Fender Tune - Guitar Tuner

Fender Tune - Guitar Tuner

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  • Current Version: 3.1.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Fender Digital
  • Compatibility: Android
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Fender Tune - Guitar Tuner App

Fender Tune is the 5-star rated, easy-to-use, super-accurate tuner app for guitar, bass & ukulele from Fender®. The updated Tune app comes with an all-in-one Player Pack practice kit, featuring chords, scales, built-in beats, advanced tuning capabilities and a metronome, all available for in-app purchase! PERFECT FOR ALL MUSICIANS, FROM BEGINNERS TO PROS The all-new version of Fender Tune features the same free, easy and accurate tuning for guitar, bass and ukulele, along with 26 alternate tunings. The Pro Tuner option adds greater precision and flexibility with adjustable A=440 Hz reference. FREE Fender Tune App Features: • Easy-to-use, ad-free interface • Auto-tune, manual, chromatic and custom tuning modes • Instrument specific tunings for electric, acoustic, bass and ukulele Auto-Tune Mode • The app hears the note and guides you to a perfect pitch • A string-by-string diagram guides the selected tuning Manual Tune Mode • Select acoustic, bass and electric guitar • Tap a string on the interactive Fender headstock and tune your guitar Chromatic Mode • Tune to any note on the scale • Chromatic Mode recognizes each of the 12 chromatic (semitone) steps of the equal-tempered scale Pre-Set Tunings 26 tunings available, including: • Standard (EADGBE) • DADGAD • Open G • Drop C • Full-step • Half-step • and 20 more Custom Tunings • Create your own custom tunings and save to your Fender Connect personal profile for easy access PRO-Tuner Available with In-App Purchase • Real-time visual feedback • Additional tuning styles featuring exact cents and hertz reference • 40 different non-standard tuning references (A=420Hz to A=460Hz) PLAYER PACK ALL-IN-ONE PRACTICE TOOLKIT WITH IN-APP PURCHASE Get more out of your practice with the Player Pack all-in-one toolkit, which includes chords, scales, built-in beats, advanced tuning capabilities and a metronome, or purchase each tool separately. CHORDS Discover new harmonic horizons with more than 5000 shapes in Fender's new dynamic chord library. • New proprietary technology dynamically creates any chord pattern, with multiple shape variations, anywhere on the neck • Get chord diagrams and finger placement for any chord • Look up every chord variation in any position • Find a chord by note • Browse through curated chord collections • Includes chords for six-string guitar only SCALES Explore new melodies and improve your lead playing with a new dynamic scale library based on the same proprietary technology as Fender's new chord library. • Find scale diagrams and patterns for any variation, flavor and key • Find patterns in any key anywhere on the fretboard • Quickly learn complex scales with easy-to-understand visuals • Includes scales for six-string guitar only RHYTHM Improve your playing and have more fun practicing with a simple but flexible drum kit. • Choose from 65 different drum rhythms across 6 different genres (Rock, Blues, Jazz, Metal, Funk/R&B and World) • Features 65 one-touch, pre-programmed beats: West Coast Blues, Kingston Groove and many more • All drum sounds are based on an authentic acoustic drum kit, specially created just for Fender • Select your tempo and customize your time signature to practice with any rhythm • Also features standard metronome mode PRO TUNER Tune your guitar, bass or ukulele with greater visual precision and even more flexibility • Get real-time visual feedback to find the exact tuning you're looking for • Explore more tuning styles with exact cents and hertz reference • Choose from 40 different non-standard tuning references, from A=420Hz to A=460Hz -- Since 1946, Fender® has set the standard for expertly crafted, high-performance instruments and audio equipment. Fender Digital, a new digital products division, is extending the vision with a precise and easy-to-use guitar, bass and ukulele tuner iPhone app.

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Fender Tune - Guitar Tuner app reviews

  • Auto tuning DOES NOT WORK 1/5

    By Huckxhclbkus
    The auto tune option is very inaccurate and unhelpful. Useless app
  • Absolute crap 1/5

    By MarleyMon_72
    Didn’t do anything. Useless. Deleting immediately. Thank you for wasting my time.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By bsjdisjs
    It kept saying too flat until it broke my string I don’t recommend it 👎
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By miles duffus
    This app suits every need I ever had in playing Ukulele and guitar and even bass I even brought it to band and it worked quite well even with the loud sound
  • Tuning 1/5

    By mia ainardi
    The tuning would not pick up the sound waves that my guitar was putting off. It would think that B was high E and high E was B.
  • Wonderful 5/5

    By demetrius dasilva
    Thank you so much for the app.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By DaiseyDuck101
  • Good But Please Fix This For Safety Of All Guitars 4/5

    By Dylan Christ Mark
    This is a great app. When tuning, you get it right every time with this app. However, I believe this one thing needs to be addressed because I don’t know if this has happened to anyone else. I recently just got a Jackson Bass Guitar, and as of writing this post I had it for not even 3 hours. I used the app and the Rumble 25 amp that Fender also built to tune it. I was tuning my G string and it was saying it was still -49cts when out of no where, the guitar string just broke. Now I have to drive back 20 miles to get my brand new guitar restringed, and add to the near $800 bucks I’ve spent on it alone. I don’t know if this has happened to anyone else, but I do think that this needs to be addressed. Something needs to be done so Bass Guitars are easier to tune. Other than that, this app really is great.
  • Ok 3/5

    By disappointed dog girl
    Good but when I play string g it tries to say I’m playing string d and it’s just confusing me
  • Broken Strings 1/5

    By Celeste_yma
    I downloaded this app so I could finally tune my guitar that had been out of tune for a while. I saw this app and decided to give it a try even though I can tune with my ears. While I was tuning my G string on my acoustic guitar, it broke! It kept telling me to tune down and when I played it a couple seconds before it broke it said to tune down more. So I tuned it down again like it said and it just snapped! I was afraid it would happen to my other strings so I delete it immediately. You can get this app if you want but my experience with it was absolutely horrible!! Just please be careful if you do decide to get it. It’s not always right...
  • Can’t beat it for free! 5/5

    By mcourtney95
    A very handy app to have on your phone and also very nice of Fender to put it out there for free!
  • Specific string 3/5

    By 2012classychic
    I would prefer to select a specific string for the app to focus on.
  • Best ever 5/5

    By that one randome chik
    I know absolutely nothing about instruments let alone guitars, and I was able to tune my guitar in about 10 minutes. This app is easy to use and understand, but also fairly basic. All you have to to is pluck a string of your guitar, and it senses which string it is and if it’s in tune or how to make it tuned. My guitar came with a ‘tuner’ and I personally have no common sense and it was very hard for me to use, but this app is so simple and easy to understand. 😁
  • This app rocks 5/5

    By SolemGollum
    This is a wonderful app!!! It’s so easy to use and makes tuning my guitar fast and easy!!! Would totally recommend.
  • This app is very bad an expensive 5/5

    By Charlestoncoug 5270
    Your app is bad it to much money for a app really $200 you do not know what you’re doing also the the buy all thing is coming up to much
  • Great especially for a beginner 5/5

    By weirder things
    I got an electric guitar this Christmas and I had all the basics, the guitar, the amp, and a few pics, but I didn’t have one of those clip on tuners to help me tune my new guitar. So when I found out that there was a free app to help tune my guitar, I was so happy. It’s great considering it’s free, it’s not the best though, but at least I could instantly tune my guitar on the spot, and it does a pretty good job, again considering it’s free. If your not sure about this app, it doesn’t hurt to try it out.
  • String broke 3/5

    By Finghx
    I was using this tuner and it worked well for my first few strings, then it couldn’t detect the next one correctly until it was very high pitched. This resulted in my guitar string snapping. I still give it 3 stars because I assume my strings weren’t of high quality as well as user error
  • Fender Tune 5/5

    By Jmie R. Hodges
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this app! I had no idea what tuning was or even how to do it, but this app was one step in my journey and I am very thankful for it, now I can tune very well!
  • Decent app 2/5

    By Gavin Dowdy
    I just got a bass for Christmas and trying to learn it. I went to this app for tuning help. And when I go to tune a string it tries to tune a totally opposite string and when I try to tune that string it tunes a different. The only problem is that it randomizes which strings you tune.
  • Awesome and free. 5/5

    By akl cinci
    Awesome and free.
  • Ukulele 5/5

    By tragigmarker
    My ukulele sounds awesome

    By WolfieSavage
    I play Ukulele and Guitar and this app has helped me a lot!! I love it!!
  • GLITCHY! 1/5

    By oooffooofff
    I tried to tune my guitar and it always was WRONG I’m only giving one star because I can’t give 0. 👎
  • Great Digital Tuner 5/5

    By Remmi18
    Works great on my iPhone
  • There are better tuners 2/5

    By carterwahl
    The way that this app displays the tuner is silly. It look nice and sleek like an apple commercial, but it’s not intuitive to how a person tunes their guitar. I have wasted a lot of time only to have this app tell me I’m perfectly in tune, when really I’m a couple cents sharp or flat. Sounds like a nit pick but for an app whose purpose is to tune my guitar, it should be more accurate. I can tune my guitar approximately by ear I don’t need an app for that. I do give them props for having the manual function allowing you to tune to a frequency, thought Download pano tuner it is a much better tuner.
  • Oh yeah! 5/5

    By Hi how are you👁
    This is the best tuning app so far, so many variations of tuning settings and such I love it!!
  • Worked at first 1/5

    By Communistic Schoolbus
    When I first tried the app it worked fine and helped me tune my squire when I tried a bit later to try again it got every string wrong and wouldn’t pick up a thing
  • Review. 5/5

    By Electricguitarplayer289
    This application is useful because it can inform you of your guitars imperfect wavelengths submitted by the guitar. It is also useful because if you decided to vacate and forget your tuner, well it’s on your phone. 5/5
  • Guitar tuner 5/5

    By bds1/17/55
    Great to take wherever you go
  • The best 5/5

    By chuckc66
    This was a life saver! I can’t believe I can tune my own guitar now!!!!!!!
  • THE APP IS BAD 1/5

  • Useful at times, mostly frustrating. 3/5

    By Ggebhahagfcirjcej
    This tuner app is convenient when you don’t have a good tuner. My tuner only tunes to standard. This tuner can tune to anything you need, you can even add custom tuning. The accuracy, though, is something that needs to be worked on. It would also help a lot if I could select which string I’m tuning, because when I try to tune from standard to drop B, it always incorrectly guesses which string I’m picking, sometimes not even registering at all. But, despite it’s flaws, it’s better than nothing.
  • this app is bs 1/5

    By PurpleHippo411
    i’ve only had my guitar for a few days and i decided to download this app to help with tuning. it worked okay the first time(it took a long time to get it to work) but the next time it told me that one of my strings wasn’t high enough. but even me being an amateur knew that it it was fine. so I kept tightening but it still told me it wasn’t high enough. i trusted it and kept turning it until it broke. now I have to go get it fixed. i don’t think this app is accurate at all and i don’t recommend wasting your time downloading it.
  • Tuner 5/5

    By slowtrain 1
    Thanks to who ever stay safe great work
  • Love the app use it daily 5/5

    By stu pidman
    Learning again. It is a valuable aid. Also bought a Fender amp for an acoustic and an electric.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By wghghivd
    This app is so helpful because it only takes 3 minutes
  • Best free tuner! 5/5

    By Metal Dre
    This is the best free tuner that I could find in the App Store. Unlike others that charge for non-standard tunings, this one includes a variety of them for free. Easy to use and accurate. A++++
  • Awesome 5/5

    By PAPABEAR0078
    I’m just learning how to play, and this app. Makes it so easy to tune up thanks
  • Great app, but scales need work. 4/5

    By Symbolicacts95
    In the Player pack, there is a scale tool. While the tool itself isn't bad, when you listen to the scale, it does NOT start on the tonic note. Any scale should always begin and end on the tonic note and I'm surprised this was overlooked. Other than that, awesome app.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Ancy564
    Helps me tune my guitar to the best
  • Very Limited Custom Tuning 1/5

    By Noellemichelle
    I have a half-size guitar that is tuned 5 half-steps higher than standard. This app doesn't allow for me to tune my guitar. The 6th string options only go to a G# and I need an A. Of course there are work-arounds, but this is very basic option is not offered in this app so it's pretty useless to me. I had googled around for an app that offered custom tunings, but after discovering this app doesn't give me the options I need, I deleted it right away.
  • Ovation 5/5

    By Quain1
    Nice to tune it up!
  • Didn’t work 1/5

    By Adam LeClair
    Broke a string trying to tune a bass. Awful app. Deleting now.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Jessballez1018
    Just got my first guitar and this tuner works perfectly. If only learning to play the guitar was as easy as using this app.
  • Straight out beginner 5/5

    By John Proudman
    I have never picked a guitar up . Received a guitar for free with missing strings , I purchased new strings.... This Fender app is awesome ... had my guitar tuned in minutes ... I am excited to come across this app ... Wow easy , Fast , and can’t wait to learn ... Best app I have ever used ... Again Made things easy
  • Not precise 1/5

    By joknows421
    Very imprecise tuner. Gets guitar vaguely in tune but it’s not great
  • Don’t use this app 1/5

    By FenderSux
    I used the guitar tuner, I bought a brand new pack of strings for $16.49 and they were the good ones, when I was tuning it I went this app and it kept telling me the one string was to low so I kept turning it up, and yes this is partly on me for being so dumb, but also it was totally off, if you are looking for a good app go check out this one called Guitar Tuna, it’s really accurate and free. Save yourself the time and money...
  • The app 3/5

    By why do you do this to me
    The app is good over all but I think a few changes should be made like in pro tuner you should be able to click on the string you are adjusting so it’s easier to tune don’t let the app guess witch string your playing because half the time I have to tune my guitar down so it can guess correctly that’s really it besides all of that the app is a good help to me
  • Really good 4/5

    By gracieblaise
    I love this app but the only complaint I have is that for me it sometimes gets the notes wrong

Fender Tune - Guitar Tuner app comments

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