Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

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  • Current Version: 3.28.104
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Epic Action LLC
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Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire App

Build. Defend. Rule. Join Alexis Ren in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire! Be the hero of your own Final Fantasy XV adventure in the brand new mobile strategy game Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire! Build your own kingdom, discover powerful magic, and dominate the realm alongside all of your friends! Do you have the courage to fulfill your destiny? Journey through vast kingdoms, gather magical resources, and build the strongest Empire in Final Fantasy history! - Experience your very own FFXV adventure on your mobile phone - Jump into the action with Noctis, Cindy, and all of your favorite FF15 characters - Fight alongside friends and against foes in legendary battles against millions of players from around the world! - Build up your Empire and train your troops to win in action packed, real-time battles - Create the ultimate Guild or join up with already-powerful forces - Strategize with your guild to crush enemies and beasts in real-time battles - Compete for the Crystal against players from all over the world An open world with no rules: only magic. Will your magic grow or do you stand to be defeated? Embark on your own Final Fantasy XV mobile adventure alongside Alexis Ren. Your legend starts now in the new MMORPG: Final Fantasy 15: A New Empire.


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Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire app reviews

  • Revised review 4/5

    By texas anna1975
    I was really steamed when I tried to get tier 3 in the ronin event when I’d never hatched any eggs before and somehow they were all marked as unusable duplicates. Apparently it’s a glitch but I assume you’re working on it. Sorry, I’ve now calmed down a bit, enough to realize it may be a mistake you are working on but it must be a time-consuming and difficult problem to fix. I was much more po’d than normal about the glitch because I’m literally dying soon and this may have been my one shot at getting a building unlock. Obviously I hope to get the building unlock but I guess not everyone gets what they hope for before they die. Thanks for keeping the very large, complicated, and ever-evolving game working well over various platforms including my old iPhone 6plus. You obviously try to keep working on it because there are some fast-loading and somewhat frequent updates to get things up to date. Thanks for the hard work and my apologies for the unwarranted anger and bad critique. Sincerely, Ann
  • Fix the map overview. 1/5

    By Alkaline0719
    I spent $100 to have the overworld map and it’s complete garbage. Please fix it to where i can zoom out or something. It’s so unfair you played the pack to make it seem like it would be an overview instead I get a tiny barely functional map. And not only that, the plot points are not updated. It still has locations for guild members that aren’t there anymore. More and more bugs happen each day. Half the times I can’t even write in chat without reloading the game.
  • Needs update! 1/5

    By FlorValenZuela
    iPhone 8 Plus! Great game I love it! But I can’t see fires when I burn someone? I don’t see my hero matching? Or any of my armies! Needs to be fixed please! Deserves a 5 star! But not like this!
  • Devs are FN B’s 1/5

    By Speedemon8
    Spent 12k got account stolen, then account returned for 2 days and somehow account got locked and given back to someone else. Although proof of purchases was shown to devs, they never responded back. Proof this game don’t care about anyone except money
  • About the game 2/5

    By Jahmel07
    I think it should be first person fighting instead of third person
  • B O R I N G 1/5

    By AvaEdenAdrianQ
  • Crashing!!!! 3/5

    By Tg445
    App crashed when I try to build defenses in wall!! Please fix!
  • Stupid 1/5

    By Smile Doggo
    This game IS stupid (no offense to the creators)
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Bub man
    Bleep bloop
  • Lot of farming for not much fun 1/5

    By DrSkillet
    I downloaded this game to get coins in another game. I quite the other game shortly after. You have to spend lots of money to make it fun. If you hang around long enough to make it to level 20 then you get beat up, and are pretty much forced to log in every few hours to keep from losing your hero. It’s a decent way to waste time if your into waiting, but I kept on going with it hoping it would get fun. It never did. Save your time and money for a better game.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By 8) ;)
    The demo ads end up putting the “x” on the notch part on the iPhone X and for some reason it won’t let me close the ad so I have to wait a 2 minutes for the stupid ad to go away.. I only downloaded this so hopefully I can stop seeing your ads.
  • Could be great... 3/5

    If it were not for the recent string of glitches like app closing every time I try to send mail, or a chat message, or log in, it is great. Like the gameplay.
  • Don't download this game 1/5

    By Zacharybanks
    I have spent so much money in the promises of the game being equal come to find out that they have been charging insane prices for little to no out come, when they are clearly showing favoritism to other realm giving them so much more for the same amount of money I pay this is ridiculous I loved this game too. How are you going to sell me 187,000 too 450,000 gold for 100 dollars but I'm a different realm sell people the same pack with 8,000,000 gold for 100 dollars yeah count the zeros it's a scam and the devs don't care to fix their problem. Mine as well file bankruptcy now.
  • Don’t but this game 1/5

    By 808fan
    Don’t buy this game unless you are willing to spend thousands of dollars. Customer service is poor and in game advertising is very deceitful. Most of the reviews here are written by game employees.
  • Some thought 3/5

    By Someone who dont have money
    Change this game as first no pay-to-win game.Try to sell castle skins and other effects.thanks
  • DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!! 1/5

    This is an awful, horrible waste of time. Unless you are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on this game, do not bother. Most of the features in game require you to buy them in packs that cost $99 each, and if you don’t have these features, you will get repeatedly destroyed by players who do. This game is the biggest money grab I’ve ever seen, and it’s not even that fun. If I could give negative stars, I would. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!!
  • Not bad, but stop offering me $100 deals when i just want the $5 and $20 deals 3/5

    By thedivinetreasury
    I can’t afford the $100 deals. I don’t play a lot of these games, and first starting off, it was nice, but it’s easy to see that the people who can drop a ton of cash (and i mean in the thousands) are the ones who take over the realm. It needs to be more accessible to people who don’t have a lot of cash to spend on this game.
  • Ok 1/5

    By bi-polar polarbear
    It’s ok but there’s nothing unique about it it’s just likevery other game like it make a first person game like it !
  • Rip Off 1/5

    By Jaiz31
    Was charged 32 times for a 99.99 package and has reached out for support and no One has contacted me .
  • Don’t bother 1/5

    By Tetsuin
    I’m really irritated that I even spent the $5 to buy the intro package that they offer. I really was enjoying the game and wanted to support the developers but that soon changed when the top tier people in the realm came and wiped out our entire guild because they were able to buy hundreds of thousands of troops the cash. The design of the game is totally flawed in the sense that players can completely ignore the upkeep required to support troops as long as they can spend money to buy the resources that are needed to train them. If I was able to ask for a refund for the $5 I would.

    By Thekingplayer
    Kanker Spalen
  • Yo so many ads of this boring arse game 1/5

    By Mohammed.s.a
    I only downloaded it to give it a one star that it doesn’t even deserve.
  • Do not play this game! 1/5

    By Weena1
    Requires money for decent game play, with the worst customer support ever! When game glitches or anything goes wrong (even with screen pics) all they ever say is, well, everything seems to be working fine! Thanks for contacting customer support!
  • Don’t Like It 1/5

    By ^_^ elsa
    I feel bad for saying this, but this game is trash and confusing as hell. Sorry, but I think it’s true in my opinion.
  • Money Scam 1/5

    By Personluv
    Pay to win. Period.
  • Fortnight 4/5

    Only doing this for vbucks
  • Don’t play 1/5

    By Longrifle7
    Originally when I started the game was fun, But like every other review the developers are after your money and not just a little but hundreds! What a joke. Like others have said if you don’t plan on spending money you can’t advance and others with endless pocketbooks dominate the game. There is no buffering system so when you do get attacked and loose resources and troops you have to rebuild all over again. It takes weeks or even months to gather resources for some upgrades. Not related to any Final Fantasy game except for the characters. Originally I thought this would be like the older games but I am very disappointed .
  • Absolute garbage 1/5

    By Jake's Review
    If you enjoy a game where every time you open it you’re greeted with an advertisement to spend money even if you’ve just switched apps, a game where the UI clutters the screen with ads so you are always reminded of the seven hundred deals going on, where viewing your items first takes you to a store to buy items, where every action requires going into three menus and pressing the free speed up button so it doesn’t take several hours, this is the game for you. Honestly, I’m not sure if this is even a game. I’d say it’s more like a monetization simulator. In order to engage in the 3D combat advertised you have to pay for each and every hit you deal. It’s just annoying, and you spend most of the game waiting for the games timers to run out.
  • Here from a survey 5/5

    By wink03
  • “Deals” on coins 1/5

    By BrinetteLove13
    To the developers, STOP OFFERING ONLY $19.99+ “deals” on coins!! Some people just want to buy coins by themselves and not all the extra crap. I’m sick of not being able to purchase coins by themselves.
  • The games great but... 4/5

    By Liono500
    The game is amazing! The graphics, gameplay, and etc. but the bad part is how much the gold costs. There should be a setting where if you tap the gold that it gives you reasonable prices for you just to get gold like 0.99 for 150 gold and etc.
  • Purchase scams... terrible customer service. 1/5

    By Music Lady Lisa
    Made a $99 purchase. Primary item in the bundle was not unlocked in game. Customer service spun this as: you tapped the wrong bundle by mistake, the timer ran out, you did not click the "more" button to very the contents of the package. I have sent photo evidence of the contents of the package, purchase time remaining, and the receipt for the bundle I purchased, and they are still arguing that the item I purchased was not part of the package despite it being the item promoted in the splash banner and listed 2nd in the contents. They are either complicitly scamming their players or they have a game glitch they are unwilling to admit to and remediate for. FIFTEEN emails over 3 weeks with screenshot evidence of their error earned me zero helpful customer assistance. ONE email to iTunes support earned me a refund of the broken purchase. Shame on Machine Zone for treating customers like this. Kudos to Apple for showing what good service should be. Don't get sucked into this one, look for something else and support developers that value their players. Would give zero stars if I could.
  • Hard 5/5

    By dadbooy
    The game is really hard to level up.
  • Came from money app 4/5

    By prax_77
    Nice game !
  • Money 1/5

    By Murders row
    This game is only for the rich people... U literally have to spend 99 bucks minimum a week to be able to survive
  • Fun if P2W or expected to be bullied. 1/5

    By Msdio
    Lots of things to build and grow on. Addictive since you can really see results from growth, even though growth can take hours, and days at a time. This game encourages spending and bullying other players. There is pop-up ad for game packages every time you open the game. 1) Paying unlocks capabilities that are unmatched, in addition to resources. While the game tilts in favor of defense, due to limit on march size, one needs literally millions of troops to defend. And building aN army of millions take quite a bit of resources and time. Upper tier can kill lower tier easily, but doesn’t win if significantly outnumbered. If bullies are squatting near you, you basically can stop gathering or hunting for good. 2) Resource capacities are limited, yet research and building demand much more (>4x of capacities). One can’t grow resources beyond capacities. So other than paying, one would then have to a) have guild members supply resources, b) create farms (multiple accounts) to supply, or c) raid others regularly, in order to keep growing. If you don’t want to get raided regularly when you first start building, and don’t want to pay much, the way to deter (not prevent) is to join an aggressive strong guild, since the guild would regularly raid others for fun or resources. This game encourages players, unless they pay up, to raid and bully others on a regular basis to keep growing. If you are reading to see if you want to start, I’d recommend you first get a proper expectation of how much you are ok to spend ($5, $20, $100, $1000, etc.; packages start with $5 and $20 for the first 2, then stay at $50, $100 a pop), and how ok you will feel after getting raided, perhaps regularly. Otherwise, you will be upset, and disappointed. Think about what you may get for $500. It can empower you to be somewhat competitive in the game (you will still be harassed from time to time). It can also be your monthly grocery, rent, card debt, loan or car payment, iPhone, Apple Watch, PS4 Pro + games, Xbox One, gym membership for the year, or gas money. Which would you rather have?
  • Doesn’t work with WiFi 1/5

    By B-bumm
    This game can’t connect while I’m connected to WiFi. This is the only thing that doesn’t work on my WiFi so the game is the problem not the WiFi. Read online several people have this same problem.
  • Nothing to do 1/5

    By Bluestek07
    This game is a tutorial game it never ends
  • Room 3/5

    By my vbucks
    How do you do the trotral
  • Had so much promise 1/5

    By AngryIntellect
    By far one the most pay to win games ever. With packages you can purchase for 100$ and no smaller packages. There is no massive warring. No team based skill. Of the 3 realms I’ve been on, all 3 were. The rich people spending 10000+ dollars picking on the rest of the people. You are locked out from even accessing key parts of the game without shelling out hundreds of bucks. As a long time final fantasy fan I am truly ashamed of this game carrying the name.
  • Boring 1/5

    By WJMMH
    I thought there might be a point to this game but after I downloaded it, it’s just a bunch of click, upgrade something, wait, repeat... Absolutely boring. So glad I didn’t pay for this.
  • Well.. 1/5

    By Cutemelon
    It's really boring and I really don't get the meaning of the game
  • This game is so cool 5/5

    By Teeshwill
    My son loves his game he’s up SAST with it
  • I’m was bored 5/5

    By hamturksag
    So I was really bored bro so ima tell you a cool story, ok so one day I was like Wasssup Teach (teacher) and she was like heyyyyy katie and then we just talked for the whole class... COOL STORY BRO
  • Stop it and fix this 1/5

    By yoitsyoboi shut the heck up
    For some reason this game likes to upgrade everything a lot why
  • Honestly the worst game 1/5

    By TheBeast1214
    The advertising stop with that I swear all of those ads are fake just to attract players I hate those kind of game so either make actual ads with actual gameplay or get lost
  • Tutorial is too long 2/5

    By Yay thanks for the money
    This app is really fun but it could use a shorter tutorial.
  • Bad! 1/5

    By cutefunnygirl😉
    I used this for ROBUX, and I had nothing to do in the app!

    By Wolfsteve
    If I knew then what I know now , I wouldn’t have even bothered to download this scam of a game. Oh the craptasticness of this game. Scam to get players to spend more money. They hire other players , or play themselves , and they get these ridiculous bonuses for going around and decimating underpowered players. If you say that people whining about it being a scam is not true , then most likely that review is by one of their “thugs”. Epic Action LLC ? More like Epic Con-game LLC. I wish they would just refund my money and I would dump this app/game back in the trash where it belongs. Crap,crap,crap,crap. If people don’t want to participate in these STUPID “RVR” events , they shouldn’t have to. There should be a category for people who want that stupid crap , or an alert issued for the players of when these ignorant events will take place so they can protect their work. But since the game is basically a scam , there will not be any such thing. If this company had any ethics whatsoever, they would give refunds to those who have spent money on it and just want out. It’s too bad you can’t give them negative stars for a rating.
  • Very pleased 1/5

    By Wattaholic
    This game is like farming but ff?? No plot? Tell me it gets better...nope..just tell me what to push and keep building? Great fn exciting

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