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Fetch Rewards

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  • Current Version: 2.57.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Fetch Rewards
  • Compatibility: Android
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Fetch Rewards App

The quickest and easiest way to save when you grocery shop or dine out. Fetch Rewards turns all your retail and restaurant receipts into savings. Simply scan any grocery, retail or restaurant receipt after you shop, and save on thousands of popular products throughout the store. Earn points on every receipt or eReceipt you scan. Turn receipts into gift cards for online retailers, e.g. Amazon, Target, and others. With our receipt scanner, there’s no more clipping coupons, chasing down expiring deals, or missing out on savings. Just shop, scan, and save. It’s that easy. The Fetch Rewards app brings everyday savings to your life with a quick and easy mobile app that rewards you for the purchases you already make. With Fetch Rewards, just snap a quick photo of ANY grocery, hardware, drugstore, or restaurant receipt, and in seconds we’ll deliver points to your account on thousands of popular products. You’ll earn points on every receipt or eReceipt you scan. Unlike cash back and rebate apps that require you to unlock coupons before you go grocery shopping or dine out, causing you to miss out on savings, Fetch Rewards gives you savings EVERY TIME you purchase a participating product or eat at a participating restaurant. Just scan your grocery or restaurant receipt after you shop or dine and redeem points in seconds. You don’t have to chase grocery coupons to save on your bill, because Fetch Rewards delivers those savings every day with a quick and easy scan of your receipt. The more you scan, the more you save. ** Sign up for Huggies Rewards + in the app, and unlock surprise rewards when you buy Huggies diapers and wipes - on top of all the Fetch points you’ll earn! ** To save money and earn rewards, simply scan your receipt from grocery stores, restaurants, hardware stores, convenience stores, liquor stores, big box stores or anywhere in between, and submit. Within seconds you’ll have points in your account that can be redeemed for hundreds of rewards and gift cards to online retailers like Amazon or Hulu. Use your points however you want. With one scan, turn your grocery or restaurant receipt into a free cup of Starbucks coffee, a taxi ride with Uber, a night at the movies, a relaxing day at the spa, or a birthday present for your child. You can submit any grocery, restaurant or retail receipts, from grocery stores and restaurants to hardware and liquor stores, up to 14 days AFTER the purchase date on the receipt, and you’ll still get all your points. Other gift card and grocery reward apps require choosing coupons before or after or after you shop in order to save, but sometimes you forget, spontaneously eat out, or make an impulse purchase. That shouldn’t keep you from turning your receipts to gift cards or earning rewards. With Fetch Rewards, you can just shop and let the savings come to you. In addition to offering quick and easy savings with a scan, Fetch Rewards also features helpful tools to plan your shopping trip, find inspiration for your next recipe, and track your grocery budget. You can view your personalized shopping history to see where you shop, whether it’s Target or Walmart, and how much you spend and save. Fetch Rewards makes it easy and rewarding to save on groceries. Simply shop, scan, and save.

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Fetch Rewards app reviews

  • Referral code 5/5

    By theojamesb13
  • Beta social 2/5

    By Tamels
    I don’t like the beta social. I didn’t sign up for it and I can’t see my activity because of it. I only see other peoples activity. Not liking it at all!
  • Privacy issue 2/5

    By Infiniti5
    I don’t think it’s right that friends see what each other are scanning. Privacy concern and not sure if I will stay. This day and age this is just odd. Please change this! No one should be able to see where I shop and when I’m scanning.
  • Thanks for scanning 3/5

    By rani rajput
  • Shopping guilt 🙈 5/5

    By Farmers From VA
    This App helps me not feel so guilty for shopping. It helps to know that I can benefit from buying things my family needs & some we surely don’t. I Love it😁
  • Thankful 5/5

    By Kasslove93
    I’m so glad I was sent this app!!!
  • La mejor 5/5

    By camilito rojitas
    Es la mejor aplicación q conozco incluso me a sacado de aprietos en mis juegos favoritos para comprar Ítems Gracias Fresh!!!!!
  • Love it!! 5/5

    By rosiefraz60
    My neighbors told me about this app recently and I have already received one gift card and about to get my second one! Love this, quick and easy to use!! Thank you
  • Fun way to shop 5/5

    By Steve the broke shopper
    Enjoy every time I buy
  • Loving this app more and more !! 5/5

    By baby_horns
    Best app in the world!!
  • It’s Awesome I got a gift card 5/5

    By elijahcbdn
  • Great 4/5

    By missypoo2021
    I love this app. It is very fast and easy to use. The only issue I have is that I have had a lot of problems getting apps to connect for e-receipts. Otherwise it seems to be a great app.
  • Please fix 2/5

    By ceoorj
    It used to be that fetch rewards had an option to get $25 and $50 giftcards but now they only have $10 or less. You can barely get anything for $10 so please fix this. I used to love fetch now it’s pretty pointless
  • Love the App 5/5

    By ohio2021
    I love this app everyone in my family uses it
  • Too many receipts?? 5/5

    By Lul Upset
    I was trying to help a friend out by even getting the fetch app.. after doing so I started saving my receipts… but to my dismay I was not allowed to scan my other receipts I was going to scan.. message: to many receipts (35) was scanned within 7 days.. I don’t get it!! If you’re an avid shopper and you have 6 or 7 receipts in a day we’ll thus program is not for you..!! I’ll wait with baited breath and hope I haven’t let the expiration date of 14 days catch me🥲
  • Love it 5/5

    By mads17381999
    Easy to gain points over time mad
  • AWESOME!!! 5/5

    By JWestz
    I love it it’s so easy to use my rewards are accessible almost instantly ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEMS seriously AWESOME app thank you
  • Cool 5/5

    By Trust3981
    Awesome app thanks fetch you rule…

    By Itsyagirlkaylynn<3
    A free app where all you have to do is take pics of your receipts and you get free gifts out of it with no scams wooo weee isn’t 2021 a great time to be alive 😄 It’s so fun & also if you’re like me you just like keeping track of how much you spent where & when you scan the receipt it automatically takes note in the app of that as well. It’s very easy to use & I’m so thankful to the creators of this app warm regards to whoever you may be. I HIGHLY recommend this app to anyone who’s interested in fun free ways to earn gifts with no gambling involved + you can scan receipts from practically anywhere ;) NO GO HAVE A BALL SCANNIN woot woooooot 🎉
  • Sad 1/5

    By Lala.mozfan82
    I want to love this app but I don’t like that it gives you limits on how many receipts you can scan, then it make you wait DAYS till you can scan again. They also give you a window of 14day old receipts only, so by the time it lets you scan more receipts you no longer can. 😢😢
  • Happy lady 5/5

    By ChefChristina
    Love this app! Thank you for all of my savings from hard money spent!
  • Please Fix!!!! 3/5

    By MzButta78
    The app is not registering all of my e-receipts including online. I understand it’s also supposed to scan Walmart and other retailers. Since I started using the app it hasn’t found any email receipts other than Amazon.
  • Great app but some suggestions 3/5

    By TexansNationGirl
    This app is a great and easy way to earn money for your everyday shopping. I just wish they would allow you to link multiple emails addresses at one time versus having to login/out to get points from all your email addresses.
  • Really … 1/5

    By Shlaigh
    It’s just not worth the time , too many points until your rewarded , and you earn to little for receipts . Takes forever to earn enough .
  • New beta changes are a pain 3/5

    By ErSWJr
    I very much enjoyed your app. However the new “social” beta changes are terrible. The activity spot is gone and when you look at the receipts under the social, you have no idea the order it is in. I scanned three receipts back to back but one was at the top and the other two were below receipts from 2 weeks ago. I don’t see a sorting option.
  • Easy Peasy 5/5

    By Tea-Spoon
    Very easy to use. Just snap your receipts A reminder is sent if you don’t scan within the timeframe of days .
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Ellie5578
    this app
  • The best app ever !! 5/5

    By Estella Cheated on me
    Earn free stuff for just doing your everyday shopping
  • Addicting… 5/5

    By guthermy
    I look forward to scanning not so thrilled when I see the breakdown of my impulse spending 🤷🏻‍♀️ sure love the free gift cards!!!
  • Rewards 4/5

    By crazygma3
    This site is nice to have during this time when your trying to save. The only down side is the e-receipts can’t pull from an iCloud account . So only I few of my purchases are add, I can print the receipt and photo them I can’t forward the receipt to another is mail. There should be a way to do this .
  • Could Be Better 1/5

    By PattGavin
    What it does is great but every time they run a contest you have to go to Instagram to enroll. This doesn’t make any sense. Just having an active account should enter me into any contest. Why am I being forced to use another app? Needs work.
  • Don’t like the social (beta) portion 5/5

    By cbates614
    I love everything about this app. Except now there is a beta for social to see our friends scans. I don’t like that part of it. I don’t want to know where they are spending their money. And I certainly don’t want them knowing where I spend mine!!!! Otherwise the app is great!
  • Love it 5/5

    By macias yaddii
    Best app ever 🥰
  • Best coupon points app 5/5

    By Rinebaby
    This is one of the easiest best coupon apps I have found. I love it! It’s by far one of the easiest and you get points for things you by or places you eat every day. I just wish it could find a way to add up points a little faster than it would be the best instead of one of the best.
  • Best app ever ! 5/5

    By Bjg hands
    If you don’t have this app you’re missing out !
  • idk 5/5

    By MadisonShaeBlankenship
  • Alice 5/5

    By cruzcolt
    Love it and earning points and getting rewards!!!
  • Fetch 5/5

    By ooofgod123
    I love this app especially because you learn a lot from it
  • Really?? 1/5

    By AnOnYmOuS434371
    Didn’t use this app for a month or 2 and I got back on it to start snapping receipts again and all my points are gone. Are you kidding me?? I’m deleting this all now, thanks a lot
  • Fetch 5/5

    By bcdas
    Gives you money back
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By mel0096
    Love, love, love this app! So easy to use and already have 25,000 points
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By jessmarie.w
    Fetch is awesome! They haven’t let me down yet! Any problems are fixed quickly and compensated! I recommend fetch as often as possible! Thanks for all you do 👍🏼👏🏼👌🏼
  • Disappointing 2/5

    By KatWi82
    Fetch is an advertising service. You can only earn significant points if you buy the brands that are dictated to buy; for example Pepsi instead of Coke. Or I have spent $137.00 at Bath & body works, which earned me 25 points. I don't recommend this program. You will most likely spend more money buying brand names to earn points towards a $10 gift card. Then if you bought the regular brands you purchase and save $50 or more in a month. I calculated it. Charmin.. toilet paper is estimated to cost $10 more, so where are you saving. If you shop at Sephora you are going to spend $30-60 more than if you buy the same quality perfume or cosmetics at the place you choose. I don't recommend this. My friends won't join because they know it's time consuming. My sister does a lot of reward programs, and I asked her twice. So it must've not impressed her either.
  • La mejor app de reembolsos 5/5

    By yeraolmedo
    Me encanta
  • Nice and easy 5/5

    By franky91741
    Amazing app!
  • Invasion of privacy 3/5

    By Kbethyg
    Love using Fetch but I gave it 3 stars due to their new Beta Social feature. While it could be fun and competitive to see who has the most points it also allows others to see where you spend your money and what you spend it on. When asking to opt out they explained that is not an option but I can quit following people. This does not help the fact that other people are following me and they see where I go and what I buy. This is a huge outreach of privacy. It’s one thing to let a complete stranger at a company track your spending for marketing purposes but that doesn’t mean I want my mom, dad, sister, brother, and nephews know where I’m going and what I am buying. Bad move Fetch!
  • Fetch is so fun 5/5

    By Angelfink
    It is so easy! Better than cutting coupons and it it is like having a secret savings account! I love it! I have only been fetching for a month and I have enough to get three extra Gifts for Christmas! Amazing! I share with everyone!
  • Use to be worth it, now it’s garbage 1/5

    By dabestofdabestest
    The app use to be fun and worth scanning the receipts. Now they barely make the points you receive even worth scanning the receipt.
  • It’s a problem 4/5

    By chdhsisjdks
    Can you guys make it so I can buy a 5 dollar apple gift card on my iPhone 13 because it doesn’t show up.

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