FancyBubble - Text and Emoji Themes for iMessage

FancyBubble - Text and Emoji Themes for iMessage

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  • Current Version: 1.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: FancyKey Keyboard, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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FancyBubble - Text and Emoji Themes for iMessage App

Enjoy customized fonts and backgrounds with exciting colors. Sending messages will never be dull and bland ever again! FancyBubble also supports all emojis and works across various platforms include iMessage, WhatsApp, FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram and more! We have integrated an extension inside iMessage, so that you get your bubble right there in iMessage! Don’t use iMessage? Simply go to the FancyBubble app, create your message, style it and paste it into the messaging app of your choice. Exciting Features: - Many different bubble styles ranging from simple and elegant to bright and colorful. Liven up your chatting with bubbles like Cold Bubble and Bubble Bee. Choose bubbles inspired by your favorite characters such as Pokemon too! - Decorate your messages with dozens of FREE textures and colors - Choose from many different colors and fonts to customize your text -Insert Emojis and Text Art in your messages - Send your decorated messages on a variety of platforms including iMessage, WhatsApp, FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter, or simply save your special messages to your Photo Gallery. Give us ideas for new bubble designs, and you may find your contribution in our next version update

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FancyBubble - Text and Emoji Themes for iMessage app reviews

  • Stupid 1/5

    By euhgdjebdjsnekfkkf
    It is stupid because it is to big and can change the size of the bubble to look like a real text so you can't make it normal and just change the color without changing the real size of the bubble and I am going to a different app because that is just crap🙄
  • Horrible 2/5

    By mill dud
    I like being positive I like positive things but o can’t be positive about this is is not real like when you send it it is like you are sending a picture and I hate that it was free and the words were cute and the fonts and the background but then it is a picture 😡😠😠😩😜🤪😎🥸
  • Great App 5/5

    By Cal821
    Beautiful app and it’s free, be creative with boring texts. I love it ❣️❣️❣️❣️
  • Fun! 5/5

    By Largolaura
    I’m 60 years old and I love technology! Having this app makes texting more fun and cute!
  • Awesome app!! 5/5

    I love it so much! It is just amazing. You are able to create your own bubble, and you can do whatever you want with it. It is one of my favourites. I would recommend this to anybody.
  • Not too bad, wish there were more options 3/5

    By Blackcatttat
    Its cute but could use more options of types of bubbles to send
  • Not enough -free- choices 1/5

    By CoakTG
    Dumb. Standard is better.
  • I like it, but... 3/5

    By EmojiBot :-)
    It’s good, but: 1. I don’t use it much 2. It shows the FancyBubble logo in every message with it
  • Love it! Please read though: 4/5

    By NFlex23
    I absolutely love this app! It's awesome 👏, but the bubble are HUGE not quite as shown :/ Otherwise though, it's an amazing app and I will keep using it!
  • Love the bubbles 5/5

    By QueenBe57
    Wish you had better verity of bubbles and background themes like I had with my android that’s the only thing I can say I wish was better it works to what you have just want more verity
  • Unreadable! 2/5

    By blunt dullah
    So good for one sentence replies.. I wanted to Wright my girl a beautiful love letter and I used this app for the first time the whole thing about 3 paragraphs where completely unreadable to make things worse I can’t even go back and copy what I wrote because it Keeps loading the app to new starting point no matter how I try to copy it. Please fix add editing option
  • Incredible 5/5

    By Beefaithful
    I Love details that are differnt. I enjoy using this app for every text I write. Love Designs, color and differnt fonts. Well, After all 🐝 I am just a fun person🌟 I have reccomended your app to many friends and even some business peoples. Cheers 🌟🌟🌟 Why cant the text with Design and color be the text Others see Instead of a side box❓
  • :> this is MY review :> 4/5

    By CaRiSsA/rIsSa
    It’s not bad of an app. It’s more fun than just sending regular text messages😆 and when I use this app I can choose whatever I want I can choose whatever font I want and whatever bubble I want and then I can send it to one of my friends and then we could talk through that with the bubble text like I said it’s way more fun than just sending regular boring text messages. :>
  • Very nice 5/5

    By Starrynight777
    Works flawlessly!
  • Cool app 5/5

    By Baldy 43
    Love playing with the features
  • great! 5/5

    By ggffgbfv
    I just dont know how to make them thin.
  • This app 4/5

    By diffrent person243
    I was mad at the app because I did not know how to send it but it showed me how I like this app know it is a very cool and fun app to down load
  • Awesome 5/5

    By why u gotta stalk me
    This is all free no subscription and it has all the things you would need super happy 5 stars fo sho
  • Great app 5/5

    By adfegdbfdfgd
    Cool, easy to use
  • A; yuk, 5/5

    By szxdrf[
    2ewretdyfguhkjl;;,.’/34er56tyuiop;[l;’ Waedsfdgfchjhknl,/;.”??
  • I like this app it’s real nice 5/5

    By parrotlady60
  • 5 stars 5/5

    By The Llammacorn magic
    I like the app very much and would highly recommend it to anyone who likes to express themselves. I give it five stars because I always have lots of fun using it. Like I say, it’s super fun and I like it a lot. Maybe you will too.
  • Don’t waste your time and money. 1/5

    By Snoopy&Pumpkin
    I ended up deleting it after buying this app. Totally ugly and useless!
  • Love this game 5/5

    By look ve
    I love this game it is soooo much fun
  • Fancy bubble 4/5

    By Kajun927
    It’s easy to use and works well however the logo is always in the corner which is s bit distracting on the text.
  • Excellent for sure 5/5

    By Kkilgallon
    I love this app it is definitely a 5 star app but a few things I don’t like. Whenever I try to type something in the little box the keyboard comes up and an additional box for the app comes up and blocks what I'm trying to type. Also whenever I send a text message, it pops up as a photo with a plain white background and the box in the middle. And when I sent a message, the app’s logo popped up and blocked the top left part of the screen. There may might be a way to pay money to fix that logo thingy off, but I only just got the app so I don’t know. But even so this app is great and definitely a 5 star app. I really like the variety of bubbles you can use
  • Really really good app!!!! ╹◡╹♡ 5/5

    By Ava Nisewaner(╹◡╹)♡
    I really don’t know what to’s SO AMAZING!!! You can change the color of bubble, size of text, color of text, and even where you send the message! Y’all did a really good job and I LOVE IT! Keep up the good work! I really recommend this app if you’re bored of the regular one. 😊😁😊😁
  • 5star 5/5

    By Sara-rain
    Thank you
  • Meh 3/5

    By Pineapple Lily
    This is ok, I guess. Not too complicated to use, and it’s kinda fun at first. My only problem is that me and my friend have dark mode turned on so when I send the message there’s this white outline around the bubble. Other than that it’s an ok app.
  • Fun and cool 5/5

    By JenMH09
    At first I was iffy about this app, but it is pretty fun to customize your bubbles. It’s not something I use every time I text but I do enjoy it. The only flaw, to me, is that I wish they were a bit smaller, but other than that, I recommend this app.
  • Note: This was the first app I tried for "spicing up" Imessenging* 2/5

    By JOONIEBUG :-)
    Ok, so this app has a very cute assortment of occasion & subject "specialized" text/speech bubbles, i.e. the "schoolbus" bubble or the "steampunk" bubble, in order to add some drama for when one wants to go above & beyond this app's choices of bubble shape, color and beautiful selection of fonts, which of the last, there was just enough variety to go on w/o going crazy trying to choose from 100+ letter styles, which, for me anyway, is perfect! However, regarding the "specialized" text/speech bubbles, I still felt the app was very limited in the amount of them, (under 10 I believe?) which I thought might be "fixed" after paying for app, but nope. And if I put in, say, more than three sentences, the "specialized" bubble would squish my sentences in the ugliest ways. So now, if I wanted to not be embarrassed I would have to test my cute text bubble by sending it to myself first...unless I had a very short reply. But the hugest annoyance was that EVERY SINGLE TIME time I replied to someone during the SAME conversation, I would have to "go get the app" and open it to redesign my same text, bubble & bubble color, if I was ever get some kind of normal semblance to me & my recipients' thread... which is ridiculously time consuming! So to simplify all of this for any readers here, even if I was just replying with "OK", I would have to do the following: 1) Return to this app 2) Redesign the bubble, color & font 3) If using one of the "special" bubbles & have more than 2 sentences in it, go to step #4. If not, skip to step #5. 4) Post creation to I-Messenger but send to myself in order to test if bubble will be readable or just too mangled to be "worth it". If text passes this test, continue to step #5 5) Post it to I-Messenger to "real" recipient(s). 6) Press send. Why can't bubble stay in-app for even one whole thread? And that's that. June R in So Ca * Note: This all may be just be the case with ALL software attempts at spicing up Imessenger so much of my review may not be the fault of the app creator. As I mentioned, this is my first try at this and am aware how fascist software/hardware companies are about not changing literally ANYTHING about their "included" "monopolizing" programs' stuff--and I'm referring to the "stupid stuff" that has been so for decades despite a jillion-billion customer complaints! So, the skinny of this is that I will come back & adjust this review if I find I was unfairly harsh with this app after trying others... as I take my reviews very seriously.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By dandon37
    It’s fun and gives you a chance to have something other than plain ole text.
  • Very beautiful app 5/5

    By akins ola
    Working very good
  • Amazing app!!! 5/5

    This app is so so so good! I recommend it 100%. It makes your texts way better! It makes them have cool bubbles and fonts! I also recommend the app FancyKey tho. It is like this app except instead of making cool bubble text messages, it makes cool keyboards to type with. Anyways, this app is awesome but I will warn u... I have heard that it doesn’t work too well for anyone who has the I phone x
  • Amazing. Couldn’t be any better! 5/5

    By The Review Maniac 7828
    I would 100% recommend this to anyone, even though it is not fully optimized for iPhone X yet, it still works great! I would not say anything but get it! It’s amazing!
  • FancyBubble 5/5

    By armonkmom
    Like it lots!!
  • This is good for my messages app 4/5

    By OzzyRozzy
    Love this app because I can rhite with a colord sms color and hope you make a messages platform that you can do different staff
  • Easy and fun! 5/5

    By apfgal
    I love colors and be able to app!
  • So far so good 5/5

    By Ad'swifey
    I was looking for an app to be able to make my text messages cuter, and I found this one. So far I like it.
  • FancyBubble 5/5

    By irza08
    Is an app easy too use , Lovely 😊......
  • not what i was expecting 3/5

    By nickname mf
    when i got the app, i thought that it would change the color of the imessage bubbles on my end for a visual effect, but instead it just sends a picture or attachment of what you want to say, in the selected bubble. i rated 3 stars bc it might be what other people want, but it just wasn’t what i expected of the app
  • Enjoying 5/5

    By PattioRose
    I really enjoy the ability to make fun and pretty iMessages. Really a treat to use and looking to making decorate text for the holidays. Thank you.
  • I love FancyBubble for softening direct questions 5/5

    By Foggy Dog
    I like the Kiwi, watermelon, blue, bubbles to indicate my mood or to set the mood for the friend I’m sending my text to. It adds a bit of personality and hopefully brings a smile before they’ve Evan read it.
  • helped select colors and text i needed to read betterk 5/5

    By Old eyes r us
    Just what i wanted
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By Sakura Mirasa Honda
    I couldn’t even use it as it wouldn’t let me paste. Don’t download! I rate this the worst app of the year.
  • 👍🏼🌼 4/5

    By mcVdouble3
    hey! this app is pretty cool. but i wish you could choose a background for the imessage. what i mean is... there’s a white background, right? well change that please! that would make this app SO much better. thanks and have a good evening.🙃
  • Bubbles are too big for the text and every message contains the logo 3/5

    By AlejandraDiazx
    I was happy I found an app which makes my text messages more fun, but once I used it I didn’t have the best experience. I love the concept but when you actually create a message it doesn’t look like an actual message, it looks more like a picture since the text bubble is wayyy too big for the text. Every single bubble will also contain the logo, which is pretty annoying.
  • Pretty, but... 2/5

    By carolinglibrarian
    I sent an important longer note yesterday on a pretty bubble and it looked great...I could read it just fine, then I sent it. The huge problem is that he can’t read it, I can’t read it, I can’t stretch it to make it larger, I took a photo to stretch that but it is gibberish that way, and I do not have a copy of what I wrote!!! The note is irretrievably lost forever! Beware.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By chicken weasel
    I really like it. It’s really fun and easy to use. I definitely recommend it