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Official app for FanFiction.Net is now on iOS! * Read - Access millions of stories for free * Write - Edit and Publish your stories on the go * Text to Speech - Turn stories into audio books * Translation: Read stories translated into your native language via our AI engine * Syncing - Library/Downloaded syncing between devices * Forums - Join writing groups or make friends with millions of other readers and writers. * Push - Push notifications for Followed/Downloaded stories * Private Messaging - Enjoying private communication with other users. Send text, image or voice messages. * Community Archives - Start or browse story archives . * Beta Readers - Browse and search for registered beta readers. * Story Management - Browse and manage your favorites and follows. * User Management - Browse and manage your favorites, follows, and others. Please note Private Messaging (PM) feature is currently app to app only. PM site integration is coming soon in a future release. Please email all feedback and bug reports to [email protected]

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  • I use this app to post my fanfics 5/5

    By Pokeman1212323548096426987
    As the title states, I use this app to post my fanfics or add chapters to the story! But there’s a bug that popped up after this last update. When posting a chapter, the space bar doesn’t work unless you put the words down first then go back and put the type bar thingy between the words and use the space bar repeatedly until it works. It’s not a big bug as the space bar not working glitch only happens when you are naming a story or the chapter you are posting, so it’s not a big thing to worry about fixing but it is a bit of a hassle having to try and put a space between the words sometimes. Also whenever I leave the document part of the app, where I write my stories, it wraps me to the main page that has the friends, beta readers, pm and other “inner apps” for the app itself and I think that can be fixed, this one glitch has been happening to me for a year now Please fix it When it gets fixed, I will see if there are any bugs left and post about them here
  • It’s ok 3/5

    By Harrypotterfan Dramione
    This app is okay but for someone who is new it can be complicated
  • Excellent but... 4/5

    By Anna loves Ray
    It’s the best app for reading fanfics. However I’d like it if we could be able to copy and paste. Especially if there are issues with downloading
  • I am trying to sign up right now and it won't let me. 1/5

    By Imajestdewit
    I've typed in the correct email and stuff but when I hit the "sign in" button it doesn't do anything, pls fix this pronto!!!
  • Terrible app! 1/5

    By Tamsharley
    I do a search by title in the app it doesn’t bring up the story. Says nothing is there. But when I click a link my friend sent me years ago it shows up in the safari version of the app. Then when I save it thru safari in my account. It doesn’t save that same one within the app? How is this useful again? Needs more work I guess. Can only read her stuff online n not within the app. Pity plus since joining this app I’ve gotten nothing but adult porn phishing emails! I would give a zero rating if I could. Anyone know how to remove their information from this app?
  • Great app... slight problem 4/5

    By helpful squirrel
    I downloaded this app a while back and I think it is really great but I haven’t been able to receive PMs or reviews except for through email. I would like to be able to see them on the app. I don’t know if it is just my device or the app causing the issue but I hope it gets resolved!
  • I love the App and Website 5/5

    By MoonArcher222
    I love the App and Website but I can’t use the space bar in the title or the chapter title
  • Pretty Good 4/5

    By *bangs head*
    I like the app and find it handy for reading and then leaving reviews. However, it does not show any of my PMs, from ever, despite having a section for it.
  • Good app 4/5

    By EileenC
    App gives me access to my FanFiction.Net favorite and followed while on the go.
  • Progress 1/5

    By Unknown56483373444464484644844
    Hey it would be nice if FanFiction.Net could actually I don’t know.... save your progress when you leave the app?!?!? Also the “last reading” feature ALWAYS PUTS UP THE WRONG STORY. When it puts up the wrong story, I have to shuffle through my “recently read list”, a list comprised of stories that I’ve read months and months ago. Yea fix the recently read list while your a it. Don’t put recently updated info that category, instead, make a recently updated category that’s seaparate. To read the story that I last read, I’ve been forced to add all books I’ve read to my favorites. As of now, I’ve rather look up FanFiction in the safari website instead of the app. At least when I go back to it, it will still be on the same chapter and story.
  • Please help 2/5

    By tigger_120
    I am not being able to download this app. I’ve had it once before and now it just won’t work.
  • HELP 2/5

    By Tealfur
    I can no longer look at long posts anymore! Like I see them but when I click on them I can’t see the rest of what the person has said like I normally can. Please fix this!
  • How Rude 3/5

    By Sakura Taichou
    More or less alright, but I absolutely hate, HATE, how it restarts every time I open it, and it doesn’t even have the decency to remember where I was. No, I wasn’t reading Run With You, you know very well I was LOOKING at Good Omens romance!
  • Good app, for the most part 4/5

    By ellibrohada
    I love to read, but I kinda ran out of things I wanted to read in my favorite genres. I now spend around 70% of my iPad time on this app! I really like exploring new and interesting interpretations of the worlds and people I fell in love with, written by people who seem to love them too. While this is my go to reading app, and I doubt that’s going to change, I have a few issues/suggestions... 1-Sometimes when I leave the app the chapter I was on goes blank. I have to flip around for it to come back, and it usually does so in an entirely different place than I was at. (even if the fiction was downloaded) 2-The app doesn’t remember where I last read. It used to remember where I stopped reading in a fiction and return me there bookmark or not. I don’t really even like the bookmark function, and wish the previous way still worked. 3-The app will often open a new never read before chapter in the middle, so I have to scroll up to the beginning 4-The menu is currently single tap. Tap once to bring up menus tap again for reading only. I was wondering if we could make double tap an option. I keep switching between them unnecessarily while scrolling, and the page jumps when I do. 5-The app I used before this had an option to tap and hold a word to bring up a definition for it. I really loved this, it helped me understand the story better and improved my vocabulary at the same time. 6-I don’t understand why the app takes so much time to buffer fictions that are already downloaded. Sometimes I have to hard close the app and come back for it to open. 7-At one point most of my downloaded stories disappeared. It hasn’t happened again, but it took a lot of time to recover them and I know I missed out on reading some that I was interested in because I forgot the name. Most if not all of these issues happened with more recent updates, which is kinda disappointing. Lastly, (even though this review has a lot of negatives) I really do like the app and think most of it is done well, or I wouldn’t use it so often. Thank you for your efforts and here’s hoping for improvements in the future. :)
  • A bit clumsy to read with 3/5

    By Jt9518
    As I swipe up to scroll down the text, the app sometimes registers it as scrolling, while sometimes it would unpredictably hide/unhide the interface and shift the position of the text. That doesn’t make for a very enjoyable reading experience. I wish there’s an auto scrolling function so we wouldn’t have this problem at all!!

    By fbdjdjd
    I love using FanFiction.Net I’ve been reading on their online website and app for 6 or 7 years starting 7th or 8th grade now just entering freshman college student and it’s wonderful wouldn’t change it for another app or website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Too demanding and complicated 1/5

    By Demac1173
    This app was essentially a last ditch effort to get back into writing, but i can’t figure anything out. 16 buttons with weirdly set sections in the menu, 4 ridiculous steps to publish even a simple quick fic, and the annoying/pointless picture uploading process. It’s the equivalent of an article 13 ruled YouTube channel. I’m deleting the app, and I strongly recommend that no one attempt writing on it. Or Wattpad for that matter.
  • Great! But, 3/5

    By LaryanJenova
    The only thing about this app that I have a problem with is that I never see my PMs show up! It always shows no records found when I know I have PMs, I always have to go to the website to see if I have received any.
  • PLEASE fix the “Reading History” issues 3/5

    By ElliseMc
    Overall, this app has been used quite a lot throughout the past few years, &I have truly enjoyed it. In recent updates, however, whatever story I am currently reading will disappear when I reopen the app, & the “Reading History” and “Downloads” are no longer in the order in which they were last read/downloaded (as the Category title would imply). This has become increasingly frustrating, & negatively impacts the functionality of the user interface. Perhaps, create a Category for “Recently Updated” instead of trying to integrate updates into our reading history?
  • What the heck? 1/5

    By rob. ert
    This app was easily a 5* years ago. Now it never remembers the correct order of recent readings and then takes forever to load a story that is downloaded. This all used to be instant. Why did you kill this app? Every update I hope it returns to its previous glory.
  • Already read 3/5

    By arclark89
    Can y’all make a function where we can filter out stories we’ve already read?
  • Like the audio, but there’s another small problem 5/5

    By FEH132
    I like one part of this app; but I guess another part just annoys me. So I guess it cancels out. I like how I can listen to audio on here, which isn’t always correct, but knowing that I have something when I’m too lazy to read is good. There’s this one thing that happens sometimes and I have no idea why. When I swipe to the next chapter, it doesn’t go to the beginning of the chapter. Please fix this.
  • Completely awful now 1/5

    By Jessica_Wilkiam223
    The app is completely terrible now, I don’t know what LSU going on but it makes no sense for you to close your phone and reopen it only to discover the app has closed so you have to reload your library again. I’m extremely disappointed
  • Desperately needs split screen support! 2/5

    By knocturnalis
    Lack of split a creep support hampers the usage of this app.
  • United Critic 1/5

    By omni dragon
    Yo fanfic your United Critic “people” are getting annoying and ruining others people reacting fanfic work, so can you like banned them because if I have to hear one more United Critic person saying to a person that having characters from a another series reacting is bad and they have to delete it I’m going to lose it, so please banned the United Critic.
  • Fix it please 3/5

    By october333
    As a reading app, phenomenal. No complaints. As someone who writes and wants to manage they’re fic on a phone, it’s one of the most frustrating publishing apps I’ve used. When editing a chapter before posting it, the screen jumps around whenever you touch it or try to type. You can’t see what you type and you just have to hope you’re in the right sentence. Editing is impossible. THERES ALSO NO WAY TO FILTER/ REMOVE OR TURN OFF REVIEWS. If someone posts a slur or hate speech under your story, it’s there forever.
  • I don’t know how to get the activation code 3/5

    By Bella ❤️funneh and the krew
    Why do You even need to have one! I think your email and email password is enough don’t you think so.You crushed my dreams hope your proud.I want you to fix it right now
  • Confusing me, mostly. 2/5

    By dodieyellow
    I like this app for reading stories. However, I have been trying to write fics. I can’t tell if anything’s opening. It’s not very clear on how to add chapters and nothing I’ve written has saved.
  • Great but 3/5

    By ladykane10
    Great repository of stories but when trying to slowly and gently swipe down as you read the story, the text bounces around cuz the top and bottom nav bars pop up, disappear, pop up again as it seems the app is confused by quick taps, long taps, and swipes. Also, such a long learning curve to learn the icons.
  • A Bug I Keep Encountering 2/5

    By Kawaii Euna
    When I was in the middle of writing a story, it started scrolling me down for every letter I typed, which was incredibly annoying. I restarted my iPad and checked if it was my device, when I came back to the app, it continued scrolling me down. If I don’t encounter this bug tomorrow, I will change my review.
  • A bit upset! 4/5

    By Z.Snape
    Hey! I love this app too much and I tolerate all nowadays stress with it and today I saw that I cannot search anymore on my app! please please help!
  • Tell me please!! 2/5

    By hannahokley
    It won’t show me the last thing that I need to use for creating a password, so it won’t let me sign up! I have been able to use this platform on my computer, but it would be so much better if I could use it on my phone. (And for those of you asking, no, my computer does not require me to set up an account.)
  • The app is awesome, but there’s a few things that I don’t like. 4/5

    By Adtoalofga
    The app the amazing. It allows people to write their own fan fiction and tells readers when their tagged or written stories is updated or reviewed. The app also allows us to view other reader’s tagged stories. The best feature of all is that the stories are ordered by genre, type, ratings, tags, alphabet, etc. The app also give certain requirements to make sure writers don’t just write a few lines or so. However, there is one thing about the app I don’t like and it bothers me very much. When people tend to post links to certain things, I have to hand type and look at the page at the same time. It’s very frustrating when you have app and you can’t cut copy and past things from the chapters. I really wish that FanFiction can allow us to copy and past things .
  • Smh 3/5

    By Judy fungle
    My reading history is not accurate at all. It always puts the same story on the top but I haven’t read that story in over 4 months. Go back to how it was. It was easier to keep track of the actual stories in currently reading. Imma go read stuff on Ao3.
  • Come on guys... 2/5

    By Pambob343
    This was an AWESOME app until about 8 months ago. Now, every time I turn it on my library is in a different order. My reading list doesn’t always have my latest story on top... then you have to search for it in the library. Go back to the way it was!!! Don’t let the stories automatically go into the reading list AND the library. Just download them into the library and fix the bug that constantly changes the order!!!!
  • I love this app 5/5

    By treeflower003
    Well at first I was just reading fanfics on safari and i couldn't find them again and i kept on hiding away because it was awesome then i found this app which was mega awesomeness and could find ones i read easer but the reading hisrory dosnt work the best and i wish it was able to have multipule fics open but it is still awesome!!!!!!!!!
  • Almost unusable since last four updates 1/5

    By BeccaFuente
    Ever since the translation feature was added, maybe even before that, the app is slow and when I touch to scroll it goes to another part of the story (usually before the place I was reading, jumping back a few paragraphs or even the whole page) or it changes the size of the text. Pleaaaase fix this, it’s very annoying to read like this, I’m even giving up on reading for the time being, because I can’t find where I was in the text sometimes. The app was ok before, the goods outweighed the bads, but I’m not so sure anymore, so I’m giving a one star review. Stop adding features and FIX WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE!
  • SMALL TEXTS AGAIN??? 😠 2/5

    By Miraculerauslly
    Make the texts for the previews of each stories bigger! I have my font size set to x1,5 but it still appears small! What is up with that update?! This makes me not want to use the app because IT IS TOO SMALL AND I CANNOT READ IT! 😠
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By FNAFboi
    The best reading app available! So much to read! 💓💓💓
  • New update 2/5

    By misslizzymizzy
    Just updated the app and since then no stories are updating. I can’t get the font to change so it’s really tiny trying to read reviews and summaries of stories. Please fix this
  • Love but I have too many issues 3/5

    By Malec6872
    I love this app sooooo much! I love to read stories on it and stuff but I have too many issues on here. First of all, I can’t PM. Like every time I try to send one, it says, PM not sent and I am connected to WiFi and I do have an account. Second, I cannot change my profile for the life of me. I’ve tried to google it and I go to the avatar section, I hit it and then it takes me to the image manager and if I try that, I need to post a caption and everything and I’ve tried that but it doesn’t show up on my profile. Sadly to me, these are the things that I can’t move past because i lov SYOT’s for the Hunger Games but most of them only take tributes by PM.
  • Love this app but 1 issue 4/5

    By Qmazing914
    I love this app I really do. But 1 thing, if it is possible I would like to be able to interact with comments on your stories and be able to push notifications. I will change to 5 star once I see this. Pls add this. it will really make this app perfect
  • Fanfiction in 2019 5/5

    By Ginny WT
    This app is everything I ever wanted as a tiny 13 year old huddled over my giant Dell desktop, scrolling through Harry Potter and Supernatural fanfiction. The people that are complaining about the app either don’t remember or weren’t alive to suffer through printing out your story from the desktop so you could read it in your bed. 😂 This app comes through! Solid organization, great content, and it’s free.
  • Buggy 1/5

    By LFGib
    Whenever I scroll in a story on my iPhone, the font settings are randomly triggered and if I’m not quick enough the font will change to wherever my thumb is resting. When I change it back I often need to scroll through the chapter to find where I was.
  • Not happy with this 2/5

    By JTurner1
    I’m new to reading Fan Fiction and was happy to find this app, but am not happy with trying to use it. There are a lot of reading options but imo the app is not user friendly and it is very hard to navigate. I somehow found a compiled list of stories someone had gathered that I wanted to read, but inadvertently hit the back arrow and completely lost it, and no matter how I search I’m unable to find that list again. Very frustrating.
  • Very hard to work 3/5

    By NoobMaster68+1and3000
    It’s a good app, but if you want to write a story, you have to go through hell to do it. ITS SO COMPLICATED. I have Wattpad, and they make it SO much easier to write a story. Pls fix. I want to write
  • Updating books I don’t have 2/5

    By j.oto
    It’s a good app, but it’ll send me notifications about a story being updated that I don’t have downloaded. Also, I have noticed stories missing and they won’t download so I’ll be forced to delete the app and login back in to get those stories back.
  • Glitch 2/5

    By b_casted
    My point in chapters are not being saved. When ever I exit the app, my place in a chapter is lost. Even worse, I’m trying to type a new chapter for one of my stories, but the chapter won’t save at all. PLEASE FIX THIS BUG. STOP IGNORING YOUR USERS
  • Pretty good 5/5

    By X2ninja
    Much more pleasant than using the browser version. No issues thus far.

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