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Feit Electric

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  • Current Version: 3.1.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Feit Electric App

Control and manage your Feit Electric LED Smart Bulbs from anywhere with this helpful app.  Easily turn lights on/off, dim, set groups, timers or schedules.  Customize color or tune color temperature if feature is supported by the bulb. Bulbs also work with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant and can be controlled with simple voice commands.   Set up is simple. The bulbs connect directly to your WiFi at home. Purchase your Feit Electric Smart LED bulb, download the app to get started today.

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Feit Electric app reviews

  • App goes brained after power outages 1/5

    By Edi. MoBe
    Had power outage and now, every single switch shows ‘offline’. Impossible to reconnect. Had to end up deleting this app, reinstalled another one, create a new account with a different email name cause it refused to work with old one and lost many hours of many other important things to do cause of it 🤦🏻‍♂️. What a freaking nightmare
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By Aqua Drone
    Just purchased these bulbs and they are unreliable. Sometimes Google can control them sometimes it can’t. The app also has not worked with these bulbs but reliably controls a led strip in my rv 40 miles away without a problem. Very frustrated with these bulbs.
  • Glitchy not worth it 1/5

    By Ckrockstar review
    I wish I had read reviews before setting up the two outdoor plugs! I am uninstalling and returning Feit products and going back to more Kasa that ARE reliable. It was difficult at best to get the plugs installed to start with. Then after they turned on as scheduled, they blinked on and off randomly and repeatedly, would not stay on. If you’re lucky they may work. Way too glitchy and unreliable to use for our outdoor lighting displays.
  • Not recording 1/5

    By camsra
    Picture frozen does not record
  • Smart Plug 1/5

    By catahoo
    Device goes into sleep mode during setup even if you manually try and hold the button on. IMO this thing is a dud.
  • Greatly unimpressed CostCo 1/5

    By mrdanny 2012
    Save your money by buying something else.
  • Bulb doesn’t connect 1/5

    Followed the steps 6 times. Bulb won’t connect.
  • Cliff-Edmonds 4/5

    By Clifheat
    Our cameras have been great though we would be happier if playback were easier.
  • Never listens 1/5

    By Just a random persom
    I love the idea of controlling a colorful light from my phone but it is SO buggy. I click red, and now it’s blue. I tap on it multiple times and it doesn't change?? The color never works and it doesn’t even let me turn it off and on sometimes.
  • Not good 2/5

    By Shankeekeh
    Why am I getting logged out and why can’t I log back in or reset my password since it won’t accept my password? Suggestions: -Make it easier to set the lights in a certain group all at once. -Have a setting to set the lights according to sunrise and sunset. -Keep us signed in! No sense in logging us out for no reason.
  • Really work good 5/5

    By SoCalPackers
    I can see my backyard with a touch of my fingers on my cell phone
  • Impossible to reconnect 1/5

    By stoverock
    I first set up the bulbs with no problem. Then the power went out and they lost connectio. I have yet to be able to successfully reconnect them after several attempts. They're basically worthless now. Save yourself the trouble and just use plain bulbs.
  • It could be a five, but 4/5

    By rwperk
    The devices themselves work well. My only drawback is the watch app does not always connect.
  • T-R-A-S-H 1/5

    By billyredline
    Do not buy their products or waste your time with this app!!!!!!!!!!! Thoroughly disappointed at Feit Electric and the lack of their products technological quality and the app’s very very poor performance. Their products are not “smart” they are “remedial” at best (insert drum reply after a joke is told). I was really hoping this company was going to produce quality products but you are way better off purchasing from one of their more expensive competitors if it’s dependability and reliability you want.
  • Excellent Smart Bulbs 5/5

    By docentdon
    I have a total of 8 Feit smart bulbs to automate the lighting of the house - they work very well plus I can also control them with google assistant. I did have problems initially with a couple but Feit customer service promptly sent replacements - a company that cares about customer satisfaction!!
  • idk 3/5

    By ?¿??????¿????¿
    took me about an hour to figure out how to make it work i finally did but the app is confusing honestly how hard is it to make it easier to use
  • Great! 5/5

    By jacktheripperofpaper
    I use all aspects of the Feit app, and it works perfectly. I use light bulbs, strip lights, cameras, and smart plugs. It all works flawlessly. I 100% recommend buying the Feit Smart Products.
  • Fix this App! 2/5

    By Jose-fam
    I thought I’d give it a try since Costco offers them. I have been using TP Link which is awesome but cost a little bit more. Nonetheless I love it! I would change my opinion once you fix this app. It’s horrible, not user friendly probably bec it has too many unnecessary bells and whistles. It’s so frustrating to set up. For now I’ve resorted to manually turning it and on but annoying when I forget to turn it off. PLS FIX THIS APP
  • If you have a worst enemy - wish them this app ! 1/5

    By alexjohnson1
    From having to hold your finger down for 3 seconds to access light settings (1 or 2 seconds will turn your lights off if they’re on and on if they’re off) to group naming and automation tasks is the most annoying app ever, and the lights needs reconnecting when the power goes out , and out it goes in Florida all the time. I think this app was designed purposely to aggravate people, I can see no other reason every feature is illogical and anti-intuitive. The time you waste on this app will take a whole week out of your life - imagine that !! There’s got to be a different app to control these lights.
  • AMAZING 5/5

    By Swaggy glasses rock
    this is the best app for smart home assistants
  • Camera 3/5

    By IndyWebbbb
    I’m only giving this 3 stars because a lot of times it takes a long time to wake up the screen. Other times I don’t get notifications and have to go back and look. I also didn’t realize i had to charge it so that’s a bit of a bummer …I love it because it makes me feel a bit more safer, but I would absolutely love it if it worked all the time!
  • Light on 1/5

    By mcpirson
    When the bulb goes off line and it is on, there is no remote way to turn it off. No way to get it back on line until you return
  • Mr Cruz 5/5

    By ynot zurc
    Awesome. Now I can control my any appliances anywhere.
  • Perfect 5/5

    By Adrago123456789
    Bought this from Costco . First I said let’s give it a shot and I realize, a year later , is better than Ring . Perfect quality of video, sound and you don’t have to pay for a subscription . Yes I do recommend this product !
  • Device App has issues 2/5

    By Dawsondog12
    Have had the floodlight camera for about eight months now. First month or so all went great. After about three months the device kept going offline. I believe the developers were aware of this as I saw a suggestion on their help page about a month ago addressing the offline issue. Now, the “Playback” option when you tap on the device icon no longer works. This worked great a few months ago and was nice being able to playback motion recording. Unfortunately it no longer works and I’ve reported this issue twice now without getting any responses from the company. Not a bad device as other important functions like the motion light does work. Just know their app is buggy and not all the features work. I am using the app on my iPhone 11 Pro Max.
  • This app just doesn’t work 1/5

    By f0ck_this
    I follow the directions in the app every morning, with no luck. The GUI is confusing, it doesn’t give you proper response. And the new account features are poor. My wifi bulb is as good as this app: totally useless
  • Smart plugs are worst product ever 1/5

    By Dib_shr
    Always shows offline, can’t make it work. Reset doesn’t work ever. Pricey but very very buggy.
  • Led lights 1/5

    By MommyNatBuff
    The led lights do not come with any colors on the remote and hardly pair with the app overall not really good.
  • Light bulb does not connect. 5/5

    By qtico
    Purchased several light bulbs. Easy to use them. I have one that is not working regardless of all troubleshooting done.
  • Love the convenience but… 4/5

    By labgirl08
    Sometimes the app won’t communicate w the devices. It’s annoying especially when I need a light turned on quickly. But I still enjoy the convenience.
  • Performs as expected 5/5

    By HuntlyG
    Allows remote control of the dimmers from your phone. Favorite feature is it allows you to set up zones to have one touch lighting throughout your home. I believe it also can be set on a timer but haven’t gotten that deep.
  • Device Connection Timeout 1/5

    By You'll miss Game Rewind
    I have never been able to use my bulbs because of this error
  • Very nice other than slow changing lights sometimes 5/5

    By Ellalolololol
  • Worked before the update 1/5

    By DampsonJ
    I’m using a pair of Feit bulbs from Costco, they both linked up great about a month ago and now neither will connect. Running on 2.4ghz network, no firewall, etc. I tested the bulbs with the Tuya app to verify, they connect immediately in Tuya. Please update the app!
  • Schedule doesn’t work 2/5

    By Fleury46
    With the latest update, the app will no longer bring up the details for a device, so there is no ability to set or change a schedule or timer. When the user presses the icon for 3-5 seconds, it brings up a blank screen with a circle spinning, endlessly. Super frustrating. There isn’t even a way to log on to a website to make the changes.
  • … 3/5

    By T.N.R.K.
    I love the light and all the colors and stuff but it keeps glitching and saying my light is offline or off when it’s on and it won’t let me change it! It’s generally a really good app but it can be super frustrated sometimes
  • 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 5/5

    By masterwayne77
    The best light ever!!!💯
  • No real support 2/5

    By Akp357
    I’m having problems with rescheduling the time for my lights in the App. I need a real person to talk to and not do a search for help in the App. Otherwise the products are okay for now.
  • Pretty nice 5/5

    By Rubs92727399107
    I never write reviews, but this app and product is pretty nice! It’s not the best and still has some glitches every now and then but they do a fantastic job on updating these small bugs! I highly recommend
  • Works great 4/5

    By J O Daddy
    At first power on both bulbs failed to set up using an Iphone which needs to be on 2.4 GHz Wifi Network since bulbs don’t support 5 GHz. Turning off the power for a few seconds and then turning them on solved the issue. After setup, the iPhone can connect via 5 GHz network and still be able to control the bulb. But the iwatch app is primitive. It will only show the devices, if the iPhone is connected to same Wifi network (meaning 2.4GHz) as the bulbs. Found programming the bulb was easier to do than what I had experienced with Insteon devices (few years ago). But didn’t see need for SCENES. SCENES let you set up a condition (such as sunrise/sunset ) but they do not execute even when the condition is met. Scenes it seems are only executed by setting up an ‘Automation’ first. This is not well explained in their manual. Automation too lets you set condition(s) and also lets you control multiple devices under Tasks. Hence, don’t see any benefit of why Scene set up is needed at all.
  • My lights 5/5

    By GP magic hands
    I love my wi fi light outlets I need to get more and research what other things are available from this company. I never have to go into my house in the dark with these. My son has now purchased som bulbs and now my basement is also well lit.
  • Sooo complex and ended up not working after spending 2 hours fussing around with lights 1/5

    By Auzzynorris
    I hates the whole experience I now have to return all these bulbs it says it works for Siri but I have yet to either figure it out or get it to work.
  • Bulbs are great but.. 1/5

    By kbook1117
    The app is terrible. Will not stay connected to WiFi. Can never find the device. Alexa can, but their own app cannot. Don’t waste your money. I’m sure their are better more reliable devices out there
  • So far it works good 5/5

    By Ibsa09
    So far it works good. I am happy with the product.
  • App is horrible 1/5

    By Morning Pandora
    Have 2 plugs and easily connected them to home wifi. Also easily set up the initial schedule for on/off. Was VERY easy. The 2 plugs control 2 lamps in different parts of the house. Basically using the plugs as timers. This is where the ‘easy’ ends. I am not able to change the schedule without having to delete the app from my phone, reset the plug, reinstall the app, reset the plug again and then set the schedule. All this to JUST change the plug schedule to come on 1 hour earlier. It is mind boggling. I have it set for 6:30 to turn on. I adjust it to 6:00. Lights STILL turn ON at 6:30. I then delete the app, and go through process all over. Set the lights to turn ON at 6:00….now they turn ON at 4:30. Wth?? Pay more money and get the caseta. Easier and it actually works.
  • Z lady 5/5

    By Airblucow
    Love how easy it is on the app once set up.
  • A God sent 5/5

    By *!sap
    One of the best purchases I’ve ever made. I am handicap, I like being able to turn off and on my lamp when I need. I can use my iPhone it’s very convenient.
  • Overall, good 4/5

    By nonicknames avail
    It isn't the easiest app # but I've gotten the hang of it.
  • Needs to actually allow Siri 4/5

    By Kyle Smu
    The plugs allow for me to control some of my lights from my phone but I can’t get Siri to connect the dots on activating them. Everything I have is up to date but whenever I give Siri the command, she brings up the HomeKit option. Would have been easier to spend more money on something HomeKit specific. I paid for this and don’t have access to why I bought it.