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Fast & Furious Takedown

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  • Current Version: 1.3.58
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Universal Studios Interactive
  • Compatibility: Android
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Fast & Furious Takedown App

One of the biggest film franchises in history explodes on mobile with an all-new action-arcade-drifting game. Join the Fast & Furious crew as you race white-knuckle collision courses and build your own dream garage of iconic cars. Take down the competition with extreme precision and epic stunts as you use simple one-thumb controls to throttle past hairpin turns, speed by the competition, jump gravity-defying ramps, and drift through impossible roadblocks. ACTION-ARCADE DRIVING Drift through missions as you ransack big rigs for riches, evade fierce chopper pursuits, and more! ICONIC FAST & FURIOUS CARS Get behind the wheel of 60-plus licensed cars—from American muscle and JDM to tuners. Race with iconic Fast & Furious cars including Dom’s Dodge Charger, Hobbs’ Gurkha and Shaw’s infamous Flip Car. COLLECT & UPGRADE CARS IN YOUR GARAGE Build your dream garage with various combinations of cars and customizations. Pick up your favorite ride and show off your customization to take down your opponent in style. LEAVE CHALLENGERS IN THE DUST Race against real drivers from around the world to compete for respect and dominate your way to the top of the league. ©2018 Universal Studios. Fast & Furious, Fast & Furious Takedown and all related marks and logos are trademarks and copyrights of Universal Studios. Licensed by Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved. Fast & Furious Takedown game software © 2018 SMG Studio. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: EULA:

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Fast & Furious Takedown app reviews

  • A bit unfair 1/5

    By Figgity83
    So 4 of the same cars and mine has the highest HP by 20. Not much but we all race without one error yet some how we all boost at the same time and the other three same cars as mine somehow over take me even when I’m leading them. How the hell does that work?!
  • Review 4/5

    By Nick2354
    I’ve been playing for a little over a week and love it. I used to play the Kabam developed fast and furious game and was excited when i learned this game had been on the app store. I kind of wish that a campaign mode, with more straight storyline was in this game, but that might just be because there was one in the kabam developed game that i really enjoyed. My one main problem is with the distance and takedown events. I enjoy the distance ones and seems to do fairly well in them, however, the last 3 ones, I have been in top 3 only to get pushed out by someone who’s car is 100 PI better, hit 3 more check points and when 2 miles more than i did. now i know there’s some sort of way to organize everyone, and sometimes people might buy a crate and get a good car that puts them way ahead of everyone once they’ve been placed in a group for the event. this last one today (4/14), there’s is actually 3 players who have blown everyone out in my group, but there PI is just about 40 better, 20 better, and actually lower than a few of the other top guys. The only reason i bring this up is if the group placement system is flawed, or there are people hacking to increase their time to go a further distance to get the better rewards. It just frustrates me when i would be top 3 or first place but lose out on the rewards because someone got matched into the wrong group, or if there is hacking on the game.
  • Game stops 3/5

    By onehungsolow
    As I get close to being the leader on distance runs the game with quit and black out needs to be fixed other than that I’m in love with the game
  • Fix the issues! 1/5

    By Mccarty416
    I do like the game. Controls are nice, graphics are nice, overall gameplay is nice. I have no issues with that. However, every time I try and play the distance part of the game it force closes and crashes. So any mission that has to deal with the distance drives I cant do. I also can’t collect money and try to get on the leaderboard because of this issue. Please fix, and it will be a 5 star rating.
  • Great game, with some bug issues 3/5

    By Iceman 99999
    I’ve been really enjoying this game, however I’ve had an issue over the last week or so where the game keeps crashing on Distance mode.
  • App crash 3/5

    By Neo Rasta
    developers of this great game I've been playing this game for almost several months and I do not know if it's on my device or if some other user has the same error when I'm on the missions and took several minutes to play the game freezes and then comes out of the application ... thanks in advance I hope you can make the appropriate arrangements for the game as it is a great game.
  • Fast and Furious is the best game ever!!! 5/5

    By kmarakovits
    One you have music. The wolf’s are a challenge. But it’s like the real movie. That’s why I recommend it to anyone who loves playing awesome car games.
  • Fast and furious takedown 3/5

    By Da Thruth 96
    This game is cool. But you play it for a short while and don’t like that it just stops in the middle of gameplay. What’s the problem? That is my concern, or I would’ve game the game 5 stars
  • Good but buggy 4/5

    By Floofadootoo
    The game and mechanics are good, but there are some glitches that need work. Sometimes the cars in takedown spawn stuck in the ground, it has trouble recognizing the boost swipe sometimes, and one time when I got hit by a truck, it sent me backwards, so I boosted to get some forwards momentum, but it accelerated me backwards, which sucked because it was one of my better runs up until that point
  • This game is lit 5/5

    By mrs.🤩😍🥰😘
    I think it’s really cool but in the first two missions you weren’t really in control but after like five races otherwise this game is bomb
  • Very addictive 5/5

    By buzzo283
    I love this game can’t stop playing it
  • 240SX 5/5

    By Ryu240350Z
    Just a question I’ve been playing for awhile great game,but sometimes I’m racing with a Nissan 240SX but it is not anywhere on the car list and nowhere to buy the car...just a glitch or?
  • Great game accept 3/5

    By Thn4ever
    The guy talking about giving you the choice on which car you want to apply the upgrades too is right on. I don’t like 4 cyl cars. I’m a muscle car guy. But I really do like this game other than that! This is the first game I’ve downloaded and played in years. Make it where I can upgrade the muscle cars and I will bump my rating to 5 stars 4 sure!
  • Game keeps crashing!!!!! 2/5

    By VictorFlores.
    So every time I do a takedown challenge and are about to take down my 2nd car the game crashes!!!! Fix please!!!
  • Kansei dorifto 3/5

    By kjsjsjsjhdhbcsudbguyqwevfiqwe
    Can yall put a ae86 and yes i know it isnt in any of the films but plesse
  • Removed opportunity to watch videos to speed up unlocks? 4/5

    By Striker2584279
    Seems like the latest release removed the opportunity to watch videos to speed up crate unlocks. Is that the case? If so - why?? Because of this decision I play the game less. Why would you guys make this kind of decision? The advertising generates revenue for you right? Why limit the amount of advertising a user wants to watch? Please tell us why you would make this kind of decision. And then set the functionality back to the way it was!!!
  • 3 stars 3/5

    By Ethan Haney6
    The game is ok but the only problem is that whenever I play it I kicks me out. That would be really nice if you could fix that because when ever you are in the middle of a match it will just kick you out and not save you. I don’t really like how it takes so long for the crates to open it takes like 5 hours for a crate so it kind of boring because of that. I like how the cars are those are pretty cool I’m not going to say this game is bad it just you creatures could make it a lot cooler than it is. If you make a update you really need to add motorcycle or a car like that. P. S If you do let me try it out first
  • Please get the “hero challenge” up and rolling. 4/5

    By shin malpur
    Honestly, it’s a fantastic game but I feel like the whole reason I got the game was to get fast and furious cars but if I can’t get those cars then why did I download? Please get this issue fixed and thank you if you do
  • The old game was better in every way 3/5

    By omega thot destroyer
    I mean back in 2014 the old game was better in graphics,physics , car selection, and story line, as well as being challenging, but I think that this game is for younger audiences than 12 as the games suggested age limit
  • God game 5/5

    By coolsuperdude101
    Best car game ever
  • F&F 5/5

    By 25789966876Gamer
    #ONPOINT I Like all the cars in the shop
  • No internet connection not for me 1/5

    By pupsmite
    I have internet but I ses you have no internet and I tryout every single way but gess I’m not playing it 😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😡😠😡😠😡
  • DATA COLLECTION!!! Read Terms and Conditions!!! 1/5

    By Dan123467890
    The game says that it collects information if I wanted to play the game. So I read the terms and conditions and look what I found!!!!!! “we may also collect additional information through your use of a Mobile App including (a) your mobile phone number; (b) any name you might have assigned to your device; (c) your contacts/address book; (d) your web browsing history; (e) information concerning other apps you have downloaded or used; (f) other stored information on your device such as... videos, photos, photo location, audio, calendar, passwords, dialer, microphone and/or social network credentials.” WHAT?? Universal Studios.... no thank you! No game This information. I am uninstalling it. I did not play this game. I uninstalled it. I’ll change my review if they change their data collection policy. 4/3/19
  • Slightly disappointed 2/5

    By 132999085
    Good game overall, but the live events have been “coming soon” for several months now and it is still impossible to unlock Hero cars. Please push that game mode a little faster or give us access to Hero cars in a different way.
  • bug 2/5

    By ChungGear
  • 👍 5/5

    By donutghosts327
    Not bad
  • James Englett 5/5

    By JimmyE36
    Freakin love this game!!!
  • Bad update 1/5

    By Waed1110
    Tha game was much more fun before the last update,, I use to feel the speed of the car, now I feel like am driving a turtle No fun anymore
  • 🙂 5/5

    By #5853200637
    The best game ever. . . . But I think the game is better if it is offline.😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃
  • Crashing 3/5

    By saeidroxy
    The game is crashing several times I love this game but i m not able too play this
  • Fun but needs cleaning up and finishing. 3/5

    By Kamikaze3224
    Fun game but the cars need rebalancing. For instance. Muscle cars were slowest before the last update in versus mode. But now nothing in the sport or street mode can keep up. Furthermore the live events and crews are still not up and running. It would also be nice to sell unused upgrade cards from cars that are lower level (slower) to invest in faster vehicles.
  • Game crashes 4/5

    By gravesmaster
    I’ve been playing it for a few weeks and the game kept lagging and crashing on me and since yesterday it crashed and won’t let me’s a really great game and I want to continue playing but is there anything I can do to get back on?
  • Drift king 5/5

    By basketball banana
    After you win a race you Drift
  • Game will not open 2/5

    By Billiam Bobert
    Game will not open anymore after playing for a few weeks. Been checking periodically to see if there is a new update.
  • Fix the bugs 3/5

    By Blitz-d Out
    Great game but fix the bugs. My cars stops after hitting something that wasn’t there or flies into the air for no reason. Very frustrating when you are trying to beat a high score.
  • Game Bugs 3/5

    By acealanator
    I have been playing this game for a month and a half now and it keep pushing me out of the app when I try to do a takedown mission and a distance run. This has to be fixed and there has to be more of a background to the games story in mention of Tej and the other characters as well as Dominic Toretto, Mia Toretto and all of the other hero’s and villains from the Fast and Furious series.
  • Great game 5/5

    By Tmcolley83
    Awesome game, play it everyday, very addictive if you are competitive.
  • Coming soon? Really! 1/5

    By Mystic Kingdom
    I want more cars, I’ve been playing for some time now and the coming soon sign is still there! When’s it actually coming, the Hero Challenges. ;(
  • Keeps crashing, not memory issue 3/5

    By MattyB.007
    Any help, please.
  • It’s Alright. 2/5

    By Blue demon661
    Same as “great game but needs work”.
  • It keeps quitting at the most important time 1/5

    By BlackPot001
    It quits every time when I’m about to break the record. Every time!
  • Finish race in 60 seconds 3/5

    By machinist 78
    I am only able to get to 85% of Cerberus #5 no matter how good my car is. I am currently running the Mazda Rx-8 with a PI of 900. Please help
  • Great game but I want crews and hero events 5/5

    By julian varela211
    It is a great game but what I really want out of the app is the hero cars events and crews
  • Could be GREAT | But not as of Right Now 3/5

    By Thwwritier344
    • Latest update: the increase in vehicular damage per contact -when not boosting- compared to the lack thereof any money increase being received is way out of line. The inability to earn money (forcing players to spend $100.00’s (HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS) to even come in with comparison to the money needed for 1. Fixing cars, 2. the algorithmic money increase per leveling up a car | level 10 = $25,000 | and 3. The joke of a “Leveling Up! Rare Suitcase Prize of $500 & 100 “tokens” (that don’t mean jack) - WILL CAUSE PEOPLE TO QUIT PLAYING YOUR GAME. • Why do you think EA Stocks are Down? And Activision is Up? • EA DEVELOPERS - Quit being MONEY HUNGRY and trying to rip off the kids who play this. - “Our target market is lower to an upper middle class, middle-aged families with young kids who will bribe the parents for the money to spend” - • I promise you, if you make a fun, relevant game like this that has all the backing of the F&F movies, change your competitive advantage to a lower price point to receive “extras” — not the worthless extra shop packages you have in MADDEN OVERDRIVE - but you honestly just lowered your price; you increase in growth revenue would be astronomical, your cost per customer would drop +50%, and your Y/Y retained clientele would be +150%. Don’t believe me? Bring me in. Jordan M. Worrel, MBA, SCCC, CSCS Everyone else who is reading this; this is a fun game! It’s fun and entertaining for movie buffs and car buffs a like. EA: Look Me Up - You Will Find My Contact I will talk to you soon.
  • Re: This game should be 5 Stars 1/5

    By Jonathan Tenenbaum
    Good morning and thank you for reading this. I have read a lot of reviews of this same game. You probably know what areas need fixing. In case you do not know, I have a few more to add; -Glitching consistently -Cash limit should be higher -Wish there was a career mode that you get to drive with the “team” - Player verses player mode (1:1) -Cars that do not move on road/highway=upsetting/distracting -Police mode: wish you could be one or be chased by one -New landscapes: construction site, mountains and city are getting boring. Maybe a; bridge, volcano, airport or racetrack Again love this app and appreciate all you do. Thank you again.
  • Was a great game before update 3/5

    By justin298236
    When you updated the game it no longer worked
  • Great Premise, Needs Work 2/5

    By CasSheldon
    I really do like this game but it’s practically unplayable because every time I turn around it crashes on me or lags so bad that I can’t control the car. It becomes incredibly frustrating to try to complete daily tasks when every time I almost hit my objective the app crashes. Also, I think it’s a really good F&F game, and has a fine story from what I’ve seen so far but I would suggest more varied dialogue for the pop-up conversations with the main characters (Tej and Hobbs for example) because after every race they say the same thing and it gets kind of annoying. Like I said, the game has a lot of potential but it could use some serious tune ups before it becomes great.
  • Crashes now 4/5

    By a very angry black man
    Everytime I get to about 8 or so checkpoints it crashes and I’m not sure why
  • Annoying ..but still playing 3/5

    By Cjwallie
    So annoying . In the process of beating records for checkpoint race and the app crashes And it’s happened like 4 times . This crap right after an update? Come on .. messing up my progress

Fast & Furious Takedown app comments

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