FarmVille 2: Country Escape

FarmVille 2: Country Escape

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  • Current Version: 9.9.2421
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Zynga Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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FarmVille 2: Country Escape App

**App Store Best of 2014** Escape to the world of farming, friends and fun! Go on farm adventures to collect rare goods and craft new recipes. Raise animals and grow your farm with friends. Join a farm Co-Op to trade and share or play on your own in Anonymous Mode. You can play FarmVille anytime, anywhere… even when not connected to the internet. Best of all, the world’s most popular farming game is free to play! ** ”FarmVille is back and this time, it’s portable!” – TIME ** ** “”Officially not just for Facebook anymore”” – Los Angeles Times ** ** “” They may have built the best FarmVille game of the series”” – Kotaku ** - CRAFT a variety of baked gourmet goods like classic country apple pies - HARVEST farm fresh crops of your favorite fruits and vegetables - CUSTOMIZE your own farm for charming country living - COLLECT hidden and rare items as you discover a new coastal farm - NURTURE and raise a wide variety of adorable animals like your very own farm dog - EXPLORE a new FarmVille story filled with special farm adventures - BUILD a lush family farm by the coast so all your friends can visit - FISH with your fellow farmers and sell your catch at Pike’s Landing - GARDEN by the beautiful blue ocean as you decorate your farm with flowers and fresh produce - TRADE and chat with friends or play anonymously with people from all over the world - ESCAPE to the coast then connect to your Facebook farm to send free water - EARN daily rewards with the Mystery Chest and take a spin at the Prize Wheel” Additional information: • The game is free to play; however, in-app purchases are available for additional content and in-game currency. In-app purchases range from $0.99 to $99.99 USD. • Use of this application is governed by Zynga’s Terms of Service, found at • For information about how Zynga uses personal data, please read our privacy policy at


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FarmVille 2: Country Escape app reviews

  • Permanent Black Man Farmhand 3/5

    By Flipto
    The game needs one
  • Addictive 5/5

    By racadio
    I love this game
  • Farming game 5/5

    By junebug197104
    This is is number 1 in my book I play it all the time and never have any problems with it. I have tried other farm games and did not Like them but this is the bomb!!!!
  • Farm village escape 5/5

    By bulony
    Ever sense I got this game I was so happy to have this game and it’s so much fun. The game was so much fun but I would love it more then I would love it if it had more levels to come out of my life I just got the game to go and get the game. The best way is the new update for me and the app to get the best free time I can think about is that the new version of this album. I’m so happy to see this new Game was my favorite game ever. The best game ever I have to go back and buy the new one but the only problem with this one Game was a good one and it is a good one.
  • I LOVE IT ITS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5/5

    By mlalq
    This is the best app almost so you’ll JUST have to give it a 5
  • Fun 5/5

    By PharmAli2014
    Love it!
  • No event here! 4/5

    By Klpslp
    Anyone else not able to do event? Zynga please fix!!
  • Wants more money 1/5

    By Calfaro73
    I already paid and is requesting more money. Not fair, I’m not going to waste my time on this game
  • Why can’t I report issues that aren’t listed in your help section? 4/5

    By CATesmile
    My all-time favorite. I am angry that I cannot report that I paid 150 keys for event character and did not receive it. This isn’t on your list of problems at Another problem is that your forums do not offer any help for forgotten passwords. I joined the forum when the game was brand new. I didn’t go there often so the password is nowhere in my memory. You shouldn’t lock people out forever. Every other civilized group on the internet allows assistance for forgotten passwords. It’s a great game, but if you expect people to continue spending real money, you need to make real improvements. When the game was new you seemed to care a lot more than you seem to care now. PS, If this issue isn’t resolved I will be posting a screen shot of this message on FB. If it is resolved I will sing your praises on FB.
  • Fun at first 4/5

    By Ttttttttttt123445
    There has to be a way to make it fun and challenging without making it so hard to get items... I busted a move to win marvelous mom and she seems like just another farmhand. In fact my other farmhands seem to find just as much or more.... I just get bored when I can't get all the ingredients reasonably.... esp when sending farmhands takes sooooooo long and provides inconsistent results.... like the ability to earn with ads and daily spins etc
  • Fun 5/5

    By Cjjplopez
    Lots of fun

    By glitterpancakes
    I honestly could not love this game more! It is the only game I have consistently played for almost 4 years!!!!
  • Connection Issues 1/5

    By Carolwoo34
    I've been playing this game for a couple months now and was really enjoying it. Now for the past two day, it's having connection issues. I can't seem to fine a place to report a problem for them to even fix it. Someone help please!!!! And I'm not the only one with this issue. I play on an IPad. And another person I play with plays on a different device. We are both having the same issue.
  • Buenísimo 5/5

    By leonardo 954
    👍🏻 chido
  • Is really glitchy 2/5

    By Ksrox
    The game is really glitchy and keeps kicking me off line even though the app is up to date and the help tips don’t help. Won’t let me do anything really. It’s hugely disappointing because I love this game so much. Developers if you read this please help me.
  • It's very entertaining but frustrating! 3/5

    By Mystery Ocean
    Love the concept but too many glitches and forces to upgrade all the time, something I disagree with because each individual should have the right to choose wether to upgrade or not. Every time I'm forced to upgrade it consumes much of my data and it will not let one play unless it's upgraded. Frustrating to me
  • Hi 4/5

    By Hanaa mansour
    Awesome game I love it Welldone 👍
  • Kathleen Wheaton 5/5

    By lovelyred 293
    Love playing with co-opt players🙏😘🎈🎈👌 good game!!
  • Buying land 2/5

    By mbrooke471100
    I love this game and have played for a long time but I have a problem that nobody else I know has. I am extremely irritated .When I have leveled up and can buy land it gives me the “option” of buying land now with keys. But I should be able to buy the land bc I just leveled up and pay with coins not keys ! I save my keys! Please take this off my account!
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By kimcbc
    Was really enjoying the game until the new update wouldn’t work without a credit card number.
  • Farmville2 Country Escapes 4/5

    By nla206
    I started playing this a short while ago. I like the graphics and the fun of. Moving things around. The co-ops help at times but some of the leaders are down right mean. They kick you off for no reason. So I ended up on a Co-op that their names are long and not as helpful . This is just a game. I’m not going to spend money I don’ t have just to get ahead of farmer Jones. And this pecking out words makes me realize what a bird does when it’s eating. Thank goodness for reverse!
  • Mother’s Day event 5/5

    By #VoNN
    I really like this game but sometimes it freezes and you loose your items for the events. Like the Mother’s Day event I’ve completed up to the last set on the hen and it want let me get pass 5 and I should be on the sheep but it want let me pass so I don’t know what to do.
  • Events are too similar 3/5

    By Dott5000
    There are too many rounds on the events. Three or four would be great - five is too many!
  • Mother’s Day pig story 1/5

    By richards686
    0%. Sad story and finished second page and can’t move forward. Very frustrating.
  • Friendly Farmer didn’t get their purchase 1/5

    By Miss Fawn Cash
    I love this game and will continue to play it, however I will not be buying any in app purchases for this game. I bought 100 keys for $1.99. I contacted Zynga like the trouble shooting options said to do. I waited almost 24 hrs to see if the keys would load but they never did. Zynga says to close the app and wait for two hours if you don’t see your purchase right away. I did that. I even emailed Zynga support and told them what happened. I only received one response from them asking to give them proof and screenshots of my purchase? I sent them all my receipts from my Apple purchase and my paypal and never heard back. It’s been 24 hours since my purchase and I had to contact Apple support to get my refund!! Thankfully I didn’t spend a load of money on this. Won’t be paying for any purchases for this game again!!!
  • Super fun! 5/5

    By xjessicapool
    Absolutely love playing FarmVille 2! I'm addicted!
  • More event items! 4/5

    By Tender7773
    They should have better chance of getting event items. At least every other time you search for something.
  • Game glitches badly 1/5

    By Applekando
    Too many events. Game tried to force me into an event, then subtracted 21 keys, then won’t let me connect to co-op. At least half the time when co-op partners send a helping hand, it fails to arrive. Quantities on orders are way too large. Game is not fun anymore. More like a full time job. Might be time to sign off for a few months until game is fixed.
  • Stupid 2/5

    By nyeb21
    I’ve been progressing really well but I’m getting held up because you have to either wait days to expand or use keys. There’s no way to get around using the keys so you end up progressing slowly or spending a lot of money on keys. Very annoyed
  • Too many problems 1/5

    By Cap815
    There are just too many problems with this game. The animals are adorable and the premise is good, but the execution and support are awful and frustrating. There's too much going on and nothing works right. Cheating is rampant and nothing is done. Just don't waste your time or money. It's not worth the frustration and disappointment. The latest update didn’t work and you couldn’t get in. IT TOOK TWO DAYS TO FIX! I’ve lost progress, no chance at bonuses. This is the second time it’s happened in three weeks. They’ve sucked the life out of this game!
  • Working people has no chance to win the permanent ones! 1/5

    By Lighthouse023
    I am thinking very seriously about quitting this game! I have been with my husband in and out of the hospital and rehab since January. Then I had to put him in the nursing home in April. I have not been able to get a permanent animal or person since then. I usually can only play in the evenings. I don’t see how anyone that works can win any of the permanent ones. I just spent about fifty keys trying to win. I was in second place about 2:30 this morning and then I tried getting on today about 1:30 and I was in sixth place. Tried paying 10 keys to try and catch up and of course it would ask for things that either I didn’t have or for things that would take hours to make. I hope that all the people that has jobs and can’t get on the game but in the evenings got theirs. But if theirs does like mine you don’ t stand a chance. Used to enjoy this game but now I am not enjoying it very much.
  • No email customer support 1/5

    By renutzu
    Someone from my cooperative lost 30+ keys few days ago, he and his friend. Today I lost 38 keys, I had 68 in total now I have 34. I restarted the game and nothing, it opened with less keys. I searched for email support and is none. Zynga has only a useless forum. I will delete the game, is waste of time and if developer doesnt care by email customer support why do I care for game?!
  • Facebook 2/5

    By Jcrew1972
    This game really tries to force Facebook on you.
  • Stuck! 3/5

    By laralena
    Everything was great until I met Maria's cousin and he began to forage. Now I'm stuck in that loop and can't do anything else.
  • A lot of bugs 1/5

    By Lizzard Watts
    This game is fun but it has a lot of bugs and the quests and special events are much too hard to complete. Also, the barn should have unlimited storage so that completed products can be better stockpiled to fill the order board. Now I can’t watch a video to win something without the game resetting itself and taking away what I just won. This game just keeps getting buggier with every update!!! Not fun anymore. Beware of this game! The developers of this game ignore when players cheat, and do nothing about it even when it’s brought to their attention!
  • Great game 4/5

    By Tena J
    It would be nice if you could cancel requests for help on the farm board. Sometimes my screen sticks for a second and it will click it as a request for help on an order I’m working on. Since I’m the only one in my co-op, the order will expire before help comes lol. Otherwise, this is a great game. I love playing it...all day if I could.
  • Lost my farm very sad 1/5

    By Hulkbeau
    Hey i lost my farm when i installed it on my phone. Can i get it back please? I was on level 47 i think and i spent lots of money. I was one bronze ticket away from getting my third dog. I am totally bummed out now.
  • AMAZING!!! 5/5

    By CNVictory
    This game is by far one of the best games that I have ever played. The people that you can get help from in a co-op make it easier to get what you need. Making money to get better items is easy, too. All of the events make it easy to level up and earn prizes. Everything about this game is amazing. I will never stop playing it! I highly recommend this game to all people!!! It deserves all five stars!!! ❤️😁❤️😁
  • Good game but... 1/5

    By lulyta21
    It was one of the best I I get addicted so fast until one of the updates, after that play is so boring because the co-op chat doesn’t work not matter what I did, don’t work and it’s frustrating so for me until I don’t get that fixed it’s no more one of my favorite game
  • I love this game. 5/5

    By Piewachita
    It is a game in which you build a farm and you help your neighbors. It is a great concept as it teaches cooperation and service. It is not distructive. It does not teach you to fight and destroy but instead it cooperation and helping your neighbor. This is what people used to do. They helped their neighbors.
  • LOVED IT 5/5

    By Mary loves games
  • Coop nightmare 2/5

    By ERRNCricket
    The game is fun but coop are a nightmare for anyone who has a life.
  • So much addicted! 4/5

    By Paris HninYu
    i really really really love this game, and this can make me to spend my iTune card LOL! But , this game really awesome 👏🏻 and my boyfriend also love this gameplay too! 😍
  • Cheaters ruin the game 2/5

    By FVplayer18
    This game used to be fun but cheating in events and county fair really make this game a waste of time to play, I buy keys from zynga but even that doesn’t help when cheaters pay hackers to give them points and unlimited stuff. In my opinion the leader boards and county fair are a joke and rip off everyone who is trying to win the right way. And I don’t see any improvement even when cheaters are reported.
  • Don’t waste your time & money 2/5

    By wolf99bane
    Don’t waste your time... events for anything permanent is usually a leaderboard event...if you work forget about ever winning one. You can be #4 when you go to work and come home you are at 15. In order to win you’d have to play almost 24 hrs. A day and spend close to $100.00. It becomes more stressful than fun after a year or more.
  • Got robbed !!! 1/5

    By Eagle Ruiz
    Paid for keys and application didn’t give me credit. Then non on the links worked to contact anyone for support . Disappointed
  • Sad game 1/5

    By Kaz&Me
    I really used to love playing this game but troubles keep coming yesterday I lost my co op friends can't get them back game will not let me connect
  • FarmVille is great 5/5

    By BLG2294
    I love this game it is the best ever
  • Its ok 3/5

    By Idalana
    It ok but I think it needs some improvements like making getting stuff crops and money
  • FarmVille 2: Country Escape 1/5

    By Baby hez
    Was enjoying the game until last update. Since last update, I can't long in with Twitter and saying need update/upgrade when game has been updated already. Please fixed game immediately. Not been able to play all day due to issue/errors. When fixed will be glad to give higher rating. Not a very happy person at the moment 😠😠😠😡. How is it some ppl get to start the events 2-3 days ahead of everyone else. It’s not fair cause they get ahead start. I notice with this Mother’s Day event people having way more points then other ppl. I feel there is a lot of cheating going. I love the game but I’m ready to delete it all together.

FarmVille 2: Country Escape app comments


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