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  • Current Version: 2.59.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Fetch Rewards App

The quickest and easiest way to save when you grocery shop or dine out. Fetch Rewards turns all your retail and restaurant receipts into savings. Simply scan any grocery, retail or restaurant receipt after you shop, and save on thousands of popular products throughout the store. Earn points on every receipt or eReceipt you scan. Turn receipts into gift cards for online retailers, e.g. Amazon, Target, and others. With our receipt scanner, there’s no more clipping coupons, chasing down expiring deals, or missing out on savings. Just shop, scan, and save. It’s that easy. The Fetch Rewards app brings everyday savings to your life with a quick and easy mobile app that rewards you for the purchases you already make. With Fetch Rewards, just snap a quick photo of ANY grocery, hardware, drugstore, or restaurant receipt, and in seconds we’ll deliver points to your account on thousands of popular products. You’ll earn points on every receipt or eReceipt you scan. Unlike cash back and rebate apps that require you to unlock coupons before you go grocery shopping or dine out, causing you to miss out on savings, Fetch Rewards gives you savings EVERY TIME you purchase a participating product or eat at a participating restaurant. Just scan your grocery or restaurant receipt after you shop or dine and redeem points in seconds. You don’t have to chase grocery coupons to save on your bill, because Fetch Rewards delivers those savings every day with a quick and easy scan of your receipt. The more you scan, the more you save. ** Sign up for Huggies Rewards + in the app, and unlock surprise rewards when you buy Huggies diapers and wipes - on top of all the Fetch points you’ll earn! ** To save money and earn rewards, simply scan your receipt from grocery stores, restaurants, hardware stores, convenience stores, liquor stores, big box stores or anywhere in between, and submit. Within seconds you’ll have points in your account that can be redeemed for hundreds of rewards and gift cards to online retailers like Amazon or Hulu. Use your points however you want. With one scan, turn your grocery or restaurant receipt into a free cup of Starbucks coffee, a taxi ride with Uber, a night at the movies, a relaxing day at the spa, or a birthday present for your child. You can submit any grocery, restaurant or retail receipts, from grocery stores and restaurants to hardware and liquor stores, up to 14 days AFTER the purchase date on the receipt, and you’ll still get all your points. Other gift card and grocery reward apps require choosing coupons before or after or after you shop in order to save, but sometimes you forget, spontaneously eat out, or make an impulse purchase. That shouldn’t keep you from turning your receipts to gift cards or earning rewards. With Fetch Rewards, you can just shop and let the savings come to you. In addition to offering quick and easy savings with a scan, Fetch Rewards also features helpful tools to plan your shopping trip, find inspiration for your next recipe, and track your grocery budget. You can view your personalized shopping history to see where you shop, whether it’s Target or Walmart, and how much you spend and save. Fetch Rewards makes it easy and rewarding to save on groceries. Simply shop, scan, and save.

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Fetch Rewards app reviews

  • Great app! 5/5

    By Mollie Buckley
    Love this app! Please get this app!
  • Fetch rewards review 4/5

    By Faithaleriene
    I like fetch rewards because it allows me to earn money with my recites and buy stuff I would like more info on how to get free gift cards and how to use them online if possible thanks again for the great app!! Thanks you fetch rewards :)
  • Money 5/5

    By shyne hart🤩
    I just like the fact that tryouts can make money while doing something that you never think would make you money
  • Non Rewarding! 2/5

    By 2pennypinch
    Compared to Honey or MyPoints, you get far less for your redeemed points. At 7500 points, the only rewards are magazine subscriptions, which you can get by doing one online survey in other apps. The same amount of points gets you at least a $5 retailer discount on competitive apps.
  • Lol 5/5

    By Hdjxcnejkxnc
    Here for the Vbucks 😂
  • Please help me 2/5

    By Celena._
    So I forgot my password an hour ago and I can’t create a new one🤦🏽‍♀️. I was trying to give my daughter an Apple Card for her birthday but I can’t because of this. This is ridiculous Smh
  • trash 1/5

    By Unipotato1
    this app is trash. used it for 1 day and 2-3 days later i tried to use it again and i couldn’t. horrible. what a shame.
  • The best ever 5/5

    By kddiehxhen
    Omg the very best ever
  • Super Easy 5/5

    By MissEmilyElizabeth!
    I love this. This app is so easy and a great way to earn points for free gift cards.
  • Fetch rewards 4/5

    By troyhaley
    Overall, I love fetch rewards because it help me save money. And who wouldn’t wanna save money the only thing I have to say about it is it doesn’t give me very many points for a big receipt. I put one in for 257 and it gave me 25 points
  • Fantastic! 5/5

    By name taken or already used
    I absolutely love this app. It’s so simple, easy to use. And all you have to do is snap a picture of your receipts and collect points to get any number of rewards from Amazon to zoo and everything in between! I love this! They’ve made it so very easy to actually earn rewards to your favorite shopping! No looking to to be sure you’ve bought enough or the dates are still good, ect no secret codes to remember or lists of certain items. Just snap every receipt and sit back and collect points. You’ll get a minimum of 25 points just for entering a receipt! This app is so easy to use and is an absolute win win! It is the best shopping ever!! Thank you so much!!
  • Very good 5/5

    By wolves3454
    It is nice to receive something for doing basic things
  • My points were taken away 1/5

    By Roti1827
    I haven’t scanned for a while and they took away my points
  • Some glitches 4/5

    By Maggie 148
    I do like your app very much. I did like where I could go and see where I spent the most to the least. I don’t really care about the social thing on here. I just want to scan my recite and go on. I wish you had a button for what you don’t like, beyond meats, No Way will I eat that stuff. Just me.
  • Favorite app!! 5/5

    By Kmillz2022
    I absolutely love the Fetch app!! It’s easy to navigate and it take no time to have enough points to trade out for gift cards! They also have a huge selection of gift cards to choose from so there is literally something every one would like!
  • E rewards 4/5

    By moma50
    I Love Fetch inmost purchases but it doesn’t get all my Amazon purchases that are in my e mails . I had 6 Amazon last week and it tells me nothing shipped in last 30 days! I order on Amazon a lot dig and cat food and RXs for them vitamins,, household , birthdays and gift cards. I have never received all my points from purchases from Amazon. Fetch works great on nearly all other receipts.
  • Great app!! 5/5

    By Bravitohermosodetiti
    I just love to save, and this app is incredible!! Love it!
  • Awesome app BUT.... 4/5

    By Diann_07
    I love this app it’s a great way to use what you already buy to earn rewards!! BUT here recently it no longer connects to my amazon account??!!! Just be aware of that!! Probably not good for long term amazon use unfortunately!!
  • Thank You! 5/5

    By MLD Texas
    Thank you for making this so user friendly and simple. I love the time it saves. There’s no hunting and selecting items in a list. Whoever designed this did a great job!! Thank you again! Monica
  • Referrals are the only way to get gift cards 1/5

    By Don'tbscammed
    Just another way for marketers track you and track your spending. You’d have to spend an exhausting amount of money and log receipts to get the gift cards.
  • Limited accounts 3/5

    By doge826829
    Can’t we make it so we can have more then 1 account because least time it banned me for no reason
  • Can't say enough good 5/5

    By Mrs_LauraLopez
    I've been using this app for a couple of years.. nothing but good experiences! even when communicating an issue, they're fast to respond and super friendly. So glad my friend told me about this way back... it has paid for many many meals on broke weeks and helped buy my kids gifts on holidays. Thank you for making this app! It has helped my family out tremendously throughout this pandemic. ❤️
  • The best 5/5

    By wantmorefree
    Getting points to earn on feee stuff on things I already bought… no brainer!
  • Fetch rewards 3/5

    By slayerboy28
    I rate this app a 3 star amazing app just not good customer service
  • My points were lost 2/5

    By Wandanell
    I’d like to know where all my points went to because my phone was off for five days I log back in I have no points
  • Used to be a good app 2/5

    By LittleMissMeow
    This used to be a good app. It no longer picks up a lot of things like DoorDash in my email. I have contacted support over it but I get nowhere. It's frustrating when something used to work great but no longer does.
  • Fun 5/5

    By Amanda DYH
    I enjoy this app
  • Fantastic app 5/5

    By Jc071962
    Great app. Free money for very little of your time. I have used all my gift card redemptions for cvs credit towards diapers I buy there. Just download it already!
  • Love the app! But let us use our iCloud emails. 4/5

    By xx_hamburger
    Love the app! But since I don’t have a google , outlook , aol email I can’t earn points because my e-mail is iCloud. Please make it easier for us i phone /apple products easier to earn e receipt points!
  • HELP 2/5

    By joseph mcdonld
    It won’t let me make a new acc and I forbfot the pass to my old one and I don’t know the email that was used for it?
  • This is amazing 5/5

    By lkjhyuio.
    It’s honestly worth it!!
  • Emails? 4/5

    By tinkpinkcheeks
    So I love this app, however, I can’t connect my email address because I don’t have gmail, aol, outlook or yahoo. There needs to be a way to connect other emails to this as well!
  • Great app! But needs option to submit receipts from apple wallet 4/5

    By danita:3:3
    This app is greatly appreciated, it's very easy to use and makes me feel at easy about spending money in stores. You can submit multiple receipts very fast and go one about your day, while it's making money. I recommend. Please add an option to submit e-receipt from the wallet app in iPhones. I purchase a lot of stuff online through Apple credit card but can't submit the receipts :C
  • Fetch is amazing!! 5/5

    By fetch_dog2
    Fetch is amazing!!You just snap a photo of your receipt from the grocery store or the mall or anywhere are get coins which lead Ik to gift cards and you can even use receipts that are online !!!!
  • SCAM!! 2/5

    By rhbxhocdgt
    I redeemed a playstation gift card for 1000 points but when i was trying to put it on my playstation the reward disappeared. i was very disappointed :(
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Screaminbabies
    Love the convenience of these rewards! Just snap and get points!
  • Best App EVER!! 5/5

    By jnel69
    I love that my receipts get me gift cards to places I love and already enjoy!! Thank you for making this app so easy and something I already do is shopping and get a receipt for it.
  • Fetch Member for life 5/5

    By fetch4life
    I absolutely love this app!
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By Ferniefernfern
    I have no complaints. What’s better than receiving gift cards for money you already spent?! Only thing I’d like to see being able to connect multiple email accounts. Otherwise, no reason not to use this app!
  • SCAM!!!’ 1/5

    By cee<3
    i created an account and brought in points pretty fast, getting enough for two 10$ amazon gift cards. the day they are coming through, I GET BANNED!!!! its such a scam, don’t waste ur time.
  • Gift card takes too long 5/5

    By lazy_walker
    I’ve ordered 2 gift cards after saving up for months and I’ve waited 96 hours after ordering it and it still says “processing” I still don’t think it will work after seeing these reviews.
  • Upload image 4/5

    By LegzBandy
    Some receipts slip away, but would be nice to be able to upload a file or image of my receipt. Also saves time for receipts that I may need to save an image of.
  • Fetch rewards 5/5

    By ShellyWalkup
    I love the benefits from using fetch
  • Redemption 3/5

    By brittsnycf
    I like this app fun to use but I have a complaint. There is no way to contact you if u have a problem my 1st 10,000 points I requested gift card which I never received and I tried to contact to find out what to do I now have another 10,000 but haven’t claim them cause I don’t want to lose them. Wish I could speak with someone
  • Consumer 5/5

    By The Red C
    I lovit I lovit I lovit
  • . 1/5

    By 098109810981
    This app is just bad I literally bought the same item that’s over 1,000 points and it only gives me 25 points fix your app it’s garbage
  • agradecimiento 5/5

    By ingridxita linda
    Bella aplicación
  • Actual app user 5/5

    By CodyKim23
    I love this app!!! You can really turn receipts into cash money and get gifts, gift cards, and more!!!
  • The best 5/5

    By SashaSaline0309
    I freaking love this app!! They never fail me… as long as I submit my receipts and get the amount of coins being asked, I always get my reward. It never fails.