Fidelity Spire®: Save + Invest

Fidelity Spire®: Save + Invest

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  • Current Version: 2.17
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Fidelity Investments
  • Compatibility: Android
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Fidelity Spire®: Save + Invest App

Fidelity Spire® is a free, goal-based app designed to help you plan, save, and invest smarter. Selected as one of the "Apps that we love" by Apple! Set your goals and track progress • Track your progress by linking Fidelity and non-Fidelity accounts your goal’s timeline • Don’t worry about knowing what kind of account to stash your money in—we’ll help you explore options to help you save and invest It’s easy to open an account right from the app • Whether you want to invest on your own or want us to do it for you, Fidelity has a range of accounts for you to choose from. Fees vary based on your investing decisions. • You can conveniently open these accounts right from the app: o The Fidelity® Cash Management Account o The Fidelity Account® o Fidelity Go® o Traditional, Roth and Rollover IRAs Transactions • Make payments and manage your bills with Bill Pay • Trade directly from the app to buy or sell stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs • Transfer money in, out, and between your Fidelity accounts and outside bank accounts – now you can schedule automatic monthly transfers from your bank to Fidelity accounts • Deposit a check into your Fidelity accounts directly from the app • Pay Venmo® or PayPal® contacts directly in the app Don’t pick—prioritize • The decision tool helps you see the impact of putting money toward one goal versus another to help you make smart decisions Find simplified financial education • We’ll help you grow your financial smarts along the way, with guidance that’s specific to your goals • The trade hub is your guide to trading with how-to’s and educational content Full financial picture • Bring your non-Fidelity account balances into the app and keep track of everything in one place. You can link these outside accounts using Fidelity’s Full View®, powered by eMoney Advisor, LLC. Alerts and push notifications • Receive timely reminders and encouragements through push notifications and in-app messages Ask the Virtual Assistant (VA) • Tap to connect with the VA for support when you need it – now voice enabled Investing involves risk, including risk of loss. The Fidelity Cash Management Account is a brokerage account designed for spending and cash management. It is not intended to serve as your main account for securities trading. Customers interested in securities trading should consider a Fidelity Account®. Fidelity Go® provides discretionary investment management for a fee. Advisory services offered by Fidelity Personal and Workplace Advisors LLC (FPWA), a registered investment adviser. Brokerage services provided by Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC (FBS), and custodial and related services provided by National Financial Services LLC (NFS), each a member NYSE and SIPC. Full View® is an account aggregation service subject to its own Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Security Policy. Review carefully prior to use. Workplace savings account functionality is limited to viewing account information only. Fidelity Spire® app is free to download. Accounts made available in the app may be subject to fees. Venmo, PayPal, and Fidelity Investments are independent entities and are not legally affiliated. We care what you think. With your help, we’re able to constantly improve our Fidelity Mobile® apps to address the concerns you bring to our attention. All the feedback you provide is valuable to us—we read and consider every comment we receive. The trademarks and service marks appearing herein are the property of their respective owners. Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC, Member NYSE, SIPC. 921149.15.0

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Fidelity Spire®: Save + Invest app reviews

  • 3 apps from 1 company and they don’t share common user data 2/5

    By Was hopeful
    I am confused by Fidelity offering three different apps that don’t seem to use common user data. Take price alerts for example. Which account type supports them? How do you set them? Which app supports them? Fidelity has a too many ways to view (or not view) information depending on context and the app being used.
  • What’s the Point? Fidelity Beta 1/5

    By Max Bess
    Current Fidelity app rolled the design of Spire as a Beta option. All Spire has is a better Learn page while Fidelity has theirs as “coming soon.” This app should really just sunset while the devs and designers of this app move to focus on Fidelity Beta. Stop adding features to Spire and improve the parity of Fidelity Beta and roll out more features to that app instead. This app was cool as a preview but need to be brought out to pasture.
  • Terrible UX and UI. Hire new people please 1/5

    By boemills
    I downloaded this app a while ago and within 30 minutes I deleted it because it served no purpose compared the main Fidelity app. I assume this app is supposed to be catered to the young Robinhood, Webull, TOS crowd. But there’s literally no way an actual human being APPROVED of this UX and thought it functioned well. I started seeing ads about the app recently so I decided to give another go. I can’t even log in to the app without it saying I have the wrong password. I use the same login information as I do with the main Fidelity app (copy and paste) and I login just fine over there. Please do the company a favor and actually TRY to innovate. The entire UX design team needs to get replaced.
  • Pretty much the same as the old app 1/5

    By agorb94
    Don’t see how this is much different from the old app. When are we going to be able to set up automatic investments? I’m tired of having to manually execute the same trades every week or two weeks.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Rolyat aniitsirK
    Useless app.
  • Promising but long way to go 4/5

    By Almost Average1
    I use a combination of Mint and Personal Capital to manage my finances. Fidelity Spire sounds like it is meant to replace both but there is a long way to go. The current app is more of a cross between Robinhood and NerdWallet, so has a long way to go in development. I must say the user interface is feels nice and intuitive. I am really excited about where this product goes. Hoping for the best
  • SO SLOW 3/5

    By justinhudgins
    The functionality of the app is pretty great, and I’m not necessarily the biggest fan of the navigation. However, by far the most annoying thing about the app is how long it takes to login.
  • No combination of extended hour and GTC 1/5

    By carinabeth
    Fidelity, please look at how TD Ameritrade does their transaction time of enforcement and give us the option to set the order to both day and extended hour.
  • Add dark mode, PLEASE! 4/5

    By 🇺🇲
    The fidelity spire app is quite good. The only thing I want added is a black out dark mode for my phone’s OLED screen. It is essential that a mobile app has dark mode in 2021.
  • Make it compatible with tablets 4/5

    By pleed20
    All features are great, easy access and convenient but the tablet view is not available and can be frustrating for those who uses it.
  • can’t deposit checks 1/5

    By horribelupdaeg
    doesn’t work for some reason
  • Can’t even log in 1/5

    By Robert3594
    Tries to log in, get to 2fa screen and it waits 15+ seconds before sending 2fa code, put in 2fa code and it says either code was wrong or that something went wrong. Put in correct code, tried it 5 times with no luck.
  • An improvement, but still needs work. 3/5

    By Legal.Eagle
    So the UI is so much better. Way cleaner. But users still need more features added. I’m not able to see the performance of all my accounts (only individual accounts). Let users change their main Home Screen. I don’t use the goal function, so let me remove that and place things I do use.
  • Simple, great for passive investors 5/5

    By Stormblessed11723
    I like the app for its simplicity, but it would be nice if there was a line chart to track historical accounts balance and investment returns
  • Closed my account without warning and then reopened it 1/5

    By HuyenMongMo
    I opened my account. Noticed that my account was restricted so I proactively contacted them and was guided to provide my ID photos. That was totally understandable. So I provided my ID photos and hoped that my account would be verified within a few days. However, the next day they sent me a message saying that my account had been closed!!? They didn’t even tell me why. So I once again contacted them asking why my account had been closed and was asked to provide my ID, which I had already done proactively. So I stopped caring and opened an account with another brokerage. Then a few days after that, they sent me another message saying that my account had been re-opened. Fine! Thanks! My husband is going to move to another brokerage too because of this bad customer experience. So, Fidelity, next time, (1) contact your customer first if you see a problem in their application and (2) if you close your customer’s account, at least tell them why.
  • Persistent error makes this unusable 1/5

    By Anarcho-Engineer
    Can’t view accounts page or 401k balance. Account tab only says: “Oops! Something went wrong. We are having trouble loading this content”
  • Not the app you are looking for 4/5

    By CarlyUSC13
    Fidelity has many apps. If you’re like me, this is not the app for you. The old investment app now has a trading beta. Download that and flip beta on and you’re good to go. I don’t know who this app is for but not for people who want to actively trade. Deleting this app and sticking with the investments beta.
  • Love Fidelity, unsure about data collection 4/5

    By emanc1pat0r
    If the devs or support read this - I’d love to hear your stance on this. First - I love Fidelity. Second - what does worry me is the iOS privacy report data that shows what data you collect through the app. It seems excessive to collect search history and usage data. Please cut WAY down on the unnecessary info collected if you want to be taken as the holy grail of banking/investment and customer oriented service. My take: Just cut ALL data collection from ALL of your apps. Only what is absolutely necessary to function. Otherwise, the need to have privacy and control over one’s personal data will ALWAYS prevail…and you’ll lose the status you have rightfully earned so far. I want you all to succeed. I hope this helps.
  • Difficult to use 2/5

    By Chadwickog
    It’s marginally better than the main Fidelity app. Timeline progress can only be seen for once stock at a time, there’s no timeline of your actuals. You can’t go from your portfolio right into viewing a stock, you have to go the roundabout way and search for it.
  • We only need a pure trading app 3/5

    By Frost Kasumi
    I really hope this app can work as the RH one does. The core feature should be trading, not setting goals. Maybe a separate tab for cash management but that’s it. The app also lacks lots of functionally like a easily accessible current holding, or real time quote (I really hate manual refresh) I think Webull and Robinhood did a great job designing their app and Fidelity should learn from them.
  • Misleading - this is almost the old app, and not a "new UI contender" 1/5

    By Teren
    Fidelity, whoever your UI designer is - replace them. But your marketing team is fantastic making these screenshots look like the app is as friendly as the RobbingHood UI. When I open this app, I don't want to land on the "goals" tab. I want to land on a real time ticker or at the very least a position SUMMARY for my accounts. From there, I should be able to decide if I want to drill down into separate accounts. Fidelity has always annoyed me with the way the UI on mobile is completely backwards with its navigation on the web and the mobile experiences. So much so that I use other tickers like Webull for information and tracking, and then only complete trades in your interface. Completely and totally disappointing and hard to use.....again.
  • Great broker, pretty bad app 3/5

    By chiefindoinks
    I love fidelity and the comfort knowing they will never shut down trading of any securities, but this app is still geared towards older people. It’s very plain but somewhat confusing to use, and charting is horrible. I still use robinhood and Webull to do everything but check my account balance.
  • TOO basic and very few features. 1/5

    By Surgeyo4
    I’m guessing fidelity is trying to cater to the people who use REALLY basic apps like Robinhood and Acorn. I only downloaded it to check it out. I won’t be using the app unless the main Fidelity app goes down for some reason.
  • Great start. Needs improvement. 3/5

    By dabbyd123
    The fact that Fidelity is taking the steps to make a better app is huge. A lot of companies don’t listen to their customer base and this shows that they’re listening. I love the simplicity of the layout but I agree with the others that the savings and goal features need to be taken it. It’s not useful and clutters the app with unneeded info. One thing that this app REALLY needs is streaming real time ticker update and chart updates like Robinhood. Clean the app by removing unneeded features (savings and goals) and add in streaming data without having to refresh would be a great step... and make this incredibly competitive as an app.
  • App We’ve Been Waiting For 5/5

    By supglenn
    I recently joined Fidelity when I learned my 401k was managed through them. I had been using Robinhood previously and while the app itself is great, having to wait until February for electronic tax documents is ridiculous. I originally joined because there were products I could not purchase through RH. The original Fidelity app was ok, not as good as RH, basic things like historical pricing were horrendous, but I stuck with it. Now that they have released Spire, I transferred everything over from RH. You get the UX of Robinhood but with much more. You can see everything in one place (including non Fideilty Accounts) plus the Goals are actually a surprisingly nice benefit. Now that they offer a managed product, Fidelity Go (think 401k but for stocks), for a nominal fee, I am excited about getting into investing and am so happy I don't have to worry about picking stocks anymore. The $100 bonus offer when you open an account and set up reoccurring funding is a nice touch considering any other bank offers way less while forcing you to maintain an unrealistic balance and they make you wait forever to get the bonus. I never leave reviews for apps but this app deserves a review and I hope more and more people will get turned on to Spire.
  • It’s okay. Not good. And far from great. 3/5

    By AppleReview2020
    This app is definitely a step in the right direction in terms of updating the user interface of the existing Fidelity app. However, Fidelity Spire lacks many features that the existing Fidelity app and website provide. For example, you cannot sell positions on margin accounts.
  • Eh. 3/5

    By Bpears03
    It’s okay, but if you’re thinking this is a trading platform, it isn’t. Very minimal features. I hope to see more from this app in the future. Something between Robinhood (yea I know but their platform is just so easy to use) and Webull would be nice.
  • No limit order 1/5

    By 叶子王
    Cannot imagine a trade app only support market order without limit order. This is an app under development!
  • This makes no sense to me 1/5

    By kkkkkkkkkccccccccccc
    Why can’t you assign an account to multiple goals? This makes no sense to me.
  • Trash 2/5

    By dudeguy25
    App barely runs will lock you out of your account attempting to log in and doesn’t support options.
  • No Option Trading 1/5

    By dont bother trying this app
    App does not allow me to trade options on my account with level 3 option trading enabled.
  • Expand on trading feature, cut the savings feature 3/5

    By Spritz spritz
    Devs, please make this a proper trading app that can compete with RH or Public’s functionality. No one needs these savings goals that won’t even properly link to non-Fidelity accounts where you’re saving. Cut the fluff and stop treating users like children. Make this an efficient trading app that shows real-time data easily. When I view my positions, I can’t even see how a security is performing; I have to go search for it on a different part of the app. This app tries to be friendly to newcomers but then doesn’t even have a watchlist of popular tickers to compare how they’re doing to the rest of the market. Just stop with the savings feature. Make this a sleek trading app that’s better than the main app. You think that encouraging people to save will bring more revenue to Fidelity, but the truth is that I’ve kept my brokerage accounts open at other places and put more capital into those because I can’t stand Fidelity’s app.
  • Not good 1/5

    By NY Andrew
    Takes WAY TOO MANY steps to even check your own stock positions. The home screen is wasted fluff I couldn’t care less about and no way to customize like main fidelity app. No home screen widget like main fidelity app has so I can glance at my portfolio. Push notification about inactivity I can’t disable like I can in main fidelity app. It’s a horrible experience when going from clunky main fidelity app to this that lacks those good features.
  • Keep updates rolling!! 4/5

    By Flatulence247282
    This is such a good app, really working towards Robinhoods functionality! Viewing account holdings per account is one to many steps, just put that on the account page. It is hard to compare the different holdings in many meaningful ways because you can only see percent change in the overview. This app has a ton of promise as long as updates continue rolling out for it!
  • Off to a Decent Start 4/5

    By WaddupAlexx
    There is no doubt that when it comes to saving time, Robinhood has all the other investment apps beat. It takes so long for me to view my investments through the other Fidelity app and I’ve considered switching back to Robinhood for my “gambling” portfolio as trades can be processed quick and easy. This app is taking a step in the right direction and I’ve already deleted the other Fidelity app from my phone. The UI is simple and so clean, please market this more aggressively and pour more money into making this a solid alternative to Robinhood! All Robinhood has is its UI, I know you can get there Fidelity!
  • Almost perfect for simple 3/5

    By Mike777305
    I really am not the largest fan of the Fidelity App’s trading functionality or charting functionality. The spire improves on this a little. For me it is missing one very important part, limit orders and stop orders. If that was added and we weren’t forced to make a market order I’d use it for sure! This app is very simple. I will continue to use the main Fidelity app for research on quotes because Spire has almost no info, but that’s not a bad thing for their target audience. Here is what I like about the Spire App: -Ease and speed of placing a trade. -white theme -clean look Here is what I don’t like about the Spire App. -Missing limit orders and stop orders. -Chart is stuck on line mode. -auto deposit feature. Seriously needed for me to use the app for trading: -Limit orders Wish list: -better charting and chart functionality. -ability to connect to a live person quickly All-in-all Fidelity is still my favorite brokerage and this app offers a much better trading experience than the original Fidelity app, but the main fidelity app is where I will stick for my watchlist and information considering this lacks a lot of info. Again, their target is more for newbies and the less experienced so in that case it is good for what it was intended for. In addition, the TD Ameritrade app still runs rings around both of their apps, but if Fidelity adds limit orders that will massively improve their app. I’ve suggested this before. Check out the clean look and functionality of TD Ameritrade. If the main app was as good as the TD Ameritrade app there would not even be a need for this one. Don’t get me wrong, Fidelity is my main brokerage. I have one share of a stock in TD Ameritrade just to keep the account active because of their app and info. Fidelity is my brokerage, but this app just needs limit orders added for me to use it for all or almost all my trading. Besides that I can get the news, watchlist, etc. from the main app. My ratings: Look 10/10 Trading 8/10 (not 10 only because of limit orders) 1 Day chart 8/10 Charting overall 5/10 Goal setting 9/10 ( allow more than one goal per account) Would recommend to someone like me 2/10 ( limit orders) Would recommend to teens and new traders 10/10
  • Needs work 2/5

    By thenicharding
    We don’t care about budgeting tools. All we want is a simple app where we can see a graph of our portfolio over time and track investments. This is the most basic feature that is nonexistent on this app and also the Fidelity app. Please listen to the feedback you are receiving from numerous people!
  • Still looks 10 years outdated. 4/5

    By Good boogaloo woolly
    The colors are still too deep and not faded enough. It’s not aesthetic. There’s also too much on a page at a time except for the buy and sell page with the graph. In addition the buttons and sections are too boxy and not rounded enough. Some parts look like html with too much shadow. Do what robinhood and m1 finance have done it’s inviting. Also a big fat trade button on the bottom is very inviting.
  • Trending graphs needed 4/5

    By J🌀
    Why are there no trending graphs for assets or account? UI is okay, but so much more room to grow.
  • Not even close 1/5

    By zebratom
    Alright so good job hearing your new customers and making a new app. This thing does look better and has a cleaner UI, but it has none of the features we are looking for and a ton that we don’t need. If the point of this app is to appeal to new customers from Robinhood, it’s a start. But if the point is to just provide an app to monitor things in a featureless way with an added bonus of useless goal setting features, then it’s a fail.
  • Potential 4/5

    By tesla217
    This app has a lot of potential, there are some issues with linked accounts. Fix ASAP: 1) Debts linked are positive 2) Can’t trade on some accounts, for no discernible reason (can on regular fidelity app) Wish list: 1) Dark mode 2) Update the icon to look cooler

    By Jeezy573
    The Simplified Fidelity app that’s actually mobile friendly! Still not enough technical data. UI needs improvement, bigger fonts and faster speed. For now, still need the clunky legacy app as it does more. -Categorize how each stock is doing for the day, add Recognia Technical Analysis and brief news update on stocks.
  • Not compete 3/5

    By CkY NicK254
    The app is pretty, but lacks functionality. The other fidelity app is better for now. Would like to see the ability to view current lots I own on stocks.
  • I wish I knew about this app sooner 4/5

    By BattyPaddy
    This app is amazing! Way better than the fidelity investments app. It’s great for quick trades, portfolio tracking etc.. the main app is still way more robust. I imagine in time most of the important features from the other app will make it over to Spire. While this app is great it’s still a little under baked. I hope that changes in the near future.
  • Waste of time, can’t even set limit orders 1/5

    By Not Meeeeeeeeeee
    To make matters worse their chat support as a poorly trained AI bot that will just tell you to call them and wait on hold for an hour.
  • Step in the Right Direction - But Needs More 4/5

    By Brother Nero
    I really want Fidelity to be my one-stop brokerage account for all of my investments. This app is a step in the right direction, but not quite there. The detailed chart analyses on apps like WeBull are far superior, especially for day-trading stocks, and the same is true for looking at your account P/L (totals, individual positions, asset class, etc). This interface is a definite upgrade from the official Fidelity app (think Nintendo 64 vs Sega Genesis), but functionally speaking it is geared towards new investors for their education and money management. Even Robinhood offers a more detailed analysis of your investments in the stock market. Hope they keep improving it, and until then I will just keep Fidelity for passive investment in mutual funds/ETFs that I rarely add to or even need to login to see their performance. Also: please make a dark mode. 99.999% of my mobile experience is dark mode, and apps that don’t feature it are the ones I almost never use. Hope to see Fidelity steps up their game in 2021! 🥳
  • Almost Perfect 4/5

    By SupermanReyes24
    I have been waiting for Fidelity to come out with something similar to beat Robinhood for quite some time. I use active trader pro through fidelity but there’s a few days out of the week I am not home. This is why I had a Robinhood account. I was able to trade on Robinhood while at the mall, work or in the back of the Uber ride! Another reason I kept with Robinhood was that their app is super simple! At the time, I was able to trade with Fidelity’s main app but was not the most functional or ideal move. I deeply appreciate Fidelity’s direction with this app. For people investing with other brokerages, they will soon make the switch. Fidelity is the most reputable and reliable company out there. I love the education/research tools fidelity gives its customers. The learning on demand is perfect for any beginner in investing. WeBull, Robinhood and M1 Finance is starting to worry because now Fidelity (The GOAT) is making better investments in attracting the novice investor and keeping the veteran investor beyond satisfied with their updates/improvements. User friendly: 9/10 Simplicity: 8/10 Tools: 10/10 Would recommend: 10/10
  • Update original Fidelity app instead 1/5

    By Al24caj
    The original fidelity app could use a more updated UI similar to this. It would attract more customers and simplify the UI.
  • UI is not good 1/5

    By srinivas239
    It needs huge improvement, Very age old system