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  • Current Version: 3.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Sony Home Entertainment & Sound Products Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Fiestable App

Fiestable is an app which controls the party features of Sony’s Home Audio System with intuitive and fancy user interface. To operate compatible Sony speakers, "Sony | Music Center" is required. Prepare the compatible device, be sure to install the latest "Sony | Music Center" app, and use Fiestable from Music Center. Download the "Sony | Music Center" app (free) here. Main Feature: - DJ Control Control DJ Effect (Isolator/Flanger/Wah/Pan), Sampler (Drums, Voice, etc.) and EQ of your audio system. - Illumination Custom Flash Change the color and flashing speed of your audio system. Custom Color Change the color of your audio system. - Voice Playback** Record your voice through the microphone on this device. After the recording, you can preset your voice and play over and over again. - TAIKO Game Ranking* You can save your TAIKO GAME score and check your rank. - Voice Control via Fiestable* Operations including playback, volume adjustment, and lighting can be performed by voice. - Party Light via Fiestable* Emits light from the smartphones of party participants in sync with the music. * Limited to compatible devices. Compatible Sony products: Compatible products added. For details, please refer to the list of devices which support Music Center. Note: To control functions of Sony speakers with this app, Bluetooth connection and Sony | Music Center are required. Depending on specification of smartphones, Motion Control cannot be used. Please refer to below URL for further information. Motion Control is not available on tablet devices.

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Fiestable app reviews

  • Let us save the color 1/5

    By Mike Ockizichy
    When I turn my xb41 off it doesn't remember what color it was set to. Would be better if it did.
  • Useless app...never works 1/5

    By Louie Batts
    Never works with my Sony speakers. Really one of the worst apps I’ve ever downloaded
  • Terrible 1/5

    By yco cap
    Fix your app if your going to advertise how great it is!
  • Useless 1/5

    By News Fiend
    Doesn’t do any of the stuff shown in the App Store screen shots. Would like to make the speaker lights less seizure-inducing but I guess I just have to turn them off completely since this app doesn’t seem to help.
  • Doesn’t show up on Bluetooth list on phone 1/5

    By DevinK89
    Does not work with SRS-XB20 even tho when purchasing the speaker it said the lights can be changed I have downloaded, deleted and re downloaded the fiestable App but will NOT ever appear as an available device under the list of my other connected devices. I followed all instructions and nothing. Good thing blue is my favorite color, however it’d be nice to have other colors displayed too.
  • Be patient, Have fun!!! Different features on iPhone vs Android 5/5

    By Hat that Apple is finally allowing this software.
    Sometimes you just have to wait for everything to load properly. Good things are worth waiting for. Kids love the push to the reggae horn. Props to the developers for including this as a main feature. Please note: the iOS and Google Play version of this app are different (enough that it's worthwhile to download both-see what works best for you!!!) Don't forget to have fun.
  • Please? 3/5

    By yo nut scratcher
    Look I like the party flash but make it so the light stays on that’s all I ask so please?
  • Fix your apps 2/5

    By Matthew Kiehle
    Worked for about 10 minutes now it’s telling me Bluetooth isn’t on when it’s clearly on and connected to my XB-41. Also this app needs a complete redesign. Such a shame when you got people like me that love these products but can’t properly use them to the full extent.
  • Um 1/5

    By fandr3a
    How do u exactly use this app I’m lost on what I do
  • A let down 1/5

    By hgm :)
    I read some review but decided to download this app anyway. I was disappointed it wouldn’t let me use the app because it was not able to detect the Bluetooth connection between my phone and speaker I have been successfully using.
  • Garbage app that doesn’t work 1/5

    By Macbaine1
    Much like Sony Music Center, this was outsourced to a high school intern. It doesn’t work. It’s pointless. Instead of one app that does 2 things well, Sony made 2 apps that do 30 things terribly, or not at all.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By b27salga
    Update the app where it actually recognizes that my Bluetooth is on and connected to the speaker.
  • Sea-xb31 1/5

    By jzabalza
    I just bought this speaker and was looking forward to using this app per all the reviews I saw on YouTube . App says I need to connect to speaker via Bluetooth. Speaker is already connected. Already having regrets....
  • Does not connect 1/5

    By jaywarfare
    Songpal connected perfectly but this app sits on 1 screen saying i need to connect pointless waste of time even downloading the app. Steer away from it in its current state.
  • Does it work? 3/5

    By AzLajcj
    It’s connected to the blue tooth but won’t let me access the’s says it needs to be paired, WHICH IT IS! Sorry it’s just making me really mad
  • App Not Working 1/5

    By Dj_Cmoney
    I purchased 2 Sony SRS-XB20 and app will display “ To use this app, Bluetooth connection with your Sony device is required.” After multiple attempts on 3 separate Apple devices IPHONE 8,8+ & iPad mini. Please fix it’s an amazing speaker!
  • Can’t use it 1/5

    By Jude Fischer
    Could not even access the app. When I opens it the Bluetooth screen appears and there is no way to get past it
  • Still no SRS-XB21 Support 1/5

    By Sephiroth72381
    They still have not added the SRS-XB21 to this. The app does not see it, it is connected fine to the iPhone and the Sony Music Center app sees it fine as well. It’s a bummer because this is the only way to control the color and got this as a Christmas gift and can’t use this ability of the speaker due to the app not working.
  • Cant use the app 1/5

    By shhseh
    It keeps saying I need to be connected through bluetooth. I am connected and the app still wont change
  • Does not work!! 1/5

    By aglem0n
    I just recently got an song srs-xb31 speaker and I was looking forward to using the features in this app. However, the app does not recognize that there is a Bluetooth connection even though there is. I am hoping that problem will be fixed. If it isn’t fixed, can the features available on this be moved to the Sony music center app?
  • No speaker recognition 1/5

    By mattp013
    This app is a waste and isn’t useful at all. It looks cool and I assume would work nicely if properly connected. However, until Sony fixes this, this app shouldn’t be recommended at all.
  • Unable to use 2/5

    By Acepuppy3
    I just got the XB-31 and I love it, but this app isn’t working for my speaker. It doesn’t seem to work. It tells me a Bluetooth connection is required and it’s connected but it stays on that screen.
  • Didn’t even get to use it 1/5

    By 74738837393
    Wouldn’t let me off the turn on Bluetooth screen at all after turning on and off the Bluetooth and my speaker and re-downloading the app multiple times. I tried shutting down my phone too. I went on Sony website for help and could not find anything.
  • Says I need to connect to my device? 1/5

    By Tpppx
    Says I need to connect my Bluetooth to my Sony speaker, when I’m using the speaker to play music at the very moment. Nothing I find online can help fix it.
  • What the heck 1/5

    By Shadylemur34
    It wont work it keeps saying my XB20 is not synced up, any suggestions?
  • Dosnt work 1/5

    By Sunit pro
    I try to access it but it says it need to be connected with my Xb srs 31
  • Does not work srs xb20 1/5

    By avox104
    This doesn’t work for my device it says I need to turn on Bluetooth but my Device is already connected playing music
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Z_d_d
    Useless app. Says it needs to connect to the speaker when the speaker is already connected and playing music. Can’t access the app. Very poor. Needs an update. Deleting the app because it’s totally useless in its current state.
  • Idekchelu 1/5

    By idkchelu
    Dumb app does not work at all
  • Doesn’t work well 1/5

    By Hannibal361
    Doesn’t even work even though my device is connected
  • Nice app 5/5

    By Fireace08
    Don’t know what all the fuss is about, app works good and has plenty of features. I especially like the function to chop and screw music by slowing and speeding the vocals. Good app sony!
  • Pure pee pee ka ka 5/5

    By Mr.FrickenPositivity
    This app is more evidence that the purpose of life is to produce fertilizer. Everything eventually reveals its true nature. Our function and purpose is to produce fecal matter. Every day. Sometimes many times a day. The older you get the more of a chore it will become until finally you realize you spent most of your time either leading up to or lamenting the feeling of having just served your duty to the planet’s biosphere. Punning aside, 5 stars because everything is crap and getting crappier. The sooner you hop on board the poop train, the seemingly intolerable pain of existence becomes slightly less intolerable. And that is a win in the new reality.
  • Doesn’t work on my phone 1/5

    By JeffreyLL81
    Won’t work on my phone. Just brings up a screen telling me to enable my Bluetooth, even though speaker is already synced and playing music.
  • Needs update 1/5

    By cookie monster fat man
    Does not connect to SRS-XB31 speakers probably doesn’t support it based off other reviews.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Phiten nut
    I connected to my device via Bluetooth, yet I open the app and it is still telling me to connect via Bluetooth
  • Does not work 1/5

    App does not recognize that my phone is connected and playing on the Bluetooth speaker. I have no way of using the app since it doesn’t register my connection.
  • 0 stars ! 1/5

    By Subhz
    App deserves a 0 Star as it does not work! It fails to recognize the Bluetooth connection and just hangs !
  • No Excuse 1/5

    By Fdiaz78
    This app is absolutely underwhelming and not something I would expect from a Fortune 500 company. It’s an embarrassment. This looks like a high school intro to iOS programming course project. Update this and put some effort into it!
  • Needs a bug fix? 1/5

    By KatherineTX
    Does not recognize bluetooth connection with SRS-XB21. I’m sure the app would work fine if it would recognize the connection with the speaker. This issue prevents me from accessing any useful properties or abilities of the app.
  • SRS-XB41 4/5

    By Health Pro
    Works fine on the XB41.
  • TRASH 1/5

    By h8r1
    If you downloaded the app, save yourself the space and throw it in the trash. Won’t recognize pairing to bluetooth speakers.
  • Crashes a lot, no iPad availability 1/5

    By EasterBunny64x
    This app is ok but seems to need a ton of work. My shake X10 keeps getting stuck in different modes when I use it even when I try to turn off certain DJ effects etc. It crashes a lot, just closes randomly dumping my to my home screen. Also, tired to find this app and the music center counterpart in the app store for my iPad Air 2 and it could not find the app at all to install it. Sony is dropping the ball hard here.

    By Kolt Bruh
    Very disappointed, the app doesn’t even let me get in. 😞🙄
  • App looks like it was made in 2010 1/5

    By Nate1010101
    0/10 Looks like I should be using this app on my iPhone 4. You would think a multi-million dollar company could spend a little more money and time on it. DJ feature is a complete joke. Very minimal features and pointless. They should add more features to change lighting and strobes, and improve the DJ feature or just remove it as a whole. The movements make no sense to have. I took one programming class in high school and I could make a better looking app than this. I don’t Sony remembers that they made this.
  • Doesn't work as of Jun 2018 1/5

    By Ken Rocks
    Plz fix?
  • Very disappointed . 1/5

    By heyxjessiee
    If I could give this app 0 stars I would. I could not do anything with the app because it says my speaker needs to be connected.. even though it was connected.
  • Maybe one day 1/5

    By kerikkk
    Similar to other reviewers app doesn’t recognize active bluetooth connection to speaker (srs-xb21). Tried every combination of solutions (redownloading app, resetting speaker, resetting bluetooth connection, etc). Speaker works fine but app is currently a waste of space and limits using the speaker to it’s fullest abilities.
  • Don’t auto download 1/5

    By Cruciformity
    Sony should really pull this app. Or at least pull the recommendation when you pair their speakers. Doesn’t work with the current speaker line up. I assume worked with past speakers. Or a past version did. Save yourself the hassle.
  • Inoperative 1/5

    By Crzyman3521
    Claims it will work on my device. Open it for it to only continue to say that a Bluetooth connection is required even when it is connected.

Fiestable app comments

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