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Keeping up with friends is faster than ever. • See what friends are up to • Share updates, photos and video • Get notified when friends like and comment on your posts • Watch and interact with live video • Play games and use your favorite apps • Buy and sell items and services New! Become a Supporter You can now support favorite Pages by purchasing monthly subscriptions. You get benefits for supporters only such as a digital badge, shopping discounts and exclusive content including, for example, videos, live broadcasts, updates and polls. The subscription is charged to your iTunes account and continues monthly unless canceled in iTunes settings at least 24 hours before your renewal date. Becoming a supporter means you agree to the Page Supporters Terms (https://www.facebook.com/FBPageSupporters/terms) and Statement of Rights and Responsibilities (https://www.facebook.com/legal/terms). Read our Data Use Policy, Terms and other important info in the legal section of our App Store description. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Facebook doesn't run GPS in the background unless you give us permission by turning on optional features that require this.


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  • Please subscribe 💙 5/5

    By amdkgf
    Please subscribe on YouTube to dkdynamite!!! He does live streams and videos on DC comic games and BO4 & 3! Much love and appreciation! 💙
  • Keeps crashing on iPhone X 2/5

    By Haveezy
    Can only be opened for 20 seconds before it crashes. This started 2 weeks ago.
  • The app itself isn’t bad 3/5

    By Jessiegirl8447
    However, I hate the new friend suggestion notifications, it crashes several times a day, I very much dislike that every few posts on my minifeed are ads and very repetitive ones at that, that the feed no longer goes chronologically and that stuff from 5 days ago is still on there, that I’m getting notifications about 1 person in a group I’m in constantly even though I unfollowed her and tried clicking hide next to the 100+ notifications (but still get them), how the see less button never worked and then you got rid of it and now it’s “unfollow for thirty days” only, that I’ll see 10+ posts and shares each from 2 people I’m friends with and nothing from anyone else, that you add new features that violate my privacy making me have to check it after every update to make sure things aren’t being shared, and the ridiculous amount of ad and interest tracking... on the plus side, I moved overseas and it allows me to stay in touch and share what I do with my family and friends back in the States, and that’s why I use it.
  • Face Book Issues 4/5

    My internet was turned off by choice over price gouging problems where I live but in only a week from 1:30pm to 8:30 am Monday thru Thursday I have internet access and would catch up on my Facebook messages. Now that I have internet at home, Facebook has kicked me out!! I jumped through all the Facebook hoops to turn it back on and to no avail it NEVER sends a code like it says it will. I checked SPAM, not there either! Please Help! [email protected] com 251 504-2449 Catherine King
  • No video profile!! 1/5

    By 1180p
    Bring it back! On iPhone and iPad
  • Not impressed 1/5

    By firefighter068
    I have done all the updates and now can’t see anything in the marketplace. App is going to garbage fast
  • News feed 1/5

    By SlobOnMyNob
    I’m not able to scroll on my news feed. I’ll maybe get 3 or 4 posts from my friends and that’s it.
  • Needs work on photo albums 2/5

    By Brooky!!!
    I’ve created an album and it’s not letting me upload pictures or videos to it. Been going on for two updates now...
  • The new photo filters are HORRIBLE! 2/5

    By toni4ball
    Please bring back the other ones...at the very least CREAM! Ugh.... ;( The new ones are so LAME & elementary! Edited 7/21/18 to add: now there’s no option at all to edit a photo when uploading from my phone - come on FB! Please stop making it worse!! :(
  • Counter 1/5

    By georgiadavid
    My saved groups counter won’t clear out after I viewed all the current posts in that group. Frustrating.
  • MARKET STORE/ blacks out my app and shuts it down 1/5

    By tinkerbell447744
    Every time I go look through the market place and I save what I like from the different groups people are selling. I go to the saved button and when I try to scroll through to review or get in touch with the person or even see what I saved my screen will go black and completely shut the application down. It doesn’t tell me if the ideas have been sold and barely lets me see what I have saved or even what people are selling. It’s extremely frustrating and I would greatly appreciate it if this problem would be fixed
  • Latest Version is awful 2/5

    By ZacMomma2
    Actually last two versions have been bad for stability or reliability. Can’t even be out app long enough to report problems before it closes out on you.
  • Bugs! 5/5

    By m_theory84
    Only 20 notifications will load at a time. If I try to scroll down further, it pops back up to the top. Please fix this!! 🤗
  • Rating will change once fixed!! 1/5

    By PoloPolo42
    Ever since the update I can no longer access the market in Facebook and it is very frustrating please help out!!!
  • No iPad Support! 1/5

    By Dave033
    FB pages refuse to load in desktop mode on iPads. No compatibility with the most popular tablet in the world. Can't wait for something better to come along and replace garbage like facebook/
  • Facebook shuts down after a few seconds 2/5

    By artlin57
    I am getting fed up with all the messing around with our accounts. For the past few days my page I open it and within 30 seconds the whole program shuts down. I use the page to share with my friends our political beliefs as well as posting my devotional videos to uplift and encourage those that are on my friends list. I can only assume that the issues I am having is because of political views and I find it disturbing that a corporate entity can milipulate my account and cause those that follow me to pay the price for us simply expressing our views of the Word of God and political insights 🤨
  • Stop making it worse! 2/5

    By Netmiztress
    There used to be a feature where you could sort your newsfeed by most recent...that’s gone. You used to be able to just watch videos, now you have to go to a “watch now” page and suffer through retarded “up next” videos instead, used to be able to make it so people who weren’t in your friends list couldn’t message you...that’s been gone for a while now...it’s time to take Facebook back to the way it used to be.
  • Marketplace 1/5

    By aaalllliiisssooonnn
    I don’t have marketplace it won’t show up anywhere
  • App keeps crashing! 3/5

    By No name no hope 1
    After downloading new version the app keeps crashing plz help
  • Facebook disappointments 1/5

    By milesdeepcc
    It’s crazy how Facebook keeps giving updates we didn’t ask for and breaking what we liked about it this newest update has my Facebook only loading 12 post and not most recent but just what’s popular no more after like 12 is enough look hope someone comes to take you out like MySpace I personally like it much better at least he gave the people what they wanted
  • Hacked 4/5

    By Zmfkdksd
    I was just hack from my phone and can’t acces it I need help
  • 🤬🤬🤬 1/5

    By zreo stars
    It’s says I have the fb app but it doesn’t actually show up on my screen I have to go into the App Store and open the app thru there
  • Market Place 2/5

    By The Bvtman
    FB Market place seems to have stopped functioning. When i click on a category id like to see all i get is a white screen.
  • I have to remove Facebook 1/5

    By Salmindondi
    Many times Facebook asked for change password I cannot go trough my Facebook anyway if I put a new helppppp
  • Story schmory 2/5

    By Jimmyjamham18
    Who cares about stories? Stop trying to be Snapchat and just do you Facebook.
  • Bugged marketplace 2/5

    By hmbboss
    Fix the marketplace. Translation feature doesn’t work. Filters don’t work. Errors when changing radius. Using on iPhone X. This shouldn’t even be an issue.
  • SK RANA 3/5

    By saifulislam rana
  • reseña 4/5

    By el sentenario $
  • Comment 2/5

    By last lost libra
    Too much side effects are present in this social media application. Suggest to do further improvement for accurate identification of individuals, wrong information, sexual abuses,
  • 528 E Bail ey rd 101 Naperville IL 60565 5/5

    By this is good And I love
    is good And I lovethis is good And I lovethis is good And I love
  • Fustrated 1/5

    By jmsgsgsh
    My app hasn’t been working right for months. I’m so upset! I’ll scroll down a few posts and there won’t show anymore. My WiFi connection is just fine. I’ll try to see stuff on market place and it won’t load a thing. It’s really annoying. If you guys don’t fix this soon I will stop using Facebook, I know of others who are having same issue. This is getting quite ridiculous no matter what I do it’s still the same
  • Location 1/5

    By lovefotnite
    They ate my pizza and rapedidly hit me
  • Some things wrong with the app 2/5

    By nene8985
    The app isn’t working
  • App Load Request 1/5

    By Stillahappycamper
    I’ve requested this app to load on my iPhone for 3 wks now and it still has not loaded! I have the required space and the the connection there’s no reason I shouldn’t be able to load this app. I’m using FB less now and only in my browser because of this. If this continues I’ll drop FB completely.
  • Me 1/5

    By emmymalc
    Face book “are you guys shutting down”?. Too slow downloading, Can’t download an app over a week, not even up to 0.08% downloaded. I wish there is a substitute for this app.
  • Latest update very unstable 2/5

    By Shnaous Farmer
    Crashing & locking up since last update. Was fine before that.
  • We need a date finder! 4/5

    By Wanna Be Unicorn
    My Aunt is planing her trip to England and wanted to see some photos. I know the dates that I was in England but it’s so hard to search what you posted on those days. Maybe if there was a search bar in memories that allowed users to searched certain dates as well as show what you posted on this day?
  • New video viewer is obnoxious 3/5

    By iamschnurr
    Worked fine before. Just click the video to see it in full screen mode. Now it takes 1 or 2 more clicks to do the same thing and to go back to newsfeed I have to touch the lower left icon. Already very used to touching the top left back arrow. Honestly it’s disorienting and now I won’t view videos because of this.
  • Facebook account hacked 1/5

    By Greenlee H
    My account got hacked and this person track to where I was and they asked my crazy questions this is crazy
  • Please remove “is it still available “ on marketplace 3/5

    By addbikksvzujnb
    This is make scammers always ask still available but they do nothing after that. Thanks
  • Facebook not download the update 1/5

    By Cooliebhaii
    It not letting me download the update idk tbh it stop me from getting it
  • Freezing randomly 1/5

    By SantanaM.A.M1214
    Just updated my app to the newest version yesterday. Today my FB app will randomly freeze as I’m scrolling my news feed. The only way to stop it is to exit the app. The once I get back into it, it freezes once more after just a few seconds of scrolling.
  • Take too long to open app 2/5

    By Bezel777
    After update of 7/20/2018 the app takes several minutes to open. Something isn’t working right when you have full internet access. Please fix
  • Absolutely trash 1/5

    By JamesDorkGhost
    Facebook is such trash. So many of my friends have been hacked to where a fake video was sent from there account. Now mine and you don’t even have a proper system to help me log back in. I’m so done with this. I hope this entire social media that you call facebook, falls apart and it disappears.
  • So, you removed functions unless I upgrade... 1/5

    By Lordpebbles
    So, you removed functions unless I upgrade... App needs to be pulled.
  • Not good 1/5

    I cannot believe it, i cannot even read a complete Comments or see a comlete Picture ! The browser was much better! I hated it.
  • Slow 3/5

    By Spiderpirate93
    Notifications are slow loading, trying to upload videos & photos is slow. Hope it gets resolved
  • Widow for five years 1/5

    By Yeshua protected
    Deleted Facebook. Waste too much time and don’t want any more messages from unknown sources bothering me. My cell phone works better texting and calling directly to people I actually want to connect with. Too many hacks and possible identy stealing.
  • Constant crashes since update 2/5

    By Ruin420
    Can’t selected any pages, can scroll feed on startup but everything else will just crash it
  • Mobile App Not Working 1/5

    By MissFuckTrump
    I am so frustrated right now because I have tried everything but the app keeps going black and kicking me out. I have tried uninstalling the app and even did a full factory reset & that didn’t help. So, finally I called Apple and they weren’t able to figure out the issue either because all my other apps are working fine, including FB messenger. This has been going on for 6 days!! Update: Still having the same issue even after the new FB update. This issue has lasted over a month and a half!! 😤

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