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FaxFresh App

*** SEND A FAX FOR JUST $1.99 *** It’s just $1.99 to fax a document of up to 8 pages. Each extra page beyond 8 is 25 cents. To cover telephony costs, a surcharge is applied for select international locations. *** NOW WITH INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT *** FaxFresh can now send faxes to over 100 regions, including Europe, Japan, Australia, and many, many more. *** ABOUT FAXFRESH *** The FaxFresh app allows you to send a fax from any Mac with an Internet connection to phone numbers in over 100 countries quickly and easily, using the FaxFresh cloud service. Just select the file to send, enter the destination telephone number, and pay a small fee and your fax is on its way. We'll send you an email confirmation so that you can be confident that your fax was received. If your fax is not sent successfully for any reason (e.g., wrong telephone number) then you will not be charged. *** QUESTIONS? COMMENTS? *** Get in touch with us: [email protected]

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FaxFresh app reviews

  • This is a perfect app. 5/5

    By Old_School_CS_guy
    I love sending faxes this way. I don't often get to use it. But, I never have to re-learn anything it just works. Update: 1/2020: Ditto, still perfect....
  • great 5/5

    By Johnkmk
    great app. very simple and intuitive interface.
  • Easy to use and very transparent pricing 5/5

    By z-woman
    I thought this app was very easy to use, and it had the best and most transparent pricing available from any app in the store. The fax I just sent was 15 pages and it took about 20 minutes to send. If someone wants a fax to arrive faster, they may need to business with someone else. The fax I sent cost $2.50 and that's less by far than any of the other apps wanted to charge. And, there was no minimum charge to pay up front.
  • Fax didn't go through 1/5

    By moment.of.passing
    Downloarded the app, paid by $1.99 per page, received a confirmation, but fax never received by the doctor's office.
  • It works, but... 3/5

    By Running in Mud
    I don’t like PayPal, which is the only way to pay. On that basis I gave only 3 stars. Nov 22, 2019 update: Now 5 stars. Despite my intense dislike of PayPal, as far as I can tell FaxFresh is the only fax-app that doesn't require a complicated payment account with the developer.
  • Finally a Fax app that does not need a subscription!!! 5/5

    By meredithkay1871
    This app is awsome. I can fax right from my computer, pay the one time fee for use without getting involved in a subscription or prepay arragnement. I have used other fax apps and they always want you to buy into a plan. I just don’t need that. This app lets me fax when I need to and pay a very reasonable fee. It was supper easy to use and gave me a confirmation. Finally someone gets it that some people just need to do pay as you go. This is awsome. Thank you for making my life easier and making faxing from your computer they way it should be. Just load up your documents, fax it, pay for it and done. No subscriptions, no pre-pay for multiple faxes, no strings or gimmicks, just faxing they way it should be. Thank you !!!!!
  • This is as simple as it gets 5/5

    By Oldcabdriver
    After spending an hour or more trying and failing to use a different app to send an important FAX to my doctor, I downloaded this one. Five minutes later I got confirmation that the document had been received. I only need FAX service a few times a year. Screw the monthly service charges for my old app. This one works, and it's far cheaper for my level of use.
  • Terrific little app 5/5

    By Jimboceez
    I needed to send a fax immediately. Found this app and downloaded it. Really simple. Scan the document to a pdf, entered the fax number, linked to PayPal and it was successfully sent for $1.99. From download to the success notification, it took at most 10 minutes.
  • Long-term companion 5/5

    By justinemann
    I've been using this app for nearly 9 years, and I'm so grateful it exists. It's easy to use and I send, like, approximately 1 fax every 4 years, so I don't need a subscription service or any particularly fancy features. This is everything I want.
  • Did not work for me 1/5

    By Cherbird001
    I spent 2 hours tring to fax 13 pages only to find out there is a file size limit. I tried another app and paid 7 dollors but was worth the money because I needed it sent right away an didn't have time to try and make it work.
  • Fills a need perfectly 5/5

    By donalpixny
    Used to have to send many faxes, & had a machine. It broke. Trips to Staples- ugh! Now only need to send a fax a few times a year, so this is just dandy. Most recipients can do with an emailed pdf, but not all, so this pay-as-you-need service is perfect. Works simply & well (does not tie up a landline!), and sends me an email that it was successful. Can’t ask for more.
  • Used to work great - hasn’t been updated in ages 2/5

    By Skotch69
    Currtently using High Sierra and it sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t. Going to switch to something else that I can rely on.
  • So much better than a real fax machine if you need occasional hasslefree service 5/5

    By musicaitalia
    BEST App for fax by FAR and I have tried 4 of them. This is update of my last comment a year or so ago. Still 5 star app!! 6 if that is possible. This app is pay as you go one time purchase—first 8 pages (which includes your own coverpage you must put on top of your packet)-are 1.99 total! And then 25 cents a page over that. You chose from many secure payment types such as credit cards. You can also simplify/create an account through Pay Pal if you use fax frequently. The confirmations, receipts, notifications are awesome, especially compared to “ghost” managed apps where you are on your own and have help sites attended by distracted middle schoolers that never respond. Point is, app is great and on rare occasion you have a problem just respond to the confirmation email! Yes, confirmation email.They tell u whether it went or not, and give you a reference #!! I got a response the same day when I accidentally sent the fax to my own phone—no worries. Just try it once. So convenient and true to its mission.
  • Perfect for my faxing needs 5/5

    By t_walt
    This app is just what I needed. I only send faxes on rare occasions, so paying a monthly fee would just be a waste. Like so many great Mac apps, FaxFresh does one thing, and it does it extremely well.
  • Great Fax services... 5/5

    By Marco’s Checking
    I found this free app to send faxes and never had a problem.. It is only 1.99 per fax and it works every time. I think is only to send faxes not sure if I can receive any thru this service. They do send you notification of you payment and proof of successful fax sent. Thank you
  • Quits 1/5

    By Mucho45
    very fed up trying to use this app! keeps quitting unexpectedly.
  • Excellent App 5/5

    By Groverman123
    Simple to use and reasonable in cost. This is a great way to fax!
  • Easy, clean interface 5/5

    By blendarama
    This is an outgoing fax app. Has no frills because it doesn’t need any frills. The interface is clean, unfussy, unfrilled. Easy to use. Requires no subscription, no dedicated phone line, no paper. It takes up no space. For the 2 or 3 faxes per year I need to send, it’s loads better than the alternatives I’ve tried. Plus, it works. —a FaxFresh Fan

    By Msksub
    IF YOU ARE IN A HURRY ARE REALLY NEED TO FAX SOMETHING - go to the next, more current app.
  • I am so grateful….. 5/5

    By Amma I Am
    I am so grateful for this app! I am disabled and housebound most of the time. Without FreshFax my life would be much harder as I have to do all of my business online. I also appreciate the reasonable pricing and the simple to use format. Thank you very much for making my life easier and taking away some of the hassle.
  • Version 1.1.1 4/5

    By Mikebarr1
    Great product, worked exactly as advertised. Would have given it a five star if you could paste word doc.directly instead of having to convert to pdf., but I’m sure its coming soon. Thanks for a product as good as it claims, how refreshing!!!
  • Poor 1/5

    By dnitram
    Used to work well, but now Authorizing Payment takes forever, then errors out. Lousy
  • Worked for me first time on my Mac 4/5

    By RGB_Bear
    Installed quickly and easily to macOS Mojave v10.14.1. User interface is super easy to use: just drag and drop the file to send and enter the phone number. Appears to work well as long as you have a Paypal account, which I do. Only downside was a cryptic "Flash Player" crash message, but it did not prevent the app from sending successfully. Takes about two minutes to complete the transmission after payment is complete, but it warns you to be patient. Meets my needs.
  • 2018 Still Working Perfectly 5/5

    By drpasadena
    Just found this great simple app down here in the jungles of Costa Rica … allowed my wife to vote in California. $2.49 for 10 pages. No fuss, no muss. Been looking for something like this for years since we moved here (where there are no fax machines for ANY amount of money). And it’s perfect because it doesn’t force you to sign up for a subscription like so many others. Highly recommended to just download to your Applications folder and carry it around until that day when you unexpectedly have to send a fax from the steppes of Kazakhstan!
  • Easy to use; has never failed me 5/5

    By Substud
    This is my go-to app to send a fax. Works flawlessly; easy to use. In the rare occassion these days when one still has to fax documents (to banks and insurance companies typically), this app has been a godsend.
  • PayPal no longer works 1/5

    By K'Trazz
    The browser portion of the app no longer meets PayPal’s security standards and won’t allow me to log in. The functionality has thus been compromised.
  • Faxfresh does exactly what it is supposed 5/5

    By WNLight
    Faxfresh does exactly what it is supposed to do, easily, quickly with no problem.
  • What a great idea! 5/5

    By helgalw
    I only send faxes on very rare occasions and to have a service that does just that is wonderful. The price is acceptable also. Thank you, for this app Helga L Wright
  • No more fax machine! 5/5

    By MarginOH
    So pleased to have this app to help out with faxing! I use this for personal faxes, mostly to communicate with medical offices, and the results have been great.Gave up. my land line eons ago, so FaxFresh has filled the gap nicely.
  • Fantastic Little App 5/5

    By Mona Lisa 05
    I don’t fax enough to justify one of those on line fax services. FaxFresh was made for me. It’s a great little app. For a small charge of $1.99 (hey they got to eat too!) I am able to fax any document as lonng as it meets their parameters. In my opinion this is one the most useful little apps in The App Store.
  • Desperate 5/5

    By Young 79
    I was desperate to stop a mistake I made when ordering new checks—and it was 8:30 p.m. and the printing company was closed! I searched for an apple fax app, found, and downloaded FaxFresh. In just a few minutes I had successfully faxed the correction. FaxFresh is a piece of cake to use. And it just cost me $1.99. I’m REALLY happy with FaxFresh and hlghly recommend it.
  • It does what it needs to do 5/5

    By Shipwrckd
    Needed to send a fax immediately. Didn’t want to get up and put on pants. Downloaded app, made a pdf, made a debit payment, and sent a fax within 5 minutes without getting off my butt. Simple, no frills PERFECTION
  • Does what it says 5/5

    By Pablo_Vilas
    The app is simple to use, provided you have a *.pdf file no larger than 20 MB. A “Photoshop PDF” from Photoshop Elements 11 works. The use of PayPal for payment is reassuring. I notice that some rviewers report delays and slow performance. The two faxes I’ve sent so far went across in a few seconds. That might be due to my hardware or internet connection. If your file is larger than 20 MB, you can compress it by opening it in Preview and File > Export > Quartz filter > Reduce file size. However this makes any photographic elements of the .pdf blurry.
  • Okay, but could be way better. 3/5

    By fivesquaredprojects
    Although this software seems to be made for Mac, it is pretty clunky. The Payment GUI is very un-Mac like- the window resizing during the “check out” does not work well. There is no auto-fill for address, etc. There is no Apple Pay option. It seems to take a LONG time to fax a document… This would not be a good solution if your were, say, sitting in a coffee shop and wanted to leave.
  • It Does the Job 5/5

    By Srbrute
    Great App very straight forward without any unnecessary bells and whistles. The goverment and many companies still prefer fax over email - luddites I guess. But this app might be just as easy as email. Most of the complaints I have seen pertained to impatience while waiting for fax to complete send. They must be people that never used a fax machine as the time appears to be about the same time taken to send a regular fax. Extremely useful when forced to send a fax instead of email.
  • You’re kidding me right? 1/5

    By ReasonablySavy
    Who wrote these reviews? The developers? I sat for 30 minutes, trying different fax numbers, differernt payment methods. Nothing. No thanks.
  • 1.99 per FAX is reasonable and secure 5/5

    By NiceDay7
    Ok I have 1 Fax per every 5 years. FaxFresh is the way to go easy just print FAX document to PDF then drag to FaxFresh. I did compare this app to other apps and this was the most cost effective way to send them number of FAXs I have.
  • Pretty much a Winner 4/5

    By Alan Ray
    I don’t really need a fax machine on my desk, but when I do this is very convenient. I like the Pay Pal option to pay and the “Fax Sent confirmation”. What would give it 5 stars would be the ability to fax other formats than PDFs
  • Only fax app that I could get to consistently work. Highly recommend. 5/5

    By cphillipsiTunes
    Over the years I have tried a number of fax apps from the App Store. This is the only one that consistently gets the job done. Simple, easy to use, no complaints at all.
  • Two Tries, Two Failures 1/5

    By 14hannon
    I need to fax only two of three times per year. Based upon the reviews, I thought this would be a good way to go. In two recent cases, I used the service to send medical records. Both times took thirty of forty seconds to process, but FaxFresh sent me a confirmation in both cases the faxes went through to the correct fax numbers. However, in both cases, when I followed up, they said they never received the faxes. Very inconvient and frustrating. When you get a confirmation, you expect to fax to have been sent. Not with this app...
  • Nice App!! 4/5

    By Crystal~Lynn
    I don’t fax things from home very often so using this app is nice. The only negative would be combining pages. I thought that the instructions was a little confusing because it took me several attempts before I got it to work correctly.
  • Needed some way to send a FAX 5/5

    By Yvgeny34
    For some reason, the medical community still insists on FAX records, so I decided to try this app. It’s simple and straightforward and gets the job done. I don’t send many FAXes, so I like that it’s pay per use. It would be nice if they used my Apple Pay account. Maybe in a future update?
  • Can’t authorize PayPal?! 1/5

    By Crusis
    The program relies on Paypal for payments. After trying for 30 minutes, the program failed to process payment over and over and over again. Very frustrating! Tried using my credit card, and paypal balance. Had to cancel a very important 42 page fax and download iFax instead. Thankfully iFax worked without a hitch.
  • Pretty easy to use... 5/5

    By Rjzayda
    Once I got the hang of the program, it was pretty easy and straight-forward. It did not process payment to my PayPal account, but I was successful in using one of my credit cards. I don’t have to send a fax too often, so this is a good way to do one… Reasonable pricing.
  • FaxFresh fax 5/5

    By Merton Louis
    Great program, great price, and great support. Well worth the price for thoses who need to send a fax sporadically. I highly recomment it.
  • Simple, well designed, super convenient app 4/5

    By EdErickson
    The app is fast and efficient and payment through PayPal is very convenient. The developer is also very responsive. I emailed him a question last night and got a response a few hours later. Having to send a fax in today’s era isn’t very common (at least for me). I love having this convenient, efficient, and cost effective option to quickly handle it when those times do come up. I have a multifunction machine with fax capability, but setting that up on a rare occasion or keeping it set up is just way too much of a hassle. I use the MFC unit for printing and network scanning and send my money to Jeff and company at Purple Cover instead.
  • Who has a fax machine anymore? 5/5

    By fgdeluccio
    I can’t believe some companies or government agencies still require documents to be sent by fax! And who has a fax machine anymore?!! FaxFresh has solved this problem for me allowing me to easily send PDF files from my Mac to those still living in the dark ages with their fax machines. The cost to send documents is very affordable and they can be sent internationally. Two thumbs up!
  • PayPal not accepting their pay button - CRAP 1/5

    By nikin143
    UGH, there was an issue with the FreshFAX paypal button so NO payment could go thru. PASS on this until they get their stuff together. How can you run a payment based service and not be able to accept payments??
  • Worked Flawlessly 5/5

    By hrbie
    I made a PDF via text edit. I imported all the documents I needed and then exported them as a PDF. Loaded it into FaxFresh and clicked the pay button. It took me to paypal, then processed the fax shortly there after. Paid $2.74 for 11 pages and I’m extremely happy with the results. I got a confirmaiton email after It sent successfully and that was it. I will definitely be using this app in the future any time I need to fax anything. It saves a trip to a store/print center and it saves on gas! =)

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