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  • Developer: Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
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The FEMA App is the best option to receive emergency alerts and information so that you and your loved ones know what to do before, during and after disasters. This simple and easy-to-use app provides safety notifications, emergency preparedness tips, and disaster resources. STAY INFORMED -Receive real-time and reliable alerts from the U.S. National Weather Service -Monitor severe weather for up to five locations nationwide -Toggle between English and Spanish STAY SAFE -Locate open emergency shelters in your area -Check emergency safety tips for over 20 types of disasters, including fires, hurricanes, snowstorms, tornadoes, volcanoes, and more -Prepare for disasters with an emergency kit checklist, emergency family plan, and reminders STAY CONNECTED -Find Disaster Recovery Centers nearby where you can talk to a FEMA representative in person -Upload and share disaster photos with the Disaster Reporter -Connect with FEMA to apply for disaster assistance online Terms of use: www.fema.gov/app.

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FEMA app reviews

  • Fema 5/5

    By ben usc
    Let us add 12 locations in the app for iPhone
  • Alert filters are completely broken 2/5

    By ShawnieD
    I set up notification about places where my family members live, restricted to just evacuation type alerts. And yet this app sends me every random weather related issue. I don’t care about heavy fog, I care about volcanoes and earthquakes. Pleas fix!
  • Alert notifications are a fail 2/5

    By Zachcofer
    When you select the city and county you want alerts for you get to select all the alerts you want to receive, for example for Madison county I have only tornado warnings selected but I get any alerts issued pushed into notifications like special weather statements even though I ONLY have TORNADO WARNINGs selected.
  • “Custom” Notification Settings Are Useless 3/5

    By Steveshooman
    I like the idea of getting alerts for emergencies, such as evacuations and the like, but I don’t need a “winter weather” or “red flag” warning notification for my selected location (every day, this time of year) plus three other counties surrounding. Especially when I have purposefully un-selected these minor notifications. It’s also frustrating that I see the notification badge, but when I open the app I have no idea which notifications are new and which were existing. I’m going to look for another app that will give me the emergency notifications and then get rid of this one.
  • .. by far my favorite emergency weather alert app!! 5/5

    By kbc136
    Alerts are provided for weather related emergencies for the county I live in as well surrounding counties.... Everyone should download this app and use.
  • Like it 2/5

    By Paige0609
    Please get rid of the dial 911 option.
  • Alerts are ridiculously difficult to navigate. 2/5

    By Haninay
    There is frequently a little red badge, but when I click on the app, there is no way to figure out where it’s from. If you click on a location, it just tries to make you adjust the settings. The UI is so clunky and difficult to navigate.
  • Missing cities 1/5

    By 413-Critter
    Cary, N.C.
  • Deserves a positive rating! 5/5

    By Destroyer090902
    This app is so helpful and useful, especially its emergency safety tips. This app helped me prepare for future events, and I 100% recommend downloading this app.
  • Chuck44 1/5

    By #1 dawg fan
    Worst app I’ve ever seen. Keep getting notifications about weather 1,000+ miles from where I live. I’ve tried settings and nothing corrects the problem. Going going GONE.
  • Presidential Alerts 2/5

    By Beverly F in GA
    Presidential alerts? No Thank You. And yet I can’t opt out. Why? I prefer credible sources of information. “... a friend of the mogul-turned-politico once told her Mr Trump would “lie to you about what time of day it is, just for the practice”. That from his friend. 🤦🏼‍♀️
  • Too many alerts 2/5

    By DadChompsSam
    The app works fine. It’s a little simplistic, but it doesn’t crash. The problem is the content. Too many alerts. WAaaaaay too many. The app serves an important purpose, but the alerts are annoying and I’ll turn them off unless you can find a way of throttling them.
  • App freezes 2/5

    By Eve Gum
    After entering locations for warning the app freezes so one cannot return to any other option/screen
  • Deleted after 24hrs 1/5

    By bkami
    Pending the hurricane, I Kept getting 9 alerts per single update. It was so annoying! Info in the app seems useful, but not enough for being bombarded with alerts for no reason.
  • Location issues seem fixed 3/5

    By cool_fritz
    The old location issues seem fixed. I wish the notifications could be less verbose, main details only: Tornado Watch until 8pm, Thunderstorm, etc. then if you want more detail that could appear in app. Especially true for Apple Watch notifications.
  • Good 5/5

    By meowskins23
    Even after the most recent update I am still just getting alerts and then nothing shows in the app at all. Very frustrating because this is the only app that steadily was reliable for years and now it isn’t :( EDIT: after the most recent update, all of my issues mentioned above have been resolved and the app works great!
  • No alerts 1/5

    By Kahuna_Dude
    So the last update deleted all my locations. Add them back get notified of alerts and go to app and the alerts don’t show up at all. I have used app for about 2 years and now it’s just taking up space. Would like to see it get fixed soon Edit 6/30/2018 after developer response. Yes that was the version that created the problem. My solution was to stop using it after no response from you or no new update
  • Not getting alerts 1/5

    By skullreaper76
    Alerts are coming thru but when u open it up there is no alerts showing have uninstalled and reinstalled still nothing
  • Needs an update 3/5

    By Lstarrm
    Alerts can’t be looked at in the app anymore.
  • Nothing like being informed 4/5

    By AGuardianAngel
    Very informative app - wish it had alerts through it for the things that we subscribe to - like the township does. If there’s a disaster in our area we should get an alert through the App ! Very informative 🙏🏼
  • Zero Alerts 1/5

    By fauverjo
    The latest bug fix broke the Alerts section. A weather alert will show in notifications but the App still shows zero alerts. That makes this app completely useless.
  • Not Working 1/5

    By WastedAllDay
    Ever since the update I’ll get an alert but when I go to open and view/read the alert their is nothing. States no alerts.
  • Bugs? 2/5

    By user for two years
    App has been sending alerts, but when I open to see them there is nothing. Today I got over 6 flood alerts, non came up when I opened the app. Same thing happened a few days ago, I deleted then reinstalled the app, worked for a day and the same problem reoccurred. Locations were added multiple times but still the problem exists.
  • Update deleted locations 3/5

    By The mgs
    Since the latest update, my locations were deleted. There are also no alerts although I keep getting the pop up notifications and the app icon indicates the there are x number of alerts.
  • Repeatedly resets Terms and Locations 2/5

    By TP92675
    The app is a useful combination of weather and emergency info. The rating would’ve been higher except the app has reset the terms and locations about 6 times within the last 8 weeks. That annoyance should be fixed it users will just start to delete the app and stop using it.
  • Potential to be a great app 1/5

    By Camelkorn2000
    This is something I felt can be very useful. Currently it us a piece of poop! I’m receiving weather alerts for a different city, that is four hours away (nor in my county or even State). The alerts also come at odd times of the day/night which I understand however, it will ding high wind advisory, ding red flag warning, ding high wind advisory cancelled, ding red flag warning cancelled, ding weather freeze; all in seconds of each other. I don’t have time to completely read the first message before it’s canceled! I don’t mind receiving notifications of disasters around the world; but I do mind when the let a toddler send them out!!! That kid is randomly selecting messages!
  • Typical of Government Design 1/5

    By Heptite
    This app is inexcusably poorly designed. The UI is horrible, the feature set nearly nonexistent. I was getting multiple alerts a day for weather conditions that would not affect me, because I could only scope it to my county, not my city. Moreover, I can get the same alerts (except only those relevant to me) with any one of the popular weather apps.
  • Updates delete areas 1/5

    By cCrackhead
    Every update I have to select my areas again
  • Information isn’t relevant 1/5

    By thenull
    50mph winds, lightning, thunder, FEMA app says nothing. The emergency broadcast system interrupted my news program, otherwise would not have known.
  • Only OK 3/5

    By FluffyRAM
    The information is there, so that’s good, but generally the App is a little clumsy and doesn’t have the most intuitive UI. A couple of things I’d like to see the developer address please: 1. Notifications: if my App has a red number “badge” meaning there’s a (quantity of) new notification(s) in the app, this should be intuitive to find, and reflect the number. My expectation: red badge “2” = open app and see 2 new alerts. If an alert has expired and is no longer there, it shouldn’t be in the badge alert count. Thank you. 2. Request: it would be really useful to have a “share” button on the alerts. E.g. We run a small family rural Ag business and I try to share occasional frost Alerts with our customers (like a sudden frost after a warm spell or first frost of the season). “Share” would be great. I especially want to always share “do not burn” alerts on business Facebook page. Currently I take a screen shot, but the alert is usually longer than one screenshot. Thank you for reading and I hope these changes are possible.
  • Wakes us in the middle of the night with minor alerts 3/5

    By Tbqcol
    So the freeze warning was extended, or maybe some other fairly normal weather event gets reported, and the weather alert notification dings and wakes us at all times of the night. I like to keep the sound on for notification in case there is some real extreme weather developing, but I really don’t care to be advised that a freeze advisory has been extended at 2:15 am. I should be allowed to define what types of weather I consider critical or minor, and the notification with sound should only be used for what I define as critical events. A farmer may have different needs than a taxi driver or a builder or a writer of suspense novels, just to name a few. 95% of all the alerts are for things I either know about (I looked at the forecast, I can hear the thunder or the heavy rain, etc), or have a reasonable expectation will not affect me much (flash flooding typically doesn’t affect the places I go, beyond the fact that visibly heavy rain creates conditions for hydroplaning).
  • They won’t fix it 1/5

    By Mr_Brown
    I use the app for weather alerts and when it works it’s great. Some time ago the app stopped saving my locations and hence stopped sending me severe weather alert notifications. I wrote FEMA, they said they are aware of the problem and were working on it. Months later, it’s still not fixed. Several days of severe weather have passed and no alerts. Why should I trust FEMA to have a working app? I’m acting like severe weather is an emergency or something. :)
  • Okay; Loses Location; Badge too Petdistent 2/5

    By ammPilot
    Okay app, but loses location settings (and ToU agreement) with each update. App icon badge needlessly persists when warnings expire or are cancelled. Months after writing the above, still no fix for losing locations. Worse: it no longer takes an app update to lose saved locations.
  • Decent app, but keeps losing locations! 2/5

    By ascetic
    This app used to be (mostly) fine, I would have to re-enter locations occasionally, maybe once a month. Now it’s doing it nearly every time I get a notification and open the app. Then when you enter the location, it doesn’t show the alert because it was previously issued. Really, really annoying. From reading reviews here, I’m definitely not the only one with this problem.
  • One Alert is better than TWELVE 1/5

    By ReadySetFix
    If a weather event is life threatening, it’s worth more than one alert... but we’re talking four alerts about light snowfall during winter. For the same storm, I probably get an average of a DOZEN alerts. Half of them contain the EXACT SAME INFORMATION with a shift in likely end time by... an hour? Please update this to make it worth having this app.
  • Horrible notifications. 1/5

    By vikodlak
    The only thing I use this app for is weather notifications. A pretty basic feature of any app. For some reason l, and I don’t know if it’s the app or FEMA itself, they can’t seem to just send one notification. It’s annoying getting 10 winter weather warnings in 15 seconds. Just send one!!
  • What is the point? 3/5

    By Classicn2ition
    I’ve recently downloaded this app and am missing many alerts because I feel I am constantly having to put in my location information every couple days. I have seen where there was a “bug fix” on this, but I am not seeing the fix. Developers? Anybody listening? I put in my location yesterday AGAIN, and then had to do it again this morning.
  • What’s up 3/5

    By Captclipboard
    I have to keep reentering my locations every couple days it keeps kicking them out. I really like the app but that’s a pain in the ... It will get a five if it wasn’t for that.
  • Location doesn’t work correctly. 3/5

    By birdog65
    In Alaska I have the location set for mat-su valley but I keep getting alerts for the entire state. It’s getting very annoying as there is always an alert somewhere. It goes off several times a day for something 500 miles away.
  • Too many weather alerts 3/5

    By Markhl2
    The app sends weather alerts for my county and for other counties that I do not want to see. Alerts are repetitive. If the watch has been superseded by a warning the app shows them both. If the warning is updated I still see the old one
  • Deleting the app 1/5

    By icedmango
    I do like the flash flood warnings but really don’t need a million high surf warnings. I don’t venture near the ocean so this is a useless warning. A tsunami, now that would be a fema worthy alert. I think this app should have alert options otherwise it is a boy who cries wolf.
  • Loses locations all the time 2/5

    By Ggggggg12354
    Not only does this ap send notifications ALL the time that are mostly useless, it also loses your set location most of the time. Almost every time I open the ap it makes me enter my location again. Which doesn't seem very helpful if ever there were an actual emergency situation. Also, the locations it allows you to choose from are so general and cover a large area I get notifications for winter advisories happening in the mountain 50miles away! Worst emergency ap ever!
  • Froze my iPhone 1/5

    By sloppycookdave
    Have it for one day and my iPhone isn’t working.

    By Ekatarina.
    Requires me to “accept the terms” and “set locations” every time I exit then open the app. I’ve deleted re-installed the app several times but still “forgets” I’ve accepted-and-set already. Started about a week ago.
  • Uninstalling this app 1/5

    By Libert Arian
    Have had this app for a while, and have generally been happy with it, but now with every update (?), I have to re-enter my location. When I have to do this every day or two, it's just not worth it.My states EMA app posts exactly the same alerts, and I don't have to mess around with locations. Bye bye FEMA.
  • Keeps dropping my set locations 1/5

    By DJJ from HSV
    I was very happy with this app until the last few weeks. Now I can’t get the locations to stay set. Once I finish setting my locations and leave the app, the locations are immediately. I have attempted to reset them at least a dozen times with no success. I have even received an alert after setting the locations and gone out if the app. I enter the app and the locations are gone again!
  • False Flagging Americans 5/5

    By NatalieFun
    Please stop with the BS. The awaken ones know the truth.
  • Great app, but one issue 4/5

    By May.Lee.Lee
    I love this app, it's fantastic for receiving weather alerts. And yes, sometimes the alerts are a little overzealous (I really don't need "dense fog" alerts every morning. It's fall. It happens.) But that's not really that big of an issue. The biggest issue is when I have to put in my locations every few weeks. I don't even update the app, it just decides every couple weeks to delete the locations I've put in a dozen times before!
  • Good resource to use! 5/5

    By smartestgaming
    Ever sense I got hit by Harvey I wanted to protect my self even more so I got this app

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