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Fair: Get a car on your phone

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Fair: Get a car on your phone App

Why lease or get a loan when you can drive Fair? Only Fair lets you shop and sign for a car on your phone, with the freedom to walk away any time. Warranty, maintenance, roadside assistance included – that’s Fair! Total flexibility With Fair, there is no long-term commitment. Drive the car you want for as long as you want, and return it any time you want with just 5 days’ notice. One app does it all Fair lets you shop in-app, get approved by scanning your driver’s license, sign for a car with your finger, and set up payments -- all on your phone. No negotiation and no physical paperwork means you can go from swipe to drive faster than ever. Peace of mind included You can drive worry-free knowing that every Fair vehicle comes with a limited warranty, routine maintenance, and 24/7 roadside assistance. Uber driver partner options Fair provides special offers for people driving with Uber. Be sure to log in with your Uber driver partner account! PS -- Right now, Fair is available in the following locations : - Arizona - California - Colorado - Connecticut - Florida - Georgia - Illinois - Massachusetts - New Jersey - New York - North Carolina - Ohio - Pennsylvania - Tennessee - Texas - Virginia - Washington - Washington, DC

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Fair: Get a car on your phone app reviews

  • Buggy 1/5

    By Ceenan
    Never been able to use the app. Can’t login anymore at all.
  • 👎🏾👎🏾 1/5

    By Flo914
    Initially I thought this was a great concept .... until I found the car I wanted and it turned out to be unavailable. That didn’t discourage me so I continued to look found another vehicle which I put a down payment on and my paperwork came w/ an old address which I thought I updated when I log into the app everyday so as to not have a bad experience like others w/ receiving Plates & Registration I was told they had to deactivate my account and do it over so now everything is correct but I lost out of the vehicle and now I can’t checkout due to some technical issue and after the last near purchase they ran my credit which dropped my score by 91 points 😳 btw. My issue has been with the Production Engineering Support Desk for 10 days and nothing. This is such a huge disappointment HUGE
  • Customer service worse than comcast 1/5

    By Bdbch dndhdh
    Wait times over two hours, no ability to have them call you back, and they don’t care about when you are available to return the car, they just surprise you with an email.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By waste of time sadly
    I really wanted to use this app and this service but I can’t. There are only 3 options for a car in the entire California State when I search. 3 cars? That’s it? Waste of time for me. And THEN when the app notifies me they updated their inventory it’s literally the EXACT same cars! Poor inventory and poor service I’d give a zero star rating if possible. The only thing this app does is take up space on my phone. USELESS.
  • Fair is Unfair 1/5

    By FrankMonday
    Absolutely the worst experience of my life with the rental company. Their kiosk in Irvine was located outdoors in the Chevrolet dealership. They had learned me in with an ad promo that I paid off $185 security deposit for and when I arrived to pick up my car they said that that promo was no longer available. All of the cars available for either small or subcompact and looked extremely worn out. They were dirty on the outside and inside floorboards had not been vacuumed there was tobacco and ashes in one of the doors of one even a rudimentary cleaning had not been performed. The people at the kiosk couldn’t answer even the most simplest questions and directed me to contact customer service via the app which had a 22 minute wait time.
  • Fair cars 3/5

    By MadsWol
    there should be more options and colors
  • Excellent service 5/5

    By Wgomez432
    Thanks to John D at the canoga park station my father is able to work with Uber well and efficiently. He’s always there to help and always going out of his way to help others. PLEASE GIVE THIS MAN A RAISE FOR HIS EXCELLENT SERVICE.
  • It’s not worth it 2/5

    By Lala hoover
    I’ve had a car through fair for a few months and from personal experience I can say this whole thing is a sham. Customer service has no idea what they’re doing or saying. Getting a supervisor to resolve anything is impossible. I had to get w new car battery for their car after having it for only 1 month because it’s not covered in their warranty and maintenance but i should have received a car that works to begin with. Then, maintenance only works M-F 12-4 and will not give u the right info to get what u need done, leaving u stuck on the weekend unable to get it done because guess what they’re closed and didn’t give u the right info. More then likely I am going to file a BBB complaint against this company. It’s better to get into a lease or finance.... u also don’t get that deposit back so what’s the point? Paying for a used car in below par condition...... you’ll have to pay for everything to get fixed.
  • Slow customer service relief 1/5

    By RatingByMe818
    I switched companies due to the promos, I’ve been unable to secure a car for a week. Outside of my name being placed on a waitlist and the customer service team having no actual lost to see how far down or something more reasonable than two to 5 business days; when my vehicle was ready for pickup the app was glitching and not showing my order. It’s been 4 business days with no solution other than “we’re working on fixing your account” they won’t finalize on the phone or in person. I changed companies and they haven’t provided a car, a refund, a solution or an update. Total of 7 days. Horrible thus far. _ Update. On day Day 8 was told if I wanted a refund it may take 10 business days so I should wait it out if I wanted to drive soon. On Day 9 I received another text saying I should finalize my checkout process within two hours of go back on the waitlist. , I waited on hold for an hour to see if there was a solution to my problem with the app. I waited for an hour to be disconnected and the dept I was supposed to speak “CA WEEKLY CUSTOMER” was then closed. Almost laughable at this point
  • Lease 5/5

    By AnnNass
    So far fair app has been great! Easy to pickup and easy to pay for. Although customer service is a little sporadic and some employees have some info while others fail to tell you some info.
  • Cars 3/5

    By ayishals
    It’s no cars availably when i go there or it’s only one to chose from
  • Don’t get fair 1/5

    By bosshorrible
    NEVER GET CAR FROM FAIR, I rented fair car 2016 model and almost 90k mileage on it, today is Broke down check engine light comes out, fair they won’t give another car until your car get fixed, and today is Sunday their maintenance closed! So i have to wait until Monday, I paid insurance supposed to get another car? Nope! They fix your car today? NOPE! And plus they will charge all maintenance costs! It was my first time and never ever again get car from fair
  • Forced promotion 1/5

    By Tazakafive
    Fair used to be a great option but then they forced the new promotion and made you complete more trips for less pay. They change the program from 70 weekly trips to 90 weekly trips and the extra bonus was change from $305 to a little bit over $200. I’ve been in contact with Fair support and Uber and both have been giving me the runaround. I’m yet to receive my missing promotion of $185 for last work week neither have gotten back to me on the resolution of my pay. I’ve been in constant communication with fair support managers in Arizona and no one has returned my concerns. When I started this program back in February there was a bit of a hiccup on my vehicle appearing on my Uber Driver app it took about three weeks to get everything resolved. I was finally driving with Uber with with the proper promotion and the proper vehicle and now they forced his new promotion making you drive more hours and more trips not only did uber lowered their pay by 20% from 80 cents to now 60 cents a mile. but now you need to drive about 20% more trips to get the promotion with Fair. Lastly The first week free of $185 when you signed up is really just an apology for how long it takes them to have your car appear on the Uber Driver app and you can start making money. The “it takes them about 24 hours” for your vehicle to appear on the Uber Driver app is false and it impedes you from making money right away as promised with their ads.
  • Background check before I can see anything. 1/5

    By Davidoso
    I’m not giving you my SS#. I can’t see anything before I give 10 pieces of personal information. What a horrible user experience. Fire whoever designed this
  • Worst cust Service 1/5

    By SunnyAlagh
    Trying to get a car thru my Uber app but I won’t be able to There Fair App Is Not letting me get in so I Emailed them more than 3 times but still my problem is same not resolved yet.
  • Poor customer service 1/5

    By Jay70294
    I am the person who really want to ride the fair's car I have got messages that you can't access because you info is not correct so, I tried two times to re-entry my info. but fair app declined my request even i didnt entry my info i cant understand how it is going. i have sent e-mail to you over 3 times during 3month. i attached my info in last e-mail. but you ingonored that.
  • I got a response! Concerns addressed? 1/5

    By djamgfs
    WOW! I got a response! Do you think they addressed my concerns? ANY of them? Nope. I know it’s not directly Annie’s fault, she’s trying. But her hands are tied. She’s just a buffer between us and the upper echelon who really care nothing about us. The only way you get there attention is if you have grounds to sue. Big tech is killing good old fashioned customer service. Instead of using tech advancements to better customer service they use it to hide behind and not deal with the customers and making things right when they go wrong. Sad state of affairs. Hey Big tech, Some things are not suppose to change. We all reap what we sow. Treat your customers like they don’t matter it’s only a matter of time when you keep getting reviews like this. Ok, now I’m done with Fair. Unless of course if anyone asks me how are they.
  • I love fair 5/5

    By zarii17
    First and foremost this is my first car. And for it to be with fair has made me feel so much at ease and comfortable with the affordable prices. If you don’t have insurance they offer that as well which was a plus for me! ONE OF THE BEAT DECISIONS IVE MADE ON THIS EARTH AND I WILL HIGHLY RECOMMEND THERE SERVICES TO ANY AND EVERYONE!!
  • Nothing but problems and frustrations 1/5

    By WoouhooooooYabaDabaDoo
    Not only is the app awful, the company is. I go to fair because reasonable pricing— but there is nothing but problems with this company and this app. Constant bugs. The app stops working for no reason. They say two days to fix minor issues. No cars available on app but available on website but you can’t rent on website because it directs you to the app and they say wait a few days for app to be fixed. Start payments outrageous and not returned— which is awful. Why am I putting down $400-$2000 start payment non refundable for a RENTAL??? Fair takes advantage of people who are looking for a fair rate. And it’s not ok
  • Nice app but excellent Fair Rep - Tim 5/5

    By shaq08
    I am a return customer and fair provides verified cars. Tim from Fair Nashville office is an excellent resource, primarily my main reason to write this review. He is patient and extremely helpful right till you get in the fair car. Fair is good but Tim is great! Totally recommended if you are looking to try fair.

    By Brandoo77
    John G @ Canoga Park was excellent!!Tremendous service, really made it a comfortable experience. Went above and beyond to get me in the car that I wanted... Kiana there was also great as well really patient just a beautiful soul... thank you guys so much! Definitely coming back to keep working with you through Uber!!!
  • Fake positive reviews. a trick company 1/5

    By SamTheTruthTeller
    Do not order from fair. They advertise low commitment and advertise that you just have to pay each month and dont go over the bought miles and you will be good to return your car. But that is false. There is a whole another math you will need to ask them about, in which you are really signing to keep the car for the whole year. If you do not then you will have to pay a feee for over 1k even tho you didn't exceed the millage.. This is one of the many complaints and experience i had with them... i feel tricked by them and would not recommend to anybody on this earth.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By Axel R trujillo
    I try two time and never get approved 🤔😒😒😒
  • Horrible customer service 1/5

    By jorge177651
    I have been trying for 6 days in a row now to get the address in my account changed so tht I could rent a car in my new location. I call every day and every person tells me it will be changed in 2 business days. Well it now has been 6 and still no change. The accounts team that they say they keep contacting I’m pretty sure doesn’t exist. The pricing is competitive if the company actually existed and could get you a car. Completely disappointed with this app.
  • Poor customer service 2/5

    I tried to reach out to Fair in order to find a resolution to an ongoing problem I have- the live support literally responded once and ended the chat, saying he had to go. I have screenshots if anyone is interested in seeing how the customer service handles their business apparently.

    By JPinOC998877
    What a scam! They advertise heavily that Uber’s incentive program covers cost of car (70 trips for $185 or 120 trips for $305/wk) but two weeks in, the incentive was taken away. Week three, did 70+ trips that went toward NOTHING! Got stuck with the $199/wk rental charge and they’re making me eat it! Was told by Fair rep that first weeks rental cost and incentives were prorated according to the day you pick up the car, IT WASN’T! When I returned the car there were a dozen or so other irate drivers returning cars as well. HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!!!
  • Love my car. Great cust. service!! 5/5

    By T.Fain
    It was super simple to sign on my new Mazda CX-5 in a unique, fully digital way. No salesmen? Return it whenever I want?! Yes please. Had some Q’s about the car, which Aaron Mushin and the Inside Sales team did a phenomenal job of answering. After contracts were finished I got thru to someone on Social w/ a few more Q’s which were answered right away. Annie, you are awesome!!
  • Speed Bump INQUIRY!!! 1/5

    I’ve tried to use this app multiple times! Me and countless others and it always Says “oops” we’ve Hit a speed bump No I just have another hard inquiry From FAIR👌🏻
  • Deposit Fraud 1/5

    By Mr Pedrino
    Fraud - keeping people’s payments - I had to call my bank
  • Pricing structure makes no sense 1/5

    By badkinsATX
    They require a down payment for all vehicles but you can’t buy the vehicle and the down payment is not applied to future monthly payments. You are essentially giving away your down payment money. Makes no sense.
  • Cat Griffin 5/5

    By CatGriff
    I rented my Fair car a month ago and I’m still awed by how easy breezy the whole process is. From A-Z —-the customer service is fantastic! This company is in a lane all by itself.
  • Fair Far From A Functioning Business 1/5

    By CBkln
    I’m stunned. This has been an astonishingly unprofessional experience. After choosing a car, I got “confirmation” of its availability, and within a few hours of getting my contracts, signed and submitted payment. Next step, setup a test drive. But when I went to do so, it turned out the car was no longer available (thus “confirmation” by their definition means only that the car remains on the lot for sale, and does not have anything to do with your order). It amazes me how they let the whole process go through before actually holding the car (they don’t hold ever, even after you sign, you essentially have to race to the dealership and do the test drive, finalize intent). To be clear, contracts were drawn up, without confirming availability with the dealership; they quoted me insurance on the car and finalized the setup, without confirming availability with the dealership; they amended my credit report, without confirming availability with the dealership; THEY ACCEPTED A START FEE AND FIRST MONTH PAYMENT FROM ME WITHOUT RENDERING ANY PRODUCT/SERVICE, WITHOUT CONFIRMING AVAILABILITY WITH THE DEALERSHIP. I literally have a receipt. Then they said this is extremely rare. But I’ll let you scroll the reviews and determine the veracity of that claim. It’s such a bummer for a service I was really looking forward to using. I like what Fair is trying to do, and I think the business model serves an unmet need among car buyers. But for a tech app that pitches a message of doing everything in the app, its app is super clunky and buggy, but that’s not the point of this review. And although their messaging is less geared toward doing right by customers, you would hope that wouldn’t need explicit statement. Well lack of such statement is telling. The last I heard, the fee and first month’s payment is going to be held from my account for 7-10 days, so I can’t shop for a car in the meantime because, presumably like most buyers, I don’t have the financial latitude to just keep locking up a couple grand just for fun while Fair plays ‘beta-testing tech startup.’ But I also can’t really even confirm these details, because ‘concierge’ folks keep turfing me around. Not only has no one proactively reached out to handle the situation, the only response in app or on the phone has been, “sorry this is so rare.” Well I’m sorry, I don’t think that’s true. And to the employee who will reply here with some exclamation point laced generic statement from their response matrix, thanks in advance. But it would be preferable for the company to get its act together as an agent in a car buying transaction. I will continue to look through their measly inventory, but I’m far from convinced this won’t happen again, leading to another 7-10 day cycle of having cash withheld while it all plays out. Just do better.
  • They want your SSN right out the gate... 1/5

    By Dpersh
    .. even before showing me what kind of value they are offering. Deleted this app immediately as soon as I saw that
  • Absolutely terrible. I do not recommend. 1/5

    By christian.mack
    I’ve used many rideshare rental services for various reasons. First one I used was Breeze a few years back. I left the Bay Area, was using Maven in another market, and then came back only to find that Maven is extremely popular and availability varies. So I decided to give Fair a try. That was a mistake. When you get a car the associates are supposed to upload the documents to Uber for you. They say it can take up to 24 hours. Well, I picked up my car on a Tuesday and it’s now Saturday and I still have not had the car loaded onto my app. I haven’t been able to drive at all. The worse part about it is, I have called everyday since I’ve passed the 24 hour period and each change/fix that they believe will solve my issue requires a 24 hour wait period. There has been ZER0 sense of urgency in regards to getting this resolved. Nobody seems to know anything. Even the supervisors have been largely useless. I am being credited $30 a day for the period after the first 24 hours... except I’m loosing $200 a day on average, so that $30 does very little at the bottom line.
  • Fair Program 5/5

    By CalMir Designs
    Our car went down on us because of a seized engine. We have been over two weeks without income from Uber. The fair program has taken our deposit and first week rental fee to include insurance and now for the past week we have been waiting to get a car. Customer service has been working with us on every call to help us. I would recommend patience with this service as it takes days to complete. ****Update **** Hubby got word from Uber Customer Service that he will get a complimentary ride to the dealership to pickup the vehicle. Please pray for our family that this works out since this is our only income right now. ****update**** Hubby got a vehicle and is now back on the road. The whole process to get a vehicle takes time (days) but to get assistance with issues, the call center supervisors are the ones to talk to not the agents. Uber came through for us ultimately!!! Thank you so much!
  • Cart before the horse 1/5

    By Ssfgjufdfhutdsefyuu
    I saw an ad so I downloaded the app. I was curious and wanted to learn more about the program and what kind of vehicles they had to offer. But before I could even open the app, before I could even read about the offer and all the fine print, and before I could see if they had any cars I’d even be interested in they wanted my name and email to verify my credit and a copy of my driver license. Are you kidding me? I’d expect that if I was actually signing for a car, but just to open the app? Not in this lifetime.
  • The company name is completely misleading 1/5

    By Haven76
    Supposedly after running a soft credit check they choose cars within your price range. After adding insurance (roughly $70 a week) and excess wear and tear ($6 a week), I would have to pay close to $900 a month to rent a car?!? Everyone is better off applying for a car loan with $1000 down on a decent 5-7 year old car and finding their own insurance With my horrible credit I’ve never paid over $500 a month when financing This is ridiculous and nothing fair about it
  • Fantastic Company! 5/5

    By Handren805
    Aida and Harry were amazing. One word to describe my entire experience “FAMILY”. That’s how they have made me feel like one of their family members.
  • Fair rideshare vehicles 5/5

    By GGcastillo
    This app is the worst. I’ve tried booking a vehicle and the app closes. I’ve sent an email to fair and called them yet no response and it’s not the first time this happens to me. Fair has terrible customer service! Very disappointed
  • John 5/5

    By Ron and his brother
    I got there and a man named John helped me. He answered all of my questions and helped me find the car that I wanted, liked, and was comfortable with. I recommend whoever goes to this location that they ask for John. He’s an amazing guy with a lot of patience and is very helpful. If I could give him ten stars I would. John is the man with the master plan!
  • Bad reviews made me change my mind on giving this company a chance 2/5

    By kieshB
    Wow I’m really smh at the reviews! Glad to have a preview of the business tactics b4 signing up! Thanks.
  • Rate not disclosed in front 1/5

    By mani_s_ingh
    Rate should be disclosed on front page without credit check. Very similar like leasing new car. Using this app you paying more and leasing used car.
  • Wrecked car 1/5

    By Alexanderbus
    Disappointed and disgusted with the level of customer support and the condition of vehicle I received! Car picked up with multiple and noticeable wear and tear! Customer support advised me that how used vehicles looked like! That’s pathetic and unprofessional! Will never recommend it to anyone!
  • Wish I had known 3/5

    By Elikax
    Love the concept and love my car. The only issue I have is that my car came with 1 fab/key and no one told me til I had already paid over $2000 deposit and drove 2 hours to pick it up. I paid almost $300 to buy a new fab and then VW wanted to charge me an additional $150 to program the fab. Luckily the kind gentleman in service learned of my situation and didn’t charge me for programming. I know the company is fairly new and they’re are issues. Had I known I would have to dish out additional $$ for a backup key, I would have potentially looked at a different vehicle. Also, when we called customer service regarding this issue, they told us we couldn’t be reimbursed. They should have done something for us. Even splitting the cost would have made a difference.
  • Confusion?!?!? 2/5

    By SdotBo
    Why does it say there is nothing available at all? This app seems like a great way to get into a vehicle but there aren’t any to try to get.
  • Bad experience 1/5

    By ParkerP32
    Terribly unprofessional company! DO NOT GET A CAR FROM THIS COMPANY!
  • Good so far but... 3/5

    By JackTheKid123
    How is it the future of car ownership if you never actually own the car? Other than that, it’s been ok so far.
  • SCAM!! 1/5

    If you are renting a vehicle to drive for Uber, I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU NOT TO GET IT FROM FAIR!!! They charge you per week of $200+ and told you that all the documents will upload to Uber within 2-3 hours or the longest being of 24 hours, after you waited 24 hours THEY STILL DIDN’T UPLOAD THE DOCUMENTS!!! AND WHEN YOU MESSAGE THEM they will say “we are so sorry for the inconvenience, please allow up to 24-48 hours” WHAT???? a week past and I still get charge $200 even though I still can’t drive for Uber!!! STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!
  • Sad 1/5

    By momjay13
    After reading these reviews I will not even open this app. I think this company has work to do before I get involved.

Fair: Get a car on your phone app comments

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