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Facebook Pages Manager

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  • Current Version: 167.0
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  • Developer: Facebook, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Facebook Pages Manager App

Pages Manager helps admins connect with their audience and keep up with activity on multiple Pages, all in one place. Features: • Post updates and photos and respond to comments as your Pages • View and reply to private messages sent to your Pages • Option to get push notifications for new activity, tips, and reminders • View your latest Page Insights Just install Pages Manager and then log in using Facebook to quickly access and manage all of your Pages from wherever you are.

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Facebook Pages Manager app reviews

  • All bad 1/5

    By Chorizo Master
    Very slow, gives about 15 notifications when a message is received. Glitches a lot. No starts.
  • Worse and worse 1/5

    By Tggrtf
    Updated: the messages portion just keeps trying to update but doesn’t actually show messages immediately. I have to open a web browser and access my page and messages from there. What’s the point of this app if it doesn’t work? This app is so confusing. I can no longer see check ins to my business nor can I look at the reviews or respond to them from my business. Everything has to be done now from my personal acct which I try to keep separate from my business.
  • Boo to the update! 1/5

    By Becrec
    Can no longer see past the first five posts on the timeline. Also, there is no way to interact with an event page. The phantom notifications are still annoying. If you’re charging businesses (thru ads) to be seen on Facebook, at least give us a decent app to work with for day-to-day functions!
  • Pretty bad 1/5

    By Wine Yoda
    I’ve been using this app for the last few years and it’s been very frustrating to use. I often just go to the desktop to do what I need to do.
  • Congratulations 1/5

    By tnajafi
    I would definitely rate this app, as the worst mobile application ever made in the history. Congratulations !
  • Horrible for connecting with clients through messaging 1/5

    By J Riendeau
    For months , I have been unable to view photos that clients send through messages on outlet apple devices. The pictures all come in blank. Because of this I am forced to wait until I am able to sit at the desktop to view and respond to customer messages.
  • Phantom notifications all day?! 1/5

    By nick name 0826263637373
    Getting really sick of opening the app because I have a notification to see that it’s an old one.
  • 3D photos quits Facebook page manager app. 2/5

    By Maria Lankina
    Not sure what is going on but when trying to post photos in 3D on my Facebook page ( fan page ) upon clicking “make a 3D” photo out of selected portrait mode photo on iPhone app just quits. Deleting app, restarting phone, downloading app again doesn’t improve the experience.
  • Page messages 1/5

    By gare5447
    I can never view my messages,, they totally screwed up the sight,, then they keep wanting you to promote your page or post for big bucks🤣🤣🤣
  • No notification for messages 1/5

    By blueSkEyEd
    Probably the most troublesome thing for a business is missed opportunities. Thanks to Facebook Page Manager, I am action packed with them as it will not notify me when I have a message
  • Home page never loads 2/5

    By Inferno__Beast
    Everything seems to work except for the main page where I can see our post. It never loads. The whole “Page” section
  • Can’t add videos and pictures at the same time 1/5

    By ijblue
    So annoyed. You can’t add multiple videos at a time. You also can’t add pictures and videos at the same time.
  • Fil d’actualité 1/5

    By Yahyou les vrais hommes
    Le fil d’actualité ne s’affiche plus une application merdique je ne peux pas y accède dan les publications
  • It’s a great tool. 4/5

    By Walker4949
    This Is a great tool to help with my business pages. Only suggestion I have is to get rid of the alerts that aren’t actually there.
  • Just Horrible 1/5

    By Maka491
    Every time I scroll down a little bit, all the posted content in posts, like images, disappears and I can’t click on anything. This has been happening for well over a year now and has not been fixed by any update. Such a poor app and shows FB just does not care one bit about pages or businesses. 👎🏼
  • Good app that needs a few additions... 3/5

    By JLCrane82
    Overall, I really have enjoyed using the app to manage our small beekeeping business, Cole’s Farm NC (@colesfarmnc) for the last few years. One of the main features I’ve enjoyed is the booking tool with appointment reminders; however, the one feature the app is missing is the ability of the business owner to flag an appointment as a no-show. If this was an option, once an appointment is flagged as a no-show, the app would prevent the automatic follow-up message from being sent (if the app is set up that way).
  • برنامج رديئ 2/5

    By hayderpc
    برنامج لا يرتقي لمستوى الفيس بوك
  • Fix please 2/5

    By *MelS1982*
    Not able to get a notification when someone posts in your event. And when you turn on “you must approve posts to events” I can’t review them in the app- it has to be in my browser. Please fix!
  • Horrible coding, HORRIBLE!!! 1/5

    By fraser.aruba
    Worst coded app on my APP-Filled-iPhone! Behaves erratic, sometimes likes and comments in your personal name rather than the pages name, features work on and off (you can lose time consuming edit-work because of unexplainable errors), and it keeps getting worse with time. I don’t have much choice, I have to use it...but the coding is horrible!!!!
  • Someone the update made this app worse 1/5

    By Francescaaaaaas
    I can’t even view my page, nothing will load. I can’t post from this app or anything after the new update. It can’t use this app as it is right now.
  • Facebook page now not working 1/5

    By rockabilly2
    My business page lost the live video button and I can not post to my business page. I have tried everything and it still is not there. Very unhappy with this update! It is the only thing that makes sense as of now!
  • Are you kidding me?! 1/5

    By WHOOP123
    This app is honestly terrible for anything other than reading messages! Despite it supposedly being for my page, it will have me liking posts as me personal page while still showing that I’m linking and commenting as page instead. This feels like something that they put little to no effort into, especially considering the work they did on messenger and the app.
  • Not the best 2/5

    By reviews9876543210
    The app is very glitchy. I have a notification icon that I can’t clear no matter how many times I reinstall, close out, reboot the app, check the notification, etc. Also, I can’t fully edit my page from the app. For instance, I have to go into the Facebook app to customize the tabs and layout of my page. But even then, it doesn’t always update. Very frustrating and non-user friendly all around.
  • Doesn’t let me view my post or its comments or likes after one second 1/5

    By charleysept
    This is really annoying that such a big company doesn’t even know how to make posts and comments stay on the page without going blank after 1 second. Like, who knew you had to race against time to view the new comments and likes your post gets. Also, the amount of likes and comments are often inaccurate and less than there actually are. Not to mention, it defaults to “Most Relevant” comments instead of all comments. Like, are you trying to get me to neglect my page fans? Anyways I’m just salty after using this app for a while now and it just doesn’t even work. It’s ridiculous and facebook needs to fix its products. This app has two stars for crying out loud. I’m not happy with your product, and you need to step it up.
  • Agency Level 1/5

    By blibbs1
    We can’t even utilize this app as an agency, it’s pretty terrible. FB could put a few hundred thousand into this.
  • Appointments got twisted up. Couldn’t edit. 2/5

    A mess. I’ll try again but may need to revisit creating my own software for this.
  • Needs Major Improvement 1/5

    By Cheeto14270
    This app is a great idea, but it is not user friendly and the notifications are completely inaccurate and make no sense whatsoever. There can and hopefully be many benefits to this app, but many glitches make it frustrating and not efficient.
  • Not user friendly at all 1/5

    By GranAnnie66
    It will not save my phone number on Page Info. It will not allow me to upload files. The number of notifications is incorrect. When I click on Shop to load products, there is nowhere to click to add any products. Same with draft posts...nowhere on the screen to even begin writing a post. This app is garbage and that is very frustrating for me as a new business owner.
  • Got probs 2/5

    By FrustratedAnonUser
    Cannot turn annoying sounds off! Noticed a bunch of other app issues as well. Please fix
  • Need Improvement 2/5

    By Saidul Dhaka
    Remove follow up option does not work
  • La aplicación confronta varios problemas a la hora de ser accesible para los ciegos. 2/5

    By Joey Colón
    Saludos, he escrito varias veces porque estoy confrontando problemas con esta aplicación y el lector de pantalla de mi iPhone, creo que ustedes no saben que tienen personas ciegas que utilizan la aplicación, esta aplicación debe mejorar y ser más accesible para los ciegos, no es que no se pueda trabajar con ella si eres ciego, pero no es la aplicación más accesible del mundo. Por favor trabajen con esto. Muy disgustado con el producto. Así estoy. Ahora el más reciente problema es que cada vez que entro con mi lector de pantalla en el iPhone a la aplicación me está dando continuamente un mensaje que dice conectado, desconectado, conectado, desconectado, al parecer es cuando el internet baja la cobertura que te da este mensaje, esto interrumpen lector de pantalla y no me deja escuchar lo que me está leyendo, corrijan esto.
  • Notifications never go away 1/5

    By NikkieLynn
    Two updates ago a notification problem began. The app constantly shows me that I have notifications when I don’t. Sometimes it’s 13 but most of the time it’s 18 notifications. Nine times out of 10 when I go to view my story it tells me my story is empty when it’s not. The app is extremely buggy.
  • So many glitches 2/5

    By Bwwclc
    This app has so many glitches. It’s constantly telling me I have notifications when I don’t. It’s very slow to load. I cannot change my business hours no matter how many times I try to save the correct hours, it defaults back to Mon-Fri 9-5. Not for a breakfast and lunch restaurant. Overall a very frustrating experience.
  • a joke 1/5

    By peshiko
    i read all the bad reviews here but figured i give it a try. app is stuck on loading for a good 10 minutes, doesn't even finish downloading 😂 really facebook?
  • Quits working 1/5

    By calebtuckeroh
    It works well for a couple weeks then just stops all together fix this because it is the best for my business on the go
  • Junk 1/5

    By vballbert
    Not a very good app. Hard to navigate. Constant sales pitch. Dashboard is terrible. Bags icon always shows red.
  • Latest Update = Bad 1/5

    By CptAsme
    Every time I try to reply to a comment, it circles it in red and indicates an error. Everything was fine before this latest update. Crapp
  • Does not alert 1/5

    By fun fun izzy
    The idea behind this app is brilliant if only it would perform like it was intended to. I have to manually go into the app to check for messages and performance. After double and triple checking that the notifications were on I still am not alerted when messages come through.
  • Counts almost always wrong 1/5

    By EZ_fix
    Still a problem—-The number of alerts shown in the home screen (small red box on the icons) usually doesn’t match reality. Seems like an easy thing to fix but it’s been like this a long time and through many updates. If Facebook wanted, I could fix this for a “nominal” consulting fee.
  • Do Better 1/5

    By Gay_scruff
    Love the idea of having a stand-alone app to allow for page management (support small non-profit). But this app is horribly glitchy. False notifications, missing information, lags in data you see, and so on. I think the targeted content, data insights and page management functions are great — just horrible to use and frustrating.
  • reviews sections under blackmailers 1/5

    By nomi2533
    we do not have option to prevent from blackmailers to keep posts in reviews section there must be support to help people to get rid from blackmailers and keep track right and wrong people
  • Notification never disappear 2/5

    By Daniel Matiello
    Guys, and the notification, when it will be fixed? Is so boring.
  • Editing posts.... 1/5

    By SpokenWord1
    No longer allows you to edit drafted or scheduled posts. They took away one of the greatest reasons o use the app. Being able to make changes remotely from your phone or iPad..... also REALLY should have the ability to change a placeholder image for videos and it would be nice to schedule as a premier. And if you have the “get showtimes” call to action for film pages it would be really nice to have that ability on mobile as well.
  • Updated: iPad issues fixed, but mirroring video in FB Live now broken 1/5

    By JackIsMyMiddleName
    I cannot get the FB Live video to mirror! This is a major frustration as I often write on my whiteboard and everything I write is backwards to the viewer. And this is a general complaint, but back when the mirroring worked, it was frustrating that when mirroring for the front camera, if I switched to the rear camera, it would also mirror that view. That doesn’t make any sense. Mirroring the front camera has a purpose since a person may want that view to be corrected, but generally the rear camera view should probably be normal most of the time anyway. The best way to address would be to have separate controls for both cameras. But at the very least I need my ability to mirror the front camera fixed NOW! iPhone 8 Plus running the latest iOS
  • Album Selection - App Crash. 1/5

    By jhendresen
    The app crashes each time I go to select an album to upload photos to ... is this a bug in the most recent app release update? Please fix it! 😭
  • Fair 2/5

    By Pea- A 43
    Needs more admin options. If you update from a regular computer there are a lot more detailed options which you need to maintain a page. Slow. Crashes. There’s no way to change password from a security link. That’s what I call crazy in this day and time!!!
  • Crashed all the time 1/5

    By Xziikevinzle
    The new update just made it crash whenever I choose an album for photos
  • Takes for ever to load. 1/5

    By Teebows
    It takes so long to load and to make comments. I doesn’t flow like the regular app. It keeps telling me I have notifications and nothing is there. Doesn’t work well with posts I’ve made and when I comment through the app the comments show up half the time. You have choice but to use it and it’s terrible. Now years later it’s still garbage and all the complaints I’ve made still stand making this app crap. I keep coming back after an update in hopes it will finally be improved but I think it’s hopeless at this point. They should just start over and try again.
  • Okay, but could be better 3/5

    By raynkidz
    Works fine for the most part. Would love to be able to upload more than one video at a time. Would also like for be able to make albums for my pictures. Every time I select “albums” when making a pic post, the whole app crashes.

Facebook Pages Manager app comments

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