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Fidelity Investments App

Put 70 years of Fidelity’s financial experience in the palm of your hand with the Fidelity Investments app. Quickly review news about your investments and interests with your customized Feed. Then trade, manage your money, deposit checks, and pay bills in just a few taps. You’ll stay ahead of the game using our in-depth market research—including Zack’s Bull & Bear of the Day—combined with timely, customizable notifications. Stay connected to every aspect of the financial world so you can learn, track, and trade anytime—anywhere. Cutting Edge Design • New look and feel with simplified navigation Customized Feed Just for You • Industry-first dynamic experience • Timely portfolio, market, and research information • Customized news and tailored content Manage Your Money • Manage your Orders, History, and Pending Transactions under Activity in Accounts • Trade, Transfer, Deposit Checks, and Pay Bills under Trade + Transact View More Information in Your Watch List • View your watch list in grid view or as a heat map • Field options include: 52- week range, P/E, EPS, earnings date, div date, div ex-date, div $, and div yield Markets + Research • Stay ahead of the game by gaining insights on: International Markets, Stocks Nearby and Zack’s Bull & Bear of the Day News + Video • Access Fidelity Viewpoints and view Live Bloomberg streaming videos Accessibility • Enhanced Voiceover experience and Dynamic Type Alerts and Push Notifications • Receive timely, customizable alerts via push notifications or the message center Call a Rep • Tap to connect with a Fidelity representative in an instant Fidelity Mobile® for Apple Watch® • See a markets glance view, push alerts, real-time access to domestic and international markets, market movers, and recent quotes   To learn more, go to   Workplace savings account functionality is limited to viewing account information only. The images below are for illustrative purposes only. Fidelity, Fidelity Investments, and the Pyramid design logo are registered service markets of FMR LLC. Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC, Member NYSE, SIPC, 900 Salem Street, Smithfield, RI 02917   We care what you think. With your help, we’re able to constantly improve our Fidelity Mobile® apps to address the concerns you bring to our attention. All the feedback you provide is valuable to us – we read and consider every comment we receive.   762430.24.0

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Fidelity Investments app reviews

  • Super excellent 5/5

    By Sandy K genius
    This app is really wonderful and I’m so grateful Fidelity has it
  • After update, the app is now horrid 1/5

    By Jomomes
    It used to be the best app out there. But now after an update, the current revision is horrendous. Things have just been scattered all over the place, where as before they were organized in logical easy to use fashion. It seems like Fidelity was favoring more of a modern sleeker look focused more on design rather than functionality and ease of use. When it comes to my money, I would rather have something (like most things professional) that is clear, concise so that I can make decisions and/or research as fast and easily as possible. This app significantly decreases that capability over its previous version. Also, my biggest gripe, the main attraction of an investing app, the charts are now skewed. Charts in upright are shrunk to account for the weird new design. Even in landscape aka adv mode, it gives a strange, uneven graph. Its such a tremendous change, its like using a completely different app. I would have given the old one five stars, but the new one I have to give it a one star. Will need to either switch from fidelity completely or maybe find a more suitable trading app to use for decision making.
  • Smooth App 5/5

    By newly0
    Smooth and very easy to use!
  • I don’t think it’s a good idea to pay extra for sailing my share !! 3/5

    By Binnnniy
  • Happy customer 5/5

    By Nheresa
    I am happy with the knowledge and information provided as well as the easy access. I get to see how my investment is working real time and that makes me comfortable with my financial planning for my future.
  • Hard to login 3/5

    By 6172
    I only login every 6 months and the password is fine but why not let me use the thumbprint to remember the pw for me
  • Good app, but request 1 new feature 3/5

    By jsc_2
    Would be awesome if a feature was added to the positions list showing which assets have a limit order placed. The app is easy to use and provides easy access to portfolio positions. However, the app is missing one key feature that exists on other iOS investment apps and Fidelity’s own Active Trader Pro program. The feature requested is an ability to see on the positions page (under accounts) which assets have a limit order set. On Active Trader Pro this is under the Trade Armor column.
  • Notifications are bad 1/5

    By slapsh0t11
    Is there a way to turn off the app notifications for "your account has been inactive for 15min for your security"? They're super annoying
  • Active trader pro for IPAD! 3/5

    By 35Ophie!
    I don’t understand where half the people in the world have an iPad why you don’t make active trader pro available. PC’S ARE YESTERDAY AND I WILL NOT BUY ONE, PLEASE MAKE IT AVAILABLE FOR IPAD
  • Not a secure online portal. Needs to have a token to secure password 2/5

    By Sr4b
    Security not good enough
  • Held my account for depositing a check 1/5

    By AJ Jorgensen
    I directly deposited a check from my father into my fidelity account and they marked it as fraud and completely shut down my account. Problem is, in order to reopen my account I had to have my dad write a letter of intent, include a proof of funds in the account he wrote he check from, get a guaranteed signature from our bank, and fax it to the fraud department without them telling us exactly why it was marked fraudulent. I will most likely me moving the majority of funds out of the account.
  • Easy to deposit checks 5/5

    By userinKS
    I live in a place where I don’t have a brick and mortar fidelity place too close. But, it is very easy to deposit checks online, and then see the deposit. It is also very easy to check with payments are made. You could sign up for email notifications too.
  • Very disappointed 2/5

    By Pistol-Texas
    My company moved their plan to Fidelity last year. This app is very limited, especially in comparison to other financial organizations. Touch ID does not work. No history of growth in investment (see V’s). Just the balance and what changed that day.
  • Liked the old app format better 4/5

    By cousin ittttt
    Tougher to navigate
  • Just works. 5/5

    By MisterBFW
    Pretty stable, looks good and has the features I need.
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By goodgrieg
    Online directions to drop middle name for a name change- wants you to download app and then their directions go south from there. No “actions” available to make changes. Just routes you to quotes to invest more.
  • Easy To use 5/5

    By Bam Brav
    Great smooth app
  • A+ 5/5

    By mb194911
    I can go to sleep without worrying about a nest egg I can look at totals that scare TV viewers reporters spread fear bad news freaks puppets out then scavenger brokers whack up the the portfolio I go to sleep a few nights winding up 85% that wasn’t a correction that was Fidelity’s abilities to diversify is why’re the best investment service with customer service makes growth easier
  • Plenty of functions 5/5

    By durhamJJ
    Works great-enjoy the news and mobile check deposits.
  • Great online site for everyone’s financial needs. 5/5

    By Email apps
    I am very pleased with the site and appreciate the many and frequent updates made by the Fidelity Team! And now I am writing this Three and a half years since I retired and am still very pleased with my team at Fidelity. They are very knowledgeable and friendly.
  • Watch list and ordering bad UX 2/5

    By Jonky jonker I hate this app
    It’s frustrating in the mobile UI that you have to hit “customize” to delete something from your watch list. Also the items in the list change their order when you hit customize so if you have options it’s not easy to quickly see which one you’d like to edit. You should be able to set up an order and save it but not have to execute it. If you leave the order page you lose all of your order settings and have to fill out the form again.
  • No fingerprint login 3/5

    By bigrags
    Okay but no biometric login feature is so 2013.
  • Fidelity 5/5

    By speckking1
    I am very pleased with the service Fidelity has been doing.
  • Relationships 5/5

    By who4me
    We have invested with Fidelity for the last 23 years and have done very well. Now retired, we have worked to develop a comfort and trust level relationship for my wife, should something unfortunate happen. She has not had the investing interest and would as she says”put our money under the bed if it were up to her.” For the last 5 years, she has attended our face to face meetings with our advisor at Fidelity to better understand our financial plan, participate in changes to it, and develop a trust with them. It has worked out well. We have built a relationship and a trust with Fidelity that gives great confidence in our financial future. It’s all about working with a great financial firm, their conservative approach, and building our trust together. We are in a really good place.
  • Change made good 5/5

    By Maxinout420
    Two thumbs up. An investors dream app.
  • Love it!!! 5/5

    By Ascreen06
    Awesome app. That’s all. It’s just awesome
  • It’s ok 3/5

    By scaryjoe
    Every time I set it up to be able to look at my account without logging in, they change it and I have to set it up.
  • Not great on iPhone 3/5

    By anyonomous
    The app doesn’t seem optimized for small screen viewing. Not that easy to navigate and see the big picture.
  • 👍🙏 5/5

    By Louteldan-Rupert
  • Good but periodically overheats phone 3/5

    By Charles 79x
    It’s a good app though it lacks the ability to search for fixed income t-bills and notes when you have some cash to park late cycle. Also periodically even when on WiFi and not streaming quotes the app causes my iPhone 8 to heat up. It cools back down quickly if I close Fidelity. Seems they have something which causes an endless CPU loop.
  • Low Fills on Stop Losses 1/5

    By Mahoolio
    Fidelity gave me a sell fill of 2% lower than the low of the day and not even close to my stop. They told me it was b/c my block was less than 100 shares. What a rip-off!
  • Limited functionality 3/5

    By ZcTnIm!
    The first thing I tried was to look up CDs in order to buy one. On the web site you can get a list of available CDs. Does not seem possible on the mobile app.
  • nag nag nag 1/5

    The app itself is mediocre, but the constant nagging to review it makes it a one star.
  • Happy 5/5

    By Niger Gida
    I enjoy using Fidelity App for 3 reasons: 1) easy to use 2) costumer friendly 3) accessible
  • Needs simple access to contributions made for the year 3/5

    By DarthDaddy01
    The app desperately needs a clear fixed bar like the website has to show my contributions this year. Much harder to use than the old app in general, and I find myself having to use the website for several things. Some of it is good. And the feed concept is solid if it could be refined with the addition of a sidebar of critical fixed information.
  • Excellent Service 5/5

    By oklakl
    I’ve been able to make a down payment on a home in CA with savings from my Fidelity 401k. The folks at Fidelity are top shelf in all matters. They made it easy.
  • Owner 1/5

    By Hedgema
    Too complicated and complex to navigate. Can’t find anything.
  • No f’ing decimal 4/5

    By BigBusiness
    So tired of having to log into the website to use a decimal.
  • Easy to use App 5/5

    By Agtgfdfggffccc
    Fidelity App is very easy to use & provides all the information on your phone
  • Good app. 5/5

    By jagolfer
    Easy and fast to use.
  • Poor 1/5

    By kilcummin
    Cant find simple stuff in this app
  • Can’t login 1/5

    By greenshootz777
    The phone won’t read the finger print. I need another way to log in
  • Options traders beware 1/5

    By Asd124321
    For several years, this app does not provide enough character space to fully show options positions. This applies to stocks with more than three character symbols (like Apple AAPL) and more than two digit strike prices. The characters used to fully describe the option do not fit in the space and are indicated with an asterisk. As a result I can’t tell the difference between multiple different options I have positions in using the app. I have given feedback to Fidelity through their app feedback link for several years and I am trying this avenue in hopes they hear this concern. They have never acknowledged nor fixed this issue. That is why I give it one star.
  • Where’s my money? 1/5

    By Van Deshayes
    No account info. It was supposed to be out this week
  • SMH 1/5

    By DayTrader3
    App is great! Give it a 8/10. Its easy to understand and operate .. but Customer service is CRAP.. I kid you not, HANDS DOWN thee most incompetent group of people you could possibly put together. You’re guaranteed to be on hold for AT LEAST 30 minutes. It seems they’re extremely limited as to what they can do and are extremely unorganized. Lost HUNDREDS simply due to their lack of communication skills. It was like talking to well-mannered wooden planks. If I could trade certain stocks on another app i would but until then Im STUCK with this. I give this app Negative 2 stars solely based on customer service, makes you not even want to deal with it all!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By HillFin
    Absolutely amazing ! Amazing customer service and the app and the website are incredibly easy to use and very informative!
  • App font 2/5

    By unhappy w-app
    The font is too thin and light. Is not eye friendly. I know you updated it to have more features but shoud have left the font the way it was.
  • Fidelity is great... 5/5

    By PACHITO65
    I’m happy with Fidelity and trust they will continue to properly manage my investments.
  • Fidelity website and services 5/5

    By craig s b
    I’ve invested with Fidelity for 30 years and can’t imagine a better partner. Ease of website use, equity analytics and personal touch make this a great choice to make your financial partner. No - I don’t work for Fidelity but am confident there is no other organization in this space that can exceed expectations like Fidelity.

Fidelity Investments app comments

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