Feeddler RSS Reader Pro 2

Feeddler RSS Reader Pro 2

  • Category: News
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 4.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: C.B. Liu
  • Compatibility: Android
312 Ratings
$ 4.99

Feeddler RSS Reader Pro 2 App

Feeddler was first released in 2010, a few days before the first-generation iPad release. Feeddler has been one of the most popular RSS readers for iPhone and iPad and has been picked as a top news app by numerous media over the years. * "New and Noteworthy" and "What's Hot" - featured by Apple * "Cleanest and most user-friendly interface" - iPhone Life Magazine * "Essential iPad Apps" - Gizmodo * "10 Must Have iPad Apps" - Cool Tricks N Tips * ... and many more Feeddler is a fast and highly customizable RSS Reader client that stays perfect sync with RSS services and presents RSS stories in an easy-to-read interface. Feeddler is a universal app that supports iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads. Features: * Syncs with AOL Reader (optional account, free). * Syncs with Bazqux Reader (optional account, 30-day free trial). * Syncs with FeedHQ (optional account, , 30-day free trial, will support self-hosting). * Syncs with Feedly (optional account, free). * Syncs with InoReader (optional account, free). * Syncs with The Old Reader (optional account, free). * Supports multiple accounts. * Supports feed management - add/delete/rename/sort subscriptions and folders. * Caches RSS articles and images for offline reading * Able to set up each subscription to open articles directly in RSS, full text mode, or web (online only). * Able to mark all items as read for any RSS subscription or mark only loaded items as read. * Able to mark items as read based on date or automatically mark items as read while user scrolling headlines. * Able to show only feeds/folders with unread items. * Swipe RSS articles for navigation, and pinch articles to change font size. * Save/Share/Zoom images by tapping-and-holding or pinching images. * Save/Share web pages by tapping-and-holding any links. * Save/Share articles by tapping-and-holding any articles shown on the preview list. * Supports Evernote to save any RSS articles, web pages, images, and PDF without leaving the app. * E-mail sharing with optional default recipients. * Copy-and-paste titles, links, or full articles. * Full text mode using Readability. * Lots of UI customization options including summary preview and the comfortable night mode. More features in the Pro version: + Supports landscape mode on iPhone. + Supports keyword search to find and add feeds. + Sync all subscriptions, or sync subscriptions in a folder for offline reading. + Sync options: sync all feeds or unread items only, sync from last sync, days or weeks. For faster syncing, use "Unread only" + "FromLastSync." + No ads If you like Feeddler, please consider writing positive reviews on the App Store. We keep adding features, fixing bugs, and improving app performance. Please send us feedback at [email protected] Thanks for your support. Follow us on Twitter @feeddler.

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Feeddler RSS Reader Pro 2 app reviews

  • Works again 4/5

    By MRpub
    At some point clicking any article link started leading to a “null” page so the app became useless. I finally deleted and reinstalled, and voila it worked. So it remains the best RSS reader available, though I wish the app creator had explained the solution. Also, it’s time for an update. The in-app browser is a little funky, for example.
  • Issue with some news feeds 3/5

    By S_REV
    Nice interface , easy to use , and great options . Have been using it for years Some newsfeeds show up as null in the subject and body when opening them Example , I subscribe to MacRumors. ALL articles show as Null in subject and body when opening them. This has been going on for too long and looking for other alternatives because I am unable to read Other news feed work fine . But for some of them , not able to read . Please fix quickly
  • iPad Pro Screen Support? 2/5

    By Dangermen.
    There doesn’t appear to be iPad Pro Screen Support. That seems like a bit of a miss.
  • One Star: BIG Flaw 1/5

    By jluther
    The would be a perfectly ok reader but for the fact that the Full Text function doesn’t work. At all. Clicking it merely returns a “(null)”. Perhaps there are some feeds that the function works with, but I haven’t found any.
  • Jump glitch is fixed. Great team response. Great app 1/5

    By samrecord
    Updated 7/2/19 (from 5 stars to 1): This company has just gone dark. App is apparently no longer serviced and servers shut down. My news articles stopped displaying properly for a few weeks so I sent an email for help several days ago. I never received any response. Not even an automated one. Then, today, the app completely stopped working. It doesn’t get any data from the internet. Server seems to no longer be working. Update 11/14/17 They fixed the jumping glitch. Fantastic. All is well in one of my favorite apps FeeddlerPro. —————- This is a great app. I use it everyday. But after their latest update (for iPhone X), the screen now jumps when I scroll the news up to read. This is very annoying. Please keep the scrolling stable as it was before. I am on an iPhone 7 with latest iOS.
  • Good replacement for Feedly 5/5

    By Mruseless
    I tried this RSS reader because Feedly had just gotten too greedy. You couldn’t even save to Pocket anymore without paying their ridiculously high monthly fee. So I tried Feedler and was impressed. The layout is very good, there are a lot of options, and it’s a one-time purchase to get rid of the ads instead of a stupid monthly fee. All in all it works very well. I deducted one star Because webpages are displayed with their own internal browser, which isn’t very good, especially for ad heavy sites. And there’s no option to make safari the default browser. At least you can use the option to open webpages in Safari instead. But that’s an annoying extra tap.
  • Returns NULL 1/5

    By lw-
    I can see list of articles, but when I tap on one, only get "null" instead of RSS version of article or Full version. This was working well a few weeks ago. Previous 4-Star Review: Frustrating When My Reading Position is LOST Feeddler is mostly a 4-5 Star app when it is working (5-Star if it included search), but when I leave the app to check email or look something up and then return back to Feeddler, it is very VERY FRUSTRATING when Feeddler LOOSES my reading position and takes me all the way back to the Subscriptions list. Please, please, please do NOT ever loose my reading position when switching to another app and then returning back to Feeddler -- this is so FRUSTRATING that I want to give this app only a 1-Star rating for this since this happens so often (many times per day), but I do like this app very much otherwise. This issue occurs on an iPhone 7 with 2GB of RAM and without many other apps running. It even occurs after a hard restart (hold Power + Volume Down until Apple logo appears) which should free up some RAM. If you do have to refresh Feeddler when I return back to it (which I can understand if I haven't used it for a few days or have swiped it away in the App Switcher), then at a minimum, please try to keep track (pointer, bookmark, etc) of the article I was reading along with how far down I've read in that article. Then restore me back to that article I was reading along with my position in that article and that article's position in its headlines feed list when refreshing the app so that when I am finally done reading that article and go back to the list of headlines screen, nothing is lost, and I can keep looking for other interesting older articles to read without loosing my position in that headlines list either. Please also add Search, especially for my Starred Items feed, so I can quickly find what I am looking for.
  • No longer updating 1/5

    By Rosey0705
    I’ve been using this app for several years and it worked great. For the last few months or more it has not been updated and there’s no way to contact the developer anymore. His website seems to be shut down. It is still being advertised and written about in various articles. I would say don’t buy it unless you can find out how to contact the developer.
  • Was a great RSS reader 1/5

    By Kewltune
    —4/29/2019— I still haven’t heard from the developer. Full Text is still not working. —4/18/2019— Full text is still broken and still have not heard back from developer after sending 7th email. —3/29/2019— I really did love this app for years. Somewhat recently, Full Text view starts acting like RSS Sumary view. I made many attempts to contact the developer and never received a single response. Full Text view doesn’t work well over 95% of the time forcing me to view a web page (you know, ones with all those annoying ads). Here hoping the developer get the message and fix the Full Text view issue. I will provide update periodically on whether or not I hear back from the developer and/or no longer experiencing the issue.
  • LONG time user 5/5

    By EOOW
    Loving since back in the day. I love the simple layout. It’s easy on the eyes.
  • Excellent RSS Reader! 5/5

    By Glenn Warren
    Simple, easy to use, reliable. That’s all there is to say. Love it!
  • Great RSS, with some iPad features missing 4/5

    By johnnydfred
    Very stable on my devices, and consistently the best RSS. Really wish search was added, as well as split-screen for sharing space with other apps on iPad.
  • The worst. Period 1/5

    By swross
    Can’t even get a consistent login. I’ve tried Evernote, my Apple email account, Facebook. Forget this one.
  • Great RSS reader app 5/5

    By kilauea88
    Have been using this daily app forever and love it.
  • Latest update fixes issues, still has warts 4/5

    By MarkInSeattle
    This app seems to see-saw between working and broken with each update to iOS. The good news is the developer is fairly quick to address issues. That said, here's some current issues that need to be addressed... 1 - An option to block ads or at least the auto-playing videos on some feeds. #gizmodo I'm talking to you. 2 - Pages that jump around while loading is still an issue 3 - If you're viewing a feed then lose your internet connection there is an endless stream of popups that tell you that you have no internet connection. One will do. Hopefully the developer will address some of these.
  • Excellent Feedly Client app 5/5

    By St32003
    Simple, Straightforward, Swift!
  • Best RSS Reader 5/5

    By N. Virginia Engineer
    This reader (Version 4.3) is reliable and easy to use once it is set up. You can organize your feeds into related topics such as "Politics" or "Sports" or "Apple" or "Entertainment". It separates and highlights unread articles. You can tag articles of particular interest. Twice over the past several years, I reported a problem I was having and each time, the developer sent me a personal reply within a day and had the problem resolved immediately.
  • Not dead, after all 4/5

    By Batrico
    A quiet follow up release a day or so ago seems to have silently fixed a slew of nagging bugs that cropped up this Summer. However, several remain and the app remains in desperate need of feature love to take advantage of APIs and functions available since iOS 10, 11, and now 12. It used to be a 5 star app for me, but its lengthy tooth (and outstanding bugs) cost a star.
  • Best RSS Reader 5/5

    By 2greezy
    This is the best RSS reader available. The latest 9/30/18 update fixed both the "null" error and the constant logout issue.
  • The best 5/5

    By a student and reviewer
    The best rss reader I’ve tried.
  • Best rss reader 5/5

    By KYakerDude
    This is the best RSS reader! It is well organized. I use it all the time. Highly recommend.
  • Probably the best RSS Reader for iOS, but could be better 4/5

    By Rhoq
    The app works well, but there are a few quirks that if resolved would really make this great. The first is offer a true offline mode, where articles are downloaded in the background and can be read without an internet connection. The other is to fix the polarized images when using the dark "night mode" theme.
  • My #1 RSS reader 5/5

    By Chimy28
    I love the layout, and workflow. It runs smoothly, with minimal steps allowing me to see the most content with minimal effort. These RSS readers are such personal things and one person loves what another one hates. I use it with Google/Feedly and for me I love using small fonts on a large device and seeing many article lines in one screen and everything loads quickly. I enjoy the pace. They had a small hiccup for a couple of days which they immediately recognized and fixed. For those couple days, I had to rely on my previous readers and felt completely lost. FeeddlerPro is definitely worth it for me.
  • ratings 1/5

    By customer18492
    stop nagging for ratings
  • FeeddlerPro and theOldReader 5/5

    By Dont bother with we rule
    FeedlerPro and theOldReader solved my problem when google stopped supporting rss. It’s been seamless for years. There was a recent UI bug that I had, but it was fixed within a couple of days. Much appreciated! Thanks!
  • It’s good again 5/5

    By up&downthenup
    The problems that I had with last weeks update (4.2) have been fixed with this 4.3 on my phone. No more ?? When I open an article.
  • This update finally resolve the problem! 5/5

    By Poci3
    This update finally resolved the bug with always log in to the account at every time I start the app. Thanx for the fast update!
  • Used to work well, now crashes frequently and loses posts 1/5

    By Lbcyclist
    This used to be my favorite RSS reader if not app overall. It's quick, flexible and intuitive. I wrote a previous review with four stars and a strong recommendation. However, in recent weeks [written in September 2018] the app seems to behave poorly. Very frequently posts are shown with a question mark for content and cause the app to crash. I can still access them on the browser on feedhq's website, but not in this app. I emailed the developer but there's no response and the "app support" link in the app store leads to a dead page. Time to look for a new reader. This one's time has come.
  • Update fixes the previous broken one! 5/5

    By Sorodoros
    As reviewed by others over the past days, the app was hopelessly broken in so many ways that it was essentially useless. (Switched to Newsify as a "placeholder" —mostly positive, but with several caveats.) The current update returns everything to normal functionality. Thanks to dev! I know the interface and style is a bit "old school," like an app for Palm or Blackberry, and without most of the more "contemporary" features like 3D-touch, its simplicity and to-the-point approach to news feeds still surpasses most if not all the other options. And after 8 years the dev still supports it. The rare and brief breakdown of functionality given current iOS changes is forgivable.
  • Works fine now 4/5

    By Borregaard
    It appears as if the developer fixed the glitch that was found in the most recent version. Great app, which I rely on everyday.
  • Reliable app 5/5

    By Darmok N. Jalad
    Not sure where the negative reviews are coming from, but this app has been well supported by the developer. Just recently, I was having trouble after updating to iOS 12. Just as I was about to email the developer, an update was pushed out that fixed the problem. Great for reading the feeds. Use it every single day!
  • Back to glorious RSS 5/5

    By Syn1773
    Feeds aren't stuck updating anymore with the latest update 4.3 Thanks for this app!
  • Update broke it 1/5

    By Judy3.14139
    I like this app a lot, but the most recent up date on 9/26/18 broke it. I can’t maneuver between folders and it’s continuously “updating” the feed list. Please fix! Will return to 5 stars after that.
  • Dev needs to fix this update’s bugs. 1/5

    By astroclubguy
    Logs me out of Feedly every time I launch the app.
  • Update has a bug 1/5

    By kwall1969
    When set to show unread only, the articles just repeat the first page of articles. Also the login with feedly is bugging out as mentioned in other reviews. Previous versions worked great, 5 stars once fixed.
  • Broken 1/5

    By nyjoe371
    Can’t stay logged in to feedly. Keep getting tossed after this latest update
  • This version has problems 2/5

    By BrianCombs
    Latest version will not Open Articles as RSS. All I see is “??”. This makes the app much less useful.
  • Update broke login 1/5

    By jlepine12
    Sorry but after the update just released it keeps kicking me to the login screen every time I open the app. Unacceptable. I tried a bunch of different tools when Google Reader went away and this was the one I stuck with. It's been solid and the functionality fits with everything I need in an RSS reader. Well done.
  • Thanks for the update! 5/5

    By G305
    Thought this app was dead. Thanks for the update. Still the best rss reader around by a mile.
  • Worthy news reader 3/5

    By oddjob54321
    Ive been using this app for many years. But recently something changed and now when i visit sites , app blows up. So we need this fixed.
  • Was good 1/5

    By mrjwbr
    Worked well until recently. Click on a link, get the *Null message, and the app crashes. Every time.
  • (Was) Nice to use 1/5

    By mrjwbr
    Very happy to get text feeds after so many news apps apparently think video and images are the most important thing. Wish I could control the font size and weight in the full article mode. *Update* The app has decide to constantly crash anytime a story is selected and it goes to text mode. The screen says “Null” and the app crashes. No word form the developer.
  • A B C: Always Be Crashing 1/5

    By Bee-Ten
    Love crashing & lots of (null) Was a very solid RSS app. Used it for years. Rarely updated. August 2018. Frequently crashing. RSS stories “sorted” out of order. No discernible order when sorted by “Newest” or Default. Generally has been very solid RSS app. Used it for years. Wish you could search your subscribed articles.
  • Used to love it, now crashing and (null) 3/5

    By Thefrugalist
    I bought the pro version and it was great! Syncs with Feedly, so I can read on multiple devices after the demise of google reader. Full text caching and offline image caching generally worked well, but lately it has issues where the article doesn’t load and it just says “(null)” and the app crashes back to the home screen. On relaunching, it does the same thing with ever article you click on until clearing the cache, after which sometimes you can read 5-50 more articles without a crash. As of August 2018, it looks like the last app update was about 8 months ago. Hopefully the developer can find and fix the bug, because otherwise it would be 5 stars for me...
  • Fantastic Reader! 5/5

    By iDrive55
    Excellent. Can't wait for some 3D Touch shortcuts 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
  • Invaluable Media Resource 5/5

    By michael_carr
    This is my go-to app for aggregating all of my current news. Highly recommended.
  • Charged Twice 1/5

    By MasterBlaster21
    I already own this App and when I downloaded the current version I was charged again.
  • Working again 5/5

    By Charles_Martel_TheHammer
    Contacted developer and he fixed it.
  • App quits when reading articles 4/5

    By Gschwaz
    App quits after clicking “more...” in order to visit the article source.

Feeddler RSS Reader Pro 2 app comments

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