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FedEx App

Create a shipping label, track shipment status and manage your packages wherever you are with the FedEx Mobile app. Use the FedEx app to get quick rates, find a pickup or dropoff location, scan barcodes, and view rewards. Enroll in FedEx Delivery Manager to customize when and where you’d like to receive your packages. Download the FedEx app to: • Track the status of all incoming or outgoing packages • Enable push notifications to get updates on your shipments* • Create a shipment label and request a pickup (shipping administration rules apply) • Enroll for FedEx Delivery Manager to: o Hold a package at a FedEx location o Leave delivery instruction for the courier o Sign for a package requiring your signature o Request a vacation hold • Access Virtual Chat assistant for app and services questions • Scan a barcode for easy tracking* • Find a FedEx location near you* • Get Apple Watch access to track status of packages and to find locations • Get shipment cost estimates and delivery times • Log in with the touch of a finger or with facial recognition on the iPhone X • Search your list of shipments by tracking number, references, vendors, and more Thank you for using the FedEx Mobile app! For any feedback, email us at [email protected] FedEx Delivery Manager is only available for residential deliveries within the U.S. You must be signed in to the FedEx app and registered for FedEx Delivery Manager to use selected features. *Maximize your FedEx experience by allowing the following permissions: Location to find a convenient FedEx location, Camera to scan a shipping label and track a package, and Push Notifications to receive notification on a package.

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FedEx app reviews

  • Smh 1/5

    By kev3456789
    It told me 4 different delivery dates smh

    By al6n
  • FedEx maps 4/5

    By Mr.Mally
    This app is very easy to use. It would also be nice if we can track our package/ driver on the mo to see how far they are.
  • What happened? 1/5

    By Steelergirl93
    My Touch ID does not work and every time I close the app I have to log back in. This happened after an upgrade and it is super annoying! I sent an email to support and they couldn’t help me.
  • I'm new and disappointed 1/5

    By Allen_g_p
    Literally first time downloading it and in the middle of creating my account the app just dies on me and messed up the sign up and now can't use my email because it's not registered but I was half way through the process so good job develepers!
  • Delivery Manager enrollment 1/5

    By thatjamesguy
    So it does everything the website can do except when I go to enroll in the Delivery Manager, it just errors out saying the “request can’t be completed. Please try again”. Also, the address prediction function doesn’t work either. It removes the house number from the address?
  • serves up blank page 1/5

    By hibbig
    The app used to work perfectly. Since the last update, doesn’t work at all. You should be ashamed.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Digghappy
    I gave up trying to use this app. Crashes everytime I try to log in. Guess I won't be shipping with Fedex anytime soon.
  • Never again FedEx in Italy!!!!’ 1/5

    By katahua18
    Nothing works in Italy and FedEx is no exception! How is it possible that an envelope containing documents picked up at 12noon traveled at a lightning speed of less than two days from Topanga Canyon one of California’s remote places to a FedEx facility in Italy three hours away by car from my location, but the package since it arrived yesterday it hasn’t been delivered yet REGARDLESS the notifications I received both by email and text confirming the delivery yesterday by noon. I waited around all day yesterday but one showed up. No one called to notify about the delay. No updated delivery notification was received. And if you want to call FedEx customer service in Italy, don’t even try as the only number given to me (by US customer service) only works from a landline, they charge high call rates, and they make you wait too long before someone picks up! SHAME
  • Found my lost package- Very grateful 5/5

    By KenaNaveahNana
    I called Fed-Ex customer service immediately after I received an email stating my package was delivered but was nowhere to be found and I checked the premises including the front house porch where the tenant stood there watching me look for my package but no package found . Fed-Ex was able to get a hold of the drivers supervisor and then he located the driver and the driver confirmed that he left it on the front house porch who has a Ring Security System . I was called back by the Office Supervisor and she stood on the way home with me while I walked back to the front house and mysteriously package was there but the tenant wasn’t and her front door was closed !! Guess this was one package that couldn’t be mysteriously taken . I’m so glad that Fed-Ex responded so quickly and efficiently that my package was able to be found!!!! Thank you Fed-Ex now I can enjoy my boots !!!!
  • No hold 1/5

    By tutu-tai
    Function to hold package not working
  • Managing deliveries 2/5

    By stanblues999
    First thing I tried to set up after downloading the app was to enroll in delivery management of my shipment. You know, instructing Fedex to carry my shipment all the way to the third floor (especially when package is 80 lbs) rather than tossing it outside the apartment building. Well, it doesn’t work. Both the online and the app version is giving me the “action you requested couldn’t be completed. Please try again”. I say BS.
  • Haven't been able to login for days 1/5

    By Wdghy24568(;. B
    Error. The action you requested can not be completed at this time. Please try again in a few minutes. Is what I've seen for days when attempting to login
  • Error 1/5

    By Sheep hunter
    As soon as I try to enter the weight of the package it tells me there is an error and the request cannot be processed at this time.
  • Bad 1/5

    By juicebins
    They refused my package and how idk where it is
  • Worthless 2/5

    By disappointingservice
    I was waiting for a package delivery that needed an indirect signature. I downloaded the app, set up an account. There wasn’t anywhere on the app to download a door tag to sign and leave on the door with a signature. So I went to the website and was able to download a fedex door tag that I signed and left on the door, in case I wasn’t home or didn’t hear the doorbell. They texted me several updates on the upcoming delivery. The next thing I know I get another text that the delivery will be the following day. I must have not heard the doorbell. So I checked the door and they had left me a new door tag to sign that was attached next to my old door tag stating they will attempt the next day. It would have been nice to receive a text that fedex is at the door given all the other text notifications I receive. Having the app was totally worthless. It didn’t notify me of the updates. I contacted customer service and they apologized that the driver did not use my door tag. There was nothing else that they could do. Overall, very disappointing.

    By Earl Creque
    This app is very accurate!! But what I don’t understand is why I Fed Ex takes the longest route. Here in the great Tri-Cities of Washington, the city of Umatilla is less than a half an hour away. But our packages go from Umatilla Oregon to Kent Washington which is west side of Washington and then sent here to Pasco, the eastern side of Washington. 222.5 miles compared to 30.1 miles. But what the heck, I’m no businessman and thinking of myself like usual!!😁 But the app is great & accurate!!
  • Error message after error message 1/5

    By Christopher Daniels
    I can’t get a shipment set up because every time I start to enter all Information, anywhere between entering the shipping address to entering packaging information, I receive an error message, and I can’t complete the shipment. Can we get an updated version of the app? Or one that actually lets me finish a shipment?
  • Error at login.....again! 1/5

    By JeanFrazer
    Error message at login for days again! "ERROR The action you requested could not be completed at this time. Please try again in a few minutes." This app is absolutely useless with constant errors & crashes what a waste of time!
  • Rudy C experience 5/5

    By rudy bonclard
    Definitely precise. Great app.!
  • Address update 1/5

    By Jesseiiii
    It will not allow me to conduct an address update which is annoying
  • Very User Friendly 4/5

    By Crown Seekers
    I like the convenience of mobile apps! So two thumbs up!!!
  • Permanent Ad at the Bottom. Really??!! 1/5

    By bjpbj
    There is now an ad at the bottom for Delivery Manager that will not go away and it blocks 1 1/2 of the 5 entries I can see. This is so terrible it seems like a bad joke.
  • Crash and burn 1/5

    By Mark Crim
    iPad using iOS 12.3.1 crashes at login and goes to home screen. 4X
  • Fed up 1/5

    By Jamesudontiii
    Fedex service is annoying. One of my packages was opened and the item inside was taken away and the envelope sealed back. And they sent me empty package and my item worth $1200 was gone
  • Great app 4/5

    By N Fulbright
    I would give this app 5 stars because I would like it much better if I didn’t have to add tracking numbers. I think they should add them automatically.
  • Specific reason for review 5/5

    By DestyHope
    This app does everything you’d want it to. When I got a pop up saying “do you love this app?”, I clicked yes as always- and instead of annoyingly sending me to the App Store to try to make me write a review it gave me a message saying “we love you too!” And a close button. I thought that was a little bit of awesome considering how incredibly annoying I normally find those pop ups to be. So I decided to navigate to the review section all on my own just for them. Way to go, FedEx; keep up the good work. 👉🏻👉🏻
  • Don’t get this! 1/5

    By Edward Archambeau
    Never able to track . I have to Google Fed X tracking to find my stuff.
  • Horrible signup process 1/5

    By ColonelPanik
    Every field is blocked by Autofill. No ability to tie into my password manager to generate a password. Get that fixed. I’ll come back. Deleted
  • The WORST!! 1/5

    By Tinkbell12
    Get on UPS’s level already, FEDEX!!! I always try to have my package held at a location so it’s not sitting on my porch all day and it never works- it always comes up with an error that that function is unavailable. Also, my packages always get rescheduled, I’m talking at least half of the time. UPS doesn’t do this crap.
  • FedEx App Review 5/5

    By Preston pimp 14
    Great app I order things everyday so it’s so nice to track my packages right from the app and it lets me know when it’s at my door. 10/10
  • What happened? 3/5

    By CoachKStan
    This app used to send me alerts so I could track my packages every step of the way. NOW it won’t even keep me logged in there for will NOT send any notifications. I came onto the App Store hoping I missed an update or something that may have fixed my problem, but my app is up to date. I have to repeatedly log in to view anything and it always asks to enable FaceID. I click enable, but every time I come to the asks the same question again. Not sure what has happened, but by reading some of the recent reviews, it looks as if I am not the only person having these issues. Someone needs to get this fixed ASAP so o can properly track my packages.
  • Worst Update Ever 1/5

    By BB_Convert
    The latest update is terrible! I’m not longer able to hold packages at a local FedEx store, or see they are being held after I made the change at
  • good 5/5

    By dennis the r
    i like it ordered airpods so far its not getting lost
  • Useless app 1/5

    By Davidvuk
    It just takes you to a website in safari for everything. Then you spend 30 minutes looking for your shipments.
  • Delivery rescheduled 3/5

    By TexasWingRider
    As much as I have enjoyed FEDEX in the past, my package that was to be delivered on June 5 was rescheduled for June 6 due to the fact that it went from Louisville, KY through Texas to Prescott, AZ and then back to Texas. So, I had to rearrange my and my family’s schedule to ensure someone could be at my residence to accept the package and avoid package thieves which are very bad in my town.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Hate CVS
    This is why I don’t use FedEx. Doesn’t tell you when packages are coming. The package manager will not let me use it. It says I’m not eligible. 🙄 When putting in tracking number, you can’t copy and paste. What is the point of the app if you can just track your package via google? And google works better and will allow you to copy and paste. This is why UPS is beating FedEx in all areas.
  • Needs improvements 1/5

    By vgrdtr
    Never allows you to stay logged in
  • Needs improvement 4/5

    By dkelvt
    Though I like your app I need the ability to stop and it redirect my shipment as since I have had a shipment sent to an old home address and not in a battle to get my package is a nightmare.
  • Would be better if it worked like UPS app 2/5

    By FayRay222
    The FedEx app never recognizes that I have packages coming. I have to get the tracking number from the email of the sender and input it into the app. I called FedEx customer service and they told me it’s the senders fault for not putting my name and address on the label EXACTLY as FedEx recognizes it. Ridiculous. So I get a tracking number in the app, and then the options don’t work. I’ve been trying to hold a package at a location for two days and I get the error message “this isn’t working right now, please try back in a couple of minutes.” I wish everything came from the post office or UPS. Those systems work.
  • Great service 5/5

    By Demetrios1010
    Great service, only wish I could track delivery trucks progress to see how close it is to my location!
  • Cant actually make a shipment now... gives error 1/5

    By jcronk23
    Seriously, this is a clown show and is supposed to generate business for you. I enter everything about the outbound shipment and click proceed and get a goddamn error.
  • Useless app 1/5

    By kc from bk
    I thought that the point of this app was to record all activity to or from you. I believed that I would be alerted to incoming packages. Not all companies send you tracking numbers and fedex will not alert you if you’re receiving a package. You have to add a tracking number and request alerts for it, every time. What is the point of this app if I still have to have a tracking number and track the package myself? Other shipping companies alert you as soon as a package pops up in their system for you so you don’t have to track it, they track it for you and keep you informed. This was a waste of time.
  • More updates 5/5

    By holdinslab
    Great app but needs more updates and specific tracking
  • What a pain 1/5

    By Adamc2012
    I can’t cut and paste tracking numbers from emails? I have to remember and type in a 20-digit number to track my package? What a pain.
  • Login process broken 1/5

    By review with no name
    I’ve logged in and saved my Touch ID but on next access, Touch ID does nothing and I have to dig out username and password from scratch. Too irritated to bother with this app until this gets resolved. FAIL. [updated] Also I had updated my app before I posted this review in case there had been a fix and there has been no new update since then (as I write this). ...Developers, if this was in process of being fixed it had not been pushed out to users yet. Sent direct feedback to this effect also.
  • Asks login everytime app is launched 1/5

    By jlevsb2
    Disappointing user experience. Bug needs to be fixed. If “don’t show again” is enabled, the “Enable” button is disabled. Ironic. Also tracked and removed shipments from months ago keeps on popping back up on the “All” page. Very annoying. Devs, please fix these issues ASAP. UPS and even USPS have better user experience.
  • Face ID not working 1/5

    As of your last update in May, using Face ID no longer logs you in. The process provides the check mark accepting you imagine but never brings you to the Home screen. I would appreciate a Developer response or a request for clarification.
  • Just hope you don’t have an exception 1/5

    By freitame
    Had to delete and reinstall the app for it to even work and let me log in. Now when I try to view a tracking number with an exception it throws a very customer unfriendly error, something about a Base Class. Screw this app.

FedEx app comments

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