Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

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  • Adult Rating: 12+
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Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire App

Rally your troops, deploy your traps, and prepare for the largest battle the Realm has ever seen. Lead your forces to victory and dominate the Realm in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire! Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire is a mobile MMO experience that delivers massive warfare and thrilling adventures on your device. The possibilities are endless in the Realm. Want to ride a Chocobo to scout an enemy Empire? How about fighting Monsters and raiding their lairs for rare loot? Explore a vast world bursting with content as you build, upgrade, and fight your way to glory. Infantry, mages, cavalry, and siege units are yours to command and level-up. Put your army to the test by fighting alongside your Guild — and even competing in colossal Realm-vs-Realm events! In addition to defeating foes, you can enjoy countless features, including: - Unlock new playable Heroes like Lunafreya, Gladiolus, and Ignis - Build your very own Empire and set powerful Traps to halt your enemies - Craft weapons and armor for your Hero, from Gladiolus’ Hardedge to Aranea Highwind’s signature lance. - Battle Monsters and scavenge their lairs to uncover rare loot. - Chat with players from around the globe, receiving real-time translations in your language Be bold or be destroyed. Summon your strength in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire! Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: Game Page:


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Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire app reviews

  • Don't like it!!! 1/5

    By Wordswithdug
    Whenever I play a level in another game a stupid add for this game pops up and I can't get out of it I'M DELETING THIS APP!!!!!
  • Don’t waste your money...go elsewhere 1/5

    By happy2be!!!!!
    I wasted a lot of time on this game...but it was for entertainment so whatever... I liked it pretty well until as other players have said someone with very deep pockets came in, started bullying and harassing everyone and specifically wiped us all out for any given reason of the moment. I can’t really say anything the other low reviews haven’t already said. This game could be cool but it’s definitely pay to win and unless you can blow several hundred dollars on a game without blinking don’t waste your money. I know I won’t be wasting a single cent on this game.
  • Pay to play 1/5

    By Mark Splatter
    This game is the most expensive game I have ever encountered. The cost to play quickly arrives at $100 usd increments every time you’d like to increase your abilities. The problem this creates is that the developers are under so much pressure to add new features, that the code and servers cannot keep up. This results in a game with so many features and frills that its base cannot support it, resulting in a lag infested crash-fest. Most of the friends I’ve made playing this game have left because of the penalties inflicted on Free2Play players, and I am following for that and the above reason. Lastly, it is a poor use of the FF franchise, with little or nothing to do thematically with that series, other than a RTS with a Final Fantasy Skin.
  • P2P 1/5

    By Bella94Ann
    This game is 100% pay to win. If you do not spend money you will not be even close to keeping up with other players. It is not enjoyable to players that don’t have money to spend on an app game.
  • This review is probably as bad as the game 1/5

    By BluMage
    I don’t understand myself for wasting my time to write this as no matter what I do, stupid people will do stupid things. None the less I feel I must write this. This game, is an embarrassing piece of garbage, and you might be wondering the reason I say so, that reason being this game is a basic, boring, don’t have anything to do at work so I’ll waste all my time in this terrible terrible app. Don’t get me wrong if it’s made well enough, war games can be quite fun, and honestly if they actually put some soul into this instead of just putting a new coat of paint onto an already very bad game then, I might’ve played this all the time, but alas, they didn’t. Also don’t even get me started on the ads they make because it is false advertising of the HIGHEST order for one, they make the game seem like it’s “fun” and that you get to actually use your hero in battle and even summon Espers, but no, you just train troops and send them to potential death, with nothing to do with them except choose where you wish them to die. For an example of a good war game look up dawn of titans, like that game is amazing, not too many resources to deal with, you actually get to see the battles, and it’s all 3D. Plus like, everyone that plays only played Final Fantasy 15, so no one got my joke of making my username Butz hole. Oh and if you do read this but still get the game, I’m just gonna let you know the most “fun” you’ll get out of it is making the people in your kingdom fall over.
  • Worst game ever 1/5

    By gedansky
    I was trying this game and it glitched out of everything
  • very very good 5/5

    By bryar0
    very very good game thanks
  • Be careful 1/5

    By HometownQueen
    The game is fun and addictive. However, you need to be careful with their false advertising and bait and switch. I believe there is a bug in the system that they refuse to admit. I spent $99.99 for medals to level up the game, they gave me the wrong ones and refuse to refund me or deliver the right ones.
  • And I thought the ads were terrible... 2/5

    By Greg-_
    I feel like I can safely say that this game is just as bad as the advertisements made it look. It went from a tower defense game to a building game with annoying wait timers and premium currency. Yeah pretty boring in my opinion.
  • Worst game I ever played unless your Rich DONT DOWNLOAD 1/5

    By Bri_357
  • Bad experience. 1/5

    By Dogchiang
    I am ff fans. This game is very boring. Everything we can do is waiting for ur building getting upgrade. A lot of ad popped to ask u buy them. I accidentally bought 5 dollars package and customer service won’t let me return it even its a mistake. My account still have 1500 gold coins For now. This is kind of nightmare experience. Ff is getting more and more disappointment.
  • Free play is a joke 3/5

    By je ny grl
    If your not willing to be a farmer and want to actually play the game. I hope you have unlimited funds cause after a certain level there is no way to grow if you don’t start sinking $1000 week if not more into this game.
  • WHAT THE...?! 1/5

    Seriously, what’s the purpose of this game? Every ad promoting this game has super cool CGI cutscenes that are so misleading because none of them are actually in the gameplay , neither do they come even close to depicting gameplay accurately. I tried the game and in my opinion is garbage. All you do is upgrade, upgrade and upgrade some that u have access to more do more don’t even get to see the battles. Please don’t waste your time.
  • Please give what you advertise 3/5

    By Ancientalpha55
    I enjoy this game, but there are frustrations that surface. Like right now, there is a "realm boss" monster that MZ states in their blog drops "Elemental Essence with EVERY HIT." So, I ported in to the monster, and starting hitting. To my surprise, I was getting essence every other hit, or even worse wasn't getting for a number of hits. The worse "run" was SEVEN hits in a row, where I didn't get any essence. This "essence" is what is used to transform your troops to more powerful version. When I reached out to MZ, their support simply talked about getting random elements...which is true, but it didn't address my problem at all. So, I restated my point, and haven't gotten any response. Ironically, the "Customer Agent -Vance" who responded, even took the time to quote the drops I got on a hit...and guess what was missing from HIS list...yep, the elemental essence. Um...anyone see the problem? Simply put, don't advertise one thing, and then something else completely happens. THIS is the number one frustration...they state something will take place, and then it doesn't happen. So, for anyone playing, one more word of caution: keep track of any "math" that is used in this game, like when they advertise 50% off of resource costs...take screen shots of what those numbers are BEFORE you buy the 50% off feature, and then check once you buy the feature and its being "used"...see if you're really getting 50% off, or if its more like 30-40% off. It does add up... MZ you have a good game, you make a ton of money, please, just do what you say you're goig to do...cheers!
  • No seriously 1/5

    By somebody whatever
    What is this mess?
  • Support 1/5

    By A12345ahateliars
    don’t bother asking for them to fix problems they just ignore them they only care about the profit and the money that they’re making this game is primarily designed for people with and less money that can pay to play. Well it has the potential to be a fun game it is not for those who don’t have endless supply of of funds. and there’s no real outlet in the game for lower level players who don’t have the money to buy the items needed to play. they should create a way where lower-level players who don’t have a lot of money could excel in the game as well as those who spend money in the game.
  • $100 bucks 3/5

    By CP379
    Games is ok unless you want some of the in game purchases. Everything is almost always $100 buck
  • A great game plagued with toxicity 1/5

    By Inny74
    This is a great war game, you can attack or be attacked, you can upgrade defenses and train troops, and you can attack/kill monsters. however, you can say this game is the clone of Game of War and Mobile Strike. Like both of the games, however, you have a cancerous, toxic community that ruins it. Sometimes, things get ugly on the chats, sometimes its sexual, perverted crap being said on such chats, and knowing the developer or MZ wont do anything about this, i suggest staying clear from this game , Game of War, and Mobile Strike, for good. This game isnt for kids due to this, I wouldnt even say its even for people under 18. There are better games out there with less of a toxic community.
  • Game play 1/5

    By Lightningf8
    Warning top players work for the game. Game would be cool if it was a fair battle with no employee play. You spend money to be competitive but when the employees are top players it’s hard to enjoy the game
  • Lazy developers and worse customer service. 1/5

    By Roguex67
    The developers of this game should be ashamed of themselves. First they still the format from another game, then they make it all about paying them to play. Who do they think they are? The US government? It shouldn’t take spending thousands of dollars to pay a game. Then if and when you try to contact anyone from support, three days later you get a form letter abut how they respect everyone’s privacy and won’t actually do anything about the issue. The company who made his game seems to be only concerned with raking in money as fast as possible. Not to continue the following this series has with its other games. Update: Turns out this game is full of cyber bullies, rapists, and pedophiles, and the developers will not do anything about it. Even when presented with proof in the form of the screenshots they demand. They think their money for lawyers allows them to not have to follow the laws of the state of California, in which they are headquartered.
  • Does not load 1/5

    By F..K..U noNAMEleft
    This app will not load on my iPhone 7s. It will get to the middle of the loading bar and stop. I let it sit there for 20 min and still nothing. Crappy app don’t waste your time.
  • No iPhone X app 1/5

    By Smegma McDermott
    Cluttered screen could be much nicer if the devs took advantage of the extra real estate. Game is riddled with ads. Uninstalled after 3 minutes.
  • Ladrones 1/5

    By rbnuvbbeg
    Ladrones gran malparidos ,me robaron , me estafaron , es un asco de juego , gas, ladrones de culo , me robaron perras
  • Just another pocket money sink, 1/5

    By Teejnits
    This is a reskin of a reskin of a reskin... This tired (and tiring) genre apparently still works. They want $5 every time you open the app, they display $5 (not so) "specials" all over the place, and most people are just in this game for the level 10 rewards on another game anyway.
  • Ready to spend a LOT?!? 1/5

    By Emtnes
    Unless your willing to spend 20$ a pop for “power ups” your not going to get far. Even if ya spend 20$ from time to time, some that spends TONS more will appear at random and destroy you at of nowhere. It’s a waste of time when someone can be 153times your power can make you start with nothing again on a whim.
  • Pay to Win PERIOD. 1/5

    By Plane Truths
    Played this game for months. I’ve been a fan of the FF franchise for years and years, i honestly can’t believe this game was allowed to be branded under the FF name. Once you reach Approx level 17-20, it literally takes months upon months to level up (its all time based and the higher level your kingdom grows the longer it takes to in wait time). This game is purely pay to win, period. Save your time and money. Id rather pay $20 for one of the original FF RpG’s ported to and for the iPhone/iPad. Very poor game.. there are more advertisements for their in-game store on screen than anything else, this alone gets annoying as could be.. and there not pushing $5, $10, $20, nor even $50 purchases either, their promoting $99 purchases (which gets you very little). When i first started playing this, i honestly thought it was a scam (and it is). I also couldn’t believe this was part of the FF franchise. I question the integrity of the FF franchise and anything they put out now because of this game alone.. very shady.. How can you go from being a pioneer of the modern RPG, to releasing something like this garbage?? I just don’t get it.. (I actually do get it) the cash.. to soak the players, period. I would strongly suggest watching a few reviews on youtube before downloading and playing this game. Take the adverts you see while playing other games (that promote this game) they literally say in the small print (game play dramatization) wouldn’t you think players would want to see actual game play? Not just download based on things that are not even part of the game? Lol (this is the very definition of click bait). Shady shady shady... I would be embarrassed if I were This development company (nowadays). Definitely only a shell of what they used to be and the quality, ethics, and gameplay expected of such a reputable company... will never return. One Star, as theres no option for Zero.. Peace out!
  • This dumb game 1/5

    By cydude911
    This is the only add I ever see this game is such a waste of my time. I hate this game it is not fun at all
  • Complete FAILURE, Don’t waste your time! 1/5

    By Superflywhitey
    Extremely pay to play, what’s our world coming to? And the recharges aren’t even reasonable, $4.99 to the starter pack at $19.99 which helps with certain things except the game has so much content it only ends up being a little. Then jumps to $99.99, which every time you log are reminded you need to be rich to play this game and even then I don’t think it would be worth it. Lots of things to do but if one was not to would have to play for many years just to make it to level 10, not worth it in my book. Cheers! ~ Happy Camper. 😇🤗😱🤷‍♀️🤔
  • Rip off 1/5

    By Roulette II
    This game is a rip off. Unless you have thousands of dollars to burn, you will not get anywhere in this game. Don’t waste your time unless you are rich. I would put zero stars but had to put at least one to send this review.
  • Promotes bullying & horrible customer service 1/5

    By Borgs85
    I can’t give this game more than 1 star. It’s fun, but it prompts bullying with the Pay 2 Play. They also sell you packs that you can’t use. I’m not sure about you, but I get pretty irritated when I spend $100 on something that I can’t use, and the company won’t do anything about it.
  • Macro-transactions 1/5

    By seda716
    Not only do you have to pay to survive long enough to make your empire worth anything, the packs go from 5$, to $40 then to $100. Meaning that your first pack is $5, the second one is $40? (Or maybe there’s a middle number). Like once you spend the lower amount, those packs are no longer available and you HAVE TO purchase a higher cost one. It wouldn’t even be too bad... for people who do want to spend their money, if the customer service was good. I purchased a pack and it was missing at least one item that was listed...I emailed them several times and they wanted proof, like a screenshot ... which I didn’t think to take, and since the pack disappears after you purchase it, I couldn’t go back and take... And they never say “we can’t help you,” they say things like “we can’t replace the item, thank you for understanding.” Like hell I'm understanding... that’s not a resolution. Here’s one of the emails so you know I’m not being ridiculous. “I reviewed your previous conversations and I understand that you are concerned regarding the pack you purchased. I know how worrying it is when you do not receive the items you expected. I understand that you saw enough time before making the purchased. However, there are chances that the device was out of sync with the servers due to which the timer was not updated real time and you were seeing the old timer running and once the proceed with the pack the connection refreshed and the new pack was replaced. Since the pack has been credited to the account, we will not be able to switch the packs or add any additional items. I appreciate your understanding in this matter! Also, I would suggest you to please restart the game and device before you purchase any packs to avoid any kind of server disconnections. If you have more questions about this, please do not hesitate to let me know. We are here to help!” So I’m supposed to 1) take a screen shot of the offer 2) restart my phone 3) make the purchase All before their 10 or 15 minute timers? The game takes 3 minutes to load and apparently, if you don’t complete your transaction quickly enough he pack can reload mid transaction, according to another email: “It's important to remember that each package has a sales timer, and the offers will refresh and change into a set of new packages anytime this sales timer reaches zero. In instances like these, we definitely suggest giving yourself enough time to complete the purchase process without needing to worry about the sales timer refreshing in the background.” And let me tell you, if you think you’ll play without a purchase... to upgrade to lvl 30, which is just high enough to get good drops from monster kills and finish some quests for items... MAYBE even participate in realm vs realm events... (just to give you a perspective, lvl20 is when the game start being somewhat good and the hugest players are lvl65 or more) to upgrade to that takes 7 years or something like that. The way to shorten that time is to use speed ups which you can get from quests... but you’ll need them all the time, and never have enough unless you purchase a pack.
  • Only because... 4/5

    By hi guys sup
    I am only playing this because it gives me a 1000 gems in my singing monsters
  • This is not fun 1/5

    By ._.Julia
    This is not as much fun as the commercial/demo .I whould rather have fun on the commercial then actually play the game . And I wont to fight then build random stuff 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻. I thought it would be better and fun.😐😐😐😐😐😐😑😑😑😑😑🤔🤔🤔🤔😡😡😡😡😡😡😱😱😱😱😨😨😨😨😤😤😤😵😵😵🤐🤐🤐💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩. Goodbye 👋🏻
  • Horrible customer support 1/5

    By HighNerdKing
    This is a pay to win game and I’ve made my peace with that, it is what it is. If you don’t have money to spend this probably isn’t the game for you as players 4 times your size will drop you with one march twice the size of your rally. But the worst thing about his game is the customer support. If you have legitimate concerns they don’t even take the time to read it or send you a personal response. They see the name of your ticket title and send you a generated response that likely won’t even address half your concerns. And with the number of trolls in game telling you and your family need to kill themselves this is beyond no longer worth he headache. Multiple times I’ve had players in game spam me horrible things from multiple accounts and of you block it they just make a new one. Took me three days to get a response from the devs and when I did it was an automatic response about how if I had proof I needed to send it despite in my first email I included 33 screen shots of harassment. Horrible development team, horrible support team, need to spend 1000 a month to have a fighting chance. Good luck all.
  • Nothing like the ads and in app purchases are $99.00 plus 1/5

    By Jp123ff
    This game is a huge waste of time. The advertisements show a way different game. The in app purchase are just ridiculous. After your first purchase prices go to $99.00 or more.
  • Tap joy NO NO 1/5

    By The Boss949
    If you are playing this for a Tapjoy reward. Do Not do it you will waste a bunch of time on a game that’s not really any better than the other time wasted games. They will also tell you that you did not meet the criteria for receiving the reward. Good luck if you play I have uninstalled and will not play any other games from this maker. Just no good.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By William S. Scott
    This whole concept isn’t original at all. It’s just a very SORRY excuse for final fantasy. Do yourself a favor and don’t waste your time on this game
  • SBTS 1/5

    By --[Neh1r]--
    I am dowloading this app for sbts so it better be good and i better have fun
  • Entertaining yet terrible. 1/5

    By darth brkfst
    This game is entertaining. It passes the time. This game falls extremely short when it comes to actual common sense. After you get your citadel to above lvl 40 the research and building resources are astounding. This game was decent until they started releasing all of the add ons that require you to buy them to unlock them, and then pay more money to upgrade them to a usable lvl. If you don’t plan on spending a large amount of money(over $1000) then stay below lvl 20. The powerful players drop $1000 a day. If your going to spend money on the game make smart purchases. The game has absolutely nothing to do with the actual game final fantasy XV. It is just a war game with final fantasy characters.
  • Ugh 1/5

    By Albano5566
    This game is extremely confusing and overly complicated. It is nearly impossible to figure out what to do when you first start playing. The instructions appear to be nonexistent. If there is any help for beginners to this game, I cannot find where it is.
  • Pay to play 1/5

    By PeganJade
    If you are looking for a game to play without spending lots of cash this isn’t the game for you. You don’t spend you become a farm for players who do, There is no protection from the bullies of the games, Level 60’s can attack any player who is lvl 20, 30, 40 etc... shields costing more than you can earn in loyalty in a day. You have to buy a pack when your hero gets to lvl 50 in order to keep leveling. In order to get a new hero you have to buy a pack. If you want to open a new building you have to buy a pack & then you only get an unlock it does not include enough blueprints to upgrade. Seriously unless you can spend $100.00 every time they come out with something new. I don’t recommend downloading this game. This game is seriously geared towards those who pay to play.
  • من أنتم؟؟ 4/5

    By Shagy king
    هل أنتم سادة زهاء الأنظار؟
  • Glitch,Bug? 5/5

    By gxkronos
    Ey guys um I think there’s a glitch we’re if you kill a boss and get the item box you can’t open it for some reason it always say “Failed to use inventory “ so can see if guys can fix it
  • Buyer beware! 3/5

    By Meag12345678
    Make sure you add “restrictions” to your auto pay. I learned the hard way when the game glitched, told me to close the game then automatically charged my account 99.99! This company did nothing to resolve it. I told them to take back their “whatever product I purchased”, because I don’t even know what was purchased! I have purchased gold packs in which this game will not get another dime from me since they were not willing to refund their glitching games issue. If you see an error about gold, and it prompts you to “close the app and restart”, make sure you just shut your phone off, because hitting the home button will automatically charge your account!!! I felt scammed. I enjoyed the game up to this point. Apple resolved the issue, as well as informed me how to set up restrictions, in which I did. Just be careful when you play this game. It’s a horrible feeling to feel scammed and the company does nothing to fix the issue.
  • Good game and worst developers! beware you need to have unlimited funds. 1/5

    By Dfeghali
    Hello everyone, This is a good game if you take out that you need to pay money for every upgrade that you want to do... let’s say it’s around $100 for each 2 upgrades them you. Need another $100, that’s sad! I already spent so far $300 and I am still very low lvl compared to others. A AAA game cost $59 dollars, but I do think that if you want to be a hight lvl you will need to spend at least 2k, it may not be enough... is that supposed to be a squareenix? Seriously this game is all about money BEWARE of this game and do not download, You cannot do anything in this game without spending money, I already spent $100 on a pack and I have nothing! The developers are crazy! I am not even high lvl, just lvl 27 And if I want to upgrade any ransoms building it will take more that 7 days!!! And not only that it cost you 30 million stone and 30 million energy and a lot more other resources! It will take a full month to get that, if you really want to lvl up go Spend money and go spend more money and buy more packs Each $100 pack will just give you 2 lvl and the max I think is lvl 60+ The developers are out of their mind charging so much for I game that you cannot play at all without real money! Seriously I don’t get how people like this game or can play it, you really need to be rich to do something, I cannot even go higher than lvl 27 because I need millions and millions of resources and it will take you 40 days to lvl up just the main building! To make you guys understand something about this game is that resource that you make in the empire are near 20k per hour if you are high lvl so do the math how many days you need to have 50 million of that specific resources, and if you are lucky that you never are, a powerful player will come attack your base, clean your resources, steal your héroe for 3 days. Thank you developers for destroying an awesome brand name, squareEnix please you are worth so much more than that, how can you let a bad developer create a money sucking game that this? Thank you and again Beware. Update: After 6 month of playing this game is just trash! And the developers? They are more trash, they don’t even have a support page or a forum!. There is no way of contacting them, and am very disappointing on squareEnix for letting them develop this game, they have no right to give us a bad game.
  • $99 for upgrade packs 1/5

    By Vinny169
    It's not a bad game. In the sense that the game is pretty nifty. But my huge problem is that they ask exorbitant prices for in-game resources and content. How they get away with $99 for each pack? I have no idea. I think they missed the decimal point. It should be $9.99 a pack or something. It is literally insane how expensive the game is. At level 30, the buildings can take more than 100 days to build. So if you want any actual progress the game essentially forces you to buy a pack to move ahead. There is no way that anyone can wait for that long to just play the game. Also to collect in game resources, that is a nearly impossible without literally months of gathering. The developers need to be brought back down to earth.
  • Money sucker 1/5

    By husbandhater
    This game will make you broke!
  • Excellent 4/5

    By N.B.D.R
    Love it
  • Astounding!!! 4/5

    By Mikecron
    This game is really something else. The gameplay, graphics, concept, business model, mechanics - They are all sooooo AWFUL. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME with this AWFUL GAME. I can’t state it enough just don’t even bother, it’s not even fun to play, it’s buggy, and a waste of time. I’m sorry devs, but you money hungry pocketmongers need to be stopped. Spread awareness of terrible games like this, and spend your time in better games. Also, of course the advertisements for this game are false.
  • Pay to play 2/5

    By DukeofIN
    This game is built on the premise of paying to be competitive. The developers of this game are extremely greedy. Once you reach a level around 25, it’s impossible to get any further without purchasing resources and gold, which is extremely expensive.

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