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Fashion Nova is the fastest-growing social media & e-commerce platform in the world, growing bigger every day! We are dedicated to curating the hottest and newest trends for both for women and men. Hundreds of new styles are added on a daily basis because we want to make sure you have everything you need to express your authentic self. The Fashion Nova app is here to make your shopping experience as convenient and enjoyable as possible. Babes, make sure to tag @FashionNova, @FashionNovaCURVE, and #NovaBabe so we can see you in Fashion Nova and interact with your posts on Instagram & Twitter. You always have a chance to be reposted! Gentlemen, your time has come, FashionNovaMEN is here! Tag @FashionNovaMEN and #FashionNovaMEN to show how well you rock our new line. Show the ladies how it’s done! Follow us for outfit inspo, gorgeous photos, hilarious memes, and behind-the-scenes exclusives. Instagram: @FashionNova @FashionNovaCURVE @FashionNovaMEN Twitter: @FashionNova Facebook: @FashionNova Snapchat: @FashionNova

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  • keeps closing! 1/5

    By draining my data
    i absolutely love fn, but what’s going on? every time i open the app & browse everything’s fine until the app closes. i then try to open it back up & it would never let me in! the only time it’ll let me browse again is when i shut my phone all the way down & turn it back on, i can’t keep doing that just to purchase clothes. what’s going on fashion nova??
  • Last time I shop there 1/5

    By jsnnwjsjs
    They delivered my package and nothing came then I got on the phone with the company and I was on it for an hour and they didn’t help and now I don’t even know if I’m going to get my clothes or a refund.
  • Scammers never got my money back !!! 1/5

    By Shoori99
    I’ve been back and forth with the emails since almost 4 months now for the refund!! It’s not even my mistake that’s so frustrating?! You took my money without even processing my order I never received my order or my money?! This happened to me twice now!! I need a solution and don’t tell me that 90 days passed we will give you a discount code like you did last time i don’t want your discounts no more orders from this company I’m fed up!!! I have been sending a lot of emails I don’t know how hard it is to give me MY MONEY BACK unbelievable!!!

    By AkunnaU
    Fashion Nova app is generally good, you are able to make purchase in due time, the only problem is when you leave clothes in your cart and you go to another app on your phone when you log back in your cart is empty and sometimes you even have to log out, the problem is you can’t remember every single thing that was in your cart. This is very tiring because it happens every time. I put a particular dress in my cart came back and my cart was empty, searched the name of the dress up and it was no where to be found. Very tiring.
  • It’s been a month 1/5

    By mlolvera
    I spent 70 dollars on an order I never got. I submitted my order last month, and on 09/11 the status was updated to show that it was enroute to DHL e-commerce, and it has not been updated since. Estimated delivery was supposed to be 7 business not 30 days. I’ve ordered from fashion nova before. They’ve always been great, but joe that my order is late, and I’m being ignored I’m kind of upset. I’m glad everyone else is getting their orders, but where the heck is mine!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  • Please 3/5

    By daddy is mami
    I love this app so much but the room off the discount code section which was the only way I could get anything can u guys please put it back
  • Don’t waste your time or money. 1/5

    By santos9x9
    Worst experience ever. I never received my package and all efforts to contact the help desk has been a fail. Don’t waste your time or money. Good luck getting the items you purchase here. This is my first and last time shopping from fashionova. Can’t believe I got played smh.
  • Fake 1/5

    By 15dreams18
    I’ve never had a problem with fashion nova and two days ago I ordered 93 dollars worth of items and IT SAYS DELIVERED AND I NEVER GOT MY ITEMS IM SO ANGRY!
  • No discount 1/5

    By caitlyn_waterman
    It won’t let me apply a discount code
  • shop SHEIN instead 1/5

    By okiseeyou
    shein has the SAME EXACT clothes with exact quality, yet its sooo much cheaper in price. idk why i wasted so much money on fashionnova for so long, not to mention the app is complete crap. i have to delete the app everytime i want to remove something from my cart because the app design doesnt allow me to remove things all the way at the bottom of my cart, the "add wishlist items" is literally in the way of the remove button, its a horrible design and whoever designed it definitely got fired.
  • Scam 1/5

    By verronicaaaa
    I used to shop from them all the time, but the last time I ordered over 10 items and received only one item out of the 11. I contacted their online customer service ( no phone number) only for them to tell me there was nothing they could do besides give me a 25% discount on my next order. Over $200 of my money stolen. Terrible
  • Scammers 1/5

    By nnnnnnaaaaaaeeee
    They took my money and I have not received my package yet I tried emailing over 1000 times and no email back my package was supposed to be here on September 14th I called the customer service line and they told me they would send me a giftcard with the amount that I spent on the order which was $57.95 and it’ll take 2 days I waited for the two day and even longer and I still haven’t got anything and they have my money and won’t give me my order and they are ignoring my emails !! I contacted the CEO I highly recommend that you buy one thing at a time don’t make one order thank you have a nice life everyone if I could I would give them .5 star
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Sina Rosè
    I ordered several items on September 17th. I got the standard 5-7day shipping. I received several emails saying my package was on its way. Then I got on the site to check the status on the delivery, it was returned because it was damage on September 30th. The longest 5-7 days delivery I have ever seen. Now today is October 5th, I sent fashion nova several emails and I barley get a response back. I spent $150(estimated price). I know people probably spend that with fashion nova on the regular if not more. Well this was first time trying out there wardrobe. I’m not impressed because They communication with their customers is horrible. I also received an email stating that one they get package back I will receive store credit. I DONT WANT STORE CREDIT. I EITHER WANT THE ITEMS I ORDERED OR MY MONEY BACK. The purpose of me ordering was to have something to wear to a wedding I was attending on September 26th. So I had to actually spend more money then I intended.
  • Sorting 3/5

    By luva3dj
    I love the app but I hate when I search something up but I sort it like the price or newest to oldest. I really hate that you should fix that please.
  • Terrible servicio postal 1/5

    By yareyoshi
    Los paquetes llegan demasiado tarde... no es como dicen llegan despues de 20 días de lo acordado ósea mas del mes no recomiendo por eso 👎👎👎👎👎
  • Wish they were tall girl friendly😢 4/5

    By _layla17234
    I love this company to death!! They have tons of cute shirt, sweaters and blouses for EVERY occasion and season! They’re all great quality, a lot of the sweaters and cardigans are so thick and cozy as well! Unfortunately I can’t but jeans or any type of bottoms, besides short, from this company☹️ I’m 5’10 and although their pants fit me in the waist, they definitely do not fit me by my inseam. My inseam is 32 1/2” and The website says that they carry 31 to 34” depending on the Cut and style of the jeans and they refer you to the size chart but the size chart doesn’t give any indication about inseam; just about hip and waist. I just wish their jeans could extend to at least an inseam of 36”. Those two extra inches count!

    By dezzyrae04
    I love fashion nova clothes but the clothes for the children is really upsetting and sexualizing them and showing them in tight or see through outfits and it’s sad kids should wear kids clothing
  • Never got what I ordered! 2/5

    By babbie.cakesss
    I used fashion nova pretty frequently for a long awhile and I haven’t gotten my last 1 and a half orders, the first one they sent me only one pair of the pants and it was the ones I didn’t really want and when I emailed them a 100 times I finally got an answer and they didn’t explain well sent them what they said they wanted in a bleak way and after sending them the bleak state of what they wanted 3 times. 2 MONTHS LATER! I get an email to the last wrong thing they wanted, saying to give them the receipt thing that came with the one pair saying I got both but only got one and by then I had lost it or throw it away and I was so mad and never got my money back or the pants! Then I had an order with 1 expensive dress 2 expensive lingerie‘s and I NEVER GOT ANYTHING HERE 5 MONTHS LATER! What in the hell so I’m writing so they get their stuff together because this shouldn’t be happening to their customers! With customer service SUCKING!!!!
  • Does not work like site 1/5

    By Joker123789
    This app does not live up to the Fashion Nova website, sorry. It’s constantly logging you out, clearing your liked list, when u purchase something and go to “my orders” it doesn’t refresh the whole time I thought my order was really late, and I was trying to get in contact with customer service for days but really it was out for delivery and the app doesn’t refresh, still says processing 10 days after getting my order. Also, it cycles through the same clothes over and over which is so wierd and I 100% notice when I’m browsing, it’s a big glitch and it’s why I’m not gonna keep using the app. Love FN not this
  • PEDOS!!! 1/5

    By supercali11111111
    This app supports pedophelia and promotes it by dressing little girls in clothes meant for adults!! Not only that but the NAMES of the clothes are completely obvious!! Blantantly calling the outfits “suductive” and “dropping hints lace black dress” !!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!???!?? SICK!!!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!!!
  • Horrible service 1/5

    By saraetek
    The sizes on the app are horrible. The clothes will either be too big or too small. I usually wear a large but I have to order a 2xl. I order 15 or so items and only two things fit. And then they don’t even allow you to return the items so you just wasted your money on clothes and shoes that doesn’t fit. They don’t cater to women with curves, only to women with a slimmer body type. Don’t waste your time.
  • Fix your Glirtchy App! 3/5

    By herhighnesssss
    Okay so my thing is everyone knows you have great clothing ! Okay Great! But instead of adding a bunch of unnecessary things like taking pictures of things we’re looking for, how about have an unlimited wishlist and most importantly the glitching with the clothes in the cart and the coupon codes . Fix what needs to be fixed before adding a bunch of things we don’t need ! Oh and also fix your customer service because if you don’t you soon won’t have any customers left! Trust me we can all do without your cancer clothing!!!

    By thequeen2k18
    I ordered some clothing from them they sent the wrong size I sent it back hoping they’d give me a refund or credit it’s been 3weeks and they refuse to email me back
  • Customer service is horrible 1/5

    By srryyall
    I messaged multiple times about a correction in address, no response. DM on Twitter, no response. Email, no response. There is no phone number and no way to contact what ever “customer support” team they have.
  • Package Missing An Item 1/5

    By IL06192020
    Okay so first of all, I paid express shipping and it took 1 week to get here. Secondly, I got my package and it was missing my dress! I paid $50 for that dress and it wasn’t in my package at all! I even called and no answer, I’m so disappointed because I love Fashion Nova and I don’t think I’ll buy from here in the future anymore, I’m so sad.
  • Will not refund you 1/5

    By jahfbjcskdkak
    I ordered from fashion nova several times. Clothes are hit or miss w quality. They takes weeks to ship. They only do store credit, not an issue, but you pay for shipping return. Also if ever you need to return anything or are missing an item or get a defective item, they are impossible to get in contact with. My last order was missing a pair of jeans I obviously paid for, and another pair came missing stitching. So I’m out about 40-50$. I’ve emailed several times as that is the only way to contact them, & I got a response that seemed like they were going to help. I respond with the information they asked for & the next email I received was that they haven’t heard from me so they assume my issue is resolved? I emailed back several times since then, it’s been almost 2 weeks & I am getting no response! They basically just stole from me, not sure why cause they must make millions. I don’t know what to do other than sue & I think that’s what I’m going to do. It seems pretty illegal for them to do this.
  • Good/Bad 3/5

    By munchy531
    Love the clothing, horrible customer service and shipping is terrible a little over three weeks to receive a package, the second order I placed came before the first order I placed, this will be the last order I place
  • Fashion 👍🏽 Functionality 👎🏽 1/5

    By J Janei
    My one star is for the functionality of the app. The clothes....five stars! I can’t tell you how frustrating it is everytime my favorites list disappears and for some reason when I try add a promo code and then use Apple Pay the discount disappears. Other than that I love FN!
  • Sooooo glitchy!!!! 1/5

    By BoSseighty9
    My favorites are constantly disappearing so I am unable to add to my cart. Sometimes when I’m knee deep in going through a certain category it will freeze up and kick me out and I have to start going through that specific dept all over again! This app doubles my shop time and it almost makes me not even want to waste my time or money on hours of browsing just to be kicked off the app or for all my favorites picked through hours of browsing to disappear. Fix it or I’m not shopping here anymore because I never have these issues with Shein, Amazon, boho or pretty little thing.
  • Not happy 2/5

    By not happy284
    The app is been messing up and the clothes are at a crazy price I’m done I rather shop from SHEIN

    By 11rydh
    listen they told me my package was coming 3 different times & neva did crazy tbh
  • App 1/5

    By MZLADI_10n1
    This app never works properly!
  • Shipping issues 1/5

    By wwd1
    Shipping for this is not worth it. I paid extra for the 2-3 since Monday night but haven’t gotten a track information.
  • Update for iPad please! 3/5

    By Audri6947
    I love shopping here on my phone but when i'm on my iPad, all the photos displaying the clothes get jumbled together and cut off, i can never scroll down to see the price or item description, really all i can see using this app is the top half of each model :( Please update for iPad users!
  • App 2/5

    By jvanxay
    App is constantly messing up. The website nor app won’t connect to my email. So whenever I order items, I never receive any conformation. Or am able to get emails when items restock. Customer service will take days to respond and never respond with a solution.
  • Issues with app 4/5

    By Vivienna N.
    I loved their clothing and everything. But the thing is everything I had in cart was cleared. I had 20 items in my cart, when I reload the app my cart was cleared.
  • Bad quality 1/5

    By this_kimberly
    Expensive clothes and most of the time bad quality. Also most of the things I order never fits me. I have to for returning my packages. They should at least have it free.
  • Dear fashion nova 2/5

    By Qxeen Niyaa
    I’ve been shopping on fashion nova for over a year now but I’m starting to have some problems..I ordered 3 pair of jeans they didn’t so I sent them back and still haven’t received my refund of over $80 not even an email. So I tried again bought the same pair of pants and added a few things I ordered it September 7th and I got an email a few days ago saying my stuff wasn’t gonna be here until September 25. Like what almost 20 days for 8 items. And i still want my refund
  • They went from a 5 to a 1 Star 1/5

    By mermaidadri
    They’re shipping use to be within 2 days and I loved it because I would get what I needed in time. I pleaded my order and it has taken about 2 weeks now. They keep moving the delivery date. And I also did a return and they didn’t give me my money back they only gave me a 25% of discount code.
  • Shipping 3/5

    By babyk618
    I paid for express shipping and my stuff still hasn’t been shipped yet and it’s been 7 days. It keeps changing the delivery date and at first it was suppose to be here yesterday so I made plans around when my stuff came but I’m still waiting on it and now it doesn’t deliver til next Wednesday. Not happy I paid extra money for nothing.
  • Worst Experience Ever. 1/5

    By Iyana G
    This is the worst app I have purchased from by far. They gave me the run around and I payed for express shipping and it never came. When i talked to customer service they told me that my package would come, but I called the next day and they told me another week my package would arrive.
  • Bad customer service 1/5

    By abigail182456
    Fashion Nova is cute until they send you the wrong size and makes it complicated to return items. I’ve gotten wrong sizes on my one of my orders. And cheaply made zipper that broke. I’ve tried to return but I can not get clear instructions
  • PERIOT🤪 4/5

    By Tinashe 💍♾
    I love them they got cute clothes nd they sell for cheap. They always have a sale goin on to. It says itll deliver in 3-7 buisness days nd usually Ill get it on the 3rd day. The updates aren't the best on where it is or how long it'll be til it arrives. The other day I recieved an email saying my package was scheduled to deliver that day nd 3 days later still havent gotten it. I've been waiting 9 days now but technically they got one more day because of the 3 day weekend. Ill give an update to let yall know how long it took and the condition of my purchases once I get it tho😙✌🏽
  • This place is a fraud 1/5

    By rebeccakl!
    They don’t care about customers. When I tried to email them multiple times all that when through is an automatic email which didn’t address the problem at all. The site is glitchy and took all of my store credit and said I never return the items. It took $130. This is a horrible site I had such a hard time trying to return the items in the first place and tried to email them multiple times about that problem and no one ever texted back so I have to figure out the problem by myself. They took my money. I thought this would be a reliable store however its not. I’m so upset about this. Needless to say I will not be buying anything from this site again. I wouldn’t suggest it ether.
  • So frustrating 2/5

    By Unrulyy_boss
    At one point the app kept kicking me out I tried everything. And their clothes run very small. It’s not true to size.
  • I don’t know 3/5

    By Trulyawed
    I like the clothes but don’t understand why the women have to be exploited like they are in a pornography magazine. That can be really upsetting.
  • App issues 1/5

    By nooovvvvagirl
    It is not loading, when it does no products aren’t being shown.
  • App Issues 1/5

    By PhotoBae510
    The app keeps closing 😩
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Ijustwantfaahionnova
    App does not open

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