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See the full perspective on world events with the Financial Times app for iPhone and iPad. Get the international business news, analysis, market data and company information you need to stay well-informed. FEATURES • Read anywhere, even when you’re offline • Follow topics that matter to you and save articles with myFT • View live news or choose this morning’s edition and enjoy a reading experience that’s as close to the paper as possible • Start your day with the informative Daily Briefing • Use fastFT to discover stories as they break • See the latest comments on articles and share your opinions • Monitor your Markets Data portfolio and browse securities HOW TO ACCESS To gain full access to our award-winning content, please sign in using your Financial Times account.


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  • Friends, where is the update? 1/5

    By JMedalsy
    As others have remarked, this app is in need of a serious facelift. The FT can’t properly compete with the WSJ and other top publications with a subpar digital offering. I read somewhere that design changes and notifications were rolling out EOY 2017.... what’s going on? UPDATE: I understand that changes are in the works. My hope is that they arrive soon and properly reflect that we are in 2018. It’s unjustifiable for a major (not to mention expensive) news publication to invest so little in its digital offering. Need sleeker design, better functionality, more customization, push notifications, and full screen compatibility with iPhone X... to name a few things. Please make this happen! Should be a top priority for the FT
  • App freeze 1/5

    By max0ty
    Terrible app if you want to read offline. As soon as it is opened without an internet connection it freezes and either has to be deleted and reinstalled or wait for a few days for it to suddenly start working again.
  • 12" iPad Pro app needs redesign; props on no fake App reviews 2/5

    By IAMN007
    I like the iPhone app very much, but the iPad app has not been well thought through by the designers. Ft has decided to utilitize 1/3 of the 12" iPad Pro screen for large, ever-present advertisements. It's a shame as, aside from the glaringly large ads, the app looks pretty good. I suppose the poor decision here stems from a lack of focus on 12" iPad Pro users, as we are a small user base and therefore low priority. Though until they decide to think more about us, I'll be sure to continue to provide a two star rating. The extra star was thrown-in because it does not appear that Ft pays for any take five star reviews like so many other apps do. Thank you for the integrity there!
  • Back to the on line version 1/5

    By Pbx02
    The new app version is terrible. It has about 1% of the articles of the on line version. The problem is in the Companies section. Just use the on line version. Pitiful.
  • Dark app icon 4/5

    By Oliver1222
    Could we also get the dark app icon like in the webapp version?
  • Waste of time 4/5

    By User since 2013.,.,.
    Markets Data never loads. EDIT: I stand corrected as of April 6th.
  • Behind the times 2/5

    By CPS99percent
    Lacks a number of functionalities of the NYT and WSJ. More buggy and doesn’t do its strong content justice. Since recent update doesn’t work off line, most of the time.
  • Obnoxious Advertisements 1/5

    By %<>%
    The FT app was very good up until this week when it started forcing me to view full page advertisements. I had to flip through the same Ricoh ad four times today. I guess FT expects me to pay for an expensive subscription AND look at obnoxious advertising. Not gonna happen. If they don’t fix this I’m going to let my subscription expire.
  • The design and Ui is hideous compared with wsj and NYt 1/5

    By Vulcanstar
    Please wake up it’s 2018 now not 2010 your outdated app is really need an overhaul
  • Strange behavior with the overall interface. 3/5

    By kmj2318
    I’m assuming this is some kind of web view and not a native app because there are a lot of odd animations and times where it doesn’t respond to input. I’m happy with the overall design and layout, this will be a great app if it ever becomes a native app.
  • FT update 1/5

    By Shcg85
    When can we expect a redesign of the current FT app???
  • Native app please 3/5

    By Hao Q.
    Would love a native app rather than simple a H5 wrapper. Btw, please come up with a new icon!
  • Great paper, okay app. 4/5

    By BTB04
    Love the FT, app needs to be kept simple.
  • Thank you for making an app 5/5

    By Parker.676
    Just wanted to express my appreciation for turning this into an app. I generally download my papers first thing in the morning on an ipad without cellular, this made accessing FT impossible anytime after leaving the house. Thank you for putting in the resources to create the app, makes my life so much easier.
  • Sooo close to a home run 4/5

    By ianthetechie
    There are so many things that are obviously web view based. It’s just missing the final polish and feels obviously non native in how laggy some parts of the app are. But overall, I have to say this is a really solid app and they are clearly trying to think through things. In particular, I love how this app really gives you the newspaper “feel” but in a very app-like way. Great job overall, and I look forward to future updates.
  • Good first start 4/5

    By Jarredmayreviewer
    Would prefer some of the apps UI be a little cleaner, support for light/dark mode. I would like swipe from the left bring me back to the overview instead of the previous article. Great that it supports iPhone X but would like that the color of area around the notch be the same as the rest of the app. Otherwise the app functions as expected
  • Great content, very bad app 1/5

    By LoLaMC
    Whereas the web app was innovative and worked perfectly, this iOS app is very badly designed. There is no way somebody would pay their extortionate subscription rates with such a poor app...
  • FT app 1/5

    By David Joyner
    I hate the FT App. I pay for an FT to be delivered to my house 6 days a week, and yet when I use the FT app and try to read articles I am told I am not permitted to view the article. It is a travesty and makes me want to cancel my FT subscription altogether. I know I could pay more and view but already pay plenty. I hope someone at FT reads this !!!!

    By theNewRevu
    Seriously, all content is now completely un-readable. Get rid of the pop up, full screen ads!!!!
  • In-your-face ads while you’re reading articles 1/5

    By coc29
    The great new feature of the app is really to have ads in your face. They pop up while you’re reading an article and you can’t even stop them. And this is a paid subscription! I’ve just switched to the web browser instead. There’s apparently a new version of the app, but seriously do I trust them not to make it even more ad friendly??
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By birchhill
    Finally gave in and downloaded the app. No change from prior system except it won’t load Lex, which I am paying for. Spent half an hour with live chat after giving customer service rep my account # with him trying to match my phone number instead of solving the problem. Sigh. Back to the old web app. Please fix this.
  • Can't download 1/5

    By BoBoYChen
    Do not mock your readers by offering an app that can't be downloaded properly...
  • Great Content, Buggy App 4/5

    By This Game is Great
    The Financial Times provides some really fantastic reporting and analysis, as subscribers already know. The app, sadly, doesn’t provide the best means to enjoy this writing. While the overall design is perfectly acceptable, the app really suffers from all kinds of various bugs and glitches.
  • Crashing and refreshing 2/5

    By DanielSCo
    Every time I open an article or go back the pages refresh and the screen goes white for a few seconds. Additionally, I would love push notifications and having the slate colored icon back.
  • Fully Support the Review "Good First Step" 3/5

    By Dublin Reviewer
    "Good First Step" review says it all. It was only the ft content that kept me with the ft for the last few years, the web app is a disgrace, always fails whenever no internet connectivity. And there should be easy access to back issues, like the WSJ. Thank God you've untangled yourselves from rent-seeking, student screwing Pearson. Please keep up the good work now and finish the job, make this the best news app out there to match the FT's content.
  • Good, but room to be great 4/5

    By Alex2643
    Very well designed app and features. Much more stable and intuitive than WSJ and NY times offerings. Room for improvement on loading and smoothness, but seems you will get there. Keep it up!
  • Keeps crashing 1/5

    By Pedrito25
    Hard to read the FT when the latest update crashes all the time!
  • has to get better 3/5

    By smsalem_
    I share the exact same views of @LiamNYC1...finally in the app store but bring on the improvements!
  • Works Well 3/5

    By tinu
    Don't have any issues thus far on my iPhone 5s // 32 GB
  • I can't download 1/5

    By W. L
    I tried to download the updated app to my iPhone. But somehow it did not work, no matter no many times. Meanwhile, I was able to get the new app downloaded onto my iPad. Really frustrating!
  • Can't navigate to the homepage. 2/5

    By Billyplopper
    Don't know why they made this change from the web app when they clearly have more bugs to work out. It is impossible to navigate to the home page from the fastFT section as the Front page button is cutoff on the upper lefthand side of the screen. Have to force quit app every time. Give me my web app back!!!
  • No difference, no harm 4/5

    By Hans Blix
    Thus far, I am unable to see any difference between webapp and this version. However, as long as no functionality is decreased, I am fine with it. Irrelevant to the app, I think FT needs to decrease subscription cost since cost of content delivery went down drastically for digital subscriptions in comparison to paper subscriptions. As always, I congratulate FT app designers and coders for their hard work for implementing huge changes over the years such as adding comment functionality.
  • Navigation Fixes - Please 4/5

    By H.N.J.B.
    My biggest gripe with the previous app was after you select an article from the scrolling list and press back to return it always took you to the top of the list and you have to scroll back down to where you started. I'm not sure if this was a web issue or not, but I'm sure there's no reason for it with the new iOS app. Please fix this and provide printing for recipes and the like as per the web page.
  • Well worth waiting for 5/5

    By Entropyman
    This took the FT awhile to release but it was worth the wait. It is formatted for my iPhone and navigation is intuitive. It was frustrating that Chinese speakers were first to have access to a mobile version of The FT but fellow readers can rest easy now. Thanks.
  • Not really an app, just the web app in new wineskins 3/5

    By Soren Dayton
    For a long time, I read FT on the Android app. I was forced to move to iOS by my employer. I have been missing a real native app for the FT ever since. This seems to be just the webapp implemented differently. The big thing that is missing is push notifications for alerts. Not only for breaking news but for myFT alerts/notifications. Seems really obvious. WSJ, NYT, etc. all do forms of this. Why not FT?
  • Great, but can't understand iOS 10 logic 4/5

    By haniag
    The app itself is great, with valuable content from FT. I also love the same look and feel consistent with FT. However, as long as developer isn't using specific APIs from iOS 10, am not sure why make that the minimum version. iOS 9 is as good, and can provide higher circulation.
  • Thank you FT for finally releasing an iPhone App 5/5

    By Uncleschnell
    Not that your web app wasn't good but I need more integration with iOS.
  • Good Start 4/5

    By conner954
    Been waiting a while for this. Would like to have customizable push notifications.
  • Good First Step 3/5

    By LiamNYC1
    For many of us, a return of the FT to the App Store is very welcome and much overdue. This is the first step by Nikkei in rectifying a six year lapse in judgement by Pearson. With appreciation, we ask for more. Be bold. Don't be satisfied with the inherited 'web app' design. Your readers (myself included) have high expectations for future versions of this native iOS app. Much of what we're looking for can be found in other news apps (e.g. WSJ, NYT & Guardian). Things like customizable push notifications, automatic download of each morning's daily issue, syncing of articles shown as read regardless of how many devices we jump between, full Instapaper and Pocket integration, native watchOS app, access to past issues (e.g. WSJ) & many other improvements that are now standard in 2017. These features will drive user engagement higher. As mentioned above, your readers have high expectations for future versions of this native iOS app. We see this app as a first step. We need you to properly finish the job with the native iOS app and ensure that your A grade content isn't held hostage to a C grade vehicle ('web app' & current native iOS app).

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