Family Zoo: The Story

Family Zoo: The Story

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  • Current Version: 1.3.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Plarium LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Family Zoo: The Story App

Build a zoo, play with cute animals and solve match 3 puzzles - all in one game! Switch between the challenge of the match 3 levels, and the joy of welcoming a new furry friend to the zoo you built with your hands. The Family Zoo was once the gem of the neighborhood. Now, the city wants to build a huge supermarket instead. It’s time to burst their bubble! Solve casual match three puzzles to earn tickets and materials. Then, restore the zoo and decorate the animal habitats and surrounding gardens. Meet new and old friends, and work together to make sure all the animals have a place to live. They are counting on you - can you save their home? Game Features - Swap between match 3 levels and building your own zoo! - Hundreds of delicious and challenging match 3 puzzles - Choose from thousands of decorations to make your family zoo unique! - Interact with exotic and cute animals - Develop your business with stands, cafes and other attractions to draw visitors and earn coins! - Complete quests for more rewards and advancing the story - Make friends with characters that will help you save the zoo - Enhance your fun with exploding watermelons and other wacky boosters


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Family Zoo: The Story app reviews

  • Fun but gone 2/5

    By vivplaysgames
    I loved this game! I would play it all the time and was so far in it, then one day it just stopped opening for me and I have no idea why. I even went as far as to delete the app. Ready to start over again, and it still won’t open for me! I’m so sad because I thought maybe with the new birthday update it would work again :(
  • Don’t tell us how to play 3/5

    By Toidiots
    I like the game but hate all the hints at , it seems like, EVERY SINGLE level. Let us play the game. Tell us how and then get out of the way. Let us decide how to play it. If you want to make us do it a certain way, just play it yourself. I just read some of the reviews. If I have to have “friends” in order to win, I am not interested. If I wanted to rely on friends for my entertainment, I would be with them and not by myself trying to relax.
  • Totally love this game 5/5

    By Kittiemetal33
    I love this game play it all the time but now all I’m doing is saving tickets and construction stuff and WAITING ON MORE LEVELS TO BE ADDED !!! Please please thank you !!
  • No title 1/5

    By Piper#\3097;
    It was fun at first then you get to a certain point that you must use your boosters to pass it. After all the boosters and the coins that have been collected are gone it's frustrating!!!! It's like you get no where in the game unless you spend money and I'm not spending money on a game!!!! So forget it. Been trying to beat the same level for awhile and I have lost interest and delegating game. It was fun and if you have and want to spend money on the game then you will continue to enjoy it but otherwise you reach a certain point and can't go any further. That's why I didn't give it good star rating, deleting game now!!!
  • Still waiting 3/5

    By g967
    Latest update done. Still waiting to actually continue building a zoo. When???
  • ? 2/5

    By ljoey38
    I have been waiting over 2 weeks for more levels an still nothing playing the story levels is boring an stupid it’s the same things over an over again, I want to build the zoo but I won’t play anymore if this is it
  • Help 1/5

    By LizisFierce
    I didn’t authorize a “tiger box” purchase. Help. It’s a lot of money and it needs to be canceled
  • Fun game but... 4/5

    By Wolf315
    Fun game to play on my lunch breaks and after work but latest update has a bad bug. Any time you win an item from watching a video it disappears and you aren’t able use it. Update has fixed the bug!
  • Where is the help button? 3/5

    By marjact
    I can’t find any place to communicate with the game developers. I would like them to know that every time I go to “process” an award or gift, it disappears. It makes the game very disappointing as I am in some of the more difficult levels. Getting ready to give up and ditch it soon.
  • More challenges!! 5/5

    By DarleneeN.
    When you come with an update i finished the game already need more animals in the zoo!!
  • Ad problems 1/5

    By Debska
    I would have given this a five star rating except that the ads that I sit through in order to get rewards no longer gives rewards. I never got them all but used to get at least half of them. But now NOTHING. Also, recently some VERY inappropriate ads came up regarding male enhancement. I just don’t think that’s appropriate especially for a game children can play. They were quite qraphic too.
  • Another fun “in beginning “ game. 2/5

    By Grammy2six
    This game starts out really fun and then eventually gets aggravating. The developers think you will get so hooked that after getting stuck on a level because of impossible amount of moves, you will buy more, or boosters. The boosters will be placed in the one place that can’t be of any help and the 5 extra moves you buy is always 1 short. Unless you don’t mind spending the money, or you feel challenged by a level that can take up to 30 tries to win, you can expect to get aggravated and move on to another game.
  • Flaw central 2/5

    By Strict Const
    I’ve played many match games, and this is one by far has the most flaws. To begin, I won daily prizes of an additional life but never received them after processing. A few times I clicked on the watch an ad icon for an additional life; no matter how many times I clicked on it the video never played. A key to any match game are chain reactions after your move. In other words pieces randomly fall into place creating matches on their own. This game is the most stingy. It’s either feast or famine with that aspect of the game. This game also has one heck of a scam going. When you complete levels you win coins which fill a panda bank. You rightfully should have access to those coins at some point; you do, but in order to “break” the panda jar of coins you have to pay real money. Those are earned coins which the player should have access to by simply playing the game. The player does not unless he or she wants to pay out of pocket for it.
  • More please 4/5

    By MrsMax27
    I love this game but am completely maxed on every level and chore and stuck in the middle. Just ready to keep going.
  • Hey 👋🏾 5/5

    By tdot5
    I’m on level 601 and it says i cannot go further until the new levels come in when are the new levels coming in? i want to continue playing 😏
  • Juego 4/5

    By marymar 2211
    Hola soy yo de nuevo estoi enojada por que actualize el juego i no me pusieron más mundos para jugar solo unos juegos de un gato el cual meda an 5 días para pasarlos y lo pase en 3 horas i no puedo jugar más necesito más juegos para construir 😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
  • Hungry bug in the update 4/5

    By Juicems
    Love it. Play it daily. Unfortunately there’s a bug in the latest update that eats the bonuses. Every time I try to claim it.... Goobled up never to be seen again.
  • Wantu2bymore 3/5

    By Keetoowahlynnmatney
    I really like this game but, I get really mad because ( 4 instance) when you are popping balloons, ( if u have 4-6 moves left) , as your playing, balloons DO NOT REPLENISH , therefore you never get all balloons. Lose all your lives, (GAME CREATORS , DEVELOPERS, ETC. R wanting everyone to pay for energy and other things, ( I’m ok with that) But when you do BUY ENERGY &ETC. you only get an HOUR OR TWO ( depending how much you buy) . The point I’m trying to make is , the game is DESIGNED TO BEAT YOU. It is REALLY FUN TO PLAY BUT IT DOES GET ANNOYING WHEN YOU LOSE (20-30 lives/ energy ) IN A VERY SHORT TIME FRAME.
  • Fun Game 4/5

    By Spawnthegecko
    Freezes once in a while but very fun to build your own zoo. Easy to follow match 3 game, very straight forward unlike some other match 3. Just needs a reptile, like an Alligator!!!
  • I want new levels 3/5

    By I C traped
    Love this game but I want new levels it’s been weeks since I finished all you have. And on this page it says that there’s a new Australia section open for a week but not on my game and I’m on the newest update. I don’t think I can keep this game if I can’t really play it.
  • Wavhh 5/5

    By ezgyu
  • Game for money. 1/5

    By bye amogo
    Seem like a good game, however after 25 tries on the 21 level. I quit, .
  • Help? 4/5

    By Myself.
    The game is great, but keeps getting stuck when I go to build tunnels for the red pandas, and I can’t figure out how to contact support for this company? I don’t want to delete and reinstall, because I’m not sure if I’ll lose all my progress...
  • They need to change some things 2/5

    By Beseae
    I really like the game but i have a few problems with it. Once you have been playing for awhile they will give you so many goals and barely any moves so the only way to beat it is to use one of the special object they have or pay 300 coins to get 5 more moves. Two when earn special objects for playing they put it on the side and have you process it to add to your inventory so why is it when you earn infinity lives for 30 mins or a hour that doesn’t need processed because most of the time i have to waste that because i earn it at inconvenient times. And third it takes 30 mins to get a life back but only maxes out at 5. And prime example of the infinity lives not being processed i only had 15 mins in break to play but i have 3 1/2 hours which will be wasted because i can’t play 😡
  • Too long of a wait for updates 1/5

    By mk8377
    So I am topped out and having to constantly wait for an update to continue playing is getting really old
  • Good fun time 5/5

    By swaggychode
    Good fun time
  • Need more levels to succeed 4/5

    By smurf:-)
    Please add more levels. I can’t complete the koalas without tickets.
  • Looking forward to the koalas! 4/5

    By Sudomaki
    Okay so it looks like they fixed the freeze glitch I noted in my last review. So I’m upgrading my rating back to 4 stars. I’m really glad they’re adding the koalas (I suggested koalas earlier so perhaps they listened! lol). So I’ll upgrade my rating to 5 stars as soon as they add the new levels to get the tickets to build the Australia exhibit. I just wish they wouldn’t take so long to add the new levels! Ps. After Australia, I think it’s time to bring on the apes and monkeys!
  • About Done 2/5

    By sooverthesegames
    About ready to delete! It’s fun, when it works! However, I’ve dumped $$$ to get the coins (shame on me)! Videos for free stuff never works! Screen goes white! Becoming less fun and more frustrating!
  • Zoo fun 1/5

    By cricket girl
    I used to like this game but lately the puzzles take days to complete. Now its become boring to continue to play the same puzzle for days. Sorry but im about to delete
  • Keeps locking up 2/5

    By Gmg gator
    Was a fun game until this last update. Now it freezes for no reason in the middle of the game. Very frustrating!!
  • Restart 3/5

    By nessie375
    I want to start the game over fresh but I’ve tried everything to delete it. When I reinstall it’s the same game as before.
  • I agree with the glitchy review 3/5

    By MRgibson farm
    I’ve been stuck on training the seals and can’t get any further,it’s been fun until now,may find another game
  • Freezes up 4/5

    By Tiredmom75
    I enjoy this game but with the last update, my game freezes each time I run out of lives which is very frustrating
  • Not worth it 3/5

    By ApocQueen
    The game is fun, but it’s all about chance. There are only 5 lives and when they’re gone it takes hours for them to refill. I’ve finished it and I am currently waiting for an update. The koalas wasn’t enough. Hopefully it doesn’t take to long or I won’t be playing anymore.
  • Level 252 on tickets 4/5

    By 7ammy😜
    Ok I’m in love with this game but I have been stuck on level 252 on tickets for 3 weeks. I’m on level 541 on eggs and have completed all the animals until another level is unlocked. The ticket level is impossible to beat I have tried ever bomb there is and the pine cones and mushrooms will not drop and I have played this same level for 3 weeks. I hate to do it but I’m gonna have to delete the game. There comes a point especially after so long that it becomes more stressful then fun. I hate to delete it because I have come so far with my zoo😩.
  • Cute animals 4/5

    By Kmmara41
    Nice message of giving the animals more natural habitats. Easy, mundane fun.
  • When? 4/5

    By Mike's Lady
    I love the game, but when are the new levels going to be ready? You keep saying soon, but then it doesn’t happen. Last week you said they would be ready by the end of the week or the first of this week and it still hasn’t happened. I fear you are going to lose some loyal game players if the new updates aren’t ready ASAP. Players are getting tired of waiting and are moving on to other games. Respectfully, Mrs Terrie Kenoyer
  • Fun 5/5

    By Kimber_73
    I originally got this for my son and now I am playing it! A lot of fun but asking for money too much! The save in the panda coins I’m not fond of, I would rather get more rewards! Overall, definitely a fun game to download! My son likes it when I get a new animal and train them lol!
  • More please 3/5

    By SR-0884-4406
    I think this game is challenging and fun; however, I may delete it because its producers don’t seem invested. I’ve run out of levels for exhibits and tasks, lvl 551 and lvl 576 respectively. They’ve added a loop of levels to play repeatedly, called “the ladder.” They are the same levels every 10 levels or so. I’m on rung 247 and bored. I assumed it was to keep users logging in until new levels are released, but it’s been weeks without them. They’ve also introduced a scoreboard for daily, weekly, and monthly challenges with rewards. It’d be fun to compete if I could play new levels, build new exhibits, and add more decorations to the zoo. Two other things that bother me and also make it seem like the producers aren’t invested: glitches and hints at content still unavailable. The app frequently crashes while completing levels to train animals to do tricks (one of the few side missions in the game) and occasionally the game doesn’t recognize there are no more available moves, leaving options to quit the game and start over or just close the app. There’s also a business section where you may invest in a food cart that generates coins daily. The food cart can only be upgraded to level 2 (20 coins in 24 hours). It’s a fun game, but it seems abandoned on the other end.
  • Rip off 1/5

    By Forza T
    Much too difficult. I play a bunch of games in this genre. (Gardenscapes. Homescapes. Matchington Manor). This one is unreasonable in how difficult it is. Level 167.... I have no clue what's even required to complete it. All I know is I've tried for over two weeks and finally just gave up. I just tried again, after having skipped over this game for a few days, but nothing changed. I hope this game disappears from the App Store. Total garbage. This company wouldn't know game balance if it smacked them in the face. They still have not fixed the smp error message when trying to contact support. Will inform iTunes that the company has made reaching support impossible.
  • Glitches drive me crazy 2/5

    By jjmmenifee
    When I click to watch an ad to get gifts or extra lives the video plays but then afterward I get a white screen and cannot X out of the ad to return to the game. This means no gift or extra life since the only way to get the white screen to go away is to exit the game. Very frustrating! Also levels can be too hard to beat and once you do ...all your hard work could go towards just placing one boulder or some other silly item. UGH!
  • Family Zoo 3/5

    By soupy 2005
    Loved this game when I first started playing. Got my zoo built up and some animals. The darn levels are JUST TOO HARD. I HAVE BEEN ON THE SAME LEVELS FOR THREE WEEKS! Boring when it’s too hard to make advancements. You are also not hearing what people are saying......yes we KNOW all levels are beatable.......but after failing the same levels for weeks, IT IS NOT FUN ANYMORE!
  • Fun but there’s always a but.... 3/5

    By Cynister29
    I just recently downloaded this game and I have really enjoyed it but as I get further I am noticing that it is becoming more of a chore to earn tickets. I love that I get to build/decorate my own zoo but having to play four games in a row just to place/choose something as small as flowers seems silly. Maybe the developers could lower the cost of placing such small items with less tickets? I understand they have to make their money but I feel like I’m playing with little rewards. Otherwise, it is a good game and nice graphics and will not be deleting it any time soon. Cheers!
  • Family zoo 5/5

    By Isi queen
    The game is soooooo fun. I really enjoy it
  • Love this game 3/5

    By Ernstine kk
    I really like this game but you know the get a gift (watch a ad and get a free gift) it not working the little tv is there but the video is not appearing
  • Stuck 5/5

    By Zipbluedragon
    Hi. I really love this game but really stuck on levels 189 rock and 195 tickets. Never gotten the 6 bombs I need or much help on level 189
  • Family Zoo 4/5

    By Kittybritt
    I like this game, but I am disappointed with the “watch for a prize”. I watch the video, and the screen goes white. No reward. I can’t continue playing. I’ve missed out on so much.
  • Mediocre matching game 3/5

    By summerlynn1029
    I normally don’t do reviews, however since the app is asking about every 5 minutes I will in hope that it will stop popping up. I downloaded because I have been looking for an awesome zoo game. If that is what you are searching for, prepare to be disappointed. I have completed 60 levels now, and have unlocked 2 animals. 2 tigers, and a dolphin. The progress for the actual zoo is way to slow, and this reminds me a LOT of gardenscapes (do 1 level to upgrade this). It is YET ANOTHER boring matching game. Someone please create an AWEOME zoo game like zoo tycoon on PC
  • Expansion? 4/5

    By b0bbiekalei
    Is there going to be more added to the zoo? Or possibly opening another zoo in a different country or city setting? I think it’ll be cool & something more to look forward to in the game.

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