Fallout Zone: Survival

Fallout Zone: Survival

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  • Current Version: 1.0
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: Silver Elm Systems LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Fallout Zone: Survival App

Navigate the post apocalyptic wasteland of the year 2045, ten years after the bombs fell. Fight armies of the infected, mutants, and enemy militia factions as you battle for survival. Initial Release Offer: Free with No Ads! Key Features Include * Fun, Easy to Learn Gameplay * Explore the Post Apocalyptic Wasteland * Upgrade Your Outpost and Abilities * Many Different Enemy Types * Numerous Enemy Factions * Gorgeous 3D Environments and Enemies * Scavenge the Wasteland for Materials * Battle Both the Mutant Infected and Enemy Militia Forces * Multipart Missions with Several Objectives * Rescue Survivors and Get them to Safety

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Fallout Zone: Survival app reviews

  • Cool Graphics/ Poor Aiming 3/5

    By Blairicus 22
    Like the missions and fun scenarios ... nice graphics and good sound effects ... but aiming to shoot is very awkward and frustrating ... would make it awesome if it had Auto Aim!
  • C r a p 1/5

    By bug727
    This is ccccccaaaaarrrrrrpppppp
  • Please update. 3/5

    By AlexAeuclus
    I downloaded this game under the pretense that there would be a sandbox mode. Instead I got a game that I shot zombies with only 6 levels that I beat in a half hour. As of today, there were only 14 slots for levels, and if the developers are playing it like finish the levels then build afterwards that would be okay, because in the advertising they promote it like you are in control of the compounds but you are not and you don’t get to take them over when you clear them, either.
  • Deceiving 1/5

    By CyricTheMadGod
    Not at all what I expected.
  • Not really what you think 1/5

    By every name i entered is taken
    I made it to level 3 maybe and two things: aiming is terrible and very choppy gameplay plus, well whoever made this was probably in a rush DO NOT GET THIS GAME , all in all I played for twenty mins and regretted it.
  • Add more levels and better game play 2/5

    By MannyRabbit
    I love this game but you need to make more levels I’ve been waiting a year and still come on game makers add more already please another thing is the army please make them a little easier on level6 I need them to not take so much damage I’m not a noob I just can’t get the last ribbon on level6 please add a walk animation this game is kinda trash you also might have copyrighted models please make a walk animation for the army
  • Exaggerated Game 3/5

    By Ro0613
    I have little idea to why some people rate this 5 stars. It’s barely playable and all there is to it is shooting, there isn’t any skill involved.
  • Read this now!! 5/5

    By Jeb3333667789
    It’s a good game all it needs is more missions or endless mode
  • Deepest strategic shooter ever 1/5

    By .select
    You start off with an unlimited machine gun. Killing zombies has never been more exciting the way the zombies vicerally get knocked back by each bullet you land. A marvel of technology and this series will have Fallout bankrupt in weeks.
  • Fallout mock 4/5

    By 703boss
    This game is fun and reminds me of fallout 1 & 2
  • Fallout zone 5/5

    By que5757
    I’m enjoying fallout zone a gift for La zone five size is a pretty good game I just started playing later I will let you know more but for now it’s pretty good
  • Nice 5/5

    By dhhfjrjjdu
    Great game
  • Rate this!! 1/5

    By daizygirl96
    Kept annoying me to rate it so I did
  • Needs more 5/5

    By Alisha OBrien
    you should add more weapons
  • Ehhhhhhh 3/5

    By brekken23
    It’s ok but I don’t know how to get pass level 6 I need a new gun.
  • Boring 2/5

    By aftereffect82
    Repetitive and boring, there is nothing that sets this game apart from any other. I quickly deleted it.
  • Doesn’t let me finish the fourth level 1/5

    By Dyl12323234
    I started to like this game at first, but... In the fourth mission after it says “Militia base secured (Complete)” It doesn’t move on. Terrible
  • Great start but 4/5

    By Debdarlee
    Can you add a open world so you can explore and can you also remember to add the outpost but other than that you did well
  • Don’t get this app 1/5

    By Blue lifeline
    I accidentally preordered it so when it came out I gave it a try and it’s horrible. Wouldn’t recommend
  • Really misleading. 2/5

    By Day-Z Genre Finatic
    Ought that this would be an open-world game like Last Day on Earth or Day-R, but it turned out to be a game with levels and countless glitches, even for a game that was just released. I’m not saying that it’s bad, just way too misleading.
  • Lacking 1/5

    By Erikolo1212
    Lacks audio and other beneficial mechanics
  • Cool 5/5

    By ruben😎😎🤪🤪😛😝😜
  • Meh 1/5

    By Cooperscoffeedeliver
    Just stops at level 6 for some reason and isint survival just a battle game with 6 levels that take about a minute to complete
  • Levels aren’t needed 2/5

    By assassincreedgirl345.0
    Games with levels and zombies just don’t belong when I think zombies I think trying to survive and build a bas not having to do like 50 lvls just to beat the game
  • Can you add? 5/5

    By jojosefus123
    Can you add some sort of reloading system and possibly some sort of melee weapon if you could add this it would make the game more fun. Maybe add a compass to show where you need to go
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Parvin2014
    I was hoping it was open world (like original fallouts) but Ik I was asking too much from any game devs
  • Fake 1/5

    By Agent 😡
    This game is not what it says it is not a survival game #realname #zombieswatteam
  • It’s ok 3/5

    By Mobile_derpness
    The game isn’t what I expected, and I feel the wait wasn’t worth it. It’s a good concept, I just feel the actual gameplay isn’t that good...
  • Can I get a refund 1/5

    By imapersoninreallife
    I did mean to ore order it I thought it was free
  • Stupid 1/5

    By Deebilly
    You can’t aim so it’s useless.
  • Not what I expected 1/5

    By :/whyme
    I downloaded this game thinking it was a ACTUAL survival game, but it’s just a buch a levels and there is no crafting or scavenging for food or anything to do with survival, it’s just a top down shooter that’s it
  • ehhhhhhhh 3/5

    By DabBro360
    Gunplay is pretty good but you should be able to move when firing but the trying to locate things such as the Militia Base during Lev 4? I’ve tried a lot and maybe I’m just really bad or just I’m a salty noob. Still a great game overall though so Good job Silver Elms!
  • Keeps freezing up and not responding 1/5

    By Parasitik
    Don’t say my phone is crap or whatever I don’t. I played through the first 2 levels and cannot get past the 3rd because after I find the barn it locks up and won’t take any input commands... but the “zombies keep coming.
  • Seriously? 1/5

    By BoomerSZ04
    What is this crap?!?
  • This games whack 2/5

    By MilkyRigRips
    Why would you release a game where you can only do the tutorial missions? You can’t upgrade and defend your outpost like it says, you can’t scavenge for materials, you get to do a tutorial and then it says to be continued... it makes no sense... the game has a lot of potential but right now don’t even bother with it
  • What? 1/5

    By Destiny Ajche
    I thought this was gonna be a survival game where you would collect resources and equipment to survive
  • Ewww 1/5

    By worldmobileengine
    This game look like it was created by a old game creAtion engine
  • Very fun 5/5

    By leroy2426
    I love over the top view games
  • Decent needs more stuff 4/5

    By yolobrian782
    This game is pretty good and I like the levels but there should be free roam like when you finish all the levels you could go to different places and loot and can you guys add like building your own house and you have to defend it as well kinda like fallout 4 you can kill ghouls(kinda like zombies) and loot other places and have your own house and have other guns and when you kill a person can they have loot on them as well I mean idk if this is too much to ask, but i feel it would make the game much better. But that was just my opinion. Thanks
  • Fun 5/5

    By Hdudhdbrjd
    Awesome game
  • Hype 2/5

    By TimidOcean
    Really got hyped up when I first saw it and preordered it. I thought it was a base survival game in which you explore to find gear and equipment, but I was wrong. It’s just levels where you go around and try to find zombies to shoot. After you’re done with one level then you go off to the other as if it was 1990s game. For a level game it was good though, kinda.
  • Add ons 5/5

    By cadenaj9000
    The game is great it need upgrades
  • Bullets go though walls? 0_o 3/5

    By Add some more stuff
    It’s impossible to get 3 stars on level 6 because, bullets go through walls, which means it’s hard to take no damage in this level and get 3 stars. This is mostly for lvl 6, but this is also for the overall game, because bullets from enemy fire (or mine) shouldn’t even be going through walls in the first place. If you remove this issue, the game will be perfectly fine. The game hasn’t been amazing, but it hasn’t been great, either. Decent game. 👌🏻
  • It’s Ok 4/5

    By L30fromR10
    I Just Started Playing This, At First I Was Looking For Secrets Or Glitches... I Haven’t Been Following The Missions Since There Are A Few Bugs (when you walk inside of a building or attacking militia) That Irritates The Crap Outa Me. it’s good but not an app to be recommended. *p.s. theres a militia person who has to good of shooter I Hope This Game Improves And Hopefully Can Craft Stuff Instead Of Running Around Shooting Zombies Or Survivors
  • Gay 1/5

    By Δ
    Not good
  • Great game 5/5

    By Nate the deer killer
  • Don’t download 1/5

    By Lgriffey818
    Has none of the features it’s advertises and it’s boring and a waste of time
  • Ehhhh 2/5

    By Tycorcdragracer
    My son pre-ordered and told me it was blah. I decided to try it and beat the entire game in roughly 5 minutes. As it’s only 5 levels and the rest are locked. If you click the lock nothing happens. There is no option to go to a home screen you must pick a level. The “enemies” on level 4-5 don’t move, they glide. Not sure if this is a glitch or how they should move. Can’t use rockets feature. The blast-back is nice. But all in all nothing much there. The “explosive barrels” placed around don’t blow up. But yeah all in all the game works but is ehhh.
  • Decent 3/5

    By X6VeNoM9X
    I pre ordered this game cause it looked good I was expecting more of it such as looting,building your base and just plain surviving not just doing missions

Fallout Zone: Survival app comments

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