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WHY WEAR SCRUBS WHEN YOU CAN #wearFIGS Because you deserve to look your best, feel your best and perform at your best no matter what your day throws at you–FIGS has you covered 24/7 with modern, technically innovative and ridiculously comfortable scrubs and lifewear. Made from our proprietary FIONx fabric, FIGS are always moisture-wicking, anti-wrinkle, four-way stretch, ridiculously soft, and feature Silvadur™ antimicrobial fabric technology. We also give back–Through our Threads for Threads initiative we have donated over 500,000 sets of scrubs to over 35 countries around the world. FIGS is transforming the healthcare experience by revolutionizing the medical apparel industry with a focus on design, comfort and functionality. THE APP: Get access to exclusive color and style launches available ONLY on the app Be the first to know about promotions Shop Core styles and collections for Women and Men–24/7, 365 days a year Follow us on social: Instagram: @wearFIGS Twitter: @wearFIGS

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  • Won’t let me create an account 1/5

    By Ashley05291989
    The app won’t let me create an account and I have to view the app as a guest.
  • Lvn 5/5

    By Wing1967
    Its worth very penny ! so addictive!
  • Military/Student Discount 2/5

    By LadybugE
    Would be great if you discount populates. works, verifies you and then you’re brought back to FIGS without the code. This leads to a loss in sales and a waste of time…please fix
  • More sizes 3/5

    By Rage_Fantasy
    Need more sizes to choose from, You only go up to 2XL… when others need up to 5XL

    By Gissy54
    I was excited to have the app and be able to purchase easier on the app but it still need to be upgraded. The app is very limited, it does allow you to select short/tall/regular when you want to add something to cart. Th website is much easier to use ..
  • Figs App Sizing 4/5

    By powderpuppy
    Ok, I love Figs. They are comfy, fit well, and are holding up well! The app needs to have petite and tall sizes as options in the listings like the website does. Its so frustrating to have this great app and then have to either scroll forever or go through the search bar. Just a silly convenience thing, but seems like a simple fix as they already have the framework on the web. Just to be clear…LOVE the scrubs.
  • Amazing quality 5/5

    By Alexordonezweeblycom
    Best fit, best comfort and best quality overall. Wish you guys could expand from just medical scrubs to other first responders apparel such as fire and police
  • BEWARE: return 30 days from PURCHASE 1/5

    By Laurakeetc
    Their return policy is 30 days from purchase which I think is trash bc it take several weeks for the scrubs to even get to you… I don’t want your stupid store credit I want a refund.
  • The Best Of The Best! 5/5

    By Shawn's Gal
    I ordered my first pair of Figs about 1 month ago. I ordered the graphite which I LOVE. I was so excited when 2 days later my beautifully packaged scrubs arrived. I tried them on & fell in love with them! I am tall (5’10”) and the tall length was absolutely perfect for me. I did decide to exchange the small tall pair for a medium tall pair, as I put on a few pounds. The return/exchange process was completely painless. I called & spoke with a gal in customer service & she was so nice & friendly . 3 days later I had my medium tall pair which felt sooo smooth & soft! I am in LOVE with Figs & will NEVER go back to substandard scrubs again! They wash wonderfully & wrinkle free. No ironing. They haven’t lost their shape or heavenly texture. It is very true that you get what you pay for, and Figs are THE finest! You look & feel great wearing these top of the line scrubs & I am sure that you all will too! 😃. Lisa.
  • Way to many bugs 1/5

    By bsjdvdjbd
    Get this app fixed. Can’t order XL tall sizes for pants via the app. And the red notification thingy won’t go away on the app either. So annoying. Using IPhone 12 max with IOS 15.
  • Doesn’t accurately reflect what’s in stock 1/5

    By ahxuehdodlsk
    For months now I’ve been trying to use the app to buy navy jogger scrub pants and it doesn’t even bring them up as an option or says they’re out of stock, but I go over to the website and there they are! I’ve checked over the course of 8 months, at least half a dozen times. This app needs a lot of work!
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By P1na1D1va
    Complained about the app having problems with processing payment. Deleted in the hopes that it would make a difference by rebooting then I noticed that the update was a month ago, so I will just hold out until they do come up with an upgrade. For now online shopping it is.
  • Wont Let Me Check Out 1/5

    By __ellie.d.__
    I was excited to hear that Figs had an app in which I can order their clothes off of. Since I don’t have any service at the moment while I’m out of town I was also really excited about this app. Once I went to go check out though to get scrubs for my coworkers and myself the app would constantly refresh the checkout page and never sent me to a page to where my order had been placed. I’m not sure if it’s due to the influx with all these black Friday orders or what but I don’t think I’ll be using this app again.
  • Fit 3/5

    By asthmaslayer
    I bought several pairs of these, a total of 8, and I’m having to return the majority of everything, because they run small. I am tall, 5’8”, and still large pants were too small. A XL shirt I couldn’t even fit, it was extremely tight. Even though they’re made of very nice fabric, they run small, in my opinion. If you are a gym rat, and exceptionally physically fit, I assume these are most likely the scrubs for you. They ship fairly quickly. They are becoming all the rage at my job.
  • Great Product, Bad App 2/5

    By Celery is the greatest thing
    The app crashes a lot making it difficult to browse and shop the products! The scrubs are of great quality and I love them.
  • Student discount and petites 4/5

    By Crushed Rabbit
    The only reason I would give 5 stars is because my student doesn’t Work in the app and the petite sizes don’t show up. Please fix.
  • Worse than website 1/5

    By pastabow
    I thought this app would give me notifications for new colors, restocks, or at least be an easy way to browse the website... NOPE. Not really sure what the point of this app is since it doesn’t do any of that.
  • Constant crashes 1/5

    By wishhehhfu
    While I like figs scrubs and I like their website the app consistently crashes. They need to fix that bug. They should also take out items that are sold out from view. There is no point in seeing it if you cannot buy it. It will make shopping easier.
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By Sarah Ponce
    I definitely don’t think this app was ready to be released. You have to scroll through every item! You can tell they put a lot into the LOOK of the app instead of the FUNCTION of it. But I guess we shouldn’t expect a quality app if their website doesn’t even let you filter or get rid of the “sold out” items. I like the scrubs if I manage to get some! They are always “”sold out”” but they have different items available on the app than they do in the website so that’s why I say “sold out”. I think this company should focus more on standardizing the info they release to the consumer’s, and maybe stop advertising products they no longer have nor will have.
  • More complicated than the website 3/5

    By FIGS user
    The app required more steps to look through and order the scrubs. Instead of everything in one tab, the app separates it all by color, petite, tall, and regular sizes. Website layout is much more simple and less confusing. Love the look and feel of material for these scrubs!
  • Can’t get student discount 3/5

    By Mermmanda
    For whatever reason I can not use my student discount through the app. It takes me to, but never back to the app. I end up just having to go to safari to purchase. I feel like the app doesn’t show all options as the website as well.
  • No option to change length 2/5

    By Tgod960
    Do not see any option to change the length size on the app
  • App inventory differs from website. 3/5

    By MB31233
    Seems like a limited inventory in the App vs website. Needs improvement!
  • This is regarding the app only! These scrubs are the best! 2/5

    By Smileitskim
    The app, while a strive to move forward, still needs a lot of work. It’s cumbersome having to scroll through each version of a top or pants in each color. I wish the app reflected more like the website - choose a style, then choose a size and color. Shopping isn’t fast through the app, so I’ll still be using the website as a primary way to purchase these AMAZING SCRUBS. The payment method still has glitches where your card isn’t completely recognized. This has also happened to colleagues. I do like the “in stock” notifications.
  • Not shopping friendly unlike their website. 1/5

    By WrongStat
    > Some items available on their website is not available on the app (vice versa). > does not work when checking out. > App randomly kicks you out sometimes when shopping.
  • Subpar 1/5

    By Isletfemme
    One of the worst, buggy apps that I have ever used. Figs has been gradually going south with the quality and availability of scrubs. This app is no different. Much hyped, but an epic fail. Zero stars.
  • Great company, glitchy app 1/5

    By Kacie B.
    Tried to put an order in multiple times through the app yesterday. Kept getting put though a weird loop for shipping and payment. Never got to place the order on the app. Had to do it through a browser instead. Definitely needs work. Love these scrubs though!
  • Love! But 3/5

    By SarBearr16
    I love the app but I didn’t realize until after my order shipped that I forgot I needed the petite length. It would be nice to have the length options on the app
  • Need to add Petite & Tall Options!!! 4/5

    By bananadine3
    I love the app but it lacks options such as petite and tall lengths :( I really love the idea of exclusive styles/colors only available on the app but due to the lack of petite sizes offered on the app, I find myself having to buy from the website instead.
  • Great company, poor app 2/5

    By 93hdjwpab)€_*[
    The app has a flawed design, is difficult to use and navigate, and is completely different than the website. I love Figs scrubs, but the app needs changes

    By Josephbebz
    I love figs! However the app needs a lot of improvement. It keeps getting to the home screen once you exit or multi-task. Also, there is no option to select for petite/short, regular or tall.
  • Figs App not user friendly 2/5

    By Its-me-Dee
    I love love love my Figs Scrubs. However this new app does not work efficiently. It’s hard to find what you want. I was trying to order the new color by looking at the tops and the colors do not drop down. I found it quickly on the website. Until this is fixed I will stick to ordering on the website. Mahalo!
  • Can’t find petite 3/5

    By lvf_20
    Love their scrubs, but in the app I’m not given the option to select petite in the drop down
  • Run around 1/5

    By xemxbx
    The feature to get the discount for students, military, and first responders does not work within the app- I closed and reopened multiple times and am logged into but it will not apply the discount. I am not able to order the new EAC collection from the website as it’s only available in the app. I love Figs but this is disappointing.
  • Good company, poorly designed app 1/5

    By rtkern
    The clothing should be separated by style, with colors as a changing option. Having each color be a different selection is cumbersome and confusing. The search doesn’t allow for colors. The menu doesn’t highlight new colors. It’s bulky and not easy to use. The high reviews are for the actual scrubs which are nice. My review is for the app.
  • The Best! 5/5

    By Adambfc
    Five stars doesn’t even begin to describe how awesome this company is. They have had the best/most comfortable scrubs on the market since they started, however despite being so far ahead of their competition, they continue to innovate and strive to improve, all while providing their unwavering support and creating incredible outreach programs to medical providers and communities in need, and this is in my mind is what really makes them the best.
  • Needs improvement 2/5

    By darrahnors
    I love Figs scrubs and they are all I wear. I had higher hopes that the app would make shopping that much easier. It is a horrible design. Figs, you need a better app development and IT department! The flexibility of the website is subpar and the app is even worse! Each item in the app is listed individually by style and color. You have to sort through all of them to find what you are looking for. I understand the app is brand new, but I can’t use it in its current state. It really needs some help before it can be useful!
  • Amazing!!! 5/5

    By Tish687
    I have been wearing Figs for years and love them. These scrubs are comfortable and dependable. One two sets of scrubs purchased almost two years ago are still like brand new with no signs of breakdown after wear-and-tear. I receive compliments every day when I wear Figs. I have purchased gym bags, lab jackets and outdoor wear with all products impeccable. Thank you Figs.
  • Best in the world 5/5

    By TheFirstLord
    These are the best pants I’ve ever worn. The best fit. And honestly these make me feel so good. Great professional look.

    By A.Baptist
    My wife is a e.r nurse working in the front line of the covid outbreak. She wears figs so I like to get her new scrubs. I noticed figs didn’t offer any discounts to nurses during the crisis when ppe and clothing has to be changed regularly. Seems like Figs tried profit off the situation.
  • Sensational 5/5

    By Bryan82_fromTX
    Can’t lie.. these pants are so great they’re my favorite “at home lounge” wear!
  • Best company, best product. 5/5

    By alyssa.sax
    FIGS constantly amazes me with all that they do for the medical community! Their creativity and their brand is unmatched. Why wear scrubs when you could wear FIGS?! 11/10 recommend.
  • FIGS! The absolute best 5/5

    By JenLASea
    Can’t say enough amazing things about this company and in particular all they are doing during this global pandemic. LOVE my FIGS and all they stand for.
  • Wow 5/5

    By heathy heath
    This is tre cool.
  • Best Company- Love the new app! 5/5

    By Bab1983
    This company amazes me. They make the best products and they are always doing whatever they can to make a positive impact on this world. So glad they came out with this app which makes it even easier to stay up to date on their latest products and quickly order whatever I need!
  • Amazingly awesome! 5/5

    By devonivich
    So excited about this. Very easy to use and effective. Thanks Figs!!
  • Missing colors :( 4/5

    By srdne98
    The app is convenient and clean but colors are missing 😕 pls add royal blue on there when you can!
  • OBSESSED 5/5

    By Mlsarff
    So glad they launched an app! It’s so easy and fun to use.
  • FIGS Fanatic 5/5

    By Frontline Survivor
    Although a new color should have been released with the App. I love Figs I anxiously wait for the new color every month ordering as soon as I get the Email.

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