Fair: A New Way To Own A Car

Fair: A New Way To Own A Car

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  • Current Version: 1.20.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Fair Financial Corp
  • Compatibility: Android
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Fair: A New Way To Own A Car App

Why lease or get a loan when you can drive Fair? Only Fair lets you shop and sign for a car on your phone, with the freedom to walk away any time. Warranty, maintenance, roadside assistance included – that’s Fair! Total flexibility With Fair, there is no long-term commitment. Drive the car you want for as long as you want, and return it any time you want with just 5 days’ notice. One app does it all Fair lets you shop in-app, get approved by scanning your driver’s license, sign for a car with your finger, and set up payments -- all on your phone. No negotiation and no physical paperwork means you can go from swipe to drive faster than ever. Peace of mind included You can drive worry-free knowing that every Fair vehicle comes with a limited warranty, routine maintenance, and 24/7 roadside assistance. Uber driver partner options Fair provides special offers for people driving with Uber. Be sure to log in with your Uber driver partner account! PS -- Right now, Fair is available in the following locations : - Arizona - California - Colorado - Connecticut - Florida - Georgia - Illinois - Massachusetts - New Jersey - New York - North Carolina - Ohio - Pennsylvania - Tennessee - Texas - Virginia - Washington - Washington, DC

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Fair: A New Way To Own A Car app reviews

  • Service 5/5

    By fair oakland
    Fred was great. The customer service was AWESOME!!!!
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Franky4593740028
    I’ve downloaded the app in both, my wife and my IPhone XR and doesn’t work. Keeps saying that something went wrong.
  • My experience 1/5

    By Gdaijbvddnb
    So far experience is no good. The apps no. I found the car I wanted went through the process and waited a few days passed then I decided to call fair and they said they was waiting on dealership so then I called dealership to find the car I wanted got sold. So the I called fair canceled my order drove 2 hours to a dealership that had a car went through app to file for everything then once it got to the insurance part in app I hit insurance thinking ima going to get a quota on insurance and down payment nope it sent me to signing papers so I signed everything not thinking about anything like okay it’s for car and giving me idea about insurance yah cool but I want my own insurance. So it gets me to the check out and I’m like cancel I don’t wanna pay for fair insurance I wanna back up and would not allow me to back up in the app forcing me to pay so the dealership calls fair and I call fair I sit in dealership for 3 hours waiting on fair to fix but nothing I send 2 emails to fair and nothing no response and no fixing. So I leave the dealership of course right before I leave they get mad and says there not holding the car even though I signed for everything I just need to process payment they like oh we not holding the car so your problem so I contact fair again no answer no nothing. So now it’s next day and I’m logged out my account it’s like fair blocked my account I can’t access anything iv called fair they tried to access but could not so now everyone is confused what’s going on I can’t log in and for some reason they can’t ether to see what’s going on... not the best experience with the app so far. The people did great on phone just the app no no. Maybe I just got a bad download or something idk but for me it’s just been a nightmare. All I want is to pay for the car and start driving.

    By Jared donavon
    We had 2 cars through Fair. Both cars were quick and easy transactions. Fair actually sent us to the dealership 2 hours away in an Uber. The dealers were blown away how low the monthly and start up fees were on both cars. The great experience with Fair ends the moment you get the car. Try to get maintenance done. JOKE!!! After waiting 90min on the phone you’ll get bounced around and nothing accomplished. Try to return the car. JOKE!!! They set 3 times and eventually the tow driver that’s assigned will set when he wants to get it. In our case it was 6 days after we requested pick up. Fair CONTINUES to charge our card with auto pay and we haven’t had it for weeks. We’re waiting for the final amount for over mileage to close it out. But we can’t pay because Fair has payments scheduled for some reason and we aren’t paying until the auto pays are stopped. Their customer service is snake oil. Horrible once they’ve got you in a car. Cars are nice and easy to get into. You’ll get in a car at a much lower price point than a purchase. The headaches that Fair brings is not worth it overall. RESPONSE TO FAIR: Your responses are cookie cutter responses. Fair obviously has absolutely no intention of correcting this issue. Our experience only got worse after I left the review. There’s too many reviews with the exact same issues we’ve had. Don’t be all talk. Make it better and the reviews will speak for themselves to future customers.
  • Disappointing onboarding 1/5

    By arsham121
    The broken onboarding experience makes the premium prices not worth it. You may pay the premium for a good service, but no sense paying extra for additional headache
  • Don't waste your time!!!!! 1/5

    By my name is Kenneth
    I can honestly say I didn't feel great about this app from the beginning, but I gave it the benefit of the doubt and tried it out. I saw a car that I wanted and did a start payment for it and went through the process of picking it up. I picked up the car February 23 and everything was going really smoothe until 23 days later I'm informed that I owe a due balance of $818 for the start payment that I thought they took out of my account when I picked up the vehicle like i was told but that wasn't the case!! A due balance plus a monthly payment all at once!! No one knows what they are doing or even have an answer to what is going on. I was told that once I picked up the vehicle that they were going to take the money out of my account but i see clearly now that none of that ever happened. Don't waste your time with this app people walk away!!
  • DO NOT SIGN 1/5

    By jimoslave
    The worst customer service ever!!
  • Does not work 1/5

    By morning_run
    I have been trying to get a car for two days now. I placed one order and had to cancel due to an error receiving the paperwork. I started on Thursday and needed the car Saturday. I was told today Friday that I would have to wait four day just to have the error looked at ????? So I tried a different car. Now each time I try to reserve I get a funds error. I have tried three different cards from two different banks. Visa Master AMEX Also the page keeps crashing when I hit my favorites. Not sure what to do at this point I would like to use but it does not work
  • Gets worse with time! 1/5

    By consumerswantwhatwepayfor
    I’ve had my fair car for 5 months now, and the experience getting into the car was cumbersome, I forgave that due to the concept and the company being fairly new. Since having the car, I’ve had several issues with the third Party payment company improperly charging my checking account/card. The automatic payment option is an absolute nightmare, they have been up to 6 business days late with actually processing the payment. Then they send these very nasty text messages demanding some huge payment or returning the car. When I can actually stomach the hours of waiting on the phone, promises of a returned call(never happens), and our right rude customer service people, it end up with them realizing their issue and still not even an apology or a remedy to the improper fees assessed. Fair as a company tries to make up for it by sending a gift card to cover the fee, but at some point someone should just find a solution to the problem. Today I got a text saying that my payment of $717 was due on the 18th or return the car. This was especially strange because my payment date is the 23rd of the month and my payment is $495. After finally speaking to someone, I was told that they were auditing accounts and can’t find record of me paying a start payment. How insanely ridiculous does that sound. I paid you to start a contract, you gave me the car, I’ve had it for 5 months paying each month, and today you tell me that you can’t find my start payment, and told me I have to pay it again or get them documentation to prove that they actually processed the payment. I AM DONE WITH THIS COMPANY!
  • Bug in Favorites 1/5

    By ~JustDance~
    Please fix the bug in favorites menu. App crashes when you scroll down to the car that is no longer available. Re-installed app multiple times....
  • Useless “customer service” 1/5

    By Wendell_
    Many people are having issues since the last update and all Fair says is “it sounds like YOU are having a technical issue. Email support”. I’ve emailed them 4 times and no response. This company is not ready to do business. Apple should pull this app.
  • Credit destroyed in minuets ! 1/5

    By Mssdimples2891
    So I gave fair a try here in Sacramento ca. At the time I was very desperate for a car with little cash and little time. I noticed that, since fair was fairly new, they were constantly making changes to their policy and to their app. At the time of signing up there was a statement that”this will not affect your credit” underneath where I signed. Because at that I time I was on a journey to fix my credit and had already worked up 80 points so I’m very cautious about credit checks I already had too many by the time I learned about credit and how inquiries affected my credit. With all of that being said I made sure to call and ask questions to confirm there is no credit check and that I needed to show proof of income. This was back in early January of 2018. After calling and confirming and reading and signing all the documents. I got a notification that fair has checked my credit and my score dropped 53 points!!! All that work and paying debts was for nothing! I didn’t think to pursue anything and investigate at the time due to me still learning my credit. So 3 months later after turning in the car I started to investigate. I checked all my signed documents non of them stated a hard inquiry would be initiated. So I started calling. First your credit doesn’t play a factor in you being approved when you using your Uber partner account to participate in fair. So my first phone call, the rep was confused and agreed that there shouldn’t have been a credit check. The next rep Pricilla Bend in Oregon was very helpful and through in trying to help find the documents or something saying there would be a hard inquiry on my credit . She was not successful she then forwards me to a supervisor who tells me there’s nothing he could do and that it should have said there would be a credit check. So I asked him well can you forward me the proof that a hard inquiry will be initiated? He didn’t have a reply and asked was there anything else he can help with . I explained how this was devastating how I worked so hard and because their reps were so misinformed, I made a decision to move forward with apply with fair to have everything I worked for unravel and have to start over . Fair did not handle this well at all and they also make so many changes to the policy and app if there was a mistake on their end to properly inform people new employees or even old consumers wouldn’t be able to catch it unless they already screen shot it at the time . How was I supposed to know I needed to screen shot something that says “it’s not going to affect your credit” if later I find that it does . I have screen shots of my conversations as well as every single document I signed and none of it said my credit would be checked . Specially while my credit or income wasn’t a factor while being a Uber partner. Jacob was the supervisor who reached out to me saying the app does inform me of the credit check but he screen shot the new screens that come up when you apply . This screen did not come up while I applied and if it did why isn't there any documents or any kind of proof saying I authorized it... anyway I was happy with the car and the service and all the cool add that came with my car and even getting a free ride with Uber to pick it up but that credit part really put a downer on things and also not getting any real help to fix it or a letter or something stating that it was a mistake or something I could send to TransUnion to fix the problem would have been nice . Today I went back to see if I could apply and now the app only ask for my Uber information so I don’t know what that means .. after writing this I think I may seek further help.
  • The App itself 5/5

    By Stephanie Mooresoever
    The app itself hasn’t been working for me. Gets me pass the verification of phone number screen than gives me errors. Use to work great :/ my husband has a S9 & I have a X, tried it on both phones, same problem.
  • Not working 1/5

    By marty lee jr
    I downloaded the app but it’s just giving me a error message
  • Stupid 1/5

    By johnnya2121
    First thing they ask is for your phone number to even use the app. If anyone’s ever bought a car before the last thing you want to do is give a bunch of car dealers your phone number you will get 1000 calls a day from just looking at a car stupid app don’t waste your time.
  • Filters 2/5

    By Tinware
    There isn’t much I am looking for a standard shift As an example
  • The service 5/5

    By Dee 619
    I gave this fair location 5 stars due to the customer service that was given to me by Fred. He was very helpful and patient with the skills of multi tasking but getting all questions comments and concerns at the same time. I appreciate the hard word he puts in and the quality of work that was given to me.
  • Run away from Fair! Fraudulent company misleading customers 1/5

    By Beautiousbunny
    I wish there was a way to automatically report this company for fraud and misleading customers. I will personally be writing to the Better Business Bureau and filing a complaint with the Department of Consumer Affairs and I'm thinking about filing a lawsuit. I needed a car quickly and after researching I found Fair. MORE LIKE UNFAIR. I found a used Jetta with a payment I could afford and signed up for 10,000 MILES. I put $800 down... I was told I could return the car at any point... No one ever said they prorate miles and if you turn it in early you will be facing EXCESSIVE FEES. I drove about 8,000 MILES, turned the car in early once I found a car I wanted to purchase and they just sent me a bill (a month later) for $700 for excess mileage. Are you kidding me?!! I sat on hold several times with customer service trying to escalate this and have the fees removed as I didn't drive the 10,000 miles I signed up for so why am I paying excess mileage fees if I turned the car in early and why wasn't this ever explained to me, they refused to remove them or reduce the fees... Misleading fraudulent business practices. They wouldn't let me talk to a manager or supervisor. STAY AWAY FROM FAIR!!!
  • Not even a wort 1/5

    By hassank77
    Scam scam scam price is higher then a normal lease stay from this app
  • Can’t get in 2/5

    By jcst03
    Downloaded the app, put in my info and immediately got a screen that says “oops! Something went wrong. Reload the app or try again later” ...been trying again later for a week now. Uninstalled, reinstalled, tried from another device- same problem. Emailed the support team- no response.
  • Can’t even use the app 1/5

    By BlkPantherr
    I keep getting this error message and i emailed twice & no response so i guess i can’t even experience what it has to offer
  • DONT DO IT! 1/5

    By BodyByEthan
    I used fair for a car I could drive with Uber. Uber has its on problems. But as far as fair goes, I’ve never in my life received worse customer support than I did the past few months.. oh and if you have an XS or XSMAX as I do.. you’re screwed cuz this app is just trash, and crash3s all the time. Doesn’t send messages through their “chat” inside the app or most of the times taking 2 hours or more to get a single response. And that’s just asking for your information so you wait another 2 hours an$ they might help you
  • Every car I pick is unavailable 1/5

    By Red rocks!
    Poor supply of cars and then low response rate on cars once I try to secure them. Has happened 3 times in a row and seems to be a waste of time.
  • You cant take the car to another state 2/5

    By Amgel b
    The only reason I put 2star is because we can’t take the car to another state and if you move you need to get a new fair and that state and pay again the down payment and that not fair
  • Thinks im an Uber driver always 1/5

    By cmoreea
    Can’t log in because it always directs me to Uber
  • Unfair - Awful 1/5

    By luizmj
    Don’t use it for UBER. They take away your promotions, like consecutive rides witch helps you a lot with extra cash. Customer service is terrible. They charge a $500 fee that’s not refundable. Also they don’t barely nothing for the car maintenance.
  • Please don’t sign up with fair 1/5

    By Aesghaier773
    I’m giving you a heads up don’t sign up it’s a scam
  • Great concept but lacks polish. 3/5

    By Tgh746
    This is definitely a great concept and the process in theory is well thought out and the app in theory is well designed. The reasons for losing stars is that the app is buggy and customer service does not handle out the ordinary situations well. In addition when picking up a fair vehicle. There is no way to report prior damage (Scratches, chips, dings, dents, etc) within the app. Apparently the process is to report this through email. Finally I would like to see a user facing ticketing system for my support issues where I can see the status of a question and it’s resolution.
  • Love/Hate Type of situation 2/5

    By Morel809
    Loved it at first lived the idea and the concept behind getting my first vehicle was a breeze. Delightful experience. I wanted to test out all features and really see if the process was as straight forward as advertised. Returning the vehicle was simple and all went well still loved the App and everything until it came time to get a different vehicle and nothing was working. Spent hours on hold just waiting with customer support and after spending 45 minutes to speak with someone god forbid the call would get disconnected or drop I would have to again wait on hold for another 45 minutes to still continue having the same issue. And other problems I’ve been having but over all started the experience great but so far not too sure... will update was experience progresses.
  • Awesome 3/5

    By Sybo d
    Fair is awesome and I like it. But this version, unfortunately, is not allowing me to make a new reservation.
  • Upset you can’t update your phone number if you have to change numbers 2/5

    By Purpleshadow92
    The app is good, and is easy to use. The only thing I don’t like is if you have to change your number unexpectedly like I had to you can’t change it on your account or update it so you can continue to use the service. You have to disable your current account under your old number and return your vehicle if you have one and then get a new account under your new number and then try to get your vehicle back. I think you should be able to update your number as long as you have your account number, and your name and zip code match what’s already on the account. Cause now I have to try and get my old number back to continue to be able to use the app
  • Good Experience 4/5

    By Bbsig
    I took delivery of a BMW 535 M Sport through Fair. The overall experience was good, although there were times I was nervous. I did a ton of research comparing the cost of obtaining the vehicle through Fair versus obtaining it with an auto loan. I have good credit, so I had options. It turns out to be cheaper with Fair and to package the insurance. Their insurance is a lot less expensive than acquiring my own. I felt there was a good inventory on the app in the Miami area. The car I got has a lot of premium features I was looking for. There were times I thought the deal was too good to be true. I had an issue where my name was spelled incorrectly in the app after the paperwork was drawn up. Customer service told me it was an 8 day turn around to fix. That made me nervous, so I started reading the reviews and found lots of unhappy experiences with people getting lemons or never getting the vehicle. Lots of reviews complained about customer service. Some reviews said everything went flawlessly, so I continued to give Fair the benefit of the doubt. Customer service fixed my name the next business day. I was able to sign the contracts and everything went well after that. I went to a local dealership to take delivery. They had everything ready and the process at the dealership took about 30 minutes. The car has a small dent which is hardly noticeable. I took a picture and emailed it to support. It took them 10 days or so to respond, but they said they added it to my account and I’m not responsible for it. Overall, I am thrilled with the vehicle and the process was good. Fair needs to empower their front line customer service to resolve issues rather than forward the issue to someone else.
  • The Best way to drive a car 5/5

    By pp653
    Fantastic Experience! Downloaded the app on my iPhone 7 quickly, found the car that I wanted and was able to sign all the paperwork and pay online. I didn’t have the best credit but was easily able to get approved in seconds and picked up my car within 48 hours. The only reason I didn’t get my car sooner was that the dealer that I went to pick it up from had contacted fair and told them that they wanted to put a new tire on before I picked it up. Fair then graciously called me to inform me before I went. One other great aspect of using fair to get my car was that they (fair) only deal with the most reputable dealers in the area to do business with. This made me feel more confident. Overall an excellent experience. I would highly recommend fair for one’s next car driving experience.
  • Buyer Beware 1/5

    By loui jeweler
    Hello, Let me start by saying I work in customer service and I don’t really write reviews because I do believe any one can drop the ball every once is a while. This was been one of the worse experience of any company that I’ve had to request a service with. I booked my vehicle back on the 27th of February it is now the the 18th of March. I have 0 vehicle, 0 refund 0 call backs from customer service. This is real folks just how it sounds 0. I keep getting the excuse that the engineers need to work out some bugs on the app. But engineers don’t deal with clients you need to learn how to love the customer. It seems that they have a curse of abundance like sears did once or toy r us or Best Buy. They are getting big and they don’t care who they loose along the way. I’ve been super polite calling them and waiting 1 to 2 hours at a time only to hear that someone will call me back and guess what?? Nothing. Only the nice lady that helped me last time had a genuine interest in helping me. When I rented the car I was told incorrect information about their promotion with Ubber. So a simple solution was to simply change the pick up date and they are not able to do that, makes no sense but that’s what I was told. She said I can’t change the date but I can issue you a refund and redo the order. I agreed but asked a second time why not just change the date and she said she could not she would cancel everything and redo it. I said ok she hung up and called back and left a voice mail saying never mind you have to do it not me, So I did this was a Wednesday and was told that by Monday I should be good to go to rent another vehicle. Well Monday came and no refund was issued I’m not saying the money was not in my account jet I mean they did nothing 0 They did nothing about my refund at all until the 15th of March and now I have to wait another 5 to 10 business days which means I’m fair time about a month. It’s really sad you folks put me in a position that I don’t want other client to be in. DO NOT GET FAIR unless you have at least an extra 1000 Dlls just lying around and about 1 or 2 to spare if anything goes wrong. I’m on the way to about 1 moth in a few days and I still haven’t started driving. I have a full time job so I did this because I really needed to. You have cost me late fees stress and the feeling that you folks care 0 about your clients. All I wanted was to acquire your service that’s all. I hope this helps in developing your business and as a warning to consumers this is an easy fix if you build the right culture in your company so far this has put me in a really bad position I didn’t just have 385$ to waste I needed the extra work your indifference cost me much more than I care to disclose I hope the right person knows about this and does something to prevent it in the future.
  • Unfair 1/5

    By blaaa8833
    Don’t waste your time or money on this app I found a car paid $756.58 went through all the paperwork necessary for the vehicle only to wait 20 minutes later they charged my bank card $756 then the app said old the car is no longer available it’s not without a car and I got a wait 5 to 7 business days to get my money returned to my bank if the car was not available to begin with I shouldn’t have to go through all the paperwork through the app only to get let down this app is a big disappointment that’s why it’s getting one star please don’t waste your time!!!!!!!
  • Edit Payments Option Not Available 3/5

    By Han_FairUser
    Hi Team , I recently updated to latest version of the app , but I am surprised that you want allow the customer to remove their old bank details and redundant Card info , why do you harness such sensitive data despite having a current card info and and ACH bank account? How and when can a customer chose which info to have on the file/profile ?
  • Terrible business 1/5

    By Vato68
    You guys have made this the hardest process ever. I’ve had to resend documents and wait weeks and weeks just to be told that they won’t except it and I had to send more. Your accounts team and and customer service have just been affable. I don’t think I will be conducting any more business with Fair. All Fair talks about is about how easy the process is and how much more simple and convenient it is, but it has been the complete opposite. I was offered a discount promotion code that would take up $250 from the initial payment, and that promotion would expire in a month to weeks later the promotion was taken away before the expiration date and when I talk to customer service I was told that they had record that I was given that promotion but since they took it away they couldn’t give it back and there was nothing they could do about it.
  • Good/Bad 3/5

    By just prada
    I’m mixed about Fair I got a car through them, but since they couldn’t get their process together in a timely manner I didn’t get the car I wanted- so they gave me $250 coupon off to compensate for their mistakes. I thought that was a great idea! However the technology of the app was not working properly when I chose the next car and although the $250 was in my profile the representative said that they could not help me with the 250 because I had already selected the car and I would have to start over and that they could not apply the 250 but offered to send me a $100 gift card. I told her that I wanted the 250 of my car and that just didn’t make sense because their app was performing poorly and that she could not apply it I had not received the car yet so I didn’t understand the big deal so I feel like they gave me a ghost-card and then took it back. Not to mention the fact I had already sold my car so why should I get another credit hit and start the whole process over? Now my temp tag expired February 19 and I still don’t have tags on my car. The Mercedes-Benz dealership says that they’re waiting for paperwork from FAIR so that they can process the tags in the meanwhile I am taking a risk by driving this vehicle. The customer service team -they’re very nice but they lack knowledge and I can’t answer any questions I don’t get that part, before I tried to process my coupon for the $250 I was on hold forever and ever for like two or three days just trying to get assistance and then to be told oh no I can’t apply the 250 but I can give you $100 credit -It just make the zero sense. It’s a great concept but there needs to be more streamlined processes. If I didn’t work for myself I would probably work for FAIR and help them get their program together! There are so many opportunities here to get it right. I see their vision unfortunately the customer is the one that pays the actual sacrifice for the lack processes that should be simple. Now let’s talk about the billing- you cannot pay your note up for 2,3,or 4 months ahead you can’t pay early or I was told that they would still take the payment due on the due date. I’m on the fence about FAIR the only cool thing so far is the ease of picking up the vehicle. I’m thinking this company probably grew faster than anticipated and they just wasn’t prepared for the growth to happen so swift - I wanna see this company succeed because the concept is amazing but they MUST LOOK AT EVERYTHING from the customers experience. Harmony’
  • Horrible ,terrible, & Sad 1/5

    By Imaipadplayer
    I don’t know why they take a reservation when they won’t have a car when you get there you’ll have to come back the next day. Then it’s going to be 48 hours until Uber actually gets your car activated so you’re paying for seven days and only getting to use it for four days but you still pay for seven. Rip off!
  • App won’t work 1/5

    By chachi337735
    App won’t start just keeps crashing
  • The best experience!!! 5/5

    By Andre1527
    I was doubting about this app, because all the bad reviews, but I still did it, I was Afraid, but I continue because I need it the car, so on Friday 15 I did my purchase, The app told me to wait for the confirmation that they will send me and email so next day on Saturday morning they confirmed, they charged me the down payment with the insurance, the total was $866, then they ask me what would be a good day to pick the car, the car was available the same day, so I pick 6:00 pm, I went to the dealership that was located in Coral Springs FL, so I showed up at 5:45pm and when I got there the salesman knew who I was he took me to the car, he put the plate and give me the keys. And yes that was all I couldn’t believe it, it was so fast so at 6: o’clock pm I was out of there, I truly recommend this if you need a car and want cheaper payment this is the deal, I’m really happy!! Thank you Fair.
  • Laughable Customer Service and A WAST OF TIME. 1/5

    By AdrienneAllen
    Tried well over 5 times to order a car within the last month and customer service reps keep giving the run around and contradicting themselves. They don’t return phone calls like they’re supposed to and there is never a supervisor to speak to on duty. Each rep acts like they have no idea what they’re doing! \\\And have inventory of cars that are not available.\\\
  • Convenient Service 3/5

    By Tw7209
    I didn’t believe this was real before signing up. It is a convenient service for those who need a car but also flexibility. After ordering everything has been pretty good with the car! While ordering, communication via the app’s chat wasn’t so smooth. At times, you’re on hold for long periods of time just to receive no response. After I placed my order I found it more convenient to arrange pickup & etc with the fair rep at the dealership. As opposed to fair reaching out to arrange pick up. Customer Service could be more responsive to make things easier during ordering. Either way, I’d recommend this service if you need a vehicle but do not want to go the traditional route.
  • Payment system doesn’t work 1/5

    By A. B. B.
    Every month the money gets taken out of my bank account. Every month I get a message from them saying I didn’t pay and my bills are overdue and need to spend way too much time with their support dealing with it. It’s infuriating.
  • Dealer based search Required 5/5

    By Munna Saju
    I have a good experience so far. I would appreciate if you can add dealer based search on the main screen. I was surprised when I found out that this option is available on android app. Please add it in apple as well.
  • Fair 5/5

    By weon1
    Keyana and Fred was very helpful we came across a small problem but the handled it with great care and great customer service -ZhaneE
  • Be careful! 1/5

    By qTcute-
    This company charge you for a whole month after you returned a car. They said it’s their policy, so just for you guys: under their policy they can charge you for a month after you returned the car. I had to call my bank and block them because I won’t get overcharged. Also, cool support center! Have to wait for an hour to speak with someone who can’t even help, only department work well is about payments lol. Avoid this. Can’t believe uber has partnership with them
  • What started good has gone bad 1/5

    By ctausar
    I jumped on board after my vehicle was a total loss last year to avoid leasing cost and financing. Out the gate the car I wanted was reserved and I went to get it only to find out it was sold. Okay, no worries. Customer service was responsive and helped secure the next vehicle and eventually sent me some gift cards for my inconvenience (that’s another story), but nevertheless they did. I get to the dealer, get my car and actual plates and I’m off. Two days later, I get a call to bring the car back and get temporary plates. That’s was July 2018. It is now March 2019 and I still have yet to receive my actual real plates. Numerous calls and messages to FAIR have yielded no real answer. Visiting the IL DMV and they’ve instructed my and others who have used FAIR to file state police complaints and in the interim I have been pulled over and inconvenienced because these plates have expired on me multiple times and are due to expire again in April and I’m still without substantial answers from FAIR. Looking for a new company that offers similar services, with a better customer service team. Going to reach out again today!

    By Kiska_13

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