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  • Current Version: 5.1.000
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: FunPlus
  • Compatibility: Android
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Family Farm Seaside App

Play the best farming simulation game! Create your own unique farm in Family Farm Seaside and compete with your friends to be the top farmer! Family Farm Seaside is a beautiful and fun farming simulation game. There’s a bunch of tasks to do on the farm, so you will never feel bored! Take care of cute animals on your farm, like Mary the cow. Grow crops and sell them on the market for a nice profit. Design your own boat at the seaside and show it off to your neighbors. Win the farm beauty contest and prove to everyone that you have the most beautiful farm in the world! Family Farm Seaside features: * FREE to play Farming Game * Played by over 80 million people all around the world * Cute animals * Unlimited barn space * Build your farm at the seaside and on an exotic island * Prepare more than 400+ dishes in the kitchen * Plant, harvest and process over 200+ unique products * More than 150+ achievements to complete * Fulfill daily orders and quests with your farm products * New missions added regularly with fun new features * Compete with other farmers in the new farm beauty contest! * Grow special plants in the farm laboratory! * Dig for precious ores and diamonds in the Mine * Adopt pets and watch them explore your farm! * Decorations can now be cleaned while in the warehouse * Guests can visit the farm and interact with your pets! App Notes: • This app requires an active internet connection to play. Please make sure your device is connected while playing. • Family Farm Seaside is completely free to download and free to play. However, some items in the game can be purchased with real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings. ​• Please note that this is a standalone version of Family Farm, and will not sync or connect to your Facebook farm. Contact Us!: • Having any problem in game? Click here! >>> • Need more neighbors and want to get game news and tips? >>> • Privacy Policy >>>

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Family Farm Seaside app reviews

  • Upset gamer 1/5

    By Ms.McGee
    I have been playing the games for months. I was 40 minutes away from completing a special mission and the mission became unavailable, even though the timer said I still had forty minutes developers wont compensate me for the lost of rc, coins, or energy that I used to complete this. I’ll be uninstalling and spreading the word about how s****y this game and company is. I do not recommend you install this game.
  • Reset 5/5

    By Kyhnyia
    It’s a good game but I wish u can restart
  • I enjoy this game! 5/5

    By TruckingAngel
    I’ve been playing this game over a year and I must say that it is very addicting. It’s like my go to when I’m feeling stressed or just want to tune someone out. First thing is when I awake I always grab my pad and play this before even starting my day out. I’m seeing a lot of reviews that are not that great but I’m not sure why because I really haven’t had any issues. The one issue I did have the customer service team was able to help get the issue resolved. So yes the game refreshes if it’s sitting idle for sometime. That’s no big deal. No you don’t need to put any type of card info into just to play this. Yes sometimes you do have to spend real $$$$ for certain things to complete levels. In over a year I’ve spent about $500. I mean I work hard for my money and have a great paying job so I can afford to dump $$$ like that. We all spend $$$ on unnecessary things that we don’t need. You just have to be wise and choose what you want to dump your extra $$$ on. NO ONE IS FORCING YOU TO SPEND $$$$ into this game. Some people just need something to complain about or their life isn’t satisfied.
  • Can you please fix this. 3/5

    By Miss Diamond Empire
    I’m not getting my Dev points, what’s going on. Can please fix this ASAP. Why do we have to wait, an hour to put things in our market. It takes up to much time. This game was fun at first and now it’s getting boring, waiting around.
  • Surprisingly great 5/5

    By Sheep Keep
    I’m not much of a gamer, but this one somehow got to me. It’s developed in a very smart way, having so many different things to tend to without requiring to badger facebook friends :) great way to pass the time on the train.
  • Game awesome 5/5

    By msboss69
    I never knew a game to be free every it should be but I still love this game
  • Refund 1/5

    By Sunsoul247
    I’m not even playing this game and was just charged $30.00 and can’t seem to cancel/refund this is unacceptable!
  • Will not let me update? 5/5

    By Sunshine✨🌞
    Why can’t I update my games without having to put my credit card in. This is the second time this has happened to me. The first time I was told their is no reason your games won’t update, but obviously there is if it’s happening again. Please fix this problem.
  • Annoyed... 3/5

    By Barbalute
    I really like this game, a lot. Only thing that makes it not worth playing after awhile is needing fake game dollars to do things. &&& you only get one each tome you level up. But when you need 8 of them to finish a machine that you need to continue with the game you literally can’t go any further. Example: I have been trying to make the cake house for four days. But since I cannot finish 5 “quests” because I don’t have it I cannot level up. I don’t and won’t pay money to buy money for a game. I get it. Companies need money too. But there has to be a level ground to where the madness ends. So now I’m stuck and the urge to play has diminished. But of course, no one cares that makes this app because there are enough dumb people elsewhere that pays 50$ a month to buy fake money for an app that means nothing to real life. So thank you for that.
  • Not letting me play 3/5

    By Christina Llanas
    This game isn’t letting me play on my iPhone anymore it says I need to update the app but there is not update
  • Getting the runaround 1/5

    By Skipgoliberty2
    I’m getting the run around on getting help to fix this game I’ve played for years and now starting to hate very much, an update came thru it was no good I have an I phone 6, it won’t let you on now, update no good, they keep saying I have an android phone, stupid morons I don’t how many times do I have to say, I don’t, it’s I phone , and then call me wrong name , nobody is helping at all
  • Family farm seaside 1/5

    By mawjoe
    I can’t get into my game. It keeps saying update but I can’t update it. Please fix this. I really love the game. Been playing it many years.
  • Coins 4/5

    By Kimberly2014()
    I really like this game but there are a only issues I have with it is, I have all these coins and can’t use them for buying certain items and can’t move items from one area to the other. Only certain things but, can’t move the trees over and I can’t find out on how to start construction and put the collar on the dog. I have tried everything. But what is the sense of having the coins if I can’t use them. I put a lot of money into this game and it’s bumming me out ☹️
  • Great game 5/5

    By Saraiberry12
    HI I love this game so much. I just think we need better ways to get RC instead of buying. That's my only problem and also we need to find different ways to get the pets faster because I don't want to spend 12.00 dollars on the pet. I also think TC Other than that like I said I love this game and will continue playing it. I have the million dollar cow and I just bought 30 RC for 30 days and now when I go to collect it it shows that I need to refresh my farm then it goes back to the homepage and it keeps having me collect it and goes back to the regular time When are you going to upgrade the pet house I have all these animals but I cant use them until you level up the animal house I have a bug issue or something I have 5700 dev points on my island and I got a decoration that gave me 300 dev points and it’s a brand new decoration that I built and it still says I have 5700 and I’m trying to buy the bbq machine, I play this game everyday.
  • Fun 5/5

    By gmamim
  • iOS update needed 1/5

    By Elizabeth dison
    Have been unable to play on my iPhone since the last update. My kindle works fine but my internet is so slow at home I’m getting about 10 minutes a day of play time. Kinda hard to help your community or buddies when you cannot get on.
  • Time consuming 5/5

    By Tocute....
    It’s not pioneer trail but I like it. It’s a bit confusing from the beginning but I guess I’m catching on.. I still don’t know how to join a community or get the cloth for my dog collar but oh well I guess.
  • The game won’t update 1/5

    By Blith413
    I have played the game on my iPhone and on my tablet but now I can’t play it because it says to update but there is no update
  • 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 5/5

    By GraceRose18gbc
    I REALLY wish you could do something so you could earn free RC/TC and or watch ads to earn free TC. Instead of having to buy it.
  • What is going on? 1/5

    By T ENNIS
    I absolutely love the game but however within the last 24 hours I’m unable to play anymore. My game is freezing it tells me that it needs an update but when I go to my iTunes Store there is no update available. Glitches quite a few times and then when I finally get back to my farm it’s like I’m starting all over a new game, that frozen at the top of the farm. It will not even let me get to the technical support page on my game. Can someone please tell me what is going on?
  • Login issues 1/5

    By Cdbu120972
    Having problem login in in my new phone. And I email 2 times to help center without any help... love the game but I’m really frustrated about no be able to bring my farm to my new phone. Please someone help me . I being asking for help in the last week without any response back!!! Unbelievable...
  • Game is fun, WHEN you can actually PLAY 2/5

    By FFS FFS!
    I guess you don’t want to publish my review. That’s not a good way to improve your image. October 1, 2018. Today’s update, available ONLY to Kindle users, is a complete mess. It has made playing as a “community” nearly impossible. When will iOS users see this update? Many iOS users cannot even log on and are stuck in an endless loop of a mandatory update that doesn’t even exist. Way to go, funplus. You’ve really outdone yourselves this time.
  • Disappointed Farmer 1/5

    By me very sad
    Have been playing this game for close to 7 years and it was all FREE now my world has been turn upside down I’m sorry but sadly I’ll have to say Goodbye and lots to luck to all my farm buddies. Not enough mula$$$$ to pay any extras with a monthly income.
  • لم اقدر ادخال اللعبه 5/5

    By الرجاء الرد علي
    السلام عليكم الرجاء حل مشكلي لم اقدر ادخل اللعبه مزرعتنا السعيده الرجاء الرد باسرع وقت
  • Pros and cons in every game! 4/5

    By Minipawsvoluteer
    I have some things to get off my chest about all these reviews in this game and any App I’ve seen. This is my review of this game as well. I don’t work for Apple nor do I work for this developer or ANY developer! I’m just a mom that has a lot of apps/games with a lot to say. IF you have a tech issue, you’re suppose to write support within the game, not leave a negative review. Give them a few days to respond. Especially if you’re in the US! A lot of developers are in a different country, different time zones, are on a holiday you don’t know about, and some are even a day ahead of you! If your missing something in the game, all you have to do is take a screenshot of the receipt Apple emails you, then take a screenshot of your game page which shows where the missing items should be. But be warned, IF you’ve just actually spent it, and claim to not receive it, they can see that on their end! Also when it comes to refunds, talk to APPLE! The developers of ANY game does not handle your transactions! Apple does. You should receive an email from Apple with your receipt with all the stuff you’ve purchased in the last few days and all you have to do is click on the apps icon, or the game you’ve had trouble with, it’ll take you to an Apple page where you can request a refund. That’s the ONLY way anyone can get a refund. Any developer in the App Store can not issue a refund. So when you leave a negative review about that, you’re mad at the wrong person! Onto my review I Don’t understand why there are only negatives reviews that show up when you click on the app in the App Store. And their dated almost a year ago or from the spring? Where are the positive reviews? This scares people away instantly! Anyway there are always pros and cons in games. Regardless of the game, someone isn’t going to be 100% happy! You can’t please everyone! They try though! Hard! I have had no issues with customer support, crashing, any glitches etc! None. I DONT like the cost of things, I don’t like the fact that we have to pay $14.99 for only 75 green bucks. That doesn’t get you far at all, all the cute things and animals cost real money. And these events they throw in, cost real money as well. IF you’re an impatient person like myself, it may not be the best game for you. If you want something cute and gives you purple gift boxes when cleaned, you’ll have to pay money for it. The most I’ve seen is $14.99 and can go down to $6.99. We need more sales and MORE GREEN BUCKS added to the price that’s there. I mean 75 for $15 is robbery! Trying to earn green money is like pulling teeth! If we could add quantity to the prices you charge, you would have more happy customers! You shouldn’t charge money to get cute things to go on your farm! We should have the option to buy them with coins or yellow bucks! Not everyone is rich! I have bought some green bucks because I don’t mind supporting a developer I like. They work hard to make the app good for us, they update it frequently, and they keep the quests and events going on a regular bases. Almost to many at a time to be honest. But these developers have to put food on the plates of their families and pay bills just like the rest of us! No one works for free! IF they didn’t charge, we would be bombarded with stupid ads which I absorbed hate! So again, I don’t mind spending money here and there. I DO mind the quantity I’m receiving for my $15 and the amount things cost in the game! That needs to be fixed because WE, your customers have families and mouths to feed, and bills to pay as well. You scratch our backs, we’ll scratch yours! I don’t understand why they have upgrades for things because it doesn’t work! I have upgrades for several things I own and it produces the same quantities, and the time it takes to process it, is the same as it was before I had the upgrades in place. A HUGE HUGE ISSUE I HAVE WITH THIS GAME IS the fact I can’t delete something I don’t need! That’s plain out ridiculous! What? Why not? This needs to be changed ASAP! How do I put something away that is don’t need at the moment? There are no clear directions to do this. Yes you can put it in your barn if you can figure that out, and trying to delete a crop plot is impossible if you’ve put it down onto your farm. Good luck with that because you can’t delete the thing you accidentally did. Trees, you can’t place trees next to each other if the tree is a bushy tree. Instead of going by the size of the trees base, it goes by how big the top of the tree is so if you have a large tree you can’t place it close to another tree. This needs to be changed. I would have a lot more room if I could place my trees in a row next to each other by the size of the trunks! I LOVE the fact that we don’t have a limit on storage! We have unlimited storage and we don’t have to use energy to do things. We do have to use cog wheels to do stuff but those are handed out quite frequently. Like I said there are pros and cons with every game. I feel like the info I’ve put in this review is things a lot of your players feel! Please work on these things for us, and I’ll gladly buy sales you give. Adding 200% to the amount you guys have for green bucks is a must, 1/2 off prices etc. My true rating is a 4 star rating at the moment. Can easily become a 5 star with all the above done! Thank you kindly for reading and hopefully I’ll see some positive changes in the near future.
  • fun but 3/5

    By Kawaii esc fun
    there’s some dumb/annoying features like the notifications for when things grow is really lacking and i wish they were customisable like fr example i only want notifications about batch products. also the building a base challenges are near impossible to complete in time even for someone who spends, let’s say, 30 monthly on this game.
  • Super fun, but comes with a high cost 4/5

    By JACKROCKS00000000001
    This game is really fun to play, but it seems that every day there are more tasks and special events that if you want to complete, you have to pay money for RC to buy trees, bushes, and collectibles. It is possible to earn RC within the game but not fast enough to keep up with what you need for the game. This really makes the game much less enjoyable too play. I would recommend you download and start playing only of you are willing to pay frequently!
  • Will not update 1/5

    By Starr3255
    The chests for your pets to dig do not appear in the game anymore. I noticed a few pop up the other day but now they never load. This is part of a task to complete. How are you supposed to complete it if a bug or glitch prevents the chests from appearing.
  • It’s great! But... 4/5

    By Astrocat699
    I’d say I’ve been playing this game for a while, I’ve been playing it since middle school on and off and every time I come back to it there’s always something new being added, I appreciate how active the developers are in adding new features for those who are both low and high levels, it keeps the game interesting. The visuals are stunning and I haven’t come across any glitches, this is a great game to play as a way to pass time and I’ve fallen in love with it over the years. My only issue is that a lot of the trees and machines have to be built or bought with In-game currency and as much as I’d like to support the development I don’t actually have the funds to at the time and I’m sure many others don’t, but you don’t find a lot of opportunities to actually get this currency, you only get one every time you level up, which is hard to work with when some missions require a banana tree that I don’t have enough funds for and I find that very irritating but, don’t let that stop you from enjoying the game! There’s a lot more to discover on your own and although I have my differences I still very much enjoy this game
  • Family farm 4/5

    By gfhshjwhxjsbb
    This is a great game 😍😍😍
  • It takes my stuff and leaves 2/5

    By Robin Hoods victim
    I have been playing this app for a long time with my mom and me and her both love it, but now I finished the task that you have to collect flowers and when I clicked get reward it just took me to Facebook, and when I clicked back the menu said I already got it. But I searched my farm for it and it wasn't there, the same thing happens with frames fair I had all the product but it wouldn't work, so I exited the farmer's fair menu and went back in after that all my product was gone and it didn't do anything.
  • Resolve the technical problem please 5/5

    By rifahtamanna
    Hi guys! Why the app is performing like this? Whenever I open it, within a minute it closes automatically. It is from yesterday. Is it a problem with new update? Please resolve it fast. :)
  • DO NOT BUY 1/5

    By Dozerjunkie
    This was my favorite game for some time and I was a daily player, however, you will need to spend real money frequently if you want to get very far. Developers also have a distorted idea of the difference between challenge and nearly impossible. It can be fun but some of the challenges such as the new anniversary gate are ridiculously difficult. Wish I had never found it. If you have money to burn and you love being frustrated, go for it. Otherwise keep looking. Or get a second job. These developers are making a fortune. These devotees are Greedy as hell.
  • Can’t move guest house. 1/5

    By ButterLuvsWill
    This game won’t let you move guest house. I can’t turn the guest house around. I can’t add path to the guest house. Cause it’s at by the fence. Also can’t removed crop fields.
  • Favorite Game..lots of glitches 4/5

    By Cacox97rocks!
    I love this game! But..I have to delete and reload a lot because it freezes up on the Island farm and you can see only the top portion of your farm. Also, unless you pay to buy RC or decorations, it’s almost impossible to purchase most of the trees and decorative items. The community of people, however, are just wonderful. I interact with neighbors from around the world. I will be playing for a year in November..I am at level 70. It’s slow going, but despite this and the things mentioned’s my favorite game.
  • Actualización 5/5

    By candy34PR
    Deben actualizarlo a mas real con mas cosas chat con amigos con facebook mas maquinas mas reales
  • New update runs VERY slow 1/5

    By amalitta
    Takes an hour to load with new update. Help!
  • Lost 2018 Anniversary Balloon Gate 3/5

    By Sallybr
    I tried to claim this 2018 Anniversary Balloon Gate from message from Felicia. Upon retrieval it would not load. It would not load and I searched farm barns ( storage) to no avail. So, I deleted and redownloaded app. Now, it shows I received it and can’t find it in none of the store places or even in purchases. Will, I miss out on this event?
  • It’s fun but.... 3/5

    By JWalls33
    I love the game. What I don’t love is the need to make 60 of something to finish the timed quests. Or 1800 to get a three star machine on the island. Why the huge amounts?
  • Old game 5/5

    By Snooty80
    A new game has started, and I do not want start a new game, what is going on?
  • Great game''!! 5/5

    By Jblissnrsy
    Been playing 4 Years
  • hate the update 1/5

    By KiKey94
    this update has ruined the game and the whole flow of the game. takes a lot of memory and i cant make any progress unless i pay these people and that takes all the fun out of it. good jobs ruining a pretty good game.
  • Lost game 1/5

    By strawberrysan
    I played this you years then suddenly it started me over and I just deleted it!
  • Too long to play 3/5

    By Texjannie
    When I choose a game I want to play, that means I want to PLAY it, not wait hours and hours for stuff to grow or be completed. Good concept, good graphics, just takes way too much patience!
  • Frustrated Farmer 3/5

    By iPhone newbie2013a
    I have played this game for sometime now and I am starting to get very frustrated. Quest are starting to be only available to those who pay big GREEN (farm money) for the machine or animal needed - yes there are ways to earn the farm money but not in the amount you need to purchase these items. Second the house quest keeps giving g me the machtia pudding to get or make in short time - I just had my pet find one it did I planted something and again THE PUDDING - both items needed to make this pudding cost BIG no way to earn them as you level up. This was such a fun game when I started and now like all other games it’s become only about the money - I am VERY close to quitting
  • Perdí mi granja! 4/5

    By anaid.2
    Como la puedes recuperar?, no está sincronizada con Facebook, se llama El Yunque. Gracias.
  • Too Many Currencies 1/5

    By wssulady
    I really wanted to like this game but there are some issues with the game. You have RC, TC, and Coins. Plus you have Green, Blue, Yellow, Red and Purple Mystrons, officially they are not consider currency but you can use them to get certain items. Anyway I found the game to be more frustrating than fun. Good luck finishing quests that have time limit. In game purchases are a total ripoff. Stick with Zynga.
  • Flustered can’t reset this game 2/5

    By Cookie an Roxy
    This game doesn’t even have a reset
  • In app purchase 1/5

    By momog90
    My daughter made a in app purchase and I wanted to get this refunded how would i go about that

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