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  • Current Version: 142.10.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: NeighborFavor Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Favor - Anything Delivered App

Favor Delivery - Get Anything Delivered Favor is the easiest way to get anything you want in your city delivered to your door in under an hour. Whether it’s lunch at the office, groceries for home or those errands you just don’t have time for — your personal assistant (we call them Runners) can deliver it in just a couple taps. • Get Anything Delivered. You can browse menus from thousands of local stores and restaurants to get all your favorites delivered. • Have it Quickly. Your Runner will have your Favor to your door in under an hour (our average delivery time is 35 minutes). • Beer & Wine to Your Door. You can get Texas’ best selection of beer & wine from H-E-B delivered in under an hour. Currently available in 30+ cities across Texas. • Runners Shop. You Relax. Your Runner will text you along the way to keep you posted on what’s happening and you can also track the progress inside the app. Forgot to ask for ketchup or need a roll of paper towels? Just text your Runner, they’ve got you covered. • Pay With a Tap. Payment is simple and cashless. • Need Help? Our five-star customer support team has the answer. "The company will deliver just about anything, anywhere, anytime." -- CNBC "The… app allows users to order anything they want from stores and restaurants in the area, have a courier go pick up the items, and have them delivered within 35 minutes to their door” -- The Wall Street Journal Want to know more? Surf on over to http://www.favordelivery.com ************* We’re currently delivering in over 100+ cities across Texas including Abilene, Amarillo, Arlington, Austin, Baytown, Beaumont, Brownsville, College Station, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Denton, El Paso, Fort Worth, Georgetown, Houston, Killeen, Lubbock, Midland, New Braunfels, Odessa, Port Arthur, the Rio Grande Valley, San Antonio, San Marcos, Temple, and Waco. If we’re not in your city yet, we’re expanding every week - so check back soon!

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Favor - Anything Delivered app reviews

  • Service & Convenience! 5/5

    By sarah21soccer
    I love the fact I can have things delivered so I can spend my time on other things. The drivers are always friendly & I get the products as requested.
  • Terrible service 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾 1/5

    By Jesscuh14
    Something always goes wrong. So not worth the hype. You get drivers who never communicate and screw up your order and you are still expected to tip. And forget about them refunding your money! Try UberEATS! It's so much better! What makes it worse is that they never say what the delivery is for the majority of the restaurants on there! When I reached out the customer service, Spencer, I believe was useless and flat out rude. I continuously get screwed over by Favor. This indeed will be my last time using you guys!
  • Transferred 3 or 4 times and takes over an hour 1/5

    By Lauraclairetx
    So in Houston, there’s this fun new system where runners can randomly drop your favor after accepting it. And not only does it happen once, it can happen 3 or 4 times. This has happened so many times now. I’ve contacted customer service multiple times and their response is basically “oh well!” Worst customer service. Maybe make it so that runners can’t drop orders like that, they’re not paying for this, I am paying for this. I should receive good service, rather than this crap.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By KAT10_
    This app is so convenient. So easy to use. It’s my best food delivery app. I used it and then it awarded free credits for delivery.
  • Incredible bad support 1/5

    By jgtorrea
    They cancelled my order for no reason and 43 hours later they reply “Thanks for texting Favor Care. Your ticket has been escalated to our Customer Care team, who will be getting back to you shortly, via email. We greatly appreciate your patience!”
  • Expand the coverage area 1/5

    By hahahshshsnakxjdjsjxndsjhcj
    Expand to Steiner Ranch
  • Dumb App 1/5

    By C613F
    First, you can’t see your order total before you press “place order” so you’re in the blue as for how much you are about to pay. Second, when I found that out, I saw I was paying $7 more than I was expecting to pay (through my bank’s app). Well, I said no, I’m going to cancel. Just press “cancel order”, right? Wrong. I press cancel and it says my driver is “already on the road”. Mind you, this is only three minutes after I placed my order (I’m sure the food won’t come for at least forty-five minutes). Instead, it says to contact my driver with any questions or concerns I have. Ok.. so I click “contact driver”. “Sorry! Your driver is already on the road. They will be there shortly.” Are you kidding me? So, I can’t cancel my order, I can’t contact my driver, I’m blindly purchasing a service and food where there is no control once I press “place order”. Beware. Dumb app and the creators know it. There is a lot of the potential but app developers knew what they were doing when they put in (or left out) these features.
  • Being unable to contact a runner until a certain point in the favor is massively inconvenient. 2/5

    By dougom
    Since the update where it prevents you from contacting your runner while they’re running the favor, I’ve had a lot of issues. I’ve run with favor before, and I’ve known plenty of runners. From what I’ve seen, most runners place the order while they’re still in the “running” phase. Most runners I’ve had don’t reach out via text, either. If you need to change your order but they’re running it, you have to wait until they get to the restaurant (and your order is usually already completed) to let them know, which means both you, the runner, and other customers have to wait longer, and the restaurant staff is inconvenienced. Please either 1) make it mandatory for runners to contact their customers or 2) make it possible for us to contact them. Not being able to contact them is just. Really crappy.
  • Not for me 1/5

    By estexas
    I tried favor for the 1 st time ordered from wing barn and I had the worst experience ever I was trying to get in touch with favor customer service but no one was able to assist me I will not be using this app again. It’s the worst
  • Complete Incompetence! 1/5

    By TranTheK9
    Every time I have ordered from these people, they have gotten the order wrong. Most importantly, I have not received any refund of any kind, or any offer from Favor to make things right in any way!
  • Keep personal info safe. 3/5

    By Alowrey
    The app needs to have a way to contact runners/customers without using personal information.
  • Notifications are not for advertisements 3/5

    By velvethead
    In general I really like this app, and the service. But notifications should be for when I’m using the service, not promotional notifications.
  • Scam 1/5

    By Beast assasin
    This app totally charged me $26 for a dang (Vanilla bean Frappuccino) It never told me my fees or that it would automatically TIP the driver. I would not use this app ever again!!
  • I Still use but wish it was better! 3/5

    By katelikesfood
    In the beginning favor was the ideal solution but now my order is consistently screwed up even if I specify what I would like 100% Takes a while to get here but that is expected and not an issue unless we get our food wrong, which as I said, happened a lot! That being said favor still works pretty well most of the time, but best with simple orders maybe. Thank you favor for letting me not get out of bed!!!❤️
  • Favor is great 4/5

    By Funzzzzz22
    This app works well. The only thing is, it doesn’t show your total when checking out.
  • Terrible!!! Waited an hour 1/5

    By 0faj65
    My first and last time using this, the place I ordered from is 5 mins from my job and I had to wait an hour to get my food. It kept on showing different drivers and didn’t let me cancel my order
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By l hil
    Almost great but a delivery charge of 6.99 on some items is basically robbing someone. It’s stupid.
  • Delivery options 3/5

    By hcyvyvuguv
    This is a good app, but it would be better if we could order ahead of time instead of at 11. Other than that its good
  • THE WAIT 1/5

    By Mirah Knowles
    when I first order a few time it was fine but after a while my order he coming extra late. I place my order at 8:46 and right now it’s 10:16 and my order has not come. I try to contact the driver and the driver didn’t pick up. Before 10 I try contacting favor but they keep saying they busy. I shoot them a text and they say they gonna respond in an hour.... how they gonna respond when their customer service close at 10...smh...
  • Great for people with Depression 5/5

    By CokietheClown
    Now I barely have to leave my home. I’m obsessed with this app! I can concentrate on staying indoors more and even had time to cover my windows with black tissue paper to block out the light and prevent anyone from looking in.
  • Poor App 1/5

    By LiviMinaj
    Our driver barely spoke English. We could not communicate with him about the errors on our order. He could not find our apartment so we had to walk to the OTHER SIDE OF THE COMPLEX. And the app didn’t properly tell us where he was. Said he was picking up our order for over an hour so it did not properly update us. Our driver also never answered our calls or texted us back. Just showed up an hour and a half later WITH CHICK-FIL-A. Chick-fil-A is fast... super disappointed. First and last tome to use Favor. Do better at hiring your drivers... telling all of my friends not to use.
  • Very Convenient 5/5

    By MissBuzzB
    Love the $1 week for Austin TX
  • No HD version 3/5

    By Warwilf
    Also ordered from a place offering a $3 delivery fee. The final bill included a $2.72 “processing fee”. What!? So it's $6 for delivery then? No good
  • Orders wrong 1/5

    By lrders always wrong
    Drivers are great but order is wrong every time
  • Just Okay 3/5

    By Amco1980
    Favor used to be the best. We order through it now some but a lot of the restaurants don’t use it anymore and they are always doing 1.5 or 2 times delivery fee. A lot of orders get messed up as well. Not as efficient as it was at the beginning which seems odd.
  • Horrible and takes your money 1/5

    By 264648292
    I order $8 meal and I paid it and it took a extra $38 out of my bank card and can’t get a refund and the drivers can make there own tips not worth a app
  • Great service! 5/5

    By Pillpushr
    Love this service when I’m feeling lazy. More interactive and modifiable than other similar apps.
  • No response if there is a problem 1/5

    By Rexieskywalker
    Delivery fees are alright but the total becomes expensive. Was a fan for a while until I had to order twice because the delivery driver did not read the order correct when I got a combo and he just ordered 2 separate things which made the meal more expensive. I’m pregnant so I had to have my fries lol so I ordered them. Same guy comes. I did not want to tip him twice because he is the one who messed up the order in the first place, but for a thing that’s $4, a $2 tip isn’t what I consider fair. Specially after he messed up my order. I emailed favor immediately and never got a response back. App deleted. I now use other delivery services.
  • Good 4/5

    By Kammie16392917
    The runners will sometimes change like 5 times before one finally picks up your order causing delays. But they run a lot of promotions that make it worth it. Currently getting donuts delivered while in bed.
  • HOWDY 5/5

    By Chrbm
    FIRE ⛽️
  • Best for pies!!! 5/5

    By Ajssxjsu
    and in the instructions I put for them to throw it at me when I open the door. Best results when my girlfriend opens the door.
  • Poor service 1/5

    By LuisVerde
    If a driver can’t figure out where an apartment complex gate it, they just give up and go home. This has happened about 3 times to me with favor drivers. I text back with simple directions and my food never shows up. Always have to get refunds from customer service. They always take a long time to respond. Probably helping other in my same situation as well!
  • Going above and beyond! 5/5

    By Cristie_Nichole
    Every employee that I have had the pleasure of meeting has been outstanding! They are the main reason I order from Favor. Well that and I’m hungry lol 😂
  • 6 dollar delivery charge 1/5

    Don’t use this app. They automatically charge you a $6 delivery charge on top of the restaurant delivery charge. And a mandatory tip and processing fee. A tip for the driver also. So your food could possibly cost as much to deliver as the cost of food. $19 dollar order turned into $35 dollars. I had a $6 credit so they said $29. You need to have a total on your app before everything is said and done. Poor customer service. I will not be using you ever again!!!
  • Solid 4/5

    By Scoobie doi
    It’s solid
  • Reliable 5/5

    By Jpoolee
    Very pleased so far w Favor runners. Have had a few meals stolen from UberEats and so far good here!
  • GPS 4/5

    By Alec Morgan
    You should really need to utilize the GPS feature that Uber eats uses
  • Hour long wait?!? 1/5

    By Natalie 🌜🌀
    I’ve had favor for about a year now and recently the runners have been taking a long time delivering my favor. It always switches from different runners and i end up waiting like an hour because the runners switch my favor it’s a bad app wouldn’t recommend using
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By dooooowoooooo
    Love this app, it’s super accurate and easy to track. Great restaurants to choose from as well!
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By iamlyndseyray
    After over a year of really spotty results, I’m getting rid of this app. Half the time it doesn’t have full or correct menus. There’s no option to straight up cancel an order when things go wrong. I just got a call from the runner’s number, and he put the restaurant on tell me they no longer have a menu item. Before we could resolve, we got disconnected. Three calls to the runner, one call to the restaurant, and he’s not reachable and seems to have left the restaurant. Then after 10 minute of staring at the app, a new runner is assigned. So I guess the first guy bailed. The new runner is nice enough (actually picked up his phone), but can’t help me cancel the order. He’s gonna head to the restaurant and see what he can do, whatever tf that means. Why is there no cancel option or any type of customer service support? Terrible f’ing app. The second I figure out what’s going on with this meal, and I’m done. You’re better off going with another service.
  • Best in the business 5/5

    By Jason Potluck
    Runners always seem to be personable and keep you updated. App is easy to use. Easily the best delivery app!
  • Fees too much/Can’t see what you pay till you order 2/5

    By baaaaaarbh
    Delivery Fee’s are too much. The fact that you can’t see the receipt till you pay is also a “got em” scam. Not cool.
  • Bad customer service 1/5

    By stillxgyn
    I ordered something a week ago from a restaurant and was overcharged. Not only that the food wasn’t correct and my modifications weren’t either. I have tried emailing 4 times in the last week asking for resolution and have heard nothing back from them. So order at your own risk, because if your driver messes up it won’t be fixed. They definitely pay for their 5 star reviews to cover the truth up.
  • Obsessed 5/5

    By Gabrielle & chase
    I love that I can order from stores as well!! Call me lazy but best thing ever. Especially when you’re hungover lol
  • Great Delivery Service 5/5

    By awomanofamerica
    I love this app. They are fast, reliable and good manners.
  • Awesome service 5/5

    By Princess Munoz
    Better than UBER eats!
  • Order total 2/5

    By OhBoyd_
    The only negative with this app is that you will not know your order total until the runner has picked up the item. This can be a bit misleading. Plz try to update the system so we can know how much we’re paying before the food is ordered and picked up
  • A big help 4/5

    By Dog Daddy 777
    Very helpful in our busy life.
  • Was great but favor customer service dropped the ball 1/5

    By Irrelevant2012
    I loved using this delivery service over others and so glad It expanded to other suburbs, however customer service and the follow up is horrible. The app advertised a “buy one get one” promotion with Steelcity and said I will be credited upon the payment screen; this didn’t happen. I messaged customer service immediately, the response was not only slow but the girl who helped me, claimed to have credited my account but never did. I’ve contacted their email support a month later and still have yet to hear a response a week later. They’ve lost my business.

Favor - Anything Delivered app comments

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