Feedly - Smart News Reader

Feedly - Smart News Reader

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  • Current Version: 75.0.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Feedly Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Feedly - Smart News Reader App

Goodbye information overload. Keep up with the topic and trends you care about, without the overwhelm. Feedly offers you the cure to information in three easy steps: 1/ Find and organize the right sources in one place: leading newspapers, trade publications, influential bloggers, Youtube channels, RSS feeds, Twitter feeds, research journals. Feedly lets you harness the full power of the web. 2/ Train Leo to filter out the noise. Leo is your AI research assistant. You are in control of the priorities. Ask Leo to read your feeds and prioritize the topics, events, and trends that matter to your. Leo is an enormous time saver 3/ Share insights with your team. Organize, curate, and share the industry insights your team needs to accelerate research, marketing, and sales. With Feedly and RSS, you can organize in one place industry publications, expert blogs, news sites, youtube channels, twitter feeds, podcasts, and even Google News keyword alerts. Feedly is connected to 40 million sources across 2,000 topics, and fifty industries - processing 100 millions articles every day. With Feedly shared boards, you can feed everyone in your organization with the insight they need to make smarter decisions. You can also curate and share interesting ideas and perspectives and grow your brand on social media. With the Feedly Pro in-app purchase, you can boost your account and unlock some additional features to track keyword, brands and companies, spot new emerging trends, search in your Feedly for specific articles and more easily share and shine. The Feedly Pro subscription offers useful integrations with Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, Buffer, OneNote, Pinterest, LinkedIn, IFTTT, and Zapier so that you can easily share stories with your networks and teammates. Feedly is trusted by 15 million smart readers and thousands of organizations. Feedly means privacy by default. Feedly is a secured space where you can privately organize and research the topics and trends that matter to you. We believe that customers should own and control all their personal information. Being funded by our community means that you are the customer and we are not trying to create a toxic feed that mines your attention. Learn more via our terms of use: https://feedly.com/i/legal/terms We deliver a fast and clean reading experience on both your iPhone, iPad and Web browser. We spent a lot of time making sure Feedly is the best free RSS reader available on the iPhone and the iPad. The best way to start is to search for a blog, magazine or newspaper you like to read and add it to your Feedly. If you are looking for inspiration, you can select the discover tab and browse some of our popular topics. We help you discover the best blogs for tech, business, food, marketing, entrepreneurship, design, baking, photography and more. Our mission is to deliver in one place all the knowledge and inspiration you need to keep ahead. Happy reading! Terms of use: https://feedly.com/i/legal/terms Privacy by default: https://feedly.com/i/legal/privacy

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Feedly - Smart News Reader app reviews

  • Swipe bug again 4/5

    By Canisreevus
    6/2: Swiping to right while in article brings up sidebar instead of just closing article. This is a resurrection of an old bug
  • It’s all in how you choose to use it 5/5

    By shawnhank
    There are a lot of reviews on the App Store complaining about Feedly. Some are floated to the top even though they are a year old. Others are complaints about the support model and not about the app itself. I’ll offer a recent and contrarian view. 1. Nothing is free. There is a cost for everything. If you use the app or service and you don’t pay for it, I don’t see why the Feedly devs and company should offer support at no cost just because you “feel” it should be free. Use the community, and other free online resources to get help. Expecting something for nothing isn’t sustainable or scalable for then as a business. Let’s get real folks! 2. I don’t use the Feedly app to read and consume news or articles. I use a different RSS reader that leverages and integrates with Feedly. 3. I use Feedly to search, find and bubble up the articles and topics that I want to follow. It’s a news aggregation service with definable smart rules and automation that do all the heavy lifting for me. That’s what I pay for, and through that lens, this service and app are great. 4. Back to support. Whenever I have a question or issue, Support has been very responsive and timely. Even to the point of getting two or three responses in a 24 hour period during back and forth interactions. Again, as a paid subscriber to their Pro and Pro+ levels, I’m very happy and will continue to pay for this service as it adds value by giving me more hours to my week and more weeks to my year. Saving me this kind of time is worth far more than the cost of the service. FYI, I’m not just a blatant Feedly fanboy. I use Inoreader as well as Feedly for the same reasons and to compare/contrast features to ensure that I’m up on all the latest capabilities of both of these services. For my RSS reading experience, I use Newsify on iOS because that’s the best reading and consumption UI based on my tastes and preferences. The service is reliable, and consistent across all platforms: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and web browsers. Keep up the great work, Feedly. Advanced, paid users like me love what you’re doing and the rock solid service you provide.
  • Deplorable 2/5

    By .____.
    There’s so much I love about Feedly, which is good because I pay monthly for them. That said, the fact that even basic support for their app is behind a paywall makes me embarrassed for them. I work in software and my company has a free version of its software. It’s not as full featured and the queue for support is a lower priority, but often we find bugs from those support requests we wouldn’t have found as early otherwise. Further, their support can’t even be called that. I’ve had to change my usage of their app around it’s flaws, with what you pay for a personal pro account is shameful.
  • Unable to contact support without paid account 2/5

    By cstandrew
    I have been trying to get in touch with support. When I downloaded the app for my MacBook it. Plus not find my existing account w the same email. It made me create a new account. I have totally separate feeds from my MacBook and the iPhone app and no way to merge it! Disappointed In the app and the support it provides unless you pay.
  • help! 1/5

    By yhang987
    Dear developers, I can’t login the app and can’t open official website on my phone pad or laptop for awhile, don’t know why ..... I have used Feedly for years,I like it, help me please. I don’t intend to mark ONE STAR, just hope you can see this message. A user from Shanghai. No error pop up Tried to reinstall the app Doesn’t work give up I use other app instead sorry
  • Hello 3/5

    By bandjoe
    Why is it so hard to get the feed url once it’s in Feedly?
  • Unable to find network with data connection 1/5

    By Chris664518
    No longer showing any feed as of May 10
  • Buggy 2/5

    By npa
    App appears buggy. Had to go back to settings, several times, and tenable my choices. In addition, the UI needs improvement.
  • no auto night mode 2/5

    By hockeydude10
    No auto night mode. its been 8 months since iOS 13 had been released and 11 since its been available for developers. that’s ridiculous
  • Needs automatic dark mode 1/5

    By chris_baker2007
    This should be a standard feature. It’s a shame such a great app is ruined by the lack of this feature. I’m gonna be switching to another RSS reader until the devs can add this.
  • Auto dark mode 🙄 2/5

    By jingai
    It’s been 7 months since iOS 13 enables this. Slack does it... Reddit, too. They switch modes that match my settings, just like the phone. Please, support this.
  • Pretty much perfect 5/5

    By jbrandonf
    I really love this app. I’ve used it since Google Reader was shut down and it’s got a primary spot on my home screen. This might sound silly but I really like that beautiful green splash screen that shows up when the app first loads up. I’ve noticed a bug where if the app is left in Safari webview and is subsequently cleared out from system memory then the splash screen doesn’t show up as the app is opened again. It’s pretty consistently every single time. If I don’t have safari web view left open when the app is cleared from RAM then the splash screen shows up as normal.
  • It is better to say that it is a premium app 1/5

    By limabrito
    You can’t search (“find specific articles in your Feedly” as the they state) that the app will request you to buy the pro or pro+ version. You can’t create more than 3 personal feeds (like a folder) to organize things by category that the app will request you to buy a premium membership. Why not letting people know that it is a premium app?
  • Need auto dark/light mode 2/5

    By Culn59171
    This app is almost perfect! Just need update for iOS 13 auto dark/light mode to match system setting.
  • Great on iPad, issues on iPhone 4/5

    By M A 4
    A very functional reader. Recently, though, it has a problem on iPhone: each entry shows only the title and source, plus sometimes an image, but without any preview of the text content (in Compact Magazine view, for instance). iPad still shows a portion of the text content—no problems there, EXCEPT in the phone-width Slideover mode. So, recommended on iPad, and for iPhone too once this recent issue is resolved.
  • Turns liberal fast 1/5

    By JEJ291
    I sought this newsfeed to have an alternative to the usual right versus left hoping to get some fact based articles about science and technology or business. At first it seemed ‘ok’ and then it just swing hard left in about 3 days. If I want to read trump hate mail I will just turn on CNN.
  • Buggy but great app when it works. 2/5

    By HanzM
    Thanks for making a great app. I use Feedly daily a few times a day. For some reasons I notice many website now just reloads before I can read the article using built in reader. So I switch to use Safari to read. When I click on an article, safari opens. Article does not reload. Safari works fine. The new problem is on Feedly. When I go back to Feedly, instead of putting it back to where I left, Feedly just reload the whole feed as if I just started Feedly and I have to figure out where was. These two bugs drove me crazy. In conclusion, I can’t use Feedly now. If I use built in reader many article just kept reloading. When i use safari, Feedly kept reloading my feeds when I returned from safari. Two stars. Would have been 5 stars had it not have new bug. Please fix. You can add features but please don’t break what works.
  • Thankful for Classic 1/5

    By ssrrstuart
    Still running classic which reliably does what I need. Based on the reviews I see here, I think I’ll stay where I’m at.
  • The best rss reader after Google Reader closed 4/5

    By Den1234543215
    Please add tinted night mode (see Telegram) and switch to dark theme automatically by system settings!
  • Safari Reading List 3/5

    By Aaron Adams!
    This app needs to be able to add articles from my feed to the Safari Reading List.
  • BackGronud Play 5/5

    By GMCartagena
    Please put back background support
  • Seems broken 2/5

    By Bderiso
    Honestly, it seems impossible to search for what o want to add, and providing it with a URL seems to fail most of the time as well. Explore feature is not able to be customized and the categories are pretty sloppy. Can’t seem to stay logged in on the browser. No mobile friendly website (forgive me for not wanting an app)! I can’t start feeds like webcomics front the beginning without jumping though infinite pages... just disappointing really.
  • “Never stop learning” 5/5

    By iTh1nk
    Great app for reading...
  • Remember settings? 4/5

    By racerchic33
    Every time I open the app I have to go in and tap All else it does not display the way I want. How come?
  • No longer works 1/5

    By Koogan123
    Since last update, useless.
  • I would give it a zero if I could 1/5

    By Steven_Oates
    Used to have this years ago, it was merely frustrating then. It’s totally useless now. After following two feeds, it won’t allow me to do anything other than sign up for an $8.00 or $16.00 subscription. What a load of money grubbing BS! I still wish that google never ended it’s reader. Thanks feebly team for proving once again the only things that matter are money and profit.
  • Broken 1/5

    By Hollywood Palms
    Due to the latest update, Feedly now just displays the splash screen and nothing else. No feeds, no favorites - nothing. Did anyone test this before releasing this version? This seems to be an instance of bad quality control.
  • Hoping for improvement 2/5

    By tron497138
    I am super dependent on Feedly, I have loved it for over a year or so, but for some reason I can’t access the menu and am limited to reading whatever is in the feed. I’m already looking for others since it really has become inconvenient.
  • Time, battery, notch stats invisible 3/5

    By jonnydesigner
    Hey devs, unless I’m in night mode I can’t see the time or other stats in the notches of my iPhone... just white space. This is pretty aggravating since I can’t keep track of the time or even my battery level as I’m catching up on my feeds. It been like this for a long, long time.
  • Feed doesn’t scroll using a mouse in iPadOS 5/5

    By clogan78
    Awesome app but Feedly is the only iPad app I have that doesn’t scroll using a mouse in iPadOS. It only scrolls if an article is supported by Reader mode.
  • Needs auto theme 3/5

    By Snafu...
    Dark mode should be tied to iOS settings.
  • 2 steps back 1/5

    By AppFun51
    The navigation is terrible and the menu often doesn’t load upon launch. Would never pay for this lack of quality.
  • Disappointing, steady drop in quality 2/5

    By chadpbrown
    The app seems to be getting steady updates, but unfortunately, they make the experience worse more often than not. Previously, refreshing the feeds list would fail to find new items until the app was force-crashed, then the feeds list would insist that new items existed but the feed view would show “all caught up”. Most recently, the feeds list frequently fails to paint at all, just showing a solid white panel that never recovers, so back to force-crashing. While all this is going on, the app frequently resets when running in the background, so getting an iMessage or slack message is now likely to make Feedly forget what you’re reading, and the feature to leave that story as unread if the app switches away no longer works, so my rss reader is losing track of things I want to read (I.e. the cardinal sin). I expect more from my iPad Pro, get it from other apps, and used to get it from Feedly.
  • Issues still remain 2/5

    By Applelights
    Very good in many respects but missing some key features. Still no native iOS 13 Dark Mode (they haven’t switched from their old custom dark mode thus screens like sharing and onboarding are still in light mode. You can have articles open in safari built in reader mode automatically which is great but you can’t disable that for select feeds like you can in other apps like Reeder 4. For instance Daring Fireball and HackerNews feed you will always want to open in feed mode rather than the actual linked page. This is the biggest issue I’ve found. Other apps like Reeder support background refresh so feeds are always up to date. Feedly oddly still does not so each time I open have to manually refresh. macOS was updated last year to make safari more secure yet they still have not updated their Safari extension so still no way to save articles in safari to the read later system, not even a js bookmarklet. No Siri shirtcut support like other reader apps. All in all the app is bit behind the times in supporting all the iOS technologies. Also the action buttons are on the top out of reach rather than the bottom when viewing an article like most all other apps that have in thumb reach at bottom.
  • Downgrading from 3 to 1 ****Ads, Ads, Ads 1/5

    By KayArras
    I pay for this app and am constantly getting ads covering the lower quarter of my screen ESPECIALLY since I have location turned off on my phone and they are serving local ads. Not to mention the fact that I’m getting ads using an app that I pay $7 a month for.
  • Dark mode crashes the app 3/5

    By PatHawkins
    I love the app but dark mode frequently crashes. When I try to check specific feeds the list pane goes white and I have to force close to fix it. Happens frequently on two different iPads and on iPhone.
  • does the terrible thing it’s meant to do. 1/5

    By Jaraad S
    this app markets itself as “smart” but literally reduces the news to its single dumbest and worst part, which is the feeds. thanks for nothing, i’m downloading google news now
  • Not a review, but seeking help 5/5

    By ziptron
    The app (one of my faves) appears broken right now. Any link leads to a blank white screen, with no way to navigate back or further.
  • Used to be better 3/5

    By JHayes328
    Every update creates a new problem ... this time it's pages thatgo black and external links that go into a reload loop. How about just letting us read our feeds?
  • remove 1/5

    By AC1689
    how to remove the content or subscribed?
  • Required login to access content 1/5

    By joe51923
    This news reader required login to access any content. Uninstalling.
  • Very good, but could use some refinements 4/5

    By Robert Ryan
    When device is in dark mode and app is in night mode, you can’t see anything in the menu.
  • Auto Day/Night mode is long overdue 4/5

    By tearaway_Tea
    It seems this is a standard thing in most iOS app, why not adding the auto switch between Day and Night modes?
  • Notifications Please! 4/5

    By aiwetir
    11 stars if you add notifications.
  • App constantly crashes 1/5

    By user 4269
    My title says it all. Feedly app crashes before I can finish an article and resets to my feed IF it doesn’t just make my screen go black and I have to manually close it.
  • Fine App, Stupid Pricing 1/5

    By Gjp426
    I understand that devs need to get paid, but this app is stupidly priced. How on earth can they justify charging more than I’m currently paying for Spotify, Netflix, Disney Plus, and Apple Storage combined (in fact it’s a few dollars more a month than all of those added up). Not to mention, this provides 0 benefits to the people who actually produce the content.
  • Classic was better 4/5

    By solipse.
    Cannot for the life of me figure out why they would change to and stick to this clearly inferior design. Also no option to mirror theme according to iOS Day/Night mode, a feature that is way overdue.
  • Articles keep reloading 3/5

    By Hmharding
    I love feedly but for some reason the articles quite often will reload multiple times and sometimes even after I’ve scrolled down a few paragraphs. I have an iPhone 7. Sometimes when they try to reload the screen goes blank. I’m super bummed. Can this be fixed? Is it a bug? Really need my feedly back but I’m going to use google news until I see if there’s been a resolution to the issue I’m having.
  • Fix the blank feeds page 5/5

    By Wannabe speedreader
    With iOS 13.3 the feeds page appears as a white blank screen in dark mode. Classic Feedly appears to be a workable alternative in the meantime, but I’m Looking forward to a patch on this app as soon as you have it.

Feedly - Smart News Reader app comments

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