Fender Tune - Guitar Bass Uke

Fender Tune - Guitar Bass Uke

  • Category: Music
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 3.0.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Fender Digital
  • Compatibility: Android
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Fender Tune - Guitar Bass Uke App

Fender Tune is the 5-star rated, easy-to-use, super-accurate tuner app for guitar, bass & ukulele from Fender®. The updated Tune app comes with an all-in-one Player Pack practice kit, featuring chords, scales, built-in beats, advanced tuning capabilities and a metronome, all available for in-app purchase! PERFECT FOR ALL MUSICIANS, FROM BEGINNERS TO PROS The all-new version of Fender Tune features the same free, easy and accurate tuning for guitar, bass and ukulele, along with 26 alternate tunings. The Pro Tuner option adds greater precision and flexibility with adjustable A=440 Hz reference. FREE Fender Tune App Features: • Easy-to-use, ad-free interface • Auto-tune, manual, chromatic and custom tuning modes • Instrument specific tunings for electric, acoustic, bass and ukulele Auto-Tune Mode • The app hears the note and guides you to a perfect pitch • A string-by-string diagram guides the selected tuning Manual Tune Mode • Select acoustic, bass and electric guitar • Tap a string on the interactive Fender headstock and tune your guitar Chromatic Mode • Tune to any note on the scale • Chromatic Mode recognizes each of the 12 chromatic (semitone) steps of the equal-tempered scale Pre-Set Tunings 26 tunings available, including: • Standard (EADGBE) • DADGAD • Open G • Drop C • Full-step • Half-step • and 20 more Custom Tunings • Create your own custom tunings and save to your Fender Connect personal profile for easy access PRO-Tuner Available with In-App Purchase • Real-time visual feedback • Additional tuning styles featuring exact cents and hertz reference • 40 different non-standard tuning references (A=420Hz to A=460Hz) PLAYER PACK ALL-IN-ONE PRACTICE TOOLKIT WITH IN-APP PURCHASE Get more out of your practice with the Player Pack all-in-one toolkit, which includes chords, scales, built-in beats, advanced tuning capabilities and a metronome, or purchase each tool separately. CHORDS Discover new harmonic horizons with more than 5000 shapes in Fender's new dynamic chord library. • New proprietary technology dynamically creates any chord pattern, with multiple shape variations, anywhere on the neck • Get chord diagrams and finger placement for any chord • Look up every chord variation in any position • Find a chord by note • Browse through curated chord collections • Includes chords for six-string guitar only SCALES Explore new melodies and improve your lead playing with a new dynamic scale library based on the same proprietary technology as Fender's new chord library. • Find scale diagrams and patterns for any variation, flavor and key • Find patterns in any key anywhere on the fretboard • Quickly learn complex scales with easy-to-understand visuals • Includes scales for six-string guitar only RHYTHM Improve your playing and have more fun practicing with a simple but flexible drum kit. • Choose from 65 different drum rhythms across 6 different genres (Rock, Blues, Jazz, Metal, Funk/R&B and World) • Features 65 one-touch, pre-programmed beats: Delta Blues, Kingston Groove and many more • All drum sounds are based on an authentic acoustic drum kit, specially created just for Fender • Select your tempo and customize your time signature to practice with any rhythm • Also features standard metronome mode PRO TUNER Tune your guitar, bass or ukulele with greater visual precision and even more flexibility • Get real-time visual feedback to find the exact tuning you're looking for • Explore more tuning styles with exact cents and hertz reference • Choose from 40 different non-standard tuning references, from A=420Hz to A=460Hz -- Since 1946, Fender® has set the standard for expertly crafted, high-performance instruments and audio equipment. Fender Digital, a new digital products division, is extending the vision with a precise and easy-to-use guitar, bass and ukulele tuner iPhone app.


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Fender Tune - Guitar Bass Uke app reviews

  • Does what it says 5/5

    By PleasantBud
    Very nice. Especially when I’m changing my strings and tuning up those first times. I checked it against my Fishman headmounted tuner and they both read the same and that’s nice too. Also good that I can program in my separate tuning.
  • Pretty neat 5/5

    By twin12659
    Work pretty well
  • Great app! 5/5

    By mordavmuse
    It’s fast, it’s simple and gives you great options for a free tuner app THANKS FENDER!!!
  • It works 5/5

    By ~TM
    ‘nuf said.
  • Pluck A String 5/5

    By brody78DA
    All that I use it for is the “pluck a string” option, and it works perfectly.
  • Maybe it’s just me 2/5

    By la enanaaa
    I broke a guitar string on my brand new guitar 😓😓
  • Cool app 3/5

    By LittleFox2277
    Good for beginning guitar and ukulele. It sometimes mixes up chords.
  • Great little app. 4/5

    By Loveandcrossbones
    Having a lot of fun with this little app, tuner works great, and I *love* the rhythm function. Only downside? I was really hoping it’d have ukulele chords as well as guitar, seeing as it mentions ukulele in the description.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By thisguy8613
    Tells me my e is to low and when I bring it up like way up says I’m still to low so it’s not reading proper definitely not using this app again disappointed!
  • Junk 1/5

    By fedup10,000x
    The entire app is now, little more than a train wreck. It is to be deleted after sending this.
  • Good for beginners but 2/5

    By Michael Glenn 728
    Varies from tuning to tuning
  • Amazing, very helpful. 5/5

    By discilple of Jesus
    This application is helping a lot improve my guitar skills and for so cheap price. Highly recommend it
  • Very good! 5/5

    By asherlindsey
  • A good app but did something change? 4/5

    By Seen in Chicago
    With the new update I feel that the tuning ability has changed. Oh and I am not crazy about having to to choose from a menu now. However my real concern is that the app seems to be less intelligent for lack of a better word. It seems to get confused about which string is being tuned.
  • Good tuner, no metronome 3/5

    By jnscarruth
    Should have a metronome included
  • It's *had* that twang, but... 1/5

    By Harrison Floored
    Just deleted. Used to be a decent app, but now it's annoyingly pushy and plain stupid. Way to go, not.
  • No No NO 1/5

    By CougarRebel
    The app determining my acoustic guitar string for E the high one kept telling me to higher it and the string snapped!!! 😡 Not cool, fix it. I can’t use this app anymore.
  • Amazing 3/5

    By Jesrael
    The tuner gets 5 stars but the fact that you can’t sample any of the new features without buying them kinda makes it feel like bloatware. Would it hurt to have a sample Rhythm, Scale, Chord chart, to see what you were considering buying? I know that’s the only reason I won’t buy them.
  • Woah!! 5/5

    By The diggz
    Having access to so many chords and scales on my phone is really a game changer. Keep up the great work Fender!
  • New features are awesome! 5/5

    By hayden81
    Love the Find A Beat and Metronome. Chords and Scales are awesome. So many shapes I’ve never known before. No more success sound option! Woooo!
  • Nice !! 5/5

    By androide31
  • Exactly what I was looking for! 5/5

    By Ishamesh
    I was looking for something to tune my guitar to drop D and this app is exactly what I needed. Thank god for the developers for making it available for me to use all while the tuning itself was easy!
  • Nice tuner 5/5

    By candyfamily
    I use this app before practice all the time. It works for me.
  • Best tuning app 4/5

    By Ungus Timbits
    Easily the best and least price gouging tuning app I’ve ever used. The tuning is usually pretty accurate, but on acoustic basses and guitars with Floyd Rose mechanisms you should use it in conjunction with a clip on tuner for better accuracy, but I suppose that goes for a lot of tuning apps. Overall it beats the hell out of the others I’ve tried and I’d totally recommend it.
  • DONT bother. 1/5

    By Yhettiskull73
    HANDS DOWN, thee WORST tuner I have ever used. Totally useless. It cannot hear you, it’s inconsistent, it won’t even let you pick the string you want to tune. My A string was a tiny bit out of tune and it swore I was plucking the B string. Useless.
  • Nice 5/5

    By lostsessions
    I really love this app
  • Cool stuff 5/5

    By Ricci rich
  • So much better that the clip on type! 5/5

    By Kingnomad33
    So much better than the clip on one that came with the guitar. Makes playing so much more enjoyable. It tells you which way to bring strings in time and how far to go. When it’s right the app shows you a full circle of the sound from pluck until it’s done making the sound.
  • Easy to learn. 5/5

    By Rider123xd19
    That took about 3 minutes to tune. I thing my low e string is old though...Yamaha FG-300D. Thanks fender!
  • good Home tuner 5/5

    By Mannyqui
    works well with Iphone X, perfect if you want to keep you travel gear stored.
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By cigcigftiry
    I’m just beginning to play guitar and this app helps a lot
  • Best tuning app out there 5/5

    By Coolkid2777
    I usually do not review apps, but this tuning app has been so helpful to me I just had to leave a review. I use it all the time, it’s the perfect tool. I especially love that it has multiple different tuning other than just standard, where in other apps you would have to pay for this option. Great app!!!
  • Best tuner ever 5/5

    By noTalentButInTune
    Even I can get a guitar in tune with it.
  • Fender tune 5/5

    By Junnybug100
    It stands the reason I am a Fender man. Thanks to you it’s great
  • Guitar Amateur 5/5

    By Coast Conservative
    This app is awesome. Super easy to use and very precise. Highly recommended.
  • Thank You Fender ! 5/5

    By Rayme38
    It’s so nice to have a guitar tuner with me at all times. Seems to work just fine, i have found myself needing one every once in a while, when at camp, and when playing on other people’s instruments or any other instances. I always seem to have my phone with me so kudos to fender for keeping everyone in tune. No problems with pitch, and I like to tune 1/2 step down, and no problems setting it to do just that. When I open the app, I don’t have to reset the pitch every time I use it. VERY NICE TO HAVE FOR FREE! Thank You Fender
  • Didnt work at all 1/5

    By Ap07290
    I was trying to set it to the tuning of Heart Shaped Box by nirvana and when it said it was right on, the song sounded way off and horrible. Also it took me about 20-30 minutes to tune due to the fact that it kept automatically switching to a different string than the one i was playing and telling me to tune it for that string.
  • Awesome , easy for the beginner 5/5

    By VA guitar guy
    I’d pay for this! Thanks fender! Very nice and easy for the novice !👍🏻😊
  • To much switch 4/5

    By Br0 average
    It’s a great app are used to use guitar tuna that didn’t have half step down notes. This is great but it changes symbols every time he traffic in the you know what.
  • Best free guitar tuner in App Store 5/5

    By suprarb
    I have been looking for a FREE TUNER that actually has all different tunings & they are all free! This is by far the best tuning app I have found for free. Very easy to use and understand
  • Is nice 5/5

    By LandenRustan
    I Love this app! I use this app every time my guitar is out of tune helps me tune it back to normal!😀
  • Very handy tuner! 5/5

    By Dopple-Depper
    Most apps you’ll find of this functionality will constantly get in your face about buying a full version with lessons and what have you. This application simply meets you needs and permits plenty of room for learning how to properly tune stringed instruments you get a hold of. Ask me what this app needs to get better and my answer will remain; nothing.
  • DO NOT GET 1/5

    By buddy.58
    I highly recommend not using this app! I followed the instructions it kept blaring at me saying “tune down” and it kept asking to tune it farther and farther down and it popped my string. Great :(
  • Works great! 5/5

    By hjjcddb
    Very convenient! Nice to have on the fly
  • Simplicity 5/5

    By Strike_Eagle21
    Easiest tune ever
  • Guitar tuner 5/5

    By GMAN2899
    I am so glad for this app I don’t have to worry about my guitar getting out of tune and it’s so easy to use
  • Professor of jazz studies 5/5

    By Yyytttrrr
    I am a professional musician and college teacher- jazz studies. Knocked out by this fast and accurate app- recommend very highly!
  • Awesome Tuner !!!! 5/5

    By Ercmann
    Awesome tuner !! Gotta love it!! It tells you which way you need to go, sharper (up) or (down). Pretty cool tuner. Highly recommend!! :)
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Snickers808
    Great free app. Easy to use
  • Meh. Not bad. Better than most. 9/10 5/5

    By jake Kemper
    What I like most would have to be that this app has every ALTERNATE TUNING just about. :)

Fender Tune - Guitar Bass Uke app comments


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