Farming Simulator 20

Farming Simulator 20

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  • Current Version: 1.1.10
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: GIANTS Software GmbH
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
6,405 Ratings
$ 5.99

Farming Simulator 20 App

Step into the exciting world of farming with Farming Simulator 20! Harvest many different crops, tend to your livestock of pigs, cows, and sheep, and now ride your own horses, letting you explore the vast land around your farm in a brand-new way. Sell your products in a dynamic market to earn money which you can invest in additional machinery and the expansion of your farm. In Farming Simulator 20 you take control of over 100 vehicles and tools faithfully recreated from leading brands in the industry. For the first time on mobile platforms this includes John Deere, the largest agriculture machinery company in the world. Drive other famous farming brands such as Case IH, New Holland, Challenger, Fendt, Massey Ferguson, Valtra, Krone, Deutz-Fahr and many more. Farming Simulator 20 features a new North American environment in which to develop and expand your farm. Enjoy many exciting farming activities, including new machinery and crops with cotton and oats. Features of Farming Simulator 20 include: • Use over 100 realistic vehicles and tools from some of the biggest agriculture machine makers • Plant and harvest different crops: Wheat, barley, oat, canola, sunflowers, soybean, corn, potatoes, sugar beet and cotton • Feed your cows and sheep to produce and sell milk and wool • Take care of horses and ride on them to freely explore the world around your farm • New 3D graphics show even more detail on your machinery and the Northern American environment • Cockpit view lets you drive in your vehicles in an even more realistic way than before

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Farming Simulator 20 app reviews

  • Great Mobile Game! 4/5

    I was unimpressed, until I realized that I had been mistaken. It does save across devices, you just need WiFi to facilitate this process. My mistake.
  • Great 5/5

    By T's Mom 11.29.2011
    Lower the prices on stuff like JD Quad-track. You also need like a S.U.V. And maybe even a PeterBilt Semi.
  • Muy buen juego 5/5

    By Eliezar503
    Es el mejor juego que he jugado me encanto la simulación todo es muy realista pero puede ser aun mas mejor he igual cuando estoy aburrido y no tengo mucha carga en mo celular me pongo a jugar en consola este mismo juego pero me gustaría mucho mas si crearan Farming Simulation 22 gracias por este maravilloso juego
  • Add More Equipment 5/5

    By MaddenYeet
    It is a very good game but there isn’t a very wide variety of equipment. They should also add Chevy pickup trucks.
  • great but needs multiplayer 5/5

    By someonedkwho
    The game is great but needs multiplayer added. It would be great to load on the go with a friend.
  • Few things missing 4/5

    By L1L_K1D853
    Short and simple. It’s missing forestry. Add forestry = add new vehicles = people happy. Also missing multiplayer, I would love to play this game with my friend but I can’t. Other than those things this game is beautiful. Great graphics for a phone and new terrain to overcome.
  • L 5/5

    By T the truck
    Thank you so much for creating this wonderful game I love you 🥰😘🥰😘🥰😘🥰😘🥰😘🥰😘🥰😘🥰😘🥰😘😍🥰😘😍😍🥰🥰😘
  • Mn farmer 5/5

    By Solfrm1
    Great game On issue when you unload bales at any point they unload they explode off the hay hauler and go all over the place
  • You won’t believe this creators 5/5

    By Twisterjax14
    Craters I’m glitched out of the map using my horse so I got in the water I walked all the way through an island and then I got on the another place it was walkable can you make a place that place actually the real thing in the game and there’s not a border blocking you to get in the place yeah I want those buildings please make that an actual place and please add boats so people can actually go over there I can’t believe I found a secret place I think I’m the only one that found it please add boats
  • Awesome 5/5

    By bradleejnorman2020
    This is an awesome game! I play farming simulator 19 on the Play station. I have been looking for a game on mobile like this. This was the game I was looking for. Amazing game!
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By BSapp2048482
    Graphics are the only thing that’s better.single player only.fs14 and fs16 had multiplayer as a option.disappointed I wasted my money on this.
  • Can you these things in the game 4/5

    By Gleanerboy
    Awesome game but it needs Massy Ferguson 8737 or a 8690 ,and it needs a Gleaner S98 combine with a Macdon header FD145. And there’s a glitch with the FSX 63.72 when you unload.I love game it just needs these things please and thank you
  • Wow 5/5

    By Hdhdhdnns
    Nothing to say bad here just plz and multiplayer.
  • Good but what?! 4/5

    By hhhhhhhuyuyuyi
    OK so it’s true the game is great!But, I have this on my PS4 it’s completely different you can’t customize the color of your vehicles why can’t you please don’t pens for animals I can’t figure out how to start from scratch on A new farm and first of all how do I even get to the horses!? Now The game is well,… Confusing since were on mobile not all the controls are the same I’ve learned to sort of get the controls but I’m still concerned on why is completely different from the PS4 version I can understand the controls are different but why can’t everything else be the same yeah lag will happen it happens all the time! But still my concern is why just why. Please consider fixing this, ..Jasmine Chipman..
  • Construction 5/5

    By add updates for offroadoutlaws
    Hey guys so here’s my opinion please add like. Cat excavatar like a mini one and big ones and like Mack,PETERBILT,KENWORTH dump trucks and some ew trucks like a ford 6.0 diesel and some over trucks thanks!
  • Good 5/5

    By reidscheumanntttttrrr
    It is good but you need to get more tractors and equipment and need to do it we’re you build your own farm like farming simulator 19 when will you guys put farming simulator 22 in the App Store
  • Bug needed fixing 4/5

    By bbbbbbbbbbbbrrrrrrrruuuhhhh
    So I love the game but I have a jh 96 RX and a big seeder But when he starts on helper He takes 30 bucks every 15 seconds Also at grain storage I unloaded there and it took 27,373 Away from me :( :( :( :(
  • Really really good game but it needs these vehicles 5/5

    By crudmud
    you need to add a kenworth w900 and a 16 tire lowbed
  • Multiple player 4/5

    By jaackyyy cchhhannn
    Wish there was multiple player so I can play with my friends
  • Love the graphics and realism but would like more machines 5/5

    By pete#farmsimenthusiast
    I downloaded this game about a year ago and I’ve spent about a hundred fifty hours playing it and built up a massive farm operation. I own all the fields and at least one of every machine. I’m very impressed with the graphics and the game works very well on my iPhone 11. I would like to suggest that you add more machines such as a Case combine a New Holland combine a realer looking pickup…. etc. I also suggest that you make the animals be able to eat silage (chaff).
  • It needs to have more things 1/5

    By anguiano.
    This was not what I was looking for it’s cool but it needs more thing’s, first it needs to have more money and it needs worlds like farm simulator 19, and more space to do you farm, And when you buy animals it needs something like employees to do it for you.
  • Was a good game 1/5

    By imshadow1
    I’ve been playing this for maybe a month and I’ve loved it! Recently it’s started glitching. It rained for almost 24 hours. And now the plots aren’t growing. It’s been almost 48 hours and I haven’t cut a single plot! If this was a free game I’d just delete it and move on. But I’ve paid good $$$ and would LOVE to keep going. Developer- Is there something going on with the app, or is it something wrong I’ve done? Can you help me out?
  • Good but it feels like a slight downgrade from previous games 4/5

    By khot10
    I like this game a lot but I have some problems, it doesn’t have a tree system, and no front loading bales which are in the previous games. Overall a good game though.
  • Rain lasts to long 4/5

    By boom boom for n
    It’s a great game but I think the rain lasts to long. I have been trying to harvest and it’s been raining for the past 3 hours (real time) And I’m starting to get a bit frustrated with the game. But other then that great game.
  • Update 4/5

    By cuervo1111
    It should be a way like in PS4 where u can take loan from bank and lease the machine that way u can grow the farm pretty fast I just say I also owned fs 19 and fs 22 in PS4 it’s amazing how works in Ps4 that’s y I give 4 star
  • bug 4/5

    By juniorxenon
    I found one bug that is when you unload the bales of hay they go flying in the air try to fix it please
  • The cab is-a-rockin' 4/5

    By Kofelofagus
    I need a 'radio hud'.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Andrew7060
    FS20 has really good graphics. My 9yo son loves to farm and he really enjoys this game!
  • Fs feed back 3/5

    By Coen weigle
    It would be nice if yall could make an update on the game for example you could add construction vehicles so we could do construction to the road and stuff and make it so you can dig up the groud everywhere just like fs19 but overall the game is good.
  • Nice 4/5

    By hdduehdhfirndjxd
    Overall awsome graphics this game is a great game but what I miss is hiring a driver to go to locations for you and what happened to the forestry equipment?
  • Add some more mods like quads and more trucks not semi trucks 4/5

    By theaider
    It would be cooler to have more truck mods and UTV and lots more if you can add those
  • Scammed 1/5

    By TheCatBurglar
    I deleted the game, went back, and my SAVED game was lost. The achievements are still on my gamecenter, but my saved game isnt there. I spent over 20 dollars on that game, and they dont even offer an option in the main screen to a support center. Trash game
  • Rocks 5/5

    By jjiixgkhjgjkhhg
    You guys should add rocks and rock pickers
  • This game is good and easy to play 5/5

    By Taimoor cheema
    I had this game before it is easy and good game .nice work
  • Needs more pickups 5/5

    By dikethedogyomon
    Can you had some pickups and some trailers to haul and like a four wheeler that would be so much fun for rp
  • Improvement 4/5

    By c4soll
    Need more tractors with duals and be able to lift implements up to turn around.
  • Blade not working 1/5

    By 17SFCA
    My son was very sad that the blade was not working, and mad.
  • Lacking 3/5

    By apple is dum
    Don’t get me wrong I’m a huge fan, I used to play the disc version for pc back in like 2011. I just want to know why you don’t have forestry on what could’ve been the best title in the series. So I continue to play fs16 because there’s simply more to do.. top to bottom.
  • Love it 4/5

    By edianayleen2
    Love the game but i wish they can add a nicer pick up the one is now is ugly
  • Sprayers v spreaders 4/5

    By sorrytocomplain
    I know this is a game and not everything is accurate. But sprayers and fertilizers are not the same thing. Fertilizer spreaders add fertilizer, which makes the plants grow better. Sprayers are used to kill weeds and insects, which help the crop to grow better. You should be able to both fertilize and spray your crops, with each doing a separate boost to production. Instead i find that i can either fertilize or spray, but not do both. Can you please work that in? Also, a bigger plow that can be more easily pulled by smaller tractors would be appreciated
  • Good I have questions 5/5

    By I love fs 20
  • Needs more vehicles 5/5

    By we need more improvments
    Farming sim 20 is a good game but it could have more vehicles and you should have the semi trucks in the vehicles it would just make it easier to find the vehicles and should put the all the semi trailers in the same I’m hoping that we can make this happen
  • Fun but 5/5

    By get_snipped22
    The game is so fun but ya should like add front loaders to the game just like fs 18 but improved.
  • Farming simulator 20 5/5

    By adamgoertzen
    Farming simulator 20 keeps crashing fix it please thanks
  • Cant retrieve cloud saved games!? 2/5

    By AmazingKiwi8
    I am unable to retrieve my saved games from the cloud. There is no option to get them back. Previously I was able to click the little numbers at the top left of the screen on the homepage and it brought up my cloud saved games somehow. But it doesn’t work anymore and it is not clear anywhere how to retrieve your saved games.
  • Rainy days 2/5

    By reynoldsrap$
    This is a great game as long as you like sitting and watching it rain with nothing to do
  • Hey bug 4/5

    By jackdawg134267117227271662
    There is a bug that makes the ground white please fix I’m 11 so I am very picky other than that it’s a great game
  • great game 5/5

    By generous runner 717
    it’s a really good game put a lot of money in to it but it just needs more like more land or a dlc pack for new land instead of new equipment all the time. console has dlc packs we need them to. the game works great and is # 1 but just tired of working the same land over and over. take down the road blocks on each side of the map so we can farm something new I would pay money for it and every one else would to. you are doing a great job just keep our attention to the game. thank you for your time.
  • Good but needs work 5/5

    By krissiet75
    There needs to be a way to ride bulls and pigs and sheep. There needs to be a super big tractor and. There needs to be an old f150 flatbed truck. There needs to be some tractor that have cabs but so that don”t have them. There needs to have new truck and logging machines and there needs to be old cab tractors and lawn mower like zero turns and bobcats and there need to be a way you can Change your character there need to be tractors that have hay forkes.