messages in chat. 3. Allow watching in the background on mobile and listening only on PC. The quality of the streaming service is top tier. A true 1080p.
  • Eh 1/5

    By Sharqueshia
    Poor interfaces and hard to tell how to use basic things
  • Let me choose the quality 5/5

    By Chris-pa music
    I would love to set up the quality of my streaming when streaming from the facebook gaming app. I try to stream from this app and it was a bad experience because I don’t have the choice to select the quality that I want to stream. And my streaming was looking awful on Facebook. I have a good connection that I play and streaming to YouTube and Facebook from my computer with not issues.
  • App does not work 1/5

    By Auneek
    App works only once after installing. Then does not open. Needs to reinstall again and again.
  • Apple Sauce 1/5

    By 1trueheart
    Your app snatched a video I believe was going to photos. And this Apple Sauce of an app clips the egges of the recording. Not 100% of the screen is recoded. You need the bath in Apple Sauce. So this app will be removed from my phone. 🧠🚂👎
  • How to 3/5

    By starlight7775
    I like the app . So far no problem except one. How do I sign in under my gaming profile? Also why is it I can no longer share my streams?
  • When you have time Facebook Gaming 2/5

    By Josh3338
    Feature, platform, version, FBG (Facebook gaming)or FB (Facebook)app. 1. Picture in Picture, mobile, iOS, both Unable to multitask on iOS devices 2. Audio only, mobile, iOS, both Unable to through phone in pocket and listen on the run 3. Start vod while stream is playing rather than waiting to end of stream for vod to be available. Bug, platform, version, FBG or FB app 1. Sudden movements stop the stream to ask if everything is ok, mobile, iOS, FBG 2. When going back to app audio is messed up and u need to restart the stream, mobile, iOS, FBG
  • Lacks ability 3/5

    By wagsbros
    Something this app lacks is the ability to what twitch can do is having the ability to have a small window on the main screen and access other apps as well.
  • Can’t stream to my Facebook page 1/5

    By vRamst
    Sorry for the 1 star I don’t know if you guys(dev and testers) have noticed this, I CANT STREAM mobile games to my Facebook page. I only have the access to stream live to my personal account(only me, public or friends of friends) But I tried on Android and I was able to stream to my page but iOS I can’t do that. Hope you guys get what I’m trying to say Peace ✌️
  • My gaming page 2/5

    By Danielgsgshsh
    So when i sign in it doesnt give me the option to sign in to my gaming page (which is under my personal account)
  • Let me stream in my PAGE 1/5

    By TjianD
    Since this is for leveling up our page then why cant we stream in our page? Can you please add an option where we want to stream our games. And the quality is 360p??? I cannot live stream with that quality becuase no one want to watch a 360p quality. I just want better quality in the next update and hopefully we can live stream in our pages.
  • It crashes 2/5

    By Glitch_Gun
    I tried over and over, turning off notifications, on do not disturb, turning the mic on and off, etc. But it keeps crashing, the longest stream I did before it crashes again it was 3:11 (minutes/seconds). It could be the best streaming app but sadly it’s the worst I ever downloaded.
  • Always issue with audio 3/5

    By Rami az
    When watching live streaming there is issue with audio been delayed or faster the graphics video When I switched to Facebook app to the same stream I don’t see that issue
  • #Kaptive Gaming and positivity on the world 5/5

    By Dus Teenutz
    Thank you for making great streamers like Kaptive and StoneMountain available to us! I love watching positive people with powerful energy and the effect they have on the world! Thank you so much! You truly are making a difference! Side note: I’ve used this app for some time now, I haven’t had a single issue. Seems to me these negative reviews are simply FB trolls. Happy gaming!
  • I hate this app 1/5

    By TerryDaTiger
    The report an issue feature is too sensitive. Putting my phone in my pocket or rolling over in bed triggers it. Confusing UI Audio doesn’t override music/podcasts.
  • It’s just like Twitch 1/5

    By Jakkoppi
    Facebook looking to provide an experience like Twitch. Sure I guess if that’s your thing... but why not just use Twitch?
  • This is stupid 2/5

    By Mothon77
    I would give five star if they let me connect to my Facebook page
  • Upgrade!!! 1/5

    By Swords XD
    There could be many things fixed on this app but the main two I want fixed are quality settings and having the app play in the background it’s frustrating it doesn’t have these options to me the most!
  • Bad 1/5

    By Oj Simp Son
    I’ve made a new account with my email and phone number and it get temporarily blocked and I can’t delete the account because it’s blocked
  • Need improvements 2/5

    By Tyrone214
    I never used this before and decided to try it out, the idea of the app is great but there’s a few things that could be improved, I tried the mobile streaming thing and it worked fine but it’s just that when I’m done with the stream my recorded video is only set to 360fp, I don’t know if the video is still processing or what but I shouldn’t be getting that kind of quality from a iPhone. Another weird thing is that I noticed that I can only stream mobile games, but I can see other people live streaming on console games, how can I do that? It doesn’t give me any options or even HOW to switch from mobile gaming to console. How can I stream from my ps4?
  • Bugs!!! 1/5

    By irollmaddeepyo
    I can barely do anything in this application. I watch a stream but the comments don't load. I try to follow someone but the app crashes. I try to relaunch but there was “an error fetching the data”.. seriously, what next?
  • Solve the platform problems 2/5

    By Kuwaity1982
    I wish the Facebook block streamers who makes a fake react to get hight reach for his stream because that unfair competition
  • Live streaming problems 2/5

    By Mr.jalloul
    I can’t switch to my gaming live page when i want to go live streaming from my mobile !!!
  • The Worst App ever I seen 1/5

    By Bengal Tigers
    This app doesn't work on Facebook page. I can't use my Facebook page for streaming on this App. It's allowed only personal Profile for streaming.
  • Can’t login as Facebook PAGE 1/5

    By bigjugsnun
    I can login as my personal fob page but not as my streaming page. That’s the whole point. No option. Good potential.
  • Need video player update 1/5

    By WhiiteoutDragon
    You can’t scroll through a video or even see how long the video is
  • Can’t Move through Videos 3/5

    By leemoan_ade
    The app is great to have for the facebook gaming but I wish you could skip through the videos or go back. The app doesn’t give you this option. You can only watch the video. I have no idea when the video ends or where I’m at watching it. Wish this is fixed whenever it gets updated.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By dieguito123
    I can’t conect to my fan page.
  • Really buggy and crashes video lags 1/5

    By Thamostdop3
    Very difficult to watch streams on
  • Facebook Gaming is terrible. 1/5

    By Jaydarkness69
    Facebook doesn’t care about low level streamers anymore. They only care for partners. They will shut your stream down for music but partners get to play whatever music they want.
  • Application problems 2/5

    By ziedhattam
    The app does not work well as there is a delay in the live broadcast between the audio and the image where the audio appears before the video
  • No idea how good it is 1/5

    By LoveO&A
    Literally have no idea how good it is because whenever I open it, it won’t load. Haven’t been able to use it yet.
  • App doesn’t work for apple 1/5

    By DeathKnight?
    It saddens me to see my favorite streamer point out this app and it doesn’t even load uninstalling this app whoever created it your making streamers look bad when their fans can’t use it

    By t2ftey
    Every time I logged in and Go Live only my main Facebook account is streaming. There’s no options or change which page or facebook you want to live. So please fix it. ( ONLY FOR IOS )
  • App Does Not Even Load on iOS 14.0.1 1/5

    By arborola
    A feature-starved streaming app that doesn’t even load content. Great job.
  • Cant use it 1/5

    By namesruss
    This app wont even let me log in
  • Bakwas hai 1/5

    By Zeyaullah
    Achhe se kaam nahi kar raha hai
  • Did not lunch 1/5

    By Adel Sartawi
    I download it, it stuck on loading screen do i delated it!
  • Would be 5* but needs background audio 3/5

    By NinjaJon210
    This would be a 5 star app and I will update it appropriately when background audio is added as someone who can’t have their phone out at work but can listen. Background audio is the only way to go. Twitch has it so the ability is there hope to see it added soon thanks!
  • Glitchy 1/5

    By Miri1414
    Super glitchy and I can’t even send stars! What’s the point?
  • Can’t opening 1/5

    By asmath93
    Please fix the issue Unable to login
  • Fix y’all app 1/5

    By zrockinblock
    I can watch twitch and YouTube no problem, but as soon as I go over to this app I can’t watch anything without it lagging, the sound being a few seconds off, and I have to restart the app 1 minute in. And like it’s been this way for a whiiiiile now. How y’all gonna compete with the others if this is the product you put out? How y’all have all this money and put out a crap app for a service that is supposed to rival twitch.
  • Facebook gaming is stupid 1/5

    Facebook game and Facebook hacker kicker they’ll steal your identity clone your name and steal all your moneyn