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FanFiction.Net App

The Only Official app for FanFiction.Net is now available on iOS! * Read - Browse and search for millions of stories. * Write - Write and publish your stories directly via the app * Forums - Join writing groups or make friends with millions of other readers and writers. * Private Messaging - Enjoying private communication with other users. Send text, image or voice messages. * Community Archives - Start or browse story archives . * Story Management - Browse and manage your favorites and follows. * User Management - Browse and manage your favorites, follows, and black-lists. * Document Editor - Edit documents used for your future story submission. * Push - Push notifications for Followed/Downloaded stories when app is active. * Beta-readers - Browse and search for registered beta-readers. Please note Private Messaging (PM) feature is currently app to app only. PM site integration is coming soon in a future release. Please email all feedback and bug reports to [email protected]


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  • Love this app!! However... 4/5

    By Liason99
    I discovered this app over a year ago first on android via my Nook and thankfully later on my iPhone so I could use when on short breaks at work, while knowing what is on one won’t be on the other unless I search for it. So imagine my surprise when downloading on one, it’s on the other! I recently purchased an iPad and imagine my surprise when I see the folders l created and reading history don’t match each other on each device. I thought they would as they’re on the same operating systems. Love the new audio! Except for when I quickly to look to see what word was said that I couldn’t understand, l accidentally start to swipe to the previous/next page and it cancels everything and you have to start at the beginning again. Would be nice if we can use the volume buttons to scroll through the paragraphs to continue where we left off. Maybe lock the page or have to turn audio on/off. It would also be nice if there was a better way to organize our favorites. Yes they are separated by groups but for Harry Potter alone, there’s Harry stories, Harry/Snape mentor, Dramonie, time travel, etc. Folders would be nice to easily find what you’re in the mood for. Hopefully the above suggestions will be possible someday. Thanks for your time.
  • ???? 1/5

    By Alphaowl360
    Very confusing to use. There is no way to learn how to use it. Making your own story is over complicated and frustrating. I’m not gonna use this unless it gets a serious upgrade.....
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By 4tniteMobileLord
    If this was an app SOLELY for reading, I’d give it 5 stars. But because you guys decided to implement editing, it still pisses me off how there’s no way to insert a line break on mobile. Oh, and if you edit a story with line breaks on mobile, the line breaks disappear the next time you open it. Come on Fanfiction, is a line break too much to ask for?
  • Good but with one issue 3/5

    By Festa788
    Still having problems with the app stopping my background music , other than that new issue I like the app
  • Background Music 5/5

    By firemixtapes
    I honestly didn’t have a problem with my background music stopping until this latest update
  • Amazing but.... 3/5

    By Natty1998
    It’s perfect and I love it but it keeps stopping my music.
  • New update and old bugs 2/5

    By Stuffed bunnies
    Hey, my name is Stephanie and I’ve been using this app for around a year and a half and I’m usually a very patient person. However I feel the new updates that this app has been going through reverses the experience of “updating” the app. Firstly, they added a voice reader feature that eliminates listening to music at the same time as reading, and that is insanely annoying. Secondly, chapters black out frequently so in the circumstance that I’m reading through a multi chapter book, I’d swipe for the next chapter and I’d just be black. Thirdly, the app DOENST save where I left off for multi-chaptered novels, somehow always reverting back to chapter one that it’s getting really annoying. At this point I’m thinking about using another app because not being able to listen to music while reading is the biggest deal breaker. Thanks for everything, but I liked the monkey type writer loading screens a lot better than the flipping book pages.
  • Nice update! Just one problem... 5/5

    By TheAuthorWhoWrote
    Overall, this app is really great! I’ve been on for almost 4 years now and I’m loving the app! As a author upon there, the interface is simple and sweet and I friggin LOVE the audio update. My only problem is that could you add a setting to adjust the Audio-Reader? For instance, changing the voice from male to female, and maybe make the voice less robotic? It gives a headache after a while. I also really like that they know curse words! It’s gold. 4.9 out of 5 for me! Thank you for viewing this!
  • Great but something's wrong 4/5

    By BenNRoche
    It won't let me update the app! (I'm on iPhone 4S with iOS 9.3.5) Did you guys stop supporting iPhone 4S? It tells me that the app is incompatible with my iPhone, but it seemingly was compatible last week. Can you guys fix this?
  • Bug. 4/5

    By Trev Shumate
    I accidentally clicked on the headphones thing for it to read to you and now it won’t shut off. I’ve restarted the app 30 times (no joke) and it’s still turning my music off I love the app but it’s pissing me off
  • Great, Except for the Story Finding. 4/5

    By World3nding
    This app is perfect for mobile users, simple to use and customizable. The only complaint I have is that when you're looking for stories many are missing, even without filters. I end up still using the internet app to see if there are any interesting stories. Fix this and it's an easy 5 stars.
  • Most Recent Update 3/5

    By Ather87
    Just to let you know, every time I download a new story the app freezes.

    By disappointedslytherin
    They have an option to read out loud, which for someone with an hour long commute, this is sooo great. Great app, easy to use. I'm so glad this exists!!
  • Better 3/5

    By AnneldaMichelle
    Changing my review it has got better and can navigate the app better as well but now i cant stand the robot voice for audio reading is there a way to change it
  • One of my favorite apps! 5/5

    By Darkstalker728
    As a reader, I love this app. The categorized stories makes it easy for me to find ones for the series I like. As a writer, I use this app a lot to post my stories.
  • Google issue 3/5

    By ᶠᴬᴺᶠᴬᵛ101
    Google has recently updated their private policy. Now I can't sign in.
  • its good but not perfect 3/5

    By Nomadstorm400
    pros: its pretty good cons: i cant listen to music and read at the same time
  • I love the update 5/5

    By izauchi
    Really, I love it. Now I can drive and listen to my favorite stories here in FanFiction.Net. Whoever thought about it was a genius!
  • Used to be great but... 2/5

    By Magoz31
    Now, it crashes constantly. Have to hard restart the program all the time. Please fix!
  • Fanfiction Writers Best Friend 5/5

    By Countess D
    Love the new audio feature which was my only qualm with the app not having! Thank you, thank you, thank you for listening! Might I suggest with a later update to add in a tap feature to choose there the audio begins reading? At this point it’s great to listen to while doing things, but things happen, life interrupts and you don’t always have the chance to pause it. Meaning you either miss whole big chunks or you have the restart the chapter all over again, which is annoying task with the longer chapters. Or sometimes you want to just skip to listen to a favorite part of the story. Also adding in a feature to will allow the audio to continue reading into another chapter, not just stop at the end(something that is great for the 100 word story told in snippet. I know the other app I use has an add play every three or so chapter which while distracting is tolerable to having to keep stopping and changing chapters.
  • More problems 3/5

    By Jenn271707
    It's like every update creates more problems than before. They fix one thing and two more things mess up.
  • Its awesome, But it need work 3/5

    By MK1295
    I love it! It’s so much better than the other versions and I love how u get to choose the capacity of the reading. But what I’m starting to find irritating is that the app ends up freezing up and then closing the app. I’ve been having this problem for the past weeks and it is so irritating. I’m reading and then the next thing I know it freezes up and then exits out of the app! I really hope that they can be able to fix this the next update.
  • New Layout has a poor design 4/5

    By Aergaia
    I don't know what the creative decision was to put the filter options in the bottom but they need to go back where they belong, at the top for easy access
  • I rate it 3 stars 3/5

    By Russell Grun
    Because It freezes up when I am trying to Browse stories so I have to completely close it and then restart it to browse anymore and then start from the very beginning of where I was at
  • Please Fix 4/5

    By Minecraft :—) = HRM
    I love FanFiction and the app is almost perfect but there are a few problems such as folders not working same with the search unit that breaks it down to a single fandom. Also, after the last update it freezes up
  • Many issues. 2/5

    By gastaunda
    Fresh stories don't have update date. Recent searches sometimes show only the first 2 letters of the search (recreate by scrolling up and down until it happens) Sometimes on app close and open, the story goes back to chapter 1. Sometimes the place in the chapter isn't saved (where I'm scrolled to) Current as of 11.6.1
  • Suggestion 5/5

    By Robertacheng
    Love the app but could you please add a way to mark a book as a “to read” story? I keep running into stories that I would love to read but can’t because I’m already reading another one and by the time I finish the story I have forgotten about the one I wanted to read. You can add a feature with the favorite, follow user and sorry with also a “bookmark story” or “bookmark user”
  • Keeps Crashing 3/5

    By Juushakinou
    I have an iPhone 6s, so its a relatively older model, but I’ve noticed with the most recent update, the screen will crash halfway through scrolling through the search screen. While it isn’t too big a deal as resetting the app seems to temporarily fix the problem, I don’t want to have to reset it every 10 minutes. Please fix. Otherwise, I still very much like the app.
  • Why does it take forever to find an OC pairing story 4/5

    As a reader I LOVE app, but the only problem I have with it is when ever I look up any stories with an OC pairing I always get the “no records found” screen so I have to search of stories with character A and OC hoping I find a story with an OC pairing
  • Fix the filters please 3/5

    By Bill nye the Batman guy
    So, I really like the app but I have one complaint, after the newest update, for some reason the filters won’t do anything, this makes it impossible to narrow down the list of stories to the genre or the rating of story that I like. Is this just me or are others experiencing this also?
  • Full screen 5/5

    By LoxskyTheGrey
    I absolutely love the app. It’s my most used app and I have no problems except the one. And even this problem is mainly user error. When I’m in full screen and I’m scrolling down I tend to click out and into it. It’s not a major problem I just get annoyed sometimes when I’m constantly going in and out of full screen. So if you could like make it so that we had to double tap or something like that to get in and out of full screen that be great. Again, I absolutely love the app. It’s my favorite app out there. If you could help me out a little though that would be amazing -thanks
  • Almost there! 4/5

    By Yodaodrive
    Please take my review into consideration! I very much enjoy the app, but still hiccups sometimes. Next chapters sometimes do not load (and there is no hard refresh button) so I have to exit app entirely. Sometimes the app freezes (usually when charging). That aside, it’s straight to the point and accessible, great job! P.s. is there anyway to toggle the volume scroller when playing music. that is a must have feature, as is my music!
  • Good, but unstable 3/5

    By TripX2
    Visually excellent, feature-rich FFN client, but prone to crashing or lagging.
  • Problem 1/5

    By young.atlas
    After the last update it is no longer searching the filter options I put in. I have a iPhone 5s. I love the app and would really like to see this fixed if it gets fixed it’s back to five stars
  • Bugs and/or Problems. 3/5

    By B-Smith101
    search filters for story search don’t work.
  • Buggy 2/5

    By Blackbird12
    The latest update has made the search system stop working, and since the “report bug” button also doesn’t work, I guess I’ll just post my issues here.
  • Issue on iPhone X 3/5

    By The dude man213
    This is a great app usually but I just switched the the Ten and there is a slight problem with the text margins on one side being cut off makes it hard to read if you hold your phone the wrong way
  • Bug? 3/5

    By krachsop
    After latest update I am unable to apply filters when searching for new stories to read.
  • It’s great but not all it could be 4/5

    By gridbdk
    I really wish it could pick up right where you left off on different devices you loggin on....but it doesn’t... it doesn’t show your reading’ll have to find the chapter you left off on
  • Upgrade 5/5

    By Houndlord
    I really would like it if I was able to use my highlighter and able to use my “speak” command so that way I can have it read to me
  • My Favorite App 5/5

    By sdorman
    Honestly, I want to give this app only 4 stars, simply because of the fact that I can’t make the reading font smaller than the minimum 75% and that bugs me, but this app certainly deserves the 5 stars. Yes, I know that that issue is a very minor thing, but before I used this app for all of my Fanfiction needs I used the FF app made by PentaLoop, and I loved how the text size had virtually no maximum or minimum size, meaning I could fit so much more on my screen and it took a while longer before I had to scroll down in order to read more. Not that big of a deal, honestly, but I would absolutely love it if the minimum reading font was either removed or simply greatly lowered, and I don’t know where else to write this out to you.
  • Problem reading with my iPad 9.7 inch (2017) 3/5

    By Oscar0916
    When I finished updating it, I don’t see the icon where you can see how many chapters are there and it only works on my iPhone 6s Plus, please this, I enjoy reading with my iPad a lot!
  • Downloading stories is the best feature. 5/5

    By Calmhatred
    Excellent UI, customization options and the ability to download stories on to your phone make this an amazing app. Constant updates to improve performance and fix any issues. If you read fanfics at all this is a must have.
  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 5/5

    By nikupatel1
    Fan gic is kinda weird bit slso cool it might be stupid sometimes but awesome app ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Fanfic 5/5

    By Apple Pie😀
    All I do with this app is search up and read gay fanfic and it's REALLY good at giving me gay fanfic so 5-star rating, good job.
  • Yay 5/5

    By flashgirl😜
    I love fanfic I prefer to see how others imagine things.
  • Slow 3/5

    By Judy fungle
    It's not very responsive. When I tap to go to a folder or a story it takes a few seconds for it to actually switch screens. It wasn't always like this and it makes my experience with the app much less enjoyable. I also preferred when the folders, reading history, and everything else was at the top of the screen instead of where it is now at the bottom.
  • New Update not so great 2/5

    By Tabby1998cat
    I just updated the app and it wiped out more than half of the stories I had saved to my library. Now I have to go find them all over again, sigh...
  • Unlabeled buttons 3/5

    By Think, pray, love
    Like a lot about this app but one thing, unlabeled buttons. Visually they have a label but within the coding they don’t. I’m blind and use apples Voiceover screen reader on my phone to read stuff. Please consider labeling buttons. Check apples developer tools for accessibility. The font changes and theme options are a great feature but don’t forget about screen readers too. Thank you!
  • Search 4/5

    By Shuffstuff
    You need to improve your search capabilities

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