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  • Current Version: 6.14.0
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FedEx Mobile App

Create a shipping label, track shipment status and manage your packages wherever you are with the FedEx Mobile app. Use the app to get quick rates, find a pickup or drop off location, scan barcodes and view rewards. Enroll in FedEx Delivery Manager® to customize when and where you’d like to receive your packages. Available in all regions • Track the status of all incoming or outgoing packages • Create a mobile shipment label and request a pickup** • Enable push notifications to get updates on your shipments and a sound notification on delivered shipments* • Scan a barcode for easy tracking* • Find a FedEx location near you* • View or cancel a scheduled pickup • Create a new pickup • Get Apple Watch access to track status of packages and to find locations • Get shipment cost estimates and delivery times • Access your shipper address book • Use our widget to track your packages from your phone's home screen • Log in with the touch of a finger or with facial recognition • Search your list of shipments by tracking number, references, vendors and more • Use your phone to measure your package dimensions Available in some regions • Enroll in FedEx Delivery Manager to: o Hold a package at a preferred FedEx location o Leave delivery instruction for the courier o Sign for a package requiring your signature o Request a vacation hold • Reroute your package to a FedEx location to pick up at your convenience • Ship directly to a Fedex-designated location • Scan your door tag to get information and options regarding your missed shipment • Access a chat assistant for FedEx Mobile app and services questions • Create a login for more convenient tracking • View rewards Thank you for using the FedEx Mobile app! Have feedback? Email us at [email protected] FedEx Delivery Manager is only available for residential deliveries within the U.S. You must be signed in to the FedEx Mobile app and registered for FedEx Delivery Manager to use selected features. *Maximize your FedEx experience by allowing the following permissions: Location to find a convenient FedEx location, Camera to scan a shipping label and track a package, and Push Notifications to receive notification on a package. Also, get Sound Notifications for delivered packages by turning on sound in your settings. **Shipping administration rules apply.

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FedEx Mobile app reviews

  • Worthless, just like the delivery service. 1/5

    By Dobbieboys
    I’m not sure what exactly this app was supposed to do differently than the text messages that were sent? All I wanted to accomplish was to request the package that required a signature to be delivered at a different time or to an alternate address. I’m not sure why they keep trying to deliver the package at essentially the exact time of day? Common sense would tell you that most people are working at that time so perhaps delivering packages that require signatures should be completed later in the day. I’m about ready to cancel my purchase and suggest they use a different delivery service.
  • Fez Ex not good in WV 1/5

    By Do not ship Fed Ex
    EverybFedvaex package is lost
  • Tracking 5/5

    By Boston Terrier Mama!
    So easy to track when sending a return back and when getting my order! Thank you! ,
  • Chewy delivery 1/5

    By tsmfmm
    Aweful service from chewy with fed ex. FedEx keeps changing my delivery date. Suppose to be 1-2 day delivery. What a joke.
  • Great job 5/5

    By alwayslookforward
  • Shipping issues 1/5

    By zookoedpg
    My last package sat at the Perrysburg Ohio hub for days amd then when they delivered they could not find the package. Now I have dog food on the way and I’m sure I will have to go purchase some before my 2 bags arrive!
  • App Very Nice 👍🏾 5/5

    By STEPTOE0304
  • I just fucing hate FedEx 1/5

    By Dhdjdh
    They alway delay and drop my package anywhere they want, I been lost many package are all because of FedEx ! What a trash company
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Blocker123
    This app never seems to be updated. I understand you have more packages running through your facilities than ever before, but everything is electronic, you scan packages at every point. Why can’t the app be updated with the status? It will go a few days with no update on your package then state your package will be delivered tomorrow, no updates until 2 days later. So missed the original delivery date. Then update to say that it will be delivered the day after. Come on. Figure out a way to get the information to the app. You all seem to be able to get information on the scanning over the weekend but the weekdays it is chaos.
  • My area is not supported?!?!? 1/5

    By SSD110
    I live in Massachusetts and this app does not support my location? Give me a break. Waiting for a package to arrive(suppose to arrive yesterday) trying to track it. Downloaded the app and it won’t recognize my location. Disappointed with FedEx.
  • Delivery is fast 5/5

    By eazykos
    Shipping has been excellent
  • Poor communication 2/5

    By SoCalGuyChef
    My next day shipment to Carlsbad due on 10/15 was delayed due to weather in Indiana. This was never communicated. An expected delivery date was also not communicated. Tracking #284901863803
  • What good is it? 2/5

    By Captain Avocado
    What good is an app for a system that always has inaccurate and stale data? I constantly get notifications that as far as I know are totally incorrect. I hate receiving packages shipped via FedEx because I never know when it will arrive. A good app is worthless for terrible service.
  • UPS app is better 3/5

    By Omaha_Tiger
    Need to join the GPS world and track shipment location on delivery day…especially those for which need to be signed.
  • ordered last week still not here 1/5

    By L33vro
    it was supposed to be here Wednesday but they didn’t even attempt to deliver it, it’s currently monday, exactly a week from when i ordered the package. after watching them just drive past my house two days in a row, i changed the delivery address to a “fedex onsite location”, but after two more days it still wasn’t delivered, i was forced to wait over the weekend, the past two days when i’ve tried to track the package it says “potentially delayed”, with no other information, i’ve called 6 times about this and requested that it be held at a fedex facility that’s in my state, got told i’d get a call back the same day and it never happened, now i have no clue if they’re going to try to deliver it or keep it there because there’s no information when i try to track it
  • Delivery date and time not accurate. 1/5

    By cm$21
    Delivery date always delay.Delivery date Never seem to be right about it and alway say possible delayed , why bother having apps and didn’t means anything.
  • It’s ok just ok 1/5

    By sticketshock14
    The assistant chat part of the app does work. Also could not schedule a hold using the app
  • Package wasn’t delivered 1/5

    By mr tweet78
    My package was supposed to be delivered on Friday and Sunday but otherwise I’m getting different
  • This app should go to trash can right away 1/5

    By Tammie Harding
    I decide to leave a comment before I delete it app for the last time. Not gonna talk about their horrible service, but why whenever I open this app, it ALWAYS POPPING UP A WINDOW SHOWING “update was unsuccessful, please try again later”, always, no matter how many times I delete and re-download, it always shows unsuccessful. The developers need to be fired right away and this app should be remove from App Store right away as well.
  • Consistent late deliveries 1/5

    By JJ407
    This is NOT the first time I am getting a package delivered late. The packages arrive 5-6 days late than the initially expected date. Current package expected delivery - 10/13. Actual - still waiting on 10/16. I am sure they won’t deliver on Sunday, so hopefully on 10/18?! 5 DAYS LATE.
  • FedEx Service 1/5

    By shellgi82
    The worst delivery service. USPS & UPS by far has the better service
  • FedEx is so great 5/5

    By ysbsiak
    I love FedEx so much, and this app is an absolute delight. ❤️❤️❤️
  • WHY TO OFFER FEDEX EXPRESS? If u dont work on weekends? 1/5

    By MS. ESMER
    I don’t know why you guys offer FedEx “Express” if during the weekends you guys don’t deliver. I order my package on Wednesday night with “Next Day Shipping (overnight) i obviously didn’t expect my package on Thursday, however I did expected it here on Friday; sadly it didn’t. Now I have to wait until Monday. Waiting isn’t the problem, the problem is I am getting out of town for a whole month, I leave tomorrow. So who’s gonna pick it up? I need what was inside my package! Do i need to miss my fly just because you guys offer something that you don’t do? Besides the shipping fee, and going to loose my fly and my money obviously or do i miss the package with the value that it has inside? I truly don’t understand why FedEx offer a service if they can’t keep up.
  • Lost packages 1/5

    By jsmithflex
    I continue to have lost packages or delivered to the wrong address even when I track it daily. The weekends are the worst.
  • I’m angry!! 1/5

    By RoseKooima65
    My package was suppose to be delivered today, now it’s being delayed till Tuesday!!!!it’s being delayed till Tuesday!!
  • Worst gps system 1/5

    By wow windrose
    I didn’t know it took three days to get a package from Kansas City Kansas fed ex building to Kansas City Missouri which is 20 minutes away and still hasn’t updated. Makes no sense the GPS system is horrible and doesn’t let you know anything until 2 or 3 steps after it’s already happened will start sending stuff through UPS or my regular mail
  • Late delivery 2/5

    By Mozell71
    I’m baffled how my package traveled through several states successfully, but once it got to my home town, it’s delayed tracking pending
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By hoangnguyen0707
    They’re hold my package for more than 1 week. And they just show pending in the app. When I called the customer service, they just say like the driver is going home ???? That time is just 3pm ???? Idk why a lot of companies keeps deliver the package though fedex…
  • Horrible 1/5

    By duane_11003
    I cant even register for Delivery Manager. I get an error that says “Error: The action you requested cant be completed. Please try again”. Thats it. Its an endless loop. All i wanna do is have a bed delivered on a specific day. Thats all i want to do.
  • Avoid at all cost 1/5

    By daniel boom
    Poor service at exorbitant prices. Zero customer support and useless App.
  • There was a time… 3/5

    By Barotrauma Bruce
    In the early days of the FedEx App I would receive notifications for any FedEx delivery to my address. Not so, recently. COVID? Why not? Everything else has been disrupted by it. All day long yesterday I manually tracked a package that had been rescheduled from the day before and was told it would be delivered by the end of the day. At about 9pm when I looked the package was “lost in space”, or words to that effect, with no idea (if and) when it would be delivered. Well, since the vaccines aren’t helping the situation, maybe I should get a booster.
  • Tracking and updates 2/5

    By Belomee
    FedEx needs follow my delivery like amazon and ups to ensure delivery isn’t lost, more precise delivery status, and ensure delivery is made to correct address.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Thistotallysucksalot
    Terrible service and drivers who lie about signature required deliveries
  • It is good but could be better with push alerts 4/5

    By Martes W.
    I like that Fedex has all my info and shipments within my login, however I would . UPS app does push alerts so you won’t get texts filling up you day.
  • Delay 😭 1/5

    By Blahgy
    Delay delay 🙅‍♀️
  • No login 1/5

    By J-K-ee
    No possible way to log in. Please fix ASAP
  • App is great but 1/5

    By DatGuyT_T
    Fedex is a terrible delivery service
  • Easier access to your shipping info. 5/5

    By Bransauced
    Great way to check for shipping info.
  • Useless 1/5

    By nicozigman
    I signed up for “fed ex delivery manager,” through the app, but when I try and manage my delivery, it took me to a page to sign up for delivery manager. After clicking the continue button, it tells me I’m already signed up and takes me back to the first page and won’t let me do anything. Super helpful
  • App Glitchy 1/5

    By sydboo
    It doesn't identify new packages on its own and the app doesn't let me redirect package to FEDEX location
  • No access to delivery manager 1/5

    By GKKtfKD
    I signed up and downloaded fedex in order to enroll for delivery manager because I needed to make sure my package is not left at the door since the packages in my building get stolen. And apparently you need to wait 10 days to receive a code? How does this even make sense. I had a package stolen before that was “delivered” by fedex and I am trying to avoid the same situation. This package is extremely important! You guys really need to do better this is a joke
  • I’m 5/5

    By Blueeyes101
    Love dealing with them. As they send me updates to let me know what’s going on with My delivery
  • Going in circles 1/5

    By scrappingnnp
    I cannot open the app because it says I need to reset my password and yet when I try to, it just keeps going back and forth between login and forgot password. Please fix this so I can use the app!!!
  • Soooo bad!!!! 1/5

    By agathafle
    Bad! 😡
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By kb13131313
    I downloaded the app to sign up for Fedex Delivery Manager. However, it keeps saying there’s an error after I put in the correct verification code.
  • Poor design 1/5

    By hanzotheman88
    Why can’t you paste a tracking number in the app. You go to paste it and nothing happens. And yes I made sure that I had recently copied the tracking number. You can paste on the website, just not on the app.
  • Useless when there is an exception. 1/5

    By blkvegetable
    No helpful information when there is a delay. Virtual assistance is basically of no use. Calling customer service will just provide you the same information without anything useful. What’s the point of this application? It looks like this app is design for frustrating customers.
  • One star 1/5

    By Stihl MS660
    One star should tell you what my comment would be.
  • Great! 5/5

    By Hangulii
    It’s been really useful to get updates to where my package is at currently.