PortraitAI: Renaissance Avatar

PortraitAI: Renaissance Avatar

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  • Current Version: 1.1.22
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Roman Bilyi
  • Compatibility: Android
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PortraitAI: Renaissance Avatar App

Let AI to paint your 18th-century portrait. 300+ styles. How to get the best result? - Put MORE light on your face - Try different photos - Passport-like photo will work best - Face should be fully inside a photo - Don't cover your face with mask, hat, hair or eyeglass - Selfie is better than full body photo - Neutral emotion How to process the whole photo? Upload only a face centered in a square. Have fun trying on gaming characters, avatars, sketches or anything. Note for People of Color: We are so sorry that our AI has been trained mostly on portraits of people of European ethnicity. We're planning to fix this soon. TOP Filters: - Portrait. Basic styles - Portrait+. More variety of our best styles - Portrait++. Video transformation Other Filters (works on iPhone 7 and higher): - 10 Art AI filters - Old - Young - Child - Makeup - Attractive PortraitAI app works like a fully automated Renaissance AI Portrait photo editor. It's also great for avatar generation. You can also check AI Gahaku Art website from Tokyo. PortraitAI PRO You can subscribe to get access to useful style filters, filters updates and all the features and content offered for purchase within PortraitAI. Subscriptions are auto renewable and are billed monthly or annually at the rate selected depending on the subscription plan. The cost of the monthly subscription is just $4.99 The cost of the annual subscription is just $29.99 Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscriptions can be managed and auto-renewal can be turned off in Account Settings in iTunes after the purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable. - Terms of Use https://docs.portraitai.app/terms - Privacy Policy https://docs.portraitai.app/privacy - Online Tracking Opt-Out Guide https://docs.portraitai.app/opt You are welcome to contact us at [email protected]

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PortraitAI: Renaissance Avatar app reviews

  • Major Whitewashing 2/5

    By Ashhfacee1684226&633799
    Super disappointed in this app honestly. As a white woman I had fun processing my own photos, then i started processing photos of friends. we noticed the trend that any time a friend had ethnic looking features they were virtually erased. Eventually we decided to try non-ambiguously non-white people (lucy liu and lupita nyong’o ) and the app completely whitewashed them to the point where they looked entirely european. not cool, do better.
  • Made me white 1/5

    By samantha1637688
    This app made me paler, hair straighter, lips thinner and nose narrower. Very disappointing and reminiscent of Eurocentric beauty standards.
  • Doesn’t work on POC 1/5

    By Meg McLafferty
    I was super excited when I saw this app and how it changed my photos, but then my friend and I realized when we used POC celebrities it white washed them, especially Brown and Black faces, though some Asian faces were also given only Caucasian features. I realize there’s probably more artwork from the eras you’re using for reference of white people, but plenty of modern artists have painted POC in these types of older styles, really hope you can fix this soon, we were both really disappointed and upset by this, unplanned or not, exclusion of POC, how did you as the developers not realize this before releasing the app?
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By Miguel Bloombito
    This app is good and all, but, as someone said earlier, makes skin tones lighter. My tan skin turns a pale peach. Is this because only white people were present in the time that these paintings would've been? Also, when someone’s face is turned to the side, the software sometimes creates a grotesque image of a lopsided head. Otherwise, fantastic.
  • Charged for $20 subscription I did NOT approve 1/5

    By liz_c_w
    This is a fun app, but while I was using the free version, a pop up came up asking if I wanted to purchase the $19.99/month version. I tried to click x as I have zero interest in paying for this app and it said I had approved the charge! I absolutely did NOT click to approve the charge and have contacted Apple support to report this issue.
  • The app whitewashed me? 1/5

    By andy🃏🏴‍☠️👹👽
    It does not work for poc :(
  • No. 1/5

    By Superpreetyhirl123
    I’m black and it made me white...I don’t resemble a white woman in the slightest. Even changed my skin color too...
  • Decent 3/5

    By donutmanhasmaddenskills
    It works as intended, it makes faces into portraits, but I am unhappy with the fact that it does not process people of color? I have tried with many celebrities and other POC and none have worked. Please fix this.
  • You can’t even test it without charging your card 1/5

    By Kingofthemustachemaker
    There should be a demo without prompting to charge your card. $4 a week? No. A yearly cost for something I’ll only use twice? Never. You need to stop taking advantage of children and add a solid free tier.
  • I do not recommend buying it لا انصح فيه 1/5

    By alhayal1
    بعد التجربة البرنامج لا انصح في شراءه لا يوجد فيه مميزات افضل من ما يعرض مجاناً I do not recommend buying it
  • White People as a Baseline? 1/5

    By BasuraHero
    If you have dark skin or features that are not European, get ready to be turned into a white person. Sad that this is still the default for “art” like other nationalities don’t count or aren’t worth representing.
  • I’m black it turned me white.. 2/5

    By lamiyahp
    Not for poc
  • No representation of people of color 1/5

    By joonluv630
    This app gets some of the features correct, but there are no brown skin tones. This has made my kids feel left out. We’ve taken picture after picture, only to be shown light skin options to choose from. Very unfair.
  • Only works for white people 1/5

    By cyberkitty628
    Made my eyes blue, lightened my skin and hair, shrunk my nose.
  • Fun little app 3/5

    By Mrs.Hixs
    This is a fun app. If a couple of things were fixed on it it would be perfect. For one, it doesn’t really pick up non European faces. For another it doesn’t really pick up glasses, so to get a decent picture you have to take the glasses off. I was curious and took a picture of my cat to see what happened and it didn’t really pick that up either, but I didn’t really expect it to.
  • Awesome if you’re white 1/5

    By Janae on Cloud 9
    Fix your AI, man
  • Amazing but... 4/5

    By Cat1245567
    I love this app for myself, it’s a huge amount of fun and I spent a day playing with different photos of my friends, but it has a weakness. It’s really bad at darker skin tones. I don’t think it’s intentional or anything malicious! But I’d love to see them keep working on the app to make it work for everyone. If you’re white and you don’t like your first photo try a different one. I ended up recognized as a guy a couple times and have to laugh, I look very silly with a mustache. ;)
  • Makes Black People into White People 1/5

    By Jaguura
    Don’t purchase if you’re dark skinned because the software cannot recognize dark skin. Any dark skin person that submits their photo will be turned white.
  • White and Blue Eyes Only 1/5

    By NikaToni13
    This app makes everyone white with blue eyes, a smaller nose, and thinner face. So if you want to know what you’d look like of you were a white European during some kind of famine, this is the app for you. Developers. Come on. What year is it?
  • Not for POC 1/5

    By 0UnicornLove0
    Not for POC
  • Not for everyone 2/5

    By franc1sc0
    The app seems to be mainly for those with lighter skin. When using photo of darker skinned people, the ai will automatically make the skin white and change to features to those of lighter skin person.
  • Offensive 1/5

    By Bookgirl11
    No your disclaimer and so called apology does not excuse the fact that in the 21st century an app was created exclusively for white people. I tried the app before I read your “we are so sorry” blurb. This app shows an incredible lack of current social climate. Do better.
  • Does not work for darker skinned people 1/5

    By NonUniversal
    Don’t even bother trying. It produces white washed images with Eurocentric features. I was excited to use the app and all I got were my feelings hurt 🤷🏾‍♀️
  • Heavy Whitewashing 3/5

    By angelchristine12345
    It is a cool concept but I am disappointed that none of the portraits it makes look like me. I am half asian but it always gives much skinnier noses and heavy eyelids :( Needs to be updated to be more inclusive.
  • Yikes. 1/5

    By indikos
    This app does not seem to have paintings of people of color in it’s database. Every photo I submit is turned into a white person. Extremely lightened skin and reduced size of nose and lips in every photo.
  • Not the app for black people and POCs. 1/5

    By Raffeal De La Ghetto
    I’m black, but the app doesn’t think so. It “euro-phizes” my features. It turns me into a white man. Apps like these seem to always erase us. It’s a no for me, dawg.
  • white only? Really? 1/5

    By aconcaildi
    I’m white, but come on dude
  • Not for POC 2/5

    By asdfkjasdg
    Would be more fun if it wasn’t just white people. Oh well. Delete.
  • Why doesn’t this work for Black people? 1/5

    By ndonamaya
    Do better.
  • No features to reflect inclusive skin tones 1/5

    By aja.b
    Saw a friend post selfies with this app. Thought it looked fun. Tried it for myself and realized it seems turn Black or brown skin white. Way to miss a huge segment of users.
  • Somewhat racist 2/5

    By hanlane
    The app works beautifully and I was blown away until I realized it whitewashes all people of color, giving them pale skin and Eurocentric features. I’d love to see a more inclusive AI that lets everyone enjoy seeing their portrait
  • Lack of ethnicity 5/5

    By angrygirl#1
    Wish it would capture ethnic people. Like my black friends couldn’t enjoy this app because it would lighten their skin.
  • THIS APP IS GREAT!!! 1/5

    By Stream missunderstood
    If you’re not a person of color.
  • The App doesn’t work for Black People. 1/5

    By Pattho2021
    The designers didn’t account for Black Usership. It either completely white-washes you and takes the ethic quality out of your features. 1/5.
  • Make it fun for POC??? 2/5

    By Girl and Quill
    This was a fun idea until I tried severals photos of myself (Chinese-American) and my daughter (Half Chinese, half white)....and made us both very white. I guess I know what I’d look like if I were white. I love classical art, and thought this would be fun to try, but feels a little white washed?
  • White Washing Hellscape. 1/5

    By alexis cofield
    I am a Black woman and this app made every single one of my photos caucasian. Down to changing the color of my eyes, and the shape of my nose and lips. It’s shocking to be quite honest.
  • Only for white people 1/5

    By Bloodsexmagic
    Very eurocentric features and didn’t work when uploading pictures of anyone who wasn’t white. It was all white washed. Looked nothing like me.
  • Blonde hair will be turned dark brown/black 2/5

    By Sonny4412
    Cool app, but my hair is light blonde and it makes it dark brown or black in the portraits. Would be nice if they fixed that
  • Awesome App 5/5

    By DollishDahlia
    I love it! It’s so cool :)
  • great app for white people 2/5

    By Jo Blevins :)
    I read a couple reviews before downloading this and saw poc complaining, but since i’m a light skinned half-white asian, i figured i’d be fine. I was wrong. Not only does the ai lighten my skin, it also shrinks my nose, makes my eyes even more european, changes my eye color to gray or dark green, and sometimes makes my entire head thinner. I guess i now know what i’d look like if i was all white and a painting. Wouldn’t recommend to any poc, even if you think you’re safe.
  • Its a cool app 4/5

    By Jims wife
    I think thus is a cool app but I think there should more free things
  • RACIST 1/5

    By The mod chic
    this app won’t and will not depict complexion. I reloaded for an hour and saw white face after white face... I am BLACK and look BLACK and the fact that my phenotype wasn’t recognized respected or even allowed to be seen as art is disturbing. You all should be disgusted with yourselves.

    By lylaBeee
    this app does NOT work on black people it literally turns them white skin and makes their lips very small which is super lame because there are definitely renaissance era portraits of black people! i'm really disappointed because it does work nicely on caucasians (although it makes your features even more white which i question as well)
  • Good app though room of improvement needed 3/5

    By Armaan Youssef
    This app is very fun, and pretty smart. I do love the selections of the paintings, although I do notice a lot of them do not represent people of color, as I hope there could be an option where the painting takes on the persons skin tone. To add to the selection of painted filters, there can be the use of orientalism, and many more portraits that portrayed people of color. I would also say that there should be an option of editing an entire photo then a selfie, or being given the option to crop the image we ones because sometimes the cropping of some images are a bit choppy. Overall, I am having fun with this app, but it could just be a lot better, even with the layout.
  • Why does it only zoom on faces? 3/5

    By Sunset1998
    Why can’t the whole picture be included? It only zooms on faces without an option to zoom out. And if the picture includes smiling, the results don’t—it keeps the lips shut together.
  • Racist App 1/5

    By CauldronofSelfAbsorption
    This app white washes people of color. I wouldn’t think this would be an issue in 2020. Neat app if you happen to be Caucasian.
  • White Washing 2/5

    By jusacustomer
    The app is fun but if you are black it will white wash your features and make you look unrecognizable...we had a harlem renascence you could do better with black skin
  • I’m not white 1/5

    By gaian_iaine
    I tried it with multiple pictures with different lighting and it keeps making me white. This does not recognize dark skin at all whatsoever.
  • Not For People Of Color 1/5

    By mollykite144
    The filters are cool, but the portraits are only fun if you’re white. I’m mixed (half black) but I mostly appear to be black, and the pictures consistently come out looking nothing like me. The app can’t get my skin, my hair, my eyes, my nose, my lips, or the shape of my face correct. Definitely only for people who fit Eurocentric standards.