Fair: A New Way To Own A Car

Fair: A New Way To Own A Car

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  • Current Version: 1.15.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Fair Financial Corp
  • Compatibility: Android
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Fair: A New Way To Own A Car App

Why lease or get a loan when you can drive Fair? Only Fair lets you shop and sign for a car on your phone, with the freedom to walk away any time. Warranty, maintenance, roadside assistance included – that’s Fair! Total flexibility With Fair, there is no long-term commitment. Drive the car you want for as long as you want, and return it any time you want with just 5 days’ notice. One app does it all Fair lets you shop in-app, get approved by scanning your driver’s license, sign for a car with your finger, and set up payments -- all on your phone. No negotiation and no physical paperwork means you can go from swipe to drive faster than ever. Peace of mind included You can drive worry-free knowing that every Fair vehicle comes with a limited warranty, routine maintenance, and 24/7 roadside assistance. Uber driver partner options Fair now provides special offers for people driving with Uber. Be sure to log in with your Uber driver partner account! PS -- Right now, Fair is available in the following states: - Arizona - California - Colorado - Connecticut - Florida - Georgia - Illinois - Massachusetts - New Jersey - New York - Pennsylvania - Tennessee - Texas - Virginia - Washington

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  • I can’t even rent 1/5

    By felipe26986775432098790
    I’ve been trying rent a car, I’m out of state, I’ll head back and I think won’t be possible to rent the car, trying saving me money is costing more then renting a car
  • Whack 1/5

    By Koo it
    After reading reviews I decide you GUYS ARE WHACK
  • Problems 1/5

    By Jlogo
    Nothing but problems and customer support don’t do much
  • Not recommended 1/5

    By 462398
    If you want to get ripped off go ahead and download fair give them a try it’s been about 1 month since i turned the car bAck in i made all my payments on time and now all of a sudden I’m being charged for a late fee of $125 ? When fair was in charge of taking out the money every week from my account how could I be charged for a late fee ? I don’t want to pay those $125 but good luck going and arguing with them that you made all your payments on time .. I would never recommend fair to anyone please avoid waisting time and money this is completely unfair what an irony .
  • Fair/Uber 1/5

    By etwurted
    Fair states that they have partnered with Uber. They have no connection with Uber as it took a week to get my Fair car Driving for Uber. They should automatically upload all car paperwork to Uber as it is not my car. Then trying to get ahold of Fair is impossible. I have tried chat, phone calls and even left reviews and no response. They need an question and response feature which they do not have. For what you are paying for a used car to drive for Uber, they should be jumping through hoops to keep you happy....no customer service whatsoever...their excuse is tremendous growth...call back in non-peak hours, on hold one hour and fifteen minutes, no response. Log into chat, response 3 HOURS later....completely unacceptable.
  • Straight forward 1/5

    By tbhlioj
    Be clear about the product that your offering. You should make mention if there is a down payment and a qualification process the commercial is Mis-leading. 😡😡 Stop trying to trick People. It’s actually a great idea but you need to simplify the process a little more no stars but that’s not and option
  • It's great until you need customer service 1/5

    By TimothyMorrisAuthor
    I loved the idea of a Fair. It's basically long-term car rental for people who don't want loan/lease debt. I like that idea a lot. From the start I had issues with the initial car I chose being available. It wasn't Fair's fault as the dealer had provided incorrect information. All they did to "help me out" was say I could choose a different car and the issue wouldn't happen. I chose a different car, but I was worried about losing a discount from a coupon code I'd used. They replaced my 50% off start fee coupon with a $250 off start fee coupon. Sure, it would last longer, but it was less money. I dealt with that. Then came the news that my "unwind" date started, not the day of delivery as advertised, but the day I signed paperwork. Given that I love 4 hours away from the closest Fair dealership, I couldn't get there within the 3-days because of work. Fair's response: "Guess you need to cancel while you're in your three days." If a company cares this little about you before they have your business, I can't imagine what it's like for those whose money they already have. This has been my worst customer experience ever.
  • 2019 5/5

    By ShakorAllihoopa
    Fair is about to make my life easier for this whole new year
  • Changing the policy as they need 1/5

    By Welolew
    I was approved at the beginning, and when I start saving money to get a car they said I am not approved any more because they change the policy and I am not qualify!!!
  • Process and selection need work. 2/5

    By RUFKM!
    . There seems to be literally dozens and dozens of certain models ( with poor dependability reviews) is this just a way for dealerships to sell off poor quality vehicles? Each of the 3 vehicles we’ve chosen (after careful research) is “no longer available” (you receive a text 3 days later after you’ve given them your financial information) aside from the time and anxiety involved (worst buying/leasing experience I’ve had); starting to seem a bit too coincidental. Is this another scammy business operating under the guise of providing a societal benefit while actually conducting it’s business in a manner more unethical than industry norms? Possibly.
  • Fair.com 5/5

    By duyenche
    It's great for me to chose lots of cars with any kind brand name. Especially the prices and the ways of financial it fix with anybody not enough the money to buy the car.
  • Big riddled app. 1/5

    By Photobombqqq
    Lead developer probably is a kid. Surprising ly poor app. Crashes, search fails, filters don’t work. Is growth an excuse for a crap Product? I guess so!!!
  • .. 2/5

    By davisd1775
    Was browsing the app to check it out. Upon entering my info (name and address) its only showing me cars under $250 a month?? Asked nothing about my income lol. Seemed like a cool idea for cars but im not sure about it now
  • This is truly AMAZING. 5/5

    By Twofiveking
    I dropped my car off with a smile today guy goes you ready to look at something new I told him I will never allow a car to trap me again then he asked what are you going to get I told him check out Fair.com he almost fell down and couldn’t believe it either I think they wanted to shoot me because I told 3 customers on the floor and all three walked out of the dealership wanting to research Fair.com. I have leased a Mercedes for the last 10 years this last lease made me realize how much I hated being stuck in a car I didn’t want anymore. I’ve been doing a lot of traveling lately using Airbnb which is also amazing I spent about 6 months on the road and I’m thinking to myself I can’t believe I’m paying for a car that I’m not driving. Now I’m simplifying my life and getting a functional practical car and just giving it back when I’m out of the country. I hope fair destroys these leasing companies for holding us hostage all these years. The party is over for those old school companies fair understands modern society that people don’t wanna be obliged to things. Good luck Fair i think your company was a serious game changer
  • Fair is awesome!! Super simple process.. 5/5

    By chetanannigeri
    You get wide selections of car , simple online documentation and you ll have a car within day or two. Car will be just as you see in pictures, All clean and great condition. Regional Account Manager Brian Almeida was exceptional in coordinating and taking care of things..! He personally addressed all concerns I had all throughout till the end including ride to dealership. Thanks to him.!! Customer support through chat/call takes way longer wait than usual ( May be they are receiving high volume of calls than they expected as they state), that is something that fair team has to address. I definitely recommend fair to my friends. All the best team FAIR.!!
  • Good idea but needs improvement. 1/5

    By bgjohn425
    This is a great idea but It would be nice to have this, so after a certain period of time and money paid you could have the option of owning the car.
  • I have one of their cars 5/5

    By Alpari1984
    I’m a total skeptic when it comes to things like these but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how incredibly seamless this process was. I got a cheap payment Versa that looks flawless and brand new. Vehicle runs perfectly and making payments is straight forward. No hoops to jump through, no credit checks to deal with, no debt looming over my head and so if ever this car turns into a problem I just return it and get another and won’t have to worry about a typical car payment debt for a car that might lose a transmission or something. Having no potential long term headaches from traditional car buying is highly valuable in my opinion. Your paying for convenience, peace of mind, no debt etc for practically a new vehicle. Who cares if it’s leased! My other car is a typical $10,000 loan sitting in my yard with a transmission failing. A piece of **** I now have to deal with with the 10k still over my head. Wish I knew about FAIR sooner. Would have never bought a conventional car with loan. Nowadays it’s just not worth it. Typical car ownership comes with too many risks involved regardless of having full coverage insurance or not. Thank you Fair for coming up with something like this for the people who won’t peace of mind when running vehicles.

    By Nohaaa97
    If I could give this app negative stars I would! They are praying on naive millennials and it is sickening. The only thing you are doing is making their CEO rich. You’re over paying by as much as 30% most of the time, you never own the car, but you are still liable for any repairs that may occur. It has been proven time and time again, leasing a car is the most expensive way to operate a motor vehicle (this fact has been proven time and time again). This app was developed in order to increase sales for the DEALERSHIP. When you decide to get a car from Fair, they pay cash for that car at a partnered dealership, then they “GENEROUSLY” let you pay it off for them without ever even getting to own it. They are praying on Millennials and the worst part is, most people don’t know better and think this company has their best interest in mind and is actually an affordable way to get into a car. Never lease a car people. If you don’t have enough to pay cash for a reliable car. Then I’d finance (which I’m still not a huge fan of). But at least you will actually pay it off and it will be yours!
  • I just wanted to see my options 2/5

    By potatoqueenxx
    I only got the app to see if it was a good option to get what I want in the future and it was already asking me if I was qualified first. I know I don’t but I wanted to look through and see how the vehicles were and everything. They should have a look through option
  • Great app 5/5

    By Lorenz_10
    We had a small issue with the car battery and was fixed right away on the same day without any arguments, the whole transaction was very easy to understand and smooth, definitely recommend the app to all my friends and family.
  • Don’t waste your time 1/5

    By BrandiLee31907
    I downloaded this app because I was extremely interested in getting a car. All I did was type in my phone number and full name and started browsing. I was excited and hoping this was going to be a great opportunity for me. I made my selection and I was willing to make a larger down payment for a smaller monthly fee of course and the app would keep taking me back to the main page every time I hit get started. I tried multiple times to chat with “help”. It’s always an automated system and not an actual person. It basically say I didn’t pre qualify and try again in 30 days. I don’t understand how I didn’t qualify when all I typed in was my name and phone number. There was no other information provided and the app determined I didn’t “pre qualify”. Don’t waste your time with this app. Pretty sure it’s a scam!
  • 0 Stars 1/5

    By Imkenzo
  • Great Support ! 5/5

    By Jus Paul
    There’s a guy named Clarence That helped me as if I were family! I’ve never experienced service that good outside my own.
  • Ok app 4/5

    By MikeBorracho
    It’s a Good app but needs more update.
  • Another disappointed customer 1/5

    By ByeChrome
    I’ve been reading the reviews and it seems like they are paying some people to give good reviews. The first thing they asked me to give them is my number then my DL. Yea, that’s not ok. I would rather not give my sensitive information to something I’m not even sure if I am interested in yet. So, I decided to go through the reviews to see if I would be willing to. They like to reply to the low reviews promising that they will try to fix any problem with customers that are upset, but never follow up. All they care about is your money. I chose not to go forward, I don’t think it is worth anyones time and money for the trouble they most likely give you in the future. Sorry for the many that lost their money, even thought the company promise to return the money more then once or the ones that couldn’t get accepted because their jobs weren’t enough and basically asked to change their job. 🙅‍♀️
  • Buy a car. Don’t rent a car 1/5

    By CaDiLLAcStyle03
    You’re human. You have needs that are routine. BUY A CAR y’all.
  • Auto or manual 2/5

    By Masen97
    Hate how this app doesn’t list if it’s an auto or manual in the basic info menu. Spent 45 minutes yesterday driving to a location to find out that the vehicle was an automatic. Poor layout and focus on things that don’t matter like saying it has air conditioning and alloy wheels. What car for 300$ a month doesn’t have that!!!
  • Can’t view cars without a credit check 2/5

    By another avg consumer
    I just downloaded this app after being in the fence while reading the reviews. The main issue is that you can’t view anything without first giving them your Driver License for a credit pull. I would say unless your are desperate don’t use this app. Go do your foot work and don’t risk your credit to just browse used cars. I think most reviews are right in that these people I’m gonna pry on those who have bad credit and are not as educated about car buying as they need to be. I was hoping that with all the negative reviews they would at least try to make is so that one could look at the options before they commit. I think what was miss-leading is that the developer responds to the comments and I thought maybe they actually consider them but really they all say the same thing. They sympathize and to co tact customer care for help. One star for the concept because it has potential and one star for their advertising because it’s catchy. No stars for the above mentioned.
  • Credit 3/5

    By zo jersey
    Do anyone kn if this helps ur credit.the program sounds great. I would like to help my credit to.
  • Fair isn’t prepared running a business. 1/5

    By Juyeun369
    As a short-term(1 year)stay foreigner, Fair was the best option to get a car but I’m so disappointed with them, so I want to let lots of people, (especially foreigner here)know my experience which is still happening for over 15 days. Fair isn’t prepared to run a business. Customer service was unprofessional, and their all process were very slow and even never let the customer know what’s going on in the process not until the customer ask twice. For me, it feels more comfortable to use chatting to get an help but it was so inefficient and kept tossing their responsibility to each other which is so unprofessional. And those are problems I had in the process with Fair. 1. Fair doesn’t have consistency on the standards of verification. (they required additional documents like payment stubs but they verified my friends who has same status/visa/economic condition here with only bank statements.) 2. First order get cancelled by either Fair or car dealership WITHOUT any notice to the customer. 3. Second order get cancelled because the dealer sold the car I ordered (even after I signed on the contract.) 4.For unreasonable cancellations, Fair offers promo codes (discounts) as a compensation but the discounts are less than the initial offer. I was offered $400.00 discount however $350.00 was offered/applied when signing the contract. 4. Representative would promise a call back regarding the order but never calls the customer back. 5. When the contract is signed/finalized, customer is asked to pick a vehicle pick-up date however neither fair or car dealer contact the buyer to confirm. They already charged me but still haven’t confirmed the pick-up date or time. If there’s some foreigners like me thinking about to use fair now, please reconsider using this service at least for several months.
  • Fair Review 5/5

    By dam dam bigalo
    This is clearly next level business! Take out the dealers and rental companies!
  • Great concept. App and program needs work. 3/5

    By briny319
    As far as the app goes it works well enough but has very limited search functions. Want leather seats? Navigation? Heated steering wheel? Good luck because you can’t search for features beyond make model color and year. There’s a dealer search feature but they’re in alphabetical order. What is the point of that? How about dealer search by location! Lastly I haven’t rented/leased a car from fair but I’m looking to and their program only offers very basic maintenance. Need new brakes? Good luck again, you’ll be paying for them or returning the car...
  • Got a junk car and a huge headache to return 1/5

    By teehlee
    First of all, their “Money Back Guarantee” is lame. They give you 3 days from the day you sign the contract. However, they didn’t even let me pick up the car until 1 day after I signed the contract and I had to push hard to get it that day. They were trying to set up a pickup appointment 2 days out, which would’ve meant if I didn’t like the car I’d have to return it like the NEXT day. As it was, I had just 2 days left on the “guarantee” by the time I got the car. So I picked up an electric vehicle that wasn’t fully charged. I noticed that the battery had less than 50 miles on it but the salesperson told me it should go higher once it is fully charged. My home is over 50 miles away from the dealership where I picked it up so I had to go out of my way and charge it up on my way home. When I did get home, I took it to a fast charge station and let it charge fully. At full charge the mileage on the battery was a full 30% less than full capacity. It was clear the battery was severely degraded. I immediately contacted both Fair and the dealership to see what could be done. I was told the battery issue could not be fixed. That is fine, I said, your app says return the vehicle and get a new one any time. I’d like to see if I could swap it out. Not the case at all. They gave me a very hard time about returning the car because you are only supposed to have 100 miles or less on it or you can’t get a refund. Well since the dealership is over 50 miles from my home, I would have been over 100 miles after driving it back. So I had to argue with them about that until finally we agreed that it could be a bit over. Then I asked about swapping out for a different car. Nope. You have to fully cancel out the contract and start all over. And it takes 3 days just to process your cancellation. Then another couple of days to get a refund of your starting fee. I returned the car on January 6 and was told I would have my cancellation processed by today. However, when I didn’t hear from anyone today I contacted them and they said I didn’t turn in my car until 1/8 and they still needed 5-7 business days to process the cancellation and issue my refund! Complete bull! They advertise a quick easy return but nothing could be further from the truth. I was and continue to be treated like dirt after asking to return the car I got, even though they tried to lease me a faulty vehicle AND I OFFERED TO STAY IN THE CONTRACT OF THEY JUST GAVE ME A DIFFERENT CAR. THAT WORKS. They’re all sunshine and roses to you until you make some complaint. Then they are unresponsive, rude, incompetent and straight up liars. 0/10 do not recommend.
  • Fair 1/5

    By Tronky 787
    do not let deceive this application is a waste of time the only thing that comes out is that it does not qualify try it in 30 days do not waste time in downloading it
  • Billion dollar company with awful customer service 1/5

    By jpulso12
    Worst customer service
  • Gay 1/5

    By Bretmanrock519

    By armin22zz
    I have never wrote a review on anything but felt writing a review on this app to let people know what they are going to deal with. PLEASE GO THROUGH THE REVIEW AND JUST SEE HOW MANY NEGATIVE REVIEW THEY HAVE. They have just established some fake reviews when they published the app and that’s why they overall rating is 4.6 but make sure to read the reviews before applying. If you looking for your money gets stolen , damage your credit by placing a multiple inquiries then then your order gets cancelled, this is the company for you . They will put multiple inquiries on your report then cancel your order. This happened to me 3 times. I wish I read the review before let these scammers waste my time , money and credit. Unbelievably horrible customer service. In fact, I’m really surprised they last this long and still doing business. It won’t be too long though. YOU WONT GET ANY CAR. MAYBE ONE EVERY TEN ORDERS ACTUALLY RECEIVES A CAR SINCE THE ORDERS GETS CANCELLED- ACCORDING TO MY 3 ATTEMPTS PLACING AN ORDER AND REVIEWS FROM OTHER CUSTOMERS. ONCE YOUR ORDER IS SUBMITTED AND THEY RECEIVE THE MONEY, I GUARANTEE YOU IF YOU HAVE ANY ISSUE AND NEED A CUSTOMER SERVICE YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO REACH OUT TO THEM OR GET ANY HELP. I tried reaching out to them over a phone , by email and through the chat for 5 days and still not a single helpful respond or anything. They took my money, damage my credit and just disappeared!!! AVOID THEM AT ALL COAT.
  • Horrible service 1/5

    By henryjones22
    Constant hold, no replies, goes back on what they say. Fraud and trap company. Avoid at all costs
  • Worst customer service on Earth 1/5

    By Mrs Macy Rose
    To preface this, I ONLY used Fair because I have a repo on my credit and when the 1996 car I owned outright broke down, I couldn’t get approved anywhere. Fair was my only option. So here is a rundown of my experience with Fair. I downloaded the app, took a picture of my license, and entered all the necessary information. Ding ding ding, I’m approved for a payment up to 287 (fair goes in terms of payment, not vehicle price). Last thing I needed to do was send in a utility bill or bank statement. So here’s where the trouble started. The app tells you to send the paperwork in their live chat, so I chatted with someone and sent her my phone bill. She simply tells me to send it to their support email, which I do, then wait 24 hours. Done right? Well 24 hours later I’m still not cleared, so I hop back on chat and ask. I then get told that phone bills aren’t accepted! The first employee literally saw that I was sending a phone bill and didn’t bother telling me this information. So I say okay and I send in a bank statement. Then I wait. Another 2 days passes so I chat again. This time it takes over an hour to connect to someone. They tell me that due to the holiday they are now backed up and it might take up to 4 days! Now I’m really upset because i haven’t had a car for a week and I have a family. So I ask for a manager. The manager takes another hour to get into the chat and once they are there they assure me the issue will be resolved. They tell me someone from the account team will call me in the morning. Nobody ever called me! However I did get an email the next morning asking for a picture of my social security card. So I send it in. ANOTHER 4 days passes!! So I hop on the chat, really upset this time, and I demand to be directly connected to an account team member. I wait on the chat TWO HOURS for them to respond but finally they do, and after answering some security questions they FINALLY get my account cleared. So I selected a car, put in my credit card info, and hit continue. Everything else seemed smooth and I was just going to forgive and forget. They confirmed that the car was still available and I signed all the paperwork. I paid the down payment. Then they said the only final step was to confirm when I’d pick the car up. So I told them, well, I have someone who can drive me to the dealership in an hour or two. Then they tell me “well I’m sorry, but we can’t get you in today.” ........what?? I ask, but the car is there, at the dealership, and everything is signed. Why can’t I literally just drive over there and pick it up? It’s SITTING RIGHT THERE. They tell me “well I’m sorry but our order team has to confirm everything. It can take up to 72 hours but because of the holiday it may be longer” so now I am FUMING and I demand to speak to a manger, because I’m not paying a down payment on a car and then being told I can’t pick it up for a week after all the waiting I’ve already done. I tell them to get a manager on the line because I can ONLY get to the dealership today. First he tries to ignore my request to speak to a manager and end the chat but I demand again. And now it’s been over an hour that I’ve been waiting to speak to them. Oh yeah that’s the kicker of this story... I STILL DON’T HAVE THE CAR 🙃🙃🙃
  • Awesome way to have a non binding agreement! 5/5

    By AngiesExperience
    From start to finish the process to obtain a 2016 Traverse was super simple. I think the monthly pricing depends on your credit score and I was able to include my car insurance in my monthly car note(awesomesauce)!!! Being that I have a pretty high credit score and a good driving record, Fair worked perfectly for me and my family. You have to be ready with your down payment as soon as you see the car you like because it could go FAST!
  • Easy to get in then customer service gets tricky 2/5

    By blkval14
    App works great but the company not so much. Trying to resolve an issue where I returned the vehicle but was still charged (still am) for going on a month now since the return. In addition, the license plates and registration just got delivered to my house and I DON'T EVEN HAVE THE VEHICLE!!! I'M getting the run around with Billing, Concierge, and Returns in trying to resolve this issue. Long hold times on the phone and the chat let's me know that possibly I'm not the only one experience issues.
  • Fair overcharges 1/5

    By Nickth1
    It’s own FAQs says it fights against low advertised monthly rates, then surprises customers with high upfront fees... unFair does the same thing. Also I tried calling their customer support, no one was available for 30 minutes, so I requested a call back, and 60 minutes later; they still haven’t. Hence 1 star for this scam.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By bizniz_wman
    Horrible horrible horrible I’ve been trying to get in touch with someone for days and every time I call it says you have to hold for 30 min then after they hang you up automatically. They took my money and the chat rep says he doesn’t see that I ever selected a car. I called the location to where they said the car is and they have no idea of what I’m speaking of nor have they heard of this company. I’m seeking a refund of some way
  • Absolute worst customer service!!! 1/5

    By ActionBstardOni
    Signed up and was approved for a car last week. After selecting 1st car, response back was dealership no longer had vehicle. After selecting 2nd car, response back was dealership no longer had vehicle. After selecting 3rd car, dealership finally has a vehicle (not really a vehicle I wanted, but I am in need of a car). Told car not available for pickup until Saturday 1/5/18. After signing paperwork on Thursday 1/3/19, told I have 72 hours (until 5pm Sunday 1/6) to change mind for refund of start fee. Contacted on Friday 1/4/19 to cancel order and request refund on start fee. Told process takes 24 hours and refund is 3-5 days. It is not Tuesday 1/8/19, app still tells me I need to pick up car, company will not confirm that they cancelled order, told to call back the next morning. This is ridiculous and I understand it takes time for a refund to process back into my account, however to not provide any documentation or anything. They say they record all phone conversations and chat logs, well I have done so myself with screen shots and video recordings and will be putting in a dispute with my bank and attorney if necessary to get my money back from this company. Buyer beware, definitely not as easy as it seems. I’d hate to see what happens if you get a vehicle and want to return it how long they continue to charge you.
  • Not good so far 1/5

    By not good so far
    Today is day2 since I signed up and paid and it has not been good so far, the car I booked was 25 miles away and I did not want to drive down.Checked with them twice (before and after booking)and they confirmed that they will deliver the car to my home, now they are telling me they can’t deliver and I need to drive there. Customer service is very difficult to reach and lacks problem solving attitude. Not good so far...
  • The worst experience I have ever had 1/5

    By armin.zzzeee
  • Alex 5/5

    By xel34
    I encountered an issue with fair when I was registered with Uber and my registration was not properly disclose to me . And I call fair to get the issue resolve. Tearsa Burgess the manager on behalf of Fair in south Florida help me by physically call me and went to the dealership and fix the issue. She sent me the copy of all I need to move on. She is trustworthy and loyal to me as customer. With her skill the company will go far in South Florida and thank you!
  • Why it wasn’t available in like state of Indiana 1/5

    By beatle
    I was liking the app at first (for the first time )but it wasn’t available in my state yet because I lived in Indiana how come do they don’t having the app available for this state? Please let me know if it is available in Indiana for one day thank you!
  • Yikes. Go To A Dealership Instead! 1/5

    By Emsy218
    I was initially excited by the idea of Fair. So excited that I gave the company several chances to make things right! First, I put in an order for a car after a couple of weeks of looking for the perfect one. They say they will confirm within 48 hours, however I waited for over a week with several chat sessions checking in on the status before the car disappeared from my order with no explanation. Okay, fine—maybe it wasn’t available. I went back to searching and found the same car still listed but this time five dollars more expensive a month. I figured I’d give them another chance, although at that point I should not have. I ordered the car. This time, I got confirmation that it was available and I was so excited to sign for my car on Friday! I gave all my info, read and signed all the documents, and the payment was processed as pending. Yay! I then sent in my available times to pick up the vehicle over the weekend. 24 hours passed to no response. I chatted in, and they told me it was still being processed—and get this—the three-day refund guarantee actually starts the moment you sign, not the moment you get the car. The person I chatted with explained that if it was a priority for me to see the car before that refund window ended, that I should cancel the order and start a new one. Of course seeing the car I am paying for is a priority. Again, this is after I signed the papers. Another 24 hours go by, so I called the dealership to see if they had been in touch with Fair—and they had never heard of it. In fact, the car that I had SIGNED and PAID for on Friday had been sold to someone else on Saturday. So I chatted Fair and they told me they couldn’t get in touch with the dealer and that they would cancel my order. Today is Monday, and my $800 deposit just processed to my bank account—and my order is still live on the app. I’m a little concerned about how quickly they’ll process my refund. Yikes times a million. Not sure what’s going on at Fair, but I can’t believe they have the audacity to advertise how easy it all is when this kind of stuff happens. Sort the reviews by “most recent” and you’ll see that this is NOT a unique experience. The good news? The dealership I called ended up being really friendly and helpful so I’ll purchase from them—and avoid Fair at all costs.

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