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fepblue App

With the fepblue app, you can: Access your benefits • View and share your member ID card • Know how close you are to meeting your annual deductible or out-of-pocket maximum* • See important visit limit information for benefits and services, such as acupuncture visits* • Access to medical and pharmacy claims including Explanation of Benefits (EOB) • Step-up authentication for enhanced security Get care • Call the Nurse Line • Find urgent care centers • Search for Preferred providers Be notified • If you give us permission, we’ll send important reminders straight to your mobile device Stay connected to FEP • You can easily access our website and social media channels through the app *It can take up to ten days after we receive a claim to reflect these changes on your account. Enable Touch ID to make logging in easier. Once you log in to the app for the first time, you can set up Touch ID for iPhone. Then, the next time you log in to the app, you’ll only need your fingerprint to sign in. We keep your information secure. We use the latest security technology and industry best practices to secure your information. Your account is yours—it can only be accessed through your MyBlue® login information. We recommend keeping your app up to date to ensure that it has the latest security features. You should keep your phone operating system up to date as well. You can find providers and urgent care centers without logging in. However, you’ll need to login with your MyBlue® username and password to access benefit information. Don’t have an account? Sign up at: https://www.fepblue.org/pilot/registration Stay tuned for new features as we try to make your healthcare information easier to access and understand.


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    By Buster9z
    On iPhone 8 Plus, I routinely get stuck receiving server applet error when I go to my secure Mail at More>Access Your MyBlue Account> (Mail Envelope at top Right) To clear the error, I have to go to my iPhone Settings>Safari>Advanced>Website Data then scroll down to FepBlue and swipe right to left and choose delete to eradicate FepBlue Cache’. Then restart FepBlue App. This needs to be fixed.
  • Better than the main site 5/5

    By augustever
    Wow I love this. So much easier than the main site to access and navigate. All my info is right there. Wish all apps were this useful. Plus it can use Touch ID for instant sign-in
  • Great app! 5/5

    By dmsteve41
    Love that all information is easily and readily available. I chart in the health tools daily and have not experienced any problems. Thanks FEP for a great app!
  • No logic to search results near Harwich, MA 2/5

    By SchnauzerGirl327
    Just looking for some info about urgent care nearby. At no time during multiple searches did the Fontaine medical center in Harwich, affiliated with Cape Cod Hospital, show up even though it is close to my location. Also, no CVS locations with a nurse practitioner onsite are showing up either. Is this because there aren’t any? That is difficult to believe since CVS offers these services at so many locations. This area is truly underserved or not showing care that IS available on the app.
  • Too Hard to Log into 1/5

    By Jeff from Arl VA
    Every time I have ever logged into the app, always from the same iPhone, it tells me this is a new device and makes me request a verification code to authorize the device. After I do, it tells me the device is authorized for four months, but that doesn’t work. An hour later or a day later I have to do the same thing. All of these extra steps make it simply too inconvenient to use the app, so I tend not to.
  • What a joke of an app 1/5

    By oddvid
    Just like Blue Cross, the app doesn’t work half the time and there isn’t a bit of decent information on it. Who wrote this app a 2 year old. Might as well blow it up and start over, serious waste of time.
  • Where’s the formulary? 2/5

    By Sand Grain
    This app works poorly. Multiple buttons said to click ok to go to a third party site, then took me nowhere. I logged on to look at my plan’s formulary and cannot find it.
  • App could be better 2/5

    By poorappemailload
    My Touch ID don’t work as expected. Like some of the features.
  • Probably the lamest app I have ever downloaded. 1/5

    By Philip Woolman
    This app gives very little information on the BlueCross Federal Employees Plan. The requirement to give a nick name is preventing me to send a review. Even my own name was taken. I will persevere!
  • No Face ID 3/5

    By sm4sm
    Can not login with Face ID even when enabled in settings.
  • This app is way better than expected! 5/5

    By pja8663
    I just downloaded this and played around with what it can do. It shows my insurance card so no need to always carry it. It can help me find a doctor. I can look at all prescriptions and doctor visits. And I can see my EOBs! And also it tells me my benefits, out of pocket amount left and deductible left. So convenient and it makes it easy to keep track of payments! I absolutely love it.
  • Features do not work 1/5

    By need engrish
    Touch ID does not work and the search simply opens the browser.
  • Good App 4/5

    By Joe628
    I think the app is very helpful but two minor things take away 5 star status. #1. There’s no way to send a message to the company. That’s crazy. There should be some way to contact support. #2. And this really has nothing to do with the app,.. acupuncture? Really? You won’t cover a life-saving operation for a sick little girl but your gonna cover that ridiculous worthless excuse for medicine? Acupuncture has been proven to be completely worthless time after time after time. C’mon blue, read the literature..it doesn’t work. Stop wasting resources on worthless hokum and stick to science-based medicine please. Ok. I’ll get off my soapbox now.
  • Incentive Program Availability 2/5

    By paul_knight
    It’d be nice if I could keep track of incentive programs with this app. That would be easier than having to log on the actual website through Safari, and also verifying the same device over and over is pretty irritating.
  • Very Convenient 3/5

    By Bjorn1701
    I like having my plan at my fingertips, but ever since I got my new phone the TouchID doesn't work. I wish they would fix that.
  • Exasperating! 1/5

    By rpmeredith
    Signing into your website is nothing less than terrible. Passwords may be wrong, get frozen out, then need to re verify, cant use anything but a new pwd....on and on! I see other reviews frustrated with the same issues. You need to make this all easier for your customers.
  • BCBS-Federal 4/5

    By Dorkeetoo
    App is basically good. Sometimes the incentives are confusing and not explained well. Overall very good.
  • Very user friendly 5/5

    By Eldora
    Simply to us. Information is always current.
  • Terrible website 1/5

    By wljejntw
    I have been trying for a month to look at my claims and other information on both the app and the website. I always get an error message and then it says to "view full website". You can't even click on the link. From my experience, the recent update did nothing to improve the app. So frustrating!!
  • The app looks great but touch id never works.. 1/5

    By Tailor17
    Touch id hasn't worked since I downloaded the app originally. I have to keep looking up my password and username and then entering in the verification code they send me. If they can fix this then I will bump my review up to 5 stars. Also, they should include an explanation of benefits about my plan, copays, what's covered etc. That works be great.
  • Great Resource App 4/5

    By AlaskaMimi
    My comments relate to using this app on my iPhone. Generally very easy to use and obtain information. My only issue is the inability to quickly access previous EOBs (>180 days) and checking the balance on my Wellness Card. I go to the full site to access them. Thank you for providing this great tool.
  • BCBS Fed app 1/5

    By Jojoiggy
    1 star is generous logging into app sev times won't accept my valid ID or pass. Rep on phone oh just change yr pass again (& again every time )!wth.
  • Digital Insurance Card 3/5

    By Alli9099
    This app is great because it provides you with a digital copy of your insurance card, which is handy if you constantly forget yours, like me. The app could be better if it had more features provided in-app instead of redirecting you to web pages to do everything. I got the app because I wanted to check the cost of treatment for something. I was able to do it via a web page that the app pulled up for me (not quite as easy as it could’ve been if the feature was built-in to the app directly).

    By Shopper1946
    I find this awkward and difficult to get info. The app will use n my iPhone is so much easier to use.
  • Works partially 1/5

    By Stevesssssss
    The app won’t sllow you to see the explanation of benefits page on a claim. Alwsys says to try again later. Also logging in with Face ID doesn’t work. Thinking of going back to demanding paper benefits statements.
  • Good for finding what’s been paid. 3/5

    By CraigB-RN
    It’s good for a quick copy of your card and to see what’s been paid. I’d like to see more of the info in web page available.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Centexrates
    Doesn’t tell you what your copayment should be, doesn’t seem to give you any information on your specific plan other than “out-of-pocket limit.”
  • Can never log in 1/5

    By jmy1975
    At first this app was good but after a couple days it would never let me login. I have tried multiple times to reset my password however it just never works.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By TonyEdmond
    This update is crap, it gets stuck in a loop as I try to reset my password, I can not accept the terms it just stops working on my phone.
  • Simple & direct. 4/5

    By Tedwardointogs
    It’s simpler than their website, and has easy access to the critical info you actually use!
  • Horrible App Expected Much Better 1/5

    By Da1289
    It wasn’t a great app before but you could at least use it. Now every time you try and find a doctor or specialist the third party provider times out. Basically it makes the app almost worthless unless you want to find how much you have spent year to date it does do that.
  • Why does it not remember 1/5

    By stvan1
    Every time I try to log in it needs to send me a verification code to my email even though I checked to remember me and I do not share this device. Also will not let me use fingerprint id and I have a new (1 month old) iPhone 8 Plus fully updated. Just a real pain and it won’t show me what the latest charge is for just how much it was for. I am assuming it was for meds. Oh well most of these apps are relatively useless.
  • BCBS App - Convenient 3/5

    By 2good2btrue2u
    I love the convenience of having my insurance card, claims, benefits, and nurses available. But to be 5 stars it would be great if the online coaching was included. Why have the app on your device but you have update your progress on a computer. 🤨
  • Best in years! 5/5

    By vol104
    This is what we have been waiting for. What took so long? This was so sorely needed. I can’t thank you enough. Btw, I don’t normally write reviews.
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By Needed a forecast
    You can look up your claims, but are unable to print them so you can send them to your FSA. When you attempt to get a phone number or email to contact a support person the app runs you in circles to the “contact us” page without a way to get support. I had to log onto the full web to print and get full information on claims. When you look up your claim in the at a glance format you should be able to go the final step and see a pdf of the claim to read it and print if necessary. This app gives you half the information you need.
  • Good but NEEDS a couple things... 3/5

    By ALQ-131
    This app is pretty good, but needs an option to save EOBs on my phone individually or as a group. Also needs the ability to print via. AirPrint.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Calamity Jane AK
    Can’t get into it. Keeps saying incorrect user name, password, email...waste of time
  • Missing information 3/5

    By hurricanestone
    None of my wife’s EOBs are included with this app. Myself and children are included.
  • Awful web site. 1/5

    By S.A 73001
    Can never log in on the first time. Must sign in with verification code. Good for 4 months which only last till next day. Waste of time.
  • Easy to use; Concise 5/5

    By Sandrise
    Spent a long time with online business but this app eliminates confusion and extensive verifications. I use ‘one touch’ sign in...luv it! And it has my card info with list of phone numbers. I can call direct and do not have to look up numbers. And has RN direct call! Thank you for developing this app!
  • Worthless site 1/5

    By 1966-420
    So far I have not found this useful at all for anything. Would be nice if I could at least track my progress with the online coach.
  • Ugh! 1/5

    By bcbs app thums down
    This app is terrible. You can’t look any real information up. If you want to see what your actual policy covers you still have to log into the website. You can’t use it for claim forms by mail or to participate in the incentive rewards program. The look for a physician tab is terrible too. I don’t see the point in having this app.
  • Ins Card is in my Wallet 4/5

    By Jillitha
    I was just able to add my insurance card to my wallet. Thank you!! Only gave 4 stars because i want to be able to track my incentives through the app too.
  • Pitiful 1/5

    By K2AM
    This is the best of the least helpful apps I’ve ever used. It provides little information and less service. Even though I’ve enabled Touch ID, it won’t work.
  • It’s Okay 3/5

    By J-Meeeee
    The app is good for viewing your benefits, out of pocket maximums and such, but it would also be great if we could have access to our Online Health Coach and our Wellness Card benefits from this site, especially the Online Health Coach.
  • Print 2/5

    By Laceypooh
    Why can’t I print, copy or share my EOB from my iPhone? I needed to send a copy of my EOB to the wellness card company for verification of a payment that didn’t meet their requirements and I was unable to do so. I didn’t receive an EOB in the mail and it would have taken too long to request. I this this is a waste and isn’t user friendly.
  • Terrible but I assume no change in store 1/5

    By Barenecessity
    I admit that I went into this with low expectations as this is the usual poor service I am used to with giant government contracts. An obtuse beginning with no help on what I possibly was doing wrong with sign in. Turns out dates have to be entered with slashes / rather than dashes and four digits for the year. No examples to steer you. After I got through that, the site asks for all kinds of information that you cannot possibly have on hand. I gave up. Too much hassle for little benefit.
  • So fate it is great! 5/5

    By AiredaleGal
    Everything at my fingertips. Just downloaded but does everything that my Macbook version does but portable. Will rate again after use more.
  • Helpful! 5/5

    By Anothernewbie
    I appreciate the ease and simplicity of navigating this app. We have three adult children on our plan and it is so helpful that they can access the ID card and find network providers easily from their phone.
  • Fantastic additions 5/5

    By Kkdubz
    With the addition of full EOB access this app becomes very complete and extremely handy when on the go.

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