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Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire App

Build. Defend. Rule. Join Alexis Ren in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire! Be the hero of your own Final Fantasy XV adventure in the brand new mobile strategy game Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire! Build your own kingdom, discover powerful magic, and dominate the realm alongside all of your friends! Do you have the courage to fulfill your destiny? Journey through vast kingdoms, gather magical resources, and build the strongest Empire in Final Fantasy history! - Experience your very own FFXV adventure on your mobile phone - Jump into the action with Noctis, Cindy, and all of your favorite FF15 characters - Fight alongside friends and against foes in legendary battles against millions of players from around the world! - Build up your Empire and train your troops to win in action packed, real-time battles - Create the ultimate Guild or join up with already-powerful forces - Strategize with your guild to crush enemies and beasts in real-time battles - Compete for the Crystal against players from all over the world An open world with no rules: only magic. Will your magic grow or do you stand to be defeated? Embark on your own Final Fantasy XV mobile adventure alongside Alexis Ren. Your legend starts now in the new MMORPG: Final Fantasy 15: A New Empire. Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: Game Page:


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  • Terrible pay-to-win structure, rigged events 1/5

    By dovienye
    The $$ scheme goes $5 first purchase. $20 for the second. Then all are $100 after that. During an event I unlocked the ability to get rewards only to have the requirements change IMMEDIATELY to the next highest tier, which would require weeks to achieve, making it impossible to win. Customer service told me “Working as intended, we will forward thoughts to the appropriate team.” Nope, not gonna give them money. I’m sure Niantic will be happy to have more of mine.
  • Great community, Terrible customer support 2/5

    By Electra_11
    The game is wonderful. The community of players is diverse and engaging. Not for kids. The packs are expensive but considering the time spent on game play I have happily purchased in the past. However, a game this expansive is going to have glitches. While that is a reality, the attitude from customer support is completely off putting. When it glitches in players’ favors, they are quick to recall them items (remember the Luna gold and platinum recall?) When the issue takes items from players either through timed items that expire, item chests that don’t list their contents, or pack purchases delivering less than advertised the responses are cut and copied and condescending. They often suggest it is the player’s fault for the issue. That kind of hostile treatment of people, many of whom would happily pay to play a functional game, greatly decreases this game rating.
  • Annoying p2w 1/5

    By Thatoneguywhos here
    If you don’t pay money you run out of everything so fast. And the upgrade amount doesn’t go up Stable at all. Level 5 upgrade castle cost something like 20k stone next upgrade goes up to 60k only tried this game for an offer on a website now I see why you have to upgrade your base to level 10 because it would realistically take over a week. Even with 20 quarries at level 3 I’m still not gettin nearly enough of anything. If the offer didn’t specifically say “free offer” I might have spent a dollar or two on the game but considering they mislead me to believe you could accomplish level 10 for free I. A reasonable time it’s uninstalled and I’m not wasting another minute. Also way to go guys you copied Every other mobile strategy game there’s nothing different from this game than the clash of clans knock offs besides the fact you used a successful franchises name to get downloads
  • Money Pit 1/5

    By Tmack 37
    Loved this game at first but it is a money pit,if you don’t have endless money don’t bother ,because bullies on this game will attack you constantly not enough time to rebuild they go from 275,000 pwr to 75 million pwr over night no way to get ahead like I said money pit
  • Game is a Rip off. 1/5

    By they suckered me too
    The game could be awesome. Meeting people from around the world but instead developers set unrealistic build times, resource cost, and achievements. The only real task here is trying to protect yourself from the spenders. The developers only want your money so they lure you in with small items next thing you know is your throwing money at this game. If you spend thousands you can run a realm and be untouchable. Stay away from this lame game and the crooked developers go play a better game.
  • Deciving 1/5

    By ARam35
    Downloaded the game through cooking dash with the promise of giving some gold game.. played for two weeks opened an account.. I just waisted my time! They didn't want to send me the reward.
  • Bye, thanks to Tapjoy 2/5

    By rjapan
    I initially downloaded this in order to get rewards (tokens) for another game I was playing. Honestly, I enjoyed the game, but after fulfilling the specific tasks (by making upgrades to the Citadel) Tapjoy burned me and didn’t give me the rewards. So, you lost a gamer and revenue because of Tapjoy.
  • Ok 5/5

    By Abottom241985
  • This game could be better 1/5

    By Kylyyyyyyy
    I’m sorry
  • to the developers 5/5

    By pbunns_wea
    hack id want my share of the profits because the game is made cause of a girls on the games fallow my life and the games hack my phone when im playing other games
  • Good and bad 2/5

    By Jer8bear80
    I have been playing for several months. Made a few purchases. I was gifted an upgrade but when I used it the game glitches and I was not upgraded. Other than that good game. I will change my review if the bug is fixed.
  • Terrible developer support 1/5

    By Kenny Price
    The game is really fun and engaging at first. Then you get to a wall where progressing is extremely difficult and will literally take a year but wait! There is a $5 purchase that will take you to the next level! This is the early sign of how pay to win this game is. There is next to no strategy or competition if you play against another player who is spending money constantly. There are a lot of games that people say are pay to win but I assure you they have not yet played this game. To top it all of the developers will change game mechanics of certain troops after you have purchased a pack and they will do so without alerting anyone of game changes. This game has some of the worst tutorials or explanation I have seen in any game. After the first minor tutorial you are completely on your own to figure out how everything works. This can be fun as it’s like a puzzle. Only issue is as stated above the developers will change the mechanics of troops without any type of notification leaving you frustrated having wasted your precious resources on these useless troops. If you bring this to the developers attention don’t anticipate any type of help or explanation. They will basically tell you to screw off. To summarize this is the biggest pay to win game on the market with the greediest and least helpful developer support you will encounter
  • Very good game 5/5

    By KKa156
  • Too expensive 3/5

    By Bretthenry
    While you can play for free, you will quickly realize that you will never compete with the high paying bullies who make it nearly impossible to make real progress.
  • Almost but not there 1/5

    By Frustrated FF Game Fan
    I’ve been playing this game a couple of weeks and enjoy it, but is getting repetitive fast. They have absolutely missed the mark on the pay system. First help pack costs $5, the next $20, the next is $100. Come on! I will gladly drop $5 or maybe $20 every once in awhile, but that is ridiculous. I suspect once I hit a wall of progress like most players, I will be done with this game. That’s too bad as I quite like chatting with guild members from around the world. This is a case where the developer cares nothing about the game and is only out for money.
  • Don’t attempt to use. No star rating. 1/5

    By remove_this_app
    This game is lacking customer support. You will only get an automatically generated email response when you try to submit anything. It does feature a lot of sketchy false advertisements for in game purchases! This is no joke, they will show an item in-game with a sale giving a multiplier of 8 and only after you pay, you find it’s just examples and not actually given. So you’re item multiply of 8 is still 1.
  • Love the app but definite improvements need to be made 4/5

    By Ricky broby
    I constantly play this game it’s awesome. I love it. But the only thing I have an issue with is right when you log in it tries to get you to purchase something. Every time!!! And there’s always stuff bouncing on your screen saying sale sale. Like I get it they’re trying to make money and I have spent money on this game. But to be this obnoxious with it is just way over the top. If they could just have a store button and if you wanna buy something than boom. So idk if the developers really care about the long term players or just getting someone to spend five bucks in my mind the people will still spend the money without having to be reminded every time you open the game. Get the stuff off the screen I should only see my game not a bar or anything if I wanna buy something I will.
  • Cool 5/5

    Cool game to play
  • Bad tutorial! 1/5

    By abbeydawn20
    I “like” this game but it has one problem! The tutorial is so freaking long!!! I really want it to be a little more shorter. If your listening to this game people you better make the freaking tutorial shorter!!!😡🤬👎 I give this 1 star
  • Potential if the devs actually cared about gameplay 2/5

    By jo_blk
    This game is 100000000% pay to win. If you think you can grow your empire to not be bullied without plunking down at least $400, get real. That’s how much it will cost to become a mid-tier player.
  • Greedy 1/5

    By Me Death1436
    This game is complete crap. It’s always going to be a one sided fight and the winner is always going to be the losers who are willing to shell out hundreds of dollars. This game is crap
  • Huge potential missed 1/5

    By Justinhhhhhhh
    Could be great, however littered with micro transactions and almost unplayable... went from free to play ---- to ---- Pay To Play
  • Full of it 1/5

    By Nicrofae
    Watchout players the admin of this game is so full of it. Be careful when buying pack for this game. Once you decided to buy a pack even when you are aware of the timer it will change automatically to a different pack as soon as you buy the pack you wanted. Their agent won’t help you much bc they will give you the alibi that your timer ran out of time even you had enough time to do. I am so disappointed with this game now and planning to quit. It’s too expensive to buy packs and you’re not getting the right stuff I need bc they tend to rip players off. The event is getting boring and the reward is getting cheap. It was only fun at the beginning.
  • Was fun until 1/5

    By BrionJH
    Didn’t realize something as small as a character and a few resources would cost $100. This game is the epitome of unfair use of micro transactions. Either give this game your whole college fund or prepare to be attacked endlessly by a person who invested millions into the game. On top of that the ads for the game are annoying and everywhere, some being impossible to close which forces you to completely exit and restart any app you’re using. The only reason I give this game two stars and not one is because I met some pretty cool people from different parts of the world on here. It was until the college fund dippers came and destroyed us over 100 times repeatedly every hour that made us all quit and delete the app. 👎👎👎 EDIT: Actually I change my mind you get 1 star for making ads you can’t close.
  • Good game... BUT 3/5

    By MoseyFN234
    I like this game. There’s a lot to do and it’s fun to play. However, my one huge problem with the game is the pay structure. Once you start the game you are offered a game pack at $1.99. If you purchase that pack, the next game pack is advertised at $4.99. Well once you’ve made that $4.99 pack purchase, the price jumps up to $99.99 a pack! This is absolutely ridiculous.... I can’t bring myself to spend $100 on one pack when the previous pack was only $5. Kudos to those playing the game who don’t mind spending this much at one time... but this is rather stupid. Don’t the developers know that I would probably spend way over $100 if I were able to buy multiple $5 packs?? I would rather wait ages for my materials to gather and to build things than spend $100 at one time. God only knows how much the next pack would be if I did purchase the $100.... which I won’t. Please fix this!
  • BS 1/5

    By Kris Lawson
    Downloaded this game through tapjoy in order to earn coins in another game as a reward. Spent the necessary time in order to complete all the requirements and they claim I never downloaded the game. Freaking Bullshi*.
  • It’s ok it’s an eh good 3/5

    By PumpkinSpice707
    Having a temper tantrum right now about it
  • So bad 1/5

    By Scoopdogg
    I get making apps to make money. I don’t have an issue with that. But packages are all 100 bucks. Once in a while a “deal” for 50-80 bucks comes a long but even then you buy it and some one who spends 500 takes all your resources. To have a fighting chance you need to spend $200 after you get thru the first few levels and become a target for bullies. Don’t waste your time.
  • Don’t waste your time. 1/5

    By Hays Family
    This game is only for people willing to fork out money and a lot of it. If you do not spend money you stagnate quickly, cannot succeed in competing in any tasks or event, and will be decimated over and over again. Game favors spenders and royally screws non-spenders.
  • If you don’t have thousands of dollars, you lose 1/5

    By Youphoriia
    It’s nothing like the advertisements,or final fantasy. packs are both expensive and deceptive, and you cannot be competitive without them. My entire guild is leaving this game. Every machine zone game is a scam.
  • Someone call the BBB 1/5

    By Sephirah
    This game is atrocious and the devs are the worst kind of people. Please heed the immense 1 star reviews and stay away from this game! Reading some of the 5 star reviews, I'm positive fake reviews are being posted because there is no way anyone who plays this game wouldnt call it a pay to play. You can't open the game without constant ads about "sales" where the package is 99 dollars. Do you know another game where the base price is 99 dollars? These people are criminals. How this game can possibly rate 4.2 is beyond me with all the one star reviews. It's shady at best. You start out in a new realm and quickly realize who the big spenders are because they already have 1 mil power and are terrorizing everyone. Then they merge your realm into an older one where there's huge fish in the pond and now there's nothing for you to do but roll over and die because if you happen to be smart and realize the game isn't worth 99 dollars let alone 10,000 dollars, you won't spend more than the 20 dollar deal they gave you after the 5 dollar deal. You'll hope they let the price come down again so you can try and compete but they won't, because it's not about the game, it's purely about the money. The big spenders rest on the delusion that their money had somehow made them important, completely unaware that they have been conned. It's sickening.
  • It’s not fun 1/5

    By Itlnprincess
    Look, I was playing PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator and realized I could get around 4000 free bux for getting to 45k power in this game. I started playing it and jeez is it not fun. Every second a new thing telling me to buy something pops up. It’s not even related to final fantasy anyways besides some chocobos and the character you play as. I always avoid these types of games, and it’s obvious that this was made with the sole intent of getting money and nothing else. It’s not even made by squaresoft! A lot of the stuff you can’t even get without paying! I guess some of the stuff is okay, like the guilds, but that doesn’t make up for the fact that this game is poorly made. P.S how do I get 45k power fast? I don’t want to play this game anymore.
  • Laggy and not fun 1/5

    By Family iPad6
    Laggy and not fun at all
  • Good at first then turns awful 1/5

    By x22player22x
    This game could have been amazing but you slowly realize that the only way to progress is to spend unless amount money because with each pack you buy the price is increased from 5, 10, 20, 40 and so on this game is a cash grab at it's finest. It should be noted that at first you'll start out in a new realm and within 2 weeks if not less you'll be merged with a older realm in which you'll have no way to complete unless you throw money at the game.
  • Expensive, Not very fun 2/5

    By ElMazari
    The game is flawlessly designed to make you keep paying at the expense of enjoyment. Very hard to keep playing past level 30 without dumping your life savings into the game.
  • Broken game 1/5

    By wtfnow
    If you like a game that you spend $100 or more just to play this game is for you. Basically game of war with a final fantasy theme.
  • Hate this 1/5

    By Ratpto1
    I hate that it appears in games and it’s boring
  • Heading the wrong direction 1/5

    By EthanW101
    First the pros about this game: The people. If you get into a guild filled with a good group of people from all over the world then interactions with them is fun. ... there’s the pro, yes there’s only 1. Now on to the cons: The developers are only focused on making a ton of $ off of a low quality game. I understand it’s a business to make money but $99usd per pack is outrageous. That $99 you spend can unlock a new building full of new types of troops. Awesome right? Wrong! You then need to spend an addition $400 (yes you’re seeing that number right) in order to even have the capabilities to use those troops by upgrading the building, let alone gaining the materials in order to train them. If you have a bottomless credit card then you can certainly gain a lot of power, but that power will get you no where because the game is so imbalanced that you can attack someone, and unless they are 20 levels below you, you will do no major damage to them. This leads to guild wars of one guild attacking the low level players (the ones without $ to spend) because they can’t fight against anyone closer to their own level. Essentially the game is designed to take your money and give no return except for the satisfaction of having a higher power level. Not only this, but when the developers are swarmed with emails from people complaining that there’s nothing to do with fighting being useless, even emails from people with bottomless credit cards who are the most powerful in the game, they give the same cookie cutter response of ‘Thank you for your input, we greatly value your ideas’ and then continue to do the same thing. Nothing in this game is designed to provide a game that people will want to keep playing for years. It’s designed to lure you in, take $1000+ off you with your vain hope for more gameplay, and then kick you to the curb after you realize there is no substance. I’m doing you a favor by warding you away from this game, please go spend your money on a better cause like charity. You’ll get a lot more satisfaction out of that than this game.
  • Game designed for rich bullies 1/5

    By Sick nasty boss game
    Developers don’t care about anything but making money so don’t be surprised when you are attacked nonstop by rich bullies. If you are a “free” player, just don’t even begin this game. It’s addicting for sure, and you may find some friends, but the constant lack of a peace time in the realm is extremely frustrating. Game support is useless as well since they do not read your requests but just send auto responses and do not help.
  • Won’t even load 1/5

    By Controband
    Won’t get passed the loading/connecting part. I can’t even play the game.thats a bummer
  • Impossible to have fun 1/5

    By dankcharlie
    I dislike how you can’t do anything on your own
  • Sorry excuse for customer support 1/5

    By kfan888
    This game was entertaining for a little while as long as you could afford to spend money. The minute you have an issue though don’t expect the support team to help with anything. Lose an item due to a bug in the game? Good luck! Don’t even bother contacting support because they will just copy and paste a standard reply and tell you they can’t help. These people should be ashamed to call themselves customer support. Game is buggy and gets old really quick if you can’t spend money. Not even worth the download.
  • Elliot's 5/5

    By Vados2
    I gave it five star because I think I'd really enjoy it if it didn't keep exiting every five minutes but because I got it through app bounty I'm afraid I'll lose my points before I get to level 10
  • It’s a good game 4/5

    By Kevil One
    It’s expensive if you want to grow. Devs sometimes do a good job at making events that’ll help you grow. Enjoy it while it lasts.
  • Stupid 1/5

    By buttholeface89
    I don’t even play this stupid game. But the add for this game keeps popping up on another game I play and every time it pops up it freezes my game up.
  • Hello 5/5

    By ..🎓
    Good game nice play......
  • Buying a package ruined the game for me 1/5

    By Landfyoung
    The packages are borderline fraud. You buy a package and then you cannot use them. So I bought mercenary pit, but it starts at level one. In order to build a mercenary you need a level 2 minimum (at this time) Apparently, maybe at some time, some day- I might get to use the product I paid $100 for! When and if they have a mercenary for those with a level one pit. Are they kidding me? I talked to Epic 3 times- no refunds even if you are completely unhappy. What is worse is how they ruined the game for me. I am not a war player- I play for nerdy things like quests, events, and monster hunts. Well as soon as I bought the package- all my quests changed. Now I only get quests for those who pay to play! None of the fun regular gameplay events- it only gives me quests to buy stuff for the Oracle which I don’t have, events for the mercenary pit, which has no soldiers at level one, and events for a guild hall. The guild hall only works if your guild has a lot of people who buy the hall. Then you have to buy tickets to enter the hall! All of these items are $99 each time, each level. Good god! I cannot believe they are getting away with this. In my opinion, it is the biggest rip off I have ever seen in a game. I would not recommend this game to anyone. If I could give zero stars I would. I begged CS to at least return my game to regular events- so I can have fun playing while I am forced to live with a $100 loss- they said nope. It really is the most frustrating game ever. If you are looking for a little side fun in your life- it is very doubtful you will find it here.
  • Please fix your ads 1/5

    By Dusty Sea
    The clan system is a little messed up since you get chocked full of accounts that don't actually play. Not sure how they are handling this. Also, it’s entirely pay to win, you get capped on resources and yet you don’t have enough resources to upgrade. It’s a pretty hard pay wall. Edit: I get an ad for this game in every single other game on my phone that I play, and the ad is not closable and requires a full restart of my game. This game is literally so bad, that it is ruining my other games.
  • It’s really boring and tedious 1/5

    By theKindaMatureKid
    The game features: No obvious story No gameplay besides clicking the correct place to level it up for the quest Waiting forever for stone to be made And no clear goal
  • Just no 1/5

    By HeatherMama
    I logged in and all the characters were saying was di*k ...

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