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Facebook Pages Manager

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  • Current Version: 158.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Facebook, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Facebook Pages Manager App

Pages Manager helps admins connect with their audience and keep up with activity on multiple Pages, all in one place. Features: • Post updates and photos and respond to comments as your Pages • View and reply to private messages sent to your Pages • Option to get push notifications for new activity, tips, and reminders • View your latest Page Insights Just install Pages Manager and then log in using Facebook to quickly access and manage all of your Pages from wherever you are.

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Facebook Pages Manager app reviews

  • Notifications are non-existent 1/5

    By SayHey22
    There is a setting for getting notifications, but you only get them for the very first 24-hours. I also only got them if I had the notifications turned on in my Facebook app too, so if constantly get updates on my Facebook app about stuff I only want on the page app, but then I’d only get page app notifications for a day and then never again. The hell is up with that?
  • False Positive Notifications 1/5

    By iAGTC
    We’ve repeatedly provided them with feedback (almost daily) about false positive notifications. No response. No solution. Great way to make users access this app; unethical. Super disappointed.
  • Customer Service 1/5

    By M Realtor
    Non existent customer ‘human’ service. Account was flagged with no reason as to why and or correct. Have tried for 3 months, nothing, nada, zilch response. I have tried with no success on the site. What gives ?????
  • Many issues, despite only being able to do certain things in this app vs the main 2/5

    By missbinx
    1 - in the middle of replying to a comment, my comment disappears. It only reappears when I try to reply again, tap the X to comment publicly, then my text autopopulates. This has happened multiple times and I have never tapped the X accidentally to cause this. 2 - The interface is slow and glitchy. My comment notifications don’t update properly so I have to check them thru the native app. The page tools that do exist within the app are minimally helpful. 3 - really with the “most relevant” here? As a page owner I need to see *all comments.* Yet it somehow always decides to show me most relevant, so I have to manually select the all option. 4 - poor settings navigation 5 - does not load correctly most of the time. I’ve had to force close the app several times to just see comments from tapping on a post.
  • App is near useless 1/5

    By Sethgrovesart
    I have to have this app to manage my business page, but it is almost completely useless and has been for some time now. Wish they would fix this junk app.
  • This App Used To Be Amazing Until Facebook Ruined It 1/5

    By Damian Demize
    App Used To Work Like A Charm Now It Doesn't Even Load Ever Since This Fake News Bull Crap That Facebook Tried To Pull, This App Is The Downfall Of Facebook!
  • Horrible just like Facebook 2/5

    By Rebel Breck
    It’s a horrible app, but that’s easy to understand since it’s linked with Facebook. Facebook knowingly censors my posts/videos because I am a conservative comedian and they are a radical, leftist, liberal company that doesn’t allow Free Speech. When the masses finally decide to get off of Facebook, I will be there first person in line to leave as well.
  • Poor Functionality, Must be on Purpose? 1/5

    By Spinman67
    How, in the year 2019, can this App get worse? Has to be on purpose! We are forced to use this for business pages, yet with each update it just gets less user friendly and the functionality even more clumsy. With the latest update, they took away the Notifications icon. So now, our badge shows 31 Notifications, but no where to see who interacted with the page and no way to clear the badge. I suppose it’s a way to force business owners to pay for insights and ads? Would love to know the answer. If it is a ploy to make us pay, what exactly would we be paying for? If this app going to function the same way regardless, I’ll just delete the page.
  • Frustrating App 1/5

    By Mighty Midget 1227
    This app has so many glitches it becomes time consuming to use trying to navigate through them. What is supposed to help you manage pages easily has made it more frustrating. It mixes pages, you respond to a comment on your page and it shows the reply coming from a different page. You go to edit and it freezes...so you try to delete only to get error messages. All the updates fix nothing but seems to cause more glitches.
  • Sad 2/5

    By Hafishhhhh
    Sad to know that u cant post multiple videos at one post
  • Good idea, completely worthless. 1/5

    By KellyK376
    I can’t do any more with this on this app than I can on the full Facebook app. I can’t even properly schedule posts. When I first downloaded it I though, “Great! I can be working through another app instead of fearing navigating away by accident,” and scheduled about 6 posts to go out throughout the week. Nah. It just posted them all at once. Fortunately, that page hasn’t broken 20 followers yet, and just decided to delete them and do it again (ugh) through the full app. Even now, I’ve just scheduled another thing to go out in about 12 hours, and it’s not even showing up in the “scheduled” list for me to edit. Or if it did, it’d probably just decide now is a better time to post it than waiting for the actual time I want. But alright. I’ve got to click through every single setting to see a notification I’ve missed, and it’ll just randomly shut off or stay on and I give up. I don’t understand the logic behind not clearly showing where a notification is coming from. The layout is completely unintuitive and I feel like it’s trying to trick me into going places it wants me to use, rather than being functional. Which makes me want to chuck my phone against the wall. The ONLY thing this does that the other app does not (not even “better,” it simply functions… kind of…), is let you comment as the page. The full app has removed my ability to comment as the page, and I had to do it through my desktop. So that near fiasco (I don’t have my personal profile associated with the page at all) is the only thing that’s keeping me from deleting this thing altogether. And yet another reason I’m discovering this with a page that has no followers yet. I don’t know why it’s necessary to try manipulating people into using your tools they way you want them to, rather than just coming up with good features and then making them easy to use. If that means it’s lists of options and less visually appealing, alright. Or maybe the sections need to be customizable so that it can still be pretty AND useful AND people can put things places that makes sense to them. But I’m not an app programmer so I’m not sure how that would play out. Anyway… Facebook, you have the tools. Do better.
  • Pathetic low quality Facebook application 1/5

    By J5891
    You cannot manage your business page with this Facebook app. Facebook news to rethink and redevelop this application. Rather remove it as continuing with this Pathetic low quality Facebook app.
  • Frustrating!! 2/5

    By Pup Pal
    For the past several days, every time I try to schedule a post (which I’ve been doing for years so I know what to do), it says it has scheduled but it has actually posted the post!! FIX THIS BUG/PROBLEM please. My work is now taking ten times longer to do and recover from.
  • Can’t get messages- updates don’t fix it! 1/5

    By 1red-head
    I cannot respond to my customers, all I see is a flag icon spinning...to force us to access messages through an app that doesn’t work is ridiculous.
  • Good Idea, Terrible Execution 1/5

    Facebook has created this app to manage our business page and, in doing so, has taken away that ability on our business page itself. Great idea, but the execution is terrible. It’s full of so many glitches it’s almost unusable. It doesn’t align at all with what Facebook tells us is their core value: creating a public platform for connection. And that is a huge bummer because it erodes my ability to like and trust Facebook all together.
  • Can’t edit scheduled posts 1/5

    By LukePooks
    Update July 2019: In addition to not being able to edit schedules posts, scheduled posts no longer schedule and are posted immediately into the newsfeed. Thanks for wasting more of my time Facebook. By all means, keep making updates that nag me to post more. ——————————- I’m not sure if this is an error or intentional. I can’t view or edit drafts or scheduled posts. This has been going happening for several months now. Also, I’m not a fan of being reminded to turn on my messages— that’s not how I run my pages and I will never enable that feature.
  • Glitches with the Scheduler 3/5

    By Galoffaith
    As of this week the feature for scheduling post into the future is not working. I have been scheduling posts since 2012 for a week at a time. Now I have to go in and manually schedule it through out the same day. Also after scheduling post into the future previously I was able to go back in and edit. The edit button has not been working for the last several months. I hope you are able to fix these two malfunctions.
  • Terrible update 1/5

    By Francescaaaaaas
    This update has made it so you can not schedule posts. It just posts right away! I run my page almost 90% through scheduling posts. This app is useless and the Facebook app is even worse for pages
  • It crash so much! 1/5

    By JuanLopezMusica
    I can’t access to my account right now, this app feels like every day have new problem! So many problems with this app! Today I was trying to scheduled a post and it didn’t work! It posted!
  • Upgrade 1/5

    By Chrisichelle
    It needs to be actual.
  • Facebook Pages 1/5

    By Dried blood of Gomorrah
    Developers please eviscerate all data regarding this app. Fire everyone. Start anew. We are all waiting patiently for your dire team to finally get it right.
  • It’s a trick 1/5

    By Lonnie A. Beauchamp
    I wished we didn’t have to have this app for our business. The app badge never disappears, and it never tells us about messages.
  • Fix The Issue 1/5

    By Safar Muhammad
    Hello Dear Managers, I have used FacebookPage App for a long time. It was working well before but a while ago the notifications didn’t go away so you should have opened the notifications again so that the numbers of them would go And now I can’t see any notifications. It gives me the numbers of notifications but it doesn’t show any. This app drives me crazy. There’s something wrong with this app now. Please solve this issue as soon as possible because I run a page and I really need it. I highly appreciate your efforts. Thanks in advance.
  • No photo 1/5

    By Ms eygpt
    Photos aren’t loading at all on my iPhone , it affects my business very bad,I have to see it on my Samsung phone, can you fix it please
  • Not a good app 1/5

    By RLed123
    This app needs a lot of work! Not sure why an app with a big name attached to it can release this.
  • Glitch 2/5

    By Rlgt
    Been using this app for many years, with out any complaints. I tried yesterday and today to use the schedule later option (which I use all the time) and it is not working. Even though o schedule for a later date, it posts right away! I really rely on this feature!
  • this app is terrible 1/5

    By steeze808
    completely unusable on mobile
  • Page 1/5

    By Samantha Allshouse
    Since Facebook added page in app now Facebook page manager won't view post page nothing only black background and blank! Such a shame! We used to use Facebook page manager to updated our pages now you want to force us to use from Facebook and that's terrible idea!
  • Where’s my notification/bell icon??? 2/5

    By Notification/Bell Icon Problem
    My bell icon for notifications disappeared a few days ago, and I can’t figure out how to get it back, and there seems to be nothing on the web about recovering it. I have deleted the app twice and reinstalled, but that didn’t work. I’m quite annoyed.
  • Scheduling doesn’t work! 1/5

    By Jekamarti
    What’s the point of having an app to manage your page when you can’t even schedule posts? Horrible app.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By glamtic
    Constantly have to click unread comments or vice versa click read to actually see the new comments. Very much a hassle
  • التطبيق ثقيل جدا 1/5

    By 3bsy1988
    يحتاج التطبيق لاصلاحات من حيث سلاسة التعامل و يحتاج لواحهة اسرع و تعامل مع الرسائل بشكل اسرع الاشعارات يجب ان تكون مثل اشعارات حساب الفيسبوك
  • No funciona 1/5

    By amor 0304
    Algo no funciona está mal arreglar por favor
  • Broken: Can’t Schedule Posts; They Post Immediately 1/5

    By tsd707
    Congratulations Facebook! You broke the app! Now it’s impossible to schedule posts; anything that’s scheduled gets posted immediately. At least the scheduling functionality still works on the desktop.
  • Total waste 1/5

    By Zaneymom
    Wish I could give negative stars as the rating. I hate this app with a passion. It basically holds your business page hostage & makes it so you miss certain types notifications completely, and then you see other ones repeatedly & it takes forever to clear notifications you have already seen, replied to or addressed in some way. It’s a completely ridiculous waste of time and absolutely the worst app ever.
  • Works horribly 1/5

    By mjoynutteryoung
    I use this app because I have a business and it simply does not work well. I have to uninstall and reinstall it to try and get rid of bugs. I get multiple notifications for the same message. The messages don’t show up right away even after I receive the notification. It’s hard to tag other businesses.
  • Connection issues 1/5

    By Shellback21
    90% of the time I’ve had this app I’ve been unable to connect and therefore unable to post. Very frustrating when trying to stay current.
  • Can’t admin a page that I own. 1/5

    By PlantSulli
    Tried all the fixes in the help center and tried reporting multiple times but still can’t administrate or change any settings for a page that I own and am the only admin of. There is no help or way to get in touch with someone to fix the bug, and it’s not my computer because I tried several different devices all with the same problem. Also, codes that I get from 2 step verification are incorrect so I can’t even get into the business manager. What a nightmare.
  • Does Not Work on iPhone XR iOS with 12.1 1/5

    By Username184729
    App shows a gray screen and does not load or function. Running iPhone XR with iOS 12.1.
  • Notification not working 2/5

    By Ben Wehrle
    Cannot unpin recent posts and notification button no longer available. Please fix
  • Pretty much agree with all the other poor reviews 1/5

    By Lisa WF
    It would appear that Facebook does not read its reviews. Or if they do, they are either slow to fix or don’t care. I WISH there was some other platform I could use for my small business messaging and promotion but, alas, this has the largest audience. Between the crashing of the app when I open the notification from my lock screen to the double notifications on said screen, to the consistent torturous pop up of “book an appointment” which comes up after literally every message I send or open a chat no matter how often I press cancel, and turn off every known appointment option I can find...To not being able to edit a scheduled post. And after reporting these problems, having no other resources to fix it than a public forum which may or may not answer my questions or prayer. If you’re even reading this Facebook...step up your game. It looks like a lot of us are quite unhappy. **update** I figured I’d cave and see if booking an appointment would make the pop up go away.....NOPE 2nd update. It appears they’ve fixed the bug which made the book appointment pop up almost cause me to toss my phone off a high rise roof. Still getting duplicate notifications however.
  • Please fix this app 1/5

    By jenice_mary15
    For several month i haven’t received any notifications from this app i have try everything and still wont receive any notification, i have lost allot of client because of this how im suppose to reply to someone if i don't receive any notification and im not the only one with this problem plis fix
  • If I could give zero stars... 1/5

    By lorat993
    ...I would. While useful in numerous crashes make this app unworkable. I can’t finish a post before it kicks me off and erases all of my work. And then if I do manage to get the post done, I have a 50% chance of it actually going up. Otherwise it, again, freezes and deletes all of my work so far. Useless.
  • Start a conversation? 1/5

    By ticklemypixel
    The fact that this doesn't allow me to click on someone who responds to a boosted post and message them is ridiculous. i want to send people who react a message from the page, but don't have that option. that alone makes this app ridiculous to operate, and would rate 5 stars if they fixed JUST THAT.
  • Crap on a cracker 1/5

    By Sum1tookmyniknaym
    You would think a billion dollar corporation could hire programmers capable of making an app that works. Now Zuck is threatening to dox page admins if they don’t share their location with him. EatABagOfDicks.
  • Notifications 1/5

    By Iamthemagicman_12
    I constantly have 99 badges. But more importantly, when I go to the notifications tab and clock on a consent that happened on a live feed, it no longer takes me to the comment like it used to, but takes me to the feed. Very hard to scroll through 2,000 comments and extremely annoying. It also takes my app minutes to actually display the new notifications that the badges say are there once I open the notifications tab.
  • Useless 1/5

    By YouDeserveAbundance
    Literally useless app for anything other than a vague look at how your campaign is performing. I tried to create an ad from scratch and upon tapping just one letter the keyboard kept closing. This is just one of the annoying bugs. Terrible — wouldn’t recommend to anybody just get on the computer.
  • The glitches drive me nuts 2/5

    By ThompsonChildTherapy
    The amount of notifications I get and that are repeated over and over again without clearing are excessive. This app does not update when you view the notifications like Facebook does, and it also doesn’t allow you to communicate directly in the app to comments on a post. I look forward to when the glitches improve and it works as smoothly as the Facebook app! I love Facebook for business and am excited to see how these changes can be addressed
  • uploaded photo and video no clearly 1/5

    By shi0715
    uploaded photo and video no clearly!!!

Facebook Pages Manager app comments

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