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Filmmaker Pro

  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 5.8.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Samer Azzam
  • Compatibility: Android
55,150 Ratings
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Filmmaker Pro App

FEATURES - Create and manage unlimited projects - Manage, share / export projects' underlaying assets through the unique File Manager view - 4K video support on iPhone SE, iPhone 6s/Plus, iPhone 7/Plus, , iPhone 8/Plus, and iPad Pro - Support for unlimited video clips, audio tracks, voiceovers, and text overlays - Color coded timeline view makes it easy to distinguish assets and manage the timeline - Assets can be easily repositioned using a long press gesture - Ability to select the composition’s export frame rate - Ability to choose the composition’s aspect ratio - Ability to change the composition’s background color - Composition fade in / out options - Auto save ensures that edits are never lost VIDEO EDITOR - 17 professional transition options - Trim, split, or duplicate video clips - Adjust video playback speed for a super slow motion or fast motion effect - Volume control - Reverse video tool - 30 expertly crafted filters - Video grading (brightness, contrast, saturation, exposure, and white balance) - Realtime filters and effects playback - Picture-in-Picture Video - Picture-in-Picture Photo - Picture-in-Picture GIF - in-app purchase - Photo motion (Ken Burns) - Ken Burns effect for videos - Chroma Key (Green Screen) AUDIO TRACKS - Music Collection 1 - in-app purchase - Music Collection 2 - in-app purchase - Music Collection 3 - in-app purchase - Music Collection 4 - in-app purchase - Sound Effects Collection - in-app purchase - Trim audio tracks with a fade in / out option - Adjust auto track playback speed - Volume control - Audiometer assisted voiceovers TEXT OVERLAYS - 186 fonts (85 classic and 101 custom) - Movie Fonts Collection - 18 fonts inspired by popular Hollywood blockbusters - in-app purchase - Script Fonts Collection - 28 beautiful script style fonts - in-app purchase - Retro Fonts Collection - 28 beautiful retro style fonts - in-app purchase - Premium Text Animations - 17 advanced text animation options - in-app purchase - 9 standard text animation options - "Stroke Path" animation draws text on videos - Pan, pinch and rotate gestures to reposition, resize, and rotate text - The ability to curve text up to 360 ° / -360 ° - Adjustable text duration - Text stroke option (white / black) - Recent font category persistent across projects - Foreground and background color adjustment - Recent color category persistent across projects ILLUSTRATIONS & STICKERS - 190 gorgeous illustration and labels - 40 custom animated stickers - in-app purchase - 9 illustration animation options - "Stroke Path" animation draws illustrations on videos - Pan, pinch and rotate gestures to reposition, resize, and rotate text - Adjustable duration - Illustrations outline option - Foreground and background color adjustment - Recent color category persistent across projects DRAWING TOOL - Select brush color, size, and opacity - Works great with Apple Pencil on iPad VIDEO CAMERA - In-app purchase - Manual exposure, shutter speed, ISO, focus, and WB controls - Live shutter speed, ISO, focus, and WB values - Adjustable video resolution and frame rate - Audiometer --------------------------------------------------- ALL ACCESS SUBSCRIPTION - You can subscribe for unlimited access to all features and content offered for purchase within Filmmaker Pro. - Subscriptions are billed monthly or annually at the rate selected depending on the subscription plan. - Subscriptions auto-renew at the cost of the chosen package, unless cancelled 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. The subscription fee is charged to the iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. You may manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal by going to your Account Settings after purchase. - Once purchased, refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term. Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:


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Filmmaker Pro app reviews

  • Amazing 5/5

    By it works well get the app
    At first when I tried to upload it it said I had to pay but I did not see the continue FOR FREE
  • Good, but kind of confused 3/5

    By Funnyweirdcrazy
    So I thought this app was excellent! I made a good video and went to export it. I was trying to upload it to You Tube but I couldn’t find it. I looked in my photos and I still couldn’t find it. I looked in my email too. So after a load of hard work, I felt like it was for nothing....
  • please make an app for mac 1/5

    By yyawithay
    i’ve spent for the premium version it would be cool if i can use the app on my laptop and please improve on the “inserting pictures” feature i want my images to last between 4 and 5 seconds i don’t want to choose between 4 and 5 if that makes any sense lol
  • A truly great app 5/5

    By Lalalalalalandjdjedbdjjcdndjx
    I recently looked back to delete all my old unused apps and I realized I never got around to using this one. I opened it curiously and found that it had so many useful features and got inspired to create a project using this as my editor instead of my regular one. This app gave me so much freedom to create and edit to get exactly what I had envisioned and more! Can’t believe I never tried to use it before 😤 they end result looks professional and it takes little effort to use. Simply a great app and I would recommend if you want a really quality video without needing much editing experience or time.
  • Pretty cool 5/5

    By Gamer72364569
    I’m fairly new to editing videos, but this app has done their job! You can add texts, animated pictures, silhouettes, labels or even draw on your photos! You can time everything which is awesome! Oh and each time your picture switches to another, they have like 15+ slides to choose from; to make you closer to being a pro. I love the fact that you can slow down music as well. You can play the video while editing to see if you have to tweak your video again or not. I also love that you can choose the original size of the picture or to fit the video. If your picture is cut off they have Animated (Kens Blur), which allows the app to move across the photo from one side to the other. Right now, I paid 5.99 for full access to everything for one month to test it out! So far it’s super great. I don’t use it for social media, but I know there was a concern about the quality. If you go on Google and ask why video quality becomes poor on apps like Instagram; it’ll tell you it’s because they compress it. I don’t know too much about it, but I’d look into it. The apps worth a try! A lot of tries if you ask me! I love this app! There’s so much more this app can do, but I don’t have that much time to explain
  • F̠r̠u̠s̠t̠r̠a̠t̠e̠d̠ 😡 2/5

    By lol lol 😍😍😍😜
    I̠ w̠a̠s̠ r̠e̠a̠l̠l̠y̠ e̠x̠c̠i̠t̠e̠d̠ t̠o̠ g̠e̠t̠ t̠h̠i̠s̠ a̠p̠p̠ b̠e̠c̠a̠u̠s̠e̠ I̠ l̠i̠k̠e̠ t̠o̠ m̠a̠k̠e̠ m̠o̠v̠i̠e̠s̠ s̠o̠ t̠h̠i̠s̠ s̠e̠e̠m̠e̠d̠ l̠i̠k̠e̠ t̠h̠e̠ p̠e̠r̠f̠e̠c̠t̠ a̠p̠p̠. I̠ w̠a̠s̠ w̠r̠o̠n̠g̠! F̠i̠r̠s̠t̠ o̠f̠ a̠l̠l̠, I̠ c̠a̠n̠'t̠ f̠i̠n̠d̠ t̠h̠e̠ e̠d̠i̠t̠i̠n̠g̠ b̠u̠t̠t̠e̠n̠ a̠n̠d̠ I̠ l̠o̠o̠k̠e̠d̠ f̠o̠r̠ l̠i̠k̠e̠ 10 m̠i̠n̠u̠t̠e̠s̠ a̠n̠d̠ I̠ s̠t̠i̠l̠l̠ c̠a̠n̠'t̠ f̠i̠n̠d̠ i̠t̠! Secondly, I can’t take a video on it, it says that I have to buy something and I was like “nope!” After that, I decided that I was going to delete the app because it’s a wast of time. I hope that the app changes. I was really disappointed.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By CupidDoesGachaStudio
    I love love love LOVE it! Totally worth it! At first I couldn’t work it, but now, it works just fine! 😃👍🏻💛 thanks so much! Keep up the good work! ^w^
  • Haters be hating... 5/5

    By Diamond Dan173
    Hey to all of those haters ya might say video quality is terrible cause you might’ve recorded it on a bad phone. So it’s nothing to do with Film Maker Pro! Download this app it’s so epic! To Film Maker CreatorTM Hai if your reading this creators of Film Maker this is good app but now every time I wanna edit a new video I gotta delete app and redownload so please fix this bug.
  • Nice! 5/5

    By emmayogirl1234
    I like how you do like how fast you want it to go to the next photo or video and keep up the great work! :)
  • Lagging out every time I try opening specific project 2/5

    By Reak760
    I was about done making a skate edit just making final touches when it lags out the app, I go back and try to load up the project and continues to lag out, I can’t get back into that specific project.
  • Awwwsoooome 5/5

    By awwsoman
    This app is awwsoooome!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By fhm64mebh63
    Like list app it does it work every time that i make multiple photos
  • Great but 4/5

    By Erocak
    I hate it when it loads too long witch is every time
  • Great!!!! 5/5

    By Bubba-101
    This is an all around great app, it’s so fun to use!! I make really awesome videos with it.
  • Best ever! 5/5

    I love it so much I can make YouTube videos with it
  • READ THIS 3/5

    By Geeknite928
    This app is just crap. I’m sorry devs but this is absolutely crap. It crashes like crazy! IF U FIX THIS BS THEN I WILL REDOWNLOAD, BUY EVERYThING YOU CAN, AND LEAVE A 4 STAR REVIEW. PLZ READ THIS DEV.
  • Eh, kinda good 2/5

    By Counjerings
    I like this app it's easy to use and is really helpful. But when I got it I started to editi for around 2 hours only to find out it's 60 dollars for a never ending subscription.
  • It charged me 19.99$ to remove the mark "filmpro " 2/5

    By Liang liang wan
    It charged me 19.99$ to remove the mark "filmpro ",but the mark didn't get removed! I should get refund!
  • E 1/5

    By sbshhahwha
  • Fun to use 5/5

    By unicorn sass sass
  • Scam.....!!!!!!! 1/5

    By Maserati Pac
    This app is pure scam.... it will thank your money and will not let you save your videos
  • One of the most technical editors out there 4/5

    By ccccccccccameron
    So my favorite video editor "Videoshop" started charging for features that were once free, and now restricts me from doing a lot of things. So I looked for a new one. This is the very best that there is, and is even in landscape, but why is it so expensive? $15 to just remove watermarks? Wow. Lately all of these apps having monthly charges is a terrible move in my opinion. Yes you have to make money, but the full experience is like $50 or $60. I could do away with $3-$6 maybe, or more, but man...this is insane.
  • Do I seriously have to pay for everything? 2/5

    By JSCrane
    Okay, so there are a few more options here than there is on iMovie. But what if I don’t want to pay for all of it? I need a video editor for school, but I obviously can’t because I need to buy every single feature. Do I seriously have to pay for everything?
  • Scam 1/5

    By Dpope657
  • Great app for beginners easy to use 5/5

    By Whit8489
    This app is great . I subscribed monthly when I started my kids YouTube channel and it was easy to use to edit the videos . They’re 10 and they say that’s it’s easy to use . LOVE IT !!!
  • Asset in cloud?!? 3/5

    By Angel Negron
    I’ll 5 Star when I figure out how to bypass this little problem. I’ll screen record a video and later on the same day, when I go to edit a video and add a video on filmmaker pro, it tells me that “asset in cloud” that the video is in my iCloud and I need to download it to my device in order to use it. Meanwhile, I’ll go back to my gallery and the video will be there and able to watch, just can’t use it on this app. Please help and advice as to what to do to fix this problem. Thanks in advance. FYI, $20 for unlimited watermark removal isn’t bad at all.
  • It good but isn’t worth money 1/5

    By EG review
    I love all the features but if want free you have to have. Brand and you can do it on iMovie for free so
  • It took me a while 4/5

    By Solar_and_LunaYT
    It took me a while to export it and I have to redo it to add another clip
  • How u work it 5/5

    By roll and balk
    I like it but how u do Instruction please next time or 4 star
  • Lit 5/5

    By Madness gaming aka KJ
  • Umm 3/5

    By 03100221
    The app keeps crashing after I try to save my video !!!
  • Crashes 3/5

    By ChizqiyahREACTS
    Great app with lots of features but when I start doing to much editing I get booted off :(
  • Would be 5 stars buuut.... 4/5

    By Ammalamm
    Like most people, I’m sick of the “subscription” model. I don’t know if app developers realize just how many subscription fee-based apps there are. We’re all being subscriptioned to death. I’m more than willing to pay a reasonable, flat price for a robust video editing app. 4 stars otherwise, but this monthly/yearly subscription crap is nothing but a cash grab and terribly annoying considering how saturated the app market is. As far as the actual app itself - it’s great. There are so many features I probably don’t even use. But lots and lots of options, to edit, trim, add text/color, etc. I’ll likely be one of the suckers still paying every year because I use it so much.
  • Good app but charges me money 😡😡 1/5

    By TheGoat500
    This app is great but over time they would charge me money and I took the free route😡😡. I'm just going to get a free video editor unless you can fix this. If you don't I won't use this app.
  • Love it!! 5/5

    By queenriåh
    This is a good editing app❤️
  • Can’t even save video for free 1/5

    By sagar matta
    Just like other in-app purchase, there should be an option for free to use and save the video. Apparently this one does not have it. Don’t bother edit your video, if you don’t want to buy it cause you can’t save it anyway 😡
  • My thoughts 4/5

    By JaelynMurry
    Overall I love the product. I do experience some issues with the app at times, (exiting me out unexpectedly and stalling) but for the most part it works efficiently!
  • 💜 5/5

    By Claire herden
    I really like this app. Except for the music. They should have a bigger music library. One that isn’t just a bunch of different sounds. Actual songs.
  • BEST EVER 5/5

    I used this to make endless videos and great for ma YouTube channel. Instead of me writing things in game (witch takes forever) I write in on screen in no time flat. LOVE IT😸🙂😀😁😏
  • Not as many features as expected for the price charged 1/5

    By MR.B0nes
    It took me way to long to edit a 2 min clip with atleast 3 crashes and restarting the edit. I'm deciding between different apps that can do some decent work on the go and this might be a good app for very basic editing but I'm sure there are others out there for the same price.
  • question 3/5

    By JJ McAll
    does this app leave a watermark?
  • It’s cool but... 4/5

    By 🚗...🏃
    I really like but it leaves a water mark on your video once you are done 😢 besides that it’s pretty dope
  • Scam 4/5

    By Mike-8+24
    It’s a good app until it tricks you into paying for the subscription and then there seems to be no way out of it. It gives you no option to unsubscribe. I’ll make my rating higher if I’m either given the option to unsubscribe or allow me to access all it ms features like multi-lined don’t since that’s what I paid for. (Edit) I was given the option to unsubscribe but I still think the app should allow you to use those restricted functions on multi-lined fonts.

    By Queen Elizabeth 231
  • Ruined my clip 1/5

    By jennambie
    I used the marker to draw on the video, it was a singing video and I tried to draw over a part of the video. It totally cut the voices off of the song and made them sing the wrong lyrics! I wish I can give this a 0 star rate
  • Hey 5/5

    By Homelesstimmy
    Luv it
  • It should honestly be completely free 3/5

    By Shipped Victuri
    I think this would be a 5 star app if everything was completely free in it because it's such a simple editing app that it would be great for new content creators that can't do complicated editing apps or can't afford expensive in app purchases such as the ones this app has
  • Do not buy 1/5

    By _anaaaabel
    Took me a few hours to finish my small film. And I like all the editing features so I decided to purchase the app and when I tried downloading my video it kept going back to home page! Waste of money! Can’t even safe my video nor share it!!!
  • Thumbs down 1/5

    By Crashed, lost, don't buy
    It has charged me for 2 months when I have not even had the app downloaded on my phone. No feature on the app allows you to cancel membership. Save yourself the Trouble. Don’t download it.
  • I can’t save 4/5

    By koolwolfy
    This is great and all but the problem is when I make a YouTude vid I can’t share or post it!!! Help me!!!!!

Filmmaker Pro app comments


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