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  • Current Version: 22.0
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Facebook Local App

Our new name is Facebook Local! We’ve updated our events app to help you discover places and things to do recommended by friends you know and trust. Keep up with what’s happening locally—wherever you are—whether you’re looking for something to do with friends this weekend or want to explore a new neighborhood. Features: * See the most recent activity, events and places your friends are interacting with and updates from event hosts and Pages you follow. * Find events and activities happening near you on an interactive map and filter by time, category, location and more. * Get recommendations based on what's popular with your friends, things you've been to in the past, Pages you like and our curated Guides. * Choose to add calendars from your phone to see all of your plans in one place. * Opt-in to get notifications about your upcoming events so you know if details change. What's New: * Simplified navigation - now it's much easier to find suggested events and places to go. * Automatically shows you the best places as you move the map around. * Faster access to your upcoming events. * Bug fixes and performance improvements. * Improved list creation and integration with the map.

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Facebook Local app reviews

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    By Nyein Nyein Naing
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  • Need to update the check in 3/5

    By TheTMD
    This app doesn’t do well with the check in button, as when you go to see it on the FB app it doesn’t show the event just a blank page with “updated his/her status”. Actually have to check in on the FB app to show the event, so thus one is just to know about the event...
  • Watch out for fake events 1/5

    By Sarageddon
    Just like there are fake news in Facebook, there are fake events that charge you
  • Error in app 3/5

    By Y4DY
    I enter to the app and one min later it comes me out to my screen iPhone. I have to enter again to the app but still happening the same.
  • Slow buggy and doesn’t show local business 1/5

    By twistedsteelrc
    This app is clunky buggy slow and doesn’t show the local business around me or my local business and there is no way to add a business to the app. Help tab is useless and if you click on privacy and term the app just closes. I see this as a wast of time.
  • Does not combine multiple locations 1/5

    By Mica2U
    I enjoyed the older version of this concept where it would show you events for an ENTIRE area. There are surrounding cities and multiple locations outside of one specific city! It’s frustrating changing the location each. and. every. time. Please fix!
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By MichaelL1016
    Works great, many helpful features, and a great tool to organize your events, places of interests, and explore local and national cities. Love it! Will only get even better with time, I'm sure!
  • Barely useable 3/5

    By lkvahgoihang
    Needs significant improvements to the user experience
  • Would be more useful if it didn’t crash often 2/5

    By Profofc
    I pretty much use this to see what’s going on. It crashes whenever I open the app, so I only use the notifications to see an event, then check out the details on the web browser.
  • No iPad version 1/5

    By Mattron5000
    There is no iPad version of this app.
  • The map is just clutter. 1/5

    By asjfdhasdg
    The map is just clutter. The map is literally the last thing that I want to see as I’m getting in my car to drive over to the event. I don’t want to see it at the beginning of my search. It is just clutter on the screen taking a precious space on a small phone screen. It makes it hard to scroll down. I don’t want the map to be revealed when I scroll down the list of events. That I have to scroll back up and I lose my place in the events list and I have to find my place again. You need to separate my personal events grom public events. Actually I don’t even think I want my private events in a separate app. I go on this app to find new things to do. Not what my actual in real life friends that I see on a regular basis are already talking about. The old format can be accessed by scrolling to the bottom of the event and clicking more details. But then they even ruined that by putting a interested pop up at the bottom That takes up screen space. I know how to scroll back up if I wanna mark interested. Everything you’ve done in the past two years is crap, basically.
  • Start over 1/5

    By ughaman
    I do not like this app what so ever. I loved it when it was still apart of FB. I loved the calendar part, timeline and it’s simplicity, now it’s a hot mess. I live outside of Austin the music capital of the world! The app uses the auto location to where I am at, instead of in Austin and I can never find what I’m interested in bc the algorithm doesn’t suggest anything good. I do not really care what my friends are interested in but that the only way I find any good going on. To view that page of the event is easy but going back sends me to the stupid map instead of other events. I want the old style back. This one isn’t even worth being an app on my phone it’s a waste of data.
  • Bad 1/5

    By Hfsli
    Hate the new update. Liked the calendar view. Now I can’t event tell which events I have RSVPd for.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By MillerNT
    Using up storage on my phone and no way to delete this off my phone!! So frustrating
  • Decent but limited 3/5

    By Honore Doktorr
    This is a good way to follow fb events without dealing with the whole fb experience. It works OK, is more crashy than it should be and is oversized for what it offers (200M base size; this seems to be a theme with fb apps). There are some silly missing pieces (for example: if you have an event URL you can't paste it into local, you have to search for that event's keywords within local, and these searches often don’t return the particular event your URL is for). Adequate in that it’s better than needing full fb to do this on a phone. Mediocre that a company fb’s size hasn't bothered to do better with it.
  • Terrible update 2/5

    By whyyyyyyuuu
    As a frequent business traveler I’m in a new city weekly and use this app to find things to do. The recent update is TERRIBLE. I can’t search anything, switching cities is unbearable, the calendar is awful. Such a shame, I really enjoyed it before the update. I’ll most likely delete it now.
  • Not happy with updates 2/5

    By Nitsirk22
    I have to say recent updates have really diminished the use of this app for me. The calendar was very helpful to plan around events going on and now there no longer appears to be one.
  • Bring back facebook events. 1/5

    By Christineistaken
    Stop showing me events on my calendar from a bar I went to once. I want to see my events that I am interested in only when I go to my event calendar. Not events that exist an hour away that because I Checked into once. Bring back facebook events the way it was before. The interface is terrible. I am searching for an event, local map area, then it spreads out from my map area to like a 100 mile radius.
  • Did the product manager do any usability testing? 2/5

    By tpsreport0_0
    No. Please god do some usability testing. This app used to be good, every new update is making it worse.
  • Used to be awesome and essential 1/5

    By Ronarchy
    I wish they’d go back to how it was a year or two ago. If I’m looking for an event in my local town, I don’t want see half of the results that are for cities up to 2.5 hours away. Search in map was great. Please bring it back so it actually works.
  • WHY was calendar view removed?! 1/5

    By Mark Arson
    Seriously this app removing the ability to compare facebook events with other things on a calendar made it go from five stars to one star. There’s no reason for me to use it at all unless that gets put back.
  • Useless! 1/5

    By Ekatarin
    Calendar and integration with iPhone calendar is gone, attempts to access help cause app to crash - deleting this until you come up with an update that restores the calendar integration.
  • Updates getting worse and worse 1/5

    By Chris11111111111111111
    This app is getting harder and harder to use.... now there’s no calendar. I just wanna know what I said I’m interested in. Oh and for a long time they stopped showing what friends were interested in something. Ugh
  • Getting worse with each update 1/5

    By App user Ana
    It appears the people that design this app do not use the app, because each release is more useless than the prior one. The latest release removed the option to see all events happening at my starred places. Now I have to go to each website to browse events and manually add them to my personal calendar, eventually I will stop using Facebook events/local just as I did with Facebook itself.
  • The app is useless to me. 2/5

    By Mr. Fantasticals
    If I search for a specific activity, like car shows, the app shows these results in some random fashion based on my friends' interests and I can't filter them by date or distance. Facebook, I don't want you to give me a guided tour of whatever your algorithm thinks I will be interested in. I want you to give me a tool that I can use to dig deep and find the things I need. The current incarnation of this app is weak and I'm uninstalling it.
  • Good app to have, still needs improving 4/5

    By BreeSquared
    80% of the reason I still have a facebook is to keep up with events (I manage and attend a lot of art/performance events) and having this app on my phone lets me track them on mobile without dealing with the rest of the noise of facebook. However, the app makes it a little hard to access/search for future events you have already RSVP’d to (they are discoverable but not the way you’d initially expect) and for some reason it doesn’t show you the number of people RSVP’d to the event! Event description and comments are all easily accessible, though, so there’s a lot to like about this app if you, like me, still rely on the platform for events.
  • Bring back calendar view 2/5

    By Wafer67
    The main reason for using this app was because FB main app didn't have calendar view for events and this did. Now this also has dropped calendar view. Who is making these calls and can't see the usefulness of calendar view. Ugh.
  • Going from bad to worse 1/5

    By MishkinMusic
    What are you guys doing out there? Why would you make this app unorganized? Where do I find events I’m interested in? Where is the calendar view?
  • Facebook Notifications 2/5

    By rverrogue
    This was a great app until the Facebook notifications started coming through on it as well. Local should be only for events and restaurants etc in the area you are in. If I want to see my Facebook notifications, I will login to Facebook. Please remove this feature. It is too much to look through to see the real events going on in my area which is the purpose of the Local App.
  • Love it but there’s a glitch 4/5

    By JuifTX
    I love love love this app and how it allows me to track my events and filter my searches! In the latest update it looks like y’all got rid of the calendar feature that allows me to see all of my events in a calendar. Also, in the Hebrew version of the app there didn’t used to be any problems but not it show all of the letters backwards!
  • Horrible update 1/5

    By Lvb lovp
    Please change back to what it was. It is extremely confusing to navigate now. It does not offer the simple and useful feature of your calendar with events linked up for the week. Please change back. Thank you.
  • Becoming even less useful with time 1/5

    By Navigational Dance
    This app has always had design and functionality issues. The search function is largely useless — even if I know the exact name of an event, the search function is unlikely to find it. It’s even worse if the event is in the next town over. With the latest update, the most useful function, “Upcoming Events”, got cut off at the knees. There is no longer any guarantee that you will see your upcoming events in chronological order, making the app useless for helping me schedule my time. Local is still useful for looking at specific events, if you can find them, but that’s about it.
  • Need calendar back!! 2/5

    By Denise mommy
    This app is useless to me without the calendar feature bring it back.
  • Latest update removed all the useful features 2/5

    By johnpbee
    Used to be able to access calendar easily in old layout; this new layout is challenging to navigate. Can’t see a sequential calendar of events. Would like to revert to old version.
  • Recent update 1/5

    By App appreciation
    I do not like the most recent update at all. I can’t find “my” events as easily and when I do, they aren’t posted in chronological order. I liked seeing a day by day calendar of what I had chosen as events I was interested in instead of having events listed with just a date range next to them. I would be happy if you would just reverse this update and set everything back to the way it was. This version is not nearly as useful.
  • New update is awful! 2/5

    By Jeneration_X
    Why, oh WHY did you ditch the calendar view on the latest update?????? This app wasn’t the best before (in that it defaulted to show you all other things and you had to click to get to YOUR events), but now it took out the most useful feature! Seeing everything in a giant list is not ideal. I liked having an overview of the week or month. I liked having a way to check events w/o opening Facebook, but this app is trying to throw too much at you and loses site of good usability and usefulness. 😡😡😡 BE BETTER!
  • No More Calendar?? 1/5

    By Dreamuccino
    I was extremely happy with this app until you guys got rid of the calendar feature.. I thought that was the whole point of this app lol..
  • Meh 3/5

    By Garagehead
    It’s nice to not have Facebook on my phone but still be able to get info on events. But the search function is crappy, the interface is clunky, and for some events (I can’t figure out which - maybe public ones? Or ones of a certain size?) you can’t see who’s attending. This app could - should - be better considering facebook’s vast resources.
  • New update 1/5

    By Geekd Frenchiez
    I don’t like this new update, can you change it back. I don’t want to see my Facebook notifications in my local app. I use the local app specifically for events and finding events, now I’m seeing all my post notifications from my face book.
  • Why change? 2/5

    By KonaBoy
    I was used to the last version. Why change what was good. Ugh!
  • Keeps Getting Worse 1/5

    By sf192837
    They removed the calendar functionality (which was the most useful part for seeing your upcoming events) and keep making the UI harder to navigate with every update.
  • Abandoned? 1/5

    By jonbowen
    It seems like the Facebook Local app has been abandoned…
  • Could be great, but now lacking 2/5

    By Reviewer-1978
    These are the things that should be changed: 1) Notifications should be more useful. Should function similar to those in the iOS calendar app. “Daily Guide” is useless. Give me specific detailed notifications of my events WHEN I want to see them. Allow the ability to see events that “I’m going to”, “interested in”, or both. 2) Once you open the app, it’s much too difficult to get to “My Events.” It’s like you’ve purposely put in in the most hidden place you could think to stick it. It should at a minimum be one of the tabs at the bottom, but I’d rather the app just open to this page. I know Facebook wants to get me to click on all these other events, but if you want to make the app truly custom friendly, this is not the way. 3) Even after clicking on My Events, it doesn’t open the calendar to the right date - it’s always a few days into the future and I have to scroll back. App could be super useful: right now it’s borderline worth having.
  • Glitchy 2/5

    By morganxclaire
    Outrageously glitchy. Doesn’t accurately return location or keyword search results, which should be basic functionality for an events calendar app. Searching the same location and/or keywords on Facebook proper elicits an entirely different (and much more relevant) docket of results. Search function has a mind of it’s own - great for discovering completely unrelated events on the other side of the state, I guess!
  • Lame 3/5

    By Stingerbzz
    I can’t even see which of my friends are interested or attending events. It’s cool if you want to discover new events by yourself.
  • Automatically refreshes to different location hours away 2/5

    By EPlow49
    I’ve tried turning off location services, deleted then re-downloaded—nothing I do stops this app from refusing to stay on the city I’ve typed in. It bounces all over the state rendering the app useless. Very frustrating as it used to be one of my favorites to use.
  • No longer shows going / interested 1/5

    By Canejoda
    The most important feature of this app is being able to see who is going / Interested..... now that’s gone. So I have to use the regular FB app instead. Very frustrating
  • Keeps your Facebook friends real 4/5

    By Dancin Forever
    I’ve been on Facebook since 2007 & realized I don’t need my newsfeed on my smartphone - it’s overkill so I deleted the main app. I did discover I lost touch with events my friends invite me to & go to. So the Local app is key to *meeting* your Facebook friends - it’s been a godsend in this way - I’ve discovered life changing events (not exaggerating) my friends have scouted (ie. interested in) & don’t have the noise of my newsfeed. Combine that with turning push notifications off on Messenger & you have a recipe to get your life back! 😇 My biggest gripe is there is a bug on iOS where the guest list is no longer shown for all my events. I checked my Android device and I can still see Interested, Going, Invited lists so it is an iOS specific bug & so annoying I’m docking a star until this is fixed! Inexcusable to not have a support channel to report this bug so it gets fixed in a timely manner. I also want to see my list of Events I’ve Attended like i can on Android. I learned a lot just scrolling this list back to 2007!
  • Stupid 1/5

    By Crockpot77
    Taking out guest list is probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

Facebook Local app comments

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