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Fashion Nova is the fastest-growing social media & e-commerce platform in the world, growing bigger every day! We are dedicated to curating the hottest and newest trends for both for women and men. Hundreds of new styles are added on a daily basis because we want to make sure you have everything you need to express your authentic self. The Fashion Nova app is here to make your shopping experience as convenient and enjoyable as possible. Babes, make sure to tag @FashionNova, @FashionNovaCURVE, and #NovaBabe so we can see you in Fashion Nova and interact with your posts on Instagram & Twitter. You always have a chance to be reposted! Gentlemen, your time has come, FashionNovaMEN is here! Tag @FashionNovaMEN and #FashionNovaMEN to show how well you rock our new line. Show the ladies how it’s done! Follow us for outfit inspo, gorgeous photos, hilarious memes, and behind-the-scenes exclusives. Instagram: @FashionNova @FashionNovaCURVE @FashionNovaMEN Twitter: @FashionNova Facebook: @FashionNova Snapchat: @FashionNova

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  • Annoying Glitch With FAVORITES !!! 🙄 2/5

    By 💋💄🙋
    - absolutely love fashion nova but whenever i favorite something to save for later it doesn’t show in the app. i noticed that my favorites show online but not on the app which is is really annoying because an app is supposed to be convenient but nothing about that is convenient.
  • Fashion nova 4/5

    By Enayah
    I love the app, I just don’t like that when I favorite an item it doesn’t save to my favorites list and I have to go back and relook and find what I want which I absolutely can not stand.

    By saysay with the glitches:/
    PLEASE PLEASE FIX THE GLITCHES! it’s so unbearable, this is literally such a great way to shop using an easy app but it’s having all these weird glitches and problems like the saving for later and some shopping kart items missing.. I could go on and on but I’d rather not and just be straight to the point.. please fix that! Other than that there’s not many other serious issues that that! Thanks for your time and it would be deeply appreciated!
  • Annoyed 1/5

    By Jaynysha21
    The App Irritates my Mind Body And Soul 🙄And fashion nova slowly but surely is to Definitely looking to spend money elsewhere. I hate that pretty little thing clothing is Trash 😭🤦🏻‍♀️
  • Can’t Save Favorites!!! 2/5

    By Kylie Snow
    Not only did all my favorites disappear, but the app will not let me save anymore favorites, I heart something and a few seconds later the heart is gone. Really hope this is fixed soon.
  • Won’t save my liked items 1/5

    By KingsReyes98
    I love fashion Nova but why won’t your guys app save my likes items ??
  • Glitchy app... 4/5

    By joceeeelynn
    Favorited item list disappears... clothes are amazing glitchy app please fix :((( I spend hours browsing for things and am upset after I see none of it saved.
  • HELP ME 3/5

    By Fashionnova needs fo fix this
    Can someone please tell me how to take things out of my cart it gives me no option and also Whatever issues y’all are having I’m trying to find things that I like or adding to favorites and it keeps deleting
  • The app is messing up 2/5

    By lazay1273
    I LOVE fashion nova clothing don’t get me wrong, but the app is what I don’t like it keeps saying I have no favorites when the next day I will. This is a bother to me because I depend on my favorites to order for later and remember which I was going to order. I hope y’all can fix this 🙌🏽 that would be so amazing 👏🏽💗
  • Annoying 1/5

    By carmella0922
    Doesn’t same my favorites so I always have to go back and search for the items. Really annoying that I have to search through everything just to find that one item I liked...Every time I try and add it to my favorites list It just doesn’t save 👎🏾
  • Paying for items without receiving them 1/5

    By im_not_happy
    Don’t get me wrong I LOVE fn clothes. I have several different clothing items from fashion nova. The one thing that’s made me very mad and concerned is that I paid a good amount of money for an order that never gave me a confirmation code, an order number, or anyway to see that I actually made a purchase, except in my bank account where $160 was missing. I contacted customer service and they told me I never placed an order. I’ve been waiting to hear back from customer service but I still haven’t gotten anything and my money is still gone.
  • Don’t shop 1/5

    By Kea903
    Bad customer service
  • Unbearable Glitches!! 2/5

    By Maranda-Claire
    Okay so I love love love Fashion Nova, my wardrobe consists of 99.9% of Fashion Nova and then that .1% is BooHoo. My issue is the app. At first it was love at first sight. After hearting items (save for later) and adding things to my cart and purchasing them, the app custom made selections in the suggestions of what I might like and to my surprise it was extremely accurate. However one day my “save for later” disappeared. I forced closed and opened it again and they popped back up. I was like okay no problem and continued shopping and adding items to my save for later when I realized the hearted items would disappear as I would continue to scroll meaning for the last hour everything I saved for later didn’t even get saved. I went to my save for later and everything was gone. Once again I said no problem and would just text myself the outfits I wanted to buy as my save for later. However, just yesterday I went to my cart to purchase my items 50% of my cart was empty. Not because it was out of stock because it lets me know when I go to check out what’s out of stock. My items just glitched out of my cart. It made me mad because I spent days picking and choosing outfits to put together just for them to get disappear again. I had enough and deleted the app. I then went onto the website and started over completely with a whole new set of items. Please fix the app I honestly prefer maneuvering on that than going online because the app is more simple.
  • My favorites list doesn’t show 4/5

    By sweethibiscus
    I love this app! The clothes are totally cool and the prices are pretty good! My only problem is that whenever I tap to see “my favorites” list it says that I have no favorites. I am logged in and everything but it doesn’t show me the list.
  • The worst 1/5

    By reds0522
    Fashion nova is a rip off they will take your money..please be careful not to order final sale or wrong size they will keep all your money. I wish i could give no stars
  • Where are my favorites? 1/5

    By sdullo
    I had the app because it’s convenient on my phone, but loading my favorites never work. I love shopping with fashion nova because it’s so easy, but this is messing up my experience. I can’t load my favorites on the app and when I contacted them about the issue all they said was to use the browser. That’s great and all but I want to use the app. I would like the issue to be address not dismissed and told to try something else
  • Pretty Nice 3/5

    By 💁🏾Rushie💁🏾
    I do like FashionNova but I’m having issues. All my favorites are gone and whenever I tap to add a new favorite item it isn’t adding to my list. Not sure what to do.
  • Order didn’t come in on time 1/5

    By Ariel Echevarria
    Order was to be delivered on a specific date and time , and wasn’t delivered at all. Thanks so much Fashion Nova.
  • DON’T RETURN🥴 1/5

    By Sharaeraeee
    I got 2 items a shirt and a pair of jeans while it was buy one get one free. I returned the jeans ($35) but I kept the shirt ($17) and it took them about a week maybe a little more to give my store credit. Then I finally got my store credit today and it’s $17 when I paid $35 plus shipping for both of the items.
  • App crashed 1/5

    By Salmansob
    For the past few days, the app would suddenly close on its own right after I open it. Has this happened to anyone else too??? Help!
  • App not working 1/5

    By rissaboo23
    I’ve been shopping with them for a little over a year now. Nothing wrong with them it’s just this app. Every time I open it, it goes black and kicks me out of it. Even after I deleted it and reinstalled it.
  • disappointed. 2/5

    By Dannielabs6
    I waited for a long time to finally make money and buy clothes from fashion nova. amazing clothes with beautiful models but I make my order and everything is good till it gets bad .. no confirm of purchase. when I check “ my orders “ they say I have not made any purchase yet. I make my order a few days ago and still haven’t got any of my clothes. this has just change every good , positive though for fashion nova gone bad. this is disappointing because I was expecting a great customer service. please change how everything work .. it’s making a lot of people upset. thank you.
  • Okay 3/5

    By AsiahbNatural
    I’ve had this app since as long as the app has been available and it was great at first but now I’m getting very frustrated, all the clothes that I hearted and put on my favorite are now unavailable to me. Every time I click on my favorites it says I don’t have any in there but I know that I do. This is stopping me from spending any money on this site because I can’t get to the clothes that I wish to buy. Please fix this or I will no longer be buying anything from y’all. I’m a loyal customer I have been for YEARS and this is starting to get out of hand. Fix it please.
  • Was great, until the app stopped working. 2/5

    By Lanai M
    I have a bag filled with items ready to purchase and a lot of favorites but now every time I open the app it instantly crashes.
  • Terrible Customer service! 1/5

    By Melodie2000
    My package was returned to the sender without warning due to “insufficient address”. I contacted customer service and they said they’d issue me an e-gift card excluding the shipping cost and half of final sale items. So I spent $7 on shipping for a package I never received and the final sale items were cut by half of what I had originally purchased them for. Meaning my refund is less than 3/4 of what I originally paid. Terrible!
  • Glitching 1/5

    By christiinaec
    I love this app and I buy clothes often, there’s never any types of complaints. Now, every time I click on collections and pick one of the category’s the app crashes on me. This is the first time this has ever happened to me. I can’t use this app until this is fixed 😭.
  • Omg it’s freezing 1/5

    By chancealex
    Fix this please. I can’t last 1 minute on the app before it closes and resets. Please fix! I wanna buy things!
  • App closing 3/5

    By kaykisses_
    Every time I’m about to checkout it keeps closing on me, and I know today is the last day of the sale. Can you please fix this?😭
  • Crashing 2/5

    By HentaiBabe
    I cant keep the app open long enough to look anymore. It just keeps crashing. It started doing this about three days ago. I have tried deleting and re-downloading the app but it didn't make a difference.
  • 👌🏼 4/5

    By ʎdoopʎdooʍʎdood
    I’m too broke for fashion nova
  • Was liking but not so much anymore.... 1/5

    By Summor Rae
    I have been using this app for a long time but for some reason now when I add things to my favorites list they don’t appear to be there anymore and that’s getting really annoying bc the whole point is to keep it so you won’t have to go back and search for it again. I really wish y’all could fix this issue because it’s getting frustrating.!
  • Terrible app, needs easier navigation 1/5

    By David9475
    Can’t search through individual categories of men’s clothing or search just for items in my size. Very annoying to click though one item at a time to check for size availability. Needs to be more user friendly.. 0 stars.
  • My Favorites 2/5

    By lewis240345
    They keep disappearing saying I have none even when I exit the app & come back to it. I try to save new stuff and it still doesn’t show. It’s annoying and needs fixed ASAP.
  • App crashes 1/5

    By k.town25
    Every time I click on the app it closes on me. What is the problem?!
  • Return 1/5

    By Parked dm
    Don’t shop here returning is a scam they don’t let you send stuff back and they charge you a lot
  • Good app with minor flaws 4/5

    By JocieKa
    I am unable to see my favorites on the app. Which is annoying considering I spend so much time putting items in my favorites for later purchase.
  • App keeps force closing 3/5

    By gayellw
    Please fix this Bc it’s so annoying, I’m trying to buy things but I’m having an unpleasant experience
  • Advertisement is so fake 1/5

    By AhannaSparkle
    The clothing on the models fit completely different on REAL people. If you order a 3x from plus size, you’re really getting a 1x.
  • Worth it! But one bug.... 4/5

    By king_mani
    I love fashion nova!!! It’s great and the clothes are worth it! My only problem is the app itself. Most of the time my “favorites” won’t show at all even though I have seen them in there before, they all just end up disappearing and it says I have none in my favorites.
  • App issues 3/5

    By depeyster 11
    I use the fashion nova app all the time, but recently I will like an item and then go to look for it in my favorite and it will no longer be in there. So right now I am not able to like any items on the website and keep them in my favorite and that’s kind of annoying. I’m pretty sure it’s the app because none of my other apps do that.
  • awesome!... for women 3/5

    By rudy69590
    hey man where are all the men apparel i was suggested of by the app store pictures. my guy i like jeans too
  • . 2/5

    By cm4387
    Great prices but shipping is horrible I’ve been going back and fourth Checking the delivery date and nothing. They have changed the delivery date 3 times already.not satisfied and I still have nothing.
  • Issues 2/5

    By Zailey💋👸🏽
    89% of the time the app won’t open and when it’s open it shuts off.
  • Website is 10x better 1/5

    By _slick_
    I shop at FN weekly. When I get bored, I open up the app to just browse. But whenever I am doing a search for something specific, checking out with what I have in my cart, or even viewing my favorites, I ALWAYS go to the website. In fact, when I try to go to my favorites in the app (and yes, I AM signed in when trying to do so), it always says I have none, which is obviously not true... Needless to say, the app is completely worthless; It needs some serious work. The website, however, is great/preferred.
  • Trouble logging in 1/5

    By KaleyannaK
    For starters, I can’t log in or sign up at all. Secondly, my order is taking FOREVER. It’s more convenient ordering through online than from the app.
  • 4 orders of jeans ... 1/5

    By dyvion parsons
    My boyfriend ordered me and him a pair of jeans from Fashion Nova and the order said they would be there in like 2 days... well the next day it says that the order was canceled. He ordered me the same jeans and him a different pair and they said they’d be there the next day. The next day comes around i have 2 of the same pairs of jeans and he has the two he ordered. Well it took the money for 4 different orders of jeans when i should’ve only taken 2 .
  • App isn’t responding 1/5

    By Anyai_
    It won’t load up
  • Love fashion Nova, HATE APP 1/5

    By totheemax_
    Takes forever to load up and every time I make an order, it always cancel. I've deleted the app and re installed it, but still nothing. Definitely not a good way to market yourselfs.
  • Favorites won’t load 2/5

    By LJtheawesome
    Whenever i get on the Fashion Nova app it’s once in a blue moon when my favorites actually load! I favorite things so i can purchase them later, but it always says i have nothing in my favorites and to start shopping now. This is so frustrating. Fix it.

Fashion Nova app comments

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