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Fender Play - Guitar Lessons

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  • Current Version: 1.2.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Fender Digital
  • Compatibility: Android
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Fender Play - Guitar Lessons App

Introducing Fender Play™ guitar lessons, a video-based learning app designed to help beginners and first-time players learn to play guitar in minutes. Fender Play is designed to change the way beginner players learn guitar with guided learning paths and easy-to-follow guitar lessons that has you playing your first song in minutes. Start Your Free Trial Today! Try out Fender Play FREE for 30 days. Continue your guitar learning journey with a subscription for only $9.99/month (U.S. pricing, varies in other countries). Your subscription renews automatically within 24 hours of the end of each period, and gets you on-the-go access to Fender Play apps for iPhone & iPad as well as on the web. Manage your subscription right from your App Store account (Settings > [your name] iTunes & App Store), and cancel anytime. Easy-to-Use • Brand new players are able to master chords and riffs in minutes • Structured, self-paced guitar lessons guide new players along a clearly defined learning path. • Segmented chapters allow players to quickly access any part of a lesson they'd like to repeat Bite-Sized Guitar Lessons • Short and focused micro-learning strategy to keep beginners on track. • Learn a skill, then play a song using those techniques. • Some skills are taught in less than 2 minutes! Perfect for Beginners • Easy guitar lessons even if you've never picked up a guitar • Many lessons feature 3 chords or less, • Clear and accurate instruction for basic chords, skills and techniques. Song-Centric Approach • 100s of popular song lessons in a variety of genres, including rock, pop, country folk and blues. • New songs and lessons added weekly. • Learn to play songs from your favorite artists, including: o Creedence Clearwater Revival o Foster the People o Johnny Cash o Eric Clapton o Kelly Clarkson o Lumineers o Muddy Waters o Rolling Stones o Tim McGraw o The Weeknd o Shawn Mendes o White Stripes and many more High-Quality Production • High resolution videos • Guitar lessons featuring multiple angles including the “over-the-shoulder” view • Contextual chord diagrams and extensive glossary library for quick reference. Choose Your Path and Learning Pace • You choose your instrument and favorite genre. • We provide a clear, structured path to start you on your musical journey and help you track your progress. Learn From the Best Guitar Instructors • Professional and engaging instructors break it all down for you in bite-sized lessons. • Get Fender Play now and start playing! Terms of Use: https://www.fender.com/play/pages/terms-of-use Privacy Policy: https://www.fender.com/play/pages/privacy


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Fender Play - Guitar Lessons app reviews

  • Terrible 1/5

    By da44ell
    VERY difficult to unsubscribe
  • Resubscribe Issues 3/5

    By Tedamoy
    I used briefly, cancelled subscription, and attempted to resubscribe. The app doesn’t seem to recognize that I’ve resub’d through the iTunes Store. Help!
  • Fender Play community 5/5

    By Billy age 5.
    I love it, the group of Fender teachers involved with us learning, makes it feel more like having a teacher. The people make it worthwhile and the content is good for most of what I need. Plus Riffstation is amazing.
  • Great app for learning guitar 5/5

    By Fourteenth the first half
    Great app to get started playing guitar. It takes time and practice. I've been using the app for four months and I am steadily improving.
  • Easy to pick up or come back to 5/5

    By managua101
    I love the pace of these lessons. I'm a complete beginner with only a little time each week to play. I learn something every time, and I feel a sense of accomplishment after every lesson. If I have to skip a week or two, it's easy to pick up where I left off.
  • Not good for beginners 1/5

    By Danster el mago
    I tried to use this but they teachers are not specific or repeat instructions. I like Yousician better because it goes with actual hands on instructions.
  • Fender play 3/5

    By Hank_87
    The platform that the app uses is confusing. Opening and closing the app I’m not 100% where I am actually at with the progress of the program. Videos are very quick and can be very frustrating.
  • ... 3/5

    By rise_up24
    Usually apps have a choice wether you want to subscribe or not and I DONT but you have to. I just want to learn some stuff so just change it to wear it’s like VIP and you can do certain stuff. This app looks great but I can’t do anything because i can’t subscribe. Hopefully you change this
  • Great app.. 3/5

    By kaly357
    Great app but I wish songs would be mostly made of only 3-5 chords, you don’t heard the all song play in most of the classes. Great app with great potential but not worth the subscription for me.
  • Good but not great 4/5

    By NoobGuitarist
    I’m a beginner guitarist, and this app is good for the basics. But it doesn’t substitute real lessons. The lack of someone really telling you how to hold this and that Is profound. And it’s hard to keep time with the instructor on the video. But this app is worth it.
  • Makes learning fun 5/5

    By Rodomatik
    I am enjoying this app. It has really got me on the right track on my journey.
  • Stuck 5/5

    By squishygg
    I created an account (step 1), and then signed up for the free trial (step 2) but then after it said "you are currently subscribed to free trial" it won't move on to step 3. I don't know if it's stuck, or if I need to do something else? Please help
  • Gnarly 5/5

    By papimemes
    Would be really cool to see a jazz path but overall great app 👍
  • Could use some tweaks 4/5

    By Annoyed... Again
    It would be helpful to see the chords progression on the play it section of songs I have an idea of what I’m to play, but don’t have it memorized- so it can be frustrating to try and play something new with the lessons
  • Song details 2/5

    By Soccertsts
    Wished it included more chord, tab, melody & strumming pattern details. Hard to keep up or guess where instructor is going next
  • confused & disappointed 1/5

    By brisamgonzalez
    I was excited to try this app as I am a beginner guitarist but the app won’t work! I created an account and started the 30-day free trial but it wouldn’t get passed stage 2 of the “start free trial” process.
  • Point 2/5

    By Sugerzombie
    It would be nice if you will do like 10 min introducing b4 asking for cc
  • Updated 2/5

    By aj81ds
    I figured out why I couldn’t log in. I was a beta tester for the fender website and since I signed up for fender play with the same email address with different password it wouldn’t let me sign in with the new one I created for fender play. So for the heck of it I signed in with my beta email and password and I am now in fender play. Suggestion: it would be nice to mention to sign in with fender beta email and password. Also I would be very helpful if fender put a link to support on the app Log in or Sign up page. **New Update 3/9/18 Problems login in with iPhone. I noticed you have to press the email, password & sign in button several time before the insertion point appears. Kind of frustrating. Its not t my iPad Air 2 as all other apps are quick to respond to touch. Also I applaud Fender for putting Rancid’ Fall Back Down in the song sections. However the instructor that teaches the lesson teaches a little fast. I pretty much knew how to play the song but there were a couple of chords I played wrong and I didn’t know them so it was hard to keep up when the instructor rushed through the chords. Also it would be nice if the instructor would announce the parts of the song. I’ve seen some YouTube tutorials by lilttleredguitars2 that are better than this. I can’t wait till they add bass to Fender Play and please add Rancid songs for Bass. Matt Freeman has amazing bass lines. Also please add Social Distortion & Blink 182 songs too.
  • Bunch of whiners!!! 5/5

    By olgaki15
    My god people. I was wondering why this fender app was low rating so I decided to read the comments. Geesh! I have never read such a bunch of whiners before. Is anyone here even serious about learning guitar. Don’t rate becuz you cant log in or use your ‘beta’ account,at least you had the privilege to try it before anyone, and usually its not fender directly charging you, im pretty sure the payment goes through apple first. So theres no need to put down a respectable company like fender.To all you’my ipad dont work’ its for the phone and an ipad one being developed so just chill. So can you all just rate the app! Try it then complain if you don’t like it. As for me... i do agree on price range.$20 is a bit steep. $999-$1299 would be better. And i love the app. Its simple to follow and educational. Ive always used fender products down to my pic. Im sure ill get some productive training on here. Good Luck to everyone learning the play. And stop being so grouchy people. Its just an app.
  • Sound doesn’t work 1/5

    By Alexandrekl
    Videos are muted
  • Doesn't Work 1/5

    By RadioFreePG
    It won't work on my iPad. The Create Account button is dead so I can't even get started. No way to contact support so I came back here to rake the developers over the coals. I think I know what the problem is: Gen 2 iPad with iOS 9.3.5 and it won't go any further. So you want me to go buy a new iPad and forget about that Fender amp I as going to buy? Maybe I'll just buy a VOX and keep the old one. These things last longer than a few years you nunus!
  • Needs landscape mode on iPad 3/5

    By Astra020
    It’s a decent app if you’re hoping to learn basics and get into playing songs rather quickly. It is annoying that in iPad it doesn’t work in landscape mode however.
  • Not for me...yet 3/5

    By allanhowls
    I’m sure the app is great, but I downloaded it in hopes of having (acoustic) bass tutorials. Since that’s not available, I can’t speak to the overall quality. Any upcoming bass plans, Fender?
  • Teaches parts of real songs 5/5

    By Judosanch
    I was using a different app (rhymes with musician) to learn guitar for over a year which is still great for learning chords and scales but doesn’t have music that I’m interested in. Fender Play uses real songs in different genres. I feel like I have reached a new level after 1.5 months with these lessons.
  • francisco partida 5/5

    By francisco partida
    cancel may purchase !! please
  • so far so good ! 5/5

    By Joshneedshelpp
    i’ve played off and on for a couple years now and just recently really trying to stick with it.. played with friends in high school but i’ve learned so much more from the app in just 3 days. great videos. thanks for the free trial, much love Fender.
  • Great so far 4/5

    By keyriest
    I’m new, so what do I know? Love the videos that cover technique, great to see how someone else (a legit player) physically executes. Helps make it real. Admit that I also use apps that offer real time listening/reacting to/analyzing technique. They aren’t better, just add another arrow to the quiver. Glaring omission? Native tvOS app. I use airplay but the phone times out and that’s disruptive. Make it, I’ll buy it. In-app purchase even.
  • Stick to making guitars. 3/5

    By Halberstam
    Love the guitars so thought I’d try this app out. Worked for a lesson and a half now the videos won’t play. Maybe I should try an iPhone instead of the iPad - load up the app try it on the iPhone - nothing, videos do not load. And before you ask, my WiFi is perfect, when I switch to YouTube or a streaming app - works perfectly with no buffering. Deleted the app - go with Justin Guitar instead. **Update** Got the videos to work - I think Fender may have had a website/server issue - anyway up and running, played the first few sets of videos - enjoyed what I seen, great tips and quick straight to the point lessons. Upped the rating to 3 stars - I’ll rerate once I have went through some more.
  • Good, but needs an iPad and Apple TV version! 3/5

    By tjdchi
    Hope they develop iPads and Apple TV versions..
  • I can’t get past log in 3/5

    By mattison3
    I use web version but the app version won’t let me sign into my account. I don’t know if it has anything to do with the font settings or what but when I tap screen to enter email the keyboard doesn’t come up! Very disappointed
  • Screen orientation broken 1/5

    By Adama9578432
    Learning content is basic. Strongly recommended for beginners to get them up and running! But, on iOS devices, the videos and the core material run in conflicting modes. This requires the user to manually rotate the ipad/iphone and restart the app every 90seconds or so. Very annoying. Notified Fender who said they would post a fix “very soon”. Most recent update did not include a fix for this. Fender, please address this!
  • Funny App 2/5

    By Scott.hieatt
    Pretty funny thus far, Fender asking you to pay $10/month for a series of sequential video lessons that are no different than videos you'd find on YouTube. They have a somewhat higher production value to be sure, but the videos are aimed squarely at beginners, who I assume are the largest market for this; but if the beginner is even slightly smart, they'll just hop on YouTube and find 1000s of channels that will teach them exactly want, with much more variety. The "Paths" idea is great, again, particularly if you're a beginner. It's great to have a step-by-step lesson geared at the kind of player you want to become, but to think this is worth $10/month is a bit bizarre. Again, since you can find this exact kind of thing for free (and oftentimes of higher lesson quality) on YouTube. I'm not entirely sure what additions would be worth $10 dollars a month other than providing lessons that are truly teaching you the avant-garde of modern guitar style and technique. Lessons that would be very hard to find a teacher to actually sit down and teach you the rarely understood advanced techniques. This doesn't mean just shred videos (although of course those are fun), but advanced techniques that are relayed from actual session guitarists about unique methods they use in their craft. It would also be great if there were lessons for how to use techniques for the studio, one where they teach you tricks of recording and top-tier song writing that are much more abstract to convey. Of course, celebrity teachers are always fun, and they can draw some eyeballs. Right now, there isn't much beyond the Fender name to command the price, and until they have an influx of truly unique lesson material, I can't see this endeavor being a lasting success. Guitar players who spend money are a smart bunch, and I think they'll realize their getting duped here.
  • Where is my path??? **Updates 5/5

    By Vivianzh233
    I am a very very real beginner, with zero guitar experience. I newly got a Fender guitar to start with, so I downloaded and subscribed this app. However, the my path function in the app always shows an error, and nothing comes up. I cannot find a solution on the website. The website version of my path works, and the lessons are great! The New Year deal is reasonable, too. I would keep it a 3-star because of the website version, but the app really needs some improvement in 2018! **Updates: I just got the reply from the developer yesterday. Because of the time difference, I did not have a chance to email them on time. But when I checked the app this morning, the problem is fixed!!! I am definitely willing to change my previous star rating, although they did not ask me to do so. Best developer team I have ever seen! Good job, Fender!
  • Good start 3/5

    By DR
    Love the production quality. Insane that a native iPad app is still “in the works”, given that for most players, the iPad would be the default medium for delivery. Fix that ASAFP and you’ve got a long term customer.
  • Pop music guitar not working 4/5

    By Leapyrfemme
    This is a good app for beginners. Love the different views for finger placement and the short lessons. However, i am not able to access my lessons as the Pop Acoustic path is not working; making the app useless for me since I cant retrieve my lessons and progress.
  • Portrait > Landscape > Portrait > ARGH! 4/5

    By CrispyAardvark
    Please change the app so it can just be viewed in landscape mode instead of switching between landscape for videos and portrait for everything else. What a pain in the iPad...
  • It is 2017.... 3/5

    By Runner702
    Content seems ok, I look forward to using to start seeing some progress. Seriously though, it’s 2017 and an app for the iPad size screens would be great. Navigation in both the app, and the website leaves a little to be desired, but it’s manageable.
  • Does not work on iPhone X 1/5

    By Pa2ak
    I just wasted an hour of my life theming to log in. I subscribed to the free month then it would not let me log in. I love my Fender guitar ( not as much as my Taylor) but hate the app.
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By sluss
    I'm stuck on the second free trial screen. Subscription acknowledged by Apple but not recognized by the app. I fumbled around on fender play support nothing helpful in this case. Emailed fender as requested in other reviews no response. There's something fundamentally broken with the app/subscription system here.
  • Poor 1/5

    By Dev Jim
    I would expect a “how to” from the product manufacturer to be much more financially accessible, if not free (like a number of other resources are). I’m a Fender guitar owner and yet the cost of this makes it a non-starter. Disappointed in you, Fender.
  • Can’t make it work and is way to basic 2/5

    By Die Jay
    The only thing I found nice is the part where you can play along with songs, but I keep getting a “error loading course” message. A lot of the content is “parts of the guitar” and not actual help on how to play. I was using Uberchord and I’ve cancelled because it won’t get most of the chords right. I think if you want to really learn, you should go to the traditional way or find a good YouTube channel.
  • Perfect For Beginners! 5/5

    By Multi 53
    I love this app, it does exactly what it says...teaching guitar for beginners. It teaches in a way as not to overwhelm you which is easy to do for a true beginner. The instruction makes it very easy to understand and follow. Practice each step and move on when ready. It keeps me interested in learning which is difficult for me (ADHD). Not sure the reason for some of the poor reviews but, if your a beginner and want to learn...this is your app! Great job!
  • Needs an iPad Version 2/5

    By Neckbone5
    Until an ipad version is out I am giving this app 2 stars. It’s not convenient to use your phone to learn.
  • More of a video lesson library than a trainer 3/5

    By Taapl
    I tried this as an alternative to Yousician and Rocksmith. Right now I use Yousician for learning basic skills through a smooth progression and Rocksmith for learning particular songs I like. I hoped I could use this instead to get both in one. Pros: The videos go into great detail on the techniques. The multiple camera angles make it very clear. The chords and riffs you learn are from songs you recognize and like already. Cons: Not great for practice because it’s a video. For some this may be a Pro because you learn to practice on your own rather than gamification. Personally, I enjoy the feedback and scoring in Yousician and Rocksmith. Pretty poor experience on iPad. It’s sized only for iPhone and can’t even do landscape orientation. The videos can be watched landscape, but when I do that the next video starts upside down. Seems like a bug.
  • Hideous on iPad 1/5

    By ezatnova
    Maybe one of the absolute worst integrations to an iPad that I’ve ever seen on any app. You’re better off putting your iPad’s camera on and aiming it at your iPhone and have the app run on that. It would seriously look way better than actually running it on the iPad.
  • Fender play 1/5

    By dowserray
    Unable to download this ap on my IPad
  • Deleted app 1/5

    By Bbbmn
    Wow , Fender.. you've a lot of nerve asking for credit card info and ITunes info for a "free trial" As a multiple Fender owner for over 35 years I am offended you expect people to do that. Never even got to use the app before I deleted it. Shame
  • It’s Alright 3/5

    By Liz dog
    I think this app has great potential, but I was slightly disappointed. If I were actually a beginner guitarist, this app would be really helpful, but I’m not. I understand that Fender is still developing the app and will likely add more, but everything is way too simple and way too basic. I would LOVE to use this app, but I can’t learn anything new from it. I went to the last lesson offered in rock and it was something I had learned within the first week of playing guitar and have far surpassed. I also strongly recommend teaching metal. It’s the most confusing and difficult genre I’ve ever tried to play. I’m sure there are many other guitarists who would appreciate that being included. I was a little disappointed that metal has no representation in this app whatsoever, considering how technically challenging it is. Also, I think it would be helpful if those who aren’t beginners had an easier way to find where they should begin.
  • Can’t even download the app 1/5

    By Bentley9598
    What a waste of time! I have tried to download the app many times but does not work. I signed up for the free 30 trial and gave my credit card info, then received an email verification that I have a subscription but Does not work! when I contacted fender they said there is no subscription! Then what did they do with my credit card info? You would think that a Billion dollar company like fender could at least have the app working, at least that!!
  • Can’t try it out! 2/5

    By Kevley20
    When setting up my free trial, I can’t proceed past step 2 where you subscribe to the monthly payment. It doesn’t register that I’ve already subscribed in the app. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Please help!

Fender Play - Guitar Lessons app comments


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