Find My Family, Friends, Phone

Find My Family, Friends, Phone

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  • Current Version: 16.7.2
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  • Developer: Life360
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Find My Family, Friends, Phone App

Life360 is the world's leading realtime, location-sharing app, and is the best way to coordinate with family and friends. Get automatic notifications when your family comes and goes from home, work and school, and when they complete drives. As seen on FOX, NBC, CBS, and more! Use Life360’s Family & Friend Locator to: * View the realtime location of friends or family members on a private map * Receive realtime alerts when friends or family arrive or leave home, work, and school * Share photos and text messages with our secure, private chat * See past location history for your Circle * See information after each drive to improve driving safety * Protect your family while they’re driving with our Crash Detection service * Track a lost or stolen phone “I have two new drivers. I feel more at ease when I can see info about their trips…Being able to not only know where my children are but also that they're driving safely is something I can't be thankful enough for.” - Miranda Carter Use GPS to find Friends and Family Life360’s Family & Friend Locator uses state-of-the-art GPS location data to report the realtime whereabouts of your friends and family. Simply install the Family & Friend Locator on everyone’s phone. Once registered, each member appears as a unique icon on the map so you’ll always know where your family members are. No need to send text messages asking “When will you be home?” The Life360 Family & Friend Locator tells you! Create geofence zones around your home, work, school, or anywhere you visit regularly. Whenever someone in your Circle arrives or leaves those locations, you’ll get a notification. Follow Your Family’s Driving Behavior With our latest features, you can see when your family is driving. Did your son just pass his driving test, and has taken to the road with the family car? Our premium driving features will let you see when your kids are speeding, driving irresponsibly, or texting while driving. Help them become better drivers and compare their driving to your own. Protect the whole family with our premium Crash Detection service. Using the accelerometer on your phone, Life360 can automatically detect if a car crash has occurred while someone was driving. Our software has been tested in BMW’s crash test facility, and we analyzed data from numerous real life car crashes. When we detect an crash, our trained emergency response agents can call the person involved in the crash within minutes and check if they’re ok. If they need assistance, we can automatically dispatch emergency services directly to their location. We can also contact the driver's Circle and family immediately after the crash, to give you ultimate peace of mind while your family is on the road. Life360 has the following subscriptions: Life360 Plus - $2.99/mo, 24.99/yr Life360 Driver Protect (US) - 7.99/mo, 69.99/yr Life360 Driver Protect (Non-US) - $4.99/mo, $49.99/yr With Plus, you receive 30 days of history, unlimited place alerts, and local crime alerts (US only). With Driver Protect, you get all the features of Plus, as well as driving analysis, 24/7 driver care support (US only), and crash detection (US only). All Driver Protect and Plus subscriptions have a free 7 day trial. After the trial ends, the subscription will auto-renew on a monthly or yearly basis. You will receive your first charge 7 days after starting your trial. You can turn off the auto-renew for this subscription at any time by going to your iTunes Account Settings. If you do not want to be billed during your trial, you must turn off auto-renew at least 24 hours before it expires. Disclaimer: Continued usage of location services while the app is in the background can excessively drain battery. But not to worry, we’ve spent 8 years developing our location technology and our algorithms always keep battery usage to a minimum, even while you drive!


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Find My Family, Friends, Phone app reviews

  • Terrible 1/5

    By SCW1313
    This app has been terrible for a majority of the last year and a half that we’ve been using it. I’m not the one that paid for the app, so that’s why it’s still in use. It tells me my daughter left the house hours after it actually happens. The alerts are completely off by hours - if I get them at all. I constantly get told my daughter arrived at my father’s house when she’s been at mine for hours. And!!! Somehow my review keeps being deleted. I get the obligatory message from the company saying they want me to contact them so they can fix it. Why don’t ya’ll just fix the app? Or, is it that ya’ll want access to my GPS location even though I’m not the one being tracked? I use the app to keep track of my child. There’s no reason for me to put in my GPS location. Google maps seems to be able to locate things without knowing my coordinates, I don’t see why your company needs to know where I am in order to find my daughter who is linked via gps. She can find me through Find My Friends. ***In response to the obligatory response: My location IS of, and her location is at the very least off by hours. Rarely are the alerts correct.
  • It’s slow 2/5

    By Anonymous peps
    So my dad leaves for work and it says he is still at home it says my mom is near the same street all the time one time when I was shopping with my family it said that my dad got home but that was impossible because we were shopping
  • Terrible 1/5

    By ro1ypo1y
    This thing skewed me over so many times I can’t even count
  • Very good app!! 4/5

    By أبو كوثر
    Almost perfect, but sometimes lags for a few seconds and won’t show a real-time exact location. Very useful for parents with kids.
  • GPS problems... 3/5

    By EvvaaaaWallE
    I had the app for a few months, it was very accurate and let me know exactly when my Son would arrive and leave school on the bus. Never had problems till one day I had to travel 100 miles away for a quick trip, and out of nowhere I get notified my 12 year old Son had left school during the day! I panicked, called the school, told them this App was showing my sons location at an apartment complex across town! They took what seemed like hours to call back, by this time I had already raced back to town, called the police and had them meet me at the apartment complex, and then receive a call from my Sons Principal letting me know he was in school and I was able to speak with him.. School has started up again today, and I JUST received a notification he left AGAIN. Please fix this issue, I don’t want to have to be calling his school every time I get these notifications. Thanks!!!
  • Great app for parents with new drivers! 5/5

    By ajcullen67
    This app is an awesome tool to have when you have a new driver. Our rules are that they have to have this on their phone. Knowing how fast they are going and top speed has led to numerous conversations about safety and taking the keys once or twice. Don’t let your children convince you that this is an invasion on their privacy. Get it and have a small piece of mind.
  • Awesome!! 5/5

    By jpillow2019
    I love this app. It gives me piece of mind knowing where my kids are when they don’t answer the phone!!!!
  • Nice app ! 5/5

    By Mark.L.
    Could be more accurate but otherwise, a very useful tool.
  • Love it 5/5

    By lamalichi
    I know my daughters every move
  • Review 5/5

    By bossy_Nika
    Great way to keep up with family
  • Best Family App 5/5

    By A-working mo
    Here is a place to check on your children and not call them while they are driving. I can wait till they arrive and call or text them. It gives me an insight to their speed of their drive and a safe feeling of knowing they are safe. As a parent I question of what they are doing. After a time of having the app I knew they were doing right. Not a helicopter mom, but a mother of children with a license. I’m aware and with technology available I am at ease that they arrive. It gives alerts when they get home from school while I’m at work.
  • It’s pretty good 4/5

    By dreadedfly
    It’s pretty good. Me and my husband use it. It’s pretty accurate. The only down fall is the last few weeks it’s had this delay. Like 5 minutes behind
  • Best 5/5

    By Jonitalou
    This is the best app I have ever owned
  • Life360 5/5

    By mervinsroom
    Life360 works! It helps me know where my teen is a what time she got there. It lets her know where I am as well.
  • Bad App 1/5

    By salo12345
    I have used this for a couple of years now. Began the trial version when my son began driving. What I have noticed is that the speed distance or the trips he takes are not correctly reported. I received a notification he completed a 3 mile drive with a top speed of 74mph. He was able to pull this off while sitting next to me on the couch in our living room. He still refuses to tell me how he pulled that off. Don’t think it is worth paying for if it can’t even report accurately. Don’t waste your money.
  • Love it 5/5

    By borbroor
    Love it
  • Wack 1/5

    By yungaav
    I literally do nothing but i am still forced to use this for reasons beyond my knowledge. it gets one star bc i can see when my mom goes to the liquor store lol
  • Earn two stars 2/5

    By Stace.y
    8/12/18 Here is another idea that will likely go ignored which is infuriating considering that I’m a paying customer AND have suggested this app to many friends and family. I guess I’ll have to start replying to your ‘Love this app’ pop ups. Add the option to drop a place location via a members location instead of address because this app keeps changing the address when I put it in. Just a simple, add place option. Update. It would be great to freeze your location to certain people for a set amount of time. That way you can surprise visit family far away without them knowing. ****Still no change to distance in location markers. If you want my missing stars then all it will take is the ability to decrease location markers to a distance of your own choice, not a low limit of 250 feet, and drop the constant messages about telling people to turn their WiFi on. How about if you send those messages to them instead or just drop it period. Otherwise I love the app, at this point in time.
  • Great 5/5

    By 2k oldschool
    So far so good I think I’m going to buy soon to check out more features. I feel like this will forever be in my family I have 4 kids growing up soon and I’m gonna need it !
  • Easy and accurate 5/5

    By TomiSueI
    Love this app
  • Uhhhh... 4/5

    By Kayli Mcgouldrick
    I love that you can track my every move...literally! Lmao🤣
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By Rozie C. U
    Love how easy it is to use. Really love the fact that I can relax cause I know where my family is at, at all times
  • LOVE LIFE 360 5/5

    By hmddancer722
    Such a huge peace of mind since my daughter started driving. This app is so accurate and informative. LOVE IT!!
  • GPS issues 4/5

    By Sexy chick 67
    Good app but sometimes it doesn’t say someone is home when they are. And it showed a different address please fix this but they would be at home instead the same building.
  • Wondeful apps 5/5

    By Harlan Hilman
    Wonderful apps for family. Thank you so much, this apps help us to monitor and keep watching each other! Thank you.
  • Gps/location 3/5

    By Shaverfamo6
    I removed the app and canceled my subscription. It would show my 12 year old daughter leaving our home and coming back two or three times while she was safely sleeping at home. Imagine the panic at getting that notification at 5:30 in the morning. Also shows her leaving home about the time she is arriving at school them shows her arriving at school 30 min after she gets there. Need to find something more accurate.
  • Life360 5/5

    By Von dddd
    😍 love it
  • Useful In more ways than one! 5/5

    By Thealaskanguy
    I downloaded this app so my family could see where I’m at when I’m on the road driving truck. What I didn’t expect was it also helped my recover my daughters stolen phone by simply tracking its location. Love the app and the fact my family knows when I arrive home because of the notifications. When I walk in the door with my family ready to greet me!
  • Good idea 5/5

    By Patrick at San Jose
    Awesome!!! I love this app so much. Now, I can keep in touch with my family anytime and anywhere. Thanks Life360.
  • Hands down the best navigation app 5/5

    By thisistahne
    I love Waze! Definitely the most accurate and easiest navigation system to use in my opinion.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Future_Swag
    The app does what it says, but this is just enabling parents to micromanage and take all freedom away from their kids. It teaches parents that they don’t need to trust their kids because they can just go in and see every little thing they do.
  • Map 3/5

    By ronrfaulkner
    Would be better if their was satellite mapping
  • Bad app 1/5

    By Starfire123456789
    Do not download!! If you are getting for your kids it will make them even sneaky and want to retaliate more. Not a good app, no one should every be tracked.
  • Peace of mind! 5/5

    By Regretpaying$9.99
    Knowing I can keep track of my son’s driving has helped us both. He’s only 18 and a good driver, but still not a lot of experience. He knows I’m watching and doesn’t mind. He calls me his stalker, but he smiles when he says it.
  • Love it 5/5

    By wiziwigg
    Just got it yesterday but it seems to work great. Able to keep track of where my kids are. My husband too.
  • Safety 5/5

    By Yxgxhjcxjvkfukchstcj
    I love being able to see where our children are & with anew driver, how fast she is driving on highway!
  • Life 360 App 5/5

    By Richard2833
    Love this app! Just knowing if something happens to me my family will know where to find me makes me happy. Me knowing where to find them if something were to happen makes me feel more at ease too.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By c_millie03
    Great app, very efficient and reliable
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Jbk0311
    I have a teenage daughter that I need to make sure she is where she says I love it just try you will love it
  • Life 360 5/5

    By kewlmamma
    This app is awesome
  • Suggestion 5/5

    By paulaz555
    It would be nice if we could play a sound to find iPhone
  • Garbo 1/5

    By Tony ../-/;-
    I was forced to get on this trash app and now I can’t do anything at all without people watching me I’m sorry but I do not like that at all
  • Why make this 1/5

    By Agentrdog
    This is just an app for uptight parents to track there kids
  • Great app for Knowing Location of Members 5/5

    By DLBK
    I am enjoying this app. It helps me to plans parts of my day by knowing where members are and when to expect them to arrive.
  • Safe! 5/5

    By mama6🎃
    It’s good to know that my kids are safe and I know where they are. This app can be a life saver if you don’t know the whereabouts of your child or family member.
  • What a fine 5/5

    By allabout him
    So far I have enjoyed this app it’s very precise. I have given it to all of my family I hope they use it as much as I do it is a great tool to keep up with your immediate family. It brings a great peace of mind knowing where your love ones are.
  • Prof 4/5

    By Dante&2015
    The marker should turn off. when the phone is turned off and/or the person in the app disconnected.
  • Juwon 5/5

    By Retrojaay
    Me and my girlfriend uses this app it’s pretty good and we can Check in at places
  • Family safety 4/5

    By Dillon 345
    My daughter added me to her acct when I was traveling from Virginia alone to Florida. It’s comforting to know where your loved ones are.
  • Family Awareness 5/5

    By BabyBelle76
    Love this app. It is very accurate. Keeping up with my kids has never been easier. I know where they are at all times, I know how fast they drive to get there, only my husband gets in trouble with that little rattle tale lol. Great app for a family.

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