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FedEx Mobile App

Real-time tracking and shipping at your fingertips! The FedEx Mobile app helps you take control and track your packages from wherever you are. Create domestic and international shipping labels, get quick rates, choose pickup or drop off locations, scan barcodes, and discover rewards all in one app. Track Your Packages • Track the status of all incoming or outgoing packages • Enable push notifications to receive updates on your shipments* • Enroll in FedEx Delivery Manager for a smooth tracking experience* • View photo of residential delivery* • Hold a package at a preferred FedEx location* • Leave delivery instructions for the courier* • Sign for packages from your phone* • Request a vacation hold* • Reroute your package to a FedEx location and pick up when it’s convenient* • Get Apple Watch access to check status of packages, to find locations, and to redirect your package to a FedEx Location • Use our widget to track your packages from your phone’s home screen. (Touch and hold the home screen, click + and search for FedEx.) • Scan barcodes for easy tracking • Search your list of shipments by tracking number, references, vendors, and more • Scan door tags to get information and options regarding your missed shipment* Ship Your Packages • Create a mobile shipment label and request a pickup** • Get shipment cost estimates and delivery times • Access your phone and FedEx shipper address book • Schedule and manage pickups** • Use your phone to measure your package dimensions • View rewards* • Ship directly to a FedEx-designated location* • Chat with a virtual assistant for FedEx Mobile app and services questions* • Conveniently find the nearest FedEx Location near you Thank you for using the FedEx Mobile app! Have any feedback? Email us at [email protected] FedEx Delivery Manager is only available for residential deliveries within the U.S. You must be signed-in to the FedEx Mobile app and registered for FedEx Delivery Manager to use selected features. Maximize your FedEx experience by allowing the following permissions: Location, Camera, and Push Notifications. This will give you access to scan barcode, track packages, find drop-off locations, and get instant updates. Also, get Sound Alerts for delivered packages by turning on sound in your settings. *Available in some regions **Shipping administration rules apply.

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FedEx Mobile app reviews

  • Worst shipping service in Worcester Massachusetts 1/5

    By therealhytown
    I live in Worcester mass on millbury st the drivers that serve this area have made packages disappear I am sick of my packages being lost delayed or just mishandled please look into Worcester Massachusetts our local FedEx is horrible
  • Great job guys 5/5

    By The man from mad
    From 2019 during a very difficult time. You guys have been outstanding. And we appreciate your hard work and dedication. We get more deliveries now that we even have in our life time. Fed x has really stepped up to the new world. Thanks to all who work a Fed X .
  • Late again 2/5

    By Redcreekrocket
    Package was to be delivered today by end of day Waited all day as I had to sign for package No delivery No reason for delay given
  • Simply the best 5/5

    By kalaalaaka
    FedEx is by far the most reliable
  • Wrong address 1/5

    By LbJ3802
    The FedEx driver is not checking the address for accountability and accuracy this is the 2 nd package they have left at the wrong address
  • Don’t waste your time 1/5

    By 1Review2listen2
    Don’t waste your time with this app. The only real time notification you will get is when the package is sent back to the original shipper. I would just avoid FedEx when at all possible.
  • Another horrible delivery!! 1/5

    By Rumitoid
    For years packages were delivered to my porch and I always hoped they were going to be my delivery service. Now when I order I ask if FedEx will be the deliverer and have to tell the company that “I may not get it” because of the poor service in recent months. Twice my packages were left by the road and were full of ants when I picked them up out of the grass! My house is located about 100 yards from the road and I cannot possibly watch for deliveries or see a truck. Yesterday my package was left in the rain unprotected by the road with perishable powders inside!! My packages need to be delivered to the porch because anyone passing along this rural road could just open a car door and steal them !! For safety and security and integrity of the contents my packages need to be properly delivered and not just pushed out the door of a delivery van!
  • App work’s excellent FedEx not so much 3/5

    By Nbdyfoo
    Hey that’s it. Let the app run FedEx Problem solved. App report’s excellent. Like on the truck for delivery three days in a row. Same package/packages followed by operational delay. Just what is that. Couple of times it was morning sickness. That’s a bummer so stay home. Need more contractors in Budget rentals. Overnight means three days after acceptance. 2nd day is 5 days 2day means a week. Alleged escalations to no regard. No return calls or emails problem remains and continual ripoff fees and services. Thus “ WORST SHIPPING UNSERVICEABLE”””
  • Love it! 5/5

    By DaLouieV
    Such a great app. Very easy to use and track packages.
  • Can’t save nicknames 4/5

    By M. McCormack
    It seems the latest update isn’t keeping the saved nickname and removes tracking numbers you’ve entered. Fix it!
  • Mrs Ercanbrack 1/5

    By dixerc
    Fed x has been terrible. Never deliver to the right address. Never in scheduled date. Never can contact them when they deliver to another address. Very dissatisfied
  • Quit breaking things 1/5

    By Ltjcoufal
    Thanks for breaking my flower pot!
  • Common sense delivery times 1/5

    By TheyCallMeMann
    The last few times I’ve gotten flowers delivered to my girlfriend who’s a school teacher, I’ve had to call several times just to insure the order would be delivered before school ended. I clearly put the name of the school and let them know what time school let out but still no common sense is used. The goal is to surprise her, not to have to let her know to get her flowers because FEDEX can’t prioritize
  • Signature required, yet they still dropped it off!! 😡😡 1/5

    By CATFISH1313
    I had a package that was a signature package and they left it on my porch, after they delivered it they put that I signed for it! Fed Ex is pathetic….
  • Love FEDEX app and the delivery!!!👍 5/5

    By Richard&Helen
    Luv the app
  • Package arrived! 5/5

    By Vickie
    The item ordered arrived earlier than expected! The box was not crushed or dented! The courteous driver brought it up the stairs to my front porch! Super nice young man! Fed Ex did an outstanding job on delivery, once again!💖
  • Never on time 1/5

    By solid jaw johson
    I cannot stand when anybody I order something from uses FedEx! It never arrives on time ever! I pay for speedier shipping and I get a slap in the face from these people. Shipped out my product Wednesday said I was supposed to receive it on Saturday I got a email saying it will be delivered Monday. Monday comes around and it’s nowhere to be found. It’s pretty funny because I had a suppressor shipped from Iowa the same day and that reached my gun store that Friday and that was from the United States Postal Service. I also had a rifle shipped from UPS that was shipped the day before, and made it to my other gun shop that Thursday. Just a bunch of Joe Biden’s running things over there at FedEx.
  • Deliveries 5/5

    By isabella0219
    Love their message center, it is very easy to track package
  • Signing for package does not work 1/5

    By Mackey E
    Multiple times signing for indirect packages does not work. Also, there is no humans at their customers service so of course you cannot solve this problem. The tracking is good but every thing else is bad it makes you sign into manage your deliveries when you’re already signed in it makes no sense.
  • Delivery 5/5

    By What isn’t taken 7
    Great service
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Deborah451
  • Misleading delivery information 1/5

    By Ssrenee411
    The information is not accurate and is misleading. It is now 7:34pm and my package has not been delivered but states it’s out for delivery. Chances are it will not be delivered today and will be rescheduled to tomorrow but this app won’t let you know it until close to 10:00 pm or tomorrow morning.
  • Signature 1/5

    By Sithlord32
    The app lists signing for packages as a main feature yet you can not sign for a package anywhere in the app wether you scan the barcode left by the driver or not. Only reason I DL the app. Plus it kept telling my country is not supported by the app…US resident.
  • Where’s my package? 2/5

    By thejrb
    Supposed to be delivered today according to text messages from FedEx but tracking still shows it sitting at Origin pick up point. So much for “tracking”. Supposed to be here by end of day today according texts. That is one hour and 15 minutes away. I still have faith it will be here despite lack of tracking.
  • What is the point when time matters? 1/5

    By Guyrhiggs
    Why isn't time timing exact for transitioning packages from one location to another, from being out for delivery, etc? The statuses need to be exact for what and where the package is. Checking back after a package has been delivered and previous status change from "at location" to "out for delivery" shouldn't take place. A package is either sitting in a hold location on a vehicle...can't be both.
  • Is this the norm? 1/5

    By Tettleton 3434
    I just got a job as a shipping facilitator, for lack of a better word, and the very first shipment has been stuck in Fort Meyers’s since 8:26 this am. Delivery time estimate went from between 9:00 am-11:30 am, then to noon, then to “ before the end of day” and it clearly shows no movement since this 8:26 am. It is now 10:17 pm. What is going on , that it sits there for over 15 hours?
  • Fed-Ex App 1/5

    By bickdawg
    I do not like the way the tracker doesn’t get updated as your package is moved toward your house.
  • Bogus expectations and mishandling 1/5

    By phantom64u
    Your application is not productively enhancing for your business’s customer service. You never deliver on time according to the initial product projected delivery date and the fact that your application is not “real time” tracking is disappointing as well. Not sure how you stay in business when other delivery companies are clearly surpassing you in customer service and performance.
  • Not supported in the United States! 1/5

    By Not supported in US
    Installed and then launched app. Got a pop up message stating “your country/territory is not supported “. I am in the U.S.!!! Do you numbskulls test your software?? Lol. What a joke!!!
  • DTulenko 1/5

    By Dtulenko
    No up to date information
  • FedEx 5/5

    By Waianae rob
    Love this app very helpful
  • Excellent Service 5/5

    By Shahbaz#
    Professional and excellent service and wonderful app making tasks easy
  • Full of bugs and errors 1/5

    By Bigheto143
    Nothing works so far full of bugs and errors, not user friendly at all. I tried to add a new delivery address it keeps showing me an error message, I can’t update delivery instructions or my profile.
  • I won’t be using fedex. 1/5

    By Down with predatory practices
    I used fedex passport service and paid hundreds of dollars to have it expedited. I still have no passport and now find out it won’t be until april and I started this back in January. I have had to cancel my trip. Never ever ever will I use fedex or any of their services.
  • President 1/5

    By I’m I am A I am
    Worse delivery service ever. Do not purchase anything from a vendor that uses FEDEX HOME DELIVERY OR GROUND They just throw your boxes on the road nowhere near your front door.
  • I have 2 front doors 5/5

    By Carolgag
    I love FedEx. The delivery people are all wonderful. I would just like to know how to tell them to deliver to my door that has a covered porch. Yesterday they left 2 packages at my door that is not protected and they became soaked because of the rain. My main entrance is under a covered porch - the door on the left of the house. Thank you.
  • Terrible service 1/5

    By ThinBlue513
    FedEx has to be one of the worst delivery services out there. I can never get a package on time. Packages get lost all the time. Absolutely the worst
  • outstanding carrier !!! 5/5

    By i have only 1 nickname caloy
    as expected fedex always on time easy to track,,
  • Buggy FOR Months 1/5

    By EngineerInTraining
    And I don’t mean a stroller for days
  • Remove the Track Multiple Carriers Banner 3/5

    By Duc851
    Decent app but what’s with the beta banner offering to track multiple carriers at the top of the screen every time I open the app? I understand the idea but put the option in the settings section instead of taking up space in the main window. I considered it and don’t want to use it. End of story. Instead it acts like an add taking up value screen space and annoying then user. Seriously. Poor design and poor customer attitude.
  • bad qr codes 1/5

    By 54($((866
    illegible qr code images it saves to phone are refused by both shipping centers and Office.
  • Where’s my shipment…my medication other meds are lost 1/5

    By jn31982
    Ii need my meds unfortunately I
  • Why are previous years showing up? 2/5

    By Pooh Bear 27
    Labels that have been created but never used will show up on the anniversary date of the original release. So I see packages that are addressed to us from what I remember, three or four years ago. Why doesn’t the system use the year? Probably never has been used since the Y2K era. The other thing that doesn’t work is notifications. I have them on and they don’t work. What does this app actually do, besides giving me old information and not telling me the status of current packages. Maybe it’s time just to stop using it, because from the reviews it looks like they don’t want to fix it.
  • Poorly coded app 1/5

    By Krishach2014
    This review is just about the very poorly coded (and not tested) app FedEx as a service is great. The delivery folks at FedEx have been great. FedEx offices are great. Which makes it just feel like a total mystery why this FedEx app feels like such a horrible effort. I feel bad for the folks working on this app, it’s that bad. Imagining that there is a team who want so much to delivery quality code, but whether due to poor integration teams, or very poor exec decisions, this app is awful and in turn makes the whole overall FedEx experience poor when conducted through this app. There is, apparently for some regions in the US, no way to successfully sign up for delivery management without at least 4 or 5 errors. The tech teams assigned to customer service for this app all seem to be apology officers; well versed in extremely authentic apologies over how bad this app coded and released without testing. So sorry you folks on the FedEx app team. It has got to be so depressing that FedEx as a company will not invest in you.
  • Package delivered to neighbor instead of us!! 2/5

    By Hockey.Girl
    Your driver drove through the alley. Our address is on the back of the house where we told them to go in the alley (it’s noted on our mailbox) and instead they drive through the storage unit behind us you get maybe one or two deliveries out of 10 correct how can you stay in business?
  • Great service 5/5

    By stupidforreal
    Thank you
  • Bummer 1/5

    By Mad about delivery
    Supposed to leave package not in street
  • Packages 1/5

    By Sandh12
    Package was left outside of gate instead being brought into the yard! Elderly person lives at address and was not able to get the packages!
  • MisRouted 2/5

    By papadukesrv
    Package from Texas to North Carolina, via OKLAHOMA??? Returned to Texas, scheduled to be delivered three days late