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FanDuel - Fantasy Sports App

Play Fantasy Sports on FanDuel and win Real Money! Our Webby Award winning app is perfect for the 2018 Fantasy Basketball season, and we have everything you need for Football, Golf, Hockey, and more! TRY FANDUEL FREE -- NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED Just sign up to claim your free contest and play for a share of $10,000 in cash prizes. FanDuel also offers more than just NFL fantasy football. Whether your game is football, baseball, basketball, golf, or soccer, FanDuel has daily and weekly contests for you and your friends. We built the FanDuel app for everyday sports fans. So you can have your choice of contest options, from world-famous tournaments to new Beginner contests — where there are no experienced players allowed. And now we offer Friends Mode: a new take on the “traditional” fantasy league that lets you play FanDuel with just your friends. The 2018 season is the perfect time to try daily fantasy! Play against your friends and fellow fans across the country this 2018 season. Name your league, draft your players, and compete for real cash prizes. DRAFT, PLAY, WIN Playing fantasy sports on FanDuel is easy. Draft your fantasy lineup, track your scores live, and win big in one of hundreds of daily contests. It’s the smart way to start your FanDuel career this 2018 season. Apply it to fantasy football, baseball, golf, basketball and all other sports available in the app. For more details, see DOWNLOAD THE AWARD-WINNING APP NOW Yes, we win too. Back-to-back Webby Awards in 2015 & 2016. Use our simple app to pick players, enter contests, check your live scores, and more. SOMETHING FOR ALMOST EVERY SPORTS FAN You can play fantasy football, fantasy golf, fantasy baseball, fantasy basketball, fantasy hockey, and fantasy soccer (EPL & UCL). JOIN MILLIONS OF OTHER FANS ACROSS THE COUNTRY As featured in ESPN, Sports Illustrated, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Yahoo Sports. WHAT REAL FANDUEL PLAYERS SAY “I have been playing fantasy football for years. Once I tried FanDuel I was hooked! It is the best app to draft fantasy teams and makes watching football games more enjoyable.” “FanDuel’s daily drafts make it a great fantasy sports experience. It gives me a reason to follow the entire football season (even when my team isn’t winning!).” “FanDuel gives me a chance to follow my favorite sports teams and players more intensely throughout and there’s a chance that my lineup wins me cash! They always have great promotions.” “I'm new to daily fantasy football and FanDuel makes it so fun and easy to draft my football lineup and follow live scores.” “I love that you don’t have to commit to a fantasy football league for a season. There are more chances to draft lineups and win prizes!” US and Canada residents only. Users must be 18 or older, 21 or older in Massachusetts. Users physically located in AL, AZ, DE, ID, HI, IA, LA, MT, NV, TX, and WA are not eligible to participate in paid contests. Additional state limitations may apply. Bingo official rules: Bracket Pick'em official rules:


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FanDuel - Fantasy Sports app reviews

  • App is severely underfunded 1/5

    The app fails to keep up with weather postponements, and if you lose your money because of them not posting “change your players according to weather, etc” they still will not reimburse you. It’s a very money hungry team that runs this app. They don’t care about the people as much as they should and it completely ruined my friends and I experience
  • Loved the app, hate the update 3/5

    The larger format allows you to see less on the screen. I don’t like the new version at all. It’s common to not like updates and changes to apps, but it’s annoying losing the ability to see more players. The format itself is fine, but increasing the size of the photos and blocks for each player decreases the amount of players that you can see at once on the iPhone X and it takes more time to scroll and pick players. Please decrease the size of the blocks/photos and increase the amount of data/players on the screen. You could see 8 per page prior to the update and now you can only see 6. When you play a lot and put money into multiple games starting at the same time, you want to be able to access and swap players quickly. Used to be 5 a 3 teetering on a 2 if I don’t get used to it soon. Thanks
  • Great app! 5/5

    By minuonjosh
    Not a fan of the “bigger” photos on the app, and I wish you would update player photos. Also, I wish you could show MVP ownership on single game contests.
  • No edit lineups after lineup made 5/5

    By snap gag
    You cannot edit lineup after it’s already created before the game starts. Brutal, draft kings has that option
  • Cool, But 4/5

    By aoc968
    Don’t like the update not having first names next to players. You should prob go back to that. Or atleast provide a good explanation as to why you got rid of them
  • Please fix latest update 1/5

    By Jon070707
    Com on FanDuel , this latest version is horrible...bring back smaller font so we can see everything on one screen, or at least provide that option...confusing and obnoxious looking
  • Apple Watch App 4/5

    By SparkzTheGreat
    Can you guys update the Apple Watch app to where we can see the players and stats
  • This recent update 1/5

    By Mkedeputy
    All of the beginners games show up and they are in the way. Isnt there a setting to remove them so vets dont have to scroll past them?
  • New Design 2/5

    By Element0030
    The new design makes it harder to see your current your mlb picks stats. You have to click on the batter now instead of just seeing the stats. For players that haven’t started their game yet, it shows a zero score instead of blank making you have to look at game time instead. Not a great design- not intuitive anymore.
  • Reload options diminished 2/5

    By Santini73
    The app doesn’t seem to support the PayPal security key and won’t let me reload via PayPal. If it did I would give the app (not the company) 3 or 4 stars
  • Bring back smaller font on lineup screen 2/5

    By Ivan816
    The oversized photos and row height for each lineup slot is a bad change.
  • Was great until the latest update. 1/5

    By Jessezee
    The pictures of the players are too big. Do I really need to be looking at their huge mugshots when all I'm looking for are their names and stats? Too much blank space. Because of this, it takes way too long to scroll down to find a player. While watching my stats, I want to see my players in one glance, not have to scroll because the pictures are too big. It takes away from the experience and it’s frustrating. I want to all my players stats change at once when I check how my team is doing. Are we in out 80’s that we need to see these big players faces? It’s horrible too look at, frustrating when trying to build a lineup, especially on a big slate because you have to scroll so much. Not as fun to follow your team when you have to scroll down to see your teams stats. I’m probably going to avoid playing until this is resolved. It’s that bad.
  • ADD-ON 1/5

    By Donald Butiker
    Please add-on a chat room to each contest. It would make it more competitive, fun, and active. Thank you, from your very own, concerned FanDuel user!
  • New update 3/5

    By Mikeypumps
    The new layout is horrible!!!! Please change it back
  • Newest update... 2/5

    By Fun_times59
    Pictures of players are too big, making it difficult to see scores at a glance. Too much white space in between. Not a fan.
  • Not reliable 1/5

    By DMBbarry
    This app never works! Not consistent on if saves your changed
  • One way to make money or go broke lol 5/5

    By El caballero emplario
    My first year I won big, second year I when broke story of my life lol
  • Terrible Live Customer Support 1/5

    By Random app reviewer21
    Reminded today why i stopped playing on this app. They should be able to update when things happen but they cannot. More focused on making money.
  • Stay In Reality 3/5

    By Southbound30
    FanDuel is fun but be real, you can’t compete with the dudes with an unlimited bankroll and running lineup programs based on algorithms, keep your expectations low and you’ll have a good time winning 2 to 5 bucks here and there but you’ll never win the big pots as someone will always have that less than 1 percent line up that beats you. All in all FanDuel is a scam for regular dudes but it’s at least a entertaining scam
  • I 1/5

    By NuraFan
    I have no idea what I download but it was not great I know this because all the name were taken and I didn’t do anything and said in Use so This App is Fake Please don’t use this app it wants to give you viruses or Make Money from You That is all I know If you manage to get on IDK
  • FD is great but there contest need to be adjusted 3/5

    By lancestevee4
    Need to improve tournament payouts and add late swap for main NBA contest. All other sports have late swap main but NBA. Makes no sense. Make a change!!! Lance Stevens lancestevee4 Member since 2012
  • Time to wake up 2/5

    By waldo fanduel
    Need Late Swap for NBA Main Slate. Bottom Line. Let’s get it together guys. Thanks, John G 6 Year Member
  • LATE SWAP!!!!!! 4/5

    By TooSmoovBaby
    Late swap is killing everyone’s lineup on the big main slates for basketball!!! PLEASE CHANGE!!! Especially when the late slates start at two different times for example: one game a 9 and the other at 10:30!!! We love FanDuel But please add this feature to the main big game slates
  • Overall view 5/5

    By Trawrr9
    It’s very exciting and frustrating at the same time cause I be so close at times. Just be safe and don’t go haywire with your money. I have a suggestion, whenever someone has a withdrawal of $600 or more, tax them then so when it’s time to pay our taxes, it’ll already be done next year.
  • Acesfull59 5/5

    By they take
    Fun, just hate after lock scratches to wreck lineups, but fun!!!
  • Fan duel 5/5

    By Bumper55
    Fanduel is really fun to play!
  • New view 4/5

    By justusnu22
    FanDuel has given me and my wife a whole new way to look at sports. Game day is very exciting now, not just rooting on our favorite teams but being able to guess the plan on who is gonna make the difference in the out come of the game. At least the group of athletes on our fanduel team. Great fun!
  • Great sports app 5/5

    By trpid
  • Great! 4/5

    By Jhitter417!
    Great App. User friendly. I have to agree with previous reviewers, the lack of late swaps for NBA games holds it back from 5 stars.
  • What a rush 5/5

    By Heir To The Throne...
    It’s exciting and nerve racking at the sane time lol. Always trying to land that sleeper pick that puts your lineup over the top. Makes the anticipation of game time all the more intense. Super fun and user friendly!!!
  • Great 5/5

    By _2kP87
    Simply great...... lots of fun, keeps you entertained and involved
  • Good fun... 5/5

    By keV ohio
    Awesome games, ease of use. Makes sports more entertaining. Plus, wins here and there help the fact. Play responsible!
  • Wow 5/5

    By Jacob193848
    Great app
  • 🏈🏀⚾️ 5/5

    By Freshprinceegg
    Fantasy heaven
  • Easily the best in the industry 5/5

    By Skreiztin
    FanDuel provides the skilled players a better vehicle to use their talents in tournament and cash games. Unlike DraftKings, player positions are more defined. One player, one position. In NBA games, DraftKings has players eligible at multiple position, which takes a little bit of the skill out of the game. FanDuel does not do that. Makes the gpps more exciting!
  • Customer service 1/5

    By Velvetiest
    Granted, although a member, i do not play much; therefore, I am not one of the high profile customers. Nevertheless, I don’t believe the treatment should be significantly tilted. A week ago, I got a promotional email from RotoPass (partners with fan duel) that by just visiting their site and pressing on the fan duel “redeem” $10 would be added to my account. Fan duel did not recognize that and in a series of emails refrained payment. Finally, I told them that at this point I wish I had not deleted the email so I could have provided it as proof, yet rejecting the free money. I did not wake up one morning scheming, I added, for a measly $10. When I told them that I will redeem my chump change out of the account and play exclusively at”Draft Kings” and write the summary of the incident, I received one final email telling me that they will issue a credit of $5 to the account!!!! as a one time courtesy at that. Miserable cheap skates.
  • Fun times 5/5

    This app is very fun easy to get the hang of. I actually downloaded another app at the same as this one and liked this one better. I think it gives more and better opportunities to win. Keep up the good work FanDuel!!!
  • It’s Awesome 5/5

    By Bobbybones69
    It’s awesome
  • Strategy or Luck? 4/5

    It’s funny that both Fantasy draft companies Can manipulate the average player. Like today you had a contest were it was only $4.44 and the top prize with 50K. Normally a lot of options were you can pick and choose players. So strategy comes into play and about 30 minutes before the game the Knicks announced at Hardaway wasn’t playing. Now you have the luck factor were you hope that a lot of people picked him and it wouldn’t effect your overall standings. Unfortunately with a lot of people complaining, Fanduel did create a swap type contest where if this does happen you’re able to rearrange your lineups.unfortunately with such a high price it’s all about a little bit of luck in a little bit of strategy with that being said that’s why cannot give them 5 out of 5. Also I got a response saying that you should check 10 minutes before a game well if a contest starts at 1 o’clock and you have a player that starts at 3 o’clock and you can NOT edit your lineup because it’s already locked. The only time that this would actually be warranted is if you were in a swamp lineup contest. so your answer again is a copy and paste reply
  • It only takes $1 5/5

    By Jimmy Zig
    I played $1 on a single entry NFL tournament and won $4000. That’s exciting! I’m a FanDuel believer, you can be too!
  • Really fun. Really simple. 5/5

    By P3hotta
    They make it easy to draft players the interface isn’t cluttered unlike the other guys. And with the introduction of friends mode they made it better keep up the good work FanDuel team.
  • FanDuel 5/5

    By jquesen3
    This is such a fun app for DFS players like me and my family. We play every night and have now for two years! Thank you to FanDuel for the fun.
  • Best app around 5/5

    By Fanduel dfs better than DK
    I love everything about fanduel. I have tried draft kings and draft and find fanduel way more fun and user friendly. I recommend this to all my friends and family members as well.
  • FD!!! 5/5

    By Crookdiesel
    The caviar of all the DFS sites. I don’t use ANY other. Period. Case closed.
  • best DFS app -jdbats 5/5

    By June Batuhan
    this app is great. love the weekly promos and some of the free plays.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Kreesor88
    simple, fast, and easy to use
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Rsj1717
    If you love fantasy sports you will love fanduel!!!
  • So Effin easy 5/5

    By jewishmomo
    Fantasy sports has never been so easy to get wrapped up in!
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Mr. E43
    This app continuously adapts and molds itself to new ideas and formats to keep things interesting. Just recently, I won a .25 cent tournament to get a $33 ticket entry to an NBA Spectacular slam. I finished in the top 100 and turned that .25 cent entry into $250 of winnings and I'm far from a fantasy expert.
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By Ellis805
    Play it all the time and sweet deal lets you keep up with players I’m on it everyday very addicting

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