Feedly - Smart News Reader

Feedly - Smart News Reader

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  • Current Version: 65.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Feedly Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Feedly - Smart News Reader App

Feedly is a smart reader that connects you to the information you need to stay ahead of the curve in your space. Every day, millions of professionals and passionate learners use Feedly on their iPhones and iPads to follow the blogs, magazines, and other sources that matter to them. Feedly allows you to create an account and organize all publications, blogs, and information you want to follow to keep up with the topics and trends that matter to you. No more zig zagging. All the content comes to you in one place, in a clean and easy-to-read format. People use Feedly to read blogs, learn new topics, and track keywords, brands and companies. With the Feedly Pro in-app purchase, you can boost your account and unlock some additional features to track keyword, brands and companies, spot new emerging trends, search in your Feedly for specific articles and more easily share and shine. Feedly Pro offers useful integrations with Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, Buffer, OneNote, Pinterest, LinkedIn, IFTTT, and Zapier so that you can easily share stories with your networks and teammates. We believe in speed and simplicity. We spent a lot of time making sure Feedly is the best free reader available on the iPhone and the iPad. The app loads fast and offers a simple and clean reading experience. The best way to start is to search for a blog, magazine or newspaper you like to read and add it to your Feedly. If you are looking for inspiration, you can open the search panel and browse some of our popular topics. We help you discover the best blogs for tech, business, food, marketing, entrepreneurship, design, baking, photography and more. Our mission is to deliver in one place all the knowledge and inspiration you need to keep ahead. Happy reading!

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Feedly - Smart News Reader app reviews

  • Won't open 1/5

    By chinmas
    The most recent version of the app won't get past the splash screen
  • All major issues fixed! 5/5

    By M A 4
    It’s evolved through some rough patches into a very functional reader.
  • Broken back action 1/5

    By RobinR27
    Swiping in from the left brings up the menu instead of closing the current page. Please fix.
  • It is a good app,But 3/5

    By CzW777
    I have been using the app for a year and it has been the best app I have used, now it will not let me tweet articles to my twitter and Facebook pages.
  • Top expensive 1/5

    By John56318
    $8/month for a RSS reader is too expensive. A one-off purchase would be reasonable. Even if this is $10 or $15. I’m happy to pay. Engineers need to eat too. But $96/year for a content collection app...nope. After all you don’t create the content. I’m removing this one and finding another ready.
  • Pro features need to be labeled clearly 2/5

    By Hippohumongous
    Currently they're not labeled at all. If you want to search articles, you'll get a message overlaying the search results telling you "get Power search!". But what if i just want regular search? 🤔 There's no button to close the overlay, making me think power search is the only way...and it takes me to a window sign up for Pro. This also happens on the desktop version btw, so I think this is more deception than bad design. Another example is when they announced the revamp with new features and we can filter out articles by phrases or keywords. But there was no option for me to enable this in the settings and after a bit of searching, found that this is a Pro only feature, WHICH they neglected to mention in the blog post. Nice. I'm not against companies wanting to make money and I think subscription models are appropriate for online services like Feedly (that have to run on servers in order to work). But users should have a choice and we should not be deceived by Pro only features. Things like search, have it grayed it and label it Pro Only. Done. This whole thing was irritating enough for me to shell out $5 for Reeder. Good riddance.
  • Can't make things as read 3/5

    By MysteryShopper12
    Sliding them left just bounces them right back when released, no matter if dragging all the way across the screen or not. Seems this is a broken feature, for me at least.
  • This app is just bad 1/5

    By Gaspatchosoup
    With each update it changes and not for the better. Also trying to watch videos in some of the articles I try and read have started to just not work at all and I have never had that problem before. So about the videos with my service being sprint and also not being bad if I start a video it gets to the buffer point then stops and starts over and over. If I pause and you would think that would help the video it keeps loading but then doesn’t play the video at all. I can’t wait to never use this app again.
  • I loved the old one and like most of the new one 5/5

    By azhaynes
    Here’s the deal. I love the new tools that come with Feedly. Marking things as read with a swipe and the scroll features are awesome. I have had the new version for a few weeks (as long as the newest version has been available) and there is one major problem. Websites like Gizmodo have new content that initially shows up as a preview. You click on “read more” and then it opens up the whole thing. With this update every time you click on an article it opens up a new web page in safari rather than just open up the article within the app itself (which is what the old version did). Because I like progress and I really feel that they are moving the app in a great direction I stuck with it despite that issue. I searched Feedly forums and sent messages via twitter and never heard back about this issue or how to fix it. I thought that maybe I read in the forum that a newer version would fix that but it never came. For now I am going to the classic version and might keep the new version on my phone and check it periodically to see if they fixed it. I don’t read articles on my phone because I hate the extra steps of clearing out open pages and saved articles are piling up and becoming irrelevant. It’s a first world problem that I don’t care to tolerate. You should use Feedly and you should use the new version unless you read Gizmodo, in which case you should use the classic version. Update: Feedly took the time to respond and answer my question. I never stopped using them and am grateful that they took the time to solve my embarrassingly easy problem. Thanks!
  • Love everything about Feedly! 5/5

    By HSMathMom
    I use this app every. single. day. I have very few apps that I use this often. Thanks, Feedly, for continually updating your product.
  • Goto news feed 4/5

    By rocketship69
    It’s great. The only thing I don’t like about it is that you have to press the ‘load more’ button every couple flicks to see new headlines. It becomes really annoying and you begin to anticipate if it might be next. Just not a great part of UX.
  • Browser option doesn’t work. Fix this crap 1/5

    By JonPaul2
    When you find something you actually want to read, enjoy the links and opening other apps etc to read it. Feedly is good for scraping the Internet for news, but it is trying to be a web browser and failing. Battery use is absurd. It doesn’t recognize Brave browser, doesn’t work in general behind the scenes. Lots of privacy problems here. Was too good to be real.
  • Source removed? 3/5

    By Linds000111
    Why remove the source of the article? This app is now Annoying.
  • Swipe right 2/5

    By Canisreevus
    Swiping right from left edge now brings up sidebar instead of going back to feed. Please tell me this is a bug. Needs to be fixed
  • Swipe right from right edge while an article is open shouldn’t bring up the side menu. 3/5

    By JohnAppleFan
    Swipe right from right edge while an article is open shouldn’t bring up the side menu. Steps to reproduce. 1. Tap to open an article. 2. Swipe right from left edge Expected: goes back to feed Actual: goes back to feed AND opens side menu.
  • One thing short 5/5

    By discount sushi
    Feedly keeps getting better, faster, easier to use. I do wish the bookmark icon would fill like it does on the web, there's very little change in contrast between the grey/green outline in the daytime mode. Add in slight colorblindness and it just isn't very legible. Minor quibble for a great app.
  • Super Helpful 5/5

    By s. yi
    I use this on a daily basis. Great news aggregator.
  • Yesterday’s update 3/5

    By lisak2
    Please put the blog source back in the Magazine view. I like to see the source before opening. Generally I like Feedly but I see no reason why you would take that part of the summary away.
  • No Network 2/5

    By Anxient
    Constantly says “No Network”. I posted this on the network connection I definitely have. Would be great otherwise.
  • Impossible to cancel subscription 1/5

    By Zemlynikak
    Just reinstalled the app after a break. Want to get rid of content I’m not interested any more, but it seems impossible (using iphone). For this operation one need to tap on a corresponding RadioButton, but there is just an empty space.
  • Lack of voiceover feedback on buttons 1/5

    By TrigNoMe
    The only voiceover feedback you get when tapping a button at the bottom of the screen is simply “button“ rather than it telling you exactly what the button does.
  • App no longer works 1/5

    By cdk52
    Won’t log in, won’t let me create a new account, no longer useful. So sad. Used to use it a lot.
  • Problem with new version continues. 2/5

    By gdmedia1
    Still, after this May 2019 update, if you leave a page, accidentally or on purpose, and go back, you are back at the top of the page and have to find your place again. They had this problem for a long time after an update of the old Feedly but finally fixed it. That’s why I use the old iPad Feedly app. Might use this one if they would fix this problem.
  • No notifications on iPhone 5/5

    By RaghavendraKamma
    I don’t receive any notifications about any articles on my iPhone. I don’t see the app also in notifications settings on my iPhone. I don’t want to open the app everyday and go through all the stuff. It would have been nice to push some most sought content via notifications. For ex: some hot news in each category
  • New app getting better 5/5

    By hamiltonia
    Honestly I still prefer the classic app. The new app is getting better, I hope they work or some of the user interface kinks soon. I love Feedly and support them because overall it's a great product. (Update: I've moved full time to the new app which I use daily. I love the product! My one request is to fix the end of feed "Mark all as read" button so I can move from one category to the next smoothly like the old app, without having to hit that button.)
  • Share to reading list (missing?) 1/5

    By 21deeds
    Can’t seem to find Safari reading list on the share menu in this new app.
  • still a solid app (though i’m on the side of less UI changes) 5/5

    By i.togusa
    best reader i’ve found. have used for years. not sure the last updates made it easier, but still works great as a reader for all the feeds i care about.
  • Love Feedly . Add set time dark mode ?! 3/5

    By Jason.stroud
    I love Feedly and pay for features monthly on both Apple and Android devices . Is there anyway you can add a time enabled dark mode feature ? That would make this app perfect ! Keep up the great work .Thank you !
  • Worse than before 1/5

    By Texan03
    Therebis NO way to adjust feed settings to read articles that are more than 30 days old Ugghhh!!!
  • Getting steadily worse 2/5

    By chadpbrown
    Each new user interface update makes the experience just a little bit worse. Navigating the hierarchy of feeds used to be quick, but now I’m forced to constantly switch between targets on the top and bottom of the screen. The Favorites target - unsurprisingly my most common or *favorite* target is moved into a harder to reach, harder to find place. Moving between feeds is both harder and less smooth. Images in feeds are rendered somewhere between ‘badly’ and ‘no one would ever want this, ever’. And the app now seems to have tap areas for local navigation that take me to the wrong place far more often than not. Disappointed. Considering reverting to former U.K., or just switching to another app. Anyone recommend an alternative?
  • I would happily pay for bug fixes and content controls 3/5

    By Jon47
    I will always love Feedly for picking up the torch when Google Reader died, and I still don’t know of any better feed reader applications. None of the paid features seem useful to me - I’m sure I wouldn’t use them even if they were free. Major complaints: 1. Sharing to Firefox is broken, was fixed briefly but then promptly broke again 2. No option to control image downloads Also several conventions of the OS are not maintained in the app: 1. The scroll bar is often hidden so I can’t see how long an article is 2. Tapping the top of the screen does not zoom to the top of an article.
  • Please no happy “you’re done!” cartoons 3/5

    By KimiTX
    Because when I’ve just read a comic or a fun article about skin care or whatever, that would be fine, but when I’ve just read a dark, depressing news item about people dying or the economy tanking, it is SUPER jarring and weird to see a happy smiling ‘toon congratulating me for reading all the things. And it’s more often that second situation that the first, so...please. I wrote a similar review a few years back when y’all decided a chipper cartoon dinosaur was what people needed after they finished reading the news. I discovered that one for the first time literally after reading about a hate crime, and it was awful. The dinosaur went away quickly and I can only assume it was because others felt much as I do. The only comics I need in my Feedly are the ones I subscribe to. Please no smiley congratulatory cartoon figures, anywhere. Or at least give us an way to opt out of that. All that’s needed is the green check mark. Less is more.
  • $72 per year is steep 3/5

    By StupidGreedyCorporateDroid
    Been using Feedly for a while it seems okay I guess. But $72/yr is an awful lot to pay now for a bit of organizing search results. Every browser has bookmarks and reading list functions that mimic what Feedly does. Hmmm ... at $72/year I guess Feedly has dreams of an IPO?
  • Your update killed the app 3/5

    By therealspot
    Loved Feedly. This last update made me write this.... yeah, not a good change.
  • Finally deleting 2/5

    By rlr524
    It seems the developers are not interested in fixing the loading problem that has been reported by numerous users over the past few months. I actually like the app but if they can’t be bothered with fixing a known issue that affects numerous users, I can’t be bothered with their app.
  • Annoying jump to next feed 3/5

    By Brman99
    When in a feed, and swiping up, the app jumps to the next feed. I hate this, because I have to go back to that feed and mark it read. The app should only go to the next feed if the current feed is read, or it I request the next feed. It used to work this way, but the poor choice was made to change it. Otherwise it is a great app.
  • Got charged full price instead of a trial 1/5

    By Noir Amnesiac
    I went to try the 30 day trial and instead I got billed full price. Everything said I wouldn’t get billed for a month, etc, and it did anyway! I’ve never even used the app before!
  • Great App - Mark all as read is broken - again! 3/5

    By RoboticGuy
    Title says it all. Otherwise I love the app.
  • Moving on after 12 years 3/5

    By Das Pike
    I really tried to give the new UI a chance but I’m just not a fan. I understand the need for better readability across all devices but unfortunately it’s at the expense of the UX. Thanks for all the articles over the years.
  • Scrolling and pictures 3/5

    By TN787
    When you scroll to the bottom it flashes and shows the top of the article until you let your finger off the screen. Also I’m constantly clicking on the article picture which opens up in safari and is extremely annoying. This was never an issue until recently so it tells me that it’s an update. Sometimes I leave my finger on the screen to scroll between articles and now if I do that it just highlights the words on the screen. It never used to do that unless you left your finger in one place for a second or two. Now it does it whether your finger is still or moving.
  • Once a great app 2/5

    By Hgguoyfdfdfhiedfgkccfjhdah
    Since the new UI rolled out, I get network errors a lot. I’m on good WiFi with no problems in any other app. Sometimes a restart fixes it. Other times, the app just freezes for an hour or more. After switching to this when Google reader died, I used feedly a lot. It’s baffling how a major problem like this could happen for 6 months with no attempt to address it. Time to look for a new alternative.
  • Infinite loop of Create a Feed. 1/5

    By Stratospheres 22
    It never ends. I create a Feed. It says it creates it. I tap on the newly created feed and it takes me right back to an empty feeds list. Again and again and again. If it helps, I logged in using a Microsoft account. That seemed to work fine but maybe that's the condition of this bug. I'm not in the mood to start over though. Moving on to something else.
  • Love the software - hate the Loading problem 3/5

    By staypuppy
    At least once a day Feedly hangs in Loading... after I Mark All As Read on a page. This happens in Today and Read Later. It happens on my iPad Pro and my iPhone X. I have to force quit the app to “fix" it so I can continue to read my articles.
  • Why did this app suddenly stop working? 4/5

    By tibetpete
    And when you click through to app support there’s no support to be found. Since the latest ios update, i can’t get anything to load. Help!
  • Apple playing games? 4/5

    By tcwestdad
    The app doesn’t load anymore, or it is slow, on my APPLE iPad. Hmmmm, this started with apples new News app update. My Feedly app works fine on my Samsung, over 4g, but on wireless or 4g, nothing, on my iPad. Seems fishy to me.
  • Larger for size 3/5

    By F8.71
    Please offer option for even larger text as default
  • Censorship 1/5

    By Right_Bauer
    Feedly removed the ability to view my favorite online publication, and it is very clear that it is targeted censorship of the publication in question. It is still popular online, but the in-app browser shows no results. I used to be able to view it, but it was recently removed. Screw off, you globalist trash.
  • Please fix the “Loading” issue 2/5

    By Moe Lassus
    I’m constantly having to kill the app and relaunch due to the Loading issue.
  • Great before, broken now... 1/5

    By WiZzyzx
    Like many others here, I can’t get through an actual session with the new version without getting the “Loading” bug, where no new data will load. This makes the app completely useless. It worked before, and was darn near perfect, but in the last few weeks it has become worthless. Also, separately - I can’t figure out how to clear an article that I had marked to read later - both swipe left and swipe right, as well as the “press and hold” don’t work. I might be missing something, but the UI shouldn’t be so complicated that this is hard to figure out!

Feedly - Smart News Reader app comments

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