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Feit Electric

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  • Current Version: 4.0.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Feit Electric App

Control and manage your Feit Electric LED Smart Bulbs from anywhere with this helpful app.  Easily turn lights on/off, dim, set groups, timers or schedules.  Customize color or tune color temperature if feature is supported by the bulb. Bulbs also work with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant and can be controlled with simple voice commands.   Set up is simple. The bulbs connect directly to your WiFi at home. Purchase your Feit Electric Smart LED bulb, download the app to get started today.

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Feit Electric app reviews

  • You’ll never go back! 5/5

    By ruples
    I love the smart plugs and the smart bulbs both. The smart bulbs are so versatile and programmable. It’s great coming home to a well lit house at night. The smart plugs are great for general use, especially Christmas decorations. Also really love the easy to use app and pairing capabilities. Not sure how I’ve lived without these for so long!
  • Great Quality & NO FEES 5/5

    By Time to watch
    I’ve been using these spotlight cams for over 2 years and I LOVE them! The notices are quick, picture and sound are clear and NO FEES!!! AWESOME PRODUCT & COMPANY!
  • internet 4/5

    By givcghxgfd to xjgchh I
    it was amazing but it does not connect to 5G
  • 2.4 gHz Seriously?!? 1/5

    By Pando-monium
    Are you kidding. Who is running a 2.4 gig router? I need to install a less effective router for your products to work effectively? Very disappointing.
  • Okay?!? 2/5

    By Jsadovsky
    Lights don’t always connect. Does not consistently respond to app command. App will cause delays when trying to turn on lights manually. App is not easy to use for guests. Nice lights, disappointing app. Unfortunately, disappointing for the price. App will also bring up another room or light, when not interacted with. Annoying to turn off lights, when you are turning them on in other rooms. I’m open to provide proof of app error. Otherwise, bright lights and fun to own.
  • Trouble pairing with phone 3/5

    By DasPorter
    I’ve had these bulbs for 6months. First set up and connection was great. Then it lost connection and took 15min of fiddling with if the app to get it to work. Just moved it to a different location and it will no longer connect tot he app which makes it just an expensive lightbulb. Not that impressed as we have a different smart bulb that is a lot simpler and more reliable. When it works I like it, but it’s not all the time the app and bulb work and I’m done spending 15min each time trouble shooting. Please fix
  • Connectivity is mediocre. 3/5

    By 831Hondo
    I’ve had this system for over a year and I’ve found that the response using the app is very lackluster. It works…eventually. But a lot of times I have to hit the button a few times before the switch happens, and if you have a group set up, some parts of the group will do their job, but some won’t. So then you have to go out of the group and search for the one malcontent and hit his button a few times before he’ll behave. In summary, it works well enough to where I keep using it, but if another product comes along that’s more reliable, I’m out.
  • Addicting 5/5

    By Dj Crichton
    Fun app to have when paired with lots of bulbs. I run over 20 bulbs with the app. Even have Siri help me with fun shortcuts. Sometimes the bulbs don’t act as fast. Sometimes the app doesn’t let me choose the color I want. Minimal issues though.
  • Very convenient 5/5

    By BlmBrotha
    I had lost my remote for the LED lights and the app works very well and have no delays.
  • Smart bulb, 1/5

    By Switchbox 104
    After a power outage, simply trying to reset and restore original settings is impossible. No way to access settings for this feature. Pretty much useless. Will throw away and try to find something besides Feit products.
  • Does the job 4/5

    By coachalangley
    Camera is good but I wish it was easier to move the video play (rewind/fast forward)
  • Amazing 4/5

    By Evangeline Luna
    Love this..is really useful you get to use any color and custom how light or dark you want them like legit is amazing 💗! You can turn off from your phone and on when being connected which is pretty dope for a person like me to forget when I leave the house to turn it off which you can do from far distance. Thank you!
  • Excellent products 5/5

    By Fercho-Medellin
    Feit Electric products have been reliable and so convenient to manage via the phone application display. Also many options for time scheduling. Xmas lights, battery charges in the garage, lights at our rental home are much easier to operate without wasting electricity.
  • Simple and reliable. And affordable! 5/5

    By Chrysfer
    I own 2 smart bulbs and it was simple to set up. One is on a timer and it performs without any problems. The other is in my living room and I use the app to turn it on and off and dim depending on whether I am watching TV or reading. I love that I bought them at Walmart and their affordability is the only reason I tried smart light bulbs in the first place. I have had zero issues.
  • Helpful 5/5

    By Dj5xx
    Great and helpful app to use
  • Love it except for…. 2/5

    By Dewd
    …at the bottom of the color wheel, the pre-made color swatches are covered up by the menu at the bottom. Fix that!
  • 3 second video feed 1/5

    By madelyntheCowgirl
    Using this waste of money camera I get a few seconds of video then it jumps into pairing mode. Not usable as a security camera if I constantly have to be next to it to re-pair. Absolute junk
  • Security light WAD- works as designed 5/5

    By Dlanc5301
    Installed 3-21-23, notification works great. Will update review after some more experience. We have used Feit led lights for several years without problems. Hopefully this app and device will suit our needs.
  • Difficult at first 4/5

    By Case Solved
    When I first got this app it just wouldn’t connect to my LED lights. It told me to go to a place with better Wi-Fi and to be as close to the lights as possible so I tried that. I finally gave up then a few weeks later I tried again and it worked second try. I still don’t know what was wrong but it’s a great app and it does make things easier when I have them in my room because my dad had the app for them and sometimes it was a little to bright so I had to tell my dad to turn them down and since my room is in the basement it’s hard tell if they are turned down enough. So, I finally told my dad to give me the account and I love this app because I am very unorganized and I lost my remote for my lights and I had to have it on white ALL THE TIME. When I have this app I can change the colors, the brightness, and even when the lights turn on and off automatically. Therefore GET THIS APP!
  • What a piece of’app 1/5

    By TuTone Tim
    First of all, who builds an app requiring login with an email address and hopefully a decently complex password, but won’t allow pasting into the fields? Feit, of course. The moderately useful app with zero usability designed in.
  • Great App 5/5

    By .SquidNinja.
    I have been a user of this app for over a year and have not encountered any crucial issues yet. Pairing and using devices is extremely simple and quick. 👍
  • What a trash company service 1/5

    By Flyboy Instructor
    Out of the blue, all my Feit apps kick me out of my account. And my bulbs start flashing like Vegas. And I can’t even log back in. No password memory, nothing. Why?? What a trash way to deal with your customers. No warning. Why should I even need an online app to run light bulbs?? Are you wanting me to buy new light bulbs with programmed obsolescence?? This will be the last time I ever buy any thing Feit again.
  • Best 5/5

    By mic Att
    its one of the best reliable app i am not a fake account, i bought almost all their product, cameras, lights, sensors its great and save me alot of money
  • Easy app for lighting 5/5

    By Burgundy888
    This is so easy to switch the color of my light bulbs and get a different mood in the room!
  • Sally 5/5

    By Three J’s
    Nice to have the light turn off at night after we leave the room to go to bed.
  • Good app with video door bell 5/5

    By Landy_1
    Working well with my door bell. Always connected to wifi. Completely satisfaction.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Cukalu
    User friendly
  • Beef 5/5

    By wolf35567
  • Junk 1/5

    By Jut Y’o
    Don’t waste time or money on this cheap junk!
  • Dark mode please! 4/5

    By 93!4&19:'Mel
    The lights so far have been great. My biggest gripe is with the app: - The lack of a dark mode is disappointing because I don’t want to have to stare at a blindingly white screen when adjusting dim lights. - The ability to enter a percentage via keyboard input for the brightness would be useful as often getting the lights down to exactly 1% can be pretty annoying since I end up toggling between 2-5% and OFF until I finally get it just right. - Some Scenes seem to be buggy. For example, I have a scene that is set to drop a group of lights down to 1%, but when I trigger it, the resulting percentage ends up at 10%. If I try 2%, it jumps to 19%. Etc. - Sometimes features get “locked up.” E.g. when editing circadian rhythm settings, sometimes the light will get locked in place in the wrong part of the cycle and stay there until changing the light settings then deactivating the rhythm. Overall, pretty great for 1/10 (or less) the price of a Philips Hue! Just streamline the app a bit more and it’ll be perfect.
  • Horrible App doesn’t even work 1/5

    By DarkNightPhoenix
    I’m have to refresh I don’t know how many dozens of times for it to turn the brightness up in a different color, without it changing back to the color before. This is ridiculous
  • Light Schedule 3/5

    By justmedjg
    The light schedule always fails to turn on one light or to turn it off at the set time. I tried many times to reset and delete the schedule but it never works without me manually having to turn it off or on.. frustrating.
  • GREAT LIGHTS 🌈 5/5

    By Heslep
    Nice Price / Easy Set up !!!
  • Great lighting 5/5

    By Nannasheart55
    I had purchased other bulbs but set up was difficult if at all on my phone. This product delivered on everything for me. App is very user friendly, the device was easy setup. I’m older and complicated devices frustrate me so I was excited about this bulb I shared the next purchase for my daughter. Very happy customer thank you 👍
  • Glitches 3/5

    By Kat.Taylor420
    I try to turn one light on or off and it activates multiple others for no reason
  • Amazing app works very good 5/5

    By linjitsulin
    The light bulbs are all over my house it is amazing you can change the dim lighting from 1/100 and what color that is best for your house with daylight soft white and white You can even change it to all the colors you can think of blue purple brown green orange etc overall really good app
  • I hate this app with a passion 1/5

    By Beach4life
    Lights has never been easy to use. The device management forces you to reconnect all the time. I wish they would take their lights back.
  • Tried 5 times to add color light without success. Will never buy again 1/5

    By gottcha321
    Tried 5 times to add color light without success. Not only is it a convoluted process, it’s stupid. I have to go through a ridiculous pairing mode and then when trying to add, I have to enter network twice before it will find light. Then it finds it and takes forever before it times out. Will never buy agai!
  • Never fails and always does it’s job 4/5

    By uejdvhdvv
    It always been good
  • Great Product 100% Satisfied 5/5

    By Jbachez
    Feit Electric Flood Light Security Camera works great. I have used it for about 2 years and I’m very satisfied with it. Response time is very good, picture quality is very clear. I’m using it with motion sensor and is very convenient. It has plenty of storage capacity on the memory card...What I like the most is that I don’t have to pay monthly subscription to get alerts on my phone. Great Product, I will definitely recommend it, actually; I just bought another one for my back yard. Jbachez
  • AMAZING 5/5

    By lamerdude8(!
    This app is amazing because it helps me control my LED lights easier and there is no mistakes in this app.
  • I like it! 4/5

    By charlie garret
    I like being able to change the colors. it gets a bit laggy but that might just be my internet.
  • Review 3/5

    By Needed option
    Need to add sun up and sun down
  • Wonderful app, if it worked properly 2/5

    By Brandonxbrootal
    Lights are constantly disconnecting, going offline and not responding to their corresponding groups. As in, if I turn off all living room lights from the grouping, one light will randomly stay on. There are a lot of bugs with the system that make it difficult to be happy with and to use Alexa with.
  • complicated garbage 1/5

    By Macdadyy2326
    i got the lights installed (ridiculously complicated after three of them the forth light has to be installed differently and so on) not only was it complicated to activate lights we have already had one go out in less than a month. don’t waste your time and effort on these lights.
  • Poor functioning app/Lack of features 2/5

    By Flotrane
    In general, the app does not respond well to where your finger is pressing on a long press. Tapping works relatively fine, however if I long press a certain spot it will randomly open a device that is not the one pressed, and it takes multiple long presses (and returns to the previous screen when it gets the device wrong) to get the right device to be chosen. I have had my devices for several years across android and apple now and have noticed that at some point the app changed behaviors so that when you change from dimming to color mode (for example) it will automatically turn the default or cached color, rather than waiting for an option to be chosen. Another example is let’s say I go from color to dimming so you can dim a colored light. The behavior is now that when I press dimming, the light changes from whatever color it was to a white, then to dim the color I have to tap “recent color” then the dimmer will work. Previously, the color would remain, and you could dim without the color changing to white for some moments. Very frustrating when going from color to white. Or when going from any one mode to another. This used to function flawlessly, so some update has caused this behavior change. Also, I have smart bulbs and a light strip in my home and for some reason you cannot group a strip light with bulbs to control them together. Frustrating. The app is also slightly convoluted between groups, rooms, and locations. It can be done much better.
  • Coach 5/5

    By coachzo
    Very handy
  • Playback User Interface is Bad 2/5

    By flames4791
    It is so difficult and time consuming to rewatch footage with the Playback function. There is no fast forward or rewind button so it is not easy for you to go through and search for something. You have to slide the timeline to a timestamp, which requires buffering every time. Adding the fast forward capabilities with multiple speed options would be such a huge quality of life improvement. It would also be nice if they allowed for more motion detection zones instead of just 3.
  • Great 5/5

    By 41570660000
    I definitely love this they are great mostly when you have kids walking in and out leaving lights on on rooms. They only don’t work when no wifi.