FAMILIES | TalkingPoints

FAMILIES | TalkingPoints

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  • Current Version: 4.79.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: TalkingPoints
  • Compatibility: Android
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FAMILIES | TalkingPoints App

TalkingPoints is a free application that lets you communicate with your children’s teachers and school. You will be able to send and receive messages through this application in your preferred language, because TalkingPoints will translate your message into English for teachers. Stay engaged and involved in your child’s learning by communicating and collaborating with their teacher and school using TalkingPoints!

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FAMILIES | TalkingPoints app reviews

  • Won’t load 1/5

    By Rwpsych16
    The app will NEVER load. Deleted and downloaded over and over and same result. Even tried it on multiple devices.
  • Help! 2/5

    By eezhdetgvj
    I really want to like this app but about 80% of the time, it doesn’t load. Just spins. I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled but no difference.
  • Why would I use this app? 1/5

    By cptully
    Update #2: Thank you for the response, but: Too little, too late. This is May daughter’s last year in school and I will celebrate by deleting the app. I am sorry, but this is billed as a communication app, and it fails miserably at that. I go back to my original complaint! The communication from teacher to parents is OK. But there is no communication from parents to teacher. ONLY parent to teacher works. As a programmer myself I would not have released an app with such a glaring hole. Update: no response from the developers! I wish the app would just die!!! I use this app not because I think it is good in any sense. Nor does it provide any features that a plain old text message cannot provide! I use it because my daughter’s teacher uses it and it is the only way to communicate with the teacher. My complaints: 1) When I get a message from the teacher I have no way to know if it was sent to just me or to a group of people. 2) There is no way for me to send a message to the teacher and my daughter’s mother. These two “features” lead to miscommunication and confusion. I am sure that an app supposedly built to foster communication does not want to hear those complaints but they are real. I would not use the app if I had any other option for communicating with my daughter’s teacher.
  • Mystery of the Unread Message 1/5

    By Ttowntony
    My app constantly says 3 unread messages in the home button, but I have read every message.
  • What happened TalkingPoints?? 1/5

    By Asjkoir12345
    Last year my child started kindergarten. I was introduced to this app since this is what the school uses. I loved it! This year my child started 1st grade on 8/29 and I’ve not been added to her class on this app. Every time I contact the school they tell me it’s a TalkingPoints issue. What’s going on?? I contact support and get no response. This is horrible!
  • Ocurrió un problema 1/5

    By DW cas
    La verdad si me gustaba esta aplicación por qué los maestros de mis hijas me mandaban mensajes por a qui. Pero. Ya no por qué ya no puedo abrir la aplicación aga lo que aga. No puedo abrirla. Y no se por que espero que arreglen eso..... Ocurrió un problema con la app. Por más que lo intento yo no puedo ingresar a la app la instalo para poder recibir mensajes de los maestros de mis hijas pero ya no funciona lo renové lo quité lo volví a poner pero aún así no funciona espero que lo arreglen Porfabor
  • Not user friendly , cannot update or change profile name!!!! 1/5

    By B109h
    Not user friendly , cannot update or change profile name!! No technical support either. Very difficult to navigate. Dojo points is awesome app comparatively. Very disappointed. Oh wow apparently they need a nickname to go with the review.. every possible nickname is taken!! They don’t want us to post especially 1 star review…Simply can’t believe this!!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Favorite Cup
    Makes communication with your child’s teacher very simple.
  • Fabulous App 5/5

    By Kshama Kadam
    Due to this App it was very easy and flexible to connect with classroom teacher. Keep it up Thanks
  • Does not attach photos 1/5

    By Rt_80
    Very frustrating
  • Thank you!! 5/5

    By Tracie A Anderson
    Very good idea, and easy to follow app! I love that it will even tell you if your child is in each class on time! Fortunately my child doesn’t skip class like his mommy did, but he won’t be able to with this app!! It also gets all the info needed to parents in a timely manner rather than the last minute relay I’m used to getting from my son, not to mention whether or not his work is getting done and turned in Thank you for this!
  • Good app 5/5

    By Ladyd87
    Great communication app to connect with my daughters teacher. Highly recommended
  • Love the app but why a “❤️” to like a post? 5/5

    By sbe1970
    Great way to communicate but I don’t care for a heart to my kids’ teachers when I like their post…especially to the opposite sex…it feels creepy. Can you change it to a thumbs up or a happy face or something less love-like? Maybe an apple or a star or something associated with teachers? That is the only reason I would take away a star. (Edited - thanks for the response!)
  • A 5/5

    By diana99lol
  • Sometimes there are 2 parents 5/5

    By JZraleigh
    Talking points needs to share both parents communication on a thread when appropriate. My wife and I cannot see each other’s comments and responses from the teacher appear to be very random and out of context. Big oversight in the spirit of privacy, but really needs to be fixed since parents aren’t always tied at the hip.
  • My opinion as a parent 5/5

    By Beautiful mother😊
    Excellent means of communicating to the school
  • Comunicación 5/5

    By Osmar Maldonado
    Excelente herramienta de comunicación
  • Beautiful Nurse 5/5

    By Jae's Nana
    This is a great app. Can easily talk to staff at my grandson’s school. Definitely worth the 5 stars.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Lizzm66
    It’s a great way to communicate with My Grandson teacher cause I know she’s so busy through out the day during school an so am I.. it’s a great app to communicate with the teachers on one on when necessary..
  • Review on Talking Points 5/5

    By Eli's Meme
    Great and easy way tip get through to the teachers and saves them time on return phone calls. M
  • Great Tool for Parents, Grandparents and Legal Guardians 5/5

    By Kimberly Dobson
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Nikkayy55
    I love this app! It is very convenient and hen you need to get to your child’s teacher quick!
  • Not clear 1/5

    By 2224 wake up
    I get notifications that I have a new message but when I go into the app nothing is new. I.e. it is hard to tell which notification to focus on. I cannot easily find a teacher even once I have been invited/messages by them.
  • Messages don’t have time date stamp 4/5

    By Mytouch2
    Maybe I’m missing this, but I would like the messages to tell me when the message was sent. An exact timeline email. So many of the messages seem to cometo late for me to do what is required. It would be good to know if my device isn’t updating or if the teacher is sending things out at the last minute.
  • Crash central 2/5

    By SFields55
    When it works, great. For now, it crashes every time I try to open a message. I’ve rebooted device, reloaded app multiple times. Nothing works. Frustrating when not able to respond to teacher.
  • Too slow! Or loading time is extremely longer then normal! 1/5

    By bustos2022
    Too slow
  • 😊 5/5

    By Herrerq
    Excelente aplicación
  • Excelente aplicación 5/5

    By jahdielyabi
  • Hate this app 1/5

    By quaylnn
    This app is whack
  • Gracias 5/5

    By Slp pilla
    Gracias x tenernos informados de la educación de mi hija
  • School asked me to use this. Cant get any support. 1/5

    By Gjihvghdgjklkgghffjhj
    My kids school asked my to use this app. I can get messages from the parents but the school district sends announcements, i get notifications but can see the announcements. I have contacted talking parents online help many times about this issue and am being ignored. Many times without any response. If you want to rely on communication with the school or teachers find a better option. As many of the teachers now just went back to texting me due to the unreliable service this app actually provides.
  • Maya princesa bonita Ermosa bonita bonita 1/5

    By Aguila de Guatemala
    Si puedes
  • Best thing ever.🙏❤️ 5/5

    By miaaon
  • Msg Rec’d? 2/5

    By snakebite53
    Saw two messages in app today. One from Dec 8, the other Jan 14. Pure luck that I happened to look there. App did not indicate msgs were there. Other apps, when msg or notification received, show number of items received. For example, on iphone, msgs or notifications shown in blue circle in corner of app which, of course, disappears when app exited.
  • Mr Cabrera老師 5/5

    By 我是一位學生家長吳瑞英
  • Great Communication App 5/5

    By TayS27
    This is my 1st year using TalkingPoints and I have had zero issues. I really like being able to contact my children’s teachers without having to search for their email and hope that I actually have it. It has also made it nice to be able to have all the communication saved and in one spot to be able to go back and reference.
  • Muy buena 5/5

    By love ' it
  • Loading….. 2/5

    By jvhsass
    I have trouble getting things to load and messages don’t alway get sent.
  • So 5/5

    By Mikaylah’s GG
    easy to contact my kiddos teachers. Only thing I’d add would be a directory of teachers with class name and hour.
  • Parent talk 5/5

    By willa harper
    It’s the best for communicating
  • Seeing others’ comments 3/5

    By nickname aaaaaa
    When both parents are on the app, we can’t see each other’s comments/replies. We can only see teacher’s replies - but can’t see what they’re replying to.
  • Not easy to use 3/5

    By lorigator93
    I really enjoy this tool to directly text with the teachers. It often times is hard to open a message when an alert comes through and is hard to figure out if it is a DM or an announcement. The work around for me is to always open all messages.
  • Like the application. 5/5

    By Tindama
    Very nice tool for parents.
  • Not good for group communications 2/5

    By Elleninapex
    When one parent sends a message to the teacher, the teacher can’t see which parent sent it. And the other parent can’t see the text at all. We’ve resorted to taking screenshots of the communication with the teacher and sending them through our messages app just so we both know what is being said. There has to be a better app for comms out there, but we have to use what the school selected.
  • Teens 5/5

    By DoraBoada
    Thank you for all you do!!!
  • thank you 5/5

    By maryan qali
  • It used to be a good app but no anymore 4/5

    By Consulmex user
    This app it use to work good but the past few months it has been sooooo slow to show me a message it takes 5 to 10 minutes to show me a message sometimes I just giveup
  • Good 5/5

    By juniorjesus
  • Great app 5/5

    By Jaamere
    I love this app it allows to keep in regular contact with my son’s teachers